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ALLPASS—April 27th, at her residence, Stanmore, Newtown,                

Mrs. J. W. Allpass, of a daughter.

ATKYNS—April 19th, at her residence, Templar-street, Forbes, the wife of Mr. H. Atkyns, of a son, who only survived a few hours.

AUSTIN—April 28th, at her residence, Francis-street, Glebe, the wife of Mrs. P. Austin, of a son.      

BINGHAM—May 5th, at Balmain, Mrs. Bingham, of a daughter.      

BIRRELL—May 3rd, at Parramatta, the wife of John Birrell, Esq., J.P., Waverley, of a son.

BOOTH—May 2nd, at 470, Kent-street South, the residence of

her brother-in-law, Mr. Hugh G. M'Laurin, Mrs. William G.     Booth, of a son, stillborn.     BOYDELL—April 15th, at Caergwall, the wife of William B.   Boydell, Esq., of a daughter.    

BOW—May 7th, at Kyle, Marulan, the wife of Dr. Bow,  

Bengal Army, of a son.      

BRIERLEY—April 19th, at her residence, Matilda Cottage, Newtown, the wife of Mr. James Brierley, of a daughter.

BROWN—February 4th, at 95, North Hanover-street, Glasgow,  

the wife of C. Stirling Brown, Esq., of a son.

BRYANT—May 7th, at Newtown, Mrs. J. A. Bryant, of a son.

BUCKNALL—May 26th, at Whoop, Rodborough Vale, near  

Carisbrook, Victoria, the wife of Mr. Stephen Bucknall, of a son.

BUCKRIDGE—April 21st, at 3, College-buildings, Jamison- street, Mrs. Rowland Buckridge, of a son.  

BULLARD—April 5th, at her residence, Arundel-terrace, Parra-

matta Road, Mrs. William Bullard, of a son.       BEGG—May 12th, at Glenmore, St. Marks, Mrs. John E. Begg, of a son. BILLYARD—May 16th, at Kirketon, Darlinghurst, the wife of

W. W. Billyard, Esq., of a daughter.        

BOWDLER—May 17th, at Long View House, Enmore, near   Sydney, the wife of Henry J. S. Bowdler, Esq., of the Treasury, and late Lieutenant of her Majesty's Ninth Regiment Madras  

Infantry, of a son.           CHISHOLM—May 14th at Camden Park, the wife of James

K. Chisholm, Esq., of a daughter.         CAMPBELL—April 17th, at her residence, Wanstead, Cook's   River, the wife of Edward Campbell, of a daughter.  

CLAPIN—April 24th, at Tinderra, Waterview-street, Balmain,     Mrs. A. P. Clapin, of a daughter.

COCHRAN—May 2nd, at Durham House, Balmain, Mrs. Cochran, of a daughter.      

COGHLAN—April 13th, st Tamworth, the wife of Mr. P. J. Coghlan, of a daughter.  

COOPER—May 13th, at her residence, Sydney Steam Dye Works, 614, Brickfield-hill, Mrs. Francis Cooper, of a son, still-born.    

COX—May 2nd, at The Cottage, Mulgoa, the wife of Richard William Cox, Esq., of a son.  

COX—May 5th, at her residence, Botany Road, Mrs. Andrew Cox, of a daughter.         DONALDSON—February 11th, at 22, Rutland-gate, the wife of

Sir Stuart Alexander Donaldson, of a son.

DUNLOP—May 5th, at Wellington, the wife of David Henry

Dunlop, Esq., of a daughter.

EVANS—May 19th, in Cumberland-street, Dawe's Point, Mrs.  

J. Evans, of a son.  

EDWARDS—May 10th, at Double Bay, Mrs. James P. Edwards, of a daughter.    

ELDRIDGE—April 28th, at her residence, George-street, Mrs.

George Eldridge, of a daughter.

EVANS—April 25th, at Balmain, Mrs. O. S. Evans, of a daughter.

FAIRFAX—April 26th, 1863, at her residence, Macquarie-street North,

Mrs. James R. Fairfax, of a son.

GEE—May 7th, at her residence, the Montpelier Hotel, Mrs.

Edwin Gee, of a son.    

GLASSON—April 30th, at her residence, 113, South Head Road,

the wife of Mr. S. Glesson, of a daughter.

GRIFFITHS—May 12th, at her residence, Hill's-terrace, Riley- street, Mrs. Charles Griffiths, of a daughter.

GREVILLE—May 18th, at West Maitland, Mrs. W. C. Greville,  

of a daughter.

HASSALL—May 9th, at Llangrove, the wife of J. H. Hassall, of a son. HOPPER—April 22nd, at her residence, Bank-buildings, New-   castle, the wife of Mr. H. W. Hopper, of a son.

HAUGHTON—April 21st, at her residence, Ashfield, Mrs. C. E.

Haughton, of a son.

HELLYER—May 6th, at her residence, 198, Riley-street, Surry  

Hills, Mrs. T. H. Hellyer, of a son.  

HERBERT—April 17th, at Campbelltown, the wife of M.

Herbert, Esq., of Nass Valley, Queanbeyan, of a son.

HOSKING—April 24th, at her residence, Liverpool, Mrs. J. W.  

Hosking, of a son.

HUGHES—April 19th, at her residence, 145, Elizabeth-street, the wife of John Hughes, of a son. HUNGERFORD—April 14th, at her residence, Fonthill, West  

Maitland, Mrs. E. B. Hungerford, of a daughter. North-   hamptonshire papers please copy.    

HUNTER—April 29th, at Pyrmont, the wife of Mr. Peter Hunter, of a daughter, still-born.      

JENKINS—May 14th, at Nepean Tower, thee wife of Richard

Lewis Jenkins, Esq., J.P., of a daughter.    

LAIDLEY—May 6th, at Hillside, Edgecliff Road, Mrs. William

Laidley, of a son.  

LASSETTER - May 4th, at her residence, Beulah, North Shore, Mrs Frederic Lassetter, of a daughter.   LAURIE—March 18th, at her residence, Five Hills, Maneroo,

Mrs. James Laurie, of a son.

