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STOCK AND STATION. AMES MORERI SON (Established 1870), Weld Chambers (Ground Floor). St. George's-terace. LAND AGENT and SWORN VALUATOR. WANTED TO LUT. A.A.A. - Mrs. SAYERS, "The Origi nal." 132~134 Murray-street East. is the largest Buyer of LEFT-OFF CLO THING (Ladies'. Gents', and Children's). Knowing the great cost. is prepared to give a price above all other dealers. One trial will suffice. No connection with any other. Our only address, 132 134 Murray-street, opposite Cremorne Gardens. Letters and telegrams promptly atted?led. Tel. 1188. A.A.A.A. - WANTED KNOWN that - "The Original W.A. Public Benefit Store," opposite the Cornwell Coffee Palace. is open to Buy Ladies'. Gents', and Children's Left-off Clothing; like wise Boots. Hats, etc., in any quantity; very , highest prices given: All corre spondence promptly attended to by Mr. and Mrs. LEWIS. Note the address: "Lewis," the Original W.A. Public Benefit Store, opposite P. Falk's Ware house. 230 Murray-street. L.A .A.A.-INTERNATIONAL' Tourists' £3 Agency.--Tickets to all parts of the world Bought, Sold, or Exchanged. Highest price given for all kinds of Tickets, especially to Adelaide, Mel bourne, and Sydney. 491 Wellington street. A.A.A.-DON'T Miss Your Friends. People's Friend Second-hand Cloth ing Company., Highest Price given for Ladies'- and GentTemen's Left-off Cloth ing and Boots. Peopie's Friend, 122-124 Murray-street (next Australian Hotel). Tel. 1305. Also, 32 Market-street, Fre= mantle. Tel. 134. A.A.-.-Mrs. CLEARY pays Highest A Prices for Ladies'. Gentlemen's, and Children's Left-off Clothing; also Boots, etc. Address, 330 Murray-street, Perth. Tel. 1340. RA-h[S. BISS gives Highest Price SLadies'. Gents', and Children's Left-off Clothing. Evening and Fancy Costumes on Hire. 402 Murray-street. Letters promptly attended to. Tel. 595. A A.A.-FURNITURE. - Wanted to .tL Buy, Houseful or Single Article, ?1 to £500, spot, cash. Sayers and McEvoy, 403 Murray-st. Telephone 460. SOTrTiEs, BOTLES. BOTTLES B' EBOUGHT and SOLD. 1 From. all parts of Western Australia. 'Highest prices given fof Bottles and Metals. Orders promptly attended to. D.. CURTIS, Bottle Merchant, Pier-street. Perth. Tel. 1032. SOTTLES. Bags, Bones, Beer Cases, and all kinds of old Metals bought. H..Himstedt, near Federal Hotel. 3CIRCULAR Saw Bench Wanted, with C gear. saws quartering up to 14 inches. Applv T. Esdaile. this office. EXCHANGE for Sulky Turnout, Block .Land. Liver-st., South Perth, high position, frontage two streets. Apply L.J., P.O., Victoria Park. . URNITURE, Wanted to Buy, any - quantity, spot cash, no humbug. Alver's Furniture. Mart, 255 Murray-st., near William-st. S1URNITURE, good, second-hand; any quantity; houses bought outright at highest rates, spot cash. Bucknell, South terrace, Fremantle. ? URNITURE. Second-hand, large or small quantities, best prices given; letters' attended; cash immediately. Write-sCattach, '527 Newcastle-st., West Perth:--- URNITURE.-Cash Buyers of Fur niture in any quantity. We inspect goods and make offer. D. Waterman, corner Pier and' Wellington sts., Perth. TTURNITURE; good, second-hand, any .' quantity, wanted to Buy for cash. Clegg, South-terrace, - Fremantle. FA URNITUREB.-Cash Buyers of Fur JL'. niture in any quantity. We inspect goods and .make offer. D. Waterman, corner Pier and Wellington etA, Perth. PTIANOFORTE Wanted, any good I maker, any condition, must be cheap,,for cash. Apply Pianoforte, this office. SECOND-HAND Largesize Pitted Tra velling-trunk wanted, moderate. State size, price, where on view, N.C.D., this office. g-pICKEIS Bought and Sold. Highest .1 prices given for Boat Tickets of every deseri?tion. La Caraine Tourist Agency, 517 Wellington-st., opp. City Markets, Perth. TPiWO 1,000-gallon Galvanised Iron . Tanks. not less than 24 gauge. Ap ply Town Clerk, Guildford. BTWAN'IED to Purchase, good Second VY., hand Fireproof Safe, about 30 x 28 x 24. State maker and price to Town Clerk, Day Dawn. W ANTED. Red Cabbage, Pie Melon. Sand - Cucumbers. Riechardt and Co., Jam and Pickle Factory, Brisbane street. ANTED to Buy, Windmill, in or vout of repair. Apply W. Webster, Preston Point, E. Fremantle. W ANTED to Buy. 2 good Ice-chests. Press Bros., Cash Groeers. 540 Hay street,.Perth, and at Claremont. -

ý State price and mae to Windmill, this office. WANTED to Purchase, second-hand   'Oil or Gasoline Engine. about 4.h.p. Price and particulars to D. J. Kelliher, blacksmith, Narrogin. % AI NT to Hire, for -about four months, 40 or 50 Forms, with backs preferred. C.J.. Box 127. W ANTED to Buy, Child's Cot, large, by letter. 166 Brisbane-st., Perth. TW ANTED to Buy, Windmill. com ' plete, to pump 50ft. Apply by letter, giving price on rail, to E.M., 3?4 Butwer-et. WANTED TO SELL. A -YOU are INVITED to INSPECT L SIMPSON'S GIL~AI. This is not a Buckboard, and yet, strictly speaking, a Buggy. but has been designed by me to combine the better points of each. Pastoralists. Farmers, Country Travellers use them in all States of Australia. Perth Factorv: Roe-street. SIDNEY SIMPSON, Coachbuilder. . A BBOTT and PIANO-BOX BUGGIES, .'STATION and FA.RMERS' BUGGIES, And SULKIES of all Sizes. COCKBE RN'S CARRIAGE and MOTOR WORKS. Murray-street, Perth. Tel. 800. A LPINE Refrigerators, made in spe 'i1 cinlly selected grained oak, brass and nickel fittings, perfect insul-tion. grocers and butchers' refrigerators; eco nomical to use, from 57s. Gd. Special sizes made to order. 'm. Sandover and Co., Perth and Fremantle. AR'.,MSTRONG Bicycles can be bought - at prices ranging from .410, a11 guaranteed; 15 years' reputation in W.A.. and still the best. The ARM STRONG CYCLE and MOTOR AGENCY. Peith and Fremantle. ALMOST Everything.-Butter Coolers, Water Bags, Is. 4d.; Water Pipe, 2;d.; Deck Chairs. 4s. 6d.; Grass Shears, Id.; Barbers' Hair-cutters, 10s. 6d.; 120 Lawn Mowers at undervalue prices. The Bairds Co. A GOOD Tea Set, Ss. 6d.; Dinner Set, A 21s.: Toilet Set, 12s. Gd.; Odd Cups, 3'd.; Udd Chambers, 2s.; Toilet Jugs, 2s. 9d.; China Cups, 4d. Tumblers priced low at The Bairds Co. --A--BARGAINS. - Light Lorry, . - Spring-cart.?, Village Carts, Spring Tip Cart, Family Waggonette, Sulkies, 1';Tneton, Express Waggon. Lewis. 67 Mlurray-st East, oapp. Government Print :u;: (Office. R'rHuTR C. -ICEY, Palmerston Stores. Newcatle and Palmerston rt e:s. Groceries, Wines. and Spirits ,!e::rered Tree. Ring 'phone 1495. Tra cvt,,r will call. ,?l ? IC.'AN Computing Scale, perfect So:der: Avery's Butter Scale, also ;l.. ? Grocery Scale: no reasonable offer r.:fusei. Press Bros.. iayr and Pier :,ete. Perth. "3ALLANTYNE, J. (new numbers), 19t - and 196 William-street, Perth.--Gro t,-rics and Provisions retailed wholesale p ices for cash. Tel. 1577. BALLANTYNE. - Best Australian Milk. Gd. tin, 5s. 9d. doz.; Unsweet ened Ideal, and Cow's Head, 7d. tin; estles, 70, t, 7?s??0d, dL?s

