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Hundreds Die In Mau Mau Temorism's i. Gravest Outbreak

NAIROBI, Friday.

The tytyu $[au terrorists last nigl^t inassaor/ed at least 20$ of loyal Kikuyu tribesmen and their families, {ti the worst outburst of violence Kenya has experienced.

Ten miles fyom Nairobi pregnant women were disembowel- ed before their children's eyes, and then the children themselves were hacked to pieces.

, Among those killed was a for- mer -Kikuyu'chief named' Luka, who' was 'slashed to' death' with :Ws'three'wiv¡es:' ; '. ;' ??.>??<???

V ': Chief Lûkâ ' was attacked and ¡aiaShed abolit' the, head iii a Mail .Äiü''attack last; $óyem,tyér but managed to escape; II"' '?"'. ."' '"-It-is' believed "the massacre /»Igfit began' tlje open" ; war' the' Mau'' threatened ; against : tfhite settlers ' ánd^plró-Gbyerh

?vùat Africans jh>the èotjhrj? ';

'"OUie'r attacks1 were" iii an up- lands region 25 miles north of NiJfbbl., They, also Raided a police station at "Naivàsha, 55

miles north' of Nairobi. " ' "

' Réuter's' correspondent, Ronald . ¡Batchelor,,in a:dispatch said: '-'I

have just completed an extensive tour of* Lari' location, and ' feel sick; This tiny'slice of country '. side-has vultures wheeling in hot

sunshine over the charred re- mains of human beings. It has been somersaulted back to Dark- est Africa of ancient blood'lusts and primitive mysteries!

"Bt\en hardened1 European pol- ice officers' could be seen with tears coursing down'their cheeks. They watched the mothers carrV away the mutilated bodies or their small children"

An hour after the Mau Mau gangs had launched their at- tacks, Lari location was in flames from end -to end.

Dozens of Kikuyu families died in the-roaring furnaces <ft their wooden huts ' '

Batchelor said the stench of death was mingled with the still rising smoke and ashes of a dozen or more buildings

"Ex-Chief Luka lay1 m ruins in his home-a bloody mess of flesh and bone. Only his feet told us that a few hours ago this was a human being."

Batchelor said that police com* pounds were beginning1 to be crammed with squatting rows of suspects of the violence. i

'Karly reports said there were at least 33 African casualties in the uplands districts, and five or, six at Nalvasha

A senior police officer said: "The casualties are now coming in to Nairobi hospitals,' and most of them aTe pretty cut up."

Hundreds of police and troops were rushed to the locations.

Regular reserve officers 'Of the1 police force at Nairobi were called from their beds to join in what is likely to be the biggest manhunt of the emergency.

The organised terror took place in the Lari location of Kialnbu reserve '

Another gang swept into ,the

town"of Naivasha and stormed the police station, murdering five African police

They stripped the building oí

50 rifles and a dozen sub-machine «funs, carbines, and thousands of rounds of ammunition

The Mau Mau assaults were made in a fury of savagery un- paralleled in Kenya since the white men first penetrated ^-ast


All the victims were Kikuyu homeguards or Government ser-


The attacks are believed to have been the work,of Kikuyu's recently repatriated from the Rift Valley. ' J

fe» roi1 gangs roamed a seven lile strip on the location, burn iig, shooting and' hacking ,to nieces men, women and babes in >'rms. , ' '

Every available European and Vfrican in the security forces of ho colony were called from their beda' to niau «Lrolig ¡points and . latrol tlve ' countryside. I

They were taken to the area in .fleets,of lorries, ^ '

Mau,Mau gangs are estimated to number: between 300'and SOO.

They had been rounded upjby European and African police and African Home Guards in a i mass comb-out" of eyery yard of the atea, which began at dawn.

Eyewitness 'reports of the ter- rorism said the Mau Maus ap- peared, to be well organised.

One African said he heard the command, "Now," The door of his hut was burst open, and a fusillade of rifle shots tore into the room.

"I rolled under the bed and pretended to be dead," he said.

A few moments later he ven- tured out. He saw the gang striking matches and setting alight to a row of huts' Others waited for the occupants to come out. Some managed to rush out of the'burning huts into a ring of blood-lusting murderers, who waited with long-bladed razor sharp knives and hatchets. '

Police recently reported an in- crease ih Mau Mau gangsterism in big Kenya towns and settle-


'Last week they said the pat- tern of the" terror campaign was changing from purely guerrilla action in forests, to planned or- ganised attacks on and Asian populations in built-up


More battalions of British troops.aré'íleaving Britxin soon to operate in the Rift Valley


Additional troopß will bring the number to 5,500 operating against the secret society pledg- ed to "drive the white man out of Kenya."