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    William HOWARD
    (Parents William HOWARD and Elizabeth STEWART)
    (***Both father and son with same name and married a woman with same first name)

    Born 22nd October 1827 Erskine Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Died 22nd March 1915 Balmain North, NSW, Australia aged 88.
    69/1915 HOWARD WILLIAM WILLIAM ELIZABETH BALMAIN NORTH|||lcategory=Family+Notices%7Ccategory%3AFamily+Notices|||fromyyyy=1915|||anyWords|||tomm=12|||fromdd=01|||ltitle=%7C35|||lword=*ignore*%7C*ignore*|||notWords|||toyyyy=1915|||todd=31|||frommm=01|||sortby=dateAsc#pstart1274933
    The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 27 March 1915
    HOWARD,-In loving memory of our dear father, William Howard, who departed this life March 22, 1915 aged 88 years. Inserted by his loving wife, and son and daughter-in-law, Joseph and E. Howard.

    Married Elizabeth HOLLEY
    Parents Joseph HOLLEY and Jane UNKNOWN
    Marriage 28th August 1852 St Mary’s Church of England, Balmain, NSW, Australia
    NF Church of England Ashfield, Balmain, Burwood, Concord
    Born – not on NSW BDM index
    Died 11th July 1917, at 7 Nicholson-street, Balmain East,, NSW, Australia –aged 89 years.
    10411/1917 HOWARD ELIZABETH JOSEPH JANE BALMAIN NORTH|||anyWords|||notWords|||l-textSearchScope=*ignore*%7C*ignore*|||fromdd=01|||frommm=01|||fromyyyy=1917|||todd=31|||tomm=12|||toyyyy=1917|||l-word=*ignore*%7C*ignore*|||sortby|||l-title=The+Sydney+Morning+Herald...%7Ctitleid%3A35|||l-category=Family+Notices%7Ccategory%3AFamily+Notices#pstart1263511
    The Sydney Morning Herald Thursday 12 July 1917
    HOWARD. —July 11, 1917, Elizabeth, relict of the late William Howard, boatbuilder, of 7 Nicholson-street, Balmain East, aged 89 years. "Life's troubles o'er.

    Buried 12thJuly 1917 Church of England, Rookwood, NSW, Australia|||anyWords|||notWords|||l-textSearchScope=*ignore*%7C*ignore*|||fromdd=01|||frommm=01|||fromyyyy=1917|||todd=31|||tomm=12|||toyyyy=1917|||l-word=*ignore*%7C*ignore*|||sortby|||l-title=The+Sydney+Morning+Herald...%7Ctitleid%3A35|||l-category=Family+Notices%7Ccategory%3AFamily+Notices#pstart1263508

    The Sydney Morning Herald Thursday 12 July 1917
    HOWARD.-The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. JOSEPH HOWARD are kindly Invited to attend the Funeral of their late beloved MOTHER, Elizabeth; to leave their residence, 7 Nicholson-street, Balmain East, THIS AFTERNOON, at 12.30 o'clock, for Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood.
    HOWARD.-The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. COOTE and FAMILY, Mrs. FENTON and FAMILY, JESSIE HENEE, and JOHN HOWARD are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their late beloved GRANDMA and GREAT-GRANDMA, Elizabeth Howard; to leave their residence, 7 Nicholson-street, Balmain East, THIS AFTHEROON, at 12.30 o'clock, for Church of England Cemetery Rookwood.

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    BLOOMFIELD-HINDMARSH - Guy's birth record gives surname as Haydon.

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Family Notices

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ALDER. -March 19, to thc wife of Arthur B. Aide

Deloraine, Brighton-street, Petersham-a - daughu (Stella Lillian).

ALLEN. -March 22, 1915, at Loomberah private Hos-

pital, Carthage-street, Tamworth, to Mr, and Mrs .J. H. Allen-a son.

BATTYE (nee Beryl Horder).-March 20, at Calmni

Nurse McMahon's private hospital. Glebe Point, tb wife of ,1. C. Sydney Battye-a son (Keith Sydney) BETTS. -March 2, at Vale Head, Molong, the wife of

H. C. Betts-a son.

BLAXLAND.-March. 10, at Dunvegan, Westcrn-roat

Parramatta, to Mr. awl Mrs. ll. C. Blaxland-a daugl


BURBIDGE. -March 23, at Nurse Thompson and Eville

private hospital, Katoomba, wife of Alec Burbridge a daughter      

CAHILL (nee Nella Merchant).— March 22, at 42 Rag-

lan-street, Waterloo, the wife of A. J. Cahill, of a daughter (Joan).

CHAMBERLAIN. -.luivniiry 22, ut Rockleigh, Watson'

Bay, the wife of John Chamberlain, of a daughter.

CHANNON.-March 10, at Lister Hospital, the wife c

S. J. Channon, Killara-a son.

CHAPMAN.-March 13. nt 02 Dahousle-strcet, Habel ' Held, the wife of Hyman Chapman (nee lila Paj

kin)-a daughter.

CLAYTON.-March 20, 1915, at Nurse Page's privat  

hospital, Ballintoy, Willoughby-road, North Sydnc.i to Mr. mid Mrs. Ernest Clayton, Atehison-streel North Sydney-a son.

COOTE.-February 23, 1015, nt Nurse Green's privat

hospital, 0 Fredbert-strcel, Leichhardt, to Mr. an Mrs. G. Coote, Lakemba-a son.

DAVOREN.-March 23, 1015, at Nurse Saundcrso

Brown's private hospital, 15 Woolcott-street, Darline hurst, the wife of George L. Davoren-of a so (George Corry),

DENT.-March 17, at the rectory. Austinmer, to th

Rev. and Mrs. O.Q. Dent-a son. '

DORAHY.-March 16, at Ashgrove, Austenham-road:

Leichhardt, to Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Dorahy-a son Joseph Raymond (Ray).

EDWARDS.-February 20, 1015, at Bowning, to Mr. an  

Mrs. W. A. Edwards-a daughter (Linnie).

