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]Ve§v ffîinê 0MÊ The MMe Of Christ



Film rights to "Thé Greatest Story Ever Told," Fulton Oursler's life of Christ, have been bought by Darryl Zanuck, who makes one personal pro-

duction each year. ... .. ;.

In 1953 ; it was "The Robe"; this year Mika Waltari's "The Egyptian."

Only production fact'.yet: released..'is- that" royalties, from .'The Greatest Story" probably will add 2.000,000 dollars to the author's


Cecil B. de Mille filmed the last life of Christ as a

silent, ,"The King of Kings," presenting H. B. Warner as"

the Saviour,

V -fSo much theatrical super- stition ' surrounds ' the ? ?? role that Hollywood is already wondering who will dare take it now. ...

Six biblical pictures in preparation in Hollywood and Rome stem from "The


Robe's" \ success. It cost 4,500,000 doliars to produce and will earn 35,000,000 dol- lars-nearly 10 million dol- lars-more than "Gone With The' :Wind," : the present world's record holder.

? * ?

AFTER 20 years with

time out for shenanna gins, Errol Flynn has wound up his Warner contract. For the future he has one definite appointment-to attend the opening of Charlie Chauvel's "Jedda" in London or New York. They haven't met since Chauvel gave Flynn his first film job as Fletcher Christian' in a Bounty' Mutiny production, in the old Bondi Junction studiosv Salary. £3/10/ n week.

? ? ' ? ;

KEVIN MILES, the Aus-,

tralian youngster chosen

by ' Anthony Quayle for a^ London chance, " has gradu-J ated from spear-carrying at. Stratford-on-Avon Memorial to a small part in "Romeo and Juliet." It's the second

rung that counts in any actor's climb, and Miles has made it. ...

? ? ?

BURIED under thc rail-

way arches at Charing Cross, thc Players Theatre is something Australians visiting London should not

miss. It's a club maintaining^ old music-hall traditions for a professional membership.

Behind candle footlights the chairman opens thc

show l>y toa; tin^ thc health of her Majesty thc Queen -Victoria, not Elizabeth. J The rest is beer, hot-dogs,

roaring choruses, vaudeville ' tums by to-morrow's stars

and established headliners who return occasionally to (lu cradle of (heir careers.

Television talent-scouts rarely miss a programme. - Every youngster I saw at thc

I'laycrs in five years is a T.V. . name (o-day. So a tip to Australian hopefuls tackling the London adventure: You can't .ill expect thc breaks

- of Shirley Abicair and.

Bobby Limb; but if you can gc' a couple of nights at (lie Players you may save months of futile auditions.'

DUZZLED star at Para * mount is Bine Crosby, who has earned millions for the company, yet has had no bid for his autobiography. "Call Me Lucky." Para- mount could be waiting for one of the Crosby kids to grow up sufficiently to im- personate "îing, as young Will Rogers did his famous


Paramount refuses to sell back to Mae West her ram- bunctious old-time hit, "Dia- mond Lil." Mae's idea is to remake it for cinemas and T.V. Paramount has similar ideas-when some contract star grows big enough.' -

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