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'-"¿¿tói^i »/ « &ou*9**~~ ¿y ^RANK" FOWLER.' Lon- ,

iré Happyt0 .» ^WWJjto^fcMttlmore fdvourably.

cf Sír. ,FoyW:« .s^naxróftolica^SAhai .^e Jcon¿' <

^dof C«ly le,-being deducted, ye.eanBfiely pronounce ' the pat of .the volume very agn<|aUa^hmding. ¡ ~c,iV

? ?' Tba Dotting* coiiaisY of.twentyJttree gossips -on1 Ainii urban and..rmal, : By fnj.'th'e! he«; forjréÜ :«od writing, is the first^^A'PUttimaee' to Cantó/'' \¿r."' The introductory ?pun' about %me's ahyïV ?(¿^hUngedifices'.inltho^r^

» Sydney South's quoted'joker about his alwayji, ciompling.*)rea^ .jn..thq presence of thé1 Primate! U' ujly' puerile ¡ but 'hère à'a sketch ot thVPnmaté!»* city, irorthy to" stand' side by aide, with Borrow's ¡¡of Jfrrwich) in Laetngro,'.*-? ,?'-.-' ? ? .! J ''^

iblfblt or OJÍoríí- » ¿ígger'.bU 'of Brotes,' a-forkedi ting' : ¿tntthlBf I*'two ^ertj-lfar«ñas wmnd a «lutter ofchorear*, like1 . £. Grtek Mother ahelttitob; her. offspring from tho' wrath oft thai

ZÜcHHml*,-* Catbeâral'drfttototÏMerip^B,^-a rained w>JL ¡¡Tnp us» eighteen' centuries a"go\by Kom?o'.hands,-sollurr'. u-tt scuding, like monte,' In'^ld nwnutio'pit^'wid chintin*, -jw i& tho sea-gusts en»t>fng ' npyt 'Bights from WbUatabley^-' inlc&t British mound*,.itardy-Diniih donjcn.% quaint Saioa ^.^rt.prondXoraxn'iplr«,-iHthewthrowntogitber IQ n. SÛT «U*T hallowed, by th* footprints, of, England'« earliest' . wirrioris'priciU, and statesmen-Tn ak o up'.that Canter £r st« hy ma for .tba first time on Wednesday fast' with a dé

I 'M aed KT«f*ne«nhat lt -wer entered Into- tho hsarta'of

(Lacer's pilgrim's to conceive. Eve old city ! History and «tartradhend-m-haud within thy silent clontara-Ute cohoes jf tools rote« p«l ihroujth thy solemn allies. ''

\Te must give,'too, Mr. Fowler's description of the' ^dacribsblc cathedral :- -:

n«i Coleridge who said an abbey always looked to him Uko '.Klriitd religion. The forco and fitness or the thonghtcame

t&W in« wih fallest atrees aa I stood beforo thc allar-screen

Jjiti Cathedral. A soft flush-gold aud purple tinta . «yoi lotted-lay on . the--stones - wora. by the eau-' gntj feet of .early Ch rt» lian' saints, glanced on the - irî*«*bcrc lil the tinga-and-martyrs, fell in mysterious patohea

«. til dark oshea choir, and-'glinted, resplendent on the broken ' ¡^b!wkeárdlInrBQf/rret-wc^iierawllngrotiridtbetiaTe. ? But - Sjill ihiwoadronh-beantt or the pUe«, a sense of desolateness

rined »oprtme. It,grcw.upoa the miad until the Spirit of the ., Mitemed'» stirtd mojésboamld the fovll forest of interlacing

S« ; the aisles wera peopled with abbots and friars ; centers im swinging In tbs chancel ; the early Saxon .queens were on . 'gab ISMS before' the' altar and alf tho while the messured - ttocWarcflhe bell'»me Uso tbs memory or some Gregorian'