EYLES. -March 20, at Cooinda Private Hospital, ' Net

tral Bay, thc wife of Harry H. Eyles-a daughter.

FULLER.-February 21, at Queenscliffe, Manly, to Mi

and Mrs. V, Fuller-a daughter.

GREENWOOD.-March I.e. at Nurse Primrose's privat

hospital, Livingstone-road, Petersham, to Mr. am Mrs, A. Greenwood, Union-street, Dulwich Hill daughter.

GREET. -March 2, nt Torpolnt, Hurstville, the wife o

Harold Greet-n son (.lohn).

GUNTHER.-March 20, at Condong, Tweed River, t

Mr. and .Mrs. Cyril M. Gunther-a daughter.

INMAN.-March 20, at AhbotsfonI Private Hospital

Katoomba, to Mr. and Mrs. Inman-a daughter (Emil, Lillian).

LAWRY.-March 25. at Kolan!, Kurraba-mad, Neutra

Hay, to Captain and Mrs. W.' Spencer lawry-t daughter.

LEMAIRE. -March 4, 1015, at St. lawrence Privat

Hospital, Chatswood, to Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Lcmalie of Epping-a son (Arthur Greatrcx).

LONGWORTH.-Varch 10. 1015, at Nurse Whiting'

private hospital, Neutral Bay, to Mr. and Mr¡ Sydney Longworth, Borah, Moree-a daughter.

MCCLELLAND.-March 8, at Waukatlni, Mosman, Iii

wife of G. IL McClelland-a daughter.

McINTOSH. -March 26, thc wife of Ernest Mein

tosh, of a son.

MARR (nee Kitty Gibbins). - March 21, at Clark-

street, Harden, wife of J. N. Marr - a son (Alfred James).

MINNETT. -March IS, al Nara, Morubcn-road, Mosman

to Mr. and Mrs. Leslie A. Minnett-a daughter.

MOSS (nee Nellie Little).-March 15, 1015. at Lucinda

avenue. Wahroonga, thc wife of Sydney A. Moss a daughter.

MURDOCK. -March 16. at Cooinda private hospital

Wycombe-road, Neutral Bay, thc wife of J. Ilarolc

Murdock-a son.

MURDOCH (nee Essie Chalmers).-.March IS, at Heath

field Private. Hospital, Wood's-avenuc, Woollahra thc wife of W. W. Murdoch-a daughter.

PARKER.-February in, at Maroubra, Harden-road, Ar

tarinon, the wife of ll. H. J. 'Parker-a son.

PEEK.-March 13, 1915, at Panorama-street, Lismore,

to Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Peek-a son.

PLUMRIDGE.-The wife of H. Plumridge, of Moorfield

road, Belmore, of a son. Both doing well.

PRICE (nee Essie Richie). - March 14, at "The Haw-

thorns", Penrith, the wife of Leo T. Price - of a daughter.

RALPH (nee Dot Stevens).-March 10, 1015, at Hin

lop, Bclmore-roail. Hurstville, the wife ot William R. Ralph, of a son (Ronald William).

SELMES (nee leleen Foster).-Mnrch 22. 1016,- ot

Nurse Page's private hospital, Ballintoy, Willoughby road, North Sydney, the wife of ll. W. Seltnes, North Sydney-a son.

SIMPSON (nee Lydia Mann).-March 12, at Mascot,

Sackville street, Bexley, to Mr. and Mrs. P. Simp son-a, daughter (Phyllis May).

SKY. -March 12, nt Nurse .Stains-Hall's private hospi

tal, Sioma. Jersey-road, Woollahra, to wife of Iv« .1. Skv, Arizona, Mansou-road, Strathfield-twin boj and girl.

SMITH (nee Elsie Murphy). -March 10, 1015, at Ar

dencaple. Holt-avenue, Mosman, to Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Smith-a son (Brlau Louis). ?

SMITH (nee Elina Maud-Tean-Stafford).-March 23

at Nurse Simpson's private hospital, Scone, to Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Smith-a son.

THOMSON.-March ll, at Cooinda private hospital,

Wyeombc-road, Neutral Bay, thc wife of J. S. Thom- son, Belmont-road, Mosman-a son.

TILEY (nee Alice Carruthers).-March 5, at Oreti, El

tham-street, lewisham, the wife of Reginald M. Tiley-a son (Raymond "Moxey).

TINCKAM.-March 25, at 151 Petersham-road, Marrick-

ville, the wife of H. N. Tinckam-a son.

UPJOHN.-March 20, at Bilgola, Napier-strcct, Tam-

worth, to Mr. and Mrs. W. O. R. Upjohn-a son.

WATSON (nee Lily Archer).-March 15, at Pembroke,

Military-road, Mosman, to Mr. and Mrs. J. J. E. Watson-a daughter.


ALLAN-MONTGOMERY. -February 16, 1915, at Christ

Church, St. Kilda, Melbourne, by Rev. George Pen nicott, Herbert Leslie, third son of Mr. and Mrs. J J . Allan (J J Dallas), of Forest Hill, Lon don. to Elsie Maria, youngest daughter of the late   Archibald Montgomery, of Tasmania, and Mrs. E.  

Green, of St. Kilda, Melbourne

BERRIMAN-WATKIN. -March 6, 1915, at the Me-

thodist Church, Ashfield, by the Rev. R. East, as- sisted by the Rev. J. C. Hill. Arthur Ernest, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Berriman, of Marrickville, to Gladys Esther, seventh and youngest daughter of the late J. W. Watkin and Mrs. Watkin, of Wel- lesley, Ashfield. Present address, Minora, Moss Vale. BLOOMFIELD-HINDMARSH. -March 6, 1916, at

St. James's Church, Burwood, by the Rev. R. Scott West, Guy Bloomfield, second son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Haydon Bloomfield, Blandford, to Jean Isabel Bonnie, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. T. Hindmarsh, Struan, Lismore.

BOOTH - MILLMAN - On February 25, at St Stephen's

Presbyterian Church, Phillip-street, Sydney, by Rev. John Ferguson, Harold Charles, second son of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Booth, of Balmain, to Ethel May, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Millman, of Leichhardt (late of Bathurst).

