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.BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATH14S. WSfHE AkND DEATHS. .EBRAVE-&V >T 10 TICTB ; six lines. 36.; MARBIAGES, 35 each; I MEMORIAMI NOICES eix lines Ss.; poetry 6d. per line extra. In aorder. to guard aainst impoitio , n otiom of Births, miarrages. and Deathsi most he autheiad by- s sa res tl pers S to ensure insetion.) BARKER.—On May 1 at Nurse Bean's Piivate Horpital (Eiella(, 419 eOca1stlestr Perth. to e r. and r.i- J; W. Bark dareie in; oicer. Postal D ipart)- dauhter (Kathleen Betty). BARKER.—On May 1, at N.rse rees's, New ea-tle.tret, Pcrth, the wife of J. W. Barker. ef the rliesiP staff Postal Departmeit- daughter. BRUCE.-To Mr. and Mrs. Brace, of 71 rAlms-road, North Perth-a son (Donald). Both well. EADEY (nee Wolfe).—Ou April rt, at Nurse   mh's, HigherOombe, to Mr.. and Mrs. N,. ?'eof Bsrabadji- son .(Harold). Both well. ????.—On May 3, at Nurse Stockley's Swan Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs Bryce Easther, of 20 Edinboro-street, Mt. Hawthorn -a daugh ter. Both welL FORSBERG.—On May 1, at Nurse Beea.i's Prirate- Hospital (Kiala). 419 Newcast's sreet; Perth to Mr. and Mre. C. A. Forsbery. i' Rauenswoodt-- daughter. Both well. HARRISON.-On May 4, to Mr. and Mrs. Harrison 61 Chester-street, South Fremantie (late Wannamal)-a daughter. Both well. HEWITT.—On May 3. at Shilo Hospital ticholeon-rmoad. Sbilaco. to Mr. and Mrs. I. E- Hewitt. of 27 Kei-ghley-road, Sohiab o-s daughter. MELLOWS (nee Arlene Crabb).—On April 27, at Harvoy Hospital, Aberdeen-street, to Mr. and Mrs. - Peroy Mellows. of Everett-street, -flands--s son (John Alan). Both well. MILLAR.—On April 34, at School House, Soulh Belmont, to Mr. and Mrs. Millar-a ?s (stillborn). Mother well. POETT.—On May 1, to Mr. and Mrs. Wm H., Poett, of Oakleigh - Farm. Tambellup-a son (Erio Hsrold). Both welL . H ..On-a May 2. at Nurse Skene's Priate H?,spital, -7- CIaisebrook-rsad, East Perth, to 11. and Mrs. Rci, of 357 Baker-road, Subiaco * Eon. SAUNDERS (nee Carrie Lewis).—On May 3. to Mr. 'and Mrs. Ctiord M: BSamders. or Sauth =Perth-a son .(Cliford Magns). Mother aidohlld well. SOHR????—On Aprinl at. Nurse Ske n's   'rivate Hospital, 1 Clraisrbrook-mroad. East ,Werth. to M1r. and Mrs. Schryer, of Mare chisan-terike--a son. THOMAS.—On May 3, at their residena, Hill es, 17 adanstreet, Ieedereille. to Mr. and isa.W. Thormas-a ditahter (Violet Lorraine). Both' wqll GRIFFITHS—FULTON.—Hewitt, at St. John's church,         et Maveran, Stephen Reginald, son of Mr. - S . Chiper, of Perth- Western. Australia Is- Edith. Jane. eldest daughter of Mr and lard Robert Pulton, of East Malhern, Vi> toris. DUFF—McLEOD.—On March 23, 1M1,. at St.   i&drew's Presbyterian (Churh, Perth. by the Ile v. . Dabb, BA., B.D.. Jamen, son of Mr. ande Ma. P. Duff. North. Pr?emntloe. to Mar. garet, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. MeLeo., nf5 Victoria Park. WISBEY—HOGAN.—On March 5, at St. Bilda's Chubh, North Perth, by the rector., the: Rev. Joseph Williams Frederick Wisbey, mf- rihtobwn, Northam, to May, eldest daugh ter or Mi. "M. J. and the late. Inspector oegan~ of Perth. DEATHS. CREASY.—On SMy 1, 1921, at olarn South Lnstralia, Rosetta, beloved wife of IR Creasy, And? losing sister of B. Ylarch and R. Car nicbhael CREASY.