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Family Notices

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ALEXANDER (nee Gleeson). -September 1,  

at The Haven, Leeton, to Mary, wife of

Warrant Officer H.R. Alexander, R.A.A.F.,    

abroad-a son.

ANDREWS. -August 23, at the Royal Hos- pital, Paddington to Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Andrews, of Roseville Chase-a son (Peter Bruce).

ARMSTRONG (nee Elsie Watson, late E. Gresford).-August 29, at Englewood private hospital, Burwood, to Mr. and Mrs. A.E.   Armstrong-a daughter (Maureen Elsie).

ABSENHEIM (nee Cates) - September -   1943, at Queen Victoria private hospital, Annandale, to Ruby, wife of L. A. C. Assen heim, R. A. A. F. -a son (Jeffrey Russell).  

ATKINS (nee Joyce Arkless) - September 2,   at Chprlenioiint pnvptp hospital Potts Polit wire or ACI M Atllns RAAF (NPU Guinea)-a son. Both well.

BAKER.-September 1, at Saba private hos-    

pital, Neutral Bay, to Rhoda, wife of Max   Baker (R.A.A.F. )-a son.

BAULK (nee Grace Allan) - August 25, 1943, at King George V Memorial Hospital,  

to Major and Mrs. A. H. Baker-a son (John  


BARNIE (nee Davis) -August 28, at Euglo wood private hospital, Burwood to Gwendo line, wife of Donald Barnie-a son (John  


BEER (nee Parker) -September3, 1943,   King George V Memorial Hospital, to Rhoda and Stan-a daughter ( Margaret Carol).

BENNETT (nee Atkinson) -August 6, 1941,   at Rosnel private hospital, Westmead, to Mr and Mrs. J. Bennett-a diughter (Barbara


BLANC -September 3, to Mr. and Madame Blanc, of Bellevue Hill-a daughter (survived

two hours).

BOUFFLER.-August 23, at King George V Hospital (Intermediate) to Lieut and Mrs. H. J. Boulier-a daughter (Adrienne Eliza


BRIGGS (nee Doris Fitzpatrick) -August 27, at Karoola private hospital, Kempsey, to   Mr. and Mrs. Alan Briggs, Bank N.S.W., Branxton-a daughter (Maureen Clare).

BROWN-August 28, at Mater Maternity   (private), North Sydney, to Marie, wife of H. J. Brown, Ernest street, North Sydney-a daughter (Carol Ann).

BRYANT.--Julv 27, at Sabn private hos  

p'tai to Mi and Air?- Mucu« Bryant of Northbitdee-a dnusht»r

BUBB (nee Marjorie Cameron) - August 29 at Oroya private hospital Strathfield to Mr and Mrs L C Bubb-a son (Kevin Leslie)

BUGGIE (nee Coi al de Manuel) -Au«ju»t u at The Haven Leeton to Mr and Mrs J Bungle-a son (Gcolfrey John)

BYRNE (nee Hiscos) -August 29 at Wood leigh Hut tvllle to Hollestcr and Betty ol 58 Resa street Oatie.-H daughter (Balbara)

CABAN (nee Patricia Folev) -August 20 at King George V M»morial Hospital to Bdr and Mis Bruce Caban Newcastle-a son (Allan Geoflicy)

CHARLESWORTH (nee Thom) -Septembei 2 a' Sutton Veny private hospital Chatswood to Elsie wife of Reg nald Denison-a son

CHRISTISON (nee Longfield) -August 24 at Ulaloo prívale hospital to Jesn and Alev - a daughter (Ca-olyn)

CLIPSHAM.-August 24 1943 at Rope   dutiate prli ate hcsnltnl Parkes to Sgt nnd Mrs A B CUp'ham-a daughter (Carolyn


COPP (nee Brooke) -June 3 at Woodleigh to Grace and Lawrence Copp of Hurstville     a daughter (Jennifer Anne)

CORNISH (nee Winnie Lorimer! -September 1 lo Captain and Mrs H T Cornish of 3 Col»rldge Road Pymble-a sen (Phillip Rcde

CORNWELL.-August 27 1143 lo Mar-   garet wife of Geoffrey-a son (lan Geodrev)

COWLEY.-September 1 1943 at Bel-Air       private hospital Roseville to Mr and Mrs T Cowley of Chatswood-a son (David


CRANNEY.-August 30 at St Margaret s   Dariinghuist to Air and Mrs Jomes E Cranncs-a daughter

CROTHERS nce Will)-August 23 ni Auckland to Margaret wife c1 Prank ero thers 2nd N ¿ E F abroad-a daughiei (Mergciet Ann)

DAVIS (nee Lovett)-September 2 nt Ross lyn Arncliffe to Josce wife of Dir K Davis («evv Guinea)-a son (Rltchard Keith!

DILLON -september 1 at Grafton private hospital Auburn to the Rev O I and Mrs Dillon Millthorpe-a son (Grahame Laiisbury)

DOHERTY (nee Olynn) -August 24 at 37 Turner Avenue Haberfield to Doris wlte ol Chief Pet v Officer M J Doherty R A N -c

Eon (John Richard)

DRAKEFORD (nee Bailie) -August 28 at Charlcmount Potts Point lo Robin» wife of Chaplain the Reverend John Drakelord AIP

-«i son (Warwick John)

DURANT (nee Irene Silva) -September 2 at Helenle to Stiff scrgt and Mrs George

Durant-a son

FARLEY.-August 31 at Gordon private     hospital to Ajr nnd Mrs K Parley ol

Killara- n daughter

FATHERS (nee Andersen) -August 27 1043 at St Margaret s Hospital to Jo>ec wife of Lieutenant L»slle E Fathers (A I F ) -i rrn (Grnham Ernest)

FOSTER (nee Sanders) -August 2.1 at Den'stone House Ryde to Mr and Mrs J A Poster-a son (Cnrl John)

GENTLE -August 27 at Mater Mlseri eordlae Hospital (private) to Chaplnih and Mrs W Bruce Gentle-a son (V mghan


GIBBON (nee Meg Clinton) -Auenst 25 to Cp! and Mrs Denis Gibbon Kingaroy Qld

-a sen Beth well

GILLAN -August 11 at Melbourne to Loraine md Phillip Gillan-a daughter (Helen


GRANT-August 25 at St Andrews Hospital Melbourne to Nancy wife of the late Lieut lohn Allen Grant NGNT44 AIP

-a daughter

GUY (nee Smith) -August 12 at Craig- neish private hospital V/lndsrr to Art and Clare-a daughter (Pamela loy)

HADDON - August 26, at Fairview private hospital, to Mr and Mrs R Haddon of Guildford-a son (Colin Joseph)

HARPER (nee Ena Moore) -Atirjust 29 at Women s Hospital Crown Street (private) to I l»ut rnd Mrs L G Harper-a daughter

(Christine Linley)

HART (nee Croft) -September 2 at Deni- stone House RjdP to Warrant Officer and Mr« A B Halt Eastwood-a son (John


HAYNES-September 1 nt Chirlemont Polt, point to Tom nnd Dorothy of Bondi a daughter (Donnn Loul«e)

HEARN (nee Hutchinson) -August 7, nt   Fii-light private hospltil Manlv to Mr and Mrs Ronald Kearn-a daughter (Naomi


HEARNE (nee Funlcc Morgan)-August 27, to Sgt L Hearne (AIP) and Mrs Hearn» of 16 Hiv Street Helensburgh-a «on

HCLrS -Auenst 27 at the Women s Hos- pita] (private) Crown street to Mr md Mrs ArUiur Helps of Wyadra Station Hillston

a son

HENDERSON (nee King) -September 2 at St Monnn s private hospital Cremorne to Gwen wife or Capt John Henderson (AIP -i daughter (Kcrrv Anne)

HILL (nee Joyce Costin) -August 26 at   St George Hospital lo Mr and Mrs Ron Hill-twin« son and daughter (Robert Will     iam and Robyn Marie Irene)

HOPMAN (nee Williams) -September 1 at Mater Mlserlrordlnc Hospital North Sidney to Mr md Mrs 1 H Hopman Junior-n daughter (Susan Jane)

HUGHES. -September 3 at Woodleigh pri- vate hospital to Mr and Mrs C J Hughes

of Bexley-a son

HUGHES.-August 27 at Fairlight hos   pltnl Manlv to LAC Hugh's (RAAF Darwin) and Mrs Hurtles-a daughter

JAMES (nee Myrtle Bromley)-August IB at Posai Hospital to Cpl Norman James (AIP) and Mrs Junes* Gulldtord-a daugh-

ter (Beverlev Isabel)

JOEL.-August 21, at King Gecrg» Memorial   Hospital to Air and Mrs Les loel-a son

{Ronald Leslie)

KARLING (nee J. Coote)-August 21, at     nt Harrietville private hospital Lithgow to Mr a d Mis W F Karlin;-a son (Rlchird


KAYE-August 21 nt Allawah TOT to Mr and Mrs Gordon Ka e or Foi rest

Canberri-a son

KELLY (n»e Billin! - Sertrmber 1 nt Royal (Inter ) Piddington lo Sgt P H Kellv (A I F ) and Mrs Kelli-n son (Peter Win-


KIRKPATRICK -August 23 at Mella pri- vate hospital Mo«man to Nrll and L-Cpl

Robert W llllam Kirkpatrick AI F -a


KNIGHT (ne» label Davies)-August 29 at King George V Memorial Hospital to Mt mid Mis V W Knight of Cherlses Street Mern'puds-n daughter (Barbara)

LATTA (nee Featherstone) -August 10 at Denistone House lastwood to rsma wife of Lieut Jim Latta-a son (Phillp Ross)

LAVERACK (nee Muriel Mor-is)-August   IR 194J at Fairlie« hospital Manly lo Sgt

nnd Mrs Geiald Lavornrk-a son (David


LOWNEY (nee Victorin Forth) - August 2a nt Clairvaux private hospital Vaurlusc Ki Mr and Mis A J Low ney of 26 Dudley Road Hose Bay-a son

McCOOK - August 23 at Tamworth Base Hospital to Staff Sergeant and Mrs R. A.

McCook - a daughter.

McEVOY - August 30. at the Mater Miser Icordlre private hospital lo Capt and Mrs VV J McLvoy of Kirribilli-a daughter (Vlctotlo Howard) slsl«r to Gal

McGUINNESS (nee W-¡lev)-August 11 ni Helenle privat» hospital Randwick lo Mr and Mrs J MeGuinness-a dnustl ter (Pal


McKEOWN -Aupust 10 at Oreva private hosnltpl Stiathfield to Mr nnd Mrs Allan MeKe-vn-a sen < Peter)

McNIVEN (nee Bliss) - Al gust 17 at the Cre'rcnl Hnsptnl Minis lo Ruth wile of Flylnr Ofllcpi D V vicMien-a son (Roger


MENZIES (n»e Jean Allum) -August 28 nt Ard»e piiale ho«i Hil Brlmoie lo Mr and Mi william Men les- i son (Kcnnelh


MILLER (nep Seicpinu \ucusi 11 to   Mis ant 1 sin rlmle« Mille R ANR of Northbridge « son (Du Id Charlps) Mnl bon n» lap-t« i i»a p cop

MILNE ince, loire w | «on) - Aucust 'II nt Dcnl'toi» HOJ«' Fin oorj t0 iciep nnd Bal A Oil-) Milne (Al! )-a dnnchlPi

(Lvieitr lein)

frrciti incp TI elma Al-'r) - Aug i«t 25 lil" -t Sicird Hirt Hosp' pi to the «vite ot N M Mvrr« Po tina Ipi Voung-i diuch tel (Miurern F vneps)

MYERS (nrp M«r I remep)-s»¡ temher 4   to Mr nnd «'n CppfT pi Miers nt Dplilsinne Hou e .> ne- a diu-iner

NEWSON (ne» Ciet -ii - Align«' 31 -t Svd  

nev «? nip>-him Wihropnc» In Mr mid Mis Palpi Ncvsnn | m-a di irhtci (Susn


O'MALLEY (nee Bntrlep V\ j «nnl - Ml" l«t     23 it Oleen S ¡'loi i He ilml Antwrnilc to Mr md II s T \ O Alp r« e' Iii milli -a djurli cr (Lnrilne Cittucl)

O'NEILL.-Au «t 0 uriii urn ir     he ii ni lo th" ut- r! l-l n o S 111 «cn

OSLAND (nee Hi P tl-nl -A 1 I »1 nt I     Tnl.nrnta llosplt 1 Woo un n c-iu ir 1 L Bril Frinl Osl ¡id i dm glit'r (\ .ter


PAINE (ne» Je sip Septen ip- ! ni ln-]c mere sr hil-ii in vi . id Mis R \ Pain»-i on (Kenneih H .pinionI

PETERS (nee Elsie Lamond)- August 30,             at King George V Memorial Hospital, to Mr.            

rnd Mis Stan Prt is i ri. i-h i iLvii't e


POUMON inre Hine rieieheii -A is I't 25 11 II a Br - Id» rlv a c 1m i It 1 Mu tinr to Ir n 1 Ml« C P I cn i s n (C pn"ie "I mc v

Rl( HAt DsoN - «n i t 0 it tin I pe llr prl alp ho ni a! Bl r lion e Si is n Ali

-ntl Mrs R ric larcscn -i on (Pinilo

Al tim)

1 t"V_ mrp Tri ni A i l-l nt Wind leigh i rut» he 1 I m ill mil Mr I u rene» nt a til I pr (Ii »i K th ecu!

ron (i co McM c ) A f t 7 t s n hut - /«te 1 «V Jl M I'm i 1 A 1 ti M to Ph 111« i' f ! esmond (" ? i) Roíc- o «on IWiurii \n lions ) lint i iel)

ROU ULI 1 (nee Bl - M li

Woodlot h irv e ho ii ii Hu>t Hie ti IOVCP nii tkl ! 1 i ouchl « All -r da h'»i (I. li Pt'e lo ee

ROWLAND (n"e ?=ivi»»i vu- «t . nt Kloln Armidale lo Mule nnd VI nu o( Glen Innes-a dnugntci

RUSHTON (nee B- 1) \imi«t ..S ni G u'

Ion prlwite hosnitil Aubiiri t vr mid Ms W I ii ino i of Alla ooc-s «cn (Hil

Ham Trittst)

SASS1II (Eil--n PSP.11) At Stratherne irlvnle he« ii al A\ oil ngpiir in Mi and Mrs Oeoige E-^sall-i aon IK-Ith James)


nrlM?Jrhe. (H1V,a CK'»8I-AUB. 28, at Antien ',?,, I 1V,snlul! Sa,ns SoUcl- l0 Mr. and Mr* Jack Scott-a daughtu (Helen Yvonne).

SECCOMBE.-August 25, at Trigoona pri- vate hospital, Narrabri, to Birdie, wife of Thomas Seccombe -a daughter.

.srS,i'rPI.AKn. <ncc Jonctl.-August 22. at vA'crdleicli. ,-Iur.sLiIlle. to Mr. and Mrs. A. ahcppaid -i son (Christopher Albert).