WANTED TO SELL BALI.NTYNE.-1A Sugar, 2s. 4d. doz. lb.. 13s. 4d. bag; New Potatoes, ls. 8d. stone, 13s. cwt.; Imported Potatoes, is. stone, 7s. cwt. BALLANTYNE.-Special value, Dried Fruits.-Best Local Raisins, excel lent quality. 5fd. lb.; Best Currants. 6;d. lb.; Packets Cleaned Currants. 7d. lb. BALLANTYNE.-Lenon Peel, 7d.; Orange and Citron Peel, 8d. lb.; Soft-shell Almonds 10d. lb. BALLANTYNE.-Best Holler Flour, 81b. Is.. 251b. 3s.. 501b. 5s. 9d.. 2801b. sack .-s.; Keroseene, 4. lid. tin. 9s. 10d. case. BALLANTYNE.-Best Butter, reduced to lb. lb.; Best Cheese, 9d. lb.; Im ported Eggs, 11*d. doz. B LLT.NTYNE.-Wheat, 5s. 8d.; Bran. - 1F 9d.; Pollard, is. 9d.; sack lots Id. bushel less. BALLA&NTYNE. J.-General orders, value 10s. upwards, delivered free, city or suburbs. BARGAINS.-Drays, Spring-carts, Sul - kies, Farm Carts. Dog-carts, and Lorries; Wheels of all sizes. G. E. Grigg, 456 Murray-st. Tel. 1552. BICYCLE Tyres, vulcanised, splendid value, English make, reduced to 9s. 6d. each; Inner Tubes, 4s. 6d. each; Shop-soiled Tyres, 4s. Gd. each; Outfits, .5d.; Bells, 9d.; Pumps, Is. Austral Cycle Agency, 417 Hay-st. BICYCLE, gent's, new, with free-wheel interchangeable with B.S.A. parts, vulcanised bush tyres. complete, guaran teed. reduced from £15 to £7 15s. Austral Cycle Agency, 417 Hay-st. 1ICYCLE Covers, 10s. 6d.; Bicycle Tubes, 4s. 9d., approved quality. The ARMSTRONG CYCLE and MOTOR AGEN'T. Perth and Fremantle. B 1 C Y C L E S. SEND NO MONEY-POST FREE. We wil send any TYRES cr SUN DRIES at CUT PRICES to any TOWN in W.A.. POST FREE Send no money. We collect through the P.O. The GRANT CYCLE and MOTOl AGENCY. 419 Hay-street (Massey-Harris Depot). B I R D C A G B S. Just Arrived, a Great Variety. Cheap as Dust. TOBIAS' RETIRING SALE. B 0 I L E R, 25 N.H.P., Davey, Paxman, Makers. Original Steam Pressure. CHEAP for CASH. SPLATT, WALL and CO., Perth. BOILER and Engine, 5-h.p., on car riage, certificate, 651b.; Acetylene Gas Plant, suit country hoted; Overhead Travelling Crane, 1 ton lift. Willis, Commercial Buildings, Fremantle. B{UTCHER'S Cart, stannch Horse, and B_ Harness, £16. Tip Spring Dray. staunch medium draught Horse and Har ness, £28. Farmer's Buggy, carry six, pole and shafts, £20.. Light Spring-cart, qruiet, young Horse, and Harness. £15. Light Sulky, carry 3, .£8. Strong Sulky, nearly new, 11 10s. Abbott Buggy, .?4 Five good light Horses, cheap. Rubber tyre, Hooded Sulky. £21.. Good Phae ton, £15. Riding Saddles, new, £1 10s. Abbott'W Showrooms, 363 Murray-st., near King-st. 'Phone 1356. CA&MERAS and all Photographic Requi sites.-The Cheapest Hones in Perth is Farley anid Thomson's Austral stores, 137 William-treet, Perth. A-?ANARY, Cockatoo, and Parrot Cages, -J Hyde's Bird Seed, Breeding Outfits Fronts and Sides, Mountain Bread. Shell GraveL Jas. Goss, 347 Murray-st. -CASCS. Casks. Casks.-Wine and '. spirit, quarters, hogsheads, pickle tubs, kegs, etc. Deary, Alma-st., Fre mantle. CH-AFFCUTTER, latest,, with riddle. - Full particulars from SPLATT, WALL and CO., Pier-street,. Perth. -HAFF-CUTTERS, 4£A4 Lawn Mowers, S25s.; Drilling Machihes, from 25s.; Mantelpieces, 17s. 6d.; Grates, 17s. 6d.; Wall-papers, 7d.; Hessians, 6d.; Pianos, £40 to £90. We want buyers; we are sellers. The Bairds Co. (tHEAP Windmills for Sale.--ft. Mill, - 30ft. tower; 800gal. Tank. Tank Stand 15ft. hib Brass Cylinder Pump. Spear-point Bore. put down to 25ft.. and erected; compiete, t- pump into tank, guaranteed for 12 months, £31 10s. Estimates for larger plants on applica tion. Champ and West, Windmill Engi rgers, 10 Lake-st., .Perth. CHICKENS. from is. 3d.; Ducklings - from is.; all'Eggs reduced to 3s.; Leghorns, Wyandottes, Orpingtons, Minorcas, Langshans, Pekins, Muscovys, I. Runners (pure breeds only). Mrs. North, Richardson-avenue, Claremont (Congdon-st. Station). (HI CKENS.--25 Butf Orpiantoau. 18 - Brown Leghqrns, 15 Silver Wyan dottee, all pure-bred, with or without mothers. Staines, 39 Bronte-st., East Perth. ?KHRISTMAS PRESENTS.-?Dressing -J Bags and Cases, Purses, Pocket Books. Music, Cigar and Cigarette Cases, Shaving Mirrors, Razor Cases, Writing Cases. Collar Boxes, 'Ladies' Handbags. in endless variety. F. Mallabone and Co., Manufacturers. Queen's Hall, Wil liam-st. if you have any trouble w ?th vani p vPai hth

FROST and SHIPHAM, OViee-gal Opticians, 629 Hay-street. H. Peyton Frost, B.O.A. " CORK DRAWERS," the latest pat e terns, just unpacked ex Persic. " The Don, " The Safety," and '" The Swift." and other hotelkeepers' require ments. E. F. BRADY, Plumber, 811 Hay-street, Perth. lCOW for Sale. with calf at foot. Ap L ply J. W. Blacklock, Guildford-rd., Belmont. CORRUGATED Painted Iron Sheets, 8ft. by Ut. 11in., best roofing mate rial, 2s. 3d. per sheet. SPLATT, WALL and 00., Pier-street. Perth. C R I C K E T. OUR NEW SbASON'S STOCK JUST to HAND. Write for Catalogue. ALtCICK and CO.. Sports Depot. Perth. C R S S L E Y S Gas and Oil ENGINES And PRODUCER GAS PLANTS. SAUNDERS and STUART, Melbourne-rd.. Perth. C?ROS6LEY Oil-ongine for S?ale. 2. h.p. Drake, in perfect order, price, £40. Sands and McDougall, Ltd., Hay street. SYCLES.-The " Coombe " Model, C latest pattern. B.S.A. parts, beauti fully finished, guaranteed; prices. £9 10s. and .£1 10s. Cricket.-Largest stocks in State. Write for lists of all Sporting Ware. TOM COOMBE, W.A. Sports Depot, Murray-st. CYCLES.-The Armstrong Model "A" Bicycle, with Coaster Hub, and all latest improvements-the acmue of per fection, nothing can be better. The AhMILSTRONG CYCLE and MOTOR AGENCY, Perth and Fremantle. DOVER STOVES. - WILSON, GRAY and CO. are showing the BQNNY BRIDGE STOVES. whseh are admitted to be the moat useful and endurable Stove made. Prices: No 6. 47. 6d.; No. 7, 57s. 6d : No. 8. 67s. 6d.. with 5ft. Dip ing and ill accesorses. Paulterers' Mills, 37s. 6d.. Incubators : 100 -eggs, 95s.; 200-eggs, .£7 e1. Icchests, all sizes, at old prices WILSON. GRAY and CO., Ironmnengers, opp. Wesley Church, Hay street. Perth. THOEOUGK Chiropodists claim compr n tencr at curing Corns, TRIOU CHFT"S CORN CUR7 E does so beyond ddubt. All Chemists, 2s. per boa,

WASTED TO SLL. DRESS MAKERS' FIGURES.-Ladies to Measure. Window Fitings, Stands, etc.. all descriptions. Dunn Bros., Queen's Buildings, 133 William-street (ever Pattison's). EDISON PHONOGR.APIIS and R I-COR )DS. Cash Price. On Teran. Edison Gem ......... 22 10 0 .23 0 0 Edison Standard ... .5 4) 0 0 5 10 0 Edison Home ...... .X 10 0 £~ 10 0 We have all available Edison Records in stock. FIRTI'S PHONOGRAPH SHOP. Cen tral Arcade. opposite station. Perth. I DISON Phonographs and Iecords. We have the largest and most up-c date Stock in the State at Farley and Thomson's Austral Stores, 137 Wil:.ain street. Perth. ENGcINE Portable. 32 actual h.p., for Sale, cash or terms. SPLATT. WALL and CO., Perth. FOR SALE.--6 H.D. Mares (imp.), G H.D. Geldings(imp.), Lorry and S. Cart Horses, Hacks, Buggy, Sulky Horses and Ponies; S. Carts, Lorry Buggies, Sulkies, Tip-drays, S Cart and Buggy Harness, Saddles and Bridles, Collars, Chains, etc. I Buy and Sell on Commission. Consult me; satisfaction guaranteed. Auction Sales conducted in any part of the State; liberal charges. WSf. DEAN, Central Stock Bazaar! Tel. 1111. .OR Sale. large quantity Kerosene Tins . and Case; also Oil Drums. D, Curtis. Bottle Merche.ut, Pier-st. Tel. 12C2. . OR Sale, 15 to 20 gallon. Milk daily, F guaranteed, for the summer. Apply A. E. Brittan. Woodlupine. F uR Sale, Holstein Bull Calf, pure bred. J. D. Manning, South Perth. lOR Sale, Pony, suitable for light de .L livery or Sulky; also set heavy Spring-cart Harness. Australian Wood yard, corner Newcastle and Palmerston streets. OR Sale, cheap, 1 Langshan Hen, 4 S Dihcklings; 1 Langs an Hen, 10 Chicke s; Brown Leghorns and otbhers; 3 Runaer Ducks. 2 Brown Leghorn Hens. Mrs. Nash. George-st eet, Woodlnpine. -oiR Sale, 8-h.p. Oil Engine, £65; 6-h.p. SOil Engine. £40: suitable for chaff cutting, pumping, and cutting firewood; Motor, for a launch, £25. American Motor-car Co. 'LOR Sale, Upstanding Bay Horse, trial 1- given, price £C8. Apply Collins Bros., Coachbuilders, William-st., Fre mantle. RItUIT Cases.--Fruit Cases.-A large quantity for Sale, very cheap. Quain Bros., 818 Wellington-st. "(' _LLETTE" Safety Razors, for easy V7 shaving; no stoninm or stropping; light shave or close 'shave with greatest comfort. New stock just opened up. Wm. Sanjover and Co., Hhy-st., Perth. SO-CARTS. Perambulators. Chairs.old ones taken in exchange; repiairs a speciality; Srsketwaro every descrip tion. -R. J. Donnolly, Manufacturer, Central Arcade. GOLDFIELDS Woodyard, corner Wel lington and Pier sts, for Wood, Coal, Coke, Charcoal, or Blackboy; prompt delivery. 'Phone 468. .OING Ol'P OF" BUSINESS. ,HARDWARE at Unheard-of Prices. TOBIAS' HARDWARE CO. GUN. double . breech-loader, with Greener ?rossbolt, chokebore, al most •.iew, case, cartridge machines. cleaners, excellent killer, cost £12 10$s. gift; £4 15s. Austral Cycle Agency, 417 Hay-st. I G?UNS.-Single breech-loaders, £1 5s. each ; double do., 55s.; single muzzle loaders, 21s.; double do., 37s. Gd.; Rifles, now, 9s. 6d. each: 20 per cent. cheaper than any other' house. Send for illus trated catalogue. Austral Cycle Agency. 417 Hay-st. GUNS, Rifles. and Ammunition.-Send for illustrated catalogue before purchasing elsewhere. The ARMSTRONG CYCLE and MOTOR AGENCY, Perth and Fremantle. H? AIR Specialist.-Jean Stehr's Vege , table Hair Colouring, all shades. Perfection, clean, harmless, odourless. Wigs. Transformations, Switches, etc. A. Mayer, 831 Hay-st.. new Theatre. H AVELOCK GOLD MTiNE, at Tucka narra, and 5-head Battery, for Sale. Apply SPLATT, WALL and CO., Perth. j AVY Draught Horse, staunch: also -- Dray and Harness. Apply Ballarat Woodyard, corner Harwood-place and Newcastle-st. %HERCULES REFRIGERATING HJE. MACHINERY. AUSTRALIA'S LEADING MACHINE For ICE or COLD .STORAGE. C. A. McDONALD, Sydney. SAUNDERS and STUART, Attorneys, PERTH. Sole Representatives. HRORSE, Harness, Cart, for Sale, lot or .singly. Sanders, butcher. Oxford

