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¡ iTHByfOTqwing;àre seltcbons fwnv" a^ehronolctfoay ' ¡table bf^mszkabla event*, from ¡Xe foundation of the

polony down to the-close of the fear 1882."

v 1788. JKauujJffà.-JTha firsJJUct, .ronunejided by.. -&$tOtr25tKir PraiípTlhe flrtt of Jhe_ 'colony, anchored in Botany Bay. Terrítory^iormelly.

taken possession of, and the British v colours "officially' JttojaJttlaix_^ -'

February : ¡18.-Norfolk Island established aa a dependency-of-the;^Auatr*l^ 'under lieu- tenant King. ' (" ' '. ,! * !~. _ . ,

' June 22. Shock : of an earthquake,' accompanied'with' issue of sulphureous Vapour.

1789.-A contagions .¿¡«order having' some resemT bianco to smallpox, prevailed in April, amongst the nativo. bUckj, ond killed many of them. The pustules rosa to aa eiuaordinary: sixe. Binalong,- a yoiuig native,. irai, oaptniod, : He became leconciletl to the: new Iñhabitauti, being kindly treated by Governor Phillip, and was taken to England. The first corn, harvest reaped in the colony et Bose HOI (now Parra- matta) in December.

.1790.-James Bose, the first settler, was established at Parramatta. He came a prisoner by tho'first


A signal party waa established at the South Head.

April 17.-Lient. King went to, England with des . patches, and Lieut. Ball sailed for Batavia to procure provision supplies ; tho existing dearth of provisions calling for these measures.

The first brick store in Sydney completed in July.

1791.-February 26. First store at Parramatta com- pleted.

Canvas mor.afaotared at Norfolk Island.

Twelve persona Fettled between Prospect HUI and the Ponds, on the Hawkesbury,Boad.

September 26.-Lient. Governor King returned from England, bringing territorial seal, and Royal permission to grant absolute or conditions! pardon to the prl

November 1.-Governor Phillip dangerously wounded ia the breast with a spear thrown by one of a party of native blacks, whom bia Excellency ap- proached unarmed, with a view of conciliating thom.

November 21. Twenty male prisoners set out from Sydney, under the extraordinary supposition that they could reach China by land travel, Several perished in the woods, and the survivors were conveyed back to

the settlement in a most destitute state.

Labourers commenced hewing out tho tanks st Syd

Tí92.-February 24. Detachments of the New

South Wales turps having already arrived by the Neptune and Scarborough, the remainder arrived by the Pitt.

December ll.-Governor Phillip sailed for England. Francis Grose, Esq,., Lieut. Governor assumed the Go

1793. -The building of a temporary church, com- menced in July.

July 24.-Launch of colonial craft Francis, brought from England in frame.

September.-Twelve hundred bushels'of wheat/ the first'disposed of, waa sold by the settlers to tho


November.-The first Government wheat purchase

was issued from the store.

1794. -Captain Paterson, of the New South Wales corps, assumed tho Government of the colony, Lieut Governor Grose leaving for England.

1796. September 7.-Governor Hunter arrived. Binalong, the native captured in 1789, returned from England.

A dreadful shower of rain, or rather flakes of ice, fell, occasioning serious damage to the growing orops,

as well as to the cattle.

1796. January 16.-A play performed at Sydney, Coal discovered at Port Stephens.

October.-Lieut.-Governor King Balled for England, leaving Captain Townson in command of Norfolk Ialend.

179T.-January.. A. granary, with a winnowing machine attached to it, was finished at Sydney.

August-The colonial vessel Cumberland, pirati- cally seized and carried off by convicts.

1798. -January 31. A town clock set np in the church steeple at Sydney.

February. Dr. Bass returned to Sydney in a whale- boat after having discovered Bass's Straits.

May 14. A dreadful hailstorm, which killed poultry in abundance, and knocked down lambs in the fields,

besides causing mott serious injury to vegetation. Ibo

hailstones were six inches in circumference.

