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Valuable sites, a few yards from the above.

MOUNT LACHLAN ESTATE.       Corner allotment, bounded by the Sydney Common Road,

and Waterloo-street.  


ceived instructions to sell by public auction, at the Rooms, Bank-buildings, George-street, on FRIDAY,

9th March, at 11 o'clock,

The following valuable properties :--

BURWOOD ESTATE. Burwood Railway Station. All

that piece or parcel of land, situate in the parish of Concord, county of Cumberland, colony of New South Wales, being lots 2, 3, and 7 of section 3 of the Burwood Estate, containing 314 perches, more or less, commencing at a point on the western side of River View Terrace ; and bounded on the north by a line bearing westerly 105 feet, dividing it from lot 8 ; on the west by a line bearing southerly 198 feet 6 inches, dividing it from lots 9 and 4 ; on the south by Railway Cres- cent, bearing south-easterly 74 feet 4 inches ; on the east by a line bearing northerly 100 feet, dividing it from lot 1 ; again on the south by a line bearing south-easterly 37 feet 2 inches, dividing it from lot 1 ; and again on the east by River View Terrace, bearing northerly 65 feet to the point of commence-  


AND ALSO, all that piece or parcel of Land situated

as aforesaid, being lot 17, of section 3 of the Bur- wood Estate, containing 13½ perches more or less, commencing at a point on the eastern side of John-  

street, and bounded on the north by a line bearing easterly 105 feet, dividing it from lot 19 ; on the east by a line bearing southerly, thirty-five feet,   dividing it from lot 16; on the south by a line bearing westerly, 105 feet dividing it from lot 9, and on the west by John-street, bearing northerly 35 feet to the point of commencement, being a portion of the land sold and conveyed to John Kellick by indenture dated the 2nd day of June, 1855, made between Thomas Augustus Car- gi]], of the first part, James Landers Nicholls, of the second part, and the said John Kellick and  

Henry White, of the third part.

AND ALSO, all that piece or parcel of land, in the

county of Cumberland, colony of New South Wales being lots 37, 38, 41, 42, 45, and 46 of section 3 of the Burwood Estate, containing 2 roods and 8        

perches, more or less, commencing at a point on the  

western side of River View-terrace, and bounded on the north by a line bearing westerly 210 feet, dividing it from lots 49 and 50, on the west by the eastern side of John-street, bearing southerly 127 feet 6 inches, on the south by a line bearing  

easterly 210 feet, dividing it from lots 33   and 34, and on the east by River View-    

terrace ; bearing northerly 127 feet 6 inches to the point of commencement being a portion of the   land sold and conveyed to John Kellick and     Henry White, as tenants in common, by an inden-

ture bearing date the 2nd day of June, 1855, made   between Thomas Augustus Cargill of the first part,    

James Lander Nicholls of the second part, and the  

said John Kellick and Henry White of the third



All that piece or parcel of land situate at Mount

Lachlan, being piece and parcel of allotment No. 1   of the original plan, commencing at the farthest  

corner, bounded by Sydney Common Road and   Waterloo-street, being a corner allotment, 44 feet by Sydney Common road to allotment No. 4, then by depth of 85 feet on that lane bearing south,   then east to Waterloo-street 44 feet, on the north 85 feet to the commencing corner point, be the said several dimensions all a little more or less, be-  

ing a portion of the land sold and conveyed to John Kellick and Henry While, as tenants in common, by indenture of release dated the 10th day of De- cember, 1856.

Plan on view at the Rooms.

Terms at sale.

CHOICE HERDS of DAIRY CATTLE, &c. By order of the Executors of the late HENRY


RICHARDSON and WRENCH have re- eived instructions to sell by public auction,  

at the Rooms, Bank-buildings, George-street, on THURSDAY, 8th March, at 11 o'clock,

The following choice and valuable herds of dairy cattle, 400 dairy cows

20 bulls

70 bullocks, 4 to 7 years 100 steers, 1 to 3 years

390 cows, mixed (well bred, and mostly milkers)

890 head, more or less, now running and deliverable at

MARSHALL MOUNT and KANGAROO, GROUND, Illawarra. 210 heifers, 2 to 3 years

400 heifers, 18 months to 2 years

610 head, more or less, now running and deliverable at

the Point Station, Jugion, Murrumbidgee River.

It is only necessary to state that the above are   selections from the valuable well bred herds of the late Henry Osborne, Esq., to ensure the attention of purchasers of this description of stock.

Terms at sale.



GRAND UNRESERVED SALE, of that extensive

and truly magnificent agricultural estate, known as TERRY'S MEADOWS, consisting of about THREE THOUSAND ACRES of the richest Arable Land in New South Wales.

Terry's Meadows is situate on the Dapto Road, distant from the following seaports :--

WOLLONGONG, 15 miles KIAMA, 12 miles

SHELL HARBOUR, 3 miles.  

and ls acknowledged by all to be the cream of the famed Illawarra district.  

The surveyor is proceeding at once to the estate to survey and subdivide the whole into farms, comprising  

from 30 to 200 ACRES each, to suit the requirements of all classes of purchasers.


ceived instructions from the proprietors to sell by public auction, at WOLLONGONG, on an early date, due notice of which will be given.  

The whole of that valuable estate known as TERRY'S MEADOWS, Dapto Road, ILLAWARRA, subdivided into eligible agricultural farms.

Further particulars will be announced on the comple- tion of the survey, and lithographic plans, showing the subdivision, will be printed.



PREMISES, known as MARSDEN'S WHARF,   MILLER'S POINT, having a frontage of 72 feet 9 inches to DARLING HARBOUR, and bounded on the west by KENT-STREBT, to which it has a frontage of about 260 feet, extending to WINDMILL   STREET, to which they also have the considerable frontage of 98 feet, together with all those substantial

buildings erected thereon, comprising   The WOOLSHED, fitted with TWO POWERFUL

HYDRAULIC WOOL-PRESSES, worked by an eight horse-power engine, with boiler and all neces- sarv gear complete.      