—On May 1, 1931, it - Clare, South Ltistrlia, -Rosetta wife of R. Creasy and su ter of "orace and Lewis Cockram, -Perth. A patient sufferer at rest. Inserted, by her brothers, Horace- and Lewis. -south .Austrlia? papers please copy. FIELD.—On . May 1, at - the Fremantle Hos   pital; Smauel James Fiield, infant sa of 'Str. amed Mrs. Samuel Field, of. 15 Att?i?ldstrietr, Fremantle, .aged 1 year. Interredsprifvtely is 3Djy.;.J..b? Joseph C. Semken,,, t?,. -.-. HANSON.—On April 24 at Meekatharra, Western 'Australia. Andrew Magnau. be.lo.d rustbakd of Mary Emma and fond father of Willie, .Syd., Arther. ??na. Jaeik. Frink, and Dqtothy.. aged 45 years. A patient safferer at rest. Sydney papers please copy. INNES.—On April 27, 1211, at . Wasgin ise aung only. daughter of Mr. -and Mrs. B. L. sanes, after a brief illness; -aged 9 montti. MANN.—On Mfay 3. 1I. sat Collie. Bllise SlEw. dearly belored wife of Homage 'William Mian,- after a brief illness; aged :29. years. $'" deafly loved,-and sadly missed. NICHOLS.—On April 29 191 at. his re. Sig.Rherwood Station -3leekatharera after a lo and painl- llnes George Mennington Nichols the dearly-loved husband of' Annie Nichols, fond father of George Willie, aid Boie -Nichols, .san of Mr. and Mrs. R. Nechols. of. North PeF-t; brother of Beatrice, Ernest, and Will.; and son-in-law of Mr. G. Bartrop, of' Ifeekatharra. - Sadly missed and deeply mourned,. NICHOLSON.—On May 3, at Surrey .?ills, boune, followiug on surgical operation. Ie r. Joseph Nicholson, in the sevent sixth year of is-age and fifty-third year of Iis ministry. Timothy ii., 4 c., 7 v. POLLIE.--On M-y y, at the residence 'of his .;WntI, Thomas'Henry, beloved son. of r. and rO. Polie, of 33 George-street, South Pra iantle, aged 11 months. Interred privately on M?ay 3 by J. . Semken,- Fremmalle. TRACEY.—May 4- (renly), at Adelaide,   ,asrh- Australia. ArIthr (Iate ot ,ErmetiJ, Sald Q, lering brother of H.and H. C. J. Traoey. A solid friend. WILKIE.—On May 3. at Perth Pblic HBee iL. Mrs. Anie- Wilkie. the dearly loved iifdd of irs. I. A: Haynes, Miss Hraynes, and Mrs. G. H. Jaacon, of 5 Tobwahend-road. BSbiaco; ~aded wife of the late Gunner Charles Br~mn Wllkie. late of Leeds, 'ark. hbie. Treamsoed .memorais. Anzac Heroes. REiT~i3J-T,. lniest mmsere ,J .ass lstem

mother. Private James alentine, who was killed in PFranoe on May 3. 1817. Ever remembared.. Id?erted by-Jis lEving .sister and brother in klaw Lena and Alex, aid family. COOKE.-In. loving memory of our - dear on .sapn brother, Private Cecil Charles Cooks, killed- in action on .May 5, 1917, somewhere 'n Vrance... . His duty nobly done. Iisertod-by sis. loing, pare?at, eisters, aai bothers,. 11 Vhinecnt-freet, North Perth CUMMING. — On May 3, 1918, went west at Monument Wood, Villers Bretonneux, France, Captain Derwas Goring Cumming, M.C. and her, aged 27; also May, 1919, his uncle,   Brigadier General Michael Derwas Goring Jones, C.M.G., D.S.O., the result of gas on the Somme: aged 53, son and grandson of a poineer, Harry Jones of Binnum, South Australia. R.I.P.         