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It will be remembered that the Northern trains now start both from Adelaide and Ka-   punda at 7 a.m. instead of 8 as formerly, and the mails close at 6.30.

Our Gawler correspondent informs as of a destructive fire which occurred at Kings ford and Sheaoak Log on Tuesday. Particulars will be found among our telegrams. We understand the thermometer was 152 in the sun on New Year's Day, at Port Adelaide. There was one case of sun stroke on shore, but it was hoped the effects would not be very lasting. On Monday afternoon, the roof of Mr. Boord's house on North-terrace, caught fire, but was soon extinguished. Carvosso's reel was on the ground, and Mr. A. J. Baker was there also, but no damage was done other than to the roof of the building, which was somewhat injured. On Tuesday the dry grass on Netherby, the estate of Mr. Morgan, where the Odd- fellows' picnic was being held, became ignited, and for a short time threatened to extend itself,   but fortunately there was assistance at hand, and the fire was extinguished in a very few minutes. Andrew Hughes, a little boy five years of age, son of Mr. E. Hughes, of Franklin street, met with his death under the following circumstances. On Thursday, December 27th, while standing in the stable near one of his   father's horses, the animal suddenly kicked, and inflicted such severe internal injuries as caused the death of the child, which occurred on the 30th. Dr. Butler, who attended the case throughout, did all in his power to save the little sufferer. Messrs. Cobb & Co., who have taken Mr. Wm. Rounsevell's business, commenced running their coaches on Tuesday, January 1st.   Among other alterations we may notice the   departure of the South-Eastern mails, which   under the new arrangement, left the General Post-Office at half-past 10 o'clock last night. The mails would be taken direct to Milanng, thence across the Lake to Meningie, and thence to Lacepede Bay, arriving at Mount Gambier in 48 hours from the time of leaving Adelaide.   According to the same arrangement the South Eastern Mails will be due at the General Post-   Office at midnight this evening. An accident that was very nearly being attended with fatal consequences, occurred at the City Baths on New Years Day in the after noon. A man, the worse for drink, came to bathe, and his inebriated condition not bring noticed by Mr. Bastard, went in accordingly, but sunk and did not rise again. The alarm being given, Mr. Bastard plunged in with all his clothes and brought the unfortunate man out after he had undergone immersion for about a minute, and the proper means being taken to restore the sufferer, he recovered, let us hope a wiser man. Mr. Bastard lost a£l notc in the bath, and fears he has injured a gold watch he was wearing.