LAWRENCE—April 19th, at her mother's residence, Wheat-      

sheaf Inn, Castlareagh-street, Sydney, the wife of Richard Lawrence, Esq. of a son.    

LECKY—May 7th, at her residence, 530, George-street, opposite    

the Central Police Office, Mrs. George Lecky, of a son.

LEVI—April 20th, at her residence, 24, Wynyard-square, Mrs.  

Simeon M. Levi, of a son.      

LEWIS—April 22nd, at the residence of Mrs. Snow, midwife,

167, South Head Road, Sydney, the wife of Mr. William Lewis,   Bargo, of a son. Both doing well.

LOTZE—May 3rd, at St. Leonards, North Shore, Mrs. Lotze, of a son.

M'GREGOR—May 18th, at her residence, 37, Union-street, the    

wife of Mr. Joseph M'Gregor, of a son.         M'GIBBON—May 7th, at her residence, 565, George-street, Woolloomooloo, the wife of the Rev. J. M'Gibbon, of a son.

M'ROBERTS—May 7th, at her residence, 565, George-street  

South, Mrs. Robert M'Roberts, of a daughter. MACAULIFFE—May 7th, at Elizabeth-street South, the wife of

Mr. P. Macauliffe, of a daughter.

MACNAB—April 10th, at her residence, 2, Richmond-terrace,    

the wife of Francis Macnab, Esq., of a daughter. MARLAY—April 17th, at Putta Bucca, Mudgee, the wife of

Edward Marlay, Esq,. J.P., of a daughter.

MARKS—May 2nd, at Goulburn, Mrs. Moss Marks, of a  


MARTYN—May 2nd, at her residence, 82, Forbes-street,

Woolloomooloo, Mrs. Henry Martyn, of a son.      

MASON—May 4th, at her residence, West-street, Darlinghurst,  

Mrs. John Mason, of a daughter.

MASON—May 12th, at Parramatta, Mrs. E. Mason, of a daughter. MORGAN—April 29th, at Newcastle, Mrs. C. W. Morgan, of a


MAYES—May 16th at Hawthom, near Melbourne, the wife of

Charles Mayes, Esq., C.E., 51, Hunter-street, Sydney, of a daughter. Melbourne papers, please copy.   MORLEY—May 14th, at her residence, Sutton Forest, Mrs. A. G. Morley, of a daughter.

MURRAY—April 23rd, at Eden, Twofold Bay, the wife of P. J.

Murray, Police Magistrate, of a son.    

NICHOLSON—May 10th, at the Rushcutter's Bay Hotel, Rush-    

cutter's Bay, Mrs. Henry Nicholson, of a daughter, stillborn.     ORMISTON—May 7th, at her residence, No. 83, Botany-street,

Surry Hills, Mrs. J. P. Ormiston, of a son.

PEARCE—April 29th, at her residence, Barker-street, Rand-

wick, Mrs. S. H. Pearce, of a daughter.

PELL—May 15th, at her residence, Glebe, the wife of Profesaor Pell, of a daughter.

PENMAN—May 6th, at her residence, 21, O'Connell-street, Mrs. W. Penman, of a son.

PPIESTLY—May 6th, at her residence, No. 310, Sussex-

street, Mrs. Henry Priestly, of a daughter.

PYNE—April 2nd, at her residence, Johnston's Bay, near Glebe

Island, Mrs. Edward Charles Pyne, of a son.       RABONE—May 11th, at her residence, Buckingham-street, Mrs.      

S. G. Rabone, of a daughter.

RAINE—April 8th, at Frederick's Valley, Mrs. Edmond Raine, of a son. ROBERTS—April 19th, at her residence, George and Market      

streets, the wife of C. W. Roberts, of a son.

ROBINSON—April 18th, at Rose Cottage, Morpeth, Mrs. N. J. Robinson, of a son. ROBINSON—April 25th, at Bathurst, Mrs. S. Robinson, of a daughter.

ROSS—April 19th, at Cooma, Monaro, the wife of W. Ross,

storekeeper, of a daughter, still-born.        

ROSS—May 15th, at her residence, Norman-terrace, Piper-    

street, Woolahra, Mrs. James Ross, of a daughter.  

ROSS—May 15th, at her residence, Balmain, Mrs. R. S. Ross,  

of a daughter.   SEWELL—May 18th, at her residence, 325, Castlereagh-street

South, the wife of Mr. Harry Sewell, junior, of a son. SMITH—April 24th, at 138, Castlereagh-street, Sydney, Mrs.

George Smith, of Undercliff, Manly, of a daughter. SADDINGTON—May 12th, at Balmain, Mrs. Saddington, of a son.

SANDS—April 27th, at Cambrian Vale, Goulburn, Mrs. William

Sands, of a daughter.

SHEAFFE—April 21st, at her reidence, Yatteyatale, Ulladulla,

Mrs. P. H. Sheaffe, of a son.

SHIPTON—May 9th, at Rose Bay, Mrs. Alfred Shipton, of a son.

SILVA—April 30th, at her residence, Watson's Bay, the wife of

Matthew Silva, of a son.

SMITH—April 20th, at Wee Waa, the wife of Charles E. Smith,

Esq., P.M., of a son.         SOMERVILLE—April 16th, at her residence, Woonona, Illa-        

warra, Mrs. Robert Somerville, of a son. SPAIGHT—May 11th, at her residence, North Shore, the

wife of George Spaight, Esq., of a daughter. SPRINGTHORPE—May 5th, at her residence, Nicholson-street,  

Balmain, Mrs. J. Springthorpe, of a son.     STEPHEN—April 29th, at Quambi, Double Bay, Mrs. M.

Consett Stephen, of a daughter. STOCKHAM—May 7th, at No. 4, Hyde Park-terrace, Mrs.

Joseph Stockham, of Braidwood, of a son. TANGE—May 2nd, at her residence, Victoria-street, Mrs. A.

Tange, of a daughter.   THOMPSON—April 26th, at her residence, Clarence-street, the

wife of the late Mr. George Thompson, of a son.

TOOTH—May ?th, at Strathmore, Glebe Point, Mrs. W. B. Tooth, of a son.

