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MAIL*|WUI close nt tho General Pout Office, nu follows :

l'on. BATAVIA.-Dy thc Top Sralt, this day at noon, li not


VOE Jl AvniTJUs.-By thc Wild Wave, thia day, nt noon, If not underway.

Voa PORT Coorr.n.-By thc Dart, this day, at noon.

FOB CALIFORHÍA.-By tho Early Bird, this day, at noon.

Fon MKLiiouaxE.-By thc Rangatlra (a.), this day, at 3.30


Foa BnisDANF.-By tho Telegraph (s.), on Monday, at 5.30


CVKTOM HOUSE.-Entered Outwards: November 8.-Jenny Lind, schooner, 155" tons, Captain Currun, for Kookhnmplon ; City of Sydney, brig, - tons, Captain Lcddra, for Melbourne ; Telegraph (H.), 700 tons,-Captain O'llcllly, for Brisbane ; Tropic, phip, 512 ton«, Captain Smith, for Shanghai.

Loes or THI: JOHN ORMEROD.-Tho following account of the lort of thc nbovenowed «hip is taken from thc Èonlcr l'oit of tho 25th October :-Thc John Ormerod sailed from Adelaide bound for Sydney, having arrived from that port o few idoys 'previously, when on thc evening of thc 21st October, about twenty miles to the south of Cape Northumberland, she was struck by a heavy squall, and capsized on her beam ends. While lying In this position, thc captain gavo orders to cut away thc mainmast, which was immediately done; she then righted, thc foremast breaking off' short. The crew were hanging on to the side when she wns on her beam end. The mate wns washed away. At the time thc unfortunate vessel wns on her side, thc steward was in the cab, which filled, nnd the unfortu- nate mon was drowned. Tho captain then ordered tho men to lash themselves to tho ship, but they became frantic ond would listen to no orders ; some jumped overboard, ond others were washed awny by the sea, save two who were together saved with thc captain. The captain, when getting on board again, had hts thumb severely crushed bv thc mast. During tho night the wind shifted, and they were driven back to Capo Northumberland. Next dav they sighted thc Mary Stewart, making for M'Donnell Boy. They tried oil they knew to moko themselves noticed by

her, but without effect. She was then sighted by Captain Ger-   mein, of thc Cape Northumberland Lighthouse, who (in the new

pilot boat) put out to her, and arrived alongside, at four   o'clock in the evening, rescuing tho remaining portion of thc crew-thc captain and two seamen-who had tho presento of mind to losh themselves to the ship. Thc vessel WOB drifting about near Capo Douglass oil tho next day, nnd wo» nguin visited by Captain Germein, who suc- ceeded m recovering thc body of the steward, on whom on inquest was held by Dr. Wehl, J.P., when a verdict wo» returned by tho jun- in accordance with the facti. Thc new pilot boot, which arrived ot M'Donnell Bay but o day previous, had just arrived in time, as the lifo boat which is stationed nt the Buy was being painted nnd repaired. Too much praise cannot bo awarded to Captain Germein ond crew for their promptitude in proceeding to thc wreck, and the captain of thc ill-fated ship expresses his thanks to those who hove been instrumental in saving bia and thc lives of thc two senmen, saying, lind he been another night OB tho ship all must have perished. The remaining five bodies have not yet been discovered, and we hope that those who arc ll ring on thc const will do oil in their power to recover them. Wc would im- press upon every one that it bas nothing whatever to do in con- nection with M'Donnell Bay, far from that, it is the existence of thc Bay that has been thc means of rescuing thc portion that are

saved from a watery grove.

In thc imports per Walter Hood, 128 packages consigned to T. W. Tooter should hove been to T. W. Foster.

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