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Family Notices

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VIVIAN—May 25, at Lyttelton, New Zealand, the wife of Arthur

Henry Vivian, of a son.                           WANGENHEIM—August 20, at her residence, Hotel de Paris,

Mrs. G. Wangenheim, of a daughter.          

WARBY—August 10, at Riverside, Hay, Mrs. J. E. Warby, of a


WARDELL—August 17, at the residence of Mrs. Rawlins, 312,

Palmer-street, midwife, the wife of Mr. John Wardell, of a   daughter.      

WESTON—August 19, at her residence, Wallace-street, Braid-

wood, the wife of A. Weston,of a son.        

WILSON—August 27, at her residence, Mount Pleasant, near  

Penrith, the wife of Edwin J. Wilshire, Esq., J.P., of a daughter.  


BAKER—STANFIELD—June 21, at St. Philip's Church, by the

Rev. Canon O'Reilly, James Baker, of Sussex, to Harriet Emma Stanfield, second daughter of W. J. Stanfield, of Walworth, Surrey, England.

BARNETT—MILFETT—June 26, by the Rev. Dr. Fullerton,

LL.D., Robert Charles Barnett, Esq., to Elizabeth Frances,       relict of the late William John Conrad Milfett.

BASHAM—HARRIS—August 27, at the residence of the bride's   father, by the Rev. W. Fidler, Mr. Arthur Basham, of Lower George-street, to Matilda, youngest daughter of Mr. William Harris, 53, Cambridge-street.

BELFIELD—HUSBAND—August 28, at St. Thomas's Church,

North Shore, by the Rev. W. C. Cave-Browne-Cave, M.A.,   Algernon H. Belfield, Esq., of Eversleigh, New England, to Emma Jane, fourth daughter of James Husband, Esq., of St.


BODEL—SHAW—August 18, at St. John's Church, Parramatta,

by the Rev. W. J. Gunther, M.A., Mr. John Bodel, of Forbes,

to Ellen Agnes, widow of the late Mr. John Shaw, of Forbes.

CAMPBELL—CLERK—August 13, at Clerkness, Bundarra, by the

Rev. C. Greenaway, Peter Colin, eldest son of the late   Alexander Campbell, Esq., of Inverell House, Inverell, to Dora Emma, youngest daughter of E. G. Clerk, Esq., of Clerkness,


CAMPBELL—VAUGHAN—August 14, at the residence of the

bride's father, by the Rev. James Greenwood, M.A., Arthur,   second son of the late W. G. Campbell, Esq., of Pitt-street,     Redfern, to Clara, third daughter of Mr. H. F. Vaughan, 208, Pitt-street, Svdney.

CHEPMELL—DOUGLAS—July 1, at St. Mark's, Deloraine, Tas-

mania, Charles J. H. Chepmell, M.A., Oxon, of the King's School, Parramatta, second son of the Rev. Haviland Le Mesu- rier Chepmell, D.D., of Guernsey, to Kate, third daughter of   Henry Douglas, Esq., of Bower Bank, Deloraine.

CLEMENTS—BLACKET—August 20, at St. Mary's Church, Bal-  

main, by the Rev. Henry Tingcombe, assisted by the Rev. H. A. Langley, Hanbury, third son of the late Lieutenant Hanbury Clements, R.N., to Edith, eldest daughter of E. T. Blacket, Esq., Balmain.

CROCKETT—PARTON—August 7, at St. John's Church, Mud-

gee, by the Rev. Canon Gunther, James Crockett, Esq., of Gulgong, to Charlotte Emily, sixth daughter of Mr. John Parton, 12, Market-street, Sydney.

CROPLEY—ASHER—August 8, at Sydney, by the Rev. Thomas

Gainford, Robert Barber, the only surviving son of Mr. James   Cropley, builder, of Newcastle, formerly of the Glebe, Sydney, to Catherine, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Samuel Asher,  

of Newcastle.

DOYLE—PRINCE—August 13, at St. John's, Darlinghurst, by

the Rev. Thomas Hayden, Henry Chetwood, sixth son of John F. Doyle, Esq., of Kaloudah, Lochinvar, to Flora Louisa, third daughter of Henry Prince, Esq., Craigend, Darlinghurst.  

EDWARDS—NICHOLSON—August 8, by the Rev. G. Martin,  

G. R. Edwards, of Bristol, England, to Helen Nicholson, of

Midlothian, Scotland.