TREMAIN—April 7th, at her residence, 252, Pitt-street, the wife

of R. Tremain, of a son.   TUCKER—May 11th, at Craigend-terrace, Mrs. J. C. Tucker, of a son.

UPJOHN—April 25th, at Singleton, Mrs. O. R. Upjohn, of a

daughter.   WARD—May 8th, at her residence, Cumberland-street, the wife  

of Alfred H. Ward, of a daughter.  

WATKINS—May 10, at her residence, Cleveland-street, the  

wife of Mr. William Watkins, of a son.

WATSON—May 9th, at Johnston-street, Balmain, the wife of Mr.       W. Watson, of a daughter. WHITTON—April 28th, at Brisbane House, North Shore, Sydney,

the wife of John Whitton, Esq., of a daughter.

WILD—April 26th, at Vanderville, the Oaks, the wife of

Robert Wild, Esq., of a daughter.

WILLIAMS—May 6th, at Woolloomooloo, Mrs. James H.

Williams, of a daughter.


BEAUMONT—M'CURE—April 28th, by the father of the bride,

James, eldest son of E. Beaumont, Esq., George-street, to Jane Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Rev. J. B. M'Cure, of Sydney. BERTRAND—KING—April 28th, at the Scots' Church, by

special license, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, M.P., Mr. Henry Bertrand, surgeon-dentist, Hunter-street, Sydney, a native of London, to Jane, second daughter of the late Mr. Jacob King, Newtown, a native of Huntingdonshire, England.                

BESTON—LILLIS—April 15th, by special license, by the Rev.

M. A. Corish, Mr. Edward Beston, county Clare, Ireland, to  

Mary Theresa, second daughter of Mr. John Lillis, county

Galway, Ireland.

CAMPBELL—BETTINGTON—March 19th, at St. Mary's,  

Bathwick, by the Rev. H. M. Scarth, M.A., assisted by the

Rev. Francis Kilvert, M.A., Henri Campbell, Esq., Lieutenant H.M. Bengal Staff Corps, youngest son of the late Captain Archibald Montgomery Campbell, Royal Artillery, to Sarah   Brindley, eldest daughter of John H. Bettington, Esq., of Villa Bianca, Bathwick Hill.  

CASEMENT—BERNARD—January 21st, at Powerscourt      

Church, by the father of the bride, assisted by the Rev. Charles M'Donagh, Julius Casement, Esq., J.P., of Portglenone House, County Antrim, to Maria Clarke, eldest daughter of Rev. J. L. Bernard, Prebendary of St. Patrick's, and Chaplain to the Archbishop of Dublin.          

COOPER—HENSON—April 29th, by special license, by the Rev.

J. Watkin, Alfred Langley Cooper, of Birmingham, England, to Caroline, eldest daughter of Robert Henson, Albion-street, Sydney.

DAVIES—GADSDEN—April 18th, at St. Paul's Church, Ipswich,  

by the Rev. John Bliss, M.A., William John Davies, second son of the late A. T. Davies, Esq., of Tyglyn, Cardiganshire, to Florence Amelia, third daughter of the late John Gadsden, Esq.,   of Waterford.   DOUGLASS—ALLEN—May 9th, at Ebenezer Chapelhouse, 186,

Riley-street, by special license, by the Rev. S. Humphreys, Mr. George Douglass, to Martha Harriet Allen, youngest   daughter of Mr. Abraham Allen, both natives of England. EADES—SMITH—May 16th, by special license, by the Rev. Dr.  

Fullerton, James Rollason Eades, eldest son of the late William Eades, of New Zealand, to Annie, second daughter of Mr. Thomas Smith, late of New Zealand.    

EDWARDS—FLETCHER—April 15th, at St. Paul's Church,  

Melbourne, by spccial license, by the Rev. Mr. Chase, Mr. G. D. Edwards, of St. Arnaud, Victoria, youngest son of Mrs. Edwards, Prospect-place, Rilery-street, Sydney (formerly of Crowngate Cottage, Ipswich, England), to Emily, fifth daughter of Mr. George Fletcher, of Carlton, Victoria.

ELLIS—TOMLINSON—May 12th, by special license, at Newcastle, by the Rev. Father Cuase, John Ellis, of London, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Joseph Tomlinson, of Sydney.

EDWARDS—PRYCE—May 6th, by special license, by the Rev.      

S. Humphreys, at Prospect-place, Riley-street, Sydney, Mr. E. Edwards, second son of Mrs. Edwards, to Harriet, third daughter of Mr. William Pryce, of North Wales.    

FORD—COWPER—May 2nd, at St. Philip's Church, by the

father of the bride, assisted by the Rev. Thomas O'Reilly, John

Thomas Ford, Esq., formerly of the Bank of Jamaica, now of   the English, Scottish, and Australian Bank, Sydney, to Margaret   Louisa, eldest daughter of the Dean of Sydney.     FORSYTH—M'KENZIE—May 15th, in the Independent Church         of Gerringong, by the Rev. Robert Wilson, Joseph Forsyth, to          

Mary M'Kenzie, both of Scotland.    

FOSTER—HORNIBROOK—May 14th, at St. John's 'Church,   Darlinghurst, by the Rev. A. Haydon, Joseph Charles Foster,  

eldest son of Adam Foster, Esq., England, to Mary Jane, fifth daughter of John James Hornibrook, Bandon, county Cork. HARE—WESTHEAD—March 3rd, at St. George's, Hanover-  

square, by the Rev. F. Thackeray, M.A., Vicar of Shepland, Charles J. Hare, M.D., Caius College, Cambridge, of Brook-

street, Grosvenor-square, and son of Samuel Hare, Esq., of

Langham-place, to Catherine, youngest daughter of Edward   Westhead, Esq., of Ovington-square, late of Croston Tower,     Alderley Edge, and granddaughter of George Royle Chappell, Esq., of Manchester.                        