CADDY-HARDY.-March 6, at St. Stephen's Church,

Newtown, by the Rev. H. S. Begbie, Leslie Joseph, youngest son of the late Joseph and Mrs. Caddy, of Kogarah, to Elsie Margaret, second youngest daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hardy, of Reiby-street,


CRAWFORD-HARRISON. -On February 2. 1015, . at

SI. Aime's Church, Homebush,, by the Rev. ll. T. Rose. Hugh, the fourth HOC * of Hie late Robert Vrawford, Hill End. Rooty Hill, to Lillie, the second »laughter of Joseph Harrison, . Ashby, Oxford-road,


CRAWFORD-HARRISON. -On February 2, 1915, al

St. Anne's Church, Homebush, by tho Rev. II. T. Rose, Bruce, the youngest son of the late Robert Crawford, Hill End, Rootv Hill, to Emily, thc fifth daughter of Joseph Harrison, Ashby, Oxford-road,

, Homebush.

CRAWFORD-MALLAM. -March 3, 1015, ot St. Pctcr'e

Cathedral, Armidale, by the Rev. Canon Johnstone, Alexander, son of Mr. T. Crawford. Yoorooga, Wal <- iu-riiad, to Ethel Dallison, second daughter of the .late Dr. L. .1. Nallam, Loloma, Armidale.

DOUST-NEWMAN. -March 17, 1915, at the Method-

ist Church, Dorrigo, by the Rev. G. Nelson Ben sley, Stafford, second son of Mr. and Mrs. Reu   ben Doust, Bellingen, to Nellie, only daughter of   Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. B. Newman, Dorrigo.  

FLOWER-SMALE. -November 21, 1011, at Grantala,

Edward-street Kogarah, by the Rev. G. Cranston, Robert Gregg, third son of Mr. Frederick Gregg Flower, Gunawnh, Bangalow,' to Evelyn, eldest daugh- ter of Mr. S. G. ,Smalc, Kogarah. Address, Glenel- gin, Bangalow

FORREST-JONES. -March.' 3, 1915, at St. Philip's,

Church Hill, by Rev. Alfred Venn. James Wilkin, second son of Mr. and Mis. Thomas Forrest,' Mosman, to Frances Amelia, youngest .daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Evan Jones, Mosman.

GIBB-LUSTY. - February 21, 1915, at Barnabas' Church

uf England, Fairfield, George Henderson, eldest son of llenrv L. «¡bb, or Fairfield, lite of Bondi,! to Susan Rachel, eldest daughter of Willum Lusty, of Waverley, New Zealand and home papers please copy. GIOVANELLI-LYONS. - February 0, at St. James'

Roman Catholic Church, Forest Lodge, by the Rev. Monsignor Connan, Ernest, eldest son of George (,'lovaneIII, Grafton, fo Margaret, second daughter of .Inn. Lyons, of Wattle Vulo, Boorowa.

GREEN-RICHARDS. -On February 8, 1915, at the  

Mary Immaculate Church, Waverley, by the Rev. Father Callaghan, Henry J. F., only son of the late John Green, J.P., and Mrs. M. C. Green, of Rowena, Busby-parade, Waverley, to Kathleen, fourth daughter of the late William Richards, of Grawlin, Forbes, and Mrs. Richards, Wonga, Forbes.

HOGAN-LARSEN. -February 3, 1915, at St Mary's

Cathedral, Sydney, by tho Rev. Father Sherm, Thomas Grattan, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. ! W. Hogan, of Randwick, to May, eldest daughter

of Mr. and Mrs. E. Larsen, of Milson's Point

KELLY-THORNBORROW. - March 3, at St. Stephen's

Church, Newtown, by the Rev. H. S. Begbie, Wil- liam Joseph, eldest son of the late Mrs. Kelly and Mr. F. Kelly, of Randwick, to Millicent Maud, only    

daughter of the late Mr. G. Thornborrow and Mrs. Thornborrow, of Newtown.

LEWIS-ROCKLIFFE. - February 23, nt St. Stephen's.

Phillip-street, Sydney, by Rev. John Ferguson, Leslie Raymond, youngest son of Mrs. lt. Lewis, Na- rooma, South Court, to Margaret .Lorimer, third daughter of Roger Ayton HocklifT, of Sydney.

McKENZIE-EATON. -February 2", 1915, nt 'Newtown

Jtcthodist Church, by Rev. J. W. Holden, Ilugli, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. D. McKenzie, of Cam In-id-e-drcct, Stanmore to Stella Grace, eldest daugb. ter of Mr. and Mrs. .1. Ellen, of Lincoln-street, Stan-


MAIDMENT-HAMEY. -lanuary 13, 1915, at St.

Aldan's Church, Annandale, Gi-orge 1 íviun, fourth son of -Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Jil dmenl, of Had fern lo. Beatrice, -youngest daughter of Mr. and Mr«.' William Hamey, of Forest Lodge.

MENARD-HUGHES. - March 17, 1015, nt St. Peter's

Church Frederickton (N.S.W.), by the Rev. C. .T. t'h-unbets, John .Louis Menard, of Sydney, to Albert», ' fourth daughter uf Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hughes, of

Fiedoikklon. . .

NEWMAN-McPHAIL. - luiiuary IS, 10)5, nt Congre-

gational I Lurch, Sydney, by Hie Hov. E. L. Coulter,

Arthur Henry, youngest son of Mr. mid Alis. vt,

Netviuin of Marrickville, to Dorothy Jean, only daughter of tho lute Alexander McPliail -and Mrs. Mcphail, of Mosman. ,

SIMPSON-CORMACK. -February 27, 1915, at Wahroon-

ga Presbyterian Church, Sydney, by the Rev. J. Kemp Bruce, Alexander Don, eldest son of John   and Jane Simpson, Invergourie, Dundee, Scotland, to Catherine Marjory, eldest daughter of William and Elizabeth Cormack, late of Castletown, Scotland. SMALL-HOGAN. -March 10, 1915. St. Luke's [Con

,-ord bv A. II. Venn. Concord, Thomas Mcl-.waii, third win of Mr, and Mrs. Thomas MeEwan Small,

of Buxton, to Daisy Elizabeth, third daughter of| i Mr and Mrs, 0. K. Hogan, of Silverwater, Auburn.