H ORSE, good, reliable, any trial; owner no further use; sell cheap. Castley. corner Cambridge and Derby streets, Leederville. H ORSES, 6, Medium Draughts and Saddle Horses, young, trial. Mc Queen, Grocer, Marquis-skt, West Perth. H ORSES, 6, sound and young, trials, suit waggonette or delivery, from £.10 upwards. Lenke and Co., Wood Merchants, John-st., North Th'emantle. HOSE. HOSE. HOSE. New Stock Just Arrived. The Best that Money can Buy. Call and see for yourself. TOBIAS' HARDWARE CO. (Continued on page 3.) TO LET. A-Brick HOUSE, 4 rooms, kttohen, bath; highest part of West Perth. two minutes Hay-st. W. tram, low rent. 1 May-st., oil Colin-st. A--D.F. Jar. HOUSE. 4 rooms, close s:?tlon, S clean 10s. 6d.; 4 Rooms. jarrah, large yard, ' Caibridge-st.. 8s. 6d.; 3 Rooms, close tram, 6Es. Ed. J. Hickey, Royal Arcade. A--Six roomed Brick HOUSE, Sobiaco, close tram and train, 14s.: 3 Rooms, Townshend rd., 7s Gd.; 5 Rooms, W... large yard, 9s. 6d. E. J. Hickey. 28 Royal Arcade. --Gentleman's RIESIDENCE, 9 rooms, elec. trio light, stable, etc., crown of hill Rail way-parade, nearly balf-acre land, immediate possession. B. J. Hickey, Royal Arcade. A TTRACTIVE D.F. Brick VILLA, close to sita rion, 5 rooms, every convenience: also Cot. tages, 3 rooms. 8s. Gd., 10s. Gd. A. M. Proud, Monger-st.. Leoderville near station. A T A. A. HALLIDAY and CO.'S, 154 Ylllam street. Telephone 1390. BRISBANE-ST.: 4 and 5 ROOMS and all con. veniences, 12'. and 14s. &_ANDELL-ST.: 4 ROOMS and all conveniences, 10s. ORD-ST.: ,6 ROOMS, E: light throughout, and every convenience, 25s. BOtLWER-ST.: 6 ROOMS and conveniences, 17s. 64. WILLIA.-ST.: VILLA, 5 looms. every conveni. enoe, 18s. 6d. FURNISHED THOMAS-ST.: 7 ROOMS and every convenience.l35s. All Houses in good repair. A PPLY W. H. JAT3ES, Brookmao's Buildings. CKIHA.PEST in the CITY. FURINISHID HOUSE. Harley-et.. Highgate: 5 rooms, all conveniences, treadle sewrmg ma chine. °5s.; 4 Rooms, bath. copper. troughs, reduced I ls., Chats?sorth-road. ?tOOStE-ST.: W.B. HOUSE. 5 rooms little furniture, reduced 10s. ABERDEEN-ST.: 7 5ROS. bath large yard. 176.: 4 Rooms. bath, drainage, 10s., near tram. TREVAIrTOXN- ?.: HOUSE. 4 rooms, bath copper, very nea:, 12s. HAVELOCK-ST., close West Perth Station : 5 ROOMS, bath, cop per, large yard. reduced 15s. KEIGHTLEY. RD., Subiaco: W.B., 4 rooms store, garden, fruit treer. splendui lot of figs. t. 8 d. NEW. C.t:iLE--T., R?r? Fitngerarld-st.: 5 ROOMS, bath, large stables, hard road, ls. BROWN. ST.: 5 ROOMS, large yard. IOs.; 3 Rooms, etc. S9.; 4 Rooms, Ss.. drainage, within five minutes It. Ierth Station; and a few others various parts city. Sce .A.MES. AT PEET and CO., LTD., 159 William-street KENSINGTON-ST-.: 5 ROOMS, 15s. N`E\WC.~ TLE-.r.: 5 RO1M01 IS. 6d. WELLINGTON-OT.: 4 11OOMS, ;12. FIfR.T-AVENUE: 4 ROOMS., Is. ADELAIDE-TER.. 6 ROOMS, renovated. 1s. Vl'.uMERSTON-ST.: 7 R1OOMS. eonvenienes. "is. "HO1., .HighgSto ill, Beauforst.s,. 3 roms. lis. rid. LEFDERIIVII,L.E. Sanundrs-st..: : I ROOMS. SF. VICTORIA PARK ARIMAGH-ST.: 4 11OOM. 8s. 6d. GLOSTERt-ST.: 4 ROOMS. 10i. Gd. SOUTH PERTH. CHARLES-ST.: 5 OO.MS and kitchen, 1s. 6d. .IEEUERV IILLE. NORFOLK-ST.: 4 00OOMS. 10s. CUBIACO. ROKEBY-RD.: 4 ROOMS and kitchen, l7 RBAVENI -ST.; 2 BOOMS, G.