FANNIN—FRENCH—August 12, at St. Paul's Cathedral, Wel-  

lington, New Zealand, by the Rev. B. W. Harvey, George, son of Thomas Fannin, Esq., Rathgar, Dublin, to Nina Russell,

third daughter of the late Major John French, H.E.I.C.S.

FIELD—SHIELDS—August 5, at the residence of the bride's    

parents, Regent-street, Sydney, by the Rev. G. Sutherland, Thomas, second son of Thomas Field, Bank-street, Chippen- dale, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Robert Shields.

FINIGAN—McMAHON—July 3, by special license at Villa Maria,

by the Rev. Pere Joly, John Joseph, youngest son of Mr. P. Finigan, Prince-street, Sydney, to Mary Angelina, eldest  

daughter of Mr. M. McMahon, Blue's Point, North Shore.

FLYNN—KELLY—August 18, by special license, at St. Mary's

Cathedral, by the Venerable Archdeacon Rigney, Patrick Henry eldest son of Mr. Eugene Flynn, to Clara, younger daughter of Mr. James Kelly, of Sydney.

FRASER—PRATT—August 13, at St. John's Church, Parra-

matta, by the Rev. W. J. Gunther, John Alexander, eldest son      

of Donald Fraser, of Sydney, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter

of John Pratt, of Parramatta.  

GATES—SMITH—August 14, at Parramatta, by the Rev. T. Forsaith, Frederick, third son of the late Mr. William Gates, to  

Charlotte Isabella, daughter of the late Mr. Reuben Smith, of

Pennant Hills.

GRANGER—SCOTT—August 23, at Christian Chapel, Hotham,

Melbourne, by the Rev. M. W. Green, William, eldest son of Mr. Henry Granger, Parramatta, to Susan Butler, eldest daughter, of the late Dr. J. E. Scott, of Melbourne.  

GRIFFITHS—WILLIS—August 12, at St. James' Church, by the Rev. Canon Allwood, Frederick Close Griffiths, Esq., to  

Annette Agnes, second daughter of J. S. Willis, Esq.

HEAN—WINTERBINE—July 31, at Pitt-street, Newcastle, by

the Rev. T. J. Pepper, Captain Alexander Hean, of the ship Royal Alfred, to Isabella, daughter of Mr. Thomas Winterbine,  

of Avoca, Victoria.  

HUGHES—GIBBONS—August 25, at St. John's Church, Parra-

matta, by the Rev. W. J. Gunther, Alfred Charles, son of the late Hugh Hughes, to Margaret Jessie, third daughter of W. M. H. Gibbons, Esq., J.P., Jessie Cottage, Parramatta  


JAMES—NORRIS—June 5, at St. Luke's Church, by the Rev.

T. W. Unwin, William, second eldest son of Mr. Thomas James, to Mary Ann, third eldest daughter of Mr. James Norris, of  

to Windsor.  

KEEGAN—LENNON—July 17, at St. Mary's Cathedral, by the Rev. Father Mahony, Richard Keegan, of Sydney, to Ellen  

Lennon, youngest daughter of the late John Lennon, of Sydney. KENT—SPRY—June 24, by special license, at Ourimbah, Gosford,

by Rev. C. D. Newman, John G. D. Kent, only son of the late Rev. J. Kent, Lincoln, and nephew of Colonel Blaxland, late

H.E.I.C., to Amelia Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Edwin Spry, Esq., Sydney, and granddaughter of Thomas Spry,

Esq., Guildhall, Plymouth, England.

LENNEBERG—JOSEPH—August 19, at the residence of the

bride's parents, Cypress Hall, Newtown, by the Rev. A. B. Davis, assisted by the Rev. A. A. Levi, Theodore Lenneberg,

J.P., son of T. H. Lenneberg, Esq., of Brisbane, Queensland, to Amelia, third daughter of Alfred Joseph, Esq., of this city.  

