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NEWS AND NOTES, The Mails.---A mail for South Africa wih close at the G.P.O. at 9 a.m. to-day. Arbitration Court. - After a. lengthy period of quiescence, the State Arbitrar tion Court will resume its sittings on Mon day next. lEnforcement cases and other matters will be dealt with. Royal Agricultural Society.-At yester day afternoon's meeting of the council of the Royal Agricultural Society it was de cided to hold this year's Royal Show from the Tuesday to Friday, inclusive, of the fist week in October.' The secretary an nounced that the Western Australian Turf Club had refused the request of the society for the cancellation of the Show Week racing fixture. Mr R. A. Rose was elect ed to a vacancy on the council. Traffic Fees.-The Minister for Works (Mr. W. J. George) writes requesting per mission to correct in two particulars his statement regarding the recent cnuference cr the allocation of traffi5c fees which appeared in yesterday's "West Australian." Sheet A, he should have said, showed the collection of fees to February 9, 1921, ana .at to the end of February. Instead or referring to the old Traffic Act he shouii have said "under the former system o& collection:' Fox Caught at Perenjori.--Mr. F. J. Solomon, of Perangery Station, in the Perenjori district, writing under date of the 10th inst., says: "A fox was caught on this ran yesterday by Mr. Woodall, a dingo trapper at present in my employ. Fox tracks have been seen on: this- run for a number of years, but until yesterday no one had reported catching or even sighting one of these animals. As but very few foxes have been caught in this State, the news of the capture of one here may be of some public interest." Citizen Force Sports.-In connection with the camp training of the 1902 quota of the 11th Battalion and 13th Field Am bulance Citizen Forces, a sports meeting has been arranged to take plaes at their camp, Karrakatta, on Thursday afternoon, April 14. The athletic events will be decided between 2 p.m. and 4.30 p.m., and will include a relay race, tug-of-war, Sia mese race, and tent pitching competition. The public-especially parents and friends of the trainees-are cordially invited to at tend the sports, and at the same time to inspect the camp, so that they may see for themselves the conditions under which the camp training of the citizen forces is carried out. Hookworm Disease.-The attention e: the Commissioner of Public Health (Dr. Everitt Atkinson) was drawn yesterday to a telegram from Melbourne appearing m the "West Autsralian" stating that several cases Of hookworm at Beagle Bay, near Broome' had been reported to the Com imonwealth Health Department. Dr. As 'kinson stated that he had advised Dr. Cumpston (Federal Commissioner of Pubbe Health) , recently that Dr. Haynes, ot Broame, had reported a case which he haa diagnosed as hookworm. He (Dr. Atkinson) was taking steps to have the case investi gated further. it was the first reported in Western Australia, and even if it proved to be hookworm there was no cause for public alarm. He told the Medical Con gress at Brisbane last year that there was no hookworm in Western Australia. Be had, however always regarded Broome as the most likely place for it to appear, and Beagle Bay was only 70 miles nort?' of Broome- He had urged upon the Gov ernment the necessity for accepting the offer of the Rockefeller Institute to make a survey' of Western Australia in connec tion with hookworm, which work it was performing in other parts of Australia, and it was important in view of the report of Dr. Haynes that the work should be carried out. The Appeal of the Bible.-"Someone once remarked that there was nothing new under the sun," said Chief Stoker Beg. Stephens, (national naval secretary of the Y.M.C-A-) during the course of an ad dress at the Y.M.C.A. business men's lun cheon held in the association's buildings on Tuesday. "When I glanced round and saw the aeroplane and other ultra-modern inventions," he continued, "I was disin clined to, believe that. However, all things are found in the Bible, and when I came to think, the aeroplane is men tioned in the Book. We have all heard of Elijah's" chariot of fire-surely that was the first flying machine? Then tale the submarine-the literal meaning of that is under the water. Jonah certainly lived under the. water-could the whale make claim to kinship with the submarine? And what is prayer but wireless?" Mr. Ste phens wen on to deliver a power *ful and interesting description of the ap peal of the Book of Books. "I was once on a ship," he said, "and one of the boys came to me asking for something to read. I gave him my Bible. 'Oh!' he said, 'I wanted something with love in it!' 'There is plenty of love in this,' I replied. 'Yes,' the lad said. 'lbt I also wanted a book with murder in it.' "You won't go short of it hero,' I told him.'' Mr. Ste phens's address was not confined to the humorous, however, and his exhortation upon the power of prayer and religion was as strong as its was unorthedox. Anglican Social Questions Committee. A meeting of the Anglican Social Ques tions Committee was held at the Church Office on Monday afternoon. The chief topic of discussion was the approaching visit of Professor Heaton, of Adelaide University, with the object of starting the Workers' Educational Association in Perth. The professor is due to leave Adelaide on May 4. The committee have arranged a draft scheme, which includes meetings at Perth, Fremantlc, Glaremont, Midland Junction, Kalgoorlie, Boulder. and Nor' tham- Profteesor tiaton is stated to be a fine speaker, and it is hoped that his visit will evoke much interest. He will be accompanied by Mir. Stewar, the sec retary of the W.B.A. in New South Wales. As thbere seemed to be still much confusion as to the exact facts about the poll to be taken on April 30, the com mittee determined to draw up and cir culariso a clear statement on the mat ter, and affirming at the same time their munanimous opinion that roduction of ex isting licences was the right objective of the voter. It was also decided to direct attention to the letter on the subject is , his ace the Archbishop, and

