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MINING :NEWS. MISCELLANEOUS: New cyanide plants are to be installed at the Laverton and Leonora State bat teries. About 1,800 tons of sands are awaiting treatment at Laverton, and about 200 tons of. ore 'are to be put through Mount Keith State battery. has beer suipended temporarily at the Uaisy Queen minein, Lawlers, and mill is being.put in good order. It is reported that more capital is being put into the company. During March 13,478 'tons of aecuin lated sands and slimes were treated by the- Sons of Gwalia Company for a re turn of 1,403 line oz. of gold. Frazer's Central Mine on the Yilgarn goldfield, is being unwatered to a depth of 0lft. to enable mining to be com-_ menced. lg'ifteen tons of ore obtained down to 15ft. on Wither and tiade's find six miles' north-east of Bullfinch, has yielded 45oz. Another parcel is. to be raised. Three cuwt of rich ore found at IiSft. in -the Cockshot Gold Mine near Cool gardie yielded. 73oz. of gold. The-own ers expect to get a lot more gold from this patch. Emerald workings at Poonah. abort 40 miles north-west of Cue. have be~a inspected by three mining men who hare gone to Adelaide.