COTTAGE for Overseer, &c. Also a

Complete SAW MILLS, with Circular Saw, Benches.

Frames, and all needful gear.

Title, unquestionable.

For full particulars apply to Messrs. SPAIN and ROX-

BURGH, solicitors, Exchange.


ceived instructions from Mr. G. Marsden, who is about retiring from business, to sell by public uction, at the Booms, Bank-buildings, George-street, on

MONDAY, 13th March, at 11 o'clock.

The above EXTENSIVE and VALUABLE WHARF PROPERTY, of which the following are particulars, viz. :--

The WOOLSHED :-- This is a substantial wooden

building, 128 feet 3 inches, by 39 feet, having two floors-- The upper one approached by a bridge from Windmill-street, and the lower one fitted with a tramway running on to the wharf, thereby economis- ing labour to the utmost. This store is fitted with Two POWERFUL WOOL-PRESSES, capable of work-

ing 3000 bales a-week, and driven by an EIGHT HORSE-POWER ENGINE, with boiler and every- thing complete, in first-rate working order. The other buildings comprise EXTENSIVE STOR- AGE, SMITHY, and COMFORTABLE COT- TAGE, for overseer, &c., also a first-class SAW MILL, with 30 feet benches, circular saw, frame and saws, shafting, pulleys, and gear, all complete,   ready put up for immediate use.        

With the foregoing will be included every article   necessary for carrying on the profitable and extensive  

business for which these premises bear such a high  


The above property is brought forward for public   competition solely in consequence of Mr. Marsden's in-   tended retirement from business, on account of ill-health,   and the attention of capitalists and others is particularly  

directed to it, as it is now in the market for bona fide sale  

for the above reason.  

As first-class business premises this property is too well   known to require comment, as, independent of the large   business attached to it in the wool season, it includes a   saw-mill ready to be put together at an hour's notice,   and which would find constant employment in the off-   season, and form a large source of profit.  

For full particulars and inventory of machinery, &c.,   apply at the Rooms, Bank-buildings, George-street, where  

plans may also be inspected.  

Terms, liberal.  


ISLAND, MANNING RIVER.-- A valuable, farm, containing 89 acres, with numerous improvements, known as Bligh's properly, on the river. Without reserve. By order of the mortgagee.  

TENTERFIELD, NEW ENGLAND, Stone and dwelling-house, opposite the New Court House.

The above country properties will be sold at the Rooms, Bank-buildings, George street, on MONDAY next, at 11





In the centre of the important town of TENTERFIELD, directly opposite the New Court-house, together with those FIRST-CLASS COUNTRY BUSINESS PREMISES

Erected thereon, comprising large STORE, DWELLING-

House, &c.

Title, unquestionable.


ceived instructions to sell by public auction, at the Rooms, Bank Buildings, George-street, on MONDAY, 5th March, at 11 o'clock,

All that piece or parcel of land situated in the TOWN

of TENTERFIELD, being allotment No. 15 of sec- tion No. 14, commencing on the east side of Rouse- street, and containing by admeasurement half an acre, upon which are erected those

EXTENSIVE AND SUBSTANTIAL BUSINESS PREMISES, comprising LARGE STORE, 30 feet by 20, DWELLING-HOUSE, containing entrance- hall, 4 good rooms, and verandah, 7 feet wide, the whole length of the building, together with de- tached buildings, containing kitchen with large oven, &c., and two servants' rooms, &c.  

The whole of the ground is securely fenced, and a large

portion of it is cultivated as a garden, and is well stocked with fruit tress, vegetables, &c.  

The rising importance of Tenterfield requires no   lengthy comment. Favourably situated in the midst of a flourishing district, close to the Fairfield diggings, acknowledged to be one of the most productive and pros- perous gold-fields in the colony, and commanding a large business in connection with the overland trade of the new colony of Queensland, its advantages are considerable.

The above premises are most centrically situated on the town, are of a substantial order and well-finished, and are now doing a good and improving business, which requires but steady attention to ensure to the purchaser of the above premises, an easy road to a large fortune in a few


N.B.-The shop fixtures may be taken at a valuation f???,    



VALUABLE BLOCK of LAND, containing upwards of

seven and three-quarter acres, adjoining TEMPE Estate and WINCANTON, a few minutes' walk from COOK'S RIVER DAM, and close to Barbers Bold Forester Inn.

Title unquestionable.    


ceived instructions to sell by public auction, at the Rooms, Bank-buildings, George-street, on MON- DAY, 12th March, at 11 o'clock,

All that piece or parcel of land, situated in the parish  

of St. George, bounded on the north-east by the fence enclosing TEMPE 12 chains 25 links, being lots 1, 2, 24, and 25 of the original subdivision of the WINCANTON ESTATE, by David Hannan, and containing by admeasurement 7 acres 3 roods and 20 perches, a little more or less.

The above is a choice selection, is of good soil, and   admirably adapted for garden purposes, being situated at a convenient distance from the Sydney market, by a good


Plan on view at the Rooms.



containing each from one quarter to three quarters of an acre, fronting DARLING-ROAD, on the elevated   land overlooking Waterview, and between the VALE HOTEL and the VILLA RESIDENCE of THOMAS BUCHANAN, Esq.


ceived instructions to sell by public auction, at the Rooms, Bank-buildings, George-street, on MON- DAY, 19th March, at 11 o'clock,

Ten delightfully situated villa sites, on the most elevated

portion of Balmain, fronting the Darling Road, each containing from one quarter to three quarters of an acre, having each 66 feet frontage to the road, with depths varying from 152 feet to onwards of 300 feet. These sites are close to the Waterview or Dock   Ferry, from which there is constant communication with the city during the day'.