KÜILI.DS.-Septen-.hei 3. at Mater Mlseri roidlne prlVeUç hospital, to Fl.-Llcut. mid Mrs

P A. Shields-a daughter.

aSl«.lPS().v.~Au»u5t 2<i, at Hillcrest private hospital to Cpl mid Mis Clement Simpson d í5V.sJ.1, 'I'll'nbctli) Lived 10 hours.

sMflll (nee Mailers).-August 28. at Hill- crest, Mireupthei. io Jean and Noel (Fllsht igt.. R.A A.F.)-n daughter.

SMITH (nee Poid).-AugU3t 16. nt Wood- leigh. Hurstville to Betty, wile of FIt.-Sgl Les Smith. R A.A.F.-a son (Roben William)

SMITHERS.-September 1, al at. Luke's private- hc-pltal. Darlinghurst, to Mr. and Mrs. Percival Smltheis-a son (Murray Per-


SNEDDON.-August 30. al King George V (piivate). to Mr. and Mrs. Alex- Sneddon. of Forbes Street. Croydon-a daughter (Virginia)

SPENCER.-August 20. at Crovn Street pri- vate, to Leila, wire of Captain H. C. Spencer (A.A.M.C.)-a daughter (Susin Lee).

STEEL (nee Ettie Beckman).-August 23. Buena Vista. Bellevue Hil. to Mr. and Mrs Steel-a daughter (Diane Margret).

ST1NSON («co Evans).-August 31. al outton Vcny private hospital. Chatswood, lo Joan, wife ol Sergeant Eric Simson (A.I.F.i -a daughter (Gal Marie).

STOCKS.-Auttust 25. at Denistone Hou»c Eastwocd. to Sergeant and Mis. K. VV. stocks Eastwood-a daughter (Barbara Kay).

SWAN.-August 24. at King Gooran Mem- orial Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Swap, ol Glebe Point-a son (Gerald Richard i

TELFER - August 29, at King George V Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Telfer-a son  

(Lyall Vincent).

TRACE (nea Dallas).-August 28. at Noorla private hospital. Hornsby, to Jenn, «Ile ol A.c.l Trace-the gift of. a daughter (Sandia).

VALLANCE dice Noreen Hues).-August 24. at Englewood private hospital. Burwood, to the wife of L.A.O. Vallance. R.A.A.P..

Darwin-a son (Geoffrey Gilbert). I

WAKELING - August 29, 1943, at Mater private, to Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Wakeling a son (Neil William).

WA PLUS (nee Faith Miller).-August 15, at Malabar private hospital, to Lieut, and Mis Mervyn Waples-a daughter (still-born)

WATSON.-August 29. at the Mater Mater- nity Hospital, K'orth Sydney, to Fllght-Llcut

and Mrs. Charles Watson-a son.

WERNER.-September 2. at Woodleigh pri- vate hospital. Hurstville, to Mr. and Mrs. Reg Woiner, of Penshurst-a dauahter (Lois Mary I

WHITE (nea Betty Nichols).-August 23, al Claremont private 'hospital. Port Kembla, m Mr. and Mis. R. VV Whiter-a son (Bruce


WHITE (nee Hcttle Cartwright).-Augusl 25, at King George V., to L/Cpl. and Mrs White-a daughtei " (Judith Anne!.

tVHITUHEAD (CUI110W).-AUgU3t 22,' lil Goulburn, to Rayna and Jack Whitehead, ot Taralga-a sen (Neville James). South Aus- tralian papers'copy.

WHITFIELD (nee Betty Austin).-August 27, War Memorial Hospital." Waverley, to Captain and Mrs. Charles Whitfield, A.I.F.

a son (David Challes).

WHITLOCK (nee' Smith)."-August 20. at Wyoming- private hospital. Lakemba, to Jessie, wile of Pie. Roderick Whitlock (A.I.P.). c1 Punchbowl-a son (Roderick Christopher).

WHITMARSII.-September 1, at Bethesda private, Marrickville, to Margaret, wife ol Fte. .1. E. Whitmarsh/'A.t.F.. returned-a daughter (Maignret Elisabeth).

WINDEYER (nee Chalmer!,).-September 1. to Sally and Jim Windeyer (R.A.A.F.) 29 Valieron St, Lldcombe-^a daughter (Lauratnel

W1XLEY (nee Perkins).-Autnikt 24. al Hillcrest private hospital. Granville, to Allrt. wife of B. "A. VVinley, ? of Northmead-a son (Rnhert Alexander).

WINTER.-At Roslvn. Lindfield, to Jim and All'»-a «on (Phill*» .lam»«)._


ROLIVER-YOUNO-The Engagement .s announced ot Lorna, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. n. B. Venns. " of George's River Road. Enfield, lo Arthur (Mick) eldest son of Mr, and Mrs. A. Bolivcr. of 20 Allan Avenue, Belmore.

BURNELL-SMITH_The Engagement li announced of Bettv Eileen, elder dauuhter nt Mr. and Mis. V. G. Smith, of Manly, to Sat

Colin Ian Burnell (A.I.F.), only son of Mr, and Mrs. A. R. Burnell, of Manly.

BURROWES-STAHL.-The Engagement Is announced of A C.W. Betty Joyce, elder daugh- ter ot Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Stahl, of. Kandos,

to Fllght-Scrgcnnt ihonias Bun owes' (R.A.A.F.). s'ounRest son (twin) or the late Mr. A. J. Buriowés and Mrs. Burrowes, ol


CAMPBELL-MAYHEW.- The .Engagement Is announced of Leis Anne, only child of Ml. and Mrs. E. G. Mayhew, of Waverley, to Cpl. Robert Burdett (9lh Dlv., A.I.F.). only child cr Mr. nnd Mrs. R. B. Campbell, or West


OATTLRNS- MCKNIGHT.- The Engngpinpnt Is announced or Nina Rrsse, only daughter nt Mr. nnd Mrs. K. W. McKnight. Strathfield, to Capt. Basil VV. T. Catterns. M.C.. eldest son cf Mr. nnd Mrs. VV. H. Catterns. Drum-


COT.-BALL.-The Engagement Is an- nounced or Phyllis Patricia, elder daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. L. St. C. Ball, ot Junee, to Charles Ernest, cider son or Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Cop., ol Lugarno. Sydney.

DUGGAN-.MCCORMACK.- The Engagement Is announced of Jovcp. second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Mccormack, of Ryde, lo Gnr. C Duggan IA.I.P., returned), son of the lnt» Mr. and Mrs. G. Duggan, of Auburn.

EVERETT-PORTER.-The Engagement Is announced ot Maijorle. youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Porter, of Dulwich Hill, to W11

Unm (A.I,P.. relumed), only son of Mr. and the late Mrs. Fveictt. late of Glenbrook

GILLIES-O'REGAN.-The Engagement Is announced ot Lorna (W.A.A.A.F.), onlv daugh- ter or Mr. and Mrs. J. O'Rogan. 10 Eui Imbin Avenue. Randwick, to Gunner John Gillies, cnl) «cn ot Mrs. M. Gillies, and the late Mr. D. Gllllrs. ot 1 Grantham Etrect. Potts Pclnt.

GOODWIN-OWENS.-The Engagement is announced of Jean, eldest daughter c( Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Owens. Rcslvn. Snrculp Street. Lakemba, to Sgt. Edward Jam-s. A.I.F.. New Guinea, eldest son ct Mr. and Mrs. James Goodwin. Roslyn. Hector Street.


GOSPER-TWIGG.-Tile Engagement is an- nounced ol Gladvs. eldest daughter cf Alder- man H. H. Twigg. Coolangatta. Queensland, to Ben Gosper (R.A.A.P.), eldest son of Mrs. Dorothy Gosper. Ashfield.

GRICE-EVANS.-The Engagement Is an- nounced ol Rosalie, younger daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Evans, of Ash'eury. to William (R.A.N.R.). only sen ol Mr. and Mrs. C. Grlce. of Hurlstone Paik. , ,

HEGGIE-CItUSll.-The Engagement Is an- nounced of Honor, only daughter of Flying Officer nnd Mrs. W. L. ClUhh. or Coogee, lo Coder H. Reggie (R.A.N.). second son ot Mr. and Mr«. D. Beagle, or Punchbowl.

HUNT-CREIGHTON.-The Engagement Is announced ol Brenda Rae onlv dmiRhter or Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Creighton, Francis Street. Marrickville, to Bernard, second son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E, Hunt, 45 Augusta Road.

Hobart. Tasmania.

HUNT-FLANAGAN.-The Engagement is announced cf Joan, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Flanagan, of Sydney, lo Lend- ing Slgnnlman Ashbv Hunt. (Royal Kaw), only son of Mi. and Mrs. J. Hunt, of Derby.


KERKENCZOV-MARSH.-The Engagemcnl Is announced of Margaret (Bonnie), eldest daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. J. Mnrsh. ol Par ramntta, to Dr. Nicholas Kerkenesov. young pst son c1 Mr. and Mrs. M. Kerkeneîov, of


KITCHKN-ROBOTHAM.-The Engagement is announced of Thelma, eldest daughter o! Mr. and Mis. Robotham, of Beverly Hills, lo Neville, only sen of Mr. and Mrs. S. Kitchen,

or Athfle'.d.

LUKE-WOOD.-The Engagement Is an- nounced ot Noima. voungest daughter el Mr and Mrs. w. J. Wood, or Annandale, to Richard onlv son ol Mr. and Mrs. R. T.

Luke, of Annandale.

MACCULLOCH-MCWILLIAMS.-The En- gagement is announced of Doris Irene, youngest

daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Mcwilliams, Narrabri. to M. B. (Sam), third son ot Mrs   K. Macculloch, The Springs, Dubbo and   the late F. S. Macculloch formerly of Buck- inbar, Yeoval.    

i MANSON-MAY.-The Engagement Is an- nounced el Isobel (Bllllp), younger daughter or Rev. Canon and Mrs. T. May, ol Newcastle and Armidale Diocese, lo Captain Ian Mr A. Manson (A.I.F.I. s'cungpr son of the late Mr. W. P. Manson and'Mrs. A. G. Manson, of Canteiburi' Melbourne..

MOLINEUX-BEARMAN.- The Engagement   is announced of Lucy Ethel, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Bearman, of Chatswood to Donald Charles, youngest son of Mr. and  

Mrs. G. Molineux, of Kent, England.    

PAGE-SOUTHWICK.-The Engagement I? announced of Ovvenpth Anne, elder daughter, ef Mr. and Mrs. C, E. southwick, of 45 Hunter street, Newcastle, to Albert Ronald (Lieut.. A.I.F.) elder son o! Caplaln F. E Pane and Mrs. Page, ot Arlaimon

. RE!D-DRUMMONn.-The Engagement Is announced of Elizabeth Mci gan, eldest dnugh ter ut Mr and Mis. T. Drummond, of Lis-

more, to Sgt. Gerden K. Reid. (R.A.A.P.,, abr'ad). youngest son of Mr. mid Mrs. G Reid, of Campbelltown. ??

PFII.LV-c'uvTHItON.-The Engagement Is announced ot Annls, only daughtei of Mis . and the late Mr. R. J. Cawthron. Klvcdpclt. Sydney, to Edward D.. onlv sen ol Mrs. and the late Mr. A. E. Reilly. Woodville Park. S.A

ROBERTSON-np.IB.-The- Engagement is announced nt Bon! Margaret, only dnuohtei cr Mr nnd Mis. H. Reid. Wyee, to Donald

second son of Mr. and Mis. D. Rohertson ,

Catherine Hill Bay.

ROBINSON-HUDSON.-Th» Engagement if announced ot Lulah, elder daiiahtcr ot Mr and Mrs. A. M Hudsiin. of Sydney, to Artliui Edwnrd ("Speed"), second son of the late Mr. nnd Mrs. W. C. Robinson "I Clovellv .

SCOBIE-BERRIE.-The Engagement I« nn n"inc»d of Ruth Kathleen, eldest daughter el Mr. end Mrs. A. J. Brrrlr. ot Wnlls'rnectall

lo Reden Crichton, eldest sen ot Mrs. nnd Hie lalp Lieut.-Col. Robeit Serbio, ol Mnltlnnr

SELBY-LAKE.-The Enaniemem if. an- nounced ol Jeep Mnr?8rel. eldest dpughtrr c1 Mrs A. Minn end the late Mr. G LnkP. "I Marrickville, to Lewis Clement (Poll Kembla) thlid .«cn of Ila late Mi. and Mr« J. Selby of «"l-wcii. W.ilcs.

SIWIàTLT-IH.Mea.Klit)«.. - Th» EniMceinenl 's announced "f Assistent Se.ctlcn-Offlcei Ruth Hende-snn Iff A.A.A f.l tv'n d.iu:;hl»r ol Mrs A. H-ndciscn of Lane Coin, to Fl<lnr. Ollice- Alan Vj\vvell Phmiei ir, A .1 V i

second son ot Mis R I. Pheitei of Caul,

fie'd «t»lbon.rr

SMITH—HUBBARD.—The Engagement is   announced of Betty Adele, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Hubbard, of Bondi to Gordon Smith, of Bellevue Hill.

SNITCH—MAYNARD.—The Engagement is         announced of Jean Heather, only daughter of     Mr. and Mrs. J. Maynard, of North Strath- field, to Arthur George, youngest son of Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. J. Snitch, of Burwood.

STOW—GALWEY.—The engagement is an-   nounced of Sister Agnes (Bubbles) Galwey (A.A.N.S.), eldest daughter of the late Mr. F. Galwey and of Mrs. Galwey, of Belmore, to Warrant Officer Geoffrey Stow (A.I.F.),     only son of the late Mr. A. Stow and of Mrs.

Stow, of Croydon.

SWINBOURNE—TAMBLYN.—The engage-   ment is announced of Eunice (A.W.A.S.),     younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Tamblyn, of Harbord, to Lieut. Gilbert Swin- bourne (A.I.F., returned) son of Major and Mrs. C. A. Swinbourne, of Manly, and late of   Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony.  