PAYNE-STENBERG. -February 20, 1915, at St. Ste  

phen's Church, Edgecliff-road, Woollahra, by thc Rev. John Newton Stephen, Herbert A. lt. Payne, to Mary 0. Stenberg.

STUART-CLARKE. -ganuary 30, 1015, ot St.. Bar

nabas' Church, George-streot West, by the Rev. Canon Charlton, Walter, youngest son ot Mr/ and Mrs. Alexander Stuart, of Glebe, Sydney, to Ellen Frances (Nellie), youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clarke, of Annandale, and granddaughter of the late Henry Harding, of Itcdfcrn.

SWINEY - HOLSTON. - March 23, 1915, at St. Stephen's

Presbyterian Church, Phillip-street, Sydney, by the Rev. John Ferguson, Thomas James, only son of G. E. Swiney, Esq., T. and G. Insurance Inspector, Orange, to Irene (Nurse), fifth daughter of James Holston, Braemar, Adaminaby.

TATE- BURCHER.-January 10. 1915, .at St. James'  

Church, Sydney, by the Rev. Wcntworth-Sheilds, Wil- liam Tarren,- only son of W. Tate, of Rockdale, to

Mabel Violet, only daughter of S. T. Burcher, of   Bexley. Present address Taymount, Dunmore-strcct,


TAYLOR-SCOTT. -February 27, 1915, al St, John's!

Church, Ashllcld, by tho Rev. Alfred Ynrnold, Jack Cyril Strangman Taylor, to Florence Scott,

TINDALE-WATSON. - March 16, 1915, at St. Ste-

phen's Church, Phillip-street, by the Rev.- John   Ferguson, George Harold Tindale, to Grace M. Watson.

WALSHE-MOORE. -March 10, 1915. at St. Peter's

Church, Darlinghurst, by the Rev. S. H. Denman, Eric Dalrymple, youngest son of the late James Walshe, of Beellevue Hill, to Helen Clemence, only daughter of the late Prior Moore, of Kellett-street,


WILLIAMS. -In loving memory of my dear mother,

Mary Williams, who died at "her late residence, Pen beagle, Arundel-strcct, Forest Lodge, Glebe, March 2S, 10H. _SadIy missed. Inserted hy her loving danchtrr, M. L, Sheriff.


LEAN-MILLER. -.March 2S. 1890, at Petersham, Syd-

ney, by the Rev. Joseph Robertson, M.A., Jabez, |

third son of thc late Christopher and Elizabeth Lean, of Bodmin, Cornwall, England, to Amy Barbara, youngest daughter of the late John Frederick and Cutherine Miller, of Dalwood, Hunter River, New South Wales. Prêtent address, King-street, Balmain,


VAUGHAN-ROSTRON. -March 20,. 1890, at St. Ste-

phen's, Church-street, Newtown, hy thc late Rev. Charles Duppuy, William James Lee, second son of thc late James William Vaughan, of tho Queen's Own, 9th Lancers, Surrey, England, lo Rachel, the youngest daughter of the late Edmund Rostron, of Lancashire, England. Present address. Palace-street,

Home pnpers please copy.


BASSETT-WATSON. -March 27, 1805, at Sterling

street, Redfern, by Rev. W. Slatycr, Robert Bas- sett, eldest son of late S. Bassett, of Ixmdon, to Mary» youngest daughter of late John Watson, of

Sydney. Present address, 8 Arthur-street, Marrlck- ] ville. Brisbane papers please copy.


BARSDEN.—March 26, 1915, suddenly, at Brookside,  

Parramatta, Lilian May, only daughter of the late

J. H. and K. Barsden.

CAMERON.-March 25. 1915, Helen, widow of the late  

Neil Cameron, of Cluny, The Avenue, Strathfield. By request, no Howers.

COLLINS.-March 20, 1915, at Marrickville Hospita!,  

Edmond Collins, aged 50 years. R.l.P.

CONLIN. - March 21, 1915, at his residence, S05 Cleve-

land-street, Redfern, John Conlin, youngest son of the lalo John and Sandi Conlin, aged 02 years.

DAWE. -Mareil 20, al Manly Cottage Hospita], Eve,  

dearly loved wife of Thonins Henry Dawe, of Bal gowliih-road. Manly, and daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. George John Ohidgey, of Balmain, aged 54 years. ,

FELS. - March 22, at Normanton, Monihen-road, Mos-1

man (suddenly) Frederick Fels, ot Springwood. In- terred Rookwood Cemetery, Tuesday, Morck 23, 1015.

GEE. -March 20, Carmel Willis, beloved husband of

Margaret, and son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Gee, Camp- belltown, aged 32 years.

GORMAN.-March 26, at 19 Hughes-street, Potts Point,  

Isabella, widow of the late John V. Gorman, Tara, Ocean-street, Woollahra, aged, 95 years. R.l.P.

GRIFFITHS.—March 22, at 82 Hill-street, Leichhardt,  

Lillian Joyce, beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Griffiths, aged 2 years and 3 months. Safe in the

arms of Jesus.

JAMIESON. --March 28, 1915, at 37 Arcadia-road, Clcbc,

Point, suddenly, Walter Jamieson, aged 83 years,

LEE. -March 24, at her late residence, 21 Sutto

street, Alexandria, Nellie' Frances, dearly heloved

daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Percy J. Lee, aged I* j

years 3 months.

L'GREEN (nee Selby). - March 20, at Junee, Florence

Pearl, the dearly beloved sister of Mrs. Lionel Hor- ton, of Five Dock (suddenly), aged 23 years. In-  

terred at Junee March 22.