1799. -A heavy flood at the Hawkesbury which commenced on the third of March, and did not abate till the 19th.

i 1800.-March, Another heavy flood nt tho Hawkes-

bury, which occasioned considerable damage to the

Beptember 28.-Governor Hunter embarked for England, and Governor King took bia place.

October 1.-Female Orphan House founded by Governor Sing.

December-First issue of copper coln in the colony. 1601.-January 17. The shock of an earthquake felt

March, 2.-A flood at the Hawkesbury. John Slog

dell was drowned.

May 10.-Accounts received of the ratification of peace between Great Britain and the French Re- public.

1802. -June 4. The King's birthday celebrated with fireworks " and other rejoicing."

1803. -March 6. Hie Sydney QatttU and New South . Wales Advertiser (the first journal in Australia)

instituted by Mr. George Howe, and published by authority.

March 25.-New South Wales corps reduced to peace establishment

March 29.-The first suicide in the colony was that

of a man who hanged himself in gaol at thu date. !

April 10.-Public worship in St. John's Church,

Parramatta. 1

June 23.-Lieut Bowen sailed to Yon Diemcu's Land, to form a settlement there.

June 30.-Royal standard hoisted for the first timo in this part of the British dominions.

August 10.-The Porpoise, Cato, and Bridgewater sailed for England.

August 26.—Joseph Luker, a constable, inhumanly

murdered while on duty.

September 8.-Captain Flinders arrived in an open : boat, with an account of the lou of the Porpoise and

the Cato.

1 September 18.-The Rolla, Francis, and Cumber-

land despatched to Wreck Reef, to the assistance of the crews of the Porpoise and thc Cato.

September 28.—Joseph Samuels, who was convicted of burglary and sentenced to be hanged, three times escaped the ordeal, first of all, the rope broke near the centre, on his being turned off the scaffold, and he fell to the ground. " He was again tied up, and the rope unroved at the noose. A third time he was turned off, and the rope snapped short." The execu-   tion being staid, these extraordinary circumstances were represented to the Governor by Provost Marshal Smith, and the unhappy man was granted a reprieve.

October 9.-A service of communion plate, most graciously presented to the colony by his Majesty, was


October 24.-Battery at George's Hoad com- pleted.

November 19.-Roman Catholic publio worship performed for the first time in the colony.

1804.-January 13.-Colonial vessel Integrity


February 19.-Lieutenant- Governor Collins, with a detachment under his command, and prisoners, &c, having embarked for the river Derwent, arrived at

Hobart Town.

Much 4.-Insurrection at Castle Hill. March 6*.-Martial law proclaimed.

March 8.-Ten of tholeAdinginsurgenta, token, in arms, were tried and condemned. Three of them were ex- ecuted at Parramatta, three at Castle Hill, and two at Sydney. The sentence of the other two was respited.

April.-Walls of St. Philip's Church (now pulled down! were finished. Settlement formed at New-


May 7--Shock of an earthquake felt at Parramatta, Prospect, and the Hawkesbury.

May 10.-Vaccination mtxoduced.

September.-Commons appropriated to varions dis-


September 4.-Fort Phillip named, and the first stone thereof laid by Governor King.

September 2*5.-Limits of the Counties of Northum- berland, Cornwall, and Buckingham (Yan Dlemeu'e Land)defined.

October 16.-Lien tenant-Governor Paterson sailed, to1 command at Port Dalrymple.

October 16.-Thc Lady Barlow overset at her moor- ing, in a storm of thunder and lightning, and was raised-again the same day. -

. .1806.-April .19. The colonial ship, King George, built under the superintendence of Mr. James Under- wood (of the firm of Lord, Kable, and Underwood)

was launehod.

October and November.-Floods at tho Sonto Creek, .. .. ? -

November 22. Tippahee, a New Zealand chief visited the colony in company, with several New Zealanders, mostly of rank.    