GILHOOLEY—FORREST—April 18th, at St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, by the Very Rev. John Forrest, D.D., brother of the bride, and Rector of St. John's College, Sydney University,

James Charles Cogan Gilhooley, Esq,. Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland, &c., to Mary Anne Agnes Forrest,    

youngest daughter of the late Benjamin Forrest, Buttevant, county Cork.

GILLVERAY—HOGAN—May 11th, at the Scots' Church, by

special license, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, M.P., Mr. William Gillveray, master mariner, a native of Aberdeen, Scotland, to Miss Annie Hogan, Woolloomooloo, a native of the county of Tipperary, Ireland.    

GOFF—DICKENS—April 15th, by special license, at St. Thomas'

Church, Petersham, by the Rev. Father M'Girr, Mr. James Goff, eldest son of John Goff, Five Dock, near Sydney, to Mary Jane Dickens, late of Sussex-street, Sydney. GOSLING—McPHERSON—May 4th, at Sydney, by the Rev.

Dr. Fullerton, Mr. Edward Gosling, to Jessie, eldest daughter of Mr. Archibald McPherson, lately of Argyleshire, Scotland.

HAY—MASON—At the Manse, Palmer-street, by special license,

by the Rev. John M'Gibbon, Mr. Robert Hay, a native of Aberdeen, now of Queensland, to Miss Mary Ann Mason,  

second daughter of the late Mr. William Mason, formerly of Dumbarton, Scotland.  

HOLBERTON—TAYLOR—May 6th, at Sydney, by special  

license, by the Rev. Dr. Fullerton, William Beer Holberton, to Elizabeth Taylor, a native of the colony. HUNT—HENDERSON—April 27th, by special license, by the

Rev. Dr. Lang, M.P., Edward Hunt, of this city, to Marion Burnett Henderson, of Ediburgh, Scotland.      

KNIGHT—PARKINSON—May 4th, at St, Barnabas' Church,  

by the Rev. Thomas Smith, Mr. Henry Knight, of the Ovens, Victoria, to Mary Jane, the eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Parkinson, of the Victoria Hotel, Parramatta-street, Sydney.

LUMLEY—NEWTON—May 2nd, at Pymont, by special license,        

by the Rev. John Reid, of the Mariners' Church, Thomas

Shelley Lumley, farmer, Singleton, to Mary Bradbury Newton,     daughter of Thomas Bradbury Newton, late of Cupar,  

Fifeshire, Scotland.            

MARTIN—CRAWFORD—May 4th, at the residence of the brids's mother, Bathurst-street, by the Rev. J. B. M'Cure,  

John, only son of Mr. John Martin, Picton, to Hannah, youngest

daughter of the late Mr. W. Crawford, Sydney.    

MILNER—GORMAN—May 18th, at the Scots Church, by

special license, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, M.P., Mr. Thomas Newsome Milner, a native of Yorkshire, England, to Anne, daughter of the late Mr. James Gorman, plasterer and painter, Sydney, a native of the colony.        

MENSER—MOSS—May 7th, at the York-street Synagogue, by

the Rev. A. B. Davis, Mr. L. Menser, of Church-street, Parramatta, to Julia, third daughter of Mr. Isaac Moss, of George-street South, and granddaughter of the late Samuel Folk, Esq., late of William-street, Woolloomooloo.

MINEHAN—MURPHY—May 3rd, at St. Mary's Cathedral,

Sydney, by the Rev. Jerome Keating, John Henry Minehan, Esq., of Bathurst, merchant, to Catherine, niece of the late Mr. Roger Murphy, of Bathurst.  

MONSON—WILKINSON—May 8th, by special license, at 105,

Prince-street, by the Rev. John Reid, of the Mariners' Church, Peter Monson, native of Norway, to Elizabeth Jane Wilkinson, daughter of Geoge Wilkinson, Coathridge, Airdrie, Scotland.

MOSS—HARRIS—May 7th, at the York-street Synagogue, by

the Rev. A. B. Davis, Mr. Moses Moss, the eldest son of Mr. Isaac Moss, of George-street South, and grandson of the late Samuel Folk, Esq., late of William-street, Woolloomooloo, to Susan, the youngest daughter of the late Lewis Harris, of Liverpool, England.

NEWLAND—METCALFF—April 16th, at Waterloo Villa, New-  

town, by the Rev. Dr. Steel, Mr. David Newland, of Kyneton,   Victoria, to Margery Christina, only daughter of the late Mr.  

Joseph Metcalfe.      

NICHOLSON—FITZGERALD—April 16th, at Holy Trinity,  

Berrima, by the Rev. T. Horton, Thomas, youngest son of the late John-Nicholson, Esq., R.N., to Eliza Jane, daughter of

James Fitzgerald, Esq., of Berrima.   PATE—FLYNN—May 16th, at 105, Prince-street, by special

license, by the Rev. John Reid, of the Mariners' Church,   William Pate, native of Sydney, to Maria Flynn, daughter of the late Patrick Flynn, hosier, Kent-street, Sydney.    

PALMER—ACHESON—April 21st, by the Rev. J. M'Gibbon,        

Henry, the second son of W. Palmer, late of Bath, Somerset-   shire, to Anna Maria, eldest daughter of the late Mr. John Acheson, butcher, of George-street, Sydney.

PRATT—PEACEY—April 20th, by special license, at Campbell-    

town, by the Rev. John Gibson, Mr. George Pratt, to Esther

Peacey, both of Campbelltown.

RAPHELL—ARUNDELL—April 21st, by special license, at    

Liverpool, by the Rev. C. F. D. Priddle, Mr. Gambor Raphell, to Elizabeth Arundell, second daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Arundell, of the Railway Inn, Liverpool.

ROBSON—TRUDGEON—May 7th, at the Scots Church, by

special license, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, M.P., Mr. John Robson,  

master mariner, a native of Whitby, England, to Miss   Caroline Trudgeon, a native of Truro, Cornwall, both residing at St. Leonards.

ROSE—MERRITT—May 14th, at St. Mary's, Denham Court, by

the Rev. Mr. Wood, Reuben Arthur Bartlet, youngest son of the late Thomas Rose, Esq., Mount Gilead, Appin, to Eliza, only daughter of the late Henry Merritt, Esq.