They command, from their elevated position, without exception the most extensive and varied views which can be imagined, and the auctioneers would with confidence recommend them to the notice of those that can appreciate the scenery of our splendid harbour and its surrounding


Plan on view at the Rooms.



ing residence, on the Darling Point Road, overlooking the waters of our beautiful Harbour, Government

House, the City, and the North Shore, on the west   side ; and taking in the scenery from Double Bay to

the Heads on the east ; views among the very finest   this beautiful locality enjoys, and which cannot be

surpassed elsewhere.

Title, unquestionable.

Terms : A portion of the purchase-money may remain

secured upon the property by mortgage if desired.

MORT and CO. have been instructed by

the Proprietor, Captain Pike, whose de- parture for Europe alone induces him to dispose of it, to sell by public auction, at the Rooms, Pitt-street, at 11 o'clock, on WEDNESDAY, 21st March,

That most beautifully situated, and really delightful

residence WINSLOW HOUSE and GROUNDS, on the Darling Point Road, immediately beyond Delamere House, the property of O. B. Ebsworth, Esq., and opposite to Mount Adelaide, the property of Henry Mort, Esq., M.L.A.

THE HOUSE is built of cut stone, with a verandah on   both sides ; the rooms are exceedingly well finished, and the drawing and dining rooms very spacious. It occu- pies the crown of the dell, and it approached through shrubbery and lawn by a handsome drive. The views from every part of the land, as before stated, are unsurpassed,   The property is bounded on the east by the Darling Point   Road, and on the west by a private road, and the portion   which fronts the latter might be separated from the rest   without prejudice, to form a first-rate building site.  

The COACH-HOUSE, STABLING, and other offices   I are most substantial erections, and the whole property may

be considered as one of the most complete and comfortable I homes in the colony.

*** Inspection of the property is particularly invited. Parties wishing to examine it will be pleased to apply for   cards to MORT and CO., the Rooms, Pitt-street.    


That choice and first-class Pastoral Property


Together with 11,000, more or less, FIRST-CLASS


MORT and CO. have received instructions

from the proprietor, Arnold Weinholt, Esq., to sell by pubic auction, at the Rooms, Pitt-street, at

11 o'clock, on  


That well-known station, MARY VALE, situate ahout

18 miles from Warwick, 60 miles from Ipswich, and adjoining the magnificent runs of Glengallon,

Gladfield, and Canning Downs.

The IMPROVEMENTS are of a very superior order,

and are as follows :--

The HOMESTEAD contains a cottage of 5 rooms with

detached kitchen ; the Garden, made 10 years, has a substantial paling fence round it, is well supplied with a great variety fruit trees ; a good Vineyard with choice selection of vines in full bearing ; new Woolshed, 76 feet by 33 feet, with lever press ; three-stall Stable, with two loose boxes, harness

room, and lofted throughout ; Store and six Huts,

also six out-station Huts.

Three Cultivation Paddocks, 12 Grass Paddocks, and enclosures. The paddocks are abundantly watered, and almost the whole of the fencing has been recently erected of ironbark, comprising over 4000 rod of two-rail, and more than 1500 rod of

three-rail fencing.

There is a large supply of stores on the station, two bullock drays of twelve bullocks each complete, break, horse dray, saddlery, ploughs, tools, and   other implements ; a quantity of sawn timber, for

building, lime, bricks, and galvanised, iron roofing


With the MARYVALE STATION will be sold,

11,000, more or less, FIRST-CLASS FINE-WOOLLED

SHEEP ; also,

A STUD of 250 heavy draught and thorough-bred

HORSES, 50 of which are broken into saddle and draught, with about 100 heavy draught and Arab FOALS, now running with their dams. Two ENTIRES imported at great cost by Mr. Weinholt, with the option of selecting a third which has re- cently been landed from England.

A quiet MILKING HERD and fat Bullocks to supply


Any gentleman on the look-out for a comfortable   homestead for his family, ought not to let such an oppor- tunity as this slip. Besides being a profitable investment The salubrity of the climate of the Darling Downs, and its   pastoral capabilities, are beyond question, the present pro-  

prietor only leaving what has been his comfortable home for twelve years in consequence of his anxiety to return to England, and reside amongst his family and friends.

For further particulars apply to MORT and CO., Pitt-




together with



Terms at sale.

MORT and CO. have been instructed to sell

by public auction, at the Rooms, Pitt-street, at 11 o'clock on TUESDAY, 3rd April,

Those well-known and valuable runs,


extending up the valley of the head of the Burnett River and its tributaries for about twenty miles, in which there is an abundant and never-failing supply of water. They are distant about


and adjoin the runs of Messrs. Skinner and Lamb, and Messrs. Mackay and Caswell. The country consists of rich apple-tree and gum flats and well grassed ridges, lightly timbered with silver-leaf and long leafed iron bark. It is very sound and healthy in the wettest seasons, and being part table land, is often visited with showers in seasons of drought, when other parts of the country are burnt up. The IMPROVEMENTS are,

A shingled cottage with detached kitchen, and a garden

in front.

A substantial store, divided into five apartments, roofed with galvanised tiles, partly floored, with verandah in front-easily convertible into a convenient dwelling-house.

A woolshed, 50 feet x 33 feet, shingled, floored, and bat- toned, with sheep yards, and powerful lever press with shed

over it,

Three men's huts, convenient log sheep yards, a small stockyard and horse yard. A paddock of from 500 to 600


There are also five out sheep stations, with huts and log   yards, and a few hurdles.

With these runs will be sold-- 800 maiden ewes, more or less

600 ewes, more or less, 2 years old 400 ewes, more or less, 3 years old

2600 ewes, more or less, 4 years and aged

2200 hoggets, of about equal sexes, more or less 2200 wethers, more or less, 2, 3, and 4 years

150 rams.

8950 sheep, more or less, WARRANTED SOUND.

*** Working horses, stores, supplies, and implements,

&c., to be taken at a valuation.