LUMSDAINE—LANGLEY—August 23, by the Rev. Dr. Fullerton   Alexander Lumsdaine, of Moruya, C. P. S., to Hectorina  

Australia, widow of the late Charles Langley, Esq., of Sydney, C.B. McCOOK—ANDERSON—August 13, by the Rev. Henry Macready,

Presbyterian minister of Penrith, at the residence of the bride, Oakwood, Alexander, fourth son of Mr. Robert McCook, to Margaret Jane, eldest surviving daughter of the late George    

Anderson, Esq., Luddenham, and niece to Robert Anderson,   M.D., and the late Captain David Anderson, both of London,    


McDOUGALL—TERNOUTH—August 21, at St. Matthias Church,  

Paddington, by the Rev. Zachary Barry, LL.D., Robert, eldest son of Alexander McDougall, Crown-street, Ultimo, to Emily,

youngest daughter of Henry John Ternouth, Denison-street,  


McNEILLY—McMAH—August 19, by the Rev. Dr. McGibbon,  

Robert Templeton, eldest son of Mr. A. McNeilly, Albion-street, Surry Hills, to Matilda, second daughter of Mr. R. McMah,  


MONRO—MOODIE—August 7, at St. Andrew's Cathedral, by the  

Very Rev. the Dean of Sydney, assisted by the Rev. Charles H. Rich, Frederick George, second son of Captain James Monro, to  

Annie Cameron, younger daughter of Captain Robert T.

Moodie, Sydney.  

NEWLANDS—LANE—August 13, at 25, Elizabeth-street, Water- loo, by the Rev. William Bradley, Congregational minister,

Alexander Newlands, boiler-maker, to Amelia Matilda Lane, both of Sydney, N. S. W.      

SILBERBERG—LEVI—August 20, by the Rev. A. B. Davis, assisted by the Rev. S. Phillips and the father of the bride,  

Isaac Joseph Silbergerg, eldest son of Mr. Jacob Silberberg, of McCarthur, Victoria, to Esther Rosetta, eldest daughter of the  

Rev. A. A. Levi, of 12, Francis-street, Hyde Park.

SMITH—MAZIERE—August 16, at St. Bartholomew's Church,

Prospect, by the Rev. Thomas Donkin, B.D., Matthew Smith, of Belle Vue, Baulkham Hills, to Clara Sarah, youngest daughter of David Maziere, late of Shamrock Lodge, Dural.

STEWART—GRANGER—April 14, at All saints' Church, Par-

ramatta, by the Rev. J. R. Bloomfield, John, eldest son of Mr. Thomas Stewart, of Mount Stuart, Kurrajong, to Annie,

eldest daughter of Mr. Henry Granger, of Parramatta.

TIPPING—BREGG—June 28, at St. Barnabas' Church, by the

Rev. Joseph Barnier, William Francis, only son of the late Francis William Tipping, of Nottingham, to Charlotte Kate,    

youngest daughter of the late John Thomas and Sarah Bregg, of Newtown.    

VARDY—DOWNING—August 19, at St. Benedict's Church, by

the Rev. P. Carroll, Michael, son of John Vardy, Esq., Menangle, New South Wales, to Mary Ellen Frances, eldest daughter of

B. J. Downing, Esq., Glebe Point, Sydney.  

VAUGHAN—NOLAN—July 22, at St. Francis' Church, by special license, by the Very Rev. Dean Sheridan, John, eldest son of  

Michael Vaughan, county Clare, Ireland, to Anne, youngest daughter of James Nolan, Carlow, Ireland.  

WALKER—LEES—August 4, at Christ Church, Kiama, by the Rev. J. H. L. Zillman, Mr. William Walker, formerly of Mid-  

Hartley, to Margaret Sarah, daughter of Mr. James Lees, Omega, Gerringong, and cousin to the late Mrs. W. Walker, of   Mid-Hartley ; first cousin to H. L. Dunn, of Pitt-street, Sydney ;    

R. L. Dunn, of Parramatta ; and T. L. Dunn, of Campbelltown. WYNDHAM—WRIGHT—August 7, at St. Paul's, Murrurundi,

by the Rev. W. Lewis, Edward S. Wyndham, eldest son of the Rev. John Wyndham, rector of Sutton Mandeville, Wilts, to

Edith, third daughter of Philip Wentworth Wright, Esq., Bick- ham, Blandford.               DEATHS.             ANDERSON—August 16, at his residence, Redfern, William Henry Anderson, of Udale, Cromarty, Scotland, aged 64 years.  

ARGUE—August 10, at Gladesville, Mr. James Argue, much respected by all who knew him.    

