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Rev. A. P. .Campbell's Tour.

The RRV. A. P. Campbell, pastor of ¡he Congregational Church, Burwood, and president of the Australian and New Zealand Congregational Union, will conclude his two years' term of office by presiding at the biennial con- ference to be held in Brisbane from May 18 to May 24.

Mr. Campbell has just returned from nn

j extensive tour of New Zealand, where he I visited many of the churches of the denomina-

tion. His work was of nn inspiring nature and his visit most, helpful to the churches, i His meetings for young people were remark

j able for their enthusiasm.

I At the Brisbane Assembly many questions I of wider interest, than usual will be discussed.

¡Thc future of the denomination in Canberra will also find a place on the asenda. paper, I as well as the training and supply of ministers.

Kartier in his tour. Mr. Campbell visited Victoria. He is an ex-president of Sydney


' Preachers at St. Andrew's Cathedral to- morrow will be Dr. Pilcher at ll a.m., and thc Rev. L. N. Sutton in the evening.

; Archbishop Mowll will dedicate the Cathed I ral Tower at Armidale on May 3 and the

same evening will address a public meeting, j He will attend the League of Youth meeting

in the Chapter House at 8 p.m. on May C.

Archdeacon Charlton is acting as rector of St. John's, Ashfield, whore he expects to re-

main for a month.

Principal Hammond, of Moore Theological College, will preach at both services at St.

Philip's to-morrow.

Thc preacher at Matins nt St. James. King Street, to-morrow, will be the Rev. G. R. Mathers. "The Psychic and the Spiritual" will be the subject of the Rev. E. J. David- son's sermon in the evening.

The annual service of the Heralds of the King, the children's organisation of the Aus- tralian Board of Missions, will be held in !St. Andrew's Cathedral at 3 p.m. to-day.

The eighth annual Kurrajong Convention for the clergy of the diocese of Sydney will commence at Kurrajong Lodge on Mon- day evening. Thc principal speakers will be the Bishop-Coadjutor (Dr. Pilcher) and Dean Holmes, of Bathurst.

At St. George's Church, Hurstville, to- morrow at ll a.m. the Governor, Lord Wake- hurst, wijl attend an Anzac service, , The 45th Battalion will form a guard of honour.

Archbishop Mowll will preside over the an- nual meeting and'exhibition of gifts, of the Ladles' Home Mission Union in the Chapter House on Friday.

A wedding commemoration service for those married in St. Stephen's Church, Newtown, will be held to-morrow at 7 pjn. Visitors Will uso the western door, the entrance they used .on their wedding day.

Archbishop Gilroy will preside at the an- nual reunion pf the Catholic Institute for Seamen, Kent' Street,. to-morrow afternoon

at 3 , o'clock.

During High Mass al, St. Mary's Cathedral to-morrow morning nt ll o'clock the Acting Administrator, tile Rev. John McCooe, will be the preacher. In thc evening the Rev. Father Richard Funcheon will preach.

The annual conference of the Catholic Education Association will begin on Thursday, 'May ll, and will conclude on the following j Saturday. Archbishop Gilroy will deliver

the opening address. The daily sessions will bc held al, St. Benedict's Hall. "George Street


At St. Stephen's Church to-morrow thc Rev. C. T. P. Goy will preach on "Tile Spirit of the A.I.M.," and in thc evening the Very Rev. Dr. R. G. Macintyre will take as his 'subject "The Strength of a Community."

The nev. Dr. A. F, Scott Pearson's sub- jects at Scots Church to-morrow will bc "Redemption" and ? "Refugees." Communion will be held at both services.

The Rev. E. E. Hynes, president of thc Methodist Conference, will open a kindergar- ten at North Sydney at 3 p.m. to-day.

At Chalmers Church to-morrow thc Rev. D. F. Brandt will preach in the morning on "Thy Kingdom Come." a spiritual rearma- ment theme; and in the evening on "Thc

Bread of Life."

A service in memory of the late Alderman H. A. J. Abbott, Mayor of Vaucluse, will be held nt ll to-morrow nt St. Andrew's Scots Church, Rose Bay, Mr. Abbott was for 25 years session clerk of the church. A session clerk's chair, the gift of the congrega- tion, will bc placed in the church.

Tho ninth anniversary of the opening of the new St. John's Presbyterian Church at Wahroonga will be celebrated to-morrow, when the preachers will be the president of tile Methodist, Conference, the Rev. E. E. Hynes, in the morning, and the Rev. Dr. W. Cumming Thom, of St. Andrew's College, nt thc evening service.

Thc preacher In Wesley Chapel to-morrow at ll a.m. will be the Rev. G. T. Moore, his subject Ticing "A Recipe for Strength." The Rev. W. J. Harper will preach in the Lyceum Hall at 7 p.m. on "The Heavenly Jubila-


In the Lyceum Hall to-morrow at 3 p.m.

j Mr. F. E. Baume will give an address on

, "The World To-day." The musical pro [ gramme will bc provided by the Public Ser-

vice Choir, conducted by Mr. Laurence


At the Pitt Street Congregational Church lo-morrow, thc Rev. W. Blankshaw, of Mans- field College Settlement, London, will con-

duct, both services.

The Pennant Hills Congregational Church will hold re-openlng services this afternoon, following additions and alterations to the church building. Rev. W. G. Sands, the chair- man of thc Congregational Union, will preside, and the opening ceremony will be performed by Mrs. J. R. Firth. A special service will also be held to-morow morning, when Alder- man J. R. Firth will preside.

Jubilee services will be held nt Dulwich Hill Congregational Church to-morrow; the chairman of the Congregational Union. Rev. W. G. Sands, will conduct the morning ser- vice, and Rev. H. H. Mills and Rev. R. B. Reynolds the afternoon and evening services.

On Mondnv, the chairman of thc Congre- gational Union. R«v. W. G. Sands, loecthor with Home Mission Superintendent, Rev. R. C. Turner, will bp nt. Krcleston In connection with the annual meetings of the Eccleston District Congregational Churches,

Mr. J. A. Packer, vice-president, or the Baptist. World Alliance, and Mrs. Pricker leave bv thc Monowai on Mnv ll for th« United States tn attend thc Bap!isl. World Alliance congress nt. Atlanta City in July.

The president, or the Baptist Union. Riv. W. H. Winande!, will bc nt Taree on Sunday, and wiii preside nt. the church anniversary at Arncliffe on Tuesday evening. Thc secre- tary of thc Baptist Union, Hov. A. h. Leedor, will preach ¡it, Manly on Sunday evening.

At the Central Baptist. Church. George

Street, (o-morrow. the R/;v. I. Stebbins will | take the morning service, nod In thc evening the Rev. W. L. Jarvis will Ix1 the preacher.

In connection with the Council of Chinches' Pny of Humiliation arid Prayer, n service of Intercession will ito held in the Centra! Baptist church. George Street, to- morrow, nt 3 o'clock. Tile president of tile council. Colonel Frank Bell, will give tv brier message. Tho service will he conducted by Hie ex-president, Rev. W. Ii. Jarvis.

Brigadier Tom Dennis, of London, will lec- ture to-morrow afternoon nt the Salvation Armv Congress Hall at, 3 p.m., on "Cameos of Salvation Army Work in South Africa."

Mr. W. R. Avenell, conference president, Churches nf Christ, will preach nt Manly to- morrow morning. Mr. W. J. Crossman, vloe presldcnt, will address an Anfaic. commémo- ra l.lon service in Cabramatta Park to-morrow


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