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Introduction of the means test  

to govern admission, and treat- ment of patients to the Canberra Community Hospital was iniqui- tous and retrograde, and will be resented by the residents of the A.C.T., Mr. J. R. Fraser, M.P.,           said yesterday, commenting on the new charges for hospital


It was further indication of the Government's blind refusal to recognise that in this territory it had complete responsibility and an obligation to stand to the people in matters which else where were the responsibility of the State Government, or other  


In the Canberra Community hospital the Comonwealth had a   golden opportunity to develop an institution which was a model to the rest of Australia.

Instead of acting positively, the Government had chosen the negative approach.

Sir Earle Page's expressed       theories on hospital control and   management were at least 40 years out of date.

Under uniform taxation A.C.T. residents paid at an increased   level comparable with but with- out the benefit of certain social services provided by the States.  

With this heavy impost there had been a clear understanding that hospital benefits on the

former scale will be continued.  

Instead residents were being called on to pay twice through compulsory membership of a Hospital Benefits Association or private approved organisations— a form of economic conscription against which the B.M.A. pro-   tested so vigorously.

Persons not members of an organisation would be required to pay £3/10/- weekly in public wards. If they sought free treat-       ment they must go as beggars to the hospital, and disclose their financial position to officials.

"It is but a step from this hu- miliation to haphazard charity and the poor-house."  

The proposal to charge an out- patients fee was horrifying.

Commending the editorial in "The Canberra Times" yester- day, Mr. Fraser said the demand for more detailed accounting in A.C.T. finances was fully justi-


Chemists said yesterday that inquiry about hospital contribu- tion funds was the geratest for two years.

Many persons enrolled them- selves and families yesterday.

The scheme includes aproved friendly societies, of which there are approximately 100 through-  

out Australia.

Outpatients To Be Charged  

Outpatients will be charged fee visits to the Canberra Com- munity Hospital as from July 1, according to new hospital charges announced on Tuesday.

The charge will be a minimum of 5/- per visit, or in accord- ance with the treatment received. The cost of various treatments   will be listed in the by-laws of the hospital.

Necessitous persons or others   unable to join an insurance orga- nisation will have charges waiv- ed or reduced, whether receiving treatment in the outpatients' de-   partment or occupying a bed in

the wards.

It was pointed out that patients in the public ward who subscrib- ed to an approved organisation will receive 12/- a day from the Commonwealth, and 6/- a day from the organisation, a total of £6/6/- a week which is the new public ward rate.