ARNOLD—August 1, suddenly, at the residence of Mr. Cooper,   plumber, George-street, Frederick Edward Bede Arnold, in   the 22nd year of his age, leaving sorrowing friends to mourn     their loss. May his soul rest in peace.    

ARNOLD—August 2, suddenly, at the residence of Mr. Cooper, plumber, George-street, Frederick Bede Arnold, aged 23 years,   respected by all who knew him. Requiescat in pace.  

ATKINSON—August 21, at his residence, 10, Myrtle-street, James

Henry Atkinson.        

BAILEY—August 2, at 308, Palmer-street, Mary Elizabeth, wife of William F. X. Bailey, LL.D., daughter of the late   Edward Walker, Esq., J.P., Over Hall, Guestingthorpe,      

Halstead, Essex, and grand-daughter of the late celebrated   Jones, of Nayland, author of the Catholic Doctrine of the    


BEAUMONT—August 16, at her residence, 12, Wentworth-street,

Miller's Point, Hannah, relict of the late Mr. William Beaumont, after a long and painful illness, which she bore with Christian

fortitude, aged 54 years.  

BOYCE—August 21, at his residence, Newcomen-street, New- castle, Mr. Wm. Thos. Boyce, in the 57th year of his age.

BRIGGS—August 23, at his residence, Hassan's Walls, Bowen- fels, Mr. Thomas Briggs, butcher, of compression of the brain,  

aged 53, leaving a widow and seven children to mourn their


BROOKS—August 18, at his residence, Lower Campbell-street,   Surry Hills, Mr. Thomas Brooks, of paralysis, late saloon cook   for over 21 years in the R. W. I. M. S. P. Co., aged 55 years, leaving a wife and two daughters.

BROWNELL—August 26, at her residence, Boundary-street,  

Brisbane, Mary McTaggart, the beloved wife of Mr. Jno. B.     Brownell, aged 29 years, leaving her husband and little boy to    

deeply mourn their irreparable loss, and much regretted by all  

who knew her.            

BUTLER—August 6, at his residence, Bentinck-street, Bathurst,

William Butler, aged 28, wheelwright, leaving a widow and three helpless children to mourn their loss, eldest beloved son of

Mrs. and Mr. Henry Butler, wheelwright, Newtown, and brother of Mrs. E. Neil, Hordern-street, Newtown. Lord, thy will be done.

BUTLER—August 18, at the residence of her son, 106, William-

street, Mary Butler, the beloved mother of Mr. James Butler,  

aged 62 years.               CAHILL—August 30, at his residence, Church-street, Parra-

matta, Denis Cahill, aged 78 years.        

CAMPER—August 11, at her residence, Pitt-street, Redfern,

Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Henry Camper, sen., after a long and painful illness, in her 63rd year. CANN—August 5, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. M. McLaughlan, West Maitland, Mr. William Cann, of Paterson, aged 59 years.

CHARD—July 26, at the residence of her parents, Baltie-street,

North Kingston, Rebecca, the youngest and beloved daughter of John and Louisa Chard, and sister of Mrs. G. A. Davis, aged 40


CLARK—February 15, at Paisley Thread Works, Paisley, Scot-

land, Andrew Clark, thread manufacturer, aged 88 years, son and last of the family of the late James Clark (the first maker of  

Clark's Paisley thread), father of John Clark, Paisley Thread   Works, and Thomas Clark, Major's Creek, N. S. W.  

COX—August 17, at her late residence, Forest Lodge, Catherine, relict of Joseph Cox, Esq., late police magistrate of Forbes.

COX—August 28, at Belgrave-terrace, Darlinghurst, Robert Cox, Esq., of consumption, aged 25 years.  

CUFF—At her residence, Petersham, Mary Ann Sibley Cuff, aged 82, relict of Jacob Cuff, formerly of London.

CUNEEN—July 19, at his parents' residence, Botany-street,   Surry Hills, Charles John, second son of James A. and E. Cuneen, aged 3 years and 3 months.  

DICKSON—August 3, at Rouse Hill, Euphemia Grace, third daughter of Mr. Thomas Dickson, after a short but painful ill-   ness, deeply regretted by all who knew her, aged 14 years.      

DOOLEY—August 28, at her residence, Forbes-lane, off Yurong-

street, Woolloomooloo, Bridget Dooley, aged 80 years. Re-   quiescat in pace.  

DOYLE—August 21, at his residence, Cedar Grove, West Mait-

land, Francis Matthew Doyle, J.P., in the 48th year of his age.  

