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The John Alden Shakspearean ( company ,is'living .up to itsiNren-, ..turesome reputation, by present-

ing; an 11-performance season in /Canberra starting "on" Monday

'night. '(- ,,'*, .*'. ¡¡ ,, , . ¡'

It reduced former plans for ,a longer seasom on the "advice of

J. local? theatre lovers, many of.1 Whom -are still ^.convinced that

^Canberra, '<and > district may not I ' .'.fully support three Shakespeare-1

'an plays"in'10'days during wirf-j. ,ter at Albert Hall.- , \ '

It. i has been suggested, that ' poor ( houses may dissuade the company from returning when Canberra, is ,,better able to sup- port t such a programme.

The Alclen company arrives m Canberra today ariel on Monday with a backgiound of mounting popularity and success.

Its programme in , Canberra comprises "King Lear,"i which' is

regarded as its finest -presenta- ] tion; the better-known "The Merchant of 'Venice," and the near - farce, "The Merry Wives of Windsor."

Tine company also plays "A Midsummer Night's Dream," and hopes to add s"Othello" to . its repertoire- shortly.

'It will be the first professional Shakospearcan company to visit enverra for many'years.

The company first took shape

as u sci/ii-pi'oiessional group in < 1949, but became a fully pro- i fessional Venture last year. (

John Ald'en, after three yeirs J in England, including parts, at

Old -Vic, ^'produced plays -at the '' Theatre Rpyal,., Sydney After . the war he'took a group to Ja- ' pan to entertain the' occupation ,

foi ces." - ' ' . '? i ' ' (

On his return he "started

Shakespearean productions at , the Independent Theatre, 'North ] Sydney. <- I

His work was noted by Miss -, I Elsie "Beyer, who toured with'i OHvier's Old, V^c Company 'as i general manager, When she re- 1 turned to Australia on a holiday. .

in 1949 < j; | In 1950, Alden' established "a ¡'

"little theatre" at St. "James £J fHall, Sydney, where the ,players, | ^ although' often well-known in the ;: j

"stage and radio fields, acted without payment. ' ^ . y

Miss Beyer, who felt that Aus',

-tralia would support a profes-ij sional company, persuaded Al- j den to carry out such a plan.,

'She succeeded in raising suffici- I ent financial backing for Alden ( to prepare for a Commonwealth

The lour started mililly at J ¿our as a professional company. * Melbourne, but' has 'more 'than ' recompensed trióse 'losses by sue- ] r-pssful seasons at Adelaide, Bris- t bane and Toowoomba , i

Co-producer and actor .with

John 'Alden is" James Mills, whom 1 Aldon" met When a member of ¿

the JEngTßhv Harrogate "Repert-| i ory Company. Mills was pro-;; ducer and director of production,

of this'igroup. .'He joined th,e"A.l->M den company ;iast year; ^qnVinc- *? ed tliat here is a real need for trália, patirculárly' for _the.-prés

entation of'Shakespeare. . <