#V| Ytllow-halred betide him;. I saw my lady-Mildred. had-io-bMid with old Ornate; I saw tho ahsggy Dsoo stalling : 6ianlagalnttthemarble.colnmnB; I saw Archbishop Al phage . ttnwbython»shInvaders.ptI»onerfreniJhe-pUct; IeawlLiB

¡rai »sd Anselm with their el st tex lng beads'aadlvory oracl - «us; I saw the Klnjr-Confessor' muttering orisons in the topor Mttdthaptl of St. Births ;I saw a'Btokett moving baro-footed .Aeait the glimmering cloister'on bia way to malina--I beard . Mjjeûiat» "Wt bssecob, thee; O Lird,.in all thy me roy, thal thy ? ' ww ind wrath "bo tor ned away from as and .from our holy

£ue,bec*iue we have »innei"-I saw tho bind of armed? ?? statuas deepening, the shadow of a adghbou'ing tomb-I (nw

fknrasbnp^n the prelim-I heud a stifled groan, a choking «CarW have mercy I"- I saw tba shaven temple strike tho grs Bïflif-I*»»»»pl"h or two of blood, a

- foa-wbite-robtd oborlstcrs troop In ic down tho aislo aro ni ed me

ba ar dream. I s woke as from ? slumber-took a seat in. fro ot

gb, tomb of Archbishop Chyohely, and lutened to tho serries. ? Ito't«nowex»eUy when Cb y eh ely flourished-the Oothlcla Lfaden toned the ma¿»Ieñm Is-so b'.nrred and brohen-but, Wftct from hie effigy, he roost hiTo lived a lons-, lon* time ago,

SksnbecnlnUroarightjoTialsoaofthe^harah. There he - Sst «the d«rk slab of granite, dressed In areblenlscop^l robes,

is! with a sprinkling of the red powder which lime hsi wafud

ni tba soup «r«d oat at the monastery wleket

" jad flsb, and to take the lion's share oí that hundred molds j i .fibs which som tellly slag of Prnaoa beqosathid "for ei

.arie monks of OmUibury. The archbishop eridently kne TOS«ll-f«ronred and portly h lc mr ob, and, ai a moral U "ctaaMofrittlkrpfeasoUble-aapecVorfered' his monni

Btedni|Ma la set.didactic manner.'. That Is to say : O

S" (dla th» fleih'-a sortof well-mannered, clerical Jack

Bodtr-there on that block of Purbeck-bow di ffe rei .toutI À naked, ahrlve.Ud corpse-so thin, that the i - taritd lo their fobères, and CTery rib orleks tbroagh the


x la his PnrpleV and "LudoTlcui B-x la bis Shirt V Tw Ludorlcai i etd Chycbcly, and wo haro here the same bitter maninsde ia marble Go, gvt theo to thy

-, -,n etuabrio hands,, to this Ul

Nor must vre forget 'r' Mrs. ' Fritz,"., evidently Mrs.

KîcUeb^, travelling un'dor a pscudongme

-TteanTleelsow, and tho little bid lady la black who holds . lb hil of the cathedral ? volnatecra to Uko mo and some other . Ttstai rwod the edin*. She bénins wl<h the tomo I hare jost

eictsl paint* oat, with an awfdl'Pre-Rapbacllta' nicety, the twin ' tmk with gamboge wings at tho ArobbUhop's hes«, and the two - ÄUwbÜeetops with bis; books In their:bands at blstoea. She ' Ann as, too, lost the, frlngo.of hair^ round tbs scalp ol that pbor '.'sneebeneath--polnUoat'tbo hollow tn'lia chrek, and ihe arched ;' emmi form if tnVleg-bo'rie/Jn»t covered wlih tbs packered skin. ' In'abmtwicDttM.-tadl£cóntemplaiire, when a good-tempered

«llsdy forming one of-the party, and called by. her friends Mrs. TÚU,cvuslly remarks, "Ahl poor, thing, ha tra* uncommon ' Ma cot of his clothes!-" ind ihl» di tírta.üie-carrent of myre