GREEN. — In loving memory of my dear husband, Private A. L. (Lewis) Green,   16/28th Battalion, died of wounds May 5,   1917, in France; also of little Marjorie, only child of the above, died March 19, 1916, aged 7 months. — Inserted by their loving wife and mother, Nellie Green, South Fremantle. GREEN. — To the memory of our dear son- in-law, Private A. L. (Lewis) Green, died of wounds May 5, 1917, in France: also our only grandchild, Marjorie, died March 19, 1916,   aged 7 months. — Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Smith. HUGHES.-In loving memory of Private Chamrles Hughes, 11th Battalion. died of wounds in France May 5, 1917: after two years' active service. erer forgotten. Inserted bh his loaing mother. JACKXMAN.-In fondest memory of our d8r ibrother Private Tiom Jackman, died of wounds received in France, May 5, 1918 (late 16th $attalion). R.LP. Inserted by his loving sister and brother. 3faud and Pred. (returned); and brother-in law, Tom McKenzie. TAVERAOH.--To the memory of Private Tom .amerach, killed at Bollecourt May 5, 1917. Inserted by his friends, Mr. and Mra. Parish. LU'FYTCrFORD.-Kflled in action somewhere in France on 3sy 3. 1818, the beloved eldest pon of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Luetehford, Second ,ieatenant Don F. Luetehford, 48th Battalion, A.I.F., after 3} yearsC active service. The memor' of the just i blessed. Inserted by his father, mother, sisters, Quseanie (England). Sylvia. Elaie, brother Jack, Cantie Ada, and little Bobbie. MoDONiA.LD.-In memory of William McDon ald who was killed at Ballecourt, May 5, IC=S, well-kno5n in Day Dawn, and a brother to Jack plate of teekatharra). '&RCER.-In toing m or.y of Private Btcert Cousin Meroer, eluveb seecuad eldert mn of tsm. Helen Merce. killed mi actin at $ alleeoart on May 4, 1417, aged years. Earth to earth, and dust to dit. Calmly now the words we say. Left behind. we wait and trust For the Besrrention Day. inserted by his twiny mote and. ae iDaid and Alhbet. and sister, Blen, 3 Eas Mae Mannt Iraw!ey. E OBIL.--In loving amemoary of Bobrrt Can Meret. kiled at Bileousmt, between 3fs 5 and 8, 1917 SBdly missed by these wh? loved him. .ted byb loeiam brother and sst-. rh. 3&_and IMrs. J. F. Iencer, Bran, -d* Jammum

IN MEMORIAM. Antac Heroes. SCOTT.-In loving menory of Private Vivian Scott killed at Bullecourt on May 3, 1917. You are not forgotten, dearest Vie., Nor will yeou ever he; As long as life and memory last We will always remeniber thee. Inserted by his loving father, mother, and isters, Retne, Elvie, Cie. Muriel, and Jean./ CAhERODN.-In loving memory of our dear son and brother, Norman, who . passe away at the Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, of pneumonic infuenza. on May 3, 1919. This day recalls sad memories Of a loved one gone to rest. Inserted by his loving mother, sister, an brother, Mildred and Alex., Westonia. H.3LTON.- In very sacred remembrance of Pred J. Hamilton, of Glen Iris, Bunbury, who passed away May 4, 1920. As we have borne the image of the earthly, we, Ehall so bear the ima?p? of the heavenly. Inserted by A. HENDERSON.-In sad remembrance of my hnsband. William Smith Henderson, who met his death under tragic oircumstances on Collie Cardiff railwar. May 5, 19'._ Deeply regretted. LEFLEW.-In loving f memory of our dear mother, Emelia Leenew, who departed this life on May 5, 1919. We place our fowers on your grave, 'Tis all that we can do; But let this little token tell What we all think of you. Inserted by her loving son and daughter-i4 law, Esther and William. LEF?NEW.