TAYtOI!-DOUlaLASi.- The IngnneillilU I niin".?nct'l of '!«lrn Kcthsi.n». c'.U.'r dunlite! n( «t. and Mi« H D Dr,u-:ln«. el Drn.l.miln N S \V.. ti Lieut Inn Cheile.« Tnvlor (A I.p.). ruh' s'.i c1 Mi and Mis. C. A. Ti.vlor. ri

G.s'd-ivnle V.-tmin

THOMAS-linillM, - lh' F.ngpirmeni I« rnr.puii'-eii of Rulh, cn!« d.uighter ol Mr nnd Mi« :? .1 Blown», of Oalns. Mount Duin meim. vii Malliii'.M. In AU-n, younger ern ol Major !'. '111-111. s mid the lele Mis. E

Thura .«. rl V.t'dCT-,

TsCHANNI.N-JARVIS.-The Einagpinen? I« pnnmmccd 'I Pniothv .Inrvm. eldest dnughtei of Mr and Mr. Jpivlk. n( Kirne Street

Pmchbcrl. ti Gunner R. T.'cli»iiii»n, second cldcM sen ol Mr. and Mrs. Tsuhannen, ol



WALLIN-SIHEOUFE-The Engagement Is announced ot Eona Catherin» Schroder oldest daughter of Mr and M's G Schrod=r c1 Mas-ot to Donald Elie Wallm (Air)

elde- son of Mi nnd Mrs w Wailln o' Manly tfoimcily icunc)

WIILHIIS-HU» NAH -The Fnmv-mcnl

announced cf Gladys Marie elcuyt dauebtpi of Mr end Mrs p o Huiinnm or Auburn to Geoflies lick vcunge't sen o! Mr nnd Mr« J C Williams of Sou h Stiathleld

WITNbV-BltowNL-The En"agemcnt l

¡ni louiiccd oi Dciecn younger daughtei c1 thr late Mr C L Bru v ne und Mr B Drc nt

ri Fivcdotk to Ros Ai-hbc d clr"er sin c1 Mr md Mi« c \ Wime« ot Roseville


BAUIIVN-JUSfcb - im j, i01, ", gur tin» Park Bntl«t Chinch bv Chaplain P J -mitti a sled bi Rev A L t epd r Cladvs rmma onl/ daughter ol Mi md Hi' VI H Jone» ol Ashñ'ttl lo Ci I Allen ftav menu Bidnian cn of Mr mid Vis A G Bodman pi Enfield

BIIVDLLV - C.lhROMSs - July 17 104J al î> C E G Ù chapel North Svdne« Mars oaugh cr "i Mi« G S Burro, s ol Mosman to Lieut Pu-ton (AIT) son or Mr and Sirs C B Bradies oi Noith Svones

GARSIbl- HUMPItREYS - Aurust 20 1114» at ot riiihps fcjoiie, by Ven ArUidciron H S Be"o e Ethel Cime Humphreys met Mason) io Etiwa d Wllhem Garside

G'HIOUP-L1KKUV -Augu t 5 at St Mats s Basilica Ssdnev Jo ephlnc soungest daughter of Mr and Mrs B ! Birkby ot -oil titi Hursts ile to Sgt Donald Gllmoui R A IF youngest son of Mr and Vis G J .Gilmour c1 Vc bom ne

e. MA,^TBI VCMVOUD -/jgu i 14 1-113 at St V.icluel s Viuc use b Canrn Ba der Peggy sounict daugh er ol Mr and Mrs A J Blackwood or Bellevue Hill lo Rodliev (Ron) Luton (A ! F teturli'd) c'dc't son di Mr Jtid Mrs " G Hail ot Manly

HLSSION-\\ VLall -Ajüiut l8 al bl Michael " church Daceyville Nancy onls daughter of Mr J A Wahh and the la e Mrs A Walsh ol K!ng«loid to Matthew p he sion A I F cltser son of Air and Mr« M He sion di Br sbnnt

LLN«ON-GRVHA I-Augist 27 134J a Blessed Olivei ritm'-l Church Harris Park oydnev bv Rci Father J O Farrell Nora only dauih er ol the late Mr and Mrs J F

Graham of Wo verle} td Edward Lennon (RA IPI sourgest sen ol V is A Lennon Parramatta Ssdhes and Ihe late Mi E


LONG-GARNER -August 14 at St Jamt6 Sydnty bv the REV E J Davidson Sgt Mart n Mer Ick Long youngcßt sen of the lale Blohop Long and Mis G M Lorn,

ot Killara to Cyn hin Jo« ce elder daughtei of Mr and Mrs \v R Garner ol Coolah

rARKES-FINNlMOitr-August 7 1843 al St. George's Church of England, Hurstville   by the Rev G s Richmond Joan Lilian only daughter of A»rs Flnninioip and of ihr late Mr p Flnnlmort of c ingbali N s VV

to Sgt Matt Parkes AIP second eldest son C1 K.r A Parkes nnd the late Mr« Park's o' Tocumwal NSW

POO LL-All \N-Al gust 25 1943 at Croidon Park Methcdl«t Church Mai-lc lean yçninE'r daughter oi Mi md Mrs ! S Allan of Croidon to lohn Edvard (AIP returned)

elder son of Mr and Mr., G E Poole ol Brisbane

ROBB- BRTNN \N -August IO 11)4 1 al St Judes Panduic bs Ih» R»v Paiklnson eileen Nora only cughter oi Mr and Mrs A Eiennan Mosman to Alnn Malani Pldei son of the Inte William and VIrs Robb Maldon, Dumaresq Island, Manning River.

RODHAM-KEMP -August 26 1943     Congregational Church Roseville by Rev J  

Evans Winifred Lorraine younger daughter of Mr and Mrs F Kemp of Roseville to Staff Sergeant Keith Frederick Rodham only son of Mr and Mrs F J Rodham of Cremorne.

ROPE-LAMB-August 23 at fat Anne« Church of England, Srathfield, by Rev. W. G Ivisbei Sgt Bettv Lamb A W A S vounp

est daughter of Mi and Mrs H J Lamb of Homebush to Kdr Geoffrey Geoige Rope A I F only son or Mrs Rope Stiathlield and the lain M- J O Rone of Mudgee

STEELL-SIMPSON -August 21 al Wrs>v Chapel Svdncv Ursula Florence cider dauan ter of Mr and Mis Simpson Wiigntur Gulargambone to Lleui R E Steele (USA) »Ide t son of Mr and Mr. F Steele Oakland California USA

THORNE-tiARRIF- August 28 1943 nt «I lohn s Church Darlinghurst bv the Rev C A Lucas Ada Patricia Bnrrie onls daugh 1er of Mr and Mrs A Batrle of Bank

town NSW to Sergeant Rlchaid John Thorne ot Maroubra A I F (retu ned) onlv ion of Mr and Mrs R R Thome ol


MVCLN1-UACKNF«. - August 17 1943 at St Marys Church of Eng and Athel ton North Queensland bv Rev Trcgea Grace Priscilla (Pops) eldest dauahter of Mr and Mrs T 0 Hacknes of Biiciaburrnaa Bur- raga NSW lo Mejor Arthui Leslie Vincent, second son of Mr end Mrs A L Vincent of Enfield N S W

WESTLEY—ALEXANDER.—July 31, 1943, at St. Thomas's Church, North Sydney, by     the Most Reverend the Archbishop of Sydney, assisted by Canon Baker, Marjorie Grace,   younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Alexander, of Lane Cove, to Rev. Philip Risby,  

son of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Westley, of Lane


WILCOX-O'DowD - August 7. 1943. at All Pauls church Leichhardt. Enid, youngest daughter of M.r and Mrs. W. O'Dowd of Leichhardt to Stan eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Wilcox of Dulwich Hill.

WRIGHT-MAVnn I -Aiigiiit 21 1941 at SI Mirv s Basilica Svdnes bv Rev J Grady Kathleen Mvrtle elder daughter ol Cap aln and Mrs W J Maxwell rf Pens huist to AId»rt John onls son of Mr and Ml» A M Wright ot Penshurst

WRIGHT-Mt CARTIS ri -At St lude s Church Randwick Einst onlv son ot Mr and Mrs R Wright of Coogee to Pearl onlv daughter of Mrs and the Ute Mr W MrCirln'V of Rnndwirk_


DO! AGHAN-LOU LL -Seinemoer 3 1913 at Wpstmlnstcr Cathed al london bv Ihe Rnv Monnlgnor Dals Prank Dolaghan 2nd Batt A I F to Sister E Lovell Q A I M N S R Present eddress 55 lohnson Street Harbord

.MOON-SKINNER -September 7 191B al Church of England Church, Gilgandra, Arnold Cecil Moon of Somerset England to Haiiel Alma onlv daughter of th» late G J Skinner nnd Mrs r B Skinner Gilgandra_


BOOTH-September 1 1943 at Ililli A G H Concord Sgt Robert Duiald Booth A I F onlv son ol Mr and Mrs A D Booth of Dubbo and brother of Mars Sheila Betts Katie and Peggs

BROWN-Robert Edvnrd (Ros) Warrant Engineer RAN killed at sea as result ot encmv action dearly loved son-In low of Mrs R H Croll Roseiillc and brother-ln law of Dons s nnd Emlls Croll Balgowlah

COOPUl -Februars 10 1941 killed In action New Guinea u /Cpl Ronald Anthony Cooper eldest son of Mr and Mis P M Ccopci of Henderson Avenue Mittagong and loilng brother of Clarice Lionel Frederick and Kevin aged 11 vears

LLAND -April 4 1041 killed In action at Reglma Pass previously reported missing be- lieved wounded NX20837 Pte Stephen Eland A I 1 denilv loved scunge«t eon ct Mr nnd Mrs Eland 47 I Ivcrpcol Road South Strath- field and brother of Man Edle Bob Mill

Jessie Sallv Herne Luke and Hilda aged 23 yenrs HP died a hero

GARDINER -AU6U«t 27 1943 killed air- craft accident LAC lohn Douglas loved second sen of Gordrn and Dorothv of Bara dine and biother of Bill and Pam

OI-OPGF-Gunner Plank Stewart George NX799H2 killed In action August ]fi 1043, New Guinea aged 21 Always remembered bs Mum

Dad nnd Merle

GI OKGE,-Gunner Prank Stewart George killed In notion, New Guinea August IG 1043 Inserted bv his loving grandparents Auntv Pcail nnd Uncle Sim

GI ORCF -Ounner Frank Stewart George killed In action August 10 1043 New Guinea ln«»-ted bv his lov ne Aunt Kath Uncle Ros md cou«ln« Marcia and Ronald

CrOPG! -Gunner ITMII Stewart George killed In action Augii«! 16 1043 In«eitcd bv hlr lov ng Uncle Fred Aunt Mpmv and cousins Maureen Geoffrcv and Matgnret

DI «A ARD - Julv 13 ki'l»d In ilrtloii Mnjpi H "M H* urti VO02S40 beloved husband or Pntrlcln Henri street Kensington Vl-tnrln

III W Aim -lulv n Ulled In notion AlaJOi H M Reward VM02040 loved eldest son ir Mr and Mrs C H Reward of 43 Pine Street Cammernv brother of Bowen (Melb ) Jnck (r /O RAAF Fnglnnd) nnd Jill

I icri -Augusl 19 nt Gernldtnn W A

Brlnn Joseph RAAF dearlv loved onlv son of 1 V nnd A Lscei and denrlv lo.ed brother of Hnlnc nged li venn RIP

1IAV -August 12 1943 lost his life «s result nt aircraft Accident in Canndi Alrcralt

mrn Hnr-y May RAAF vers dearly loved Irlend of Mardi Duncan

ULRf S -August 7 1941 lest his life as icsiilt ni a li era ft accident nt Bardoc. Village Lincoln England Igt Air Ounner Frenk Mere- RAAF beloved grandson of Isabel Ftemfry and nephew ot Rene Phyllis Joyce and Harry aged 21 vears

N1NNESS - Augn«t 2" 1943 Sgt-Pllol Gordon Normin (Don) N'nness lost hi» Hie result of air accld»nt In South Australia dearlv bPlovcd son ol Mr and Mrs A Nln lies 1 io Major s Bis Road Concord devoted brcth-r ol Bettv aged 19 yenrs

NINN1SS -August 27 194! South ALS

trnlla rerull of aircraft accident Sgt -Pilot aciden Norman (Don) Ninnes« RAAF

dearly beloved friend of Lenlov Wocdger aged

19 years

NINNIbS-August 27 1D41 South Aus trnlla re«tilt of Aircraft accident Sgt -Plh I Gordon Noimnn (Den) Nlnness RAAF dearlv lovpd Irlend cf Mr and Mrs J Wood t.çr and famlls Spring Street Concord

PL ACT-August 11 1943 died o! Illness Northern Atea N218B42 Private William Vin

tent Place (1st A I F ) son of Inte Janie« aid Ellen S Place nnd lovd biolh-r ol Jknitf (RAAF) Lc3lie md Edgar aged 45 venn

rRITC II ARD -August 20 1143 killed In nellun New Gulnci Lieut Keilli Jimes Pill rhird Air onls son ot Vii and Mrs Jnmts Prllchard n! Brcv Aba Boan Bi nnd Werrington, Macleay Street, Potts Point  

SMITH -August 23 lill died cf wounds New Guinea N\bG1"6 Lint Rev lohn lil' ol Ccnbcr-a be nved hu.«««ne1 ol N t tv ind lovtnL ¡athel ef Rev and Ii i mod o «tci

SMITH - August 73 1311 dl'd of would

Net Guinea NNBbri I eui Roi lohn levert «on of Mrs A M "nilli 1" Rlrlatri "ucci Aiikuin nnd brothci el Dorcthv (Ml« w liri tilt) Cullen Hie! tMi« Bilde) Theran Hld t« n el rrv IA I H n ed 2r ieir

Slit Til M ii "t I" ) n ed fir mo

> w C line » s"bl7f Li ii Foi lol n I vrd c in i ol i i md Mis iliinnh 21r Pji i i iret Vi^uin i l-l bicthii ii i» ii Mr nno M I lilli m HJiin li I \ 1 F ) Mi

pud M lad 11*1 nob (R A \I ) Mi nile? M P ill H li 1 l III end All« De » a Il ni h A?i and Mis C1 ide Hinnnh IA I F and Noinnn

VOl«r Pile Olfrei Join Ch It« Hann \o n« p( I t n ir nur-? to hue lo«l lil life j i o rr t C1 « Pi i rp Pthiuniv 10 1 4J rip rl o u li i lind <"! SlielU and (Uliei el

I n i

nd d ii I io Ii'r ol I "I

ilrvl d G v

.t. klll'ri m ii

ii ir 104


TI NN1 T I - Sei tpmbci 1 I'll it SvdllM I horn s Ciarle Bui rit of «.'n-a Hall Dell i ri SU' t Brndl (rrmrrlv el Fln-iia de li n til tiri el F le f lis T «tiltil l s.1 v it Ti ink O nice Nerinin and Viona iMis

BRYANT -SeptftlltiPt I 1911 .l! 1 An

Hie Slice! Clin o ri Cerairi Sum li n livint bel id Inifb-iiil M Lllrn Mirv Btvmi

i nd de- liti-r el Mm Cat i rlne and C le «le nile rnt li 1 ec

IUiM'_«-r mbi 3 1913 »t I in

Hum Sir tt Chat cod G ia J Slunls nu» f- v ni vi u vr«t cn cf Hie late Mr nul Mrs r Pr ui! id um liicthc- of E lime lue Fn« ! lunn Id "-sed) Cvjin C de (Ms T J rmcclH 'S stet M Phi um in An bon« (d'ci »«edi Ism! us (d eta ed) md Malv (Vc ! I D in in) R'nul" 't?I In o<e.

it'll LOCK-sei tomb- 31 l-2 u , c.d-'

It ills! Cha 'ti 1 us eil dei r brloied sen nf Mi mid Mis «¡vclntv Bli cr nnJ ried t rolher ol Mali»! and -jdnev md graud»on o. Mrs M Savlll ng'd 24 seals


CUllER -August 13 11)43 (suddenly) at Mosman Mildred Wlnthcembé dearlv loved sister rf Wth Ben (killed m acllon) Ted Bob (de-ceaocci) Gertie and Louise Brodie

At re t

CASLV -August 27. 194.. it Muvfleld VVe't

Newcis le Mary E beloved wife of the late Pall ck William Castv c1 Boora] "nd diuchicr 'f h» litp William and Mau Flood of

Strrud RIP

ClhEi -A gust 27 lil J at i Belgiave S rec Msyncld Nevcn'lle Maiv L Leiovrc. »Ife ol Ihe late Patrie»: Ca«cv ol B-nral and loving mother of Et le (Mrs Fulton) Rene (MU Deland) Fitts («4i Mclnnnes) Bert Perce Dcioihv ind Jock njed 07 RIP

CHAKI CRS -Scptembci 1 1343 lene be

lover! wife of 1 J duller 114 Suriev "ctrect Darlinchui t Privite intoimtiu

C1H UCIIILL - Viigust 29 nt Brvm-duru

Mituldia F cscr E Chui'hlll husband c1 Millie M J Churthlll ni,cd 01 vcats

CL1RK-September 3 194" Charles Ale Clark btovtd «on ct Mt. Annie Clcik 01 4 Clareo Street Huí! tens Pa ind lo cc brodie c1 Jehu Ld rrd William May (M s G Niblett) a\,ed 5U jcils

CULLINS -August 2Ü nt her ddui-luc

residence 24 VV "tt Avenue Bur.oud Con lin» Collins relict of late lohn Co lin and beloved mother of Floirlè (Ali« En «the Quirindi) Lils (Ms A R Bamber Bur ivnodl In he- 90th sear

CROSS -September 2 1043 it lils resl drep shalamar Prlnre « H-iwav Svlvo ii» Hamillrn Cecil Cross d-ailv belo!ed husband c' Mobrl Ellen cio c nnd lo/lnt father ol Lieut I G Cross (Air) nged n0 venís

U PLB0U\ -S-pttmb»r 2 1913 Samn-l Wv! ellam D F beux el 4 Bowral Street Ken shipton At IF t

DOME-September 1 1911 al a n ate hospital Pncv Gerald De tie of 43 Boimiii btr'Pt Kellington iel el c1 thp lal» Marv Ann Devi» mid b-l-ved fnlher of Nee) (Air) Bill and Greg Rcuulccat in pace Privat»!« Interred Bctpnv Ccm'terv Septembers 1041

DUCKWORTH -September 3, 1943 Zaccheus

Duckworth late of St Ives, husband of     the late Angelina Maud Duckworth, beloved     father of Mabel (Mrs. Gazzard), George Arthur, Norman, Herbert, Robert and Ronald Aged 80 years. At rest.