SCRIVEN—CHILCOTT—April 17th, at St. James' Sydney, by special license, by the Rev. Robert Allwood, Charles Evans, only son of George Scriven, Esq., late of Weymouth, England,

and nephew of Henry Rotton, Esq., M.L.A., to Helen Maria,   third daughter of the late Captain F. P. Chilcott.    

STOW—HASLAM—May 5th, by special license, at his father's  

residence, by the Rev. Thomas Craig, Samuel, third son of

Mr. John Stow, to Susan, eldest daughter of Mr. John Haslam,  

both of Parramatta.  

TRENERY—ROWLEY—April 13th, at Goulburn, William        

Trenery, of Goulburn, to Elizabeth Maria Ann, daughter of        

Mr. John Rowley, of Sydney.    

TWIST—BRYCE—April 28th, by special license, by the Rev. Dr.  

Lang, William Twist, of London, to Jessie Stirling, fourth daughter of the late William Bryce, of Brougham-place, Sydney.

WHITE—COWPER—May 2nd, at the St. Philip's Church, by the

father of the bride, assisted by the Rev. Thomas O'Reilly,   Robert Hoddle D. White, Esq., of Toowoomba, Queensland,  

to Eliza Jane, third daughter of the Dean of Sydney.

WINDEYER—KEENE—April 30th, at Raymond Terrace, by      

the Rev. J. R. Blomfield, Walter O. Windeyer, Esq., of  

Wantabadgery, youngest son of Archibald Windeyer, Esq., of       Kinross, to Cecilia Gabrielle, youngest daughter of William   Keene, Esq., of Raymond Terrace.

YOUNGER—BLOODWORTH—May 6th, by special license, at        

St. James's church, by the Rev. Canon Allwood, Charles Daniel, eldest son of Mr. Charles Younger, Sydney, to Rebecca. sixth daughter of the late Mr. Jamesl Bloodworth, of O'Connell-street.  


ALLEN—May 1st, at her residence, Bolsover-street, Rockhamp-    

ton, Eleanor, the beloved wife of William Allen, of the Com- mercial Stores. Her end was peace.

BELL—April 21st, at Newtown, Ann Jane, eldest daughter of S.

Bell, aged 4 years 3 months.

BEST—April 24th, Lucy, the beloved wife of Mr. James Peter  

Best, schoolmaster, Campbelltown, aged 31 years.  

BINNIE—May 10th, at Melbourne, Charles Hibbert, the

youngest son of the late Mr. Richard Binnie, of Sydney.

BRAGG—May 11th, at his residence, Hill's-terrace, Riley-street,     Mr. James Bragg, butcher, aged 37 years.     BRIDGER—May 6th, at his parents' residence, Francis-street,  

Glebe, WIlliam Edward, the beloved son of William and Eleanor Bridger, aged one year and four months.

BROWN—February 15th, at 95, North Hanover-street, Glasgow,    

Mary Jane W. Steven, the wife of C. Stirling Brown, Esq.

BURNS—May 7th, of consumption, at the residence of his      

parents, Kincumber Patrick, the beloved son of Michael and

Rose Burns, aged 23 years and 2 months, sincerely and     deservedly regretted by all who knew him ; nephew of Patrick   Burns, Drumbroughes, county Fermanagh, Ireland. May he rest in peace.  

BYRNE—April 22nd, at his residence, George-street, Hay-  

market, after a short and severe attack of erysipelas, Mr.     Andrew Byrne, senior, in the 89th year of his age.

CALVERT— May 3rd, at Ardon Cottage, Glebe Point, Mrs.  

Calvert, aged 84.    

CHADWICK—April 20th, at his residence, Macevoy-street,    

Waterloo Estate, Mr. William Chadwick, timber merchant, of    

bronchitis chronic, in his fortieth year, leaving a wife and   family and large circle of friends to mourn their loss. His end was peace.

CHAPMAN—May 15th, at her residence, No. 3, Grimes-buildings,

Argyle-street, Sydney, Esther Chapman, aged fifty-one years, widow of the late Mr. James Chapman, of Lower George-street,     Sydney, deeply regretted by her many surrowing friends.  

COHEN—April 30th, found drowned in the River Lachlan, Mr.

Lazarus Cohen, of the Commercial Hotel, Forbes, leaving a   widow and four children to deplore their loss ; be was much respected by all who knew him.  

COLLIER—April 28th, Elizabeth Anne, second daughter of Mr.

N. Collier, Balmain, aged 7 months and 11 days.

COLLINS—May 7th, at the residence of her uncle, Union Inn,

North Shore, Margaret Mary, second daughter of Mr. John Collins, Pitt Water, aged 13 years.

COMBES—April 29th, near Forbes, on the Lachlan River, Mary

Frances, the infant daughter of Edward Combes, Esq., aged seven months.

CONNOR—April 21st, at Sydney, New South Wales,, of consump-

tion, Mr. Samuel Townley Connor, third son of P. Connor, Esq., M.D., Newry, Ireland. His loss is deplored.  

COOK—April 29th, at Cleveland-street, Redfern, Emily Ann, the  

infant daughter of Joesph and Ann Cook, aged 7 months 14 days. CUTHBERTSON—March 16th, at Oakhill Cottage, Tintern      

Abbey, Monmouthshire, John, infant son of the Rev. William Cuthbertson, B.A., of Sydney, New South Wales.

DAWES—March 6th, at Hind-street, Manchester-square, London,    

Mary Anne, widow of the tate William Dawes, Esq., of Sydney. DEACON—May 6th, at Fairlight Cottage, North Shore, Anne,

the beloved wife of Thomas Deacon, aged 37 years.

DE MESTRE—April 24th, at Millbank, Shoalhaven, Prosper de Mestre, Esq., aged 41. DICKSON—April 28th, at Holmwood, Newtown, James Dickson, Esq., M.L.A., aged 50 years.

DODDS—At Nelson's Plains, Hunter River, John Dodds, for-

merly of Heighton Mill, Roxburghshire, Scotland, in his 65th year. DUTTON—May 1st, at the residece of her mother, 33 Stanley-

street, of consumption, Mary Ann, eighth and youngest daughter of the late John A. Dutton, Esq., aged 18 years.