7 ro TO LET. A -roome OUSE. Hay-streeot West, 25s.: 3 four-roomed Cottages 75.; four-roomed Cottage. Subiaoo, 10s. 6d.; 4-roomed Cottage, Fitzgerald-st.. reasonable rent; 4 D.F. Villa. West Leedervrille.17 T 6d. E. Grundy, land and property salesman, 621 Hlay-st. (next Royal Arade). Tel. 1160. . N. GEERE, ?ambarg Chambers, 715 Hay Sstreet.-Havelockst.: 5 Rooms. 156 ; N edge-t.: 3 Rooms. etc., brick 10s. Tiriebsne t.: 6 Rooms, etc., 1Is. AT EBEN ALLEN and OO.'S, Licensed Auctioneers,. ST. GEORGE'S-TERRACE. GOOD-ST.: Brick VILLA, 7 rooms and conveni ences, _l1 5s. per week. WELLLNGTON-ST.: Brick HOUSE, 6 rooms and conveniences, 17s 6d per week. SUBIACO, York-st.: VILLA, 4 rooms. I?s. par week. MURIRAY-ST., near Havelock-st.: Brick VILLA, 16s. per week. WEST PERTH, Ventnor-avenne: Furnished VILLA. 5 rooms, kitchen and all conveni ences, for 3 months from December 14 MALCOLM-ST.: Brick VILLA. 10 rooms, sta bles, coachhoune, man's room, and all modern conveniences. GODERICH and BENNETT STS.: 4 and 5 ROO S and kitchen and all conveniences. HAVRLOOK-ST.: Furnished VILLA, 5 rooms, kitchen and conveniences, for 12 months. S'rIRLING-ST.: Brick VILLA, 5 rooms and con veniences. CLA.REMONT. Congdon-et.: Furnished VILLA, 8 rooms and conveniences. AKER'8-TER., Lake-st. and Brookmann. . B Several HOUSES to Let, all nicely reon. voted, reduce rents. Apply Caretaker, 29 Brookan-est. BASEMENT, suitable for wine cellars or ware house purposes; also Booms, i. Murray t.. clome to Barrack-st., low rent. Apply H. J. Holland, 21 (upstairs), Royal Arcade. Tel. 415. ][RJICK HOUSE, 4 rooms, kitchen. Oath, wash. . house, and .copper, clean, close to tram, Cook-st., off Outram-st., West Perth. Key No. B "IOK HOUSE, 4 rooms and al! conveniencee Beaufort-st. Ferstat Bros., 411 Wellington: street C EC 1 E1.N T, SURREY CHA3IBERS, HAS TO LET FURNISHED VILLA. Ord-st.. 6 rooms, with all conveniences, E: light, gas stove, for term of 3 months from December 1, rent £2 per week. LINCOLN-ST., near Beaufort-st., No. 133: VILLA. four rooms, kitchen, bath. etc., 16s. 3-URRAY-ST., No. 582: 3 ROOMS, kitchen, bath; etc., 12s Gd. 'NEWCASTLE-STr.. No. 150; 4 ROOMS. kitchen, bath. etc.. 22s. Gd. NEWCASTLE-ST.. No. 178: Brick COTTAGE, 3 rooms kitchen, bath 13s. 6d. PARILT-ST., No. 7Q: Detached 5 ROOMS, all conveniences. stabling, good -ard, 17s. Gd. OUTRAM-ST., No 92: 4 ROOMS. kitchen. every convenience, 18s.. 6d. PARK-ST.. Subinco. near Townshend-rd., No. 106":' Brick COTTAGE, 3 rooms, bath, etc., I;s: 3d PERTH-8T., Sebico: -Detached 3 ROOMS, kit chen, etc.. 7s. Gd. WILLIA.:ST... No. 397: 7 ROOMS, " kit chen,. bath, copper, etc., 25s. WITTENOOM-ST.. near Lord-st.: 5 ROOMS, kit chen. bath, etc., 16s., now being thoroughly renovited. All Houses will be put in a thorough state of repair before letting. Full List of Vacant Houses advertised every Monday and Saturday. S I T Y. 0 First Month's Rent Free. . Two-Storey 6 ROOMS all conveniences. Ret 20s. w?cekly. HYEM, Moir's Chambers. CLAREMONTa.-Furnished ROUSE to Let, 7 rooms, all conveniences, near river and sta tion. Mrs H. C. Swan, "St. Leonards," Bay View-tese, _ COTTAGE. double fronted, 2 minutes park and tram, vernndah front and baik, gar den, 2IS: BOHteyteobury.rd., Subisco. 0OTTAGE, brick, three rooms, kitchen. bath, ./ ts. g.d:; another, three rooms 9S. Gd,. centrna. 324 Bagot.rd., Subiaco. L'rNE,'-large'OF4ICE recently used as board !!.' room, Fire, Vlgderwriters' Association; also small Offices. Lombard Chambers, Terrace. Apply No. 15. EIURB ISHED HOUSE to Let,, 5 rooms . adid conveniences, 35s. E. J. Bodoreda 530 Hay-st. URNISHED COTTAGES to Let at Boselton including cutlery and linen, close to beach. Apply Cammilleri, Busselton. N D. 3, , and 5-roomed HOUSES, F sea side' of lopd railway crossing. Apply L. J. Griffiths. Ocean-rd.. Cottesloe. GUILDORD West.-Pretty Brick VILLA, S Srooms, kitchen and all cesnvenenes, sa bling, coachhose etc. fowlru two ascre ground beautifully aid out fruit and Bflower gasr den, river frontage, boat and boatshod, etc. Apply B. B DEVENISH and SON, Jamoes-street, Guildford. H AY-ST., Subiaco near Thomas-st.-Two J storeyed HOUS, 7 rooms and conveniences, rent 1 guinea.. Apply Britnall and Mosey, Austral Chnambers, arramck.set. HOUSE, 3 rooms, 7s.; Shop and 4 rooms, 10s., Scounter, fittings near Thomas-st. Bridge West Perth. T. H. Cavanagh, Saunders-st., Le: derville. H OUSE, brink., facing Park, 6 rooms. pantry, bath, outhouse. E. C. Robinson, Crystal Cafe, Hay-st. HOUSE to Let, 8s. ,per week, three rooms, 7s Broomest, Highgate Hill. _.-M Td. 15?.---~ TYEM, MOIR'S CHAMBERS. Tel. 1508. WELLINGTON.ST,: 10 ROOMS, 20.. GEORGE-ST.: 6 ROOMS, 20s." BENNETT-ST.: 8 ROOMS, 15s. BENNE'TP-sT., River Front: 10 ROOMS. 30s. V.P.: 4 ROOMS. 20 fruit trees, 10s. LOFTIUS-ST.: 5 ROOMS, lSs. 6d. PEPPERMINT GROVE: 7 ROOMS, 25n. MOUNT LA\YLEY. 5 ROOMS, S0s. PT ESTON-ST.: 8 ROOMS Brick VLLA, bRth. Corner HAY ad 1 Ee101C STS.: SHOP. 5 rooms and basement. every con venience counter, etc. BEAUFORT-STREET Highgat Hill, Perth: SHOP and thred~ rooms, bath, ??s. TORKI-ST. Sobiaco: -oomaed WV.B. HOUSE, bath. 12s., close tram. MOUNT LAWLET, Field-st.: "Waratah," 5 roamed VILLA, large lawn, good garden, noore in lino., blinds, bath pntry. ate., rent ooiy =s. d, BAY-ST.., Suiaco: 3-roomed W.B.. 7. only oliast.. W. Perth: Semi-detached VILLA. rooms. bath. etc. _ON FARtRANT 30 St. OGorge'e-ter., Perth 0UEES SGardens, near Car Barn.-o,-roomed

-E ,.,, 1.b. 151. b elelgY. Roberth and Weir 31 William-st. SAFES, all sises, let for short or long periods, At the W.A. SAFE DEPOSIT, West Australian Chambers, 324 St. George's.ter. Terms Very Reasonable. CEA View Villa, 162 Ellen-st., Fremantle. 5 r roomed brick VILLA, all convenences, rent 1. Apply 32 ]Market-t. SHOP, three rooms, bath, cellar, splendid postl tion now occupied draper, fancy goods, suit any buir.ness Apply 52 Brisbane-st. SHOP and 3 Rooms, M1?.; filop and 1 Rom. s, ood position, corner of Fitzgerald and Aogove stroeto, North Perth. Key next door. SIX-roomed Furnished HOUSE, every convent~ once lawns, etc., near ooean.; 5-roomed House, opposite station. Mrs. Colgan, care Mrs. Webb. Cot-esloe Beach. STABL ES to Let, three loose boxes and coach .r house, every convenience. 144 Parry-st., Perth. STORE, Corner Wellington and Queen sta. suit.' U able factory or bulk store. James Barr, 11 Havelock-st. UBIACO close to tram. convenient Brisk SCOTTAGE, oheap. Wolrige, Iooerta and Weir. 31 William-st. UBIAlO--3-room Brick COTTAGE, rent IO-. . M. Walters and Co., Royal Arcade. Tel. 179 SUBIACO. - Four large ROOMS, kitchen, .bath. ipantry, situated opposite reserve, nupe. nor asition. reauced rent to dcsirable tenant. 159 hamnrsley-rd. HOMAS-ST., near King's Park-rd.--Furnished i HOUSE, 3 rooms. Woirige, Roberts and Weir. 31 William-st. TO Let. 5-roomed VILLA, bath, pantry, onppr I and troughs, in Loftus-st., West Perth. Ap ply J.. W. Bland Tower-st.. Leederville. Lot. COTTIGE, 3 rooms kitchen, Lime-st. J East Perth. Key next door. TO Let or Sell, 5-roomed COTTAGE, Farmer. t.. s near school, ]Os. J. Brown,, North Perth. T0 Let. VIIE A. 4 rooms, kitchen and bath, S near Rtussoll-square. Apply 174 Aberdeen street. TO Let, Villa.RESIDKNC4I, 899 Wellington-t., West Perth, rent Aos., with purchase op. tian. S. HUIHIAN, 7 Brookman's Buildings Barrak.-st. T 0 L E T. Splendid VILLA. 6 rooms, pantry, bath room, etc., Hay-st. East, rent 22s. 6d. HOUSE, renovated, 5 rooms, kitchen, pantry, bathroom, copper, etc., Kensington-st., rent 15r. COTTAGE, 3 rooms and kitchen, Plain-st., opp. Queen's Gardens, rent 10s. Apply TOWN PROPERTIES of W.A. (1905). LTD., Trustee Chambers, Barrack-street. T - o L E "T. HOUSE (Stone), Ada-st., 5 rooms and bath.E HOUSE (Stone)) Hill-st., 4 rooms. HOU.SE (Stone), Ord-st., 7 rooms and all con venienea. HOUSE (Stone), Attfield-st.. 4 rooms. IIOUSE (Stone). Gray-st., 5 rooms. And other HOUSES of various sies through out Fremantle. STORE, Leaks-st.. STORE, Newman-st. STORAGE ACCOMMODATION. SIIOPS and OFFICES. High-street. TRUST MONEYS to LEND on FREEHOLD PROPERTY. E. H. POTHERGILL and CO., 16 Mouatt-st., Fremantle. 9T o ], E . T. S IOBUl.WER-STREET, near Ikaufort-st., TWO Il(SIDENCES of four rooms and kitchen each ONE RItESIDENCE of five rooms and kitcheo. Apply JAMES GARDINER Htoward-atreet Peart.

