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Arrivals.-December 31.

Oruba, R.M.S., 5552, tons, Captain Lindsay Hay, R.N.R., from London (Tilbury) 18th November, and from Plymouth 19th November. Passengers-Mr. and Mrs. Attenborough. Dr. Batchelor, Mr. and Mrs. Colborne, Mr. and Mrs Cox and family, Mrs. Cridland, Miss Crid- land, Sir Kenneth W. Cumming, Bart., Mr. W. G. Daly, Dr. G. W. Dammann, Rev. J. Davidson, Mr. nnd Mrs. H. Edkin, Miss L. Fink, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Fitzgibbon, Dr. Garnet-Soilleux, Mr. J. Alvey, Mr. H. Balfour, Mr. H. R. Ball, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Bannister, Mr. R. Bett. Mr. R. R. Bligh, Mr. J. S. Buckler, Mrs. Burrows and friend, Mrs. Curlyle, Mr. J. Cay, Mr. T. M. Clark, Miss A. Condon, Mr. A. R. Cox, Mr. R. Cox, Dr. W. Cumming, Mr. J. Cuthbert, Mrs. I. Cuthbert, Mrs. M. Cuthbert, Mr. Dentoni, Mr. W. Dickson, Mrs. Dunglinson, Miss Ellis, Mr. J. H. C. Farrar, Miss Flcmington, Mr. J. Floekton, Miss Gibbons, Mr.H. Glenny, Mr. J. Galsworthy, Rev. V. Grogan, Rev. C. Henry, Mrs. Himmer, Professor and Mrs. Holden. Mr. A. Holdshlp, Mr. P. Hunter, Mr. J. Illing, Mr. E. Joyce, Mr. F. W. Mahony, Mr. and Mrs. Marks, Mr. H. Martin, Miss Martin, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Matthews, Rev. K. M'Ewan, Mr. J. M'Laren, Mrs. J. T. Peate, Miss F. E.Peate,Mrs. Hacking, Miss L. Harley, Mr. W. Headley, Mr.. N. A. Hampton, Miss E. Herman. Mr. W. S. Hoddle, Mrs. Holmes, Mrs. and Miss Hull, Mr. A. J. Ingram, Mrs. J. Ingram, Miss Jackson, Mrs. Jarrett and family, Mr. J. T. Jebb, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Jenkinson, Mr. S. J. Jones, Mr. and   Mrs. Keyte and 2 children, Mr. F. H. King, Mr. and Mrs. J. Love and child. Mr. and Mrs. W. Mabbutt, Mr. W. Madeley, Mr. and Mrs. Manuel, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Marriott, Mr. J. McCormick, Mr. W. Ormerod, Rev. T. and Mrs. Phillips, Mr. C. Presse, Mr. R. Piper, Mr. E. P. Ralli, Mrs. Reid, sen.. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Reid and family, Mr. E. L. San- derson, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Simpson, Mr. C. A. Swinburne, Miss M. Walker Misses Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Reeves, Miss Reeves, Mr. W. Robertson.Mr.T. J. Roebuck, Mr. and Mrs. Rogers and 2 children, Mr. W. T. Rogers. Mr. G. Sawers, Mr. F. Senior, Mr. and Mrs W. Smith, Mr. E. Smith. Mr. W.B. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J. Spencer, Mrs. L. Von Stieglitz, Miss Von Steiglitz, Mr. and Mrs. Turnbull, Mrs. Turner and 2 children, Mr. J. W. Unstead, Miss L. C. Watkins, Mr. A. West, Mr. F. E. Whitham, Mr. G. R. Williams, Mr. A. Williamson, Captain G. and Mrs. Wilkinson. Mr. F. H. Wilkinson, Mr. J. E. Wilkinson, Miss F. Wood. Embarked at Naples: Dr. and Mrs. Weber. Embarked at  

Colombo ; Colonol E. D. Judd. Mr. Shaw, Mr. R. Gordon. Embarked at Albany : Mr. J. W. Tyler, Mrs. McPherson, Mr. Gard, Mr. and Mrs. Faulkner, Mr. J. E.Howie, Hon. J.