EDWARDS—March 8th, at the residence of her mother, Mrs.

Marsh, Rochester, after a few hours' illness, Emma Julia, relict of the late Henry Edwards, Esq., late Ordnance storekeeper, St. Helena, in the 56th year of her age, leaving four children and a large circle of friends to mourn their loss.   ELLIOTT—January 29th, at his residence, Falkner-street, Liver-

pool, England, Robert George, son of the late Adam Elliott,   Esq., M.D., and brother to Mrs. Frost, Surry Hills.           EMANUEL—May 10th, at his residence, Bee-Hive Store, Goul-

burn, Sydney Levy, second son of Samuel Emanuel, Esq., M.L.A., aged twenty-eight. FAIRFAX—March 1st, at Warwick, Edward Pope, infant son  

of Charles J. and Anne Fairfax, of Sydney, New South Wales.

FLEGG—April 30th, at his residence, Fitzroy Crescent, Hobart

Town, Mr. C. R. Flegg, aged 63. FLOOD—April 11th, at Narandra, Joseph A., fourth son of

James Flood, Esq., of colonial fever, deeply beloved and regretted.

FORD—April 19th, at the residence of her son, 36, Windmill-  

street, Mary Gregory, the beloved mother of Mr. William Ford,

aged ninety-seven years, deeply regretted.

FOUCART—At the citadel of Valenciennes, of the mortification   of wounds received in the campaigns of the Emperor Napoleon

the 1st, Noe Foucart, Knight Commander of the Most Noble     the Grand Cross of St. Louis, Knight of the Legion of Honor, uncle to Dr. Foucart of Sydney.        

FOX—March 5th, 1863, at Shaldon, Devonshire, Ellen, eldest surviving sister of Mr. Henry T. Fox, of Sydney.

FULLER—May 18th, at her residence, 81, Bent-street, Ann, the beloved wife of the late departed Captain James Fuller,   of the Onyx, of this city, leaving a large family to deplore their loss. GODBOLT—March 13th, at the residence of her eldest son, Mr.

John Godbolt, builder, of Westcroft-place, Hammersmith,   London, Mrs. Mary Godbolt, the beloved mother of James   Godbolt, builder, of this city, aged 85 years.

HARRIS—January 11th, 1863, at San Juan, California, in the      

fifty-third year of her age, Mrs. Hannah Harris, the beloved sister of Mosely M. Cohen.

HARLE—April 29th, at his residence, 178, Liverpool-street East, Mr. William Harle, native of Berwick-upon-Tweed, N.B., aged  

61 years. Inverness papers please copy.

HARPER—January 13th, at her residence, near Stromness,

Orkney, Scotland, Janet, relict of the late Magnus Harper, in   the seventieth year of her age, and mother of M. Harper, of  

Kent-street North.    

HARRISS—March 2nd, at her residence, Goulston-street, White-

chapel, Julia Harriet, the beloved mother of John Harriss, auctioneer, Sydney, late of Newtown, in the 78th year of her age.

HAWORTH—February 7th, at his residence, the Rev. Richard

Haworth, M.A., rector of Chelmondiston, near Ipswich, Eng- land, aged 66 years, brother of Robert Haworth, Esq., M.L.A., Illawarra.

HENDERSON—April 27th, at his residence, Pitt-street, Sydney,

Mr. Patrick Henderson, many years factor and magistrate   of the estates of Ardgower, Snanart, and Ardnamuchan, Argyle-     shire, Scotland, aged 83.      

HIPSLEY—May 2nd, at Bathurst, Ellen, the beloved wife of R. H. Hipsley, aged 27.      

HUDSON—May 1st, at the residence of her uncle, Dr. Scott,  

of West Maitland, Maria Louisa, eldest daughter of the late Beresford Hudson, Esq., of Newcastle, in the 25th year of her age.

HUNT—April 24th, at Hampton Ville, Balmain, Elizabeth        

Charlotte, the relict of the late Charles North Hunt, Esq., solicitor, Ipswich, Suffolk, England.  

JACKSON—February 14th, at his residence, Mr. Robert Jackson,        

of Hornsey, London, aged 52 years, father of Mrs. E. A. Jones, Wollongong.  

JENNINGS—April 29th, Mr. Charles Jennings, native of Salis-

bury, brother to Mr. William Jennings, cutler, of George- street, in the 56th year of his age, much respected by all who  

knew him.              

JENNINGS—May 6th, at her residence, Castlereagh-street,  

Redfern, Harriet, the beloved wife of Mr. John Jennings, aged 45 years.

JOHNSON—December 24th, at Rugcote, India, the wife of

Theophilus Johnson, Esq., M.D., second daughter of the late         Captain Henry Pook, R.N., and sister of Mrs. Julius Hellman,  

of Bathurst, N.S.W.    

JOY—January 8th, at Barrie, Canada West, Harriet Joy,  

mother of Edward Joy, of Newtown.    

KAY—April 28th, at his parent's residence, Railway-place,

James Linton Kay, the beloved son of James and Grace Kay, aged 12 years and 10 months. Essex papers please copy.  

KELMAN—May 12th, at Kirkton, Hunter River, William Dal-    

rymple Kelman, Esq., aged 63 years.

KELMAN—May 15th, at Kirkton, Hunter River, Agnes Sophia,

fifth daughter of the late William Dalrymple Kelman, Esq., aged 28 years.

KERR—May 9th, at his residence, Surry Hills, Robert Kerr,

stonemason, an old and much respected colonist, aged seventy-seven years.  

KILLICK—March 25th, at her residence, Albion House, High-    

street, Ramsgate, England, Elizabeth Quested Killick, widow     of the late George Killick, Esq., of Dover, England, and the

dearly-loved mother of Mr. Henry Steriker Killick, of Wool- ahra, near Sydney, aged 74 years. She sleeps "as one of the blessed!" KINNEAR—February 10th, suddenly, on board the American steamship Contest, in the port of Shanghai, China, aged 34  

years, Mr. Robert Kinnear, engineer, a native of Kinghorn, Fifeshire, Scotland, leaving his widow in Sydney to mourn over his loss.  