DUGGAN - Augu't 31 1943 result ol ncci

dent Meignr'l behved daughter of ihe lu« .hdrew DJSJIII c1 Lo-hinvnr nnd d»nr s «ter M Cecelia M thiel Rose (d«c»a«ctl) Bell (deccns=d) end lohn (d'ccnsT') RIP Va

j)llV8t»lv interred In the Cetllnlic Ccmetti

Pcr-k.vr"d on the 1st ln'tant

DUNCAN.—August 29, Annie, beloved   daughter of the late W. O. C. Deane and Mrs. Deane, Campbelltown, loving sister of     Fred (A.I.F., deceased), Bill (A.I.F.), Ernie   (A.I.F., deceased), Beryl, Pat, and Nancy     (deceased). Privately cremated.

EliW ARD - srptcmber 1 1943 at Cnn berrn ACT David Barnet Edward d»srlj loved nupband ot Florence dear father ol Lieutenant Goidon (AIP) and Betts and dear grandlnther ot Barbara ano Allan ag-d 62 sears P-lvately cremated Scp cmbei 3 1943 at Woronora

TOWARD-September 1 194J al Can t-er-a ACT David Barnet Edward beloved ten ol the Ide Alexander and Maggie Edwa-d (formerly of Bet]»j) and dear broUier of John and Alf and of Ale«: St miss Hoi ace Robert and Maggie (all deceased) aged B2 sears Prlvatelv cremated September 3 1343

»t Worcnota

EDW ARDÍ -September 1 1043 at his resl

dence 5 Belmore Street Wolongong. David Jonn Pdwn-ds beloved husband of Ruth ant brother Of Rhcda (Mr« M-ohoc) Xnnle (Mrs Em!) Sarah (Mr« Pinfold! Jonas Bcsslr (Mrs Budgen! and Jim Prlvatelv ii tened 2nd Ir Methodist Ceme'er. 'Vohongcng

EVANS -August ''B 1943 Elizabeth widow el the late William Fvsns e! Brvn v Dot II Crown Stre-t stool ton formerly rf Walls «nd and Swansea Scu h Wale« At -est

UIZPATRICK -S-plcmbcr 3 1043 at a oillatc hcspltal Wavnrttv Ellen "Tznatrlck. 'f 02 Ard»n street Clovelly b'lovcd wile ol

Dctei RIP

PI orKlHI T-August 28 1043 ni a rest hem? Marrickville Innot Plockhait daughter of the l»t» Mr and Mis Wri Flockhart late cf P rment aged rrj 5ea:s Privately crpmat-o. August 31 1343 *,

G UaVLV - September 2 1943 at his rcsi drnee 32 Mon« Road Wep'wcithvill» H nrv Themes Gsrvc relict ol til» late Marv Ann Ganes end denrl lov-d father of Evcyn and Hob'lt acfd 77 sears

GOODWIN -Sepfmber 2 1141 at her rc'ld-nee 64 Alennd-a =t-cet Drummovne Han lett rcllot of the 1st- James Goodwin of Drummnvnc in her 33rd sear Prlvatelv In erred W averies Cemetery Sept-mber 3


GOULD -September 2 1143 at hi« rest dence 44 Rowe Street Lastwocd Hnrrj Gould late of Bnbh-ccmbe. Torquay Devon Fnsland b»loved husbnnd ni Su-an Gould and father of Molls «Bed 70 scan Pniatcly cremated

GRAlNt.F -September 1 1043 at Roval P-lnce Alfied Hospital Sarah (Salis) d»arly beloved wife of Wllliim Grainge of 3 Tun garra Rot>d Girra*een and loved mothei of Doris

GREENUP -September 2 ID4J al his resl

dence 44 Franc!» btrect Farlwood Allert Edward b»lovpd husbnnd ol Florencn Greenup and loved lather of Albert William Ebie. Alice Sydnev Norman nnd F.ou aged Gi

Sears At rest

HART. -September 2 1943, William Hart,

Bill Street Maroubra, beloved husband of Ellen and dearlv beloved father of William,   Nellie, Nita, Clem, Pat, Les and Joan.

HAWTHORN - s-Pt»moer 2 1043 George   Icvlnx hu«bnnd of Christina loving father of Doris (Mrs King) and Phyllis (Mrs Jack son I Bs request no flowers

HfcNBl -September 2 at Rjd" hospital, Jick Ernest dearly beloved -on of Mr and M-s E A Henry of Marrickville and loving brother of Deris end Rita aged 34 years Interred at Church of England Cemetery, Northern Suburb,s on September 3, 1943.

HOURIGAN -Septemb-r 3 1943 nt Parri matla Hospital Norma dearly loved daughter ot Hirold and Dorothy houilgan or West m»ed and dear sister c1 Kathleen Shlrles and Herold igcd 11 «ears

IBU IN-September 1 1043 («udJenlv) al Balmain Hospital James denrls beloved hus-

band or Sarah Ann Irwin and loving lather of Nrnbltt Bosd nnd Lillian Bo,d and oeir grandfather of Ian John and Betts aged 05


JFFl-LRr-August 2i nt Newcastle (sud

denlvI Lucy dearly beloved daughter of the Inte Wllllim Jeflerv of Lclehha di and Alice J»fferi and sister of Dulcie Mabel ana V le tor i»rd 24 sears

IEEBLR-August 30 1943 Thomas Henry I ceder of 6B Caribella Street Kirribilli

dearly loved husband of tne late rioienrc Annie Lecder and loved father of Norman (deceased) and Constance

ULItLMRlI r - September 1 l<113 at h!« residence Roberts Road Chullora Ernest Bernhird dtnrli loved husband of Helena and loving brother or Bertha (Mis Rice) Frcd»rlck (deceased) Loul'n (Mrs Körner) and Liu a (d-censed) With Christ (nr better

L0O11FS -September 3 1943 at her resl dence 46 Burwood Road Burwood Essie Gert

rude dearlv loved wire or John Jo-eph end deer mother ot lehn (deceased) Wllllnm Dudlcv Daphne (Mrs J O Neill) Essie (de ceased) and Carrie (Mrs H Betts) Rcqulescat In pace

Mcl)0*JALD -September 3 1943 nt his daughlp- s residence 57 Sutherland street Lane Cove Romlri Joseph dale of Murwll

lumbar,) relict of the late Ann McDonald and beloved father of Kathleen (Rev Mother Bcrchman« Presentation Convent Lismore)

Mjitle (Mrs Pat Perrv) and Ita aged 75 sears Requle«cat in pace

McDUir -September 1 1943 suddenly at lils residence Dunolly 7 The Avenue Ashfield William Brown beloved husbnnd of Pmllj and loving father of Frank Ethel (Mrs Clive Abrams) Marjorie (Mrs John Clifford) Florrie tessie (Mrs C Newman) Janet (Mrs W Underwood) and Chnrles aged 87 sears Peaceful!! sleeping Privat'Iy cremated

Mel FNN AN-September 2 1043 at her rrsldene» Haberfield Bridget McLennin (for- mer!? of Corowa nnd Has) relict of the late Alexander McLennan and dpar mother ot Marv (Mis W? Nicholson) Catherine Bridget (Mrs R Pulenste'n) Alice Dimld William (de coasrd) and Annie (Mrs williams) Rcqulescat In pace Prlvatelv Interred Rcokwocd Ccme t-rv September 3 1943 _ J

MAGR VTH -September 3 1943 nt Rvde Mpmorlnl Hospital Gertrude dearlv helovrd wire of Rlchnrd Magrath »nd lo.lng mother ol J"hn eged 48 vpirs

nltVUI-August 5 at Perth Western Aus

tialla Adolph beloved husbmd of Jessie nnd loved Inther of Dai'd (A 1 F ) Wesley (RAAF) Nell Hughie tA I F ) Edith GInds« Queenie Floren-e Ronald Beril and son of tim late Hanv Viever or Rods Bill posters mid loved brother of William Edith Gladvs Norman (deceased) aged ol years

vtl/PN -September 1 ni his residence 15 Zoeller Street Concord Albert Wllllnm ( lehn)

be!ov»d elder son ol Mrs O F and the Inte Air H Mimi lather of Albert nnd Sslvli and brother or Marlon (deceased) Alec nnd Ida

MUNRO -September 3 1043 at hi« resl

denre 31 Harrow Road Belles Alexander Munro (late or Scotland) dearlv loved tins

band or Hmnnh W Munro dear rathci ot Donald and dear grandlalher ot Fas and Sliecna aged 60 vears

MUKRAV -September 2 1Î143 Marv cathe rln« Mitrrav of 11 Re«thivcn Road South Hurstville (tormerlv or Bundarra)

Ml ERS -September 1 1943 nt St A In cent s Hospital All-n Inmes beloved «on ot Mr and Mrs Henry Willim Mseis ol Ulla dulla, dear brother of Vincent and Peter

»rd lo. Ins grandson of Mr P Msers and Ihe late Mrs Rose Mveis of Brooman South Coast and Mr and Mrs A Wilmore (Mas- cot) aged 9 scats R I P

PARSONS -September 3 1143 at tit« rest

denrp 62 St James Road Wniciles Geer-r William dearlv loved husband of Bertha Prnnces Pn'sons ngpd 53 years

TATPRSON -Augu«t 23 nt Mplbourne Mnrv Campbell wide.« or T r Petersen ind Irving mother ot M s Ham Allen 3 I esll» Oreve Brighton Bcnrh Meterla nged 76


PATLRKON-Septemhpr 2 1943 ni Prlnre of Wples HO'Pllnl Randwick Gpnrge dpirls r-ploipd hi shand of t«on and dear father of Alps Thelmi Ceeroe Maswell and Jame«

ac'd 30 «eau

I ATI RSON - septrmbpf 2 lui it Prince of Wale« Hospital Randwick G'nrp» d»arlv lo.»d «cn cf Jo », i, P ,e| ?h» late !»ni'nn Tntr 'on and d'ar ! rothpi of ».nriit't IMi« 1 it.nint ) Robot! lime« Hlzibeth (Ml« r Din ian) A-IIP« if r« A R»n ile) Mi-' IMi M Hnnni nr ) ! rph and F ora (Mr T »ladcl aged 1 ear

Pill 01 t epienne I inn n h»

ic Idcnr» 1 3 Ne i S «ct \n]!eninn5 riler Pm o « eel« ed w Í» o' Allreo Patmer» d-Kr um hoi ol v\ Ulam ind P'o nie r anrv ant Alfred (deeep ed. s-rd r2 p-rs

PVVNI -«t-Hcnbcr * 10? I nt D-ewh

G nice Pi ne l.t» ni Bree! v Up r nie »!

ni 1 h In ne

I OOL1! \\ - Ail-mi 2S 1943 I HCr?» ii« I PI h'r snn ? residence Knrln-i Mhvhliihir

s i-et Roc Hil! I rb-1 Nlin O-i ti tor Pmlnian loved wl.p p! P s Poolman and rlerr mrlher nf Nina I Indi Ro«e Idereasid) nnd A th ir Ren. Ick (Bil I

POl I IIP - s i pm PI loi- »I hrr lesi tfncp "IOHO trrt-p 411 Bien hoad Brute

v in 1 p ildo« ol Iii- l«lp I ihn Po iii» p ni d rh lo. rd not bei if iron. Char .« Ml T II Mir. ( 1rs W Cihc) Ruth (Mr S riiii?i le'llp rid of th» lele Chille! » Uli« 1 Ttcrian) and Nell (Mi« '1 en)

r- d B" ii 1« P nltlv In eired al V «IPI! «

Cení" n rn lid Hist

t \l -sept mbei 3 inn at Child tu , He niial C mi ide. n I nd ii lal« loi d

lulim on el Ali ntrt Mi Ch il' R e cudi ricai I ih-i ni .onild Teren e and D pn

cod 11 m ii lis

. VMv ~'i I mbPi 1 lit t n i int r ho It ral Fcnnint «HI« A h ir dell lout 1 h'r ni Ji-ie« Po and Invlm, brcihc n Ali r Adi 1 ne« 'a ;ci 1 (Alio t Br d ) Ci i ( 1 1! rccig") Iel n leseph telle ind Iii old Prl.i'e o m 'ed

rvwLiNiON s i iiiii'i T ion ivnum Hcnrv r?\ 1 n«-n be nvpd huvbi.iid of Iliren

le rd ( th'r 1 (til ni Jnhn and "=rtcn ii i wren c Timlin _n (P A A F ) a-cd "1 veai ? ii Pi i (uncril n e sec Hcinlo


1 I UM It -Srp inlet 2 l')i3 ni Antill

lumt-h 1 Co lil Lui«? ellet on of I-te i-iif-c i and Annie Rjodri (late of Crrimbi)

III IN -Sepien tier ! lill Mats I loud eldtst rijujht-i of Them-. J jml the lue Moish Rvrn Th- Ccdai« Pitt Town una le ii?" klstn ot Tirinas Rcgci Au t n (d'

di 1 r»n (Mrs =ulllvani Elliib» h Agne nnd Mns»iet Rcqu ccat in lice

!i VNLI 1 1 »l't 31 Glin' \ 'lanlt.

