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Family Notices

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DAVIES. -June 22. at Lissington privat« hospital. Haberfield, to Mr. snd Mr;. K. C. B. Davies-a. daughter (Margo). Survived 17 hours.

GILLIS (nee Joy Collins).-June 1. at Lister Rrlv*},e, hciuital. Wollongong, to Mr. md Mrs. F. Gillis-a daughter (Helen Margaret).

JOBSON -Juno 21. st Lurnea private hos- pital, io Mr. and Mrs. L. Jobson. 3 Jc3erl. Street. Rozelle-twin toys (Warwick Fiancls. fill bern). Ralph William and Mra. Jcbeop both doin.~ weil.

MAZZETTI. -June 23. 1045. nt St. Luke's, to yvonne and Max Mai'-ettl-a sen.

OATES (nee Shierlaw).-June 23. 1313. at ucncrallc private hospital Campsie, to Aime., wile of L.,Cpl. Harold Oates. A.I.F.-a son.

ROBINSON. -June 22. al Ule Sydney Sani tarlum, Wahroonga, to Ingeberg. »Ile ol Charles Walter Robinson-a son.

TOLSON. -Juno IB. at Windcrmcie, Mel- bourne, to Gwcnnyth and Mervin-a daughter (Pamela Margaret). Beth well.

WOODHILL. -June 21. flt St. Lube's. Ros- lyn Gard cn3, to Nant,-, wile ol Pal Woodhill a daughter (Julie Anne).

YOUNG. -June 23. at Tallangatta, to Fannie, wile ol R. Lyle Youns. Keclansie.

Tallangatta -a daughter._? |


FOX-EDWARDS -Hie Engagement la an- nounced of Mary Nelson, only daushtcr ol Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Ldwards. ol Kandos, lo George Thomas, only son of Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Fox. ol Kandos.

GILKISON-EVANS. -The Encasement ls announced of Olwen, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Evans, cf Stockton. Newcastle, to William, only son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Gti Kiscn, of Drummoyne.

MORGAN-BROOKES. -The Engagement ls announced cf Uly, only daushtcr of Mr. and Mrs.- R. H. Brookes, of Homebush, to Dvr. James P. Morgan ÍA.I.F.). iourih son ol Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Morgan, of Edi. Upper Wangaratta. Victoria.

WHITLOCK-CASE. -The Engagement li announced and thc marriage will shortly lake place ol Captain Antony Whitlock. Indian Medical Service ton ol the late F. J. Whit- lock and Mrs. Whitlock, of Beaconsfield. Buckinghamshire, to Patricia Case. V.A.D., R.N.. daushtcr ol Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Case. of Seer Green. Buckinshamshlre.


FLEMING - McCARTNEY.- June 25, 1920, at Parish Church, Carmunnock, by the Rev. John Smart, Robert H. M. Fleming, of Car munnock, to Helen McCartney, of Busby, Scot land. Present address, 103 Duke Street, Camp

sie, N.S.W.


BOYD - BAKER. - June 25, 1895, at St. Peter's Church. Cook's River. N.S.W.. by the Rev. E. D. Madgwick. Millicent Jane, third daughter of tho late Mr. and Mrs. Jenn Salisbury Baker, Church Street. St. Peters, to Fitzalan Stuart, sen of the late Mr. and Mrs. Themas Isaac Boyd, ol Petersleigh. St. Peters. Present address, 317 Kew Canterbury Read. Dulwich Hill.

RALSTON-CULLEN. -June 25. 1803. at Undercliff. Tenterfield, by the Rev. Moxon Kate; daushtcr ol A. Kennedy Cullen, to Alexander, con cl W. H. Ralston. Present address, 30 Richmond A'inue, Cremorne.

YEO-CURRY. -June 23, 1895, at Forbes, by thc Rev. Hushes. Arthur Yeo to Louie Curry. Present address. Peak Hill.


ALLEN. -June 15. 1045, died In India fol- lowing transport aircralt crash on June 13. F. O. James Jeffery, D.F.C.. dearly loved son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Allen. 9 Spring- dale Road, Killara, and brother of Lyle, aged 28 years.

ALLEN. -June 13, 1045. F./O. James Jef- fery,-D.F.O., dearly loved husband ot Nancy. Yorkshire, Eng., and father of Josephine and Christine.