DRURY—August 16, at his residence, Junction and Hunt streets, Surry Hills, Martin Drury, native of Ireland, aged 42 years and   10 months, leaving a wife and three young children to lament   their loss. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.    

DUNPHY—August 19, at the residence of his son-in-law, George-

street, Waterloo, Michael Dunphy, aged 77 years.

ELOUIS—August 14, at Avoca, Darling Point, Emily, the wife

of Charles Elouis, Esq.

FARR—August 31, at her residence, University-street, Cam-

perdown, after 14 days of the most intense suffering, which she bore with Christian fortitude, Mary Ann Letticia, the beloved wife of Charles Farr, aged 74, deservedly regretted by a large   circle of friends and acquaintances. Our loss is her infinite gain.

FERRIS—August 7, at Bourke-street, West Maitland, from  

inflammation of the lungs, George Henry Charles, only son of George and Sarah Ferris, aged 1 year and 8 months.    

FITZGERALD—On his voyage to England, in the s.s. Northum-

berland, George Wildman FitzGerald, eldest son of Major Fitz- Gerald, of Maperton House, Somerset, England.  

GALLAGHER—September 1, at his residence, corner of Bourke and Arthur streets, Surry Hills, after a short but painful illness,   Charles William Gallagher, aged 23 years. May his soul rest  

in peace.

GIRLING—September 2, at the residence of her parents, Jane,   the beloved daughter of Mr. George Girling.  

GORDON—August 28, at her daughter's residence, Five Dock

Post-office, Mrs. Wallace Gordon, native of Newton Steward, Scotland, leaving a large family to mourn their loss, aged 66


GREIG—August 9, at her parents' residence, No. 5, Market- street, Clara Madeline, youngest and beloved daughter of   Peter and Ann Greig, aged 6 years.  

GROGAN—August 8, at his residence, 150, Bourke-street, Woolloomooloo, James Joseph Grogan, aged 24 years, leaving a  

loving mother and a family of brothers and sisters to mourn   their loss. Requiescat in pace.

HALLEY—August 16, at the residence of his parents, 46, Buck-

ingham-street, Sydney, of typhoid fever, followed by acute bronchitis and meningitis, William, the beloved and only son of William and Ellen Halley, aged 8 years and 6 months. Deeply regretted by his family and a large circle of friends. Lord, thy  

will be done.  

HARRISON—August 22, at the residence of her parents, 146,

William-street, Woolloomooloo, of bronchitis, Alice Louisa, infant daughter of William Sweetman and Ada Maria Harrison, aged 7 weeks.

HART—August 28, at his residence, 187, Goulburn-street, near   Riley-street, Mr. William Hart, gasfitter, of bronchitis, leaving  

an affectionate wife to lament her loss.  

HAYDON—July 28, at the hospital, Orange, New South Wales,

Bartholomew Haydon, formerly of Christchurch and Welling- ton, New Zealand.

HERRING—August 4, at Wattle Flat, Mary Ann, the beloved wife  

of William Herring, late of Crown-street, butcher, aged 40 years, leaving a large family to mourn their loss. May her soul  

rest in peace.

HEWITT—August 27, at Minnie Vale, Maria, wife of H. V.  

Hewitt, Esq., aged 32 years.

HILTON—March 3, at his residence, 183, Clarence-street, Sydney,

Mr. James Hilton, aged 64 years, a native of Manchester.    

HOURIGAN—August 9, at Mary's-lane, Bathurst, Mr. Daniel

Hourigan, aged 62 years, native of Limerick, Ireland.

HUGHES—August 20, at Albion House, Elizabeth-street South,  

Esther, relict of the late John Terry Hughes, Esq., aged 70 years. HUNT—August 15, at the house of Charles Newman, Liver-

pool-street, Sydney, of disease of the heart, Anne Jane Hunt, aged 28 years, the beloved wife of Mr. Frederick Hunt, of this city.

INSLEY—August 12, at her residence, 98, Crown-street, Wool- loomooloo, after a lingering illness, which she bore with Chris-    

tian fortitude, Mrs. Catherine Mary Insley, aged 59, deeply re- gretted by her relatives and friends.

JAQUES—August 11, after a painful illness, Henry Jaques, of

Paddington, late of Broughton Creek, aged 53 years.

