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Reds Near Wonjil And Chipyong In Two-Pronged Drive

TQKTO, Wednesday.

Chinese Communist) troops, in a^poyerf ¿I twin-pronged attack, reached the outskirt» or Chipyong and within three, fiiiles of \^onjü to-day. ir fi * t ^

The other-arm of the twin-pronged attack \>a« still being reinforced as 8,000 Commu- nists moved into the area immediately north of Wonju. ~ 1" ' *' (i ',

Further concentrations were also formed north-west of the

town wheie fighter planes attack-

ed a>soùlh-1)oiind Communist col- umn and claimed "supeuor" lt


Reporte also told of lu ige Cona miinist tioop concentrations mov- ing south 14 miles noith of Pyongchang, 35 miles cast* of Wonju ¿< ;

Wonju is the key town to all main loads in Southe Korean In- cluding those behind 100 00Ô AJlicd 11 pops around ( iReoul Enemy tank j and self-propelled guns now menace thf town

Chipyong is, 35 miles cast of Seoul andáis noith-cast of ^Vort

i Tlio igajiispH) of J?icnch.<and iAmcMca-iivtitôops' in the town to- day stemmed the powerful attacking ,> Cqmmunist iforce*? which last night tried to bvcr powei I them

An estimated 70 000 Chinese ne in action atound IChipyong Some make assaults on the town While otheis move south toward tJie vital Wonju-Yom road U-ad ing west to the main highway fiom keoïil * l i' t- \ , £\

The Allied force in -Chipyong (was left far out j« front when

the enemy ^becúpied Kbengsohg¡"

20 miles to the east and drove toward Wontu This move punch- ed an 18-mile dent in the AlUed line and caused- a general with


If the Communists gain the Wonjil Yoju toad they will be m a position to strike cast or west

behind til o Allied lines

They would menace four or moie division** along the western ft ont in the Seoul area, and the U S 10th Cot ps units holding the cential fiont line near Wonjil

Eight lumdted M ort h Koreanfe infiltrated the United Natiom Unca acioss the Han River, near Seoul to-day

The sudden move caused sur- prised staft officeis clerks and even cooks to grab rifles

Hundieds of infiltrators were siam before ' the survivors pttrmpt'xl to flop back across tho ilvci ntidei a hat! of tank and