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The English mail arrived on December 14, with newspaper dates to October 26, and tele-<*> grams to November 12. The Legislative Council election has closed

with the following result : —Parkin, 1,070; Verco, 1,010; Parker, 528. Mr. R. I. Stow, formerly Attorney-Gi yal, has been returned for East Torrens. A crowded meeting of CathoUcs waa held in the Cathedral on December 6, when Hia Lord ship the Bishop presided, and resolutions were passed protesting strongly against tbe injustice of tbe Marriage Law Amendment Bill, and adopting a petition to either House of Parlia ment, praying them to reject the measure. Afpublic meeting was held at Cbalmer_ Church, North-terrace, on December 14, to support the new Marriage Bill, and to maintain tbe principle of religious equality as embodied therein. Mr. R. A. Taxlton presided. Tbe speakers were tbe Chairman, the Ber. F. W. Cox, G. Stonehouse, J. Wateford, J. PoUitt, John Gardner, J. C. Woods, J. Hangfaan, and C. Manthorpe. The Marriage Law Amendment Bill was thrown out in the Assembly on Thursday, December 14, by a majority of 4, after having been passed through Committee. The Hon. Mr. Baker made his first appear ance in the Conned since his severe awiden. on December 11, and moved tbe second reading of the Court of Appeals Abolition BOL The motion was rejected on an ampmAjnant moved by the Hon. J. H- Barrow. The report of the Select Committee on South- Eastern District Improvements has been brought np, and affirms that (be Government sought the Select Committee in order to dark tbe responsibility which properly attached to them, The Chamber of Commerce has petitioned both Houses to appoint a Paliamentary Com mission to enquire into tbe state of tbe runs which are Buffering from the severe drought. Resolutions have been passed in botb Howes recommending the appointment of such a Com mission. Tbe Railway Extension Committee have re commended tbe immediate construction of tbe Dry Creek Loop line. The Main Roads Bin which authorises a loan of £250,000 for tbe construction of main linen of road has been passed by the Assembly. A BQI autborising a loan for tbe improve ment of Port Wakefield has beat carried in tbe Assembly. Tbe Bill for borrowing money for the im provement of Port Addaide has been passed by the Assembly. A Bill for remitting tbe rent on certain mineral leases in the North has been pasnrd in the Assembly. The Government have introduced a 80l to provide for the leasing of scrub lands. A Bill has been passed for increasing tbe Governor's salary from £4,000 to £5,000. A meeting was held at the Town Hall, when tbe measure was condemned. A Select Committee has been appointed by the Assembly to enquire into the efficiency and management of the Police Force. Mr. Cogiin has again made an unsuccessful attempt to obtain a Queen's Hundred. The Civic Elections took place on December 1. Mi-. H. B. Fuller, M.P., was elected Mayor of Addaide by a majority of 218 over Mr. Townsend, M.P. Messrs. Battels, Murphy, Wright, and Bundey were returned as Coun cillors. Mi* J. M. Sinclair waa elected Mayor of Port Adelaide. Despatches have been received in reply to tbe addresses praying for tbe removal of Mr. Jratioe Boothby. They state that Her Majesty haa sought tbe advice of tbe Judicial Committee of tbe Privy Council, but tbe Government have declined to lay them on the table. The Government have received 11 tendon for the survey of land in the Northern Territory— eight of which are from other colonies. On December 26 tbe foundation-stone of a Masonic Hall, in Waymouth-street, was laid by the Hon. J. T. Bagot, P.G.M. of tbe Order, I.C. There was a grand procession to the locality, and in the evening a banquet was held at the Freemasons' Tavern. On Thursday, December 27, the City of Adelaide and Yatala sailed for London. Botb vessels will call in at tbe Cape of Good Hope, and tbe race home is anticipated with consider able interest. Two steamers conveyed (be pas sengers and their friends to tbe vessels, on Wed nesday, when they woe hospitably entertained. Messrs. Rounsevell have sold their large coaching establishment to Messrs. Cobb & Co. The plant, &c., is being valued by Messrs. Townsend, M.P., and J. H. Parr, Mr. E. M. Bagot being umpire. Tbe foundation-atone of tbe Currency Creak Viaduct, on tbe Strathalbyn and Middleton Tramway, was laid by Mrs. T. W. Higgins, on Friday, December 21, with fitting ceremony. A complimentary dinner was given at Wood side, ou November 27, to Mr. A. Loriaeer, J.P., prior to hia departure oa a visit to Europe. Mr. John Ballantyne, of tbe firm of McArthor, Kingsborougb, & Co., has received pwsniU tions from his employes and fellow Sunday school teachers on his departure for ffrtgH"*l A complimentary dinner waa given, on December 20, to Mr. John Holman, of Messrs. Wills & Co.'s establishment, on his departure for England. Heavy floods are reported to have taken place in tbe North. By die Orient there arrived to the order of Mr. W. Gerrard tbe thoroughbred entire, Ace of Clubs, which bas won the highest encomiums from all who have seen him. The plant and goodwill of the Telegraph and Weekly Mail newpapers have been purchased by tbe proprietors of the Advertiser and Chronicle. Mr. Alfred Hallett has been chosen Lands Titles Commissioner, vice Mr. George Yonng, resigned. Mi*. E. B. Scott, J.P., has been appointed Acting-Protector of Aborigines daring the absence of Dr. Walker on a visit to Europe. Mr. T. Playford has been elected President of the District Chairmen's Association, vice Mr. C. M. Pearson, deceased. Mr. Justice Gwynne has postponed the trial of tbe Kernsys for highway robbery till next sessions, on the ground of public excitement being likely to influence the investigation.