( An e) « n ni the at Dr n d Mr Snnl«v

lo« d hirlhti r î M «lene, loved uno» cf M P Foucst 52 B'ccroll Roid Til.Mel

- »i a ed


STEWART.-August JO, 1943. at tv private hospital. Wagga, Andiew, of Aiton Wafer, Tarcutta, N S.W., born Ccunty Antrim. North- ern Island, aged 70 years.

STREETON.-Septembu 1, 1943. at Lcng .icrcs. Olinda, Vittoria, Sir Aitliur Streeton, loved biother and brother-in-law of Ilcibert end Elsie. 191 Cnrrinulon Rend Randwick. ti,~?r uncle nt Sylvia, ¿hlrics iW.R.A N.S.). end Lsslcy. bicthei ol Similes. Cowan. N.6 VV. Deeply icetrttteo

6I1.0UU.-ajeplcmiicr 3, 1943. at a private hcpltal. Ncrlh S.druy. Gedge. Jnincs. bclovpd :cn el Harold and Annie Sticud. of 41 Cam mcray Read. Cpimnera«. and loved brcthei ol Elc-n-r nnd Viola, ssed 15 vci.-s and lo uv.ntKi.

rtTtiOl'D.-September 3. 1943. Geoigv J-mcs Stirud beloved grandson c1 Mr ana Mis GEOige Wt.crt.v.nd, r-l Noith Svdniy. and levrd nephew- of H-.ny and Hilda Wct.dhcnd el Willoughby

S'l Ut-lK.-Seplcmbcr 2. 1943 (suddonist

Frank Slunk, if 2G Oxlado Stiret. Warta wong dpprly lrvcd son ol Mr. .«ntl Mis. J-'nn Slutak o! Tuvgcrnh Road. W>i?ng deal biothpr c1 ludma (Mr:. TrL.ka). Aicry (Mis Spinks). John. F'ince (Mrs. Rcbcrts). Annie (Mrs Halls). MIUIP (Mrs. Atkins), and Mar.

¡oil? p.trd 30 veals

THOMAS.-Aiu-U't 30 Myra, bclovpd elster C! Elizabeth. John. Jo'cpn. Alfred. Plotrnee Cecil. Gladys, Killy (Mrs Gstes). and Norman


TYLER.-September 2. 1943. at Katooml». Norah Helen, v idow of the late Daniel Nishl Innaip Tyler c1 Pcmprcy. Edvcrd Street KëtocmU and beloved sister cf Howard Oliver. Em I Mrs,. Wurm). Albert, and Mav (Mis. Milthorpe) aged OB vears.

H'ALnll.-August 30. 1943.'at his residence, 103 Bcny street. North Sydney. Jumes law letiec dejrlv b'loied hu-band ot Acnes W'al-h fid loilng lather ol FlirBbrth (¡vîrs. M. E. Qu'-i-i .nd Kevin .-lett 51 years. P.I P.


At'.Duri.-lu meinury ol toy dearly beloved. ?trr-Uier. Geoigc. pp»ved away September 4.

ail.e^i'li1" 'emcnibcrcd bv sister. Lilly.

At.tG.llL.-In loving memory of our dear mettler ma grandcia. Rebecca Jane, who uciiEu a-iriy Stplemoir 3, 1042. Sttcuy micsed bv ¡iii loving d-ujhter. Lill, "cn-ln-law. Juck. I'12.","«"!!, djian and, Gsoílrcy. I áiH:!.'F1, e Ti" lm"?6 numory ol my, Sr1, ,Y,l% ai\& ,cnd .mother, Lillian, departed ?i?"i"S.E£1It°Jnhcr,a-, l9is' Insetted by lief

«l?,,..?S.rV!P? "1Ú daughter. Norma.

J;'-..VA-NDLR.-In loving memory ol out s»,îemniir'c H1,1,'?-?- wh° departed this lire f'VÎÎ' VJ42" Inserted by her loving

i .o Aafi brotncis.

ení j5s.j~;ln '.I1''"8 memory ol my wife R?íi.mí»edtjr I,1e.íí.(:r' vl10 departed tHIs life

Avonel ¡S lni"'tcd ** .>« loving

eie;VM'hnai,I»i^'Ger!!?re.v" I'" remember my ??,?"" »"soaiid. Cecil Armstrong, who passed

Ä tdtÄan1; m'¿' lnBcrlcá by m

e"nAh.S..'n£"7rI" ,'^"ns memory ni our dear Wit. . 5ui. ' wll° H""11 a,voy September 5, Ji ,,", s?i"v "!:"cd by her loving children.

niiírv"6, Xe1?" Rlta- Ha,ry

BAILEI .-In loving mtmoiy or Kevin, died

September 4 1934. InsEI'ted by his,mother. latÍSrie.?n.dvbr1th5i5-. Always remembered.

, '.ÏWJ'U,1,-In lovln? memorj? of my dear liueband. joseph Ambrose, and our devoted .»».i,»-. "Ííí00 ?wt* Sepumhcr 3. 1039

Mndge. and children.

BARNETT.-in fond and loving memory ol mv darllmr mother. Inserted by her loving

son Bruce.

BARTI.EV.-In loving memory of Rupeil. whu died September 4. JB35. Inserted 'ii hi5e. .In-0..!!îr- f1"«"-, «nd brother.

BATHIS.-In IcvlhT, memory of our dea( daught-r and sister. Audr-y Elaine, who paetcd nwpy September 4. 1940. Inserted bv her loving¡mettler, tether.' deters, and biothers. ,

IILN.NETT.-in loving memory cf my dear husband and our father, Tem. who passed avvriv Bepicmlrr 3. 1042. Inserted by his lpvlns, »Tie and family.

UON'AMY-In loving memory ol my dear hus?iand and our lather. Oiwald James, who passed away September 4. 1937. Inserted bv his loving .vlf«. Mny and children. Harold" Irene. Jean.? and HPda-, ?

BOOTS.-The passing ol th» time will nevei

dim th> cherished memories of our dear bro-? &ÍC¡ Bl1!- "h0 Pi«»d away 5'Ptembsr 3 ' 1942. tnseittd by his loving sisters. May nnd Ada. also his brothirs-ln-lcw. nieces, and nephews. "

BRENNAN.-In loving memory of our dear father and grandfather, George, who departed this life Septamber 6 1940. George Jose

and Betty.

BROWN.-In cherished memory el our dear bovs. Frank and Peter, ctillrd awsv an sud denlv two years ago. So dearlv loved and remembered always bv mother, dad. and June.

BROWN.-In ' loving memory el mv doar grandsons. Flunk and Peter. Remembered Blwevs bv their nana. >

! BROWN.-Dear Frank and Peter, always re mrmb;rcd bv their loving Aunty Eth»l.

CAMPBELL,-In loving memory of my d»ar gran. Charlotte, who passed away September. R. 1039 Ever remembered bv Esme anr?

la nilly. . - . -

CARPENTER.-m loving memory ni my son and our brother. James, who passed away Sep- tember 4, 1930. Inserted by his mother, sisters, brothers.

CR AIG.-In levins memory ot our darling daughter. Margaret H. Drake, who passed away September 4, 1941. Forever loved nnd rcmemheied by her loving mother, father, and biothers.

. DAVIS.-Jn fond memory of James C Davis, who passed away September 4. 1942. Inserted by his loving cousin. Alma Westbrook.

DICKSON.-In tend vemembrnnce of my husband. Stan, and tather or Victor. Stan (R.A.A.F.). Phyllis and Patsy, aleo fath-r ln-!nw of Acirla and Eunice, who died Sep- tember 4 1039.

DOWSETT.-Treasured and ever-loving memories cf our dear daughter. Beryl, who passed away S'pt'mbcr 5. 1941 Sadly missed bv mother, fathpr, slrtpr. and brothers.

DOWSETT.-Treasured memories of danr Beryl, who departed this life September 5. 1941. cgrd 16 years. Inserted by her loving brother. Clem, and Enid.

DOWSETT.-In (end memory nt denr Bpryl, who passed nwny September 5. 1941 Alwiys rcmemberpd by giandmi. grandpa. Jack. Merle. Janice, and Barry.

DOWSETT.-Fondest memories ol our denr niece. Beryl, who passed away September 5, 1941. Always remembered bv Maureen end Bill.

P01VSCTT.-In loving memorv of o?ir dar- ling Beryl, who passed away Spplrmber 5, 1041. need 16 years. Ever remembered bv Freds. Tom. Valda. and Muirle.

DRAKE.-In fend remembrance of our sister. «Istpr-ln-lnw. end aunt. Margaret (Daisy), who pissed away Rrptember 4. 1941. Inserted by her brother. George. Elsie, nnd Shirley Craig.

DRAPER.-In loving memorv of my dear husband and our father, Edward, who passed away September 4, 1938. Sadly missed by his loving wife and family.

DRURY.-In loving memory of my hus band and our father, Frederick Augustus Drury, who departed this life, September 5, 1941. Inserted by his wife, sons, and daugh ters, Fred, Nell (deceased), Muriel, Elma, Ern, Les, and Lionel.

ELLIS.-The passing of time leaves only loving memories of my dear husband and my father, John Ellis, who passed away Septem- ber 5, 1942. Sadly missed and deeply mourn- ed by his lonely wife and son, John, daugh- ter-in-law, Dulcie, and granddaughter, Jean.

PLUS.-In loving memory of our dear bro- ther and uncle Jack, who died September 3, 1942. Inserted by his sister, brother-in-law. and niece.

FEATHERSTONE.-In loving memory of my dear daughter, Madge, who passed away Sep- tember 5, 1933. lnserted by her loving father, J. J. Ritchie, family, Dorie, Cliff, Jack, Elsie.

FEENEY.-In sad but beautiful memories of my dear husband and pal, (Jim) James P. Feeney, who departed this life September 5, 1942. Sadly missed and always longed for by his loving wife, Dallas.

FEENEY.-In loving memory of our dear dad, who left us Septemher 5, 1942. Always lemembercd and sadlv missen bv his loving dauehtpr«. Rons nnd Pats.' nnd sen. .Um.

FREEMAN.-A lcvlng tribute to IhP memory er cur dear «Ipler. Mrs. Sirah Ann Frepmsn. who decaried this llf» Senlemb»r 5. 1042. In tert«d bv Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Miller.

FREEMAN".-In memory ot mv dear frirnd. who pnssptl away Snutpmher 5. 1942. M


GILLARD.-Loving thouchts or mir dp?r ron and brother. Geoff. Remembered a|wa.vs b" mum. dad. Ron. Alan. Stella, Lllv. Bill.


GILLARD.-Not to-dnv. but every day, In .idnrss wp rcm-inber Geoff, fnnd nenhew of Emllv Rv-relt mid rnu«in of Allan.

GRAINGER.- tn loving mpmerv o! mv denr husband »nd ,-nr d»nr father. Th-mas Hugh, who pis«ed nwnv Fontenihrr fi 1041. Alwavs lemembercd hy his vlf» «nd family.

GREEN.-In Irving memory of mv dear nus. bnnd «nd our father. W?l!llam. who depirled ihls lite September 4. 1931. Inserted hi-

llls wife »nd dauahlers.

HAMMOND.-Deep down In pur hearts mrmoiv lingers of our d»ar daughter and sis- ter. Lil tn-» Banks), who passed nTav? Sep- tember 4. 1934. Always remembered hv her loving mother, sisters. Alma, and brother-hi

law. Ern.

HARNETT.-In loving memorv of my denr wife and our mother. M«v Fannv. who passed nwnv September 5. 1942. Inserted by tint family.

HEARNBEN. -In loving memory et my dPPi mother, who parsed awav September 4. 1942. Inserted bv h»r daughter. Sadie, and ' son In-lm. Ronald

IIXRNT.-To 'h» nu row of our denrlv loved meth»r. June H-rne, who pnssed awav Sent'inber 4. 1942. Sadly missed by her lov- ing s-ns and dnuphier.

HILL.- Ch-rlshed m»morle« of our darlln» dn.sliier rnd sister. Heather, who dl»d ni Pletnn Srntemb-r 4. 1934 Inserted hv hrr mother s!«l-ri hrolhîrs. ind vind-arrnts.

HOI.LtNODAI.E.-In lcvlng memorv of oui dirllng lime «'ii. NOP! David Helltngdale. wini ppssed nway Seolrmh.r 5. 1042. Alw-nv? r'ni'mbriPd bv mummy, daddy, nnd brothel John.

UOI.LI.von.1lF.-In lcvlng mni'Oty ol Noëlle, who on-s-d «way SPPlember 5 1942 hut WVIO«P m-me-v «ill reincln pier fresh In Ihp tuart« ot Orandpi ttm'th and Aunties Molli». Npllle Jpan. and Ellpon

HOI.I.INCDAI.I'.-I.tivmc niFinoiies ol mu denr llHlP N'elle, aged 4 -»als. who Juillet! ihe pngpls S-ptemher 5. IO-!! Sodlv nilsi'd In hi« -r»ndni-ems. K. ,-nd H H-Illncd-I«

' Hl'Di'iN.-Tr-n-urrd nirrnorl's of mt- d»er "i(p »rd ?ur mo'hn v?aiv Ellen, who I'll »slrt'i F-rlnnVr 4 1P33 =sdlv missed hv h'r lo. MI- li'itbard Hnughtrrs and snn«-ln lau -nd -?-ni'

ioiIXM).N\-Ir lovine m'mor" ol nut denr lather. .1-m'S d'ed ep??etnber .1 IPI! IP «prted hv Ii" diu-ht-- lues?. s-.i-in-'???v Ted nr-l g-ind-hlldrrn. Clirp and rd?v,itd

KHAN.- M levlnt nirnioiv ni m" Im-hind -nd r?.?r fiiher who oi".-d n« siiHdpnl" scntemr-" 4. 1941 !»<?rted hv hi« rile nnd tpmil.i

KHAN. !n memnr« of in«- f«ih»r Alum' irn-nis-icd bv I?'« deii"hl»r. le:-i?i".

KIIVN- In levin- m-iiinrv o! mi Ivh'i i-ho p,-«r,"i eva«- «nCri-n?- Seplcmb-r 1 Hil

In'-rtcd bv h'v s-in Bil!

I.AMI-in loilna mtm»rv ol nu d-ni np« b-nd ¡rnd rur rithei Fi-d rltk .Min l-l'"'

? ho died Son-cm'11 3. !0-i0 Inrcitid rv 'H' .ci'no .« fe n.-d |eri"v

LARKIN.-In t".p"ii»d unmet?- rt mi tin

I ne mu'-n. cpl'rd te ir't P-|-ir!iii-pr I 19-11 In

.ci?ee' t«- h'r r-.ughtti Ms«' iP.'ll

LEMON".- In lev-ne nirmtrv el "" 0,"' lelh-r ^-id l.-'lirr-'n-lan Gerigr I, m n -i - «a'-t' Li.'. Sr-i-ino-i I I-)!'? rni'.-"ri !'. lu« lev na jon«. Fd-ii end Cip ru-l da-.uii 'cip.'r-livv tvv .ir.-1 lind

I.ONG.--Ir memo's ol i.ur O'IU Pioih-i niv.-d .-w?v Seple-nl-ci -I HMO tiri leni'mbered !" r'-l". -Mice. Clsirr mid «111

fOn«-li-;n.' Jre ami Opoire

LON'l. -rrtniurrrt ir.cmonr» ni «mt drhr trioiid Pho l-e. til-d ?n 1'int-i- 4 10-10 i . cr icnumbîtcd s;- ;,)/. clare, inn Mm ROÏP

MelLvrr N. - Troasmro menicil-s c1 um mai husbnnd and fiiher. AUhii' Pnnni«' " I" IM ra nn.-v Stp'emb-i 5. 10Ü3 Rcmini. Iipied bv his lcv'np l.imll.«

MARSH M.I..-In m,in-ii ni x«- dtrr tin« l-.nd Wllllnm r-»:ic!s Mifluh. 'ift-'d av.iv C:ptcmh-r 4. 1933 Sail I.« mit.îd li,- hi.«

lcvlng 'vile. PI.)