LAYTON—January 29th, at his residence, Peckham, Surrey, in the eightieth year of his age, Mr. J. W. Layton, father of Mr.  

E. W. Layton, of this city.

LESLIE—April 22nd, at Jackalass Creek, South Gundagai, Eliza-   beth Ann, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Robert Leslie, late    

of 284, Elizabeth-street South, Sydney, aged 15 years and 8 months.

LONG—April 8th, at 128, Castlereagh-street, Frederick M'Dougall

Long, Esq., aged 22 years.  

LONGMUIR—April 24th, at her residence, Allen's cottages, Tex-     teth Park, Glebe Point, Jane, the beloved wife of Alexander  

Longmuir, shipmaster, aged 40 years.    

M'CLELLAND—May 6th, at his residence, Commercial House,

Forbes, Mr. William M'Clelland, after a short but severe illness,   of congestion of the lungs, deeply regretted by all who knew him.

LOWE—April 11th, at the Asylum, Gladesville, Mr. Thomas  

Franklyn Lowe, aged 44 years.       McINNES—February 8th, at his residence, Port Dundas Road,

Glasgow, Mr. Robert McInnes, aged 45 years, and brother of  

late Mr. Daniel McInnes.  

M'NAB—May 12th, at 78, Phillip-street, arter a short illness,

Emily May, infant daughter of Thomas D. M'Nab, aged 10 months.

MACKAY—May 8th, at his residence, Wallendilby, Maneroo,  

Donald Mackay, Esq., aged 66.

MADDEN—May 12th, at the residence of his parents, York-street, Joseph James, the beloved son of James and Mary Ann Madden, aged 2 years and 8 days.

MAIDS—May 4th, at his parents' residence, 172, Crown-street,

Woolloomooloo, George Vincent, eldest son of Captain Maids, of the steamer Grafton, aged 8 years and 6 months.  

MANNING—May 1st, at its parents' residence, King-street,

Mary Jane, infant daughter of John and Kate Manning, aged 6 weeks. MILLS—May 6th, at the Waterloo Mills, Botany Road, Grace

Caroline, youngest child of Mary and William Mills, aged 13 months. MORRISON—May 2nd, at Piper's Farm, Luddenham, after a

week of severe suffering, of diphtheria, Isabella, the beloved daughter of John and Elizabeth Morrison, in the 27th year of her age, most deeply and deservedly regretted by all who knew her. Banff papers please copy.

MUNRO—May 13th, at her residence, Windmill-street, Mars-.  

den's Wharf, Mrs. Munro, after a long and painful illness, aged 34 years.

MURPHY—May 10th, at the residence of his father, Andrew    

Murphy, Kensington-street, John, the beloved son, aged 23,     deeply and deservedly regretted by all who knew him.

M'GILLIVARY—May 17th, suddenly, at his residence, Spring-              

dale, Lane Cove, James L. M'Gillivary, Esq., aged sixty-six years. Queensland papers, please copy.        

MACKAY—May 8th, at his residence, Wallendibby, of sunstroke,  

after a painful illness of four months, which be bore with Christian fortitude, Donald Mackay, Esq., leaving a wife  

and large family to mourn their loss, deeply regretted by   all who knew him, aged 66. May he rest in peace,

MUSTON—May 15th, at the residence of her parents, St.

Leonards, North Shore, Elizabeth Sophia, the second daughter of John Muston, aged twenty-two years.    

NIGHTINGALE—May 17th, at Strawberry Hills, aged 29 years,

Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Mr. C. Nightingale.

NERNEY—May 3rd, at Balmain, Marian, infant daughter of

T. A. Nerney, aged 11 days.

NORTHWOOD—May 1st, at 102, Kent-street North, Mr. Samuel

Northwood, compositor, many years employed on the London Morning Advertiser, and latterly of the S. M. Herald, aged 58.   O'SULLIVAN—February 16th, at Mill Cove, Bercham, county

Cork, in his seventieth year, Patrick O'Sullivan, Esq.

PALMER—May 1st, at Waverley, Louisa Augusta, daughter of

Mr. Ralph Palmer, of 156, Castlereagh-street, Sydney, in her 10th year. PARKER—May 3rd, of croup, at the residence of his parents,  

21, Bay-street, Woolloomooloo, Thomas James Parker, aged  

one year and nine months.    

PAUL—April 7th, at Christchurch, New Zealand, Marian Helen,  

youngest child of Mr. Henry. H. Paul, of the Bank of New South Wales, aged fifteen months.  

PEARSON—April 21st, after a few days' illness, of diphtheria, at    

the residence of his parents, Wagga Wagga, Edward John Stephen, the only and much beloved son of Mr. E. C. Pearson,  

aged 3? years and three months.  

PERKINS—April 24th, of inflammation of the lungs, at the    

residence of his parents, Bullanaming-street, Redfern, Michael          

Charles, the beloved and younger son of Mr. Joseph and Catha- rine Perkins, jun., aged 17 months and 12 days.  

POOLE—February 1st, at New Brighton, Liverpool, England,      

Emily Jane, eldest daughter of Braithwaite Poole, Esq., and sister to George Frederick Poole, derk of Petty Sessions, Coonabarabran, New South Wales. PUXLEY—Fehruary 6th, at his residence, Largo Villa, East  

India Road, Middlesex, Mr. James Puxley, in the seventy-ninth  

year of his age, father of Mr. William Puxley, of this city.

PARKER—May 15th, at Sydney, 655, George-street South,    

Emma Maria, eldest daughter of Thomas Parker and Lydia   Reeve, aged 9 years.

PARKER—May 18th, at the residence of his father, John S.

Parker, Esq., Cook's River Road, Norcott D'Esterre, aged fifteen years, of fever.

PRINGLE—At Bootle, England, Captain Harrop Pringle, brother  

to Mrs. R. T. Ford, Heathfield, Balmain, and Captain R. B. Pringle, of the Uruguay.

