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Maskeil Cup, which is donated each year by the Maskeil brothers, of Camperdown, as an award for the best and fairest player in Hampden League, has been won this season* by Warrnambool's captain j?nd coach, Don Grossman,

Grossman polled 20 votes1 and .finished two votes in front of Stuart Scott, of Colac. Camperdown's captain and coach, Len White, and Nor auiu Sharp,-; who is playing his flrst-year" of senior foot ball, each recorded 12 votes and were in fourth place. Grossman was equal third with Mart Hearn (Port Fairy) in 1949, and equal second with Les Main (Terang) in 1050. Eighty-two players in the. league received votes, Cob den topped the list with 13 players, followed by Camper down, Terang and Warrnam bool (11 each), South Warr nambool (10), Mortlake (9), and Port Fairy and Colac (8 each). FULL VOTING LIST The list of votes recorded was released at the meeting of Hampden League dele gates at Terang on Monday, August 13, and is as follows: Twenty votes: D. Gross man (W.?. Eiuhteen: S. Scott (Col.). Thirteen: N. Bernard (T.). Twelve: N. Sharp tCa.), L. While tea.). Eleven: E. Ryan (M.'i. Ten: J. Harrington (Col.). Nine: B. White (Ca.), L. Thornton (Cob.). Eight: A, Smith (P.F.). Seven: F. Hii?hson (S.W.), \\\ Evorelt. (Cn.J, F. Moore (.Cob.!, p. Scanlan (P.P.). Sis: 11.. Hoy tS.W.), J. tvtnpUMon (M.i. B. Murray •Cii.?. Five: h'. Hard;; (\V.>. R. 'Vivker iW,i, C. Hardy <F.F.>, J. M:u-.ioorl (M.i. Four: M. Muixan (T.), B. •■V-rn (W.). W. Primmer • fl.W.r. B. Mur;r.i (Cn.i. B. l"'iwkins (Col.), A. Kiuchbory iM.t. J. Hammond Cob.), B. Thornlon (Cub.). ■rhrcr: f. McConnoll IT.). ■7. CiKtlc (Cul.i, G. .McDonald <'.'/.). i;. rrollfintl • S.W.i, P. ' l i rn!irc- ('l'/', Mtu't Hunrn '!M'M. L. Thornton <Ca.?. -T. .■i^'lnnrv i T.i. j. ChislcLl, ?.7.t. F. Primmer 'S.WJ. C. •vUiU-a-ll f'T'.t, j. i^jiallick ivV.i. A. Blyihv (C'a.i. E. Gudlcr (T.i. D. HufUu's (P.F.), B, Falconer (Cob.j. D. Hor wnnrl iCob.'. L. Brewer iCol.i. P. Gk'imun iT.i, W. Nightingale (Cob.), .1. Ma i?uiro uS.W.i, J. Law (S.W.i. rrinrko U\F.i. B. Coloman (Cob, i . 1 ,vo: W. Mer,'.-nr <W.?, I. .•.■■•;i.v!uud IT. I. n. Brown ■Cot?.). Is". Jubb (M.l. W. ('• I'-ch ( vV.i, D. Di.miildsmi ir.'Ml.i. 1,, Pnniiti!', ts.w.i, !,'<?- IVM'I :-'i*iJ i P\l i. !J. I ''(', I, l?. ('lU'ii.s •<';! i. ,1. 11■I''V.' I'(L

!Cobj, B. Moran (Cob.). One: B. Molan fM.), H. Stonehouse (T.), J. McGuane (Col), E. Dnlton (W.), R. McMaster (M.), R. McCorkell (W.), J. Dunn (Cob.), G. Beardsley (M.), P. Deppeler (Cob.), D. Larsen (Ca.). B. jDcppelor (Col.), B. Bernard (T.), F. Finnigan (Col.i, G. Caddy (P.F.), W. Maguire (S.W.I. R. Russell i.Ca.), L. Irving (P.F.). Key to clubs: Camperdown (Ca.); Cobden (Cob.): Mort lake (M.);.Port Fairy (P.F.); Terang- (T.i; South Warr nambool (S.W.): Warrnam bool (W.); Colac (Col.).