Tbe annual moating ef tbe Wammjm WEm- < eionary Society was held ot P_L_.sa_a4f.iil ] onMonday,Decee_berlO--Mr.J.Coton,MJ., , The Bey G M. Wilson, B. A, who has been \ temporarily officiating at Obriaaihai ih, was pee- l aentod with a parse of awaowaa^maaimeasal addresses on December 21, on the oecaaea of , his leaving for England. The Rev. Mr. Needhaae, Fpiennpaliaa aaaia ter, died at Mount Gambier, on December 3, mt paralysis and apoplexy. The Moravian miseirmariw have wasrhei Lake Hope safely, and ate now awsitisg the arrival of some German Lutheran auaioaerisa. limy wiU shortly proceed towards Cooper^ Omsk to commence their nriaatrm awmipl the aafcrna there. lire Bey. T. Bongaerta hen bean [iimwrtii with a chalice and pateu by the Patholae ef Pott Addaide, on the occasion of hw nmuial to Mount Barker. •"*-- -rf Fnpunda hm alien piematai the Bey. M. Downag with a fold watch aai chain on his removal to another sphere. The summer meeting of the Jockey Clah aft Thebarton has passed off vary taasety. The principal winners were—Town Piste, £MO, mmm. Trials, £70, Mr. P. Francis's Midnight ; Dmhy, £220, and Handicap, £90, Mr. O. Adeockt Crusader. Tbe Exhibition of the Society ef Arte numil on Monday, Decembers. His Hoanr the Chief Justice made a few remarks on the objects ef Mm Society, and the Bey. Canon Raaaal mm mmm details as to the working of the Society. A concert waa given on Deaeasber 7, aa the Town Hall, in aid of tike German War Relief Fund. A aeries of monthly popular omenta has bum inaugurated by Mr. George Loder in the Ade laide Town HaH The quarterly aoiree of the South *-^-_fnr Institute took place on December M, when Mr. George Loder gave aa isttaeaaaag Isetua* en "The Origin, Rise, and Pkqgrtae of aVueJah Music," with some capital ifluatratkms. A vety successful bazaar wse riwarly held m White's Booms in aid of the North liitaiii Congregational Church. attached te the baaar waa a Polytechnic which prewed vesy attractive. A great novelty ea the aoaaaaaa consisted of the printing aasd putdmetiea m the Adelaide At\nw. A baaaar was held at the Norwood Terns Hall on December 13 aad 14, ia aid of «be building fund of the Clayton CaagNgatieaal ChurCtL. The Bachelors' Ball took place in the Town HaO, on Friday, Daramhw 3L, aai van • very briHisut affair. Christmas Day was uhsw led with the uaaal festivity aad rejoicing. The weafther matur tunstely waa excessively hat, aai reakvfarai somewhat with outdoor ammmwaam. Ghriatanas Readings were sivea ia the Veens Hall, Port Adelaide, aai m tla Rseaasg Roam of the Adelaide bwtitute. On Christmsa Day Mr. G. F. Mmmm satar tained the poorer and eider inhabitant «f mmmV mamhaadits vicinity to a bountiful daaaer. On Christmas Day a pleasure party went across Lake Alexandrina into Lake Albert, and on the way thither one of the passengers, named Joseph Turvey, fell overboard and was drowned. On November 27 a yanag aaaa aaaaai Cor- nelius Murphy, who arrived about two yuan and a-half ago in the BUckwaO, fell off hie dray and waa killed by the wheel |i iggvurhsss. At Mount Barker, oa November %% a voaag man naaaed S. Moaefey fell off his load en te a hayfork, which entered his aais aai eaaaai instantaneous death. News bas been received of the death of Mr. SLoman, the leader of the Leachardt Search Party, at Loedsbotwugh, oa Nmamlisr 14, feme apoplexy. Exchange.—The Banks issue 69 days' shafts at 1 per cent, prejuiam, aad buy at 1 per mat. discount. The Markets.—Whoa our last Basesamy left' wheat was quoted at 4s. 7<L to 4s. ML The price subsequently declined, aad although thee*l has been some drtaand for the aaa wheat which j has been coming ia our quotatiaaa art iw wheat 4s. Id. tods. 2d.,aadfarfaar£Ut?£UL Shiffujo. — Arrivals — BriUkaat, Evening j Star, and Eliza Mathilda, from Cases, Batlh 6ea; Jeddo, from British Ooiamfam; Anh Steed, from Liverpool; Arctic, from Gala; aai Clodian aad Giausaos, tern Imiiina De psitures-Hmdnoetsa, St. I en—la, Wu ii I null, Yatala, and City of HdnlanaV, far 1 nla ; aai Frey, far Guam. Month's InsohnaKMs.-J. Threr, ef Ifihalh. riieeprann-raadbaaier; J. Ummem, at Carrie werioo, ahecpfamser; A. F. Chmaaa, W. O. Christen, aai J. L. F. limrnihaii, of Adelaide and Port Adelaide, trsdiag malar the ha af " A F Christen ACo ," hi Ii MM Ii demon, of Wallaroo, storekeeper; F. AMmyme, ofSbeaoekbag, abeaafatmar; K. memnwm. of the Buna, storekeeper; J. O. Cbriile aai W. O. Irwin, of Chilpsnaada, Stmafcy Bay, ahaer- Csrmers and atnrlrhnliws; G. Imars, ef Mmt laide, aoooaataat; t. George, ef Baltm, amr Port Augusta, tamnatar; W. PtMh, ef aar Angas Park, carter and farmer; B. Opis, «f Moonta, lieaaaai victualler.