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Yesterday tito return Cricket Match, licliv the Australian and Victoria Cricket Clubs, a otTou Hie Hyde Park Cricket ground, «tier, play stood as follows : -


Rilcv, bowled hv F'll/patrick II. Still, bo«lcd liy W. -till Clntkson, cau.-lit bv Matson .Sennett, bowled liv Smith Silla», stumped l>y Hamley While, not out . Sheppard, howled hy Wood Martin, ditto Howley, ditto

Horus, caught hv V!. Still..

Ilamlev. caught hv Still .. Gurner', howled hv Rowley

Fitzpatrick, ditto

Still, howled hy CWkson.. Connell, dino

Cannon, caught hv Bural..

Mulgon, howled hv Clarksov ll.iker. howled hv Rowtev..


M'lutosh, not


First Innings . 1?

A second match was made u sun. per bat, which was playo


W. Still, not out..'.

Camion, ho wled hy lt. Still. Gurner,-Rowley. Wood, caught hv Lilias. Fitzpatrick, howled hv Rowley. M'lutosh, cousin hv Davis. Hamley, bowled hy Rowley. Smith..-Clarkson. Watson, caught hv Still. Connell.-Lilias. linker, nm out.

Caught hv Connell. G

Not out.!. .1 Caught hv Still . 0


The play on both sides was allowed to be excellent. The failure in the first game, it is alleged, was lost by the Victoria men wearing boots, and not going into the field in proper trim; while the Australians attribute their loss   of the second match to its having been got up on the spur of the moment, as they were com- pelled to field three innings without even breath- ing time being allowed them. It is also but fair to state, that their conduct on the field was such as to prove that none of them belonged to the cabbage tree hat mob, who have annoyed the audience at the theatre and other public places. It gives us great pleasure to state that the cabbage tree conduct lately exposed at the Police Office, is repudiated and condemned by

every respectable native of the colony. It is   strongly suspect d that they are connected with a fraternity of thieves, chiefly of the seafaring class, who get up rows in order to hustle those

from whom they hope to obtain booty.  

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