LUMB.-January 28, 1915. at Bradford, Y'orkshlre,

üngland, Honora, thc beloved mother of IL Lumti, j and only sister of Mr?. M'Carihy, Olenmorc-road, Rtl5hcuttcr Bay. v

MILLS.-February 5, nt Cheltenham, Gloucestershire,

England, William Mills, retired coachbuildcr, In his 87th year, beloved father of Mrs. Sidney A. Hyde, Rocky Point-road, Rockdale. At rest.

NATHAN. -»March 23, at her parents' residence,

Cavan, Elizabeth-street, Zetland, Margaret Veronica     Nathan, aged 7 months. R.I.P.

PAYNTER. - March '25, 1015, at his late residence.

Stoneleigh, Woodward-avenue, Strathfield, Robert Einclius Paynter, in his SGth year. Queensland' and home' papers please copy.

PITMAN. -March 25, 1915, at lier late residence, 151

Darling-street, Balmain, Sarah Pitman, in her OSUl year, after a lingering illness.

RAE. -March 24, suddenly, at Melbourne, Robert A.

"' , lute of Sussex Station, N.S.W.

REDFERN. -.March 24, Manly Cottage Hospital, Alice

Grace, dcariy loved wife of Herbert W. S., and mother pf Raymond Lewis Redfern, aged 35 years. Interred Thursday.

A precious gift gone home,

RAFFERTY. -March 24, 1915, at his residence, Rita

Ville, Bonar-street, West Maitland, Peter, beloved husband of M. E. Rafferty, aged 72.

REDFERN.-March 24, Manly Cottage Hospital, Alice  

Grace, dearly loved and only daughter of lt. G. and E.", and sister of Toni, Arthur, and Walter Hogarth.

He giveth His beloved sleep.

ROBERTS.-March 1, 1015, at lils residence, Duke of  

Cornwall Hotel, Broken Hill, Harry Lewis, beloved husband .of ll. L. Roberts, aged 07 years,

WADE. -March 23, 1915. at Sydenham, suddenly,

Robert Wade, kite of Tambaroora and Nundle, aged 74, beloved brother of Mrs. H. lawler, of Elgin

square, Campsie.

WOOD-CHISHOLM. -March 23, nt Victoria Barracks,

Paddington, Oswald Harold, dearly beloved nephew mid adopted sou of Edward II. and Annie Wood, of Cambridge-street, Watson's Bay, nged 17 years and " months, of double pneumonia and meningitis.


ABRAHAMS.-In sad but loving memory of our dearly I

beloved mother, Maud, who departed this life March 28, 1912. Though death divides, memory clings. Inserted by her sorrowful children. Emanuel, Alice! Willum, Emma, and Wallace.

APPS.-In loving memory of my dear husband, who I

departed tins life March 28, 1914.

The end came sudden, husband, dear;

lt made us weep and sigh.

And, oh, it was so bani to think

You could not say good-bye.

Inserted by his loving wife and baby boy, Clara and

Thomas Apps.

BENNETT.-lu loving memory of our desr mother,

Mary Ann'Bennett, who departed this life Marth 28, 1911. Sweet Jenas, have mercy on lier soul. In- serted hy her loving children, .May, Violet, Richard.

BENNETT.-In sad but ever loving memory of our

dear Neille, who departed this life March 28, 1908,

aged 27 years, of meningitis. ? 1

Oh, for the touch of a vanished hand.

And thc sound of a voice that is still.

Inserted by her loving mother, brother, and sister, |

Winifred, Fred, and Esther G. Bennett.

BLOW.-In sad and loving memory of our dear danghte

and sister, Nora Blow, who departed thia life March 25, 1011, aged 21 years.

O blessed Virgin Mary Thy mercy I implore.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have mercy on her BOUL

Inserted lu- ber loving mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. A. M'Mahon, and her sisters and brothers; also her little children, Jacky and Bessie Blow. | BLOW. -In ever loving memory of- our dear slitor,

Nora- Blow, who departed this life March 28, 1911,

aged 24 years. I

You are not forgotten, Nora, dear;

Nor will you ever he- . , As lone as life and memory last We will remember thee.

Inserted by lier loving sister and brother-in-law, Maude ond Leslie Rollinson;

BOOKER. -In sad Mit loving memory of my dear wife,

Katie, who departed this life March 28, 1914.

Fondly 1 loved her.

She Is dear to mc still.

But In criof we must bend

To Cod's holy will.

Inserted by her loving husband. Will.

BOOKER.-in loving memory of our dear daughter,

Kutlc, who departed this life March 2S, 1914.

Not dead to us-wc loved her dear.

Not lost-but gone before.

She lives with us in memory still,

And will for evermore.

Inserted hy her loving father and motlier.

BOOKER.-In loving memory of our dear sister, Katie,

who departed this life March 28, 1914.

Wc loved her? Yes. No tongue can te 1 How dcnplv, how dearly, and how well. God loved 'her, too, mid thought it best To take her home willi Ulm to rest.

Inserted by her loving sisters, Annetta, Gladys, and


BOOKER.-In loving memory of our dear sister Kati,,

who departed this life .March ss, 1914.

Wc lliiiik ol you, dear Kalie,

And our hearts are sore with pain. A This world would be a heaven

Could wo hear your voice again.

Inserted liv her loving brother and sister-in-law,

Norman and Lizzie Burne.

CABLE.-In loving memory of our dear sister. Maude,

third eldest daughter of the late Upton Bradford, of Paddington, who departed this life .March 27, 1912. Inserted by her loving sisters and brothers. With   Christ, which is far better.

CAMPBELL. - In ever loving memory of my dear hus- band. William Campbell, who departed this life

March 28, 1907. .

No space of time, no lapse of years,

Cnn dim my husband's past.

His loving memory holds him dear,

And will until tho hut.

Inserted by his cver-Ioving wife.

CAMPBELL.-In loving remembrance of pur dear father, Willum Campbell, who departed this life March

,¿>Í' As the ivy clings to the oak, ,

So our meillon' clings tn thee.

Inserted by Allie and Os: _,,,," CAMPBELL. -In ever hiving memory pt our dear father,

Wiiuini Campbell, who departed this lifo March 28, m'' There Is one bond death cannot sever:

Loving remembrance, which lasts for ever. Inserted li.v Will and Lizzie.