Parties contemplating the purchase of this very   desirable property are earnestly invited to visit it prior to the sale, as MORT and CO. feel satisfied they will find the above simple description fully borne out, and that both sheep and runs will stand inspection.


Most Extensive Sale of truly first-class Pastoral


1. THE FAR-FAMED CLIFTON RUN, together with  

about 60,000 sheep, more or less ; 4500 cattle, more or less ; and 800 horses, more or less.     2. THE WELL-KNOWN JINGI JINGI RUNS, with

47,000 sheep, more or less, and about 100 cattle.


RUNS, together with 13,009 sheep, more or less.

Terms-One-third cash. The residue by approved bills at

two vears from date of sale, with bank discount added,

and secured upon the stock and stations.  

MORT and CO. have received instructions

to sell by public auction, at the Rooms, Pitt- street, at 11 o'clock, on TUESDAY, 17th April,

The following valuable pastoral properties, of long

established first-class character--



ate about half-way between Drayton and Warwick,   and about 88 MILES FROM IPSWICH, the head   of the navigation of the Brisbane River. It is in the centre of Darling Downs Proper, and THE WHOLE OF IT IS DOWNS COUNTRY. More than this it is deemed unnecessary to describe the Clifton Run, it being beyond all doubt one of THE MOST FAMOUS IN THE AUSTRALIAN


THE IMPROVEMENTS are of the first order, all the buildings being either shingled or roofed with galvanised corrugated iron. They have been erected chiefly for the   purpose of economising labour, and during the last three  

years many thousand pounds have bean expended on this robie property, with a view of perfecting it in all its arrangements. In proof of the benefits arising from some of the improvements thus made, it may be mentioned that about 70,000 sheep were washed and shorn in seven


The WASHPOOL is supplied with water in any quan- tity for spoutwashing, without the aid of machinery, or other expense ; and a full of over twelve feet has been ob- tained. It is also so constructed as to be out of danger from the highest known floods.    

The WOOLSHED, recently erected, at a cost of about £2000, is complete in every respect.

The SHEEP DRAFTING YARDS have also been re- cently built, upon the most approved plan.

The CATTLE YARDS are supposed to be the best in the Northern Districts, and large enough to work the

whole herd at once.

The PADDOCKS, four in number, are, for the most part, newly put up. One of them, containing several miles of fencing, has only been recently completed, for the use of the working bullocks and stud, with a large stable for breaking-in horses and other purposes.

The HOUSE contains eight good rooms and verandah, with all necessary out-offices, and is in every way suited

for a gentleman's family.


having every accommodation requisite for comfort.  

In addition to the above there are a number of men's huts at the head station, all shingled, or roofed with gal- vanised iron ; and many other improvements, too numerous to particularise in an advertisement. It may be stated that the sheep yards are so large that they should be

termed paddocks.

The GARDEN has been trenched, and is stocked with

choice fruit trees and vines.

With CLIFTON will be sold the following stock :

60,000 sheep, more or less 4,500 cattle, more or less

300 horses, more or less.

*** The SHEEP now depasturing on Clifton are about 72,000, which number the proprietor intends to reduce to the above number of 60,000, by the sale of some flocks of culled ewes, the greater part of which are now fat, and fit for market ; thus giving the purchaser room for increasing   stock. Of the sheep to be sold with the station, about 34,400 are 3 years of age and under, and there will be about 28,000 to breed from the coming season-superior rams for which have been provided some months since.

*** The CATTLE are noted for the yield of fat, and are exceedingly quiet. Nine-tenths of them could be mustered in a couple of days. The herd was supplied with a fresh

lot of bulls in November last, procured at considerable


Working bullocks, drays, horses, carts, implements, stores, &c., to be taken at a valuation.

MORT and CO. refrain from any comment upon   this property. They would merely direct the attention of intending purchasers to the facilities of visiting it prior to the sale, and earnestly entreat them to inspect it and



These most extensive, healthy, and fattening runs are bounded by the main range of Darling Downs, and the celebrated Jimbour and Cooranga runs, and embrace a tract of country nearly 40 miles long and 20 miles wide. They are intersected by a number of creeks, the principal ones being Jingi Jingi, Gendowy, Cooranga, and Charley's Creek. The country is generally open undulating forest, with some plains ; and the timber is of various kinds-- box,

broad and narrow leaf ironbark, apple, MYALL, and


THE IMPROVEMENTS include everything reqnlsUe for the proper working of the stations. Considerable sums have lately been expended in improving the yards, erecting paddocks, and shingling huts, Ac.

With the Jingi Jingi Runs will be sold 47.CCO SHEEP, more or lees, and

ICO CATTLE, more or less, depasturing thereon.

And, with a view of giving to the purchasers ample room for the increase of the flocks, the following rans lu the Maranoa district, situate close to the police station, on the

Bungil Creek, and near to the Messrs. Hall's oattle

station, via.,

Tickool Bunglo Major Back Rna Mulga Mulga Bung, and

WILL BB GIVEN IN ! ! ~, t t

SHEEP.-Of those to be seid with the Jingi Jingi Buns, about 27,800 are onder three years; and there will be about 26,000 to breed from the coming season, for which rams hare been rally provided.

Teams, drays, working horses, stores, implements, ftc.,

to be taken at a valuation.


THIRD.-That really valuable pastoral property,



situate in the Moreton District, about sixty miles from


It is well known that these runs form one of the most   valuable pastoral properties in the Moreton District, of large extent, and very great grazing capabilities ; and as a wool-growing country, second perhaps to none in that district ; also, abundantly watered.

The improvements comprise every thing requisite for the full working of a property of the extent.

With Crow's Nest and Perseverance will bo sold 13,000 sheep, more or less.

Stores, implements, teams, drays, working horses,

ftc, to be taken at a valuation.

