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Mr. Thos. Victor, of Greenock, has declined to become a candidate for the vacant seat in the Legis lative Council. The Flower Show in connection with die South

Australian Horticultural and Floiicultural Society will take place in the Town Hall to-day. A meeting of the OldjCollegians' Association is called, by advertisement in another column, for Thursday next, at 4 p.m., at Sir. Macgeorge'e office. The usual meeting of the Central Road Board was held on Tuesday, November 6. A considerable amount of business was disposed of, and the Board adjourned. We are requested to draw attention to an advertisement in another column stating that the Vic toria Theatre is to be let for public meetings, and for benevolent dramatic performances on unusually low terms. It was reported in Town on Tuesday that a round-robin had been sent, in from 21 Government clerks asking for permission to pass through the Insol vency Court, and resume their billets afterwards. We don't believe it. The quarterly meeting of the Chamber of Commerce was held on Tuesday, November G Sir. J. EL Clark occupied the chair. A synopsis of the pro ceedings of the Chamber since the last meeting was read and adopted. A deputation of gentlemen waited upon Mr. J. Formby on Tuesday, requesting that he would allow himself to be nominated as Mayor of Port Adelaide for the ensuing year. Mr. Formby declined, his other duties not allowing him to devote the time he could desire to the necessary duties. The Oddfellows "are working vigorously with regard to the Ipicnic' At their meeting on Tuesday, at the Hope Lodgeroom, they elected Sir. Sherringj Chairman; Air. Austin, Vice-Chairman; and Air. Beyer, Secretary. Sub-Committees for various pur poses were appointed, and from the spirit shown by the whole Committee, we believe they intend to make this picnic at least equal to any of its predecessors. The police, acting upon information, arrested on Monday afternoon a young man named John Kerney who, it is fully believed, will be identified with many of the highway robberies which have recently taken place. A quantity of stolen property was found in his house, and traces were discovered which have led to to the arrest of his accomplices, Robert Allen, Thomas Creamer, and John Martin. Martin was arrested at Wallaroo on Tuesday, and will be brought to town to day. In the Insolvency Court on Tuesday, Nov. 6, "William Oliver received a second-class certificate, without suspension; James Palmer's final hearing was adjourned on'account of the ill-health of the insolvent; re G. W. Holdernc&s £i M I hearing, there was no oppo sition to a second-class certificate, but His Honor deferred judgment that be might consider the effect of the annulment of a previous insolvency, in 1865 * re William EL Thomas, first hearing, nothing particular was done; John Carrack received a second-class certi ficate ; reEbeuezer Ward, first hearing, Air. D. Mackie was appointed trade assignee. The adjourned final hearing of W. F. Webster was postponed, His Honor being too unwell to undertake it The annual entertainment of the Christchurck literary Association was held in the Temperance HalL North Adelaide, on Tuesday evening, November 6 There was a large attendance, and the Venerable Arch deacon Woodcock presided. The programme which had. been provided was a very good one, and included glees, songs, recitations, and choruses, as well aa two dramatic scenes, one from the " Heir-at-Law " and the other from the " Rivals," the latter of which was about the best piece of the evening. The musical portion of the entertainment was the best part of it. and nearly every song was encored, in csnsequence of which the entertainment did not terminate until past II o'clock. The lecture was delivered by Air. J. H. Clark, the sub ject being " Shakspeare's Jesters," which was given in a very interesting style. A hearty and unanimous vote of thanks having been passed to the Chairman, lec turer, and the singers, the audience dispersed. On Tuesday, November 6, a mowing match took place at Upper WalkervOle, on a section belonging to Air. S. Barker, situated opposite to the Walker's Arms. The section was the same as that on which a similar match was held last year. The crop was a very good standing crop of wheat and oats averaging about 1| tons to the acre. There were 13 mowers at work the names of whom were as nnder—No. V, W Norton- S?L?' 11tr Uf !dl;? l!S- 3 ' ~ Bu Bler; No- 4, Joseph Hobbs; No. 5, — McEostie ; No. 6, John Cox. iun. - No 7, S. Smith; No. 8, Geo, Bowker; No. 9/James Fielder; No. 10, W. Cox, jun.; No, 11, \V F Wilkev No. 12, C. Wilkey; No. 13, S. Sowter! The nrte^as that each man was to mow half an acts, the time allowed being two and a-half hours. The men com menced work at 18 minutes to 3 o'clock, and were, with the exception of two or three, all finished within the allotted time. At the conclusion of the work, the Judges—Messrs. J. Nottage, Geo. HQlier, sen., and S Barker went over the ground, and after a very minute inspection of each man's work awarded the prizes as follows :-First prize, £2 10s., No. 13, S. Sowter, time 2 hours 29 minutes; second prize, £155., No. 3, Bugler, time 1 hour 51 minutes; Uiird prize, £1, No. 8, G. Bowker, time 2 hours 17 minutes; fourth prize) No. 2, -W. Leirich, time 1 hour 47 minutes. The Judges remarked of No. 13, " that it was the best mowed and the evenest on the ground; " No. 5, " was very well mowed indeed;" and Nos. 2and 8, "were well mowed and laid out" No. 9, Jas. Fielder, would have got the first prize, it being the best piece of mow ing of the day, but he was disqualified on account of being four minutes over his time. No. 6, John Cox, would have got the third prize, but he was also disqua lified, as he did not finish till after his time. No. 10, W. Cox, was also disqualified on account of not being able to finish his piece within the time allowed to him. There was not such a largo number of spectators present as last year; but those who were on the ground appeared to take a great interest in the match. The weather was rather warm for such work as mowing ■ but the men worked with a will, and altogether the match was a very satisfactory one.