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Spies In Depots

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Some transport drivers carry rifles and say they will use them to resist raiders

Big haulage companies are preparing to send out their own road patrols.

Hijackers board slow moving transports from utility trucks on hills, and "ride" the loads for several miles while they throw selected goods overboard.

They have made the Hume Highway their main hunting ground.

A special alert has been flashed to all police pat- rols and stations between Melbourne and Sydney to watch for hijackers.

Skilled Technique

The manager of Rudders ? Ltd., Mr. E. C. Kent, said

to-day that goods worth thousands of pounds had been stolen from his com- pany's trailers during the past three weeks.

fThe Kelly Gang has

come to life again with these people," he said.

"No transport is safe."

Police believe that the gangs' spies planted at some haulage company depots in- form them when a valuable load is about to take the


The hijackers have perfec- ted such a skilful technique that many of the thefts are not discovered until the drivers reach their destina-


Detectives believe the hi- jackers are working in teams

of three.

A team's utility trails a transport until it slows down in climbing a steep hill.

A "jockey" leaps from the utility bonnet to the top of the semi-trailer's load.

He slashes the tarpaulin . and throws out cartons of softgoods, which are picked up by the other gang members in the utility following the trans« port.

New South Wales police are closely watching Jugiong Hill, between Gundagai and Yass, thought to be a pos- sible "ambush point" for the hijackers.

Near Mittagong |

Colliers' Interstate Trans- port Ltd. and Rudders Ltd. are among the hardest hit companies.

Colliers' lost a £2,500 load from a Sydney-bound transport last Monday.

A second major theft was reported by a Mel- bourne-bound driver when he reached Gundagai at 5 p.m. yesterday.

Company officials do not yet know the extent of the


A spokesman for Rudders Ltd. said to-day that some of the hijackers were operating near Mittagong where Melbourne-bound trucks slowed on á long, 'steep climb.

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