JEANNERET—June 14, at her residence, 2, Eldon Villas, Chelten-

ham, England, Harriet, the wife of Henry Jeanneret, Esq.,  


JOHNSON—August 8, Mr. Charles Johnson, aged 39 years,  

leaving a wife and nine children to mourn their loss. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

JONES—Supposed to be drowned in crossing the Macquarie

River, near Ponto Falls, on the 14th August, William Selby Jones, aged 23 years, of the firm of Jones, Brothers, at Dubbo and son of Mary Ann and John Jones, late of Armidale, and Newtown, the nephew of Mrs. James Sherwood Sadler, of New-  


KENNEDY—August 26, at the residence of her son-in-law, Rush-

cutter Bay, Ellen Kennedy, relict of the late Mr. Michael Kennedy, aged 69 years.  

LAKE—June 3, lost off Cape Campbell, in the brig Australia,

Miles Lake, native of Windsor, New South Wales, leaving a large circle of friends and one child to mourn their loss.

LAURE—August 31, at 331, Castlereagh-street, Louise Marie

Martha, youngest child of Dr. L. Laure, aged 13 months.

McALISTER—July 24, at his residence, Durham-street, Bathurst,

James Mayling McAlister, blacksmith, native of Lisburn, Ire- land, aged 68 years, for many years a resident of Sydney and Goulburn, son of John McAlister, blacksmith.  

McEYOY—July 30, at her residence, Victoria-street, Haymarket,  

aged 50 years, Ann, dearly beloved wife of Richard McEvoy, and dearly beloved mother of Christopher and Richard and James McEvoy, and Mrs. William Kelly, Mrs. Miles Tessimond, and   Mrs. Patrick Cullen. May her soul rest in peace.

McGRATH—August 10, at the residence of her son-in-law, 17,   Brisbane-street, Catherine, relict of the late Dominick McGrath,   formerly of Goulburn and Cooma, Monaro, mother of J. F.  

McGrath, of Goulburn, and Mrs. R. A. Taylor, of Sydney, in the 78th year of her age, for thirty years a resident of the colony.  

On her soul sweet Jesus have mercy.

McHUGH—May 31, at his residence, 213, Palmer-street, Woolloo-

mooloo, Mr. John McHugh, aged 53 years, native of Enniskillen, Fermanagh county, Ireland.

MACLEAN—July 3, John Leyburn Maclean, Military Knight of

Windsor, formerly of H.M. 43rd Regiment Light Infantry, and for many years connected with this colony, aged 82.  

MAITLAND—August 26, at Bank-street, Chippendale, Sydney,

Henry, fifth son of Mr. A. Maitland, architect, Tain, Rosshire, Scotland, aged 24 years.

MANN—April 30, at Cape Town, William, third son of the late

Major-General Mann, Royal Engineers.

MASON—August 20, at the Sydney Infirmary, John Thomas Mason, native of Philadelphia, comedian, aged 48 years.

MITCHELL—September 2, at the residence of his son-in-law,

Henry Welch, Calthorpe Cottage, Turner-street, near Pitt- street, Redfern, Mr. Robert Mitchell, late of Emyvale, county Monaghan, Ireland, aged 87 years.

MORRISON—August 4, at his residence, 9, Steam Mill-street,

Mr. Daniel Morrison, aged 67 years.

MOULDER—July 26, at his residence, Charlton, King's Villa,

Upper Footscray, Melbourne, after a painful illness, Mr. George Moulder, aged 62 years, a resident of the colonies for thirty-four years, the beloved father of G. A. Moulder, of Macdonald Town, Sydney.

MOYNAN—August 8, at the residence of her parents, Regent-

street, Redfern, of typhoid fever, Lilian Augusta, the beloved child of Charles and Elizabeth Moynan, aged 2 years.

MULCAHY—August 21, at her residence, Ryde, Mary, the wife

of James Mulcahy, of Evergreen Farm, Ryde, aged 45 years.

MUNN—August 11, at his residence, Merimbula, Matthew A.

Munn, J.P., manufacturer, son of Armstrong Munn, manufac- turer, Paisley, in the 53rd year of his age.

MURPHY—August 29, at his residence, Church-street North,

Parramatta, after a long and painful illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude, Denis Murphy, in the 58th year of his age. Requiescat in pace.