SADDEN.-Previously reported missing, now reported killed In action. February 7. 1042. at Singapore, Pto. Jack Sadden. NX3228. 2/lOtli Int. Bin., B Coy., A.I.F.. beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Badd;n, 22 Oxtcrd Street. Rozelle, brother of Dorrie. Melly, and Bill.

BADDEN.-Previously reported missing, now reported killed In action. February 7. 1942. Blngaporc, Pte. Jack Baddcn. NX8228. 2/10th lat. Eta., B Coy.. A.I.F.. beloved nephew of S*5. Clark, cousin, ol Con, Norman. Bert, find Len.

DOUGLAS. -June 13. 1043. killed In action In New Guinea, NX201879. Pte. Thomas G. Douglas, A.I.F, dearly leved son of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas, of 102 Glind Street. Haber- field, and loving brother of Mona, aged 20 years. We will remember.

HONEY. -June 16, 1045, killed In action New .Guinea, NX175024,-Pte. Geoflrey Honey, late ot Commonwealth Bank, Penrith, son ol Mrs. K. A, Heney and the late Mr. A. W. Honey, of Penrith, brother of Patricia, Stuart (R.A.A.F.), Pelf

HOPE. -June 16. 1045. killed In action at Wewak, New Guinea, Gunner Frederick Ralph ("Snowy"), beloved eldest son of Fred and May Hope, cf Burwood Road, Belmore, brother of Reg (A.I.F.) Ken (A.I.F.). and Don, and .brother-in-law of Lena anti dear grand- son of Mrs. Cobler. Duty nobly dene.

UPTON. -Time passes, but memories still remain of my dearest husband. Ronald (R.A.N.). presumed to have lost his Ute in an R.A.H. ship, June 24. 1044, Inserted by his lcvlnn wife. Keihleen._


ARTHUR. - June 24, 1945, at her residence, 23 Forest Grove, Epping, Ruby Constance Ar- thur, wife of F. W. Arthur, and mother of Jean; (Mrs. Athol Gallard, only child), and sister of Eva, Ella, Linda, Daisy, Vera, Daphne, and Rita. See funeral notice.  

AULSEBROOK. -June 23, 1943. at Cowra Military Hospital, L./'Cpl. Allan Lumsden, dearly loved son of Mr. ' end Mrs; J. L. Aulsebrock, 42 Ramsay Road, Pennant'Hills, and dear brother of Peggy and Jack, aped 27 years.. Interment Military Cemetery. Cowra, June 25. 1945. ? ?

BARKER. -June 24, 1945. at Hornsby Dis- trict- Hospital. Auriol Barker, of Handley Avenue, Thornleigh, beloved husband of Gert- rude,' son of - the late William Henry Barker, 0f Tamrookum, Queensland, aged 86 years.

BOYD. -June 24. 1D45. al Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown. Frank Neil Boyd; beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Boyd and loved brother of Joan Dorothy, aged 16 years and 4 months. For funeral notice, Bee '/Herald," Tuesday.

BRAMBLE. - June 23. 1045. at a private hospital. Annie, widow of the late S¡ S. Biamble and loving mother of Geoffrey, Mollie (Mrs. Gates), and grandmother of Olive. Russell, and Margaret, aged 66 years,

BRENAN. -June 23. 1943, Rt Bowral.- Neille C. Brenan, ot Arrankamp. Bowral aged 84. Last surviving daughter of the lat« John O'Neill Brenan; of Oarryowen. Sydney,

BROWN. -June 24. 1945. at Sydney. Annie Letitia, beloved wile of William A. Drown, of 303 Sydney Road, Balgowlah, and loved mother of Dorothy (Mrs. A; E. Parkin) and Robert, aged 62 years. For funeral notice see Tuesday's "Herald." ?

BUNYAN. -June 23, 1045, at Western Sub- urbs Hospital, William Bunyan, late of Wel- lington, dearly loved brother of Emma (Mrs. Carpenter). Alfred, Alban, and John (de- ceased), aced 80 years.

BURLING. -June 24, 1945. at a private hospital. Burwood. Thomas James, devoted husband of Violet M. Burling and dear father of Hazel (Mrs. C. E. . Hlnrichsen). Norman and Russell, and brother of Alice. Follle. Bill, and Arthur, aged G2 years.

BURRIDGE. -June 24, 1045. at Canterbury District Hospital, Ada Amelia Burridge, loved sister of Amelia (Mrs. Piper) and sister-in-law of CIs (Mrs. Lowe) and Aunt of Violet (Mrs. Harper), Frederick Burridge, and Rita Rich- ardson. At rest.