TO LET yEST AUSTRIALIAN CHAMBERS, FREMEANTLE. BEST POSITION, MARKET-STREET (Next Post Office). SHOP, suitable for Stationer's. Chamis., or Tobacconist's Business. Also, OFFICES, from Se. per week, roomy, well lighted, and splendidly ventilated. E!ectrio Lig.t throughout. Apply BRANCH MANAGER, W.A. NEWSPAPER CO., LTD.. MAIIKET-STREET, RFIMANTLB. 'jTILLI-ST., Oottes!oo Beach.-Brick and . .atone VILLA, 4 rooms, stone pantry, bath, shed, conveniencest mn. trom station. Apply Mrs. Green; Newciatle Club Hotel, Fremantle, SITUATIONS VACANT. [Prepaid Advertisements under this heading not exceeding Fourteen Words, Sixpence.1 A~-I Symonos' Registry Office, corner Hay L and 1illiam Sta., and of Melbourne and late of Adelaide.-Men and. Women wanted. A-Lt Hand. gn----a -Late Mrs. Jackson.-Farm Hand, goa A milker, £1; Lady-Helps, servants kept, 15s. unutral Chambers. High-st., Fremnantle. I - Lahe Mx Jxkson.-Good Waitress tea ,rooms, I; Generals, ?r ; Housemaids £1, lib. Gd. Central Chamber. High-st., Fremantle. A - Late Mrs. Jackson.--Coos two Idults, L s., no washing: Cooks eot"try, .ns. jentral Chambers, High-st., Fr"~nwrle. P lc rs.' Fitzgerald wants Women Cooks. 3s., .. Igoo I places: Generals, no cooking, .: Generals, any number, 1. A --r. itzgerald.- ato, oI, tea rooms, birat-clas, Fremantle; Wlitresses assist Aar. Cr.; ; Hou(emaid-Watresses, country, or: -Mrs. Fitzgerald, 6tl Hay-at., and Fremantle wants barman, daily, call early, good place: Grooms, los.. ISa.; Men Cooks, HIls. -Globe Registry. 197 Highst., Fremanctle. Generals, 25s.; Cook-Laundryees. 20s.; House-Parlour Maids, 17s. 6d.; Helps, d ]ts. --Landress. god shirt ironer, 5. day per. A smaent. Mathews and Becker, 27 Barrack. street. Tel. 1465. A--Cook- Laundrees. s.; (General, 211a. oun Sry. Matthewa and Beckei, 2n Barraockst Tel. 145.are t A-Laundry Housemaid, 20s., hotel, city. Mrs. SCooper's. 550 (3;8) ay-st., opp. I Mechanios' Institute. Tel. 679 A Waitress, first-class hotel, city, '20s. Apply with references, Mrs. Cooper's, 550 (338) Hs.-st. Tel. 79. --Waitress, £3 (musical preferred), wanted for hotel, fieldst fare pa1d, easy place. Mrs. Cooper's, 550 Hay-st. " -Barmaid, £2, wanted, must be smart and A recommended. Mrs. Cooper's, 550 Hay-st. Tel 679. --Cook (woman) wanted for hotel. country, fare paid. Mrs. COoper's, 550 Hay-st., opp. Mechanics' Institute. A -Cook (Chinese), L 10s., wantcd for first I class seaside hotel. Bunbury line, fare paid. M'rs. Cooper's, 550 Hay-at. A -arm Labourer wanted, guaranteed good , Iplace elderly sh would suit, easy place. Mrs. Cooper's, 5?0" Hay-st. e. aUSTRAr L Agency IMrs. Tromp), 518 Hay-st. -Cook, female, city; Cook.Laundress, good tenerals, no washing, Its., city. AUSTA.L Ageyncy (fir. Trump), 518 Hr a -sr. .Eat.--Housemaid-Wai t reses Girls-Use.ful Lady-Helps, good places. 'Phone 588. Sa-Mrs Lind's.-Cook-Laundress for small A adult family, station, 25'.; General for Bus. seltnn Its.. no ehildref; Lady-Helps, Claremont and Cotteslo., 12s. Gd., 15s. -Mrs. LTind'-Coodls and Cook-Laundreesen , ,is., 25s., i30s.. generals for all parts, 1Ss. to 25s.; Nursery ifousemaids and Ihouse-Parlour Maids. l5., 17s. 6d. A -Mrs. Lid'.-Msn Cook for ,tatnuing, cook and bake bread for men, 30s.; Useful Lad, gentleman's house, IOs., good home; Useful Girls. -Mrs. Lind's St. George's-terrace, 'one door from William-st.-Groom for doctor, city, smart lad or young man, 2Os. Tel 842. --Young Girl cbop, city; Lady-Helps, Generals, '-od wages; Useful Girls. Perth Registry. opp His taijosty's. Tel. 1628. -Miss Schlitz's Registry, 83 William-st. 'Phone 1600, wants General, no washing, 15s.; Light Help, cafe, country; another, city. A -I. Darlington's Registry, app. Foy's. Tel. 1633.--C-sks (Cook-Laundress), House mainsds, Waitresses. Generals, 20s.; Laundress, hotel, city. A-Housekeeper, with child, good home, coun try, 15s.; Lady-Helps, 3.15.. £1. Syd ney Registry. 24 Royal Arcade Tel. 883. A--Miss Smith., 61 Bsarrack-st.-Housemaid. A Laundress, Waitress, same place, hotel, country;: Generals. -Miss Smith late Mm, Baxter.-Woman A Cook, countr hotel, 30os no washing; Man able to milk. Tel. 636. A C CO U N T A 0T A Special preparation in AecoontancyC Onm sereial Bookkeeping, Auditing, tce. Day, Bianing and Postal Tuition. Scholarship examinations held in Juasary. ACCOUNTANT STUDENTS' INSTITUTION (established 1900), Queen's Build ings, 105 Willispm-treet, Perth. BAKERS. - To Haster Bakers. - Cohipsent Men always obtainable. F. A. Tuille, Secretary Central Operative Bakers' Union, 15 Orange-avenue, off Lake-st., Perth. BOILE MAKERS, two wanted; also Holderop. Atlas Engineering Works, Victoria-rd., Fremontle. .B?KB.INDEn wanted, 8 n.m., plain work. The Colortype Press, Hay-st., ceotral. DOYS, generally useful, I, one farm, country, o:her suburb. 1Bs., keop. comfortable homes. Sydney Registry, 24 Ioyal Arcade. Tel. B"OY, smart and well-dressed, to learn photo graphy. Art Royal Studio. Fremantle. BOY. smart. for store, knowledge of grocery trade preferred. Press Br.., cor. Hay and Pier ots., Perth. D.OY, smart, wanted for ofice, salary to start 1l. 6Bs. per week. State age. etc., to H_._ aced_,.this offic. BOY, smart, good chance learn trade; Boy for dairy, no milking, good wages. Perth Rerintrr. orn. His a?Maisti's. Tel 11RRnf

B OY, respectable, wanted to learn Hairdress Pir-ng Trade, or one used to trade. 134 Pier-st. B1R S Finisher, frt-clase. no duffers need apply. E. H. Stevens, Henry-st., Fre mantle. BRICKLAYER. wanted. Methodist College L Claremont. R. Gamble. BUTCHEIR wanted for country, cut, cart able to etaughter, with or without kefp. Miss Symons. Hay and William sts. BUTCHERS.--Important MEETING of the UNION TO-NIGHT, Trades' Buildings. Barrack-street. 8 o'clock. Full attendance ro quested, something affecting your interests. A. A. LADBURY. Secretary CARPENTERS wanted, Build Cooling Chamber none but experienced. Apply L. Conway, butcher, Lincoln-st. Hyde Park. ARPENTER wanted with tools, small job. Apply Guildford Station, 8 a.m. CENTRAL. BUSINESS SCHOOL (SMITH PEE. MIER COLLEGE), And W.A. Representative for the Smith-Premier Typewriter t3 colours), 56 William-st., Perth. Pitman's Shorthand, Typewriting, and Book keeping Glasses, Day and Evening. Competent Instructors. Principal 25 years' experience in Bookkeeping and Shorthand. Poeitions obtained for proficient pupile. Call or write for particulars. Telephone 1431. JOHN WARDROP. Principal. CDOACOBUILDEl?S.-Woodman wanted. Apply Collins Bros., William-st.. Fremantle. C-OACH-Bodymakers and Conchwheelors wanted ) at Miller and Closry'a, ooachbnildert, Wed lington-st., Perth COMPOSITOR wanted, good solid hand Man Snering and Co., Ltd., priniters, Premantle. COIMPS.-See Wanted to Sell Column. OOK. good. wanted, thoroughly clean, refer. C enue, good wages. 56 King', Park-rd. (y- OK, woma?, young, wanted, good country hotel., an-ist laundry work. 30s., fare paid. Mias Symons flay and William ste. C1OO, ae ::ond, must he competent. man and able to grill and carve. Queenaland Cafe, ltay-st.. near Foy and Gibson's. O-O.K. second, wanted, good city hotel. Li v consed Victuallers' Oilicr, 18 Weld Cham bers. St tGeorge's-ter. COOK-Laundrmsses wanted, private houses, city and suburbs; Cooks. 20s.. 25s.. hotels and privater. Mies Symons, Hay and ,iilliam streets. C OdK-Laundress. £1, or General, experienced. C housemaid kept. 14 Outram-st., West Porth. C"OOK-Lauodress wanted, private hospeitl, city, l? ?l.: others. privote houses , s. Is. Mies Sn:,,non. Hay and William sts. 00K.Laundrrssse wanted for all parts of .. c,,untry. fare paid. J.i-ensed Victuallers' Olts. 1.9 IVeld Chambers. St. George'stecr, C.OOPER wanted for country brewery. Appli eante muat apply by lmttrr. enclosing testi monials, to Harrison., San Miguel Pty.. Ltd., Cork Merchants, :233 Mur:ay-st. tY ands wanted, milk and i-srt: also JIan, milk and yard. euburbs; and Lad for fields. Miss Synmons. Hay antl Will:am ott. DISSSOCTtING l.anger) SLCHOOL RIEMOVED to 190 ST. GEOIIIE'S-TE?tR.ACE. near King-st. Day and Evening Classes. Particulars from Mrs. DOUGLAS. DtRESSMAKING.-FOT and GIBSON Require a smart young EODICE HAND, oapable of taking charge of Finishing Table. Apply at once to It. DAVIDSON. DRESShAKING.-Smart Apprentices wanted rIts. Douglas, costumier, 190 St. George'e terrace. -WELSbA KINK .-Wanted. smart Improvers !.) bodices and skirts. good wages. Miss Glenn, -59 Hay-ct. _-ItESSMAKING.-SSmart Bodier Iland aleo I Improvers, good wages, constant. 241 Wil. lunm-st. EMBOSSEI. grrl. wanted. eonatant work, 30s week, Apply Sands and McDou--ll, Ltd., By474