? -^OiffwodoetQr- ls im ¿ÜelUgent Bttlo-ïwdyi with a sharp piir. of

- -laal^ikiayea, that secm to peer through the thickest murks and

[ rUaai wtth'a Itecnneea klffloit fellas;* 8 he'earrie* a buijehof old " Mia keys In ber hatfd.'anÖAripi slong'tha tombstones,-»Ith the - ^Bssitacdanip'snon.them.VIP thoaidast manner./ "She speaks In a

jD*Meton<4 as If afrsli thiownnrsaf tho graves would overhear ' ks rbittmtiiti concerning" th i'm, and correct her tm the- spot.

aettssBirlnrbahmty Is great,1. Bbs will dewrrfbV nothing ont_of ''iU tara,-ind'rt Ml ve« the i remarks of visitors with a set, scalp ' -tufdsertof smile, wbloh most have been aopied from somo of.tho .snVnlgnant ortho sialuea. ,1" Thal," shs says, pointing to a .doortditrip bf atone-oarvlng la tba wall,-«*thatlstheoele ' kital Canterbury diaper; of whteh you have heard so muoh."

"Daaime*?say*Mr*.Frltn. looking srerywhere, and fslUng to . sat wrtbur which fell In with har notions or diaper, " I aappose ,-fttm young tlagers'.haTe . their overah'rta. mode br lt." '?Cat aonductreà ' smiles' 1 and motes on-- to a' restored monu suntln'darkRranlta, with a Utteredfaeketof unearried leather, "i-balr of zodgb nun tl eta, and - crusty helmet suspended above JU- ...-.Tala," lbs MT», "ia the grave and^ theaonresoma of the tts the« of Edward theBIaer Prince." - I obserrea sprinkling of dry dart upon the full-length face of the effigy ljingon the tomb, ' and on examining U. I tte lt has crumbled- trom .the old leathern . juket above, I mQ.ia mnslngagiln.when bf rs. PrIUoneemore ven

tartsaremirk. 1TTO heard o' them' bise If princes before,' ' she tm; and ihtmadd*, afters allithVpaasè, "I suppose' this one was - «artrted'by tba-mUitoirails».". Another faint, imlle'from our : jtattnae, aid we are led to new, woophagU , I don't caro much

fee tba nsttng-plsee of Henry IV. and "his second Queen, Join of Kirlrr.ej lbat-I find ^myself pausing before tho ptain, ooffln - itopsA; lasarípUonleea tomb of th* grava Collgny, and tho equally - noaentanouscenoUph.of thfcoa.lflotlo Langton..,

..IanMt-allowed tg testh"«.. .OOÏ guido-soenUng.her fee, ,. Mratps, from 'afar-comes rurmln'g.afleT'me-as'yoo may have

arfa hnAi after kUtOo'oneSrhoiiaj leadenly-darted from tho ?'.noa,and take«mehekiwr*dôwnlu tho. V.Xransep^of tho afar l t-oaMai'' wktrs Thomas.a'Beckett fell. , She'ehowame the atona ? XlBatthcexaet place; where .th's head of tbs martyr struck the

kTBB*flt,'th'eloriglnal piec¿J ctqtted Wlth-goro Md bralnj, Uvlng ' WnhbrMás'a 'prwdoni relic--lo .'the Vailoan.f .iTha .teaselated '.'barantít tae nsot Imag^f-eaoof^thoM. queer 'Utils Seltxer

,vM'bsttlssínnk.ndjül),.»d Jmmedialeiy «round lt the flags ..taahiueUtdSby thëkaéerof »brahlppors who, In different age«'

'MtaUiuftom tbespoU' It-U cJosr that Hr*/ Prttx looks upon ?VBads^^*:conlBáporatT(\f« aftar.Uatenlng-with sundry . WlfcHoí^íie bniie»,'í.,!.l.the,TÍUsínív'Í aní.oo.on-to the