CAMPION. -June 24, 1045, at her residence, 2 Allan Street, Bexley. Jessie Belinda Cam- pion, wife of the late Joseph and loving mother of- Jessie (Mrs. O'Neil). Ossie. Elsie (Mrs Rogerson), Evelyn (Mrs. Watson), and Ronald. .

CAVEN. - June 21, 1945 at Parramatta Dis- trict Hospital. Elizabeth, beloved wife of John Caven, of Saywell Road. Macquarie Fields, and loved mother of Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary,   John, Barbara, Charlotte, Robert, Alex, Richard, and David. Aged 57 years. At rest. Privately interred at Presbyterian Cemetery, Rookwood, on Saturday, 23rd instant.

CLAFFY. -June 23, 1043. al his resi- dence, 024 New South Head Read. Ros« Bay. James Patrick, beloved husband of Margaret Alice.Clarry, and loving lather of Major Fran- cis dairy. A.I.F. (p.o.w.. Japan), aged 72 years.. Rcquiescat In pace. Privately 'nterred June 23. 1045, at Scuth Head Cemetery.

CLARK. -Juno 23, 1345. at Lewisham Hos- pital. Mary Josephine Clark, loving daughter of Richard and Annie Barrat, ol Milton Street. Ashfield, and loving sister of Kitty. Eva. .Edna, John, Lorna, and Pat. aged 20 years. Rcquiescat In pace.

CLARK. -June 23. 1945. at Lewisham Hos pltal. Mary Josephine, loving wife of William Arthur Clark, and levins mother of Kay, aged 26 years. Rcquiescat In pace.

CLARKE. -June 23. 1945 (suddenly), at her residence,- Woolwich, Emily, beloved wile of the late Ernest Henry and loved mother of Dorothy and Gilbert, ascd 02 years.

CLARKE. -June 22, 1945. at a private nos pital. Ashfield. Oswald S. Clarke, of 47 Arthur Strict Croydon, dearly beloved husband ol Olivé and dear father cf Nancy.

CROUCH. -June 24. 1945, at his residence. Frederick Charles Crouch, relict of the lalo Esther ifaud Crouch and loved father of Hetty (Mrs. O'Neill). Frederick, Myrtle (Mrs. Bol- ton) Cleveland. Hillon. ¡ind Eather (2.1r3. Perrin), aged 71 years. At rest.

CUBIS. -june 2-1. 1945. at a private hos- pital. Willoughby. Kathleen Mary, relict of the late Henry George Cubis end loved mother of Kenneth Sydney Whittaker, ased 50 years. R.I.P. For funeral notice, see "Herald." Tuesday.

ELLIOTT.-June 22, 19-13. at the Prince of Wales Hospital. Randwick, anorte Cockt Elliott (late 3rd T.M.B.. 1st A.I.F.). husbnnri of Annis (Nance) and dear Ir.thcr ci trunk and Carale. third Kn of the late William ana Mrs. Martha Eiliclt. cf Alstonville, loved brother .of Mabel, william (deceased). Bert. Ethel. Evelyn, and Edward, agpd 46 years.

ESURZINSKI.-June 22. 19-15. a'. Norse wood. New Zealand. John, dearest lather cf Helen Hallam. Darling Feint; aced 03. P..I.P.

FITZGERALD.-June 24. 1945. at Parra- matta District Hospital. Henry, beloved hus- band cf Honnr-h. and tonel father ol Albi.rt, Doris (Mrs. Maefcinzle). and Edward (Ted. A.I.F.). S2cd 70 ycr.r.i. 1T.1.P

FOLWELL.-Juno 23. r.t camperdown Chil- dren's Hospital. Robert John, beloved son ol Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Felwcll. tn Park Stied, Campsie, aged 3 ii months. Adelaide papers, please copy.

FOSTER.-June 24 194o. at 72 Martr-ret Street. Petersham. Gcorîe William.1 belrvc-d husband cf Susan ard drar lather cf F.thel. Ted. Trm. Walter. George (dccer.scd). Elsie. Ida. ard Perri. At rest.

FE.E1DMAN.-June 23. 194o. at her resi- dence, 6 Varna Street. Randwick. Laura, be- loved wife of the late Moss Maurice Freld man and clear mother cf Tobah. Joe. Ben (Ac- cessed). Mayer,, Vera (Mrs. J. Ne.?.«!!). and Reub, and loving grandmother ol Dallas. Loma. Laurel. Lorella. Maurie:, and Susan, and mother-in-law cf Bebe. Alice. Essie, and

HALE.—June 24, 1945, at Auburn District

Hospital, Nathan Hale, late of Hotel Merry- lands, aged 66 years. R.I.P.