published in the April number of the "W.A. Church News." A motion was moved, and unanimously carried, congra tulating Mrs. Cowan, M.L.A., who has for many years been a member of the committee, on her election to Parliament. Mrs. Cowan consented to become vice chairman of the committee in the place of the late Mr. W. A. Smith: Military Tattoo-The military torch light tattoo in aid of the funds of the Children's Hospital will take place to-night on the W.A. Cricket Association Ground where a most diversified programme will be presented. including drill by the High School Cadets, a torchlight tattoo of 36 movements (under Sergt--Maior Nestor) by tlc 11th Battalion, massed band perform ances by the 11th and 44th Battalions, Perth City, and Scouts' Bands.. There will also be battleaxe swinging by Professor R:alto and gymnastic display by Miss .Doris Melville end her pupils, who will also contribute the final victory tableaux. Miss Peggy Faler and her pupils will re produce the dance from "A Midsummer Night's Dream." A fireworks display by thd Phoenix Fireworks Co. will conclude the programme. A Woman's Death--Before the Deputy Coroner (Mr. F. W. Collett, J.P), yester day, the adjourned inquiry into the death of Mary McGregor. who was killed by a train at the Queen's Park railway station on April 4, was concluded. Evidence was given showing that as the train ap proached the deceased was seen sitting on the edge of the platform with her legs dangling over the side. Immediately the engine-driver of the train saw the deceased he applied the brakes, but he as unable to pull the train up before reaching the woman. The deceased was knocked off the platform and terribly mangled. From the position where the deceased was sitting it was possible for her to have seen the approaching train when it was a mile and a quarter away. The jury returned a verdict that the de ceased was struck by a railway train passing through the Queen's Park station, and they added that no blame was at tachable to anyone. GENERAL _NEWS. The attention of candidates who intend sitting for the June examinations of the Australasian Institute of Secretaries is d aected to an advertisement appearing in another column. The general secretary of the Returned Soldiers' League (Mr. Taylor) directs at tention to the McIntosh Memorial Fund, which is being organised by Mr. James Breunan, who has rendered valuable ser vice to the League. The attention of invalid and old-age pen sioners is drawn to the change in the. dates on which their payments are to be made oin and after the 28th instant '"n clsat date one week's pension will be paid, ann future instalments will be payable fort nightly thereafter. In order that the public may see some of the high-class dahlias grown this year in Perth, Mr. James Brennan of Messrs. Brennan Bros., has arranged with the com mittee of the Metropolitan Floral Club for a special window display to-morrow. Ex hibits of all the latest and ne est, types will be made by the prize-winncrs at Thes day's show. Meetings of four of the Perth Starr Bowkett Societies were held at 101 William street, Perth. last evening, when £1.600, making the total for 1921 £5,200, was allo cated in four free-of-interest lo.ans as fol lows :--Empire No. 4 Society, No. 70 May lands. £200; National No. 5 Society, No 3S8, Maylands, £500; Royal No. 6 Society. No. 362. Nedlands, £400; Standard No. 7 Society. No. 85. Albany £5CC.. The Public Works Department reports that the following are the lowest tenderers for contracts which closed on Tuesday: Clackline School additions, A. Woolhouse, Norwood; Mingenew Pest Offee and quar ters, renovations, J. J. Jenner, Geraldtcn; Busselton Post Office, renovations . F'al kiegham Busselton; Bruce aRck State Hotel, additions, J. H. Brown, iarragin; Gwalia Post Office and quarters, renova tions, R. T. Ieaney, Leonora MEETINGS. . Attention is called to the various outdncr and other gatherings to be held by the Anti-Liquor League to aid the no-licence vote in the Canning district, North Perth, Cottesloe, South Perth and the city. In the Mends-stree) Hall, South Perth, this evening the ReV. J. R. Blanchard and Mr W. Wilson will state the case for no licence. Mr. Clydesdale, M.L.A., will ire side. Miss O. Philp will hold her learners' and advanced class in Keough's Booms at .m., and private class in the Protestant all t 3 p.m. Bradford's Oabaret will be repeneod to.night in the Perth Town Hall. Miss Ethel Philp will hold her adult learn ers' class (for beginners only) in the Town Hall North Fremantle to-nighty at 8 o'clock. - Miss Doris Melville will hold a class for be ginners to-night in the Protestant Hall. Ferth. A whist drive and dance will be held to night in Brown's Dancing Academy, Murray. street. Mr. Percy Brunton will speak at 7.30 to night at the William-street bridge. The Labour Day committee invites tenders from persons interested in conducting booths at the Royal Show Ground on Monday, May The secretary of the Premantle sub.branch of the R.S.L. wishes to notify members that he has a limited supily of suit lengths on hand. Discharges must be prodnoed by app]i cants. Miss A. Conttan will reopen her dancing classes in the Caledonian Hall. Fre?m?antle, to night at 8 o'clook. Mr. M. Gilbride will hold his weekly enahre tournament and dance in the Trades Hallk, iFremantle. to-night at 8 o'olock. Elsewhero "Truth'" newspaper advertises its week's issue to be published today.