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TOKYO, Thursday.

\ United Nations relief column to-day smashed through Chinese forces ^vhich had encircled an American and French force at

Chipyong, 12 miles north of y o jil, pn the

ceulral Korean front.

The Chinese brpke and lied jin t^ie face of ihr a I tacking task force. l 5 * *

Tlio action took place Just be- fore diibk and glided two days,' encirclement of the U.N. 'tioops

United Nations foi ces also still hold' firmly on to Wonju after, shattering four enemy 'shock


Wonju is the hub of the Milch communications. '

Enemy troops earlier had

diivcn a 20-mflc wedge into the Allied lines'1 in' nil*'attempt to reach Woirju* <md (lap 100,000 Allies in the Sdotil aica

Fightcis and bombers fiom thé Çntish aircraft caincr Thc se'us made 57^ stiikes against

Communists -on the west coast yesterday with, excelolnt results "

On the c^ast <coast "United Nations wai ships including the Ausüalian ! Mcsti over, "Warra- munga " bombni ded 'Communists fai -north or 'the 38th Paiallcl, between Si"ipo*and Kyongsong

Eighth Al my Jicadquai ters an- nounced that "the Allies inflicted 10,223 ' casualties 'yèsteiday on CornmunläH -battling to captuie Wonju and Chipyong

A A P,- Reutcr <. coi respondent Ronald Batchelor describing the battle, said thVsectoi became a va st" slaughterhouse

' Piles of twisted'and toni bodies httcied the battlefield

* Ono AWciioaii division alono claimed ¿I" ftillod 3,070 enemy in the piist 24, hrçurs

À comroandôr' of Allied divi- sions on the^Ccntial fiont said,

"As of this* moment we have a vletoiy If the enemy makes anotjiei ti y he will have to îaisa his stakes " . s

%* VAnoUic-i« Unltt4 Nations vic- to! y on a usmallei seale waa

claimed on the Western ii ont

'againèt Noith JKoicans who had hoped to smash ¿he Han River line near SeonL

* Fnihei it wis announced that Biitish AustnJian and New Zealand 11 oops 11 ushed into tho billie hue on Hu» <ential KoreaVi f i lint > c1 ri day lind I lu own back a upv Communist rhive In Ina Ciii]iYim0 loju aiee, *