The attention of the squatters of the Australian   colonies is requested to this almost unprecedentedly exten- sive sale of first-class pastoral properties. Their long established reputation, vast extent, and proximity to water carriage, entitle them to the fallest consideration on the part of all those in the squatting interest, or who may be on the look-out for investments in the most favourite dis- tricts in Queensland. The fullest inspection invited, for which there is ample time prior to the sale.

The sheep are warranted sound.  

For Positive Sale.



Situate in



JANE-STREET, | DONNELLY-STREET. Terms-25 per cent, cash deposit ;

25 per cent, cash on completion of conveyance ¡ Remaining half 2 years' credit.


MORT and CO. have been instructed to

sell by public auction, at the Rooms, Pitt street, at ll o'clock, on WEDNESDAY. 7th March.

Twenty-four very valuable BUILDING AND VILLI

ALLOTMENTS, situate in the vloiaity of the Catbollo Church, Balmain, with frontages to Dar- ling-street, Ann-street, Vincent-street, Jane street, and D:nneliy-street, being in the very heart

of Balmain.

0" These allotment occupy the most magnificent sites In Balmain. The view from the Catholic Chnroh of St. Augustine is not to be surpassed, and the allotments now offered for sale occupy the Bpace to the south and east of

the Church laad.

There is also on the ground an abundance of the finest building stone.

MOBT and CO. would desire that the value of this pro- perty should be thoroughly appreciated, and with that view Invite intending purchasers to visit the locality to judge for themselves.

The great frontages and depths afford ample space for garden ground, &c, and purchasers will not find them- selves cramped for room, as is too often the case in the neighbourhood of the city.

Plan on view at the Booms.


30 ACRES, known as POMPEY'S CAMP, situated on



Title, direct from the Crown to vendor. ;

Terms at sale.

MORT and CO. have been instructed to

6eU by public auction, at the Rooms, Pitt street, at ll o'clock, on WEDNESDAY, 7th March,

A snug little farm of 30 acres, known as POMPEY'S

CAMP, within about ten chains of tho Bathurst Road, on SOLITARY CREEK, willoh runs ' . . through it.

<8T The above was formerly a road-party station, and is well known as POMPEY'S CAMP. The land is good, and there ls p'.onty of vacant Crown land in the neighbourhood, io that it wonld make a good DAIRY and AGRICUL.


- Plan on view at the Rooms, where farther information may be obtained.


< That splendid First-claw Pastoral Property THE BAN

BAN BUNS. Including the Stations known as WARRA, ARHANBANJA,




and with which will be sold,

35,060, more or less, FIRST-CLASS SHEEP, and

3,500, more or less, WELL-BRED CATTLE. .

Terms, liberal.

MORT and CO. have been instructed .by the.

proprietor, HENRY HERBERT, Esq.; to Bed by public auotion, at the Rooms, Pitt-street, at ll o'olook, on TUESDAY, 3rd April, ; m

Those truly valuable and well known stations THE

BAN BAN RUNS, comprising, as mentioned above, the Warra, Dundar, Head of Dundar, Back Creek, Arranbanja, Johnboon, and Lower Johnboon Sta- tions. They are in the immediate neighbour-,

hood of


as well as those of Messrs. Lawless, Graham, ana Strathdee, and are distant »boat '

67 miles from the shipping sort of Maryborough 12 miles from Gayndah, post town ! 130 miles from Gladstone, Port Cartis, and 160 mile s from Brisbane Town.

The coan try is very open, and timbered with white box, silver leaf iron bark, and stunted bloodwood. : .

Brigalow and sa't bush are also found on the runs. They are beautifully watered by the Baramba River, whloä nteraects the runs, OB well as by the Dundar, GraveUy, Arranbanja, Wahoon, Johnboon, Buggaro Tommy, Back and Beeswing Creeks, and several springs.

THE IMPROVEMENTS upon the head station are A comfortable verandah house of six rooms.

A detached rangejof ornees, consisting.of kitchen and two apartments, with verandah.

Store and meat store.

Overseer's hut, smithy, two large huts for shearers, and

men'B hnts

Good woolshed, 72 x 32 feet, fitted with screw press ; wool bins, and yards, ftc.

Large wool house, capable of holding 250 bales.

*.* All these buildings are on sleepers, and are shingled with hardwood shingles ; and the house, kitchen, and

woolshed are boarded.

Large paling sheep drafting yards, with trap gates, and capable of working 10,000 sheep.

A good two-rail horse paddock.

A three-rail cultivation paddock.

Stockyard and milking yard, with shingled calf pen, pig-

sties, ftc.

An under-ground dairy.

A good garden, enelosed with paling fence, and stocked with choice vines, oranges, lemons, and other trees. '

There are fourteen out-station huts, twelve of which are on sleepers and shingled. Also, space for six or seven


The CATTLE STATION is about 12 miles from the head station. The improvements upon lt are

A fonr-room verandah house, with detaohed kitchen and two rooms; also, a stockman's hut. All these are on sleepers, and shingled also.

The stockyards are on the most improved plas, fitted with gates, and capable of working 5000 cattle. '

A large horse paddook, enclosed with two-rail fence.

A cultivation paddock, enclosed with three-rail fence.

A well with 14 feet of water in it.

With these magnificent runs will be sold the followisg

stock :


Wethers, 4 and 5 years, 3670 more or iess

Ditto, 3 years, 3005 ditto - Ditto, 2 years, 4636 ditto Ditto, 1 year, 2576 ditto Ewes, 5 and 6 years, 4339 ditto Ditto, 4 years, 3200 ditto Ditto, 3 years, 3105 ditto Ditto, 2 years, 3460 ditto Ditto, 1 year, 2177 ditto Weaners (mixed sexes), 4754 ditto

Rams 133 ditto

35.060 sheen."

SOUND, and NEVER DISEASED ;"and"vecy few* If any


*.* No expense bas beea spared to get the bett rams, '

and the


Iswellksown in both the London and Sydney markets, where it invariably commsnds the top market price.