-In loving memory of my deaf mother, who departed this life on May 5. 1313? alko father, who died on June 8. 1918. A sweet and lovely character, *Their cross has been laid down; They have gone to be with Jeuas, To wear His promised orown. Inserted by their loving daughter, Enid. - LEEN2EW.-In loving memory of our darling mother who died on May 5, 1920. No-one knows' how much we miss her, Some may think the wound is healed. But they little know the sorrow Deep within our hearts concealed. Inserted by her loving daughters. Amy and Eileen. LElTCH.-Sacred to the memory of dear Molly, who passed away at Fremantle, May 3, 1919. Ever remembered. Inserted by Dolly, Ivy, and little Dorrie Kennington. Daget?street East Fremante. 13oNEGEC--In loving memory of my dear brother Percy, who died at ser May 3, 1917. Gone but not .forgotten. Inserted by his sister and brother-in-law, Violet and Frank Mews. O'MA.LLEY.--In sad hut loving memory of our dear wife and mother, who departed this life at Geraldtan on May 3, 1919. R.I.P. Some day we hope to meet, dear mother, Some day we know not when, We'll clasp her hand in a better land And never patt aaa. SInserted by -her sorrowing ? emband and daughter, M. Charles, South Fremantle. O'fALLEY.--In fod and loving, memory of our dear mother, who departed this life at Geraldton on May 5, 1919. R.I.P. Though lost to sight, dear mother, To memory over dear. Inserted by her loving daughter and eon-in law. M. and H. Donzel. s and .granddaughter, Lillian, 45 Silas-street, South Iremantle. QUINN.-In sad and loving memory of our fdarling little Susan May, who died on May 3. 1920 In our hearts your memory lingers. Inserted by her loving parents, I. D. ano 8. Quinn. -TAZE.-In fond and, loving memory of our dear .s.tier, who pased away at Mornington Mills afier a long and painful illness on May 5,- 1315. A'beauiful" memory left behind Of a loving mother true and kind. lVe have lost, hobut heaven has gained, One of the best the world contained, 'Silent is no certain token That no hidden grief is 'there. 'Sorrow .that is never. spoken Is the hardest grief to bear. Inserted by her' loving daughters, Era, Min nie, Mary, and Jessie. WALLIS.-In fond and loving memory - f my dear husband and out father, who d parted this life on May a, 1911, at Orange dale, Walliston. "Te ?' years ? ie passed, dear father, . .Sin'e you were a-e?l.d .sway-'-: But ut " ar liearts and, memory Ton are still with us to-day. Inserted by his loving wifedaughters May and Flo. .on-in-law, George, grandson. Ba;I and Meorvyn.. , BEREAVEMENT NOTICE.. Mr. and Mrs. T. Dickson;- of 23 Joseph Street.. West Leederville, desire -to tender their I sincere TiANKSto- all friends..and relatives for- telegrams, let , cards, and personal ex pressions of .sympathy received during their sad bereavement; specially the R.31.O. and Nurses of the-. We.t Subiaceo Infectious Hospital. " FUNERAl." NOTICES. " CLUNAS.-The 'Friends- of Mr.. John Clnnas, late of Fremantle,' are respectfully invited to follow -his remains to the plabe of inteiment, the- Presbyterian .portion of the Fremantle Cemetery. The Funeral is appointed to leave the, Private Mortuary of Joseph C. Semken, Newman-stret, Fremantle, THIS (qrsday) MORNING at 10 "o'clock. JOSEPH C. S??IHEN Undertaker, Newman street opp. Burns, Philp and Co., Fremantle. Tel. B6~,. r KENACK.