II4M3MN.-.'mir 23. ot a private herma). Melbourne-. Kathrrlns Kay. lovins wife of late Charles O. Hsmblln. cf Sydney, tlrr.rly loved mother cl Fllrht-Uctit. Charles L. nym- billi R.A.A.F.. cf RS3 Inkerman Read. Csul

fleld',. Vic.j and cii.ushter of late Rev. and

M MAMBLIN.-June ' 23, 1945. rt Jessie !

McPherson's Cc-mmunity Hospital. Melbourne, after a lons Illness. Katharine- May. beloved mother of Charles, rf Melbourne. d'uahter of the lota Rev. Charles and Mrs. Whyte, of

HAMBLY.-June 24, 1945. at his residence,

Wentworth Street, Shellharbour, John, beloved husband of May Hambly and dear father of Reg, Dirk, Tom, and Joe, aged 72 years. R.I.P. By request, no flowers.


I ' HAMMOND.-Jun; 23. 10-15. flt his resi-

dence, 50 WH.-en Street. Botany. Henry Thornes Hemmend, beloved lather ol Mabel (Mrs. Murray) ar.d dear grandfather ol Enid (Mrs. .Nrentgsmery).

HAMMOND.--June 23. 1045. at his resi- dence. 56 Wilson street. Botany. Henry Themas Hammond, beloved brother of Florrie (Mrs. Simpson).

HANSON.-June 23. 1045. at his residence, 1G3 Ourimbah Road. Mosman. Joseph Vivian, relived husband cf Winifred Hanson, and loved (ether cf Dora (Hrs. J. A. William-.). Ywnnlc (Mrs. A. Kaye), and Sergeant Jce Heeison (A.I.F.). aged OG years.

HELI:.-June 24. 1045. at a Daniel Street. Glanville. J.-.mes Andrew Kele, dearly loved husband o: Annie Helo and loved lather of hart ld. Mabel, an i Jack. aged 70 years.

HORDERN.-June 24. 1943. Bruce Alexan- der, most dearly loved husband of Alisa Hor- dern. of Kalua. Palm Beach, and loving father of Carmen.  

HORDERN.-June 24. 1943. Bruce Alex- ander Hordern, dearly loved son-in-law of Mrs. A. Campbell, of Cremorne and brother in-law of Mervyn Scholer.

HORDERN.-June 24. 1043, Bruce Alexan- der Hordern, much loved nephew of Miss Mora C. Smith, of Cremorne.

Irving- June 22 1945 at her residence, 13 Dudley Street. Auburn. Gladys Sarah. dçrily beloved wile cl George and dear mother , cf. Stan ey. Neal, and Marie, and mother-ln

laiv cl Kath, aged 30 veers.

L.J!lNK,.NS-~JU!lc 23. 1043. at her residence. ! 31 Kathleen Street. Lakemba. Ada Emily Jen I kips, dearly loved ? wife of John and loved I mother of F.dilh. mother-in-law of Keith and I grandmother of John William. At rest.

! JENKINS.-Jun: 23, at her residence, 31

Kathleen Street, Lakemba. Ada Enillv.. dearly beloved elster and auntie ct Amy Bennett. Harry. Mary. Betty, and Dorothy Mere cl


JOHNSON.-June 2S, 10-13. at Horr.sby. Minnie, beloved mother ol Cyril. Lillian, and Frederick (A.I.F.). Phillp (R.A.A.F.). aged 60 yrsrs. At reel.

JORGENSON.-Jun: 23. 1045. at his resi- dence. Aldershvllle. Dudley! Avenue. Rose- ville. Ar.tcn Jorgenson, dearly loved husband of Mary Jorgenson r.nd loved father of Ellie (Mrs. E. Baxter. M.B.E.). Annie. Vera. Henry (Ocat Island). Ernest (Naremburn). and Leoline (Mrs. Ednie Brown. Melbourne)., aged

S3 years.

KENNARD.-June 24. 1945. at her daugh- ter's residence, 8 Elizabeth Street. Ashfield. Harriet Mary, relict of the late Major Charles Kennard and dear mother ef Viole,. Ivy. Myrtle. Pansey. Reginald. Eric, and Leslie, aged 84 years.