3500 BEAD, WELL-BRED.-The original steak from the herds of Thomas L. Murray Prior and J. II. Borth- wick, Esquires, both celebrated herds, and the bulls that have been used have been got at different times from J. M'Connell, Esq., of Cressbrook.

*.* About 50 horses, most of thea broken in, four

teams of working bullooks, drays, stores, Ac., to be taken

at a valuation.

MORT and CO. feel that they are justified in recom- mending this splendid pastoral property in the strongest terms. To the squatters of the Northern Districts lt is so well knovn that comment is unnecessary so far as they are concerned. Those from the Southern Districts, how- ever, or the neighbouring colonies who may now be turning their attention towards Queensland, would do wall to visit the stations. Everythln g is in the most perfect order, and

both stock and runs will bear inspection, and as the sale is i not to take place till the beginning of April, there ia ample time for all to see and judge for themselves.

»». A liberal and extended credit will be given, bearing interest at the rate of 8 per cent, per annum. Further particulars at sale, or on application io MORT and Co.


Title unquestionable.

Terms at sale.

MORT and CO. hare been instructed to sell

by public auction, at tho Rooms, Pitt-street, at ll o'clock, on WEDNESDAY, 21st March,

All that parcel of land situated at Richmond Hill, Kur

rigong, containing 60 ACRES, more or less, originally granted to "William Reeves, and adjoining the farms of Began, Hare, and Skuthorp.

About 10 acres have been CLEARED and UNDER. CULTIVATION. The teil is excellent, and there ÍB an ABUNDANCE OP WATER upon the farm, whioa

enjoy« the advantage of a LARGE BACK RUN. . ?




MORT and CO. have been instructed-by

J. F. Clements, Esq., to dispose of the iotiow I "mg VALUABLE FATTENING Stations, situated on the

right batik of the Lachlan River s- 1








Together with 10,000 HEAD OF CATTLE, tj be


For particulars apply to MORT and CO., the Rooms,




MISES, now let to Mr. Thomas Black, and comprising WHARP, STORES, and DWELLING-HOUSE.

Title unquestionable.

Terras at sale.

MORT and CO. have been instructed

to sell by public auction, at the Booms, Pitt street, at ll o'clock, OB WEDNESDAY, 7th March,

All that parcel of LAND, being allotment No. 7 of

block A, in the town of Raymond Terrace, having 66 feet frontage to the river Hnnter, and 66 feet to King-street, by a depth of about 190 feet, together with the STORES, SHOP, and DWELLING I HOUSE erected thereon ; as also, the WHARF, I extending about 50 feet into the river, at which the

A. S. N. COMPANY'S STEAMERS STOP daily, to land and take in cargo.

Close to the wharf is a STONE-BUILT STORE, about 50 feet x 20 feet, with four floors, and capable of storing 10,000 bushels grain.

Immediately adjacent is a capital STONE-BUILT DWELLING-HOUSE and SHOP. The house contains five rooms, with brick-built kitchen detached, (wo ser- vants' rooms, laundry, and other offices. In front is a very neat garden.

The shop is commodious and lofty, and for style and convenience of the fittings cannot be surpassed.

Adjoining the Bhop Is another STONE-BUILT STORE paved with stone, capable of storing 100 tons of goods, and containing also a SECURE JPOWDER MAGA-


V The «hove premises are substantially and faithfully built, and it may be safely asserted that no better or sounder buildings can be met with in the colony, or more compact or convenient as business premises; they are all insured and fitted with lightning conductors, and stand In he best part of this thriving township.

They are now let to Mr. THOMAS BLACK as a gene- . ral country store for the sale of drapery, groceries, iron- mongery, ftc, os well as a large grain store, the wharf being used by the Australian General Steam Navigation Company in connection with their Hunter River trade.

(ST The whole of the available waterside allotments In thia township having long since been taken up, STEAM COMPANIES SHOULD NOT OVERLOOK this oppor tanity of securing a VALUABLE WHARF and STORES ; and capitalists have here also a fine chance of investing money to advantage, as a property like this must eventually become very valuable.

Inspection Is invited. Parties wishing to do so will please apply to MORT and CO. for cards.



Situât» OD the River Boyne and Faller's Creek, distant


Terms at sale.

-- i

MORT and CO. have received instructions

from Messrs. A. and A. BROWN, to sell by Sublie auction, at the Rooms, Pitt-street, at ll o'clock, on

IUB8DAY, 6th March,

That first-class pastoral property, the BARMUNDOO RUNS, which consist of the following blocks


Thev embrace tho whole of the valley of FULLER'S oïtEËK, with its tributarles, to the junction with Oxley'a BOYNE, a distance of about twenty miles in length, and also include a portion of that river.

The RUNS aro therefore WELL WATERED, and particularly adapted for sheep, whioh can be run in FLOCKS of from 1500 to 2000, the country consisting chiefly of dry open ridges, principally timbered with

broad-leafed ironbark.

GRAZING CAPABILITIES, 18,000 to 20,000 SHEEP. THE IMPROVEMENTS, which are very superior, are

aa follows:

An eight-room bons?» on sleepers, roofed and shingled

. Detached kitchen, two room! ; also, poultry house and

garden, ftc.

Splendid wool-shed, on sleeper's, shingled'roof ; shearing floor, and woolroom, floored ; skillings, battened ; all of first rate workmanship; a!go, lever press.

S labourers' huts, alBO shingled, and frfecksmith's forge. Stockyard, fitted with swinging gates, and including killing and milking yards, all complete and most substan- tially erected.

Horse paddock enclosed with two-rail fencing, and also the materials for a cultivation paddock, but not yet pat up.

Outstations, with huts, «tc.

With the Barmundoo RunB will be sold


Full particulars of which will appear in a future adver- tisement, and which are WARRANTED SOUND AND NEVER DISEASED.