NETTERFIELD—August 15, at her late residence, East Mait- land, Minnie Baron, beloved wife of N. Netterfield, aged 26   years.  

NEWBON—August 20, at his residence, Alstonville, Richmond    

River, Thomas Peter, eldest son of the late Henry Newbon,   Esq., solicitor, Sydney, aged 30.

NORMAN—July 16, at his residence, Junction Point, Tuena Creek,

Mr. George Norman, blacksmith, aged 54 years, native of Cul- lompton, Devon, England, leaving an affectionate wife and family

to mourn their loss.

NORMAN—July 27, at her residence, Junction Point, Tuena Creek,

after a short but painful illness, Ann, relict of the late George Norman, aged 51 years, native of Wellington, Somerset, England, much regretted by all who knew her.

NORTON—August 30, at the Dingle, North Shore, Florence

Mabel Pearl, daughter of Henry Norton, aged 5 years and 5 months.

OAKES—August 28, at Helenie, Ryde, Marian, youngest daughter

of Mr. John Oakes, aged 13 years.

O'NEAL—August 9, at Dungay Creek, Macleay River, Julia,  

the beloved wife of Mr. John O'Neil, after a long and painful illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude, deeply lamented by a large circle of friends, and highly respected by all who knew her. Aged 55 years. May her soul rest in peace.

O'SULLIVAN—August 24, at Wattle Flat, through an accident

received by falling down a shaft 115 feet, Eugene O'Sullivan, second son of the late Bartholomew O'Sullivan, of Glengariff, county Cork, Ireland, aged 23 years. May the Lord have mercy

on his soul.

PARKER—July 18, at Brookbank, Crookwell, suddenly, of dis-

ease of the heart, in her 40th year, Julia Rebecca, the beloved wife of John Parker, leaving an affectionate husband and six children to mourn their loss.

PARSONS—August 11, at the residence of his son-in-law, Liver-

pool, after a lingering illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude, W. Parsons, in the sixtieth year of his age.

PATON—February 27, Elizabeth Paton, in her 89th year, at     the residence of her son, the Rev. Robert Paton, Glasgow, and  

mother of Mr. John Paton, contractor, East Maitland, and aunt

of Mr. Robert Douglas, confectioner, William-street, Sydney.

PERIERA—August 12, at the residence of her parents, 350, Cas-  

tlereagh-street, Sydney, of congestion of the brain, Julia Eliza-       beth, the dearly beloved daughter of John and Rachel Pereira,

also niece of Samuel and Julia Jessop, aged 2 years and 3   months.    

PHILLIPS—August 20, at her residence, 6, Tudor-terrace, Crown-

street, Surry Hills, Sophia, relict of the late William Phillips,

aged 86 years.

PINKSTONE—August 10, at the residence of her parents, 41,   Railway-place, off Devonshire-street, Strawberry Hill, Ann     Maude Mary, only daughter of James and Betsy Pinkstone,        

aged 3 years.     PRESCOTT—August 8, at his residence, the Clarence Hotel, Erskine-street, of broncho-pneumonia, Mr. James Prescott,   aged 52 years.   PRATT—August 18, at the Sydney Grammar School, Arthur    

Theodore, fifth son of Edward and Amey Pratt, aged 4 years  

and nine months.

PRICE—August 19, at her residence, Botany-street, Waterloo,   aged 38, Catherine, dearly beloved wife of Henry Price, leav-   ing three children to mourn their loss. May her soul rest in peace.  

PURCELL—August 18, at the residence of his brother-in-law, Mr.  

W. Neal, No. 2, Agnes-terrace, Victoria-street, Surry Hills, Mr.   Robert Purcell, brother to the late Mrs. Mary Ann Neal, aged 22 years, after a long and painful illness.   READ—August 23, at her residence, George-street South, after  

a long and painful illness, Mary Ann Read, aged 86 years, the beloved wife of George Read, Inspector of Police of this city, and  

eldest daughter of the late Alexander McLean, of Redfern-street, Redfern.    

RICHARDSON—August 23, at Glenrock, Darling Point, Kate  

Beatrice, second daughter of Charles and Lilla Richardson, aged nine weeks.              

RITCHIE—August 19, at his residence, North Shire, Mr. John Ritchie, aged 53 years.

ROBERTS—July 20, at Wirrabirra Station, Barwin River, Mr.