CHURCH. -In loving memory of our dear mother.

Flora Ann Church, lute of Queensland, who departed

Oils lifo March 27, HUI.

Though .Thou lui« called mo lo resign What most 1 prlzcd-it ne'er was mine 1 only yielded «hat was Thine.

Thy will be done.

What though In lonely grief I sigh For friends helmed no longer nigh, Submissive, would still reply,

"Thy will he done." , " Inserted by her loving sons, B. H. Raynor and W.

G. E. Blatchford.      

COADY -In loving memory of our darling mother,

who departed this life March 28, 1014. Inserted by her daughter and son, Mrs. and Mr. F. Tierney.


COADY.-In loving memory of my darline; mother,

departed this life March 2S. 1014. Inserted bj loving daughter, Dolly. Sweet Jesus, have n

on her soul.

COADY.-In loving memory of my loving sister,

departed this lite March 28. IOU. Inserted by loving sister and niece, Margaret and Mary Cassi* CORRICK. -In loving memory of our dear mo

Mary Ann Cornell, who departed thia life Marci 100S, at lialmain, aged 50 years. Inserted by loving daughter und son-in-law, Maggie and Ii:


CROCKETT.- In fond and loving memory of our a

loved motlier, Charlotte Emily, late of Siam , who died at Sydney Hospital, March 2S, 1914.

tnv beloved father. James, who died at Stan

July 10, 1S93.

Tho midnight stars aro shining

Upon ii. silent grave,

Where slccpcst without dreaming ' Tile ones wc could not save.

Inserted by their fond children, May, Charlotte,

and Roy.

CROCKETT.-In ever loving memory of my dearly 1

mother, Charlotte Emily, who died in Sydney

pital, March 2?, 1914. Also my beloved fal James, who died at Stannum, July 10, 1893.

You are not forgotten, my parents, dear; Nor will you ever be.

As long as lifo and memory lash I'll always think of thee.

Inserted by their sorrowing eldest daughter, E (New Zealand pupers please copy.)

CROVER (nee Crackles).-In tender memory of

darling daughter irene, wno passed sway March

10U9. ' .

Though deutli divides memory clings.

DAVIS.-In loving memory of my dear husband

our dear father, John Davis, who departed Oils March 2S, 1012. Thy will bc done. Inserted lils loving wife, Mabel, and children.

DAWSON.-In loving memory of our dear mot

Jessie, who departed this life March 2S, 1905, i 42 years. CR.U.S. Inserted by her lo' daughters. Ella, Annie, and Beatie.

EDWARDS. - In loving memory of our darling dal

ter, Elizabeth Ann (Bessie), who departed this

March 2S, 1914.

This lovely bud, so young, so fair,

Called hcuca by curly doom,

Just caine to show how sweet a flower

in Paradise would bloom.

Ere sin could barm or torr ow fade

Death came with friendly care,

The opening bud to heaven conveyed,

And bade it blossom there

Inserted by ber sorrowing parents, J. and


EDWARDS.-In , loving memory of my dear ll

granddaughter, who departed this life March 2S, lt

A lovely flower us white as snow

Was by un angel given.

But fearing earth should spoil its bloom

Cod planted her in heaven.

Inserted by her loving grandmother, L. E.

EDWARDS.-In loving memory of our dear li

friend, Elizabeth Ann Edwards, who departed life March SS, 1914, aged 14 montlis, At rest,

se.rted by ber loving triends, M. and W. Murphy, EGAN. -Sucred to the memory of our dearly-belo

daughter and sister, Agnes, who departed this

March 2?, 1013. R.I.P. Inserted by her lov fadier and mother, sisters and brothers.

EGAN.-Sacred to the memory ol our dearly-lo

lister, Agues, who departed this lifo Milich 1913. H.I.P. Inserted by her loving sister brother-in-law, Ccrtlo and Will Edwards.

EGAN. -Sacred to the memory "of our diarly-loved

ter, Agnes, who departed this life March 27, RV Inserted by her loving sister and brothcr-iii-1 May and Carl Nissen.

FLYNN.-A tríbulo of love to the memory of our c mother. Johanna M. A. Flynn (late of Burvvoi who passed away March 27, 1009, aged 62 vears.

scried by her ever loving daughter and 'son-In-1 Lilian and Lloyd Heath.

GALE. -In loving memory of my dear mother. Ct

lotte Gale, who departed this life March 28, ll ot Paddington, oged Ot years.

Twelve months have passed, my heart Is sore As time goes on I miss von more.

Inserted by her loving daughter, Alice Knie


GINMAN.-In loving memory of my dear husbi

and our dcor dad, Robert Ginman (Bob), who

parted this life on March 27, 1014. We miss li most who loved him best. Inserted by lils lov, wife, Annie, and children, Ireno and little Bob GREEN.-In loving memory of my dear father,  

William Stephen Green, who departed this lite Mo 27, 1011. Inserted by his loving daughter, Dui


HOWARD. -In loving memory of our dear father,  

William Howard, who departed this life March 22, 1915 aged 88 years. Inserted by his loving wife, and son and daughter-in-law, Joseph and E. Howard.

HUBY.-In loving memory of William Wilkinson

Huby, who passed away March 28, 1905. Inserted his loving wife. Jane Huby.

HUBY. -In loving memory of William Wilkinson

Huby, who passed away March 28, 1905. Insert by his loving children, Emily, Muriel, Will,' a

Myra Huby.

In loving but sod remembrance of our darli

daughter, Lydia Emily, who dcporlcd this 1 March .27, 1911, «ged 6 years 10 months, after long and painful illness, .

God In His love has taken

What to us a time was given.

She is safe, wc must not 6orrow,

For our angel girl ls lu heaven.

Inserted by lier sorrowing parents, Mary and . bert, also brother and sister Nicholas and Ruby JONES. -In loving memory of our dear son, N

man Chainliers Jones, who died at Elizabcth-stri Granville, March 28, 1907, aged 5 years and months. Inserted by his loving parents, A, H. a

E. Jones, and brother Will.

KENNA.-In loving mernoo' of my dear husband a

futhor, Patrick Kenna, who departed this life

March 27, 190.1. Rest In peace. Inserted by I loving wife and son, Pat.