.taBr/ofUsaarder, abe' remarks lnterrogartvoly at the close,

.Jlktea't:r*ad anything about lt ; bu^of oouras, they hung 'em "yrït;má.aM?.p, ? ... ?.. ... - ¿. ?

y'^Jktíátotíoa-to'-Dowing-i&eet,'' contains a phor 'éjtijíh of George Augustus Sala, Esq,.; Mr. Dickens'

iilira^aVyounf <^t'Âûgn'vio^ttte^c^ »Triter,' too,'who

' aaftfTciymMui'tlkou*Bon3pcvnd£f,*Jss4fj Butçpardf and Boots ;'-aUbi&nB. Eai1ng.hev¿o£,«V9s^iatn^^av^iead

>¡*eaaiIdsTabto.dclIght-!l.MÚldi^.,iT Uktag ehpe. ,.«Xsock»of him. ABgúrtui ñas**1 röuml, ruWeund;- rollleklng

llkstholHuminatoltopof a PhartM. Augua ISthaspaTtlaraspeotsof,nls.appearance, had a blt

?twlstâ e&nt Ms neck, and' oehtered ,wlth a .m^nnry-lcfcUnistag:' But-what nut struck -me !lrr the V.ate^mihesry twinkle itt<htïeTo;:w«iûh, ,by .ths^way. Borer - rranJediwirt alike.-. Kbw iha brow,dropped over* lt., «nd tho .. W^iMdd^r^iboneoBtÏÏko a morsa or goU embedded In

: torfaVKow be'glaneM to^hs'lert'aBd winted'ana blinked Ilks

^^feh'sidling' ctf'Ua'-peroh^'Kow be looked straight. for>. ?- «átiaad thallght In-ths ryes datfced.ahout with fltiul-flaahea of -¡^bl*lheá»dQW of. tba trembling lóstresMn the ^bubbling. ' JNkVAnd talking'af Hbeolle brings me to -aacrlber feature , of ;.?"li¿«¿¿s.; It bi teddlih-btno like M Comet-port." curved like

ladle, arid «rt-w rt h.'J» wal*-of botUr.than.tho. beat tooter &»imi Und H»rq'aIa'a.«nuff-box.. -It'.ls essentially a good

gMared^Bae. Üke^rUolph'i^aod/a standing protest agalni'


¡ tefpyim, thcrSoúÜi-Eas'tern,'' and "Dover and

g^nry to iL'.' tjierc areT numerous exceedingly pretty t^Mrough and' Stanflèld-like " bits " of scenery,

and majine. ' We - extract a specimen of each .-Bm:- ,- ' ? :

¿BM of tn« fairest soots In 'Christendom are to be seen on thl

««.£*stern Hat. ? Thors are so. maur old eastlea on the hills ; »aasy strugedialects-abort as li the dlaUnco-breaklngon your werrrfhf hedges ;' so manyon lu ed mills lifting up their anns abors z*T;' sb many children gathering rushes, stripping off their , ^'barka,^SQd piling the white wands In sheovis^beside the

zS~*k *e nuny old MES protesting In gnarled force against tho

¡ttfwou competition of nelghbwrfng elms ; so many streams , rjTm with grass In lach curt,' yet afllnent, nmbrsgs that tho

warm caa only maka. ihem. took stul cooler, tb the eye ; so 1 Wilds fironrod to that extent with battereups and daisies Sa*«e easy lo'plsy Tóm Tiddler at any point, and gather F*Vd tf ver by the lapral ; so many whit« clefts In the hula

which tho: ghostly^ shadowa stalk mslssUo; so many SS*1*0? UfbU falßng through tho trunks of the slightly ecpa gnpHags on the uplands ; so many runlets of white straw r/jîr**001 flo»Ing about tho liUIe Canaan* of gardtns on tho r?~"*dts ; so many-sheep companioned beneath the shadiest

snaeblng with leisurely gusto th's soft, soceulent tops of Cw**T1**"* growing OD the edge of ourdngs ;. so many nelda V£* the cern ta Jut blgh enough to show us, by Ita genus £*fithe«ind toolisht to fesL; so »soy red May-treesover

