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(From our Correspondent). BERRIMA

January 30 - We have but now received His Excellency's reply to the address from the in-

habitants of this district. It is as follows : -

To the Inhabitants of the Town and District of


Gentlemen, I have much satisfaction in receiving your address and the expression of your feelings of     loyalty and attachment to our Most Gracious Soverign.

I am happy to find the measures of Government       during myadministration have meet with your approba               tion and I beg to thank you for the kindness which you are please to evince towards myself .  

I regret in common with yourselves, that circum        

stances should have arisen to cause the removal of the Circuit Courts and Quarter Sessions from the town of Berrima and that property in the 'town and neighbour   hood should as you state have been so much depreci ated in consequence of that measure

I trust however that as the colony in general increases in population and numbers in prosperity the

prospects of the town of Berrima may improve .

CHAS. A. FITZ ROY.            

FITZ ROY MINE, - Since our last communi- cation we have been to see this mine, and when we take into onsideration the very short period since the works have been entered upon, it reflects the highest credit on the proprietietors for the zeal they have displayed, and the vigour with which they have pursued their enterprising speculation. The situation of the mine is as good as could be desired being on a gentle eminence on the south side of the Great Southern Road at Ironstone Bridge, command-     ing a view on one side of the lofty range known as Gibraltar and on the other the extensive, wild, but grand scenery of country lying in the direction of Jellore. The base of the eminence on which the mine is situated is washed by a limpid stream, from which the settlement receive their supply of water for all purposes

À stone quarry has been opened, and stone A brickfield has also been commenced to supply the necessary material for the furnace.

In the mean time smelting operations are

effected by means of a Cataline furnace;- but machinery for extensive works are now on the road from Sydney. Two shafts are being sunk

which are to be connected by means of a gal- // lery; one shaft has been sunk about eighteen // or twenty feet, the other rather less and we // are informed (for we do not profess any ac- // quaintance with the subject) that the ore // which has been raised is very rich, and has the // peculiar and almost singular property of // running into ??col on being smelted; neither // does it require the addition of limestone ?? // (7 or 2 more lines illegible)


party are dwelling in tents, but build- ings are rapidly progressing for the whole establishment. We must not omit mention-

ing the chalybeate spring, which is on the top

of the hill, and if quantity of mineral water is any indication of richness in the ore, we may safely pronounce this as most valuable. We have seen many streams in this country     honoured with the name of river at whose source there has not been half so great a spring of water. Already has a gentleman from Sydney leased a portion of the ground for the purpose of erecting a store thereon; and should the proprietors meet with the success they deserve, a handsome stone building will be erected adjoining the chalybeate spring, where invalids from Sydney and other parts will have

the advantage of these waters, combined with an invigorating and cheerful atmosphere ; even

in its present state the valetudinarian would not     find it " time ill-spent " to take coach from Sydnoy to visit the spot, as every comfort and luxury which can be desired is to be had of mine host of the Kangaroo, whose wines are pronounced as decidedly of the first brand.  

POLICE OFFICER, - A man, giving his name aa Daniel Connolly was brdught before tho presiding Jua tico (Charles Throsby, Eiq.,) on suspicion of being a prisoner of the Crown illegally at largo from Van Diemen's Land. He admitted being transported from India, where he woe \soldier in the'13th regi- ment, and arter becoming free had'come over 'to Port Phillip. Ho also admitted that he

had absconded from thc service of one Mri Ilynn, at Bogolong, but had settled with his employer hy paying him 10a, Altogether, from tho equivocal answers which he gavo thc polico, and thc contradictory statements mado by him, ilia Court decided on forwarding Con- nolly to Sydney to bc identified. He boro tho mark of a letter D under one arm, which it was explniiied-by trooper. Feeney . indicated Connolly to have been a deserter nt QUO time.

Tna WSATREUcontinueaflnrybutexcessively hot towards noonday. Harvesting has not yet Leen-completed in thti district. Wheat is about 3s. a bushel, with tho probability-of fulling still lower in price.

Tue Ciitmcir.- The people .of Berrima are getting very anxious to ace tho church opened for tho celebration of Divine worship, and we havo been asked several times why it is not so used. Wo believe the trustees aro only wait- ing for the contractors to complete thc works in "tho interior of tho building before it .is thrown opon to thc public.

Mcnuit70RTU KACBS.-We perceive it is in- tended to have Taces on thii course, lo come off on tho 22nd and 2ârd February. Tlio sports are to bc confined to noises thc property of inhabitants of this district. From thc state

of tho subscription list we may confidently ex-

pect two days excellent ^^t.

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