MASON -In loving n-rilieiv el eui der. iniuliT. Me:v Mc.-ci who pi.-'il ma.« . linb-i 5. 1C21. Alva-.-« ni" r.ib'rid bv .i.i ?.ovii?i! dauihlei and '-n-ln-.v?

MICH All.-In Irving nicm-rv ni eui n»m l-ilhor. Alfier! C.S9I-». "le lived ina- S"l' lemi.-r -i n^2 ,«l",,-s reiiipmbcied bi li?? l'ovine daughter, Vtronlcn. and scii-ln-la...



MILLEN -A m uta ot everià'tlng lov« lo Ihe reasured nitmoi i c1 cur dalling Ros

passed avav SEPI»HI1IT 4 1939 Sadw miss r? bv his loving mcther and lather lictner ard

VllLLUtD -In lord mcmcrs of denr little liuhci v ho . 11 aslicp Feilenilei I ID42 ' d mt ted tv hi. Irving giancnin and Auntie


ij.LLI tt -In loving memory cf ins diar fe -na oir motin Adi wno pa.^cd ><ii 0 ¡i~inbor 1 U4' Ever rcm"inb->red nnd

atllv m s«td bj her hUob»nd »c i md


iii/ LLIt - Lov tor m-raci, ct my dear s . i-r .o,? pi -d IAIJ bci.t -nUr .» 19.2 Ever icticnjicd bj Puoy B t ind Dclho

ViTlllt.Lt,-In cicu'licd mimoiy c1 ci-r jrtr giancmclhei v ho departed September 5 !')12 Never forgotten U M3vl Sd and

1 jil ,

«tOPGVN -Trc-fured incmii ts c! our dir

Iniz Um» cn i io pa«»cd nwey Scptrin icr 1 1B._ aged 20 ri-nlhs !r.trtéd bj his

loi!n" iT-thcr nid ipth r

H0--1.1 -Sircl- t nitriertes pre ill we luvt Icit ii our de ii« el ian ( i-e Littlejohn ct Bcliiitne) \ lu passed a -v r¿ pt mrci 4 1°41 S dlv mi ed Is her Irving 1 tcrs Mice

ni r! Edith

MUNRO -A t- bute o! everli ung lo , _ _ Lwppt merni 1rs of m« dear wlf» and o ir cteir nothir and g u dmothcr Cito ine Win ia called herne Septemler 4 ln12 lii'-rled b her I mi, hu aind aid fimilj Mr and .rs G Munro Mrs C BUki ev Mr -nd Mis

\ Butd Mr and Mrs A Sin non Mr -nd Mr« C B isden Mr ind Mrs R Mun r Mr n"d Mi« J Btnn»ll A ¡ p Win M and Mu V Pur Mr cid Mrs L B'ddl »

ilUNPO -A tribute rl lue to th° mcmois or nw denr mo hoi whorl G-i called icm«. Seplcmbei 1 1312 Always ren-rbicd bs hei ofn George daughtci in ILW ua othj

O NP1L-Ii rcni'mb-suce 'I n ilhcr Char

lott» Anille d cd Scpteir-b-r 1, 1910 N.ncv

PLA1 -In levins liitmclv ot my deal lie thcr Prw who "used P uy ¡september J 1024 Inserted bv shtct Mova and hu-bino


PI AT -In loving memoiv c1 mv dear bro thir Fred who t o^ed away September 3 1924 m ertcd by s.!s cr fchella ano hus

Lsnd Fred

PEAT -In loving memor« ol nv nEer b lh»r Fred «lip pa ed awsv «-ert'tih-r

1DJ4 li'nrted b sister Bonn e and hus-

band Han«?

PLLL -Cherished m-mencs of our r onder tul friend Joe InitSitCd by Mrs E Sera and family Ethelton s A

PRFSION -M»morlc« of our dear nepPew Clarrie who tell asleep Septlmbfci 4 1J39 nged 10 years Lot ed by aunties nnd unties /»ra Han Charlie Flora and ccusln«

Vera and June

RED1WN - D-ar lets in the gard-n ol mrjnt.iv i wa'k with you each dny \erj

RliH.V -In lo. ing m-mory el cur den mother Plor-nce Ann who passed nwpv Sep tcmbt-r 5 1920 also our dpar father Edward John who talced awns Sep ember 4 19.7 In'crted by tnclr loving children

P.1DLR-To the ni mrry of Lee whu latrht me the meinlng of friendship Rcmem bcrrd always bv Dick

«ANTLR -In loving memorv ol Rubv vvh pcased away S-ptembnr 4 1D41 Sadlv ml«< cd by ber husband daughter Phil and sons

Bill and s o

5ANTLU -In loi Ing mern-rv of nur deni mother mothcr-ln-law ard grandmother who departed tills lite Bsp ember 4 1941 Ever remembered bs Bill Florrie and John

Stl« ONL3«'l-In loving memorv ni our dear denar'pd mother who pnsa'd away Sep. terrb»r 4 1039 Inserted by loving daughter Rubv md sen Percy

SIMPSON -Ticaru-ed memorin of our dirt lnv son Slddip Rceldentnlls killed bv oar Sep- tember 4 1938 Inserted bv his mum and dad

HMIT1I -In loving memorv or our near father lather-ln-lp«v and grsnd'rth»r lam»« Samuel who departed this Hie September 5 1030 In ertcd hy hi« lovlnc rhlldrrn datlgh lora-in-Mw son--ln law and grandchildren

SPALDING-In lcvlng memory of my dear hu hand ard cur fa'h»r who passed away Sep ttirfccr 5 1929 tn«erted bv his loving WUP Marla and Ifmils

S'TNCE -In Irving memory of our rteir mofher rrother-ln-Uw? and grandmother Teresa Sn«ne» who p»«s«d >>vav September 4 1942 Ineortod bv her son d5ir-ht«r aid «en-!n-iaw la'k Kath'etn ard Devon end grnndehlidrcn '

TALBOT-In loving memorv ot mv dpar husband mid nur dear father .lehn Talbot who rn««cd iway September 5 1941

TOWNSLNU -In loving memory ol our dm lins dalighler and sister Bc'ty passed away Sep'rmb»r 5 1933 cged 4 ypara and 9 mnnths Badlv missed by her loving mum dad and


TRENBERTH -In loving memory of my dear husband Fred, who passed away Septem- ber 5, 1942. Ever remembered by his loving   wife Bell and stepsons.

TAÑAN -In Irving rcmorv nt our dour mend N'lhe Tv in who dl»d Sfptrmb-r 3 1042 Hi cried tv Mrs A and F Hoptrofl

USHER-In Irving memorv of mv d"a «tfe nnd cur mother nizabpth who pat'ed evins Penl'mhrr 5 193G lat» of Annandile In--rtrd b« h»r loving husband and tamilv

HCKEBMAN -In loving m-morv ol my d»sr luisbond William Vlckerman who persed »wav Se-itembsr 5 1939 A ways remembered bv his loving wife

V1CKEÎIMAN -In lcvlng memorv ol out dear lather W'llllem Vickemian who passed nway Scpitmbe- 5 1939 Never forgotten bv

Billi» Keith and Bert

V INTENT-Everlasting thoughts for mv dear husband and our father charles Joseph who departed this life Scut-mbcr 4 1941 Alwavs rrmcmb»rcri bv h's wlf» and children

VINcrNT-Trtn-urod memories of my dear pens pnj ctr brother« chnrles lcs»ph «ho Hied p-i tcniber 4 1941 lehn Arlh ir who ti rd June 12 1°33 PonCI remembered bv (heir mn'hpr broth»'« and familv

V ARRPN -In lcvlng nvnierv r! our dp»

mcther Elizabeth Filen who d-part'd Ihls lift Peutrmher 4 1938 also r ir Hear Iptli-r lohn Chprle« who piss d awav «i»v 23 IB li Inserted rv daught»ra Béatrice and Allic

WATSON-In fond and lovlnc menniv of mv dear wife and mn her In law Margaret who departed this l'f» Scntemb-r 4 192G rn s-r'-d by her loving husband Ha rv and

d-uch'e- In law Mav

AiAT-sfiN-«àvvtetesi memrrles nr» al! Mat r'nuln o' our dear mother died September 4 192f In«erl»d hv her loving H, Harry

-uvht'l Ë hel and son In In« Albp-t

11ATTS -In memorv ol ni« dear moth»r ' " b-lh Piren i isseri n-ii- August 30 1942 Bv Bert E!«le nnd famll«

Hil PON-In loving memorv of mv dear 'He and nur loving mcth-r Ann" Mas in; d-pnttcd this lite S»ntemb»r 4 191« Inserted bv h'r hi «bmd rhl'dr'n and ginndrhlldrcn

WOODU«, -In lovlnc n-merv ni ou- dear rn'h'r trn'st, who m««cd awiv September 5 1942 Alwav« remembered bv his loving

wife and children

On Active Service

CHIRLF'ON -in loving memorv or our dear «nn Maler "31dnev c Chirl»snn MC

who fell In action September 5 1912 ever rpmembered hv li!« oarent« Malor S C Cinrlf'in D s o (New Guinea) «nd Mrs ChnrlP5Cn of Chnileson Wollongong

CIIARLP'ON -To the memorv et a fine Chrl'tlan and a brive man Mnjor «Mdnev C Chnr'"'n M c killed In action S»ntpmb»r 5 1942 D»n- trtenrl rf Clotni l Kinloch« IN'G 1 nnd the bnvs of the 2 l«t Butt «nd Mr« Barker Windsor Rrrd Roots Hill

riMRirsON-1rep«urpd nnd rhcrl«h»ri memorie« of m« dearlv beloved rrlend Major Slrinev c Chnrle'on MC " ' " '"" " kodn Scntemher 5 1042 tv )'« 'rlend Beth

CURTIS -In memorv or A K (Gu«l Cur Mi llh Field Ambulpnee died In France September 4 lito Cartis missed bs his loving

mother sister and brothers

DWirn- A tribute of everlasting love mid bpsii'lful memories nf our d»vcled son and brother NX113G3 Pte M ! Dwvei I'll Batt rpturn»d M r klllM MUIIP B«v Sep lembor 4 1942 nged 21 venrs Sadlv missed hv hi« sorrowing mother fither sisters nnd brother« , .

HI LANP-In lovlnc memcrv of our be

loved «nn and brnthpr L /Cpl Patrick lan»; (Jim) Hvland 6th Dlv Air who pas«ed awev "eptember 5 1042 So dearlv leved and so «Pdlv missed bv mother dnd and Peter

Hi LAND -A tribut» In the memnrv of he- lmed Jim d»nreM ni brothers »ho pas'Pd »na« September S 1042 Inserted bv his si ter


Hil ANn - Trensurpd memories of rue dear brother Um ihn »n« called home ?»cptrni

h»r 5 1P42 Alwavs rernrnil-errd bv his icing si ter and hrothpr-ln-lsn Mad-» and Herb

I TARMONT- A tribute lo the everlasting love and a b»aut'ful m«merv cr mv darllne brother Bruce k»»i nlrernft accident Per lemhpr 5 1942 Alwavs remembered bv his pister Mnrela nnd brolh-r ln-lnw Prank

I TARMONT- In sincere remembrance ni LAC John Patrick (Bruce) p A A F klllpd In aircraft accident "september 5 1042. Al wavs lemembeipd bv F G Dell nnd tnmliy

MUrLER-In loving mrm'rv cf mv d»ar brcthrr Op'rt. «ho was killed In action Fpntpmbpr 5 1912 ln«»rted bs his btolhet tlon-l_,


Mr DICK CLAR'ic" and TAMILV of Con cord slneerely THANK all relitlrnp p-id frlrnd« ror their ssmq.thv in tlielr "»d h»rrav-ment

Mrs F EGGir"DFN «lid DAUGHTER MSRIE wish lo THAN'K n'l kind frltnds for Pipres«lnns of «vmnnthv and Oo-il tributes re reived durirg th'lr recpnt «ed b»reavemcnl

The FAMILV of the Inte Mrs R S BRAD SHAW wtrh to THANK fri-ndi and re allies nnd esntelilly 3l«ter Mehei for s.mpaihv m thnlr recen! sad bereavement

Mr and Mrs R A MOORS ot 53 Arthui S'rcet AshfWd «lah lo THANK relative« «no Irl»nd« f-r th»ir sinoprc svmpathv In theil

recent «ad berpn.ehient

M-s BERMCF ST LLGFI wlshps lo tHANK nil rplstlvc« frl'nds for flnrnl tribjlts «vires and letteri of sstirsthy In her leccni

sad her-avemen'

The RFLAT1VES ni Ihe lite 1DITH ADEI PPAT slnaerelj nppr»cl-tc nnd THANK von foi kind e«.piessions of ssirpalhs in ti -Ir recent si d bereavement

Mr« J I HAMMOND end rA"lLV nt Kesarnh sinceréis ThiNK fuer I in -hem lh»s hive been unalle to esl-no then i ci cul hanks for esmpilhs nnd kind »ellen« in th»lr rce»nl beren »nient

the FAMILV ol ti» IPIP It LIA NA«-H Uti Farr Plrrel Pccloelc dp UP t HUN. all (Hinds relatives md i elghl lei nom trihulcs ni d 1 ind m - of mi a li repelí o pi the|r ipornt "art l-orca.nnen'

rhp riMlLV c1 the le Mis VVFGARri iprr CH ct 1" I run Ih Sti-rt L n-u tile

return icpie 3HA» \- !-r «mi ?thv e\i » cJ «nd fle-nl Ir! ul" ree Ivrd in Ih-lt ret i

«arl hcicivemrnt

Mr I M COWAN and I AAtll V ol C1

lermirl« dp lrc to f lie? « tieri IHVN-a«. In ' tien mil Irlei i' mi k nd r nus len r h n ill ir 1 li 1 it It o" ann lett r

li h Ir rent jd .« rta in n KinJlv ir c i s | »t nil Uni <

4r \ A i3 Oin c1 «rial? Mr B H «lOtîV rf t «i 1» mil Air« C s I lit li' - of i i i h to - I r« I IMA v .