KENNEDV.-June 23. 1045. Joseph Ken- nedy, of 30 B.-.y View Street, Arncliffe, be- loved lather of Stuart. Harry. AUn. Fred, Dolly. Jessie (Mrs. Dawes), and loving grand- father cl Len. Michael, and David, aged 70.

LEADER.-June 23. 1943. at her residence, 57 Spring Street. Waverley. Louisa Leader, relict of the late Eugene Leader and dear mother o! Emmeline (Mrs. R. J. Morris), Annie (Mrs. A. Townsend). Margaret. Lcuisa (Mrs. F. J. O'Leary), and Maud (deceased). William (deceased), Jenn (deceased) and Eugene (deceased), aged 100 years. Requescat In. peace.

LE CORNI).-June 24. 1045. at Sydney Hos- pital, Mary Lydia, dearly beloved wile of Charles Philip Le Ccmu, cf 13 William Street. Reue Bay, and loving mother of Charles, Syd- ney. Phil, Ken (all of A.I.F.). Kathleen (Mrs. E. T. Hope). Ida (Mrs. P. Brown, deceased), and Margaret (Mrs. J. Ban!;s. deceased). Fer funeral notice ste Tuesday's "Herald."

LESLIE.-June 24, 1945, at. Waratah, War- rawee, Esmee, beloved wife of John Beresford Leslie.

LESLIE.-June 24, 1945 at Warrawee, Esmee Leslie, dearly loved daughter of Mrs.   Jeanneret and the late C. L Jeanneret, and loving sister of Robert and Dudley.

LETHBRIDGE.-June 23. 1045. at Katoom- ba Hospilul, Amy Frances Coplr.nd Lethbridge, cl Llr.ndlno. Leura, second daughter of the late John King Lethbridge, of Trcgearc, St. Marys, N.8.W.

MCKECHNIE.-June 24. 1043. at Western Suburbs Hospital, Stephen McKechnle. beloved lather of Stephen and James, aged 72 years.

MACKENZIE.-June 23. 1345. at hb resi- dence, 234 West Street, North Sydney, Ld waid Ewen Mackenzie, beloved husband ci Eliza Ann and loved father cf Elizabeth (Mrs. Sheehan). Mary (Mrs. Lt.ngSc.rd), Lily (Mrs-. Lance), Rose (Mrs. Mcllard), aged B4 years-.

At rer-t.

MAKER.-June 24. 1945, at Canterbury District Hcspital, Mary Ann Maker, of 153 Lawrence Street. Alexandria, relict of the late Walter Maleer and loving mother of William. Walter. Ethel (Mrs. E. J. Courtney), and Ivy

(Mrs. J. s. Morris), aged CS years. At rest. !

MASON.-June 23. 1943. at her deughter's i

residence. 46 Victoria Street. Waverley. Clara, beloved wife of Josiah Masen, of Royston. Blake Street. Rcse Bay, und loving mother of Neille (Mrs. J. H. Sorrell) and Len. in her 85th year.

MILNER.-June 24, 1045. at his residence, 104 Queen Street, Ashfield, Henry Smith Milner, beloved husband of Helen Ida and Icvtd father ct Nellie.

MULLARKEY - June 24. 1945 (suddenly), at his residence, 6 Belgrave Street, Waverley, Richard Lesleigh. dearly beloved husband of Edith D. Mullarkey. aged 65 years.

MUSTO - June 21. at her daughter's resi- dence,. Murrumburrah. Jessie Martha, relict cl the late Thomas John Musto and dearly beloved mother cf Jessie (Mrs. W. H. Nowland. Murrumburrah) Alfred (deceased). Thomas (A,I.P.. Wagga). Victor (Enfield), and Emily (deceased), aged 76 years. At rest.

O'SULLIVAN. - June 24, 1945 at Windsor, Joseph Timothy, the loved husband of Evelyn O'Sullivan, of Freeman's Reach, and dear father of Jim, Thelma (Mrs. Roy Sullivan), Ebenezer, and Doreen, aged 66 years.

PAWLEY - June 24. 1045. Coral Crompton Pawlry. ol Turramurra, beloved wife ol thc late George C. Pa wier.

POOLE.-June 23, 1043. suddenly, at his residence. Alntree, 61 Murdoch Street. Cre- morne, Thomas, dearly beloved husband of Sadie Poole, and lnvlns father of Win (Mrs. N.i F. King) and Jess (Mrs. G."W. Collins), and loving grandfather of Pam, Cremated at Northern Suburbs, June 24, 1945.