KERIM - In loving memory of my dear father, Abdul

Kerim, who departed this life March 27th, 1913. Inserted by his loving daughter and son-in-law, Amy

and Alfred Mullins.

KIRKLAND.-In ever loving memory of my dt

daughter and our dear sister, Morlan (IfJm), w fell asleep March 27, 1010. Inserted by her io

lng mother, brother, and sister.

LEONARD.-In loving memory of our dear mathe

Maria 1/ionord, who departed this life March 2S, 101 Sweet Jesus, liave mercy on her soul. Inserted I her son and daughter-in-law, John and Kate Leonor LESLIE.-In loving mernoo' of my dear wife, Joseph!]

(Vena), who departed this life March 28, 191L 1 sertcil by her loving husband, Charles Leslie.

LUTWYCHE.-In sad but loving memory of our dei

mother, Xlnry Ann Lutwyche, who departed th life March 27th, 1903, aged 47 years,

'Time may pass, hut. memory lingers.

Inserted by her loving daughter and son-in-Iav

.Essie and Alfred Smith.

LUTWYCHE.-In sad and loving memory of our dei

mother, Mary Ann, who departed this life Minc 27th, 1903, uged 47 years. Inserted by her lorin sons and daughters, and sons-in-law, Mr. and Mn 0. Brunell. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hedge, omi John an William Taylor. At rest.

MCDONALD.-In loving memory of our dear brothi

and uncle, Jim, who departed this life March 2


Though death divides, Memory clings.

Inserted by his loving sister and niece, Louie on


MYERS.-In loving remembrance of my dear husbani

Alfred diaries, who departed this life March 28, 19R Inserted by his loving wife, Mabel, and childrci Ronald, Ernest, and Rita.

PADLEY. -In sail and loving memory of mr dea

husband and our dear father, John Thomas Padley who departed this life March 27, 1913. Inserted b his loving wife and family.

PEARCE. -In loving memory of my dear mothei

Eliza Pearce, who departed this life on March 2i 1013, aged 70.

The flowers I place upon your grave

May wither and decay;

But my thoughts of you, dear mother,

Will never fade away.

Inserted by her loving son. Jack.

ROSS. -In ever loving memory of Ida nughes Ros

who died at Shanghai, China, March 27, 1008. T live in ¡thc hearts of those we love is not to die.

SCANES. -In loving memory of our darling daughter

and s¡stcr Emily Winifred, who departed this life 27th March, 1914. Inserted by her loving mother and father, brother, and sisters.

SCANES.-In loving memory of our darling grand-

daughter, niece, and cousin, Emily Winifred, who departed this life 27th March, 1914. Inserted by  

her loving grandparents, Capt. and Mrs. Saunders aunties and uncles, and cousin May, Will and Billie Pearce, Florrie and Frank Goldstein.

TAYLOR. -In loving memory of my dear husband am

our dear fothcr, William Taylor, who departed till life on March 28, 100S. Not forgotten. Inserted b, lils loving wife and sons and daughters.

THOMPSON.-In loving memory of our darling HUI

son and our brother, Jock, who departed this life March 28, 1909, at Alexandra-street, Drummoyne, agc

six months.

This little bud. as white ns snow,

Which from thc Lord was given;

And fearing earth would spoil ILs bloom

Ho planted it In heaven.

Inserted by his loving mother, father, sisters, am


TOMLINSON.-In loving remembrance of my dear nus

band, Richard Tomlinson, who departed this llfi Mared 28. 1014, lu bia tilth year. Inserted by hil

loving wife. "

TYLER. -in loving memory of our dear mother, Mar;  

A « Tyler, XVaascd lo the higher 1 fe March 27, 1913, at ber late residence, Trafalgar-street, Annan

llpeaec. perfect peace, with loved ones far away.

In leans keening wc arc safe and they. .

Inserted hy her loving daughters, -Mary, Winnie,

Florence, lind Emily.

WALKER. -In loving memory of my dcor wife, Mlei

Walker, wno departed this life March 27, VM,

Asleep, but not forgotten.

No one bbc loved was by ber side

To bear her last faint sigh,

Or whisper just one loving word

Before she closed ber eyes.

We never ki'cw the pain she bore,

We never saw ber die,

Wo only know she passed away

And lever said good-bye.

inserted bv her loud husband, A. E. Walker,

WALKER. - A tribute of everlasting remembrance ol

"my'deárgrand iotíer, Ellen, who departed tills life

uLli *>7 1014. HMrtcd by her loving grandson, Ravuiond,' John, and Nellie Free*.

WILLIAMS.-A tribute of love to the momory of my

ile- r lurenls Phillip C. Williams, who died Mareil 20 If íí agi'd Si. Also Mary, relict of the above,

win lied March 28, 1911, aged SO. Peace, perfect peace. Inserted by their daughter, Grace Dunn,

omi family. ,

WILLIAMS.-In BOi' but loving memory of our tient

n otier, laue Ann Williams, who departed this life \lurch 28, IOU, aged 00 years. Also our dear Kr, Frederick Wisc Williams, who depart«! this llfi August 0, 1697, aged 00 years. Sadly misled, insertedI hy their loving.daughters and sons-in-law,

and sons and; daughters-in-law'.

WITTEN. -In loving memory of Jane Elizabeth, wile

"oM-ldward Witten, who departed this life Morel. 28,

1013- A precious one from us ls gone,

A voice wc loved is stilled,

A place is vacant In our homo

Which never can be filled.

Inserted by her husband and children, Eileen, , Leo, and Clarice. . .

WITTEN -In sad vet loving memory of William Har-

rington John our eldest son and brother, «no «a» drowned accidentally at Liverpool encampment, Morell

28, 1912.

Sadlv wc miss him, yet In our sorrow

Hopes for the future banish thc pain;

Our faith points a woy to a brighter to morrow,

And whispers lo us we sholl see bim again.