The sheep are really of first-rate quality, and the

WOOL, THE GIN GIN BRAND, is so well known as to 1

need no eulogy.

Team ot bullocks and dray complete, six working horses, together with stores, furniture, utensils, 4c, to be taken

at a valuation.

Ö"* The above can be most strongly recommended, as both stock and stations are really good, the improvements of a very superior quality, the whole in thorough working order, and in close proximity to a seaport town. The high price the wool has always realised, in both the Sydney and English market«, is a tolerable guarantee of the quality of the Block. Combined te these aro all the comforts of a homestead, with the additional advantage of being within thirty miles of steam communication with the metropolis.


That well-known first-class Pastoral Property THE

TIEREYBOO RUNS, situated on the Condamme River, in the above favourite district ; together with 33,866 SHEEP, more or less, WARRANTED SOUND and NEVER DISEASED.

Terms .-One-third cash, residue by approved bills at 12

and 24 months from day of sale, with bank interest added, and secured on the stock and Btatioas ; or an allowance of 7J per cent, discount on the credit por-

tion if paid in cash.

MORT and CO. have received instructions

to sell by public auction, at the Rooms, Pitt street, at ll o'clock, on TUESDAY, April 3rd, i

That really splendid pastoral property THE TIEREYBOO RUNS, known as follows :


comprising some of the PINE8T SHEEP PASTURBS


: They are situate on the CONDAMINE RIVER,

in the district of Darling Downs, having an exten- sive frontage to both banks of the River Conda- mine, and about forty miles frontage to the Dog-

wood Creek.

The country is salt bush, and open box forest, and

well watered and interspersed with occasional plains, and the runs are acknowledged to be among the MOST EXTENSIVE AND FATTEN-


In order to form some slight Idea of their extent and. quality, it may be mentioned that 20,000 ewes can be lambed down annually without difficulty.

THE IMPROVEMENTS are of a superior order, and comprise every requisite for the proper management of a first-class property, inclnding a comfortable dwelling house, containing six large rooms, kitchen, extensive store, woolshed, several huts, paddocks, yards, ftc. Also, sixteen out-station huts, with yards in thorough order.

With the TIEREYBOO RUNS will be sold

17,146 ewes, more or leBs

12,141 wethers, more or less . .._ I 4,262 lambs¿more or less

317 rams, more or less

: 33,866 first-class sheep, more or less.


I FuU particulars of which can be learned by application to

MORT and CO,

Drays, teams, horses, implements, stores, Ac, te be taken at a valuation -, also, a few head of cattle.

í (ar Comment upon the above very valuable property is

deemed unnecessary, as the simple detail given of the stock and stations speaks for itself. BesideB, the Tiereyboo Runs are too well known and their character sufflcieutly

established to rende, any eulogy requisite in an ad-



In the Estate of the late W. T. CHARLTON, Esq.

THORNHILL STATION, consisting oi two Blocks,

known as CASSILIS and ROONEY, together with

about 1000 SHEEP.


Terms at sale.

MORT and CO. have been instructed by

the administratrix to sell by public auction,

I at tte Rooms, Pitt-street, at ll o'clock, on TUESDAY,

27th March,

That compact property known as

The THORNHILL STATION, comprising the two

Blocks, Cassilis and Rooney, consisting of good open country, well watered, and capable of    


The IMPROVEMENTS are a shingled cottage, with  

store and kitchen, also shingled ; woolshed and shepherd's hut, shingled buildings, and a paddock  

of about 80 acres.

With the ran will be sold 1000 SHEEP, MORE or  

LESS.         *** Working horses, team of bullocks, and dray,   stores, &c., to be taken at a valuation.

The above is particularly worthy the notice of   neighbouring squatters. It is the station recently occu- pied by the late W. T. CHARLTON, and adjoins the run of the Messrs. Blackman. Parties on the look-out for unstocked stations to the northward would find this a good opportunity, as the quantity of sheep to be sold with the station hears no comparison to the grazing capabilities, and they would have the advantage of getting the runs with improvements made, and the country ready for stocking, and all within about 85 miles of water

carriage. The property is positively to be sold to close

the estate.

TO Furniture Dealers, and others.  

LISTER and BARNETT will sell by auc-

tion, on the premises, THIS DAY, at 11 o'clock, at the corner of Market and Kent streets, opposite Harris' Hotel,

All the household furniture utensils, kitchen utensils,

and horse, harness, and cart, of a general dealer, who is going to the diggings. No reserve.

Terms, cash.'   Also, at their Rooms, 95, King-street, at 2 o'clock,

A large quantity of heavy clothing, boots, watches,

guns, jewellery, &c.

Agricultural and Dairy Farm and Stock.

Campbellfield, near Campbelltown.

A very choice Dairy and Agricultural Farm, containing

about 111 acres, with extensive Improvements, and well known as the Old Campbelltown Racecourse.

THOMAS DAWSON is instructed by John

Davis, Esq., to sell by auction, THIS DAY, the 3rd March, on the Ground, at 12 o'clock,

The above really choice farm, together with all the

dairy, cows, and heifers, &c., situated on the line of railway, four miles from Campbelltown.

The land is of a first-rate quality, cleared and stumped,

securely and conveniently fenced, and an abundance of the purest water in all seasons. The pasturage is excellent, having a good proportion of artificial grasses mixed throughout.  

The improvements consist of a comfortable verandahed

three-room cottage, kitchen, and servant's room ; dairy and store ; stable and harness room ; stock- yard and milking shed, pigsties, fowl house, cart Bhed, &c. ; a neat little flower-garden and orchard, planted with the choicest fruit trees. Also, a nice two-roomed cottage and garden, The stock con-  

sists of  

40 prime cows and heifers   8 working horses 10 store pigs

20,000 excellent bricks

A stack, about 20 tons, of splendid new hay Wheat, thrashed, and unthrashed, in shed Barley, English and Cape, ditto

A very neat well-built spring cart and harness    

2 other, carts, roller, ploughs, &c.

