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THE first annual meeting of the above Union was held on Friday evening, at the Exchange Hotel. Mr. J. J. Calvert occupied the chair, and there were about thirty-five mem-

bers and subscribing clubs present. The hon. secretary     (Mr. W.H. Fletcher) read the following report : -

"Mr. President and Gentlemen,-! have the honour of laying

before you the first annual report of the Southern Rugby Foot-   ball Union. It is nearly twelve months since the Union was    

formed, and the benefits derived from it can be calculated from the fact that now any two clubs can meet each other without having to spend half the afternoon in deciding by what rules they shall play.

"The formation of the Union was brought about by Mr R. A. Arnold and the committee of the Wallaroo Football Club. The first meeting to discuss new rules was held at the Oxford Hotel,

on the 5th June, 1874, with Mr. W. K. F. Burkitt in the chair, and representatives from the following clubs:- Wallaroo, Goul-

burn, Balmain, Waratah, St. Leonards, King's School, Camden,   and Newington Colleges. Later, the University and Mudgee clubs were represented. Five meetings were held before the new code of rules was passed. The rules adopted are those of the   Rugby Football Union of London. Consequently, the name of   the Southem Rugby Football Union was chosen.

"The first general meeting of the Union was held on the 25th July, the selected rules and by-laws were confirmed, and the following gentlemen were elected to fill the respective offices of the union. President- Mr. J. J. Calvert; vice-presidents-Mr.

T. Brown and Mr.K.Barton; secretary and treasurer-Mr. W.    

H. Fletcher. "At the close of last season there were twenty-four gentlemen

members of the union, representing twelve football clubs, and as  

the game of football is on the increase in the colony, no doubt     before the end of this season the number will be doubled.

"The design of the union is that it shall hold the same relation to football that the cricket association holds to cricket. It is a  

matter of congratulation that nothing has happened to mar the good feeling and friendly rivalry existing between all football   olubs. Moore Park became a favourite resort to crowds of people on Saturday afternoons to witness mauls and deeds of valour; the larrikin element however has become a nuisance, and something must be done to ensure police protection to those clubs having grounds there.              

"The funds of the union are flourishing. After paying for 500 copies of the new rules, advertising, and stationary, there is a balance in hand of £7."

The same officers were re-elected unanimously, and it was suggested that the Union should offer a cup to be played for by all football clubs belonging to the Union. The season will be commenced on the 22nd May next.

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