SITU.ATIONB VAC?LAT. ELITE MILLINERY SCHOOL, Princes Build. ings St. George's-terrace. Day and Even ing Classes, thorough tuition. Advancement guaranteed Fremantle Classes: Literary Insti tute, Monday Afternoons and Evenings; orders taken; original designs. Mrs. MILLER. late Nelise. HBay-st.: 5s. 10 lessons. Is. F ACTORY Girl. Apply early, 31, Fre mantle. F ARM ands wanted. 2s.. 55s.; also Boys and fLads, sosme able to milk, los. to aims Symou?, Hay and William ata. O1I7OEMAN Stevedore required. Adelaide Slteam i ship Company. Apply Marine Superinten dent's Otlioc, Victoria Quay. GENEP.ALAS wanted, private houses and ho toels. 1s. to Lie., some no washing; also farms light places. Miss Symons, Hay and Wil liam ts" -ENER.AL wanted, country, grown child not WT objected. I20. family three: another, su burb, child not objected. Miss Symons, Hay and William sts. ENERAL. young, wanted superior country hotel. , Busslton line, no cooking. 3s. Miss Symons, Hay and William sts. GENEINAL for the country, small family, O20s. Mrs Meagher. King Edward Hostel. IIKIERAL, young. Apply at once, 283 Mueller. G rd.; two in family. GENERAL. good, wanted. Apply Mrs. E. Lodge, View-st., Cottesloe. GENERAL or Useful Girl, private house, 45 Outrain-st., Park side of tramline. GlENERAL, small private family. After 10 am., 8,31 Hay-st., His Majesty's Theatre Build. ings. GENERAL. strong, good, wanted. Apply hbe tween 9.30 and 5 p.m., 216 Stirling-st., Perth. GENERAL, good. wanted. Apply Mrs. J. J. Holmes. Illawarra, Mary-st., near Hill-st., Fremantle. E.NERAIA,. riferenaes required. Apply 12 Forrest- .senue. GENEILAL, experincsed, personal referenies. Apply Mrs. Blra-bnr. -Union Bank, Fre manti"., morning or evening. (?ENERAL, young, wanted, good home, river. side. Apply 193, near Mel. bourne-rd. ENIERA.L wanted, light place. Mrs. Blake. SChlmsford Villa, C helisfordrrd., North FoPerth. GENERAL, light, young, two in family, even ings free. Aipply ?iter 11 Mrs. Solomon, "Maplesetenad '" Coghlan-rd. Subiuco. GENERAL. experienced, wanted, no washing Apply Mrs. FC. C Broadhurst, Irvine-st., Cottesloe. in mornings or evenings. IRL, young, wanted to assist house. Mrs. White, 142 Carr-st. IRL, usiefu], wanted, accustomed to house. work. no washing. Apply after 5 p.m., Mrs. Cleland,.Wa.rrinilla, View-st., Cotesloe. GIRL, experienced, as General, refs. Apply mornings, Mrs. Brimage, Walcot-st., Mt. Lakwley. GIRL, good, wanted, sleep home preferred. Churehill-vaenue, Subiaoo. GIRL, young, assist in housework. Apply 10 Murchiso-terraoe, East Perth (off Lord. street). GIRL, young, for pantry. L.. Cunningham. Perth, call. 544 Hay-st., near GIRL., about 14, assist, light place, good home. 81 Smith-St., Highgate. SIlt., light. General. asosisot housework, family four. 20 Hooper-st., off Thomas-st., W. Perth. C RI, wanted to mind children. Apply Mrs. T Geddes, house agent, William-st 4 doors below. Neavca.stle=st. IRT., wanted to aesist in tea rooms £1. Lid eens4,i Yictuallers' Office, 18 Weld Chamn hers, St. George's-ter. SIRL, young shout 15, light duties, clean, two in family. Apply 19, off Goo WHITE WORKERS WANTED. Apply HEAD of WHITE BOOM, BOAN BROS. GAOVEIRNDRS wanted, country home, three children, servants kept; also young Girls ? Companions, good homes. Miss Symnons, Hay and WillsHa ste. RILOCRn wa?ted, must be fist-class counter hand. Write Grocer, this office. HOTELEEEPER8.?-The W.A. United Linenmrl Victuallera' Employment Office wishes to draw attention to the following:-?lI Servants guranteed and only Reliable Workers sent. Iotel ot call and register (fr. 18 Weld Chambers, St. George's-ter. Tel. 1i1u. 1 OUf?,E-Parlour Maid wanted for doctor's Licensted Victnallers' Office, I Weld Chasmhcrs, St. George's-ter. JEWELLER. wanted for general work. Levin son' and. Sons, Barrack-st: " UIOHtFNMAID. Robbins Bros.. Adelaide Cafe 111 Barrackst. Liznie call. T E'-PntynK city hotel; Kitchenman K ountyt hotel; Kitchenman, suburban res? taurant. Miss Symons, Hay and William sts. LABOUM B?UREAU (6evf amtq. Men and Women. Daily VACANCI?S postedd lp is oenoe S CENTRAL OFFICE: IRWIN-STREET. PERTH. AbD wanted, blo~meith irop, able to clinch L AD wanted for station, one used horses and cattle, 15s.; also Boys, 5s. to hIs. Sd. Miss Syymons, Hay and William ate. L.AD waoted for city house, used to horses, able milk, 2is., sleep out. Mine Symons, May und Wiliam ste. LAD. generally useful as Kitduenboy, wonted for hotel, country (G.S; Railway). Mis. Cooper's, 550, spp. Mechanics' Institute. .D), intelligent, smart, wanted for music d. partment. 'Apply personally, 10 o'clck. Nicholson's Ltd., Perth.

SADIES,-- xrs. ?Tbohlnpon's Mill ere Show will open 4th at Mies Thomson's, 953 Hay-st. LADIES' Summer Costumes made from 10s. sd.; ,exquisite Muslin Frocks from 25x., comlte Miss Thomson. 953 and 9 Hay-st. LADY, young, musical, wanted to learn bar and aclist light housework, country. 30s., fare paid. Miss Symone, Hay and William sts. TADY, young, wanted to teach music and assist light duties, soperior country hotel. near Perth. Alias Symons, Hay and Wilham sty. LADY-HELP wanted quiet country hotel, Iis.; farms and city homes, some where servant kept. Miss Symons. Hay and Willicm streets. LADY-HELP or Useful Girl, good home, all evenings free. No. 2 Bennett-st., facing river. L AUNDRY Housemaid, superior girl about 30 wanted. first-class country hotel 25s.. meet employer 10.30. Miss Symons, Hay shd Hilliamn etreets. T AUNItRY3MAN wanted for country hotel, £2 I s. keep himself, good place. Miss Sy mons. Hay and William sts. 1FAN, with experience, for dairy, no deliver l ing, must be temperate. Apply Cooke, Shot Icy House. Leedcrville, opposite Steam Laundry, between It and 3. M AN, young, wanted as Groomn-Useful. 0s., good place. Miss Symons, Hay and William streets. M EN wanted to out wood by the cord near Perth must have own tools. Miss Symons, Hay and Wililam st,. M1_IAN, sober, reliable, as Caretaker in country, some knowledge of gardening. 384 Hay-st. AN young. milk and deliver, must he'com petent. Apply Celaman Bros., Subinco, Dairy, IILLIN-ERY SCHOOL.-Day. Evening Classes. MVI Pupils made competent. Orders executed. Good style, moderate prices. Schoolgirls' Class Saturday morning. Ten lessons, 5E. Mrs. BERITRAM. H2 Royal Arcane 1 e. ALFREDO PEPINO, 1IL Gives LESSONS of FRENCH. ITALIAN, and SPANISH, 184 Lord-street Perth. SIltS. Power, Royal Registry. opposite Bren. nan Bros., wants General. Ceetul Girl. Tel. 1,USICAL Barmaid, 40s. (vocalist); Cooks, lI 40s.. 50s.: Generals. 40s.: Waitresses 3ms Mrs. North's tegistry. KIlgoorlie. a?tamps.) NURSERY housemaids wanted, city and su tburbs. good hon"es, suit superior girls. ie., oervants kept. Miss Symons. Hay and Willinm streets. URSEGIRL wanted, glood wages, Mr.s. Davis, ,hentoa Park hoteI. Nicholson-rd., SuLib:o. FFICE Boy w.anted, jest left school preferred, Apply in fist instance and in own hand writing to ]ex. thi. office. T3A\LNTKIt and Pnperhcngers wanted, P. IL Gartebhr and Son. Imp,,rial Hotel. PI,ASTEIIETPS.-Price for lob. liarrest-terraee and H1y-st.. at rear of houses. PLASTEREIt for cement work, long job. Apply Henrikeon and Kontson. Parry-st. PRIVATE Tuition.-Advanced, backward, gen tlo?men., tles. Mr. Weiss, F E.I.S.,, e master !ading Eastern Colleges. 23 Barrack-st. Quarter from commencing. S T E W A R T ' COMMERCIAL ACADEMT. The Oldest Established for PITMAN'S SHORTHAND, TYPEWRITING, and BOOKKEEPING. INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION. SPEED CLASSES, ALL RATES. POSITIONS CAN BE SECURED. Businees Firms are constantly applying for our Profi cient Students-the demand in fact. is such that again and again we cannot supply the youths wanted. This is an opportunity for your boys and girls. PROSPECTUS ON APPLICATION. 22 and 23 BROOKMAN's BUILDINGS, B Hao&u.eý t5 L erth