:h I «.Ml-«, c1 1 le M s «1 MILLAR

! il ?=1 e» ri d- in i h o e\

Hi i rH\N s- ti relit e, | I., -i md n i-il-r r« I r foi I P t « t»lr ii 1

r-rr ? d I i-* c rt "o' c mp th 111 le le en « d b I' VPII'lll

I- r nú-i « Mi md V is uri JIP

t!u,"lCN r roc el -.o d Ce p Pr t -I h

T! A^ s nil ic t V -ni ii-i loi p.

on I in» i In i' - I s ni then br- h-i r r Mr i At" (fr ii i)

Ii« NOH-NI IIVRT sin ei-i TI' Ms?

r li t es pud (tlend (o lier sS mutti

rnrj li c » li'i n lo her li ipr leicn st

- I Will nil line icc'i t this n

-nal h nks

ir a id Mr I A MITCH«"! I ni I H mi n Cirt r sd I r ir h v sh lo ii

1« 1 VAK al til i

I !-lr I nt' r ii j in I

ni ! cf th I eu i h r^LAinc- Í th«

101T »' - >!ai e 4 !h-li 11

TI \v\ I- Mr C O Ei'd Hz- IPI . C"ih

A! s« A f 0! UN'


Mrs, E. STOWE, ot 8 Olover Btreet, leilch he-rdt, and FAMILY wish to THANK all kind relatives, friends, and neighbours for their expressions ol sympathy and floral tributes In their recent ssd bereavement.

Mrs. OLOA MACPHERSON, Mr. nnd Mrs. .!. A. MACPHERSON, and FAMILY, cr Botany, sincerely THANK kind friends foi ¡heir etprcsjlcns cr sympathy In their recent

ead beienvcmant.

Mrs. A. THOMAS, ot Rosemont Avenue. Moildalc. wishes to THANK relatives, Inends. mid neighbours for their help, tribuí"-., .md kind cxpicsslcns ot ssmpa'.hs in lier leccnt sad berc-ivem-nt.

Mr. IV. V. SWAN o! 66 Donald Street

Hui. (ville. ?ilsh:s to ewes-, his THANKS to till kind relatives and rrirnd., for floral tributes -flrt-rtimc. letters, cr-rd;. and ps.pirss.i-.ns ol rvmpnlhv In lils r-crnt sad bcrcavemcnl.

Mrs E. DARLING. Imperial .A?'»mi» Bondi

«ishes to return THANKS to all kind ieli tive-, and ii lends fcr floral tributes, curds, letters, t-lerram-, pspipss.rns ol svnipaths. In recent slid bereavement.

Mrs. VERA HENDERSON. Lvons Ropd. rut dock, vHi'fi to THANK all at RU-.'P!1 Lea P.O.. n;ali-.c5. friends, for their kind is prc£:lons c1 s.unpathv. t'legram«. lettrr.-,, rards In her recent lois. Please accept tIii« is personal thFnks.

Mr. and Mis. THOMAS E. HART, of Non li s-, dues', tender their sincere THANKS to eil relatives snd irlcilds fcr the ssrapathv -hewn to them in the rècpnt leis ct thpir dearly-loved sen. Will all piepse accept this .is pcrccnal thanks.

Mrs. VV CLARK o! Blacktown and Mrr.

Ft. D WILLIAMS, or Lan» erie, sincerely THANK al! relatives and Irirnds for the sym- pathy E'WII to them In the less ol tmir beloved 1-rr'lier Will all Please accept I'.iif is rersoinl thanks

SONS end DAUGHTERS ot the late JOHN STEPHEN HALL. 32 Rcsc Streel. Dp.rltnsl'n. -ictire to return THANKS to friend« and ic 'ntioiii for fierai tributes also nutting tls'er« and priest cr St. Benedict's, for care and attention during his nine's.

Thn FAMILY of th» In'c Mrs. E. MIL'.VAIN, r,t 103 Parramatta Rend. Camperdown s'n c-rt'lv THANK rll rtlst'v-p and IrlEiidi and ntighbrurs for floia] tributes, telegrams and Ht'rs rrcclv-d in their recent sr.d brrtevement Pites« accent this as peiso-ial thanks.

Mrs. ROEERT PARTRIDGE, ol 23 Klnsr

.'.nd. Briglitcn-Ie-Sonde, wishes to sln-eicly THANK all friends tor their kind excrcssiBns -t sympathy, tele-trams, Ictlers. and CP.rd« In her recent sad bereavement. Please ac- cept this as my personal thnnks.

Mr. and Mrs. BERT NIKON and FAMILY. ct I! Fitzgerald Road. Eimlnetcn. wish te ttturn s'licete THANKS to relatives, friends tor floral tributes, kind expressions ol «.vin» ne thy during theil recent vat! bereevcmcnl through the denth ol their daughter. Rita.

Mrs. GLADYS JAMES nnd FAMILY, of 8 Kalinya Strest. New-port, desire to return .incele THANKS to al! kind friends nnd re- latives fcr expressions rl sympathy, tele- grams, letters, rard.«. and floral tributes. In the loss of her dear Husband and their father. accept Hits as personal thanks.

Tlie FAMILY of the late Mrs. A. FORBES. or East Crescent Street, MrMahon's Point, desire to THANK all friends roi expressions or lympnthv nnd floral tributes tn the ré- cent less rf their dear mcther Please accept this »s personal thanks.

Mrs. VV. PITHER and DAUGHTER. JEAN, of Lindfield, slncetclv THANK nil relatives and . Iriencb tor their kind e«:prcsslons o! .«mmlhy. telegrams, letters, cards, and floral tilbulss In their recent snd bereivemcnt. Please accept this as our personal thanks.

Mrè. A. DESNAM and FAMILY, of 57 Aber crcmblc Street. Redfern wish to THANK Bro. Leo. Mr. and Mrs. Johnccn. oleo filend.« nnd nelchbcilrc for the kindness shown then) In the recent less of their beloved little son. Desmond.

Mrs. ELIZABETH BUCKLEY and FAMILY, ol 31 Campsie Street, Campsie, wiall in THANK a!l relatives, friends, and neigh- bours for their kind expressions of sympathy and floral tributes In their recent sad bereave, ment.

Mr. end Mrs. Hi A. SCUTTS'nnd FAMILY, ol Dulwich Hill, wish to sincerely THANK nil relatives and friends for their kind expres- sions ol sympathy, trlograms. letters, and curds in the sad loss of their dear sen (Bill). Sgt. H. A. Scutls, A.I.F.

Mrs,. R. O. , KISSICt: and Mrs. M WRITER, of 508 Church 8trc«t. Parramatta, with to sincerely THANK relatives and Friend.' for the manv exnressions of sympathy sent In theil recent sad bereavement. Please accept this AS personal Thanks.

Mrs. A. H. MCDONALD and FAMILY, o! 75 Bruce Avenue. Belmore, wish to THANK all kind relatives and friends lor floral tri- butes, telegrams., letters, card«, and «mircs slens of sympathy In our sad b»rrnvem'nt. Please accept this as our personal thanks.

Mrs. A. BLANCHFIELD and TAMILY. of Klnst-foid. wish to sincerely THANK reletlvcs. [rlfnde. and neighbours for their kind escprsc slcn: of .ympnthy. telegrams, cards, and floral tributes in thslr recent ead bereavement. Will all please accept this as persone! thank»?

Mrs. HETTIE GREGORY and FAMILY, ol Matraville, wish to THANK all relatives and dltnds for their kind expressions of sym- pathy, telegrams, letters, cards, and floral tributes, in their rtcent sad bereavement. Please »ccept this ns personal thank».

Mrs. MOYLAN, of 1 Wudgong Street, Mos- man, wishes to sincerely THANK nil relatives end kind friends for expressions of sympathy, floral tributes, letters; telegrams and cards, in her vc-cent sad bereavement. Will all please accept this as persona] thanks.

Mrs. M. CARRUTHERS and FAMILY, ol Navua. Pacific Highnaj-, A'qulth. with to THANK all kind relatives and friends fcr ex- pressions cf sympathy and floral tributes, re- ceived during their recent sad bercavemant Will ali please accept this as personal thanks?

The RELATIVES of tn» late ETHEL MAY JACKSON tPucktridge) wish to convey their litartfelt THANKS to relatives, friends, and nelehbours for floral tributes, telegrams, nnd kind expressions of «vmpethy in the 6nd-!o«s of a loving wile", mother.'and'sister.--Will all accept this notice as persona) thanks?

Mr. A. CUNEO and FAMILY, ol 1 The Av-pnue. Ashfield, desire to THANK all rela tlcns and friends for their kind-expressions c1 svmiiath«. card«, letters, and floral tributes In their recent bereavement. In the leas cf hi« loving wire and their mother. Piense accept this as personal thanks. -

The FAMILY or th* late Mrs. Thcmnsina Marian Dingle, of 2 Apsley Avenue, Kings- ford, wish to extend their sincere THANKS to all relatives «nd friends for their kind evpree plons of svrnoatlvy and floral tributes tn. the «nd loss of their beloved mother »nd grand- mother. Please accept this as personal thanks

Mrs. C. GORMAN nnd FAMILY, ot Leich. hnrdt. w'sh te e.sprcss their heartfelt THANKS to relatives, friends, and neighbours for let- ters telegrans. enrds, and floral tributes In their snd bereavement In the death of her d»ar husband and their beloved tather. Please accept this as personal thanks.

Sergeant nnd Mrs. FRANK FITZGERALD Lieutenant DARCY FITZGERALD wish to THANK relatives, mends, and neighbours loi their kind expressions of sympatliv and (lera, tributes In the loss of their dSRr lather. Win Fitzgerald. Please accept this as cur personal thanks.

Mr. E. C. BUNNING and FAMILY wish tn THANK their relatives and friends and neigh- bours for kind expressions of «smpithy and floral tributes In (heir recent sad berenvernent ot his loving wire and their dear mother: especially do they thank Mrs. G. W. Small and daughters lor their loving Irlendshlp.

Mr. T. F LE CLERC and FAMILY, of Nar- rabeen and Wntertsll. wish to THANK all relntivcs and friends for cards, letters, tele- grams, nnd floral tributes in their ree»nt snd bereavement, especially Mr. W Smith. Mrs. D. Le Clere, and Mrs. Gallop for their kind atten- tion. Plea.«» accept this as personal thanks.

Mrs. ELIZABETH BEAVEN, ol 61a Conne. marm street, Bexley, and Alice. Waltet. Laura (Mrs. P. Ward). Lilian, and Mavis (Mrs. A. Steel), desire to THANK all lela tlves and friends for their kind actions and various expressions rf sympathy In their recent sad bereavement.

RON CUDMORE, husband ni the Inn Constnnce Cudmore, withe« to renvs.v he.irt lelt THANKS to all relative«, neighbours, and Irlcnds for floral tributes, telegrams, »nd kind expip.«ptniis et tvm'iathy In the ead les ot his dear wife. Will nil accept this nnllre ai

my personal thank«.

Mr. and Mrs. H. R. BRIGHTON nnd FAMILY, ol 33 Monomeeth Plreet. Bes.ley desire lo e:;r? heartfelt THANKS lo Rev. and Mrs. Maltbv, relatives, Irlcnds. neighbours, for their kind expressions of sympathy in our .«nd bereavement In the loss of our ? deal daughter and sister. please accept this as our personal thanks.

Tile FAMILY cf the lala FLLEN CRAIG, 'f Marrickville desire lo THANK all relatives, friend.«, and nelghb'.urs. Rev. Cnncn Denman, Mrs. Shadbolt. «nd nurse Mtendlug. for let- ters, cards, telegrams, and floral tributes In their recent spd ber»nvemcnl In the los« nt their d-ar mother. Piense accept this as per-

sons! thanks

The WIFE and FAMILY ol the latp PRANK HCRBFR1 COPLESTON of 53 Union StiP-1. West Kcsarah. disirr to express honrllplt I'HANKS lo reletlvcs. friends, and neighbour» for letters, cards, telegram.«, fierai trlbuter. and kind expressions of avmpnthv In Ihp IPA> of their beloved husband mid lither win ii. nleis» accent this ns our oe.rsrnal llianks.

Mr. WILLIAM MOORE ol 103 Aiblui StreH. Annandale, wiîhes to return sinerii THANKS to nil relatives, Mends, and ncl-n bcuit. lor »vprt'.sl-iii rí «vninaihv. card«

lelegrnm«. nnd fierai trie???«.« r-rclved anti for the mnnv klndn-s«r« shovn in their .'no lets of their dear brciher, J.v-ie.« PIPJTP accept thi« PS nur p-rsc-ia! then!-:

Mrs FLSIE CLEMENT c1 7U Middle Sir« I

Rnudvlc',-. n?:d FAMILY, wiih ?o tlncerely THANK al! relative«, filtnd rnd iulglibi>uit foi lli'ir kind p«.pr':-!in rl sympathy, bv let- ter«; card«, and fi-r.-.! ¡rihulei, elr . r»eelv»o in then iccrnt .«;-! >ei»..tvernenl in th» In*-' rl h- oe-?r hu.'l'nr.i ¡»-ci their lather Piece d.-opni this a.- pcrvral ann!:'

Mi. and .Un L W JACKSON u-cl M.M IIY. r.i 10 Mallen Eti.-pi Cr'iim-ntiti v.i'li le. reiw-v their heJi.'frlt THANKS to tels ilic« e>n-i t'lenrl«. mci linn-! n'ishticiir. Iel f.r.r.i! tributes I*¡(grunts, ano k nd o.iitPkcioni of -ini.iaihv in ?h- tad Ir«.' ot 'heir Irving srr ,:rrl l-icthtr "'iii all scant this notice n< ? in I'lanl;

li-ie.'V-nicnt Plti?sr accept thl.« a, our oci-

en-: thirl:«

Mr. JO:lN GALLAGKr.:« n-lti (AMl'V J.'. Povcll Slrcet. UcnliMi.-.n s-ncorelv [HANK rl? 1-11101 ¡rlciiris relatives, and neig h he. u¡.« lei lh-U CM>Ic-s'oiis ol ssmnslhs- pud fleial Iritut'f in th« Ir.-, ot h'e lov in;I v« Ik ino Ih Ir d-n m-liver. Pnrf.cul'rly dn thtv iitih to I'l.n't ii-,?- Ern rend Filhri' Comdin .'nil n.-n Nun« cf Pi .i"r-,h'e Con?".-! Mr Cul Ici'.iPii M:s F.i-.-li. .md Hi». Fihev

Mr. H. R. COOPER, 13 Eastbourne road, P' inin-.irn. -rd FAMII.Y P:.prP-s «.n-crc THANKS in oil ishu-'C«. fe 'le is tniiile-trs, r.nt' ti:'!--!, io- th-ir k"id tck-i« oi lev- rup! e«.-itu. »'.n m,-.s-ei ni t«m!".lhv te.-eiv-d -i -l'c ra ..«me i.-iv»ef lu- <'-.i vue ."id .hell lev-:,-: mother, n^r ic-cpl Hi. ni.!'» a« M'ltrt uei«-nsl think, and »'.pi'dcii'ii

Ml. Pill' Ml». 'I. A FTAN.N.VRD Jlltt r. ,rn»i YO'íKi" r\nrnc'.c.Mi,w. c¡ 'J.i oi rev. A-lll'l«. B'.nu?. .l-l-tirlv THANK rll     lelct'.v«. H.tPd . ,md iipirh'miir« 1er ih-lr '.-ntl r\ii--ii.i-iis el .«.«mp tr.v ind floml tributes in ths s-d lr^-s el their l-PlovcC .min Gi.i.e Wcilhinglci«. Plsa.'e arccnt th..« . s '-ci.ciil lli.-i-v-.