Inserted by his father, mother, brothers, and sisters.


WILLCOCKS.-In loving memory of my dear hr

and our father, who «-as accidentally klllc March 28, inn. Inserted hy his sorrowing wlf family, lilith, Coralie, and Cliarlic. '

WORDSWORTH.-ln sad hut loving remembran

our i car y loved mother, who passed Into 1 lifo »larch 26, IOU, aged 71 year«.

"ne knows thc pain she suffered.

Only those who witched her side, let no resistance dh! she offer

When going beyond the tide.

^ Inserted hy her loving daughters. Ellen and


WORDSWORTH.-In sad hut loving memoir ol

dearly loved mother, who passed Into higher Murch 28, inn, aged 74 years. Inserted by her lng. sons, Sam, Charlie, Will.

WORDSWORTH.-In sad but loving memory ni

dearly loved mother,, who passed Into higher March 2S, mil, aged 71 years. Inserted liv loving son and daughter-in-law, narry and Jil WORDSWORTH.~-In sad hut loving memore nf

dearly loved mother, who passed Into higher March 28, 11114, aged 71 venrs. Inserted by loving son and daughler-In-Iaw, Ted «nd Dorrie WORDSWORTH.-In loving memory of our

motlier. Susannah Wordsworth, who passed Into hi life March 28, 1014, aged 74 years. Inserted her loving son and daughter-in-law, .lames Pauline Wordsworth. Peace, perfect peace.

WORDSWORTH. -In loving memory of mv dear Fri

1014 Wordju'<"'ln' who departed this life March

Love's remembrance lasts for ever.

Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. C, ll. Smith and famll


"fc.^SLH"'' c- BROOMHAM wish to re

THANKS for kind expressions of sympathv In t late sad bereavement on thc death of their lo' brother, John Oliver Worthington.

Mrs. ANNIE JONES, 20 Phelp's-strcct, Surry II

desires to return THANKS to all kind friends their sympathy and fond tributes, also to Nu and Doctors of J. Ward, Sydney Hospital, for t kindness to her late husband during h|9 |]ines Mrs. W. J. PHILLIPS and SON, of Doll's Point, f

dringham, desire to THANK all kind friends sympathy in their lalo sad bereavement.

Mr. and Mrs. A. T. ROYD, of Carlton, desire to ret

their heartfelt THANKS to relatives, friends,

neighbours ifor kindness and sympathy during tl

recent sad bereavement.

Mr. A. .1. HOARE and FAMILY . desire to rel

THANKS to all kind friends, especially Mr. and 1 Finlay McGlnncss, for very kind' sympathy in tl

recent sad bereavement.

Mr. and Mrs. G. FARMER and FAMILY, of Richmond,

desire to return their heartfelt THANKS to tl many friends and relatives for their kindness, ti grams, ami cards received during their recent i bereavement; also Dr. O'Kcrfe, Matron and Staff St. George's Cottage Hospital, Kogarah.

Mr. J. STADIAS and Mr. arel Mrs. J. NICHOLLS,

5ii Darle.v-strcet, Newtown, desire to tender th sincere THANKS to all kind friends for cxprcssli of sympathy, letters, cards, and floral tributes,

pecially Nurse Elliott, ¡for .her unremitting care a attention received during their recent sad berça ment, in the loss of their dear wife and mother.

Mr. and Mrs: GRIFFITHS and FAMILY désire to i

tum sincere THANKS to all kind friends, nels hours, and relatives for their kindness and assistai! to them in their recent sad liercavcmcnt.

Mr. P. A. SCOTT and FAMILY, of Ermelo, Ooul

street, Campsie, desire to tender their »luce THANKS to all kind friends, also F. T. Wimble ai employees, Halliday Pros, and employees, for cxpri slops of sympathy, letters, canis, telegrams, ai floral tributes received during their recent sad h


The FAMILY of the late Mr. GORDON MARR desire

in this manner, to return THANKS to those Friends whose addresses are unknown for kind expressions sympathy in their late sad bereavement.

FRANCIS MELLS wishes to return THANKS to Sydni

Hospital, and Dre. Corlette and Carter, and Nur Pine, and other nurses, for their kind attention du lng. her sickness, through accident: also THANMN kind friends for sympathy during the time.


road, Hurstville, deslíe to return sincere THANK to their kind friends for letter« of sympathy, tell grams, cards, and Moral tributes, in their lute sa


'Mr G. R TURNER, late of Glencoe, Cobar-strect

Petersham, and FAMILY, desire to tender shicer THANKS foi- letters, cards, and floral tributes o kind sympathy during their recent sad bereavement. Mr. and Mrs. W. SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. S. SMITH, am

Mr. C. SMITH, of Forest Lodge, desire to rclun THANKS to their many frie-ids for their expression of tyiMuthv, cards, telegram!, and floral tributes r; eel veil in their recent «ul bcrcivcmenl ; f-lso the Cit

Council Employees.

Mrs. MARK BARNETT, with Mr. lind Mrs. SAMU1Ï1

BARNETT mid DAUGHTERS, dcFirc to return Incl sincere THANKS) for letters, telegrams, cards o sympathv, nial floral tributes received by them dur

lng their recent sad bereavement.

Mrs. ELIZABETH WEARING, of Delmont, Maddison

streel. Redfern, desire» to lender sincere THANKS to all kind friends for Hie expressions of sympathy, letters, cards, telegrams, and floral tributes receive! during her recent sud bereavement in the loss of hu

dearly-loved husband.

Mrs. JAMES BRYCE and.FAMILY, of Park-street, Little

Coogee, desire to tender their sincere THANKS to ol] kind friends, neighbours, and relations for their very kind expressions of sympathy, letters, cards, tele- grams, and floral tributes received during their very sad liercnvemeiit In the loss of her dear husband and

their dear father. I

Mrs. HEALEY ard FAMILY, of Illawnrra-road, Mar-

rickville, desire to return sincere THANKS for oil tokens of sympathy during their recent sad bereave


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