Wfljlaeld poola, sad raining their fragrant blossom-' . _^*«PiOTtra Moling their feet btooath the water ;-In

.^.Ud neb varied beauties, that I blame my star I-. - ¡UA * ?í°*= to lire among them all my da-*, and havo " the

' ??jïtûl *°'»* uunarson so fsnolfaliy paU it, beating |

afc'Jf*/'1 hifare me-^thres or four vessels IL_ .

SifniB Prest of.dibgy cahvas afar off, making dlrtot for my ?

Udenttlng that straight tlneagsust the borison whloh' ^?iMdowhcn yon catch them fore and aft. Little yacht, with E;3**b«tnd aMt of Jib, shimming th« wave, like a gull, E^tehlgehip'. bo-«. Long rakish steamer bound tor a

Pwt, throwing out a spark-nrinkled streamer from Ita jJJ^iMomey, and agitating the water Imo whitest foam. Uko ^iiwhreuto/aaalhtAott. FUhlng-imaaks showing thlir

??yUhiíñt^tjvrop^iitaai*rí wttb, tànmr twy'pr-mallo, ia. th*

ero of the wino,-»"*« oswhlng aalls ?biak.nojr andttfapá, ju'it tojhow,tUt w./rioo^tí1"'» At th« wbotllwUhblua4ian«l shirt

XSSWy^^«" .*ímSi ' »bottiHhirnJ and. ' bWwW^'°«attoT>fcrta?^ J ih»V

th>, «4ptflt.¡.of ;»UT wfcsW»: ptamnit*MBB ,*lojflf .to tho .water Itkv.'ieuty Wppbwunif" ^Üwprlokety «altor('.iflu old

rieVotT*latúéope 'trudglBjr:the^M^,'Uibilor'foiitCo«kBcyi whó¡. ' want'trf irtthé alflüof Jradoei cn1iaa£U»;htajMid«h34oifi ia the ! pi tiri íh««uwhÍneVd»rtíne; aad^akiliar .gu the ripplet, teem«

toooreriho expiase w^th-K^enittffrQderiUtfcmi Ilk« «rkln pf barning aUror; V'mwoTútt^looVed cloud huddling"^ ' tte/esai reduces tafrtheri'ImmedlatBly.-tioder- tt/butlncmses' lt

-la thetlbaekinwind ottUl'joa'^Bilght-'«wear.the Fiald'of-Cloth of. Gold wa« beiaf. played'agila plarodoat oa thou Freaohi abares:; and tia thousand lauwa wet« ga tb.« red around another FraacW There I«"a' fih«.flu«u',or blue; cald-rimmed wlrtTgre?, hangln«; -«boYB'tné'CuUe;''and-? taro wisp;-a-"beat abadow: or'ed the -?brow «od-down th« few of , the: cliff <m. ~wbleh li »tandi. Thatshsdow, toonga, doen't bide the streakofMu-lt'tbililnd the .balcony Urb up th«-ohalk", nor do the eaW-«*w« of tb« crows drpwn'tasrôagh tnaraalloV>rus' 'to'ui front.tho farM -red-oo*ts 'congregated:there. 'Seel thit-mnnt -be» half-farloofr thigh-it .make« one (Hoy oven to lookup at lt-and yetwoltor Li. the slr .that the Hui« tablés and the earthen Jog* apon them. are plain to an eje that barbeen dimmlog ' i,utU with' small-print aajl Um« 'th*«e eighteen years. * ? - ?-i: . .- . >

