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& LABOX muster ot uieunuzonaoi- ine sporting woria

assembled at T«ttorialiyHotel*;:on Weó^ evening,^ to witness the maiUig^goo'd îheTèmà £200.0; stakes for the Greaf&ter-Cólohiél Match. if

Mr. G. T. Rowe, end¿evernl. Sydney gentlemen who. had arrived withMinn .in the'Wonga wongi, were' pre- sent. Mr. B. GolâsbroDghTOS.colled to the ohaix.

The cash having been nely put down; and the match

thereon completed, the usuü präUnineriw

in the most friendly manner, each party expressing & desi" to show confidence in the other. Mr. Hender- son was appointed starter ; Mr! Watt was requested to aot aa judge ; and Mr. Hmd*waenamedas the weigher. The time for running the great xnatoa was fixed at ano o'clock p.m., or as near thereto as possible.

Immediately opon the high contracting parties having duly closed all the preliminaries, business com- menced by Mr. Powe and nie friends offering to back Veno for several hundreds even, but there was" no re-' at lovel money. Mr. Rowe then offered to lay à hundred lo. nini ty, , but met with no takers. Pre- sently tlie friends of the more intimated a disposition to take fifties to forties ; thia price was laid in two or three instance*, hnt : the layers of 6 to 4 could have been accommodated to a heavy figure at these odds. About'10 tb 0 may be retained as the closing offer, and -we believe had the partisane of the mare not held back, ehe would presently have been fully aa good a

favoutito aa the Sydney home.

A. match had Been talked,abóutbetween Black Jack* and Mr. Yeend'a Goldfind ex, for £100 a aide; to take placo on tho some day os tho Great Match. Mr. G. T. Bowe intimated bia willingness to back Black JOCK for £100 a aide, carrying 0 atone each, oyez a mlle and a half of grounfj. -Mr. Yeend offered to make the match if tho weights were fixed at Sat each. Mr. Rowe de- clined thia proposal, not having' a rider of the weight ; and eventually the proposed match was "-off."

Mr. Rowe then offered to mn a New South Wales bred horse against a Yiotorian bred horse, for £200 a side, over a milo and half, carrying lOat 111b, on the afternoon of Ootober 3rd, between tho running of

Veno's two matchee. '

Mr. Frazer having accepted the challenga on behalf of Tomboy, a match w: s mado, and a deposit of £60 put down,-subject' to the approval of the owner of Tomboy. Tho balance of tho stakes to be paid or forfeit

declared on Friday evening, October 2nd, ? at Tatter- \ sail's between seven and nine o'clock.

Mr. Goldsbrough in n few words expressed a hope ' thot Mr. Röwo and the sporting men of Sydney then present, would be met upon all occasions in the hearty spirit of true sportsmen, and that when they returned to New South Wales they would be looking forward to meeting the Victorians again on similar occasions. Mr. Goldsbrouffh's remarks were received with hearty


.Mr. Soire laid it -was bis first visit to Melbourne, butha hoped and believed it would not be his last He had come here and sent his horse herc, not as a matter of gain, but solely to teat the merita of tho breed of horscs-In the two elster colonies. If he-won the Groot Match ho should not boast, and if he were beaten, he should not lose his temper. He should probably como again if ho were challenged, aa he had been upon" this occasion. He sin- cerely believed both parties -meant' nothing but a good race for thB money. Ho was happy to hear that both horses were in excellent condition. He expected a fine race; and he'hoped that the beat woula win. (Loud and continued cheering.)

It waa than resolved to establish a subscription room, os at Tattersall's in the old country, thB admia. , sion to which should .bo confined to persons of respec-

tability and good conduct. The aoeson tickets were to be cold at ten. shillings. A committee were ap 1 pointed to manage tho room, Mr. Goldebrough being

the chairman.

Dr. Bathe suggested the establishment of a Produce Stakes, on the following terms :-Tho proprietors of thoroughbred entires to subscribe each the sum of.£26, to form a bonus for a Produce Stakes, to bo run for by the produce of their horses. The race to bo called,' tho Qrand Triennial Produce Stakes ; to be run for in 1860, 1861, and 1862, added to a sweepstakes of 10 BOTS. each. Nominations to be mnde on the 1st January, 1869 ¡'half forfeit to .be declared three months before the time of each race. Distance': 2 years; half a mlle ; 3 yea», one milo and a half; 1 years, two miles. Weights, 8 st. each. The stakes to remain open for sires to be entered until Ut January, IS6&, and to bo open to all the Australien colonies.''

The proposition was adopted, and the following at

Kr. Ulick's Rataplán

Slr, Allen's High Sheriff Ur. Cleland1* Tranby

Ur. Clnttertraok'i Abdallah Mr. Knight's Premier

Ur.-£ tttsford. ...

- Bumpers, round of champagne were given in honour of our Sydney visitors, and cordial expression» of good feeling ana.'welcome were renewed end responded, to heartily.

Business was then resumed on the various events. Offers were made in various quarters to take o to 4.

about the maze, but Mr. Rowe would not advance be- I yond his offer of 100 to 90.

Union Jack was backed for the Derby af 2 to 1, and Tricolor waa invested 'on at'4 to 1. 10 to 1 was laid ; twice against Yainhope, but 8 to 1 waa the last offer ; no others were inquired for,

. Mr.. Rowe, took 20 to 1 that he won the Free Handicap-, with Black Jack, and tho Metrop. with Veno. The latter came with a mah to the front list of favourites for the Great Metropolitan, 4 to 1 being the highest figure offered. 5 to 1 was laid against Alice Hawthorn, .and .the aame price about Van Tromp was booked to a few pounds. Flying Doe waa backed at ß to 1 for à couple of score; and 10 to 1 was laid against' Haphazard. 6 to 4 was laid and freely offered on Cooramin against Tomboy. '

. For the Hunt Cup Steeplechase, Wandering Jew .alone was in demand : 6 to 1 was taken about him, and his atable companion, Lottery, waa lent to the right about.- Nothing else .was backed.

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