*** An inspection of the above really compact and first class homestead and farm is earnestly solicited, as the auctioneer feels convinced it has only to be seen to be coveted. It is decided that a station is to be formed either on this property or within a quarter of a mile of it.

Title, unquestionable.

Terms at sale.

Arrangements are made with the railway autho-   rities for intending purchasers to be set down on the morn-   ing of the sale within 200 yards of the premises, by the 10 o'clock train from Sydney, and 10.45 train from Camp-   belltown.

Sale to commence at 12 o'clock.

The auctioneer will be happy to supply intending pur- chasers with any further information they may require.

To Retail Butchers, &c.

At Campbellfield, near Campbelltown, THIS DAY,

3rd March, immediately after the sale of the

farm and stock.    

*** The Goodwill of the Business and Lease of a sub-

stantial Stone-built House, containing eight rooms. Shop and Premises, at Campbelltown, well-known as late Booth's butchering establishment, together with all the Stock-in-Trade.

THOMAS DAWSON is instructed by

John Davis, Esq., to sell by auction, at Camp- bellfield, immediately after the sale of the farm,

The lease and goodwill of the above well-known

premises and business, together with the following stock, viz.,

3 horses, carts, and harness Water cart

Patent chaffcutters, &c.

In connection with the above are

A detached slaughter-house and 3-acre paddock, an

excellent grass paddock of nearly 20 acres, well watered, and securely fenced.

The above offers a first-rate opportunity for an   industrious steady tradesman to step into a well-known

and old established business.

St. Patrick's Day.    

Royal Oak Inn, Windsor.

L. WHITE has been authorised by the

Trustees (Messrs. John and James Howe) of   the late John Howe to dispose of by public auction, on the 17th day of MARCH next, being St. Patrick's Day, on the Ground, at 2 o'clock p.m.,  

All those premises and land known as the Royal Oak,

Thompson's-square, Windsor. The house, which is built of brick on a stone foundation, comprises five rooms on upper, and seven rooms on ground floor, an entrance hall, verandah, and capacious cellerage under, detached kitchen, stable, out-offices, &c., &c. The whole contains an area of 1 rood and 35 perches. It has a frontage with gateway to the road leading to the Ferry over the River Hawkesbury and Thomp- son's-sqnare ; also a frontage of 1 chain 74 links along Baker-street ; on one side it unites with the property of Mr. Fitzgerald, on the other with Messrs.

Burke, Maloney, and Izzard.

The auctioneer will not attempt a display or give a

colouring to this property, which needs no such aid, but   would respectfully invite all parties to view the same and form their own judgment. Mr. Ridge, the present occu- pant, will kindly shew them over the premises.  

Three allotments in the town of Windsor, two of which front George-street, near the Old Hawkesbury Benevolent Asylum, as follows :--

LOT 1. All that parcel of land, containing 27 perches

(moiety of allotment No. 9, of section N. ), more or less, situate at the north-west corner of George and Bell streets, and having a frontage of 1 chain and 35 links to George-street, and 1 chain and 25 links to


LOT 2. All that parcel of land, containing 27 perches,

more or less, adjoining the above on the north-east side, and having a frontage to George-street of 1

chain and 35 links.  

LOT 3. All that allotment or parcel of land adjoining

the above, containing 1 rood and 14 perches. Al- lotment No. 10 of section N., bounded by Bell-


The above will be sold separately or together, to suit


Title-- Grants from the Crown.

Terms at sale.

Extensive and important unreserved Sale of the whole of

the sheep stock, the property of the late Robert Howe, Esq., of Carrol, Liverpool Plains.

THURSDAY, 15th March.

R. G. YEOMANS has received positive

instructions from the Trustees (James Howe   and Andrew Doyle, Esquires) to sell by auction, at the Northumberland Hotel, West Maitland, on THURSDAY, the 15th March, at 12 o'clock,

The whole of the first-class sheep, the property of the

late Robert Hows, Esq.

The character of the above stock stands unrivalled in the Northern District, having been specially under the supervision of the late respected proprietor, whose judg-

ment was so well known and appreciated. Consisting of


1800 (more or less) ewes from two years old to full-mouthed  

2000 ditto ditto ewes, aged

1300 ditto ditto maiden ewes

2100 ditto ditto wethers, from two years old and upwards 1100 ditto ditto ditto, under two years 1600 ditto ditto weaners, mixed sexes.

The above are now running at Carroll, and will be sold in flocks as above. Purchasers are respectfully invited to inspect the same on the station previous to the day of sale. Delivery to be taken at Carroll, Namoi River.

Also, about

1500 (more or less) ewes and wethers, from 1 year up-

wards, now running at the station of Richard Dines, Esq., adjoining Messrs. Rossiter and Doyle's Way- land Station, Gwydir district, and which will be sold

in one lot, and delivery to be taken at Mr. Dines's


Terms, &c. on day of sale.

In calling attention to the above sale, the auctioneer deems it unnecessary to pass any further remarks, as the well-known and general character of the above stock in the Northern district, and the high prices realised for the

wool, speaks for itself.

The whole will be for positive and unreserved sale on the

day and place named.

THURSDAY, the 15th March, 1860.

Northumberland Hotel, West Maitland. In the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Sheriff's Office, Sydney, 24th February, 1860.

ON FRIDAY, the 9th March instant, &c.

noon, at defendant's residence, Burwood, the SHERIFF will erase to be sold, &c., a quantity of household furniture, unless the writ of fieri facias issued herein he previously satisfied.

In the Supreme Court of New South Wales.  

Sheriff's Office, Sydney, 1st March, 1860.  


ON MONDAY, the 12th instant, at noon, at

the defendant's residence, Albion Cottage, Elizabeth-street South, the SHERIFF will cause to be sold by public auction,

A quantity of household furniture, horses, carriages,

carts, harness, &c., unless these writs be previously


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