QUARTERMAN—May 10th, at his residence, Norton-street,  

Glebe, Mr. Isaac Quarterman, in the thirty-seventh year of his

age, leaving a wife and one child to mourn their loss ; much respected by all who knew him. RAE—February 17th, at her daughter's residence, Clynet House,  

Roseneath, Scotland, aged 84, Mary Anne, relict of James Rae,

Esq., late Sheriff-substitute of Linlithgowshire, and mother of Mr. Thomas Rae, of Falconer, New South Wales.

RAINE—May 4th, at Frederick's Valley, Edmund, the infant son  

of Edmund Raine, of Cornwallis.

ROSS—April 15th, Jessie Batho, infant daughter of Eris S. Ross,

Esq., Dyngie, Burnett District, Queensland.

SAPEY—May 11th, at the Waterloo Estate, Mr. John Sappy, of

Dover, Kent, England, aged 34, much respected by all that knew him.

SCHOFIELD—April 24th, at her late residence, Auburn Cottage,    

Surry Hills, Kezia, wife of the Rev. W. Schofield.

SEAVER—February 3rd, at his residence, Maison Anglaise, St.  

Sever, Rouen, France, Captain Charles Seaver, Royal Navy, in the sixty-third year of his age, late of Newcastle, New South Wales. SILVESTER—At his residence, Gravesend, England, in the 83rd

year of his age, George Silvester, Esq., father of Mrs. E. R. Mackey, Bank-street, Chippendale.

SMITH—February 15th, at Turton-terrace, Chatham, in the 37th  

year of his age, of consumption, Joseph Wood Smith, Esq.,

late of H. M. S. Herald, who was favourably known at Queens-

land as commencing the survey of the Burdekin River, and   brother-in-law to Mrs. J. J. Flood, Junior, Hulong, Lower Murrumbidgee.

SMITH—April 27th, at Wee Waa, John Henry, the infant son of

Charles E. Smith, Esq., aged seven days.

SMYTH—May 7th, at the residence of his parents, Ashfield Park,

of consumption, Melbourne, son of S. H. Smyth, aged 21 years. SOOLE—May 1st, at Paddington, Frances Mary, the beloved wife

of Mr. William Soole, aged 62 years.      

SPENCE—April 19th, at Balmain, Ida Mary, elder daughter of    

Francis and Hannah Spence, aged three years.

SMALL—March 18th, at Edinburgh, Amelia Rattray, relict of

the late Patrick Small, Esq., of Dirnanean, Perthshire, Scotland. SMITH—March 6th, at Crewkerne, Somerset, Robert Smith,

Esq., father of William Smith, Park-street, and J. T. Smith, Manly Beach, aged eighty-seven years.  

STEWART—May 18th, at the residence of Mr. Joseph Sutton,

192, George-street, James William, infant son of Mrs. James   Stewart, aged thirteen months and two weeks.  

STILL—May 18th, at Duke-street, Balmain, Evangeline Clara,  

daughter of Mr. Edward Still, aged seventeen months.      

TOMLINSON—April 17th, at her parents' residence, Great

Britain Steam Sawmills, Brisbane Water, after twenty-four hours' severe suffering, of diphtheria, Ann Eliza, the affection-

ate and beloved child of Samuel and Margaret Tomlinson, aged 3 years and 8 months. VESCYS—April 26th, Robert Vescys, youngest son of Robert and

Flora Vescys, aged 12 months.

VINDEN—April 28th, at his residence, 106, Elizabeth-street,  

Joseph Thomas Vinden, aged 87.

WALLACE—February 7th, at Penang, Emily Hogg, the beloved

wife of Captain J. D. C Wallace, HM. 20th Regiment N. I.,

niece of Mr. T. Hogg, J.P., Sydney.  

WALTON—February 25th, at his residence, 760, Fleet-street,

London, Mr. William Walton, merchant, aged 58, brother of Mr. John Walton, of Stanley-street, Sydney.

WARBURTON—December 15th, 1862, at Garryhinch, Richard

Warburton, Esq., Deputy Lieutenant of the King's and Queen's Counties, Iresand, formerly Captain of the 88th Regiment, and brother to George Warburton, Esq., D.R., Paddington.

WEARNE—May 12th, Joseph Hawdon, beloved son of William

and Martha Wearns, in Sydney, aged 3½ years.

WEST—April 22nd, at Newtown, Priscilla, second daughter

of Thomas and Frances West, aged two years and six months.

WETTENTIN—May 9th, at her residence, Cumberland-street, after a short and severe illness, Kezia Jane, the beloved wife  

of John Wettentin, and eldest daughter of Robert Berry, of Cumberland-street, aged 21 years and 5 months, deeply re-  

gretted by all who knew her. WHATLEY—April 28th, Charles Frederick, eldest son of Charles and Mary Ann Whatley, aged two years and eight months.

WILLIAMS—May 12th, at her mother's residence, Ashfield,    

Sarah, the wife of Mr. John Williams, Pitt-street, aged 37 years. WILKINS—April 26th, at the residence of his parents, Sutton

Forest, Henry Allwood Wilkins, aged 6 years, youngest son of

Mr. William W. Wilkins ; accidentally killed by the falling off

a tree. Birmingham papers please copy.

WILMOTT—April 18th, at Richmond, of disease of the heart,  

after five years' painful suffering, Thomas Wilmott, beloved   and respected by all who knew him, aged 47. He leaves a widow and five children to deplore their loss. Melbourne papers

please copy.  

WYLLIE—April 20th, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs.

Pawsey, 168, Pitt-street, in her eighty-sixth year, Mrs. Helen Wight, relict of the late Mr. David Wyllie, of Monkton Hall, county of Midlothian, North Britain.    

WALTER—ApriL 26th, at Sydney, Louis Hubert, infant son of G. K. Walter, Esq., of Newcastle, N, S. W., aged ten weeks.  

WESTON—At her residence, No. 68, Hunter-street, after a short illness, Mrs. C. M. Weston, aged 35 years.        

WHITAKER—March 4th, at Whitchurch House, near Reading, Berks, Charles Sheppard Whitaker, Esq., late of Richmond, in this colony.

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