f-'IIook 6g«la from theCutlo to the Bea,. -Taa sun ts «loaded. A ,<npfalof wladU.csmloK up under tbat «líteoslo a rod hood of cloai, abd a long labouring ewell nore* with, lt, nd breaksi wftb dltmat ' plúb^-aad grating' "back-fell ' upoá the beach. Toe ?pwnlered assvwbO' ha» i been.r oarrylag'- tho «ind (from tba,-water'« edjfe «me-, hlgb«r. pirt of the- «hore has to mor«. off-now-which' he doe« with, more 'than Mtolne energy; but'aüll 'nat rim MT çnôugh'to prereat al* fet- lock« bilag Mught by tho'ibiemoailloeof whit« "oat's fid" running up the shored I like' ta^raoody look- which th« sea bis -pat on now. How well that ruinous aad of pier, lu rrery ^[tí- rate timber tangled with pal« green faagas, looks while the b:ean' hu Its sulks. ' Tb« «ombre elondi,- ead th« f*ll of rato which Is oomlag from them,' give one« mora .a lharpaew'of outltne to the weed-and-walar-rouuded pike,-1 F lenin g-b o its out there are nu* b»U-hidden In damp mist ; «alli of bfe tSlp,'catching tba Hinting «bower; gleam' damply under tho 'ringle-bar of- wolto showing through-th« otoudar Toathatthe helm of pleaiure-yaciht hai eoTtred tho«« tamboor«d braces -with a'pllot-cott : Preach1 boil

U quito oat of sight, ai If lt had hf ide ó itself somewhere from tho wet, anti would «how agil a when tho squall wa« oror; old sallorjerki up the collar of hil CO it and sers wa on-the ead or his Dallond ; owner of the a» geu bn its back, gablonlng. hie legs ia the pinulers, and jogs homeward* ; streak of ictrlct I« still up there-safe in tho oiiff, weather, Mr or foal, affects lt not-bot, la OB« miaute, every other feature of th« see no -ha« altor#d. ' .

- Thc wind aweUi and tba rain UIOMUM. Th« pitier on.the beaeh Í* Tory dlstlnot- . That curdled aloud there, with the jigged edge, rican* lhaader¿ aad that.bir of gleaming grey porteada

fact, had he perpetrated the wide roamings .__

dicated in the following ludicrously self-important paragraph:

I am *a groat traTeller. I hire beca nil round the world. Uko tho fool In the apologue of the "Cimeleon." I bar« sopped under tho Pyramids, had cold lamb tn tho Colojsenm, strawberries .baptised ia an g ired (sherry tho only way to eat' s tr a «berries-«ie ¿rn Is a mistake, and spoils tba poignant flavour of the fruit) nader the leaning tower of Pifa, oysters off the Rock* of Bi'any B IT, and maihroomi and beef.eutUts ia tho lan oho in-bin or SIB franois*). I hare been all orer Eigïand, Ireland. Wiles. Siotlaad, and thí lile of Dag!. I takelt, therefore, that I am entitled to souk.with atme autho- rity upoa matters of tr »rel, and lt ls to Jot down a fow mi xl ms gleaned from my experience that open mr de»k aad re-nib mr qulll.

"A Contested Election" gires & narrative of ÏTc. Fowler's ill-advised struggle for the representation of Sydney-amusing, hut not nearly BO ponderous as his " Log of a Defeated Candidate (puulishod in the Month), of which it is a ;warmed-up hash. As .we hare got into the fault-finding vein, may wc ask Slr. Fowler what he meant by this application of Terence's

oft-cited line ?

Ooo member of tho B »rd ls not to be abashed hy Piper's laweU. Kixoabuftith in a 1 we gold peaell-ease, and fl uh u

jublood-aua^ Wp^iu Pipses (aa with a kind ot ho mo. MU rn

Such classicality seems to indicate a somewhat Dictionary-of. Quotations order of scholarship.

However, as we have said before, this is.

whole, a very agreeable little book-original and smirt. The owl which the artist has unaccountably put'upon the otherwise tastefully illurai is certainly no " portrait of the author."

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