W. Hackett, A. G. Lumsden, J. G. Bridgett, Mr. and Mrs. Tann, Mr. Synott. From Melbourne : Miss Mostyn, Miss Malone, Messrs. Donald, Griffith, Rowlands, Beaty, J. Currie Elles, Mr. nnd Mrs. Levy. Messrs. G. H. Traill, Duffy. and Curtain, Mrs. and Master Mackenzie, Mr. Ayrton, Mr. D. Whytt. T. L. Devitt, agent.  

' Archer is.J, dill tjns. Captain 33. Henry, from 3farshnU Islnndn. Passoncers-Mr. and Mrs. Currie and child. Mr. nnd Mrs. F. O'Day, Messrs. F. Thomas, J. W. Buckland, T. G. H. Clark, Lockie, B. Hird (supoienrgo). Masters Benjamin Corrie, Allen O'Day, and 1 native. Henderson end M'Furlane, agents.

Tambo (s.1. 7112 tons, Captain J, Wavisb, from Launceston. Passengers-Mrs. Kelly anti Master Kelly, Mrs. Woodlor lind Master Woodlor, Mrs. Plggot, Mr. Piggott, Mr. Lari, Mr. J. S. Small, and G in thu steerage. Huadait, Purker,'and Co., Linütod, agenta.

-Namoi (a.), 1414 tons, Captain W. A. Knowles, from Nowcastle. Newcastle and Hunter Bivcr S. N. Company, agents.

' Gwydir (s.), r»18 tons, Captain W. Anderson, from New- castle H.R.N.8.N. Company, agents.

Gulf of Ancud (B.), 'Jilli tons, Captain Malcolm 8. Currie, from Liverpool, October 25th. Passengers"-Mr. and Mrs. Doig aud family, Mrs. and Miss Taylor, Mrs. Jump ' and son. For Auckland : Mr. S. Armstrong. For

Townsville: Miss Kate Fork. A. lt'Arthur and Co., agents.

Burrawong (s.), SOI tons, Catrfain R. Taplin, from Macleay Uiver December ¡JO. Passengers-Mrs. Bartlett, Miss Giblin, Mrs. Warper, Miss Boslioll, Mrs. Doman, Miss Lex, Mrs. Mathews, Mrs. Norstroan, Miss Nowtronn, Mrs. 33gan, Miss Lornor, Miss Johnstone, Miss Laxoll, Miss Grace, Mrs. Gnico, Mrs. O'Leary, Miss -Bulli Miss M'Carthy, Mrs. Drake, Mrs. Atkinson, Miss Gilbert, Mira Worboys, Miss Carey, Miss Pinkston, Messrs. R. Julinn, Coy, Wuakington, Johnstone, Rouhell, Harvey, Thornton, C. Harvey, Thompson, Warder Smith, Messrs. James, Drake, G. Hart, Verge, Ferrier, Graham. Egan, J. Ains- worth, H. Ainsworth, Thompson, Framer, Ling. Champion, ' Poulton, 'Bert, Davis, Hodson, ' Molloy, Burnes, Corey.

Ronald, James, Borger, Walsford, Dodds, and 10 in tho steerage. North Coast S. N. Company, Limited, agents«


'. Allowric (s.), fOO tons, Captain G. Walker, fr^m Eden, viii-ports 31st December. Passengers-Messrs. Dennis, Clay, Grant. Townsend. Oosnfcy, Hosking», M'Murtie, Rogerson, Hoskiugs, Miller, Church, Lazarus, Benn, Car- roll. Hulehinson, Crawley, Lloyd, Davis, Diversio, Mrs. Welling, Mrs. Turbot, Mrs. Dent, Mrs. Taylur, Mrs. Clay, Mrs. Davis, Miss Watson, Miss Nevin, and fl in tho uteer ngo. Illawarra S. N; Company. Limited, agents.

Banka Peninsula (s.). 171 tons, Captain M'Cooo, from STnnniup: BivcrOlst December. Passengers-Miss Murphy, Messrs. F. Townsend, Chrlnlicnscn, D. 1>!W¡H, H. M'Lcun, ,T. ,1. Booth, McPherson, Lee, Lyndon, Abbott, Cameron, Pullen, and 7 ia tho steerage. Ghost and Jowett, agents.

Newcastle (s.); 1251 tons, Captain ll. J. Skinner, from Newcastle 21st December. Newcastlo and Himter River B.S. Co., Limited, agents.

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