SITUATIONS VACANT. TALLORS.-First.class Coatmaker6 wanted at once. Robertson and Moffat, Murray-st. TAILORS.-First-class Cattmnaker wanted. Mr J (! hney and Gillies, 141 Murray-st. rfIAILOR. press and sew. weekly or piece. S BHealy and Fontaine. Hay-st., Perth TAILOR.-Good all-round Hand, country. Ap. .ply Andrew:, Bros.. 632 Hay-rt. TAILORESSES.-Vest Hands wanted. Grelg. T h Royal Arcade (first floor). rTAIOI)RESSES.-VoFtmaker wanted, constant remployment, first-rlase log paid. Apply J. Coultas and Son. 19 Barrack-st. JAILOItESSES.-Firs-te!ass Coat Hands and Improvers, permanent. Kurtz and Harper, clothing inanufacturers. King-st. TEAMS wanted for Loghauling. Apply Millars' Karri and Jarrah Co. (1902). Ltd., Jarrah. dale. HE AIVANTAGES given to our students over their competi itors by the thorough sy tems we adopt of imparting knowledge in all Commercial Subjects must make the thinking person stop and consider. WHEN HE KNOWS that all the subjects are taught with the same car and thoroughness that hue al ways characterised our other work he will perceive its full value. IT IS CERTAIN that without a knowledge of Commercial Subjects the clerk and business man of the future will be heavily handicapped Full particulars of our course on application. SHORTHAND, BOOKKEEPING. and TYPE WRITING. THE REMINGTON BUSINESS COLLEGE, Weld Chambers, St. George's-terrace. E. C. STO1T and CO., Royal Arcade. Tel. . 1281. TAILORESS.-Coat and Vert Hand. good, for country, fare paid. Frank Woods, 18 Royal Arcade, Peorth. TAILORESSES.-First-clnss Vest and Trousers Makers wanted. McCa?hney and Gillies. U SEFUL Helps wanted. city and suburbs, light duties some suit girls leaving school, 7s. 6d. to 12s. 6d. Miss Symons, Hay and William streets. ' AlTRESS-Laundress wanted, country re V freshment rooms, 20s. ;also Laundreas, country hotel. 20s.. fares paid. Miss Symons. Hay and William sts. T-AITRESS, first-class, wanted for good ccun astry hotel, Als. Miss Symons, Hay and Wil. liast streets. ANTED, a young. Girl to assist Apply . corner View and Leake ats., Cottealoe. W ANTED, flrst-clats Carpenter, experience V millwork and shifting and re-erecting build. ings. Apply Gold Mill, this office. W ANTED, kind Person take charge of . healthy boy, 7 weeks old. Apply after 10 a.m., Mrs. Bowman, 1092 Hay-st. West. T.{ANTED, a Man to fill the Position of V .Groom and Gardener, must po?sess good credentials. Apply by letter to England, P.O., Guildford. U'ITNTED, at once, a good House-Parleur VMaid. Mrs. Robert Sholl 256 St. George's terrace. T ANTED, young Lady for fruit and confec .tionery business, previous experience neces. sary. must be honest. Apply early. 828 Hay-st., Perth. TTANTED, Care of little Child. superior home, S. with care and attention, clothes made free, highest references. Masted, G.P.O. T s'ANTED, experienced leading Waitress, must S'be first-class and have references. Royal Hotel. Perth. W ANTED, a Housemaid. Mtrs. P. Connor, . Broom-rd.. Cotteosoe Beach. SANTED FOR SAWMILLS. I COPPERSMITH. ENGINESMITH WHEELWRIGHT, used to heavy work. MILLABS' KARRI and JARRAH CO. (19?2), LTD., Load-street, Perth. W/OMAN superior, middle-aed, wanted, take charge children and assist housework, country. 15s., servant kept. Miss Symons, Hay and Wlilliam atle W OMAN wanted, half-day, light wash, Thars. S . day or Friday" Fourth house from Raglan rd., ,Fitzgerald-st. Y ARDMAN and assist in kitchen wanted. Li cenaed Victuallers' Office, 18 Weld Chann. hers, St. Georgo's-ter. YOUTH, smart.. knowledge of Claremont din J rict, able to drive. Prens Bris., grocers, Claremont. SITUATIONS WANTED. [Prepaid Advertisements nader this headiag not exceeding Fourteena Words, Sixpence.1 A- iss Symons' Regitry Office, corner May and Wtlliam ste., and of Mfelbourne, and lats Adelaide.--Men and Womea waiting A-Mrs. Pitzgerald 66 Hay-st., and Premantle. Oldest offices, supplies Hotel Servants, all capacities; Cooks, Barmaids. C AMP Cook waiting, a thoroughly experienced man good referenes and a oapable man. Miss Symons, Hay and William ast. COOIS Japanese, Chinese, and Cingalese, waiting, country hotels, good men. Hies Symons,. Hay and William sts. COOKS, women, middle-aged waiting, city and country hotels colean, gocd managers first class referette. Miss ýnytg6s, Hay and William etrets. ENGINE-DRIVER with marine certificate de sires Situation, own repairs. W.U., this office. FIItST-CLASS Aerated Water and Cordial SManufacturer, 18 years' experience, Eastern RtO CER, reliable, wants Place, can do any thing. Hillard, 258 William-st. OTEL Hands waiting, Men as Cooks, Yard L men, Bedroom Stewards, generally useful. Itst Symons, Ray and William ate. OUSTEMAIDS, several, thoroughly experienced, -waiting, city and country hotels, clea, supecior girls. Iliss Symons, Hay and William strtets. KITCIIHENMAN, good reference, good hotel, Perth; also smart Boy. Orient Registry O1fie-, Central Arcade, Perth.

. three months. Address lender, Grey-se., Leederville. ADY desires light Employment, 9 till b. A.p ply Daily. Aberdeen-st. P.O. 1ADY-HELP8S waiting, city and country, some musical and able assist needlework; others thoroughly domesticated. Miss Symons, BHay and William sts. SAUNDR-ESS-Houtsemaid, first-elass girl, strong. Stown. country. Orient Registry Office. Cen. tral Arcade. Perth. Tel. 503. jJ AN, young, requires Situation on farm.high. r et references. State wages to Reliable. Lake Bogs P.O.. Victoria. ý AN, young. seeks Situation, can milk and J. drive. harman. Gwalia Temperance Hotel Perth. MFAR}RIED Men waiting for farms and sta tions, good men with families. Miss Sy mons, Hay and William ste. M EN waiting for grubbing, clearing, ring barking, by day or rcontract men used to the work. Miss Symons., Hay and William ets. PERSON trustworthy. respectable. with child, wants office cleaning, anxious. B.W:, thir ofioe, Fremantle. SISTERS, two. .uperior girls, wish Situations in some hotel as Waitress and Barmaid, country preferred. Miss Symons, Hay and Wil liam sts. STEADIY ELIABLE MAN splendid references, retrenched railway ser vant, wacnts Situation. Caretaker or In Ware house or any place of trust; bonus given for in. formation leading to such. STEA.LDY. This Office. TWO friends desire Situation together as . Waitress and Housemaid, city. M.B., G.P.O., Perth. I'TA1TItESSEs and Pantrymaids, young, wait. ' V ing, city, country, and fields, excellent re ferences, hotels and tea rooms. Miss Symons, Hay and William sts. TITANTED Situation in hotel, can relieve in SYV bar, good needlewoman. C.A.M., P.O., Freomanile. "~TANTEI). Poition, Lady-Help or Companion .' private house, no wasning. Hope, General PIost Office. 'TANT'ED. by energetic, respectable Person. 'Y washing or cleaning. Apply Work E. Fre. mantle P.O. WANTED, Washing and Ironing. daily, per. d~ sonal references. Apply by letter, Laun dress, 8S Beaufort- st Sr OSIAN. young, requires Situation as Lady 'V 1Help or Housekeleper. .M., Aberdeen-st. fiOUTH rspectable. Sit"a;on, Groom. pri v.a.e house, Yardman. hot-l, go anywhere. Nor'-Wrf. this office. Fremar*tl. ZOA.D AN'D *ESIBENCE. [Prepaid Advertisements under this heading not exceedinu Fourteen Words, Sixpence.1 _-tCmorrable Board-Residence, Furnished t1inms. ladie, gentlemen. Geraldton House, 24 Short-st.: terms moderats, A Sti'ERIOR lesidential HOME., double and singie Rooms. excellent table. 'Great Boulder," corner Adelaide-ter., Bennett-st. A-BEST R.ESIDENTIA? , HOME in W.A., THE GLEBE, 179 ADELAIDE-TEIR. PERTH. Drawingroom. Billiard-roon, Hot and Cold Baths. Electric Light, Spacious Grounds A-MODERtN HOTEL, "The Shaftesou.y'" just across the Barrack-street Bridge. Double Rooms from 4s.; Single Rooms from Sa. per day. Board and Residence from hs. to 35s. per week Hotel waggonette will meet train if advietd, Telephone 1448. -ILOYAL COFPER PFLACE A A ROYAL RESIDENCE FOR V?I1t11U RS, .,t a Moderate Cost An Up-to-date Palac Terms from £1 per week All Meals, 9d. R. H. . FOBIBMAN, Manager. Central Araie. ?rr.ay-street. A -A-ACROSS the BRIDGE WE GO to the PERTH COFFEE PALACE. 264 William-street. All Meals 9d.; Good Beds, from la.; Ticketa Sa. dos. Board and Lodging from 18a week. F J. THOMAS. Manager. AT Stanmore Irwla-st.--Iocancer for