POOLMAN -June 22. 1945 (suddenly). Percy .Samuel, tale cl Rooty Hill, rcllcl, of Isabel' Nina Constance r.nd dear father ol Nelia. Christina Alice. Linda-Rose (deceased), and Arthur Rfn-vlcl: (Bill).

PORTER.-June 24. 1945. at his daughter s residence. No. 2 Park Avenue, Neutral Bay, Themas Herbert, relict of Ihe late Sarah J?ne Porter end loved lather of Mary (Mrs. Hic- key). Celeste (Mrs. Trusketl). Eva (Mrs. Jacob), and Clair (Mrs. .Farnham), aged 76 years. At rest. For funeral notice, see "Herald." Tuesday.

POTTER.-June 22. 1945. al his residence.   Bath Road. Sutherland. Walter Arthur Poltei. dearly loved husband nf Dora and lather of Arthur. Mabel. Rae, Allan, and Ronald, »ged 60 years. At rest.

POTTER.-June 22. 1045. at his residence, Bath Road. Sutherland. Walter Arthur Potter, dearly loved brother of Alf, Grace. Joy. and Dorothy. At rest.

POYNGDESTER.-June 24. 1945. at bt. Vincent's Hospital. Ethel Kay Poyngdester. beloved mother cf Maude and Jack, and sider of Mrs. Florence Insram. aged 52 years. R.I.P. See Tuesday's "Herald" lor funeral notice.

RALPH.-June 24. 1943. at Western Sub-   urbs Hospital, Annie, loving mother of Lily and Joseph and fond mother-in-law of Oswald, aged 73- years. R.I.P.

RANDALL.-June- 24. 1015. at Ryde Dis-   trict Hospital. William Frederick Randall, be- loved husband cf Mary Anne and dear lather of Meta, ? Winnie. Fred. Elsie. Jack, and Charlie, aged 68 years. At rest.

RONALD.-June 24, 1945, Joan, beloved wife of Angus C. Ronald, of Trinkey, Quirindi.


ROSS.-June 22. 1043 (suddenly). Malcolm, ocloved husband cf Myra Ross, cf Austin Cmecent. Lane Ccve. and levine lather cf Elva (Mrs. Sullivan), ct Double Bay.

RYAN.-June 24. 1945. Matilda Maude Rvan. beloved «lie of James (Bill) and ¡over) sister ol Catherine, Leila, and Lillian, aged

64-years. At rest.

SHEPPARD.-June 22. 1043. Albert Mrmis, son cf Jchn Sheppard, of -Ebor, Armidale, and brother cf Rene, Jack. Cliff, end Bill, -aged 39 years.

SMITH.-June 24. 194o. at her residence, 10 Bread Street Croydon Park. Anna Isabell, beloved wife of Arthur Smith and loving mother of Winifred (Mrs. Fell). Annabel (Mrs. Howe), and Lindsay, aged 69 years.

SMITH.-June 24. 1045. at her residence. 50 Wells' Street. Newtown. 'Jane, relict of the late Robert John Smith and loved mother of Charlotte, Robert. Hirry. Vera, and David. At: reit. "For funeral notice, see "Herald.


STAPLES.-June 23. 1045. at Little Sisters of thc Poer. Randwick. ..Themas, relict ot Eliza Jane StaDles. and loved father of Irene (Mrs. Dwvcr) and Frederick, and loving grand- father ol Gerald. Irene. Marie. Thjmjj. Brien and John. In his 33rd year. R.I.P. English papers please cop''. '

STRINGER.-June 24. 1045. Eben Jane, relict of the late George Edward Stringer, and deir mother'pl Lillian, George, and Frederica,

aged 81 years.  

TROTMAN.-June 24. 1943. at 13 Yeend Street. Merrylands. Lucy May Trotman, relict of the late Edmund Trotman, late of Haber- field, and loved mother ol Adelaide (dccea.-.ed). Mabel, Stanley. Dolly, Charles, Edith, Edwin. Jack, Oscar (deceased). Harold (deceased). Emlly and Muriel,aged 81 years.  

WILSON.—June 23, 1945, at Tamworth Base Hospital. Leslie George, dearly beloved husband of Amy Grace Wilson and loving father of Margaret.- aged 6O years. At rest.


