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? Lord Falmouth'« '«iud waa disposed of on Jun« 30, at Nowmorket. When the total come to be added up lt waa found that ibo 16 yearlings hud realised 18,360 guineas, or 1146 guinean each; tho 25 brood mares and their foal«,. 43,340 guineas, or 18C6 fiuiuons each; the 10 foals sold eoparately, MOO gui reu», or £40 guineas each; and the 6 etalliona, 7360 guineas, cr 14S7 guineas each. Tho grand total thorefore WHB 76,440 guineas, or mora than double the amount reel!oed by- the sale of the 24 horses in training at the end .of April. Lord Falmouth baa, in short, sold his stud /or about £120,000, ned that he should have andu so much of it {n these bad times isa high testimony to tho ox rollen oe of tho ito ok-which he bred. Two of tho yearlings fetched 3000 guinea« ooah, ono 2600 guineas, one 2100 guiri roe, and one 1000 guinea*.

The highest prices paid for the brood marca wore WOO gnfneae tor Spinawny, a daughter oí Macaroni »nd Queen I)ortha, who woe pufchbsod by tho Duke of Wcetuiuatcr ; 6000 guineas for hor hulf-dater, Wheel of Fortune, by Ad- venturer-Queen Bertha, purchased bv tho Dalco of Port lar-d; 4200 guineas 'for Jannelle, by Lord Clifden-Cbovi aaanos, bought by Captain Ma-.-bHI ; 4100 guineas for Can tinire, by Btookwoll-Cantino, bought by Captain Macneil ; S800 guineas for Palmflower, by The Palmor-Jessy Diver, bought by Mr. Douglas Baird; and 3200 guinras for Dutch Oven by Dutch Skater-Cantinière, sought by Earl Fitzwilliam. Foreicrncrs did sot buy BO Jargaly ai had " ' boen ex wee ted, though a .representative of a breeding stud nt Buenos Avrcs mada ravex»! purchases of mares. Including Lady Golightiy, by Ring Tom-Lndv Coventry, for whom ho paid 22o0 ttulneoa. Tho Due do Castries, who han achieved BO much success in Franco of Ute, mode only ono purehaie. The oheapeit Int sold wu Kingcraft, winner of thc Derby in 1870, for Lord Koa» more was able to sccuro him at 600 guineas for Ireland. Gaillard, who was the laat of Lord Folmouth's good mnn horaea, having won tho Two Thoo »and Guineas and other valuable rucee last season, was the list lot, and he was not dear at MOO guineas to the owner of a new breeding stud oloee to Lord Folmouth's om establishment at Mereworth.

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