Robert Roberts, in his 71st year, deeply regretted by his family     and a large circle of friends.                

ROBERTS—July 22, at his station, Wirribilla, Robert Robers, aged 71. ROBERTSON—August 28, at his parents' residence, Agnes-ter-

race, after a short but severe illness, Frank Falconer Robert- son, youngest and beloved son of D. C. and M. Robertson.

ROBERTSON—August 30, John, second son of Mr. John Robert-

son, coachbuilder, Pitt-street South, aged 28 years.

ROLLESTON—July 2, at his residence, Goldie-terrace, Douglas,

Isle of Man, Arthur William Rolleston, Esq., late of her Ma-     jesty Customs, in the 59th year of his age.

SANDS—August 16, at his residence, Marmion, Waverley, John

Sands, aged 53.      

SHARP—August 10, at her residence, Botany Road, aged 28 years, the dearly beloved wife of Robert Sharp, and daughter    

of William Callinan, of Wollongong, and sister of Edward     Callinan, Botany Road, Sydney, leaving an affectionate husband   and infant baby to mourn their loss.  

SIMPSON—August 23, at his residence, Mitchell-street, Glebe, Mr. John Simpson, aged 75 years.  

SMALL—August 25, at her residence, Harden and Derwent streets,    

Glebe, Louisa Ann, the beloved wife of Alexander Small, aged

24 years.  

SMITH—August 17, at his residence, 242, Kent-street, Alfred

Richard Smith, the dearly beloved son of Mr. J. Smith, aged 5½ years, through injuries accidentally received, deeply regretted         by all who knew him.            

SMITH—August 17, at her residence, Hill End, Amelia Louisa,

the beloved wife of James W. Smith, aged 18 years and 8 months, and the beloved daughter of Robert and Ann Isaac, and sister of Mrs. J. Darragh and Mrs. H. Martin, deeply

regretted. Her end was peace.    

SOLOMONS—At the residence of his son, St. Leonards, North Shore, Mr. Samuel Solomons, in his 79th year.  

STIRLING—August 23, at the Australian Joint Stock Bank, Forbes, Jane, the beloved wife of Robert Stirling.  

STRETTON—August 8, at Auckland, N.Z., Caroline, the beloved  

wife of F. W. Stretton (formerly of Belvedere, Kent, England),   and mother of the Rev. F. W. Stretton, of St. John's, Mudgee.   SUMMERBELL—August 28, at her residence, Kent-street North, Catherine, relict of the late Andrew Summerbell, shipbuilder,

aged 69 years.

SULLIVAN—August 23, at his residence, Windsor-street, Rich-

mond, Thomas Patrick Sullivan, aged 68 years.  

TAYLOR—July 26, at Gundillion, the residence of her son-in-  

law, Delia Taylor, aged 59, maiden name Delia Phillips, native of Exmouth, Devonshire, England, daughter of John Phillips, and niece of Samuel Phillips, who was pilot at Exmouth in 1820.     TRAILL—August 16, at his residence, Collaroy, Merriwa, Rowland

J. Traill, Esq., M.D., in his 58th year.

UNDERWOOD—September 2, at the residence of his parents, Ashfield, Joseph Want Underwood, aged 21 years and 4    


WALSH—August 6, at his residence, 408, Liverpool-street, Dar- linghurst, John Walsh, aged 86 years.  

WATKINS—August 25, at his parents' residence, Waterloo Mills,   Thomas Godfrey, the sixth and dearly beloved son of James and  

Susan Watkins.  

WATSON—August 30, at Union-street, Balmain, after a short but  

painful illness, Joseph, second son of Mrs. Watson, aged 12  


WEBB—August 16, at the residence of her son, 390, Pitt-street,       Annie Webb, the dearly beloved mother of Enoch Henry and   Frederick Webb, after five weeks' severe illness, aged 63 years, leaving a large circle of friends to mourn their loss.  

WELLS—August 25, at her residence, Forest Lodge, Glebe, Mrs.  

Lavinia Wells, aged 59 years.

WESTERN—May 30, at Felix Hall, county of Essex, England, Sir Thomas Birch Western, Bart., Lord Lieutenant of the county,   aged 78, uncle of William Hattan Wilkinson, Esq., The Meads,


WHITE—August 26, at his residence, Inverell, J. W. A. White,   Esq., lately Clerk of Petty Sessions for Inverell.  

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