AGENBERG.-In lovlnh memory of our dear mother and grandmother. Mary Hannah, who passed away June 25. 1944. Inserted by her loving son. Charlie. ard daughter-in-law Bessie, grandchildren. Thelma and Betty, and great-grandchlldren Robert and Alan.

ALLEN.-Net Jtt-t to-day but every day wi remember cur dear Mind, who parsed' awa¡ June 25. 1913. Sadly missed by her ftnnli


ANDREW.-Tribute to the memory ci Jame.' Alfred, dlrd June 25. 1341.- father ot the late Jchn Grenfell and gr-mdlather of Jim.

Aliniscn-In loving memcrv of rur deai friend Barney, paired livvyy June 25. 194.1. Alweys remembered by Luke. Violet. Jean, and


BARNES - Sincere and loving memory of out dear father, who passed away. June 25. 1913. Inserted by his wile and daughters. Elsie. Peg.


BARNES - Time passes cn. but memories re- main deep in our hearts of our dear' father. William, pr.ssed away June 23. 10-13. Sadly missed by his loving son. Bill, and daughter

tn-Ja'r. Angela.

BARNES.-In loving memory of our dear friend, william, called to rest June 23. 1943. rUmftnbercd by Mr. and Mrs. J. Kelly and


BEVAN - In loving memory of1 our dear mother -and grandma. Sarah Ann. who died cn'June 22. 1341. Inserted by her loving ::;i. Will, daughter-in-law,. Laura, ano grana-


BLACK.-A tribute cf love to my dear hus- band and cur dear father, who died June 2S. 13-11. Inserted by lila lovinr wife- and child- ren George. Jack. Sydney, cf the Great War. William. Leslie. Allap (R.A.A.F.). and daugh-

ter. Clive (Mrs. Scott).

BLUNDELL.-In loving memory of my deer hu:hcnd and father. John, who passed away June 24. 1944. Always in the thoughts of his

loving wile and daughter. Joy.

BONNER.-Cherished memories of our dear lither and grandfather. James, passed away June 25. 1941. Sadly missed by his daughter, Alice, son-in-law. and grandchildren.

BONNER.-A tribute cf everlasting memory ef-my dear father, who was called to reef. .Tup? 23. 1341. Inrcrted by his doughier.


KRESSINGTON - In loving memory of my dear mother. Eva Mary who pas-ied away June 24; 1940. Always remembered by hciilovlng

sen. Arthur.

BUTTA.-A silent thought brings' many a tear cf one wc loved and lost, our dear hus- band and lather. Lou. who passed away Jun«: 25. 1944. Always remembered by his loving wife, daughter, son-ln-Iar.-. and grandchildren.

CHARGE.-In loving memory cf our dear mother. Matilda, who died June 25. 1940. Inserted by her loving daughter and son-in law. î.:nbc-l and Cecil, a ni lamllv.

CHARGE.-Loving mcmc.-lcs oí dear mother Matilda Charge, rf Lane Cove, passed away June 25. 1040. Son, Vie, and Brenda.


CHEW - Dc.:. In c-v Iv a:-j (h»re'.i

mrmr.ry ct tn: vc will remember -Jr Ci meiner Clmlrttc Mien Ch-- vho o.-.s. ..'..aï J<-n; 25 ISM In:cr!ctl by her ! ard dtusril-r-tn-lsw.

CHEW - In Isvlnr mêmeT ol our di moth;.- ¡.nd ;nii., 'vin ticket! away June : 1014. fcatily missed bv her loving dengln Olive. scn-ln-lav.-. Herbert. and grands;


COWLAND. - In loving memory of our dear wife, mother, and sister Elsie May, who passed away June 23, 1943. Inserted by her loving husband and family and J. Cruwys.

COWLAND - Sad thoughts today, loving   memories of my dear mother, who passed away June 25, 1943. Sadly missed by her loving daughter, Ruby, son-in-law, Ralph, and grandchildren, Gorden and Yvonne.

COWLAND. - In loving memory of our dear friend, Elsie May. Inserted by Mr. and   Mrs. Harlor and Mrs. Bath.

CRONIN - Lovlne. memories of my de I aunt. Cecily, died June 25. 1041. Sadly miss

by her nicrc. Cecily elliott.

CROUCH.-Cherished memories of our t brothers. Letter William and Reginald Bey. aotldentally drowned June 24. 1944. Sat missed by father, brothers, and slsters-in-lr.