-The Friends of the late Mr. Wil Slirm R. Kenack, dairyman late of Bibra Lake, and beiloed husband of Mrs. Marion Kenaek, P and loving brother of.tMr. Butcher, of Gresham Hotel, North ?remantle; Mrs. Earry Harvey, John-street, North Fremantle; Hrs. Bert P?a?.. and Mrs. lngvarsion (hiee). of Bihra Lake, are respec?tfully invited to follow his remains to the place'of interment, the Anglican Ceme tery, Earrakatta. Tbhe Funeral is appointed to leave the Private Mortuary of Mr. Joseph C. Semken Nesman.,sreet. Fremawntle, TthI I fThursday) AFP 'ht.O, at 2 o'clock, arrir the Ccmeae t' 3.30 o'clock. JO8EIK C. SFJ ' Undertaker, hewman street, onpp. Burns, Philp and Co., Premantle. TeL B62. KiNAK.--The Friends of Mr. and Mre. Harry Harvey, of Joha-street, North Preman •tle, • da 3Mrs Bert Pa~ge. are respectfunly invited to follow the remains of their brother, 3fr. Wllasi Kenack. to the plae of- inter ment,. the Church of ,ngland portion of the

Scmken. - Newman-street. Fremzntle. THIS (Thursday) AFERKNOON, at 2 o'clock, arriving at the. Cemetery at 30. JOSEPH C. S1MIKEN Underahker, Newman street opp. Burns, Philp and Co., Premantl. TeL. - B62. -.A.OB. FREMINTLE LODGE, G.6.E., No. 34. KEADK.-m-The Members of the above Lodge are respectfully invited to follow the remains of their. late brother, William R. .. Kene to the place of interment, the "Anglian Cemetery, Karrkatta. The Funeral is appointed to leave the Private 3etuatlry of Joseph C. Semkea. Newman-street, Frematie, THIS (Thursday) AFTEIF.OON at 3o 'blook, arriving at . the Cemotry:,- at 3.0. C. H. COPPERW AITE WP. E. P. COOPER, ttary. L .-The Friends. of Lr.. H. W. Mann, of Wittenoom-stret, Collie, are respectfully in vited .to follow.the remains of his late beloved wife, Elsie ayr, to the place of interment, the AngliaL n portion of- the Collie Cemetery. The Funeral is. appointed to earve his' resi dence, Wittecoom.street, THIS DAY, at 3.30 p m." WARD.--The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Wal ter Ward, of Welhlgton-street, Maylands, are respetfully inited to. follow the remains of their late dearly beloved daughter, Elsie, to the place of iotrrment, thp Anglioan portion of the Karrakatta Oemetpfy. The Funeral is appointed to leave the /Private Mortnary of SMesors. Donald J. Chipper and Son, 844 Hay street, Perth, at 10.45 o'olook TO-MORROW Friday) MORNING. Friends wshiug to at tend the Funeral may proceed by the 11.5 o'c)ock train from Perth. r DONALD J. CHIPPER and SON, Funeral a Directors, 644 Hay-street, Perth. TeL A3232. WINSOR.--The Friends of Mrs. Maude Win   sor. of 8O Hill-street, formerly of Brown Hill, Kalgoorlie, are respectfully invited to follow the remains of her late dearly beloved son Marvin Harry, to the place of interment, the International Bible Students' Cemetery Karra- katta. The Funeral is appointed to leave her residence 80 Hill-street, East Perth. at 10 o'clock THIS Thursday MORNING, per road. Friends wishing to attend the Funeral may   proceed by the 10.40 a.m. train leaving Perth. C. H. SMITH and CO, Undertakers, 281 Newcastle-street. Perth. Tel. A1.1. |