NOAXD AND 3.SIDENCE. CCOMMODATION of the VERY BIZd Can still be obtained at THE KING'S CAPE. We still letd as regards the abho? Our Meals are the talk of the tows. Address: HAY and KING STS., Next His Majesty's Theatre, I. THOMPSON, Proprietor. . T "Bitocrta," Mount-st., city end.--Frrt class Board, single and double baloeny rooms vacant. OARD and Residence wanted with private family, no other, preferred. Terms, Gent, this office. C LAREMONT.-ay Dawn. Gugeri-st., one minute from station, V'aeancies, married couple or gentlemen. C(LAIR.MONT.-Home with private faiily for ' young gentleman, breakeast and tea only Civil Servant, this office. OMFORTABLE Board and tesidene for tes Sgentlemen or three friends. 144, Perth. CORONA. Mill-it.. St. Gsrga's-terraee,w.- .. Cool Verandah ROOMS. delightful rives view, good cuisine. oderate terms. GO TTESLOE.-Board-IResidenee, :Vaaaeles seaside visitors Mrs. Enoch Smith, John. at., near Hotel Cottesloe. COTTESlOE, ocean side.-Wanted, Board. Re Haidence by lady and daughter, private family preferred. 16l Hamerlsey-rd., bubisco. D KBf OP YORK RESTAURiAlT, M urray-street, Perth. Ample Accommodation. Large Number ej New ROOMS. JAMES A. JONES, Proprietor. Tel. 1400 Night Porter. ELLIS'S Grand Central Coffee Palace, the beat place to stay. Hot and cold baths, eleetre light. Terms from gas. per week. Meals, Is. Welington-street; Perth, close Central Station, E. Robinson (nee Mrs. Ellis) Proprietress. GENTLKM.AN requires good Board sud Reli. dence. viceinity West Perth or Terrace pro. forred. State lowest terms to Zeasandia, this office. H OBAItT. Tasmania.-Stratford House sups. rior Boarding Establishment, very central, large garden. Mrs. Stump. H OMEBUSH, Gooseberry Hill. 1,000Ot eisva. tios?-Boarders. Week-ender, own cow, poultry, fruit Apply Hassell. TK ALAMUNDA.-"Cifu," good homely Acom. modation, every attention and convenience, terms moderate. Mrs. Heath. i ALAMUNDA. - "Bonnie View," the ideal summer resort, Accommodation paying guests, hot and cold baths. Miss Fenner. LADY, having nice comfortably -Furnish Home, central locality. is desirous of four gentlemen, good table, terms moderate. Apply Comfort, this office. M RS. Bowman, certificated midwife Trom We men's Hospital, Melbourne.-Accommodat - Ladies. 1092 Romala, Hay-st. West. 'Phone 994.' M RS. Linndeberg certificated midwife, has removed to Melbourne-rd., No. 47, Lindea Villa, three doors from Wellington-st. RS. Start Certificated Midwife. Aocom. MY modates Ladies. 428 Beaufort-st. Tel, 299, opp. St. Alban's Church. N URSE Smith has Accommodation for Ladles during indisposition. "lKigheroombe," lPi Lord-st. TURSE Lyons has superior Accommodation for / laIdies during Accouchement; terms very moderate. 694 Hay-st., West Perth., N URSE Wilson, late Sister Women's Hoe pital, has superior Accommodation fo4 Ladies, Victoria-ave., Claremont. 'Phone 43. NURSE Weeks, 286 William-st., corner Aber. deen-st., Practical Midwife, nearly 30 years' experience. SUISE Street, Certificated Midwife. Ladies waiting Acouehemen.t, terms moderate;, strictly private. Caledoninn-avenue, 1aylands, off Guildford-rd., near Wheatley's Hotel. PRIVATE family offer Home to two gentlemen. A "Moir Repos." 1175 Hay-st West. RATHKEALE, 209 St. George's-terrace, oppo. site Milligan-st.-Superior Board. and Reai. dence, single and double rooms. Mrs. Smith. SA.INT GEORGE'S LODGE (under the manage. meet of the Church Office), Museum-at. Perth, 8 minutes' walk from the Town Hall. A Home with every comfort for Ladies. Terms:d 15e. a week, payable in advance. Separate Bed. rooms, piano, telephone. Apply the Matron. TeL 773. Perth. SELECT Board and Residence, gentlemen, mar. ried couple. large verandah rooms. 287 St. George's-ter., near Public Works. SINGLE Man requires quiet and permanent Board and Residence within 5 minutes" walk of Bayswaler Railway Station. Particulars, 3G0, this office. ST.. George's-ter 37.--Ingle Hall, superior 1. Board-Rtesidence, large double, single rooma vacant. . SUPERIOR Board and Residence, 504 Bay-st. . East, minute from Town Hall, electrio light. Telephone 1264: balcony, baths, moderate. SUPERIOR Private Accommodation. "Park. ville," Brunswick-rd., Albany. Apply Mrs. Mitchell. THE RAILWAY COFFEE PALACE the moeo . suitable place for Visitors to Perth. It is right opposite the Perth Railway Station. Bess attention at moderate prices. Srs. CHIAMBERLAIN, Proprietress. THE GORDON.HOTEL and OAFE ANOLAIB, Corner of Murry and William streets, This Hotel and Cafe are now under entirely new management. The whole of the hanse has been thoroughly renovated. Household arrangements under the pe:eusol supervision of Mrs. Brasidwod. Tarib to suit the times. BIEAIDWOOD and YOUNG, Proprietors. W'TANTED, by Man, Board and Lodgings. Fre. Tr mantle, private family, use of piano. Apply 3Ioonts. G.P.O. KOOKS TO LET AND WANTED. [Prepaid Advertisements under this headinq not exceeding Jourteen Words. Sixpence. i A--BEDS, central, 46 Francis-st., clean. com. fortable, 4s. and 5s., two in room, shower, every convenience A NIOE Balcony ROOM, clean, very raspect able, splendlid position. F'loriua," facing river, Bennett-it. AT No. 12 Jameo-st.--Large Front ROOM for. i nished, suit married couple; Lodgings for respectable Men from 4s. A-At 878 Hayst?. city--Respectabtle ldgings, gentlemen, bsh;lh. piano. Is. ?d. week.

*USTIAL Agency. 518 Hay-st.-Furnisbel, Un. furnished Apartments, city, choice post tions; Suites Rooms, Cottasloe, facing beach, board optional. COOL Single ROOM3, well ventilated. nicely furnished. bath, private family. 5s. l68 Lord-st. 1COTTESLOE. ocean side. near station.--Clea? comfortable kurnlshed 03OOMS. double aad single, every convenience. "The lRoet," Jarrad. street. C OTTESLOE. --Comfortable Furnished BEO. )ROOM. usic kitchen and dining-room, close station. - Mrs.. O'Brien. Burt-t. DOUBLE and Single Furnished ROOMS. tel. phone and every convenience, good locality. 121 Aberdeen-st. SOUtBLE and Single ROOM to Let, every com. fort, under new management, piano. 4 F ROoNT ROOM1 unfurnisled, use kitchen. hath S s. 56 eNewarn le-sl. UCRISIIED or Unfurnished ROOMS to Let, "Kenilworth." 169 Adelaide-ter.; electric light if required terms moderate. 1L'T.NLSHED ROOM. use kil*hen. suit married Eou couple or friends. private oamily. rent Ss. i Wel!lington-ct. G ENT requires Single 10031. with or without breakfast, close to Town Hall. Mercantile this office. H AY-ST East. 293.--Double Furnished Front t0031. tolso Room, suit two friends, every convenience. ILQUADE LODGE, 1K t ST. GEORGE'S-TERRACE Large IDouble Front ROOM Vacant. beautiful river view, spacious grounds, tennia court. Hot and Cold Baths, etc. L AtGE Furnished BEDROOY. suit three friends. 919 Hay-st. West. city side Milli gan-st. 1"AIRRIED Couple or two friends find Fur. Al nlzhed. Bed-Sitting ROOM, all conveniences. i16 3Murray-st. RITS. J. S. Wilhamo late Boulder City. . Vacancies for Lodgers and Rooms to Let. 26 Francis-t t, off William-st. R OOMS. furnished. every convenience. moderate and select. 73 Aberdeen-st., opp. Union Hotel. ROOMS to Let. 3. furnished, usee kitchen and bathroom, cheap 141 Parry-st. IN.GLE ROOM, furnished, separate entrance. LT 89 Parr~-st., off Stirling-st. MINGLE Purnished ROOM. bath, etc. Inspe. S tion invited. "Cundarra." 391 nay-st.. opp. Convent. ST. George '-terraes. 34. opposite Government House well-furnished BEDROOMS. electric light. .itinglroom. breaklfast. riO Let..Single and Double IBOOMS at :s Milligan-st. Hot and cold baths. ?IWO ROOM: and kieheni . every convenience . -49 3arqui -st.. near We-t Perth Station. TrWO Unfurnished 110031 to Let. private fam. S ily. t,. week. use kiteneu, all conveniences. 19 Brisbane-st ." _ SWb-O Frnisied 1100.iS, near Roman Catholho " CatlitelI. 5 minutes Town Hall. Merton liO00i to lady very more for cl paey, close to station. (ottesloe Beach. W.F.W., this Office. i.1V e f,,etred rPartly-Furnished ROOM to V ar rhilt Eveni5is. S9 .lohn-at. EAiTR.IMONIAL. Y-oung .Ma. i. eneragetir and sober, wicshe ? ito crorreslpodl nitle n young lady n le i trIte. with photo.. C.M , Vs'llington Stil?. S.- MISSlNG PFIEINDS. Ar L.L Miss LTE Call at 82S Hsy-st., at onceo clre situa ttion. Prrintea for the 'Wes Anotrajian heiwpaper te?rro,. ort.,