CULLEN.-In loving memory of my dc husband. Sydnev Cullen, and cur dear lath! who departed this life June 25. 1044. I sertcd by his levins v.ife and children. Rosall Elaine, and Keith Cullen,

DALEY - In loving memory cl my de

husband. Charles Stanlcv. who departed ll life at Tar«. June 25, 1344. Sadly mis: by his loving wife.

DAY.-In memory ol my dear and lovli w'lfc. Eva. wno departed this hie June 2 1043. Sadly missed bv her loving husban Ccu), and sister. Ada Cohen.

De WALL.-In irving memory cf mv irtcn Anna, who passed away June 23. 1041. Ali


De WALL - In loving memory ol my de daughter, our sister and aunt. Anna, wi Pissed away June 23. 1941. Inserted ¡ her loving mof'er, brothers, slslers-ln-la' nieces, end nephews.

DENNIS.-In loving memory of my de daughter and our sister. Maude, who paesi sr.'sy June 24. 1323: also my dear husbai snd our father. Roy, passed away Janua 10. 1037. Inserted by mother, Alma. Glady Betty.

DONALD.-In lov!rȣ memory of our de: Utile pal. Ins, who "passed away June 2 1043. Always remembered by Heather or Jack Saunders.

EDGAR.-Treasured memories ol my dei husband ' and our loving father, passed aw¿ June . 24. 103«. Ever remembered by h loving wife and children.

EDWARDS.-In levins memory of my de; wile end cur mother, Agnes Francis, wi pissed away June 25. 1941: also my dear sc and our brother. James Archibald, who pass< riva? July 22. 1939. Treasured memories I her loving hucband. sons, and daughurs.

EVANS.-In loving memory of my dei husband and our daddy. Reg. who passed aw: June 25. 19-12. Sadly unsscd by Elma. Juli and Reggie.

FAIRBAIRN. -Time passes but memcrl remain cf cur dear husband and father, wt peesed away Jun; 23. 1930. Inserted by h loving wife and Icmlly.

FETHERSTON - Cherished and beautili memories rt my darling mother. Amelia, ar lather. Daniel, whom Oed called heme. Jur 25. 1040. and August 23. 1933. Mourned t their ever-loving daughter. Thelma.

FLYNN.-In loving memory of my doti wife and mother. Jehanna, died June 2Í lr'39; also my dear sons and brothers. Jae! killed Fleur.!, January 2, 1017; Ernest, accl dentally killed. May 16. 1037. Inserted b her loving husband, sisters, and brother.

FOLEY -A tribute to the loving memory < my dear wife, Matilda, passed away June 2! 1944. By her loving husband. John.

FOLEY.-In loving memory of our dei mellier, who passed away June 25. 1044. B her loving cons and daughters and grane


FOWLER - In loving memory of our dca father, who passed away June 25. 1044. In sertcd by his loving son. Jack, and daughter

in-law. Kell.

FRY.-Sweet memories of our dont Enid vho wa» killed by meter car rn June 25 1039. Always in the thoughts of mum. dad gran. Percy, and Daphne.

FRY.-In loving memory of our lriend. Enid who passed r.way June »25, 1939. Inserte by A. Logie and family.

GRANT.-Just g thought for to-day. but

treasured memory icr ever of our dear mothel who passed away June 22. 1033. Inserted b her loving son, John, and daughter-in-law


HAMILTON.-In loving memory of cur dca mother, Catherine Hamilton, who departed thi life June 25, 1944. Bob (overseas), Ciar (A.A.M.W.S.). Keith (overseas).

HAMILTON.-In loving memory of our dea daughter and sister.- Kitty, »ho died June 25 1044. Deeply loved and always remembered b; her loving mother, lather, Doug and Doris, aro iamlly. Molly. Dave and family.

HAMILTON.-liv .!?; Inp memory of my dea friend. Kitty, whe lelt us one year to-day Always remembered by Lucy,

HILL - Sweet memories of our darlini mo;her, Alice, who lell asleep June 25. 1037 Always remembered by ncr daughters and sen Ena, Lizzie. Florrie, and George, daughter In-law, Phyllss, son-in-law. Jack, and grand children Dorothy. Kvnland. Mirgarcl, Janice Jemes, ' great-grandchildren, Stanley, Jenn and dear, friend, C. E. Marsey.

HOCKEY - In loving memory of my dear mother, Miriam Ada, who passed away June 23, 1942. Ever remembered by her loving daughter, Cora, son-in-law, George, and grand- son, Georgie, and friend, Ethel.

HOLT - In loving memory: of