December.-A turtle of six hundredweight was

taken in Broken Bay, a fisherman having by chance fastened his hook in its eye.

1806.-Jan. 5. Amelia Rixon gave birth to three

children, at Sydney.

February 26.-Tippahee and his companions are

returned to New Zealand.

March. — Memorable floods at the Hawdkesbury. Commenced March 20th, and began to subside on the 23rd, after having occasioned excessive devastation. Tbe colony was reduced to a state of want little short of absolute famine, by this calamity. Hardly any vegetables we're to ^ obtained ¡ .bread ..waa^eattt :probu"rab1e át:4i.'ôdi àpd/Ôsï.the loaf -.îayie ;hofc su ,tbuedl¡ and wheat.roe to /OVand SOY a bushel

- .' April li.-News received j>frtho declaràtio^'of » with Spain.'

: April 22.-Anotfewflood'at South Creek, :

. The Governor King,' a privates colonial schooner, «

' June 4.-The" clock' tower at Sydney fell.

. : June 17.-Venns',' colonlai\Veasel, .jiaken by^Xast shire and otherpTrates, at Port Dalrymple. :

August '6.-GovernorJBJigh'arrived, and topkt

command-August 13.

September 7.-Heavy hailstorm at the Hawke bury, and mach damage done to' growing wheat. t

'September 24.-Shock of earthquake strongly^felt

Bichmond HUI.

October 19.-Threo hundred acres' of wheat'iou dated at South Creek.

November 22.-£7 (seven pounds) paid, at Hawkes bury for one bushel of seed maize.

November 25.-Twp seamen, of the Atlantic kuli in the Cove, by lightning.

1807.-Perseverance, colonial brig, launched, Janu

arv 24 ; - sailed for India February 8.

February 8. - Governor Kine;, nía lady, and famS embarked for England.

February 26. -Mercury, colonial schooner, launch* April 1.-Governor Bligh; colonial eohocai launched at the Hawkesbury.

August 28.- Schooner Antipode, brought: frj England iu frame, was launched.

1808. -The King's representative, William Bligh Esq., Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief of the colony, was forcibly deposed, placed under arrest and subjected to other great indignities by the New South Wales Corps (afterwards the 102nd Regiment) whilst under the command of Major (afterwards Lieu tenant-Colonel) George Johnston.

January 26.-John Macarthur, Esq., the well known introducer of the Merino sheep into Australia was the Secretary to the Colony during the first five months of the Commonwealth.

May.-James Finucane, Esq., superseded Mr Macarthur as secretary.

May 15.-Brig Harrington taken away out of Fot Cove by pirates.

July 20. - Brig Fox took fire at Campbell's Who The vessel was scuttled and saved, though sastaùû much damage.

August 15.-Ship Dundee, from India, lost

Hunter's River.

May.-Flood at Hawkesbury, nearly as great as tl

memorable flood of March 1806. It commenc

rapidly rising on the 24th May, and began to fall gd dually on the 27th. Much damage was done the and also at George's River, where it was ten feet high than the Q/eat Flood.

July 29.-Flood at Hawkesbury commence!   reached its greatest height on the fou day. Had a second rise two days after, but subsidt by degrees the sarao day. Its effects were seven! felt The whole of the growing crop of wheat on i settlement perished, and alacks of wheat, and gn quantities of stock of all kinds were destroyed. Ti loases at Giorgi's River were likewise very severe.

1809. August 14.-A small detachment of the 73rd Regiment arrived in the Boyd, bringing news of the death of Sir John Moore at the battle of Corunna.

News of the brig Harrington's recapture by the Phoenix, frigate, in the Indian seas, and the brig's subsequent loss on the coast of Leuconia. Stuart, the chief pirate, and his associates " escaped or perished,'

* The newspaper announced two similar occurrences last year (1858), and at this moment a publican's wife, residing in Low    

George-street, has three fine children, girls, that were all born  

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