The SONS and DAUGHTERS c1 Ihp mt» ?-LC7rr;rr OLPTBUDP ifeMupn-iv PI '" ?»'i«mm R-Pd. F.-irsI t.ojge, wl.-li to comes ihcir tine, rp THA-JKi to relative kmt

il'ndv. »in ii'liiib.'Jie. 1er nrdi l;tt«?r». .md tlc-al tril-ui--, r ?i;'ir. lv to Sister Pi'-» ?'.t'

Mr and Mrs. A E. JONLS mid FAMILY . . .' ...l-Jll ctlsil, C.i/nulH. mill U' e ii-ii !liic"ic 't-lNKS to nil itlalives Hiendo and ticl-diU-Jurä Ici''î..slrnf ni

«nip'tlv. t.ird. Ipl'erv, telegrams, md flo'si ?illirie.- ifcr.icd. ard lei the many kn-dne.'«c« -,1-rvii in 'li-H 'id lovs el Uieii drsr stn anti bicllTi Lsenard. Plead nrcept lins ss our psrsainl Tnenks.


Mrs. O. BUNKER. ROLAND. OVV2N. an* GWENDOLIN iMrs. HOWARD) wish te) THANK all friends for their kind expressions 'it sympathv, telesianis. letitia, cards, nnd floral tributas m Ihctr recent sad bcresip ment; sisters and iiursci of Wootton pri- vate hospital fcr their attention to mv hus hand mid cur father. Wilfied Bunker. Will all olcce accept thts a.s pcr.-i-np! thanks.

Mrs. EDNA BEDKOPER AND DAUGHTER., JOAN, 131 Ruthven ¡Street. «Va.tiley {'Ma N?cvnl3 £.:ctl. smlihtielo). and Mr. s.n.1 Mis. A. CLDKOPLR and FAMILY. Iß forter tjtrtM, Bcndi Juliet..n, d«-.le ii, THANK rcl.itii"- ;nd irltndí :cr üic.i w?--.iiijr..lictic lUcsirm*. lettes, enrd.. el tu.upcrt, men? kind aeacus, and bcau"fu! ncial Ulbuies in their lectnl iad '«...lcvuncnt el Francis (ï-rank) Aii 31 ew- Bcdkcbîr. l-,u..fcmci. lather, sen, end blether (u-iilt c1 a/e.tkiiL. Augn-t 5, 1343). Lveivtne k-ndl.- .ncspi this a. ncrscnal thanks.


iJL.-liúri.- lue . u.t,.^, ana i ..e.iu. of Li th- late ï.icinn., iJiiaMlcô Bennttt. OÍ Scgan Hall, Deliucw t'trcet. Bondi. loiiHeii!; ji bintfaia. nie k.tjdly invited to attend ins funciai. lo Our Private Chapels, otu oxto.o. Elt-;c'. Woollahra, 'this Day (Isatui oay). allci ccrvics (commenciiii at 2 P.m.), io.- Eattein tucurbs Crematorium. Wa.ier «-arter. Waverl«.

BOOTH.-The funeral ot the IMe Sergt. J-> Rcopit Dugald Booth, A.I.I'., win ¡eau ot. Sieuncn'o Cnuich, Macquarie faucet, Ssd iics. lins baiurcav, »feel servite lo conlmsuea at io a.m., ror tns war ctnie.ery, Kookwucd. Charit» Kin&eia rHy. Ltd., A.F.D.A.. Ta^or illunie. Dali.Ualluisi. 'Phones, tJ.413t.-7-8. Mass lor the Repose of

the Seul oi the lal« Mr. Gerard ¡Stenls .,ius Biyant. or T ahthany airea, c.ialswosd, be csicjratcd at the Church cf Our Lady ci Dcloul:,, c.-.a:s.?o:d. This (Saturdtyl Moin .ng, at 9 o'e.cck. The Funeral will lettya

the Church after Mass tor No.thern ¡suburbs Cemetery. W. N. Bull Pty., Ltd.. A.F.D.A. reicpjiune^ LA2S38.

BULLOCK.-The Relatives and Friends of

Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Bullock, senr., ol cabramatta, Mr. and Mrs. Hoirie Lewis. Mr. aim Mit,, ¡ayunes? tullock. Juur., aie invited io atttnd tue rimerai c1 tuair biloved Son »nd u.ulner. Kuasell Bullock; to leave t.ut ulmiici, ali) Gooree Sued. Sidney, lula i&atiudaj) Mcsnlng, al 11 o'c.ock, tot Rook A-tou uunihtciium. Weed Corail Limited.

CALDVv ¿LL.--lne lntcimcnt ol me late

Victor Earl Caldwell (late B Coy.. 53rd Batt., lit A.l.P.) too!; piece In the Boiany Cemetery, on Friday, j/f),'4j. Thomas Dixcn Pty. Ltd. lA.F.lí.A.). MAG013-4. vistabnaht-d


CASSIDY.-The Relatives and Friends of

t Mrs Bridget Cassidy, Mr. and Mrs. J. Lees, Mr J. Cook. Mrs. M. MtGuinnèss, Mr. end Mis. P. Drake. Mr. and Mis. J. Walsh. Mr. W. Cassidy, Mr. H. Rees. Mr. and Mrs. P. Bunch, and Families are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly loved Mother, Mcthcr-ln-law, tnd Grand Bridget Winifred Cassidy: to lsave our Finiera! Herne, 2-1 Enmore Road. Newtown, This Morning, at 9.43 o?clock, for the Cliholla Ctmatéry, Rockwood, Labor Motor Fuñarais, Limited. 24 Enmore Road. Newtown. 'Phones,

LA2777 (4 lines).

CLARK.-The Relatives and Friends of Mrs.   \-> Annie Clark, of 4 Clargo Street, Hurlston», Park. Mr. J. clark, Mr. and Mrs. E. Clark, Mr. and Mrs, W. Cliik. Mr. and Mrs. G. Niblett, Mi. W. Colcrnen. Mr. and Mrs. J. Coleman, and their Families arc invited to attend the Funeral of her beloicd Son and thttr Brother. Brother-in-law, and Uncle, Challe» Alexander Clark: to leave cur Funeral Chapel, Thir, saturday, at 1.45-p.m.. for th» Rookwood Crematorium. Walters and Ben, Dulwich Hill Terminus. LM1676.

CROSS.-The Relatives and Friends of Mrs.

Mabel. Ellen Cross, Lieut, and Mrs. L. Cross, and Mr. H, Bernard ere Invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly beloved Husband end Father, Hamilton Cecil Cross; to .cave the Kinstla Chapels, Taylor Semare. Darlinghurst, This Saturday, after service com mentin-j at a.15 p.m., for the Eastern Suburbs Crematorium. Charles Klnsela Pty. Ltd., A.F.D.A., 183 Forest Road. Hurstville. 'Phcne, LU211G.

DAY.-The Friends ol Mrs. Nan Johns are.

Invited to attend the Funeinl of her dear rrlend. Albert Edward Day: to leave our Pri- vate chapel. 240 Oxlord Street. This Alterncon, at o'clock, for Church of England Cemetery. Botany. Labcr Meter Funerals, Limited, 240 Cxlord Street. Pad- dington. 'Phcno, LA2777 (4 lines).

D-ELBOUX.-The funeral ot the late Samuel

Wykeham D'ttas, or 4 Bowial Stree, Kensington, will leave our Funeral clipps!. 2-19 Crown Street, city, This Saturday, at 11 a.m. , for the Botany Cemetery. Thomu Dixon Pty. Ltd. I A.F.D.A.). MA6013-4. Estab.

ilshsd 1E3G.

DUCKWORTH.-The Relatives and Friends of

of Mabel (Mrs. Gazzard), George, Arthur, Norman, Herbeit. Robert, and Rcnold Duck- worth are kindly Invited to attend the runeril or their Father, Zaceheus Duckwo-th: lo le?«« our chapel. 010 George Street. Sydney. This (Saturday) Afternoon, at 3.IS o'clock, for Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood.

weed Cofnil Limited.

FITZPATRICK.-The Relatives and Friends

of Mr .Peter Fitzpatrick, of 62 Arden Street. Clovelly, are Invited to attend the runeral at his beloved Wife. Eîleii: to lea.» St. Anthony's Church. Arden Str«et. Cloven«-, This Saturday at 3 n.ra., tor lue Catholic Cemetery, Waverley. Requiem Mess fcr the Repise c1 h-r Soul will ht celebrated nt. 6..'10 a.m. By rcquct. no flowers, lhomas Dixon Pty.. Ltd. (A.F.D.A.). MAB013-4. Es .Hbliflrd 18SG.

GARDINER.-The Relatives and Friends of   <X the late Mary Gardiner aie îdused Hut her remains were privately cremaled at the Rockwood Crcmatoiium, on 3rd Inst. Labor Motor r-unerais, Lnnitid. 24 Enmure Read. Newiov.u. 'Phones, LA2777 (4 lines!.

GARVEY.-The Relatives and Friends of \X Mi. and Mrs. J. H. Whitlock. Mr. and Mrs. R. Garvey, Mr. John Whitlock, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Whitlock (R.A A.F). Mr. and M:s. P. Fitzpatrick, Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Garvey, and Families, au kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly loved Father. Grnndtaihcr. Brother, 2nd Uncle, Henry Thotnis Girvey; to leave our Funeral Herne. 24 Enmore Road. Ncwlo'wi. This Altcr nonn, at 3 23 o'clock, for the Church of England Cemetery. Botany. Lr.tor Motor Funerals. Limited. 24 Enmele Road. Newtown, 'Phones. LA2777 til lines).

GILDEA.-The Relatives and Friends of the late \X Jr,m?.s Albert Gilde? er< Invited to attend lils Funeral: to ¡cave Molloy Bros.' Pprlnurs, Newtown. Tin» Satu;d«s. bl 2.4Î P.m 1er Catnolic Crmctery. Rockwood. Molloy Eros., 240-2 King Street. Newtown. 'Phcna. LA23P1. f* ILDEA.-Oifireis and Members ol the VX Totally and PirmeneiHlv Dlcnbied Soldiers' Association are invited to attend the Funeral ol their late esteemed Comrade, Jarena Albert Olldta. See preceding notice. F S. Mcclean, Près.; W. L Airey. Sec.

GRANGE.- The Relatives and Friends of

Mr. William Grainee and Dcughler, Dons. are Invited to attend the Funeral of his beloved Wife and her Mother. Sarah (Sally); to lenvs 117 Church Street. Pniramalts. This Satur- day, at 9.30 a.m., for Church of England Cemetery, Prospect. Wood Coffill Limited.

GREENUP.-The Relatives and Friends of   Mrs. Florence Gicenuu and Family ire   kindly invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly b-Iovr-d Husband end their dtar Fjlhpr, Albert Edward; to leave our Funeral Herne, 24 North Parade. Campsie. This Mern ng. it 9.30 o?clnck, for the Rookwood Crema- torium.. Labor Motor Funeral.!. Limited, 24 Ncrth Parade. Campsie. -piicncs. LA2777

(4 lines).

HART.-The Relatives and Friends of Mrs.

Ellen Hart and Family. of Bill Street. Maroubra, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral ot her dearly beloved Husband and their Father, Wlliam Hart; to leave St. Peter Claver Church, Maroubra Bay. immediately after Requiem Mass, commencing al 9 a.m., To-day. for Botany Cemetery.

HART.-The Relatives and Friends of Mr.

and Mrs. William Hart. Jnr.. and Fam- ily. Mr. and Mrs. P. Higglns and Family, Mr. and Mrs. P. Collins, and Mr. and Mrs. G. Hart are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved Father. Father-in- law, and Grandfather: to leave St. Peter Claver Church. Maroubra Bay, immediately after Requiem Mass commencing at 9 am. To-day. for Botany Cemetery.

HART.-The Friends of Mrs. E. Penson

and Family arc invlted to attend the   Funeral of their dearly beIoved Son-ln-law and Brother-in-law, William: to leave St. Peter Claver Church immediately after Re- qulem Mass, commencing at 9 am. To-day

for Botany Cemetery.

HART.-The Loyal Kensington Lodge No.   fi 300 M.U.I O.O.F.-OTlcei« nnd M'mle-i ir the above Ledc» are kindly l-pques'cd t-i sttend th» Funeral of their late cstecm-d SIrmbcr. Bro William Hart to leeve S?. Peter Clover's church. Marrubre Bav. This Mcminn after Refltiicm Mass commencing et n o'clock, for the Catholic Cemsterv. Botany. W. C. Powr. N.O.: A. Davidson. P'n. Sec. Labor Motor Punenls Limited

HAWTHORN.-The Relatives and Friends of

(li- Int. George Hawthorn *r« Invited 'o nltend his Funeral at Northern Suburbs Crem- atorium This D»y. at 10 4.1.

HILL.-The Relatives and Friends of  

Thomas Hill, Esme, and Graham, of Riley Street. Sinry Hll's, are Invited to cttend ihn Funeral rt his dearly loved Wife and ihcir dear Mother. Ann»; to le.ivp our Prl-at» Chapel, 814 Crown Street, city. This After- noon, at 3.15 o'clock, for Church of England Cemetery, Botany. Labor Motor Funerals Limited. 604-6 Crown Street, Ss-dncy. Tele., LA2777 (4 line«), . _,

HOURIGAN -The Relatives and Friends of

«ir end Mrs H. H'urisrn and ramtly. ot wenm'sd. Mr. >nd Mrs. J. Hcurljan sn-t Frmi'v, of Nerthm-nd. Mr. end Mrs. J. How»11 ??nd r»mi!'- are Inv'fd to sltrnd thi Fun'ral of iiv»lr dear Dnushter. thflr Sister. Grand riniighter. and NIPC». Norma, wbl'h will lea.« our Chape'. This Aft»rnn'n. pt 3.15. for the, c-th'llc Cpmrtery. North Rocks. Chrr.'s 'on-? and Sen. s.P.n.A.. 32 Darcy Street, p.. e-.~.itt,i rjW92:59,

HUNTER.-The Relatives and Friends of   X1 Mi Alexander Jemes Hunter, of 2f! Abb?;tt p'r-et. Cnmmcr.i:- ar» Invited to nltcnrl tn» r,tn»ril of hi.- dearly beloved Wile Dal.«' i"'JI-h: to leave ih« Mttropolttan FUIK'PI K"mp, Raliwpy Pa-edp Biinvor-i. This Da«?. . ft.-r n «ervlce cemmineinî it 11.30 a.m.. for Rrokiinod Crenin'orlini MPtior'Htan Bunal prd Cre-n'-icn Soclets. Railwav Pirade. Bur

- -ne) n.12173-1

HUNTER.-The Relatives and Friends of

Mr. and Mrs. P. Hunter , Mr. and Mrs. M. Hunter, M- a??d Mr« C. Hun'.pr are lr.-i;ed tn nl'-nd »1" * ne-i! of "Tir d-er B's'er-in l^w, n.-?<v Ee-Ph. F"' lur'h'r partl-ulnrs :fj riP-ri-7 n-t!". Mcm-o'ltan Burial and Cremation Society, Railway Parade, Bur-

wmd UJT.71-0

I rCr.nt?nii"el on parr's 13)

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