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V Notes Ou Radio 1

A/TOST stations will be on the air ?*? till after midnight*this New

Year's Eve. 2BL and 2FC will close at 12.15 after peals of bells at midnight/ 2GB, 2UE, 2SM, and 2UW will breadcast special New Year party sessions. 2GB is send- ing Leon Becker up to King's Cross to describe the revels. 2UW will broadcast special dance music till the early watches. 2SM will switch to St. Mary's Cathedral after mid- night for Sydney's first broadcast of a midnight Mass.

. . .

T^HE big radio question of the * moment is: what will replace the Lux Radio Theatre on Tuesday nights at 2GB when this ten years' and more established show finishes at the end of January? Trade journal "Broadcasting" has supplied the answer ahead of the sponsors' official announcement. It says there are to be two half-hour shows, "My Friend Irma" and another based on Fibber McGee and Molly, U.S. radio favourites. These top rating American sessions will be

reproduced here with local talent.,

by Grace Gibson Productions. If / this information is correct, Madi Hedd is to be Irma and Betty MacDowell her girl friend, Jane.

. . .

NEXT Thursday, from 2FC at

9.30 p.m., Ron Wills, Sydney jazz authority, will compere a

broadcast of the recorded second half of the big Jazz Convention concert held at Ashfield Town Hall last week. Two interstate dance bands, ' Frank Johnson's Dixie landers, Melbourne, and the Southern Jazz Group, Adelaide,

will be heard.

. - . .

THE series "Aunt Jenny's Real

Life Stories," from 2UW, finishes up next Tuesday at 10 a.m. and will be replaced at the same listening time by "Dr. Paul." "Aunt Jenny" has been spinning her yarns for many years.

. . *

rpHE 2CH Women's League does

* a great job raising money for good causes. During the year it collected over £6,000, which has now been distributed to various charities. One gift of £2,000 went to the Grafton Flood Relief victims.

. . .

ON New Year's Day, 2CH Disc

Jockey, Walter Elliot, will play the fifteen top hits from the Hit

Parade of 1950.

\7í7HAT were they singing and * v whistling in Sydney horse buses, steam trams, carriages, buggies and sulkies in 1901, the year of Federation? The answer: "Pop" numbers from "San Toy,"

"Floradora,'"' Scarlet Feather,"» "The Casino Girl" and "Ma Mie Rosette."

You can hear them from 2FC on Wednesday at 9.30 p.m., in "Cavalcade of Musical Comedy," one of 300 special musical pro- grammes the A.B.C. has organised throughout Australia in connection with the Federation Jubilee Cele- brations.

. . .

A REGULAR session to enable **? T.B. patients to talk to the outside world will be run from 2CH on Tuesday evenings at 5.45, starting next week.

Don Baker has been recording interviews on tape with T.B. patients from a number of institu * tions. He says these reveal an

amazing spirit of faith and hope.

. . .

T^HE Westminster Madrigal Sing * ers, a group of five Melbourne artists, will broadcast a further session of "Prelude" from 2BL this evening at 7.15. The group is well known for its singing of old English music of the Madrigal period and for its rendering of the Psalms on Sundays.

. . .

AUSTRALIA'S Amateur Hour ?**? artists will be helping the thousands who go to see the New Year in at Manly to do the thing as it should be done. On New Year's Eve and New Year's Night the shows in the open-air concert shell at Manly will be given entirely by artists who have appeared on

"The Hour."

. . .

PLAYS to-day: From. 2FC at

4.10 p.m., "Hilary Maltby and Stephen Braxton," a B.B.C. tran- scription of Douglas Cleverdon's adaptation of a story by Max Bccrbohm about the ups and downs of two Edwardian novelists. Charles Stidwell and James McKechnie in the leading roles.

From 2GB at 8 p.m., "Miss Turner's Husband," a gay comedy by Gilbert Wakefield, said by 2GB to be in keeping with the spirit of New Year. Story of a man who finds himself married to a successful playwright; so successful he be- comes known as "Miss Turner's Husband" and decides to get his own back. Lynne Murphy and Bruce Beeby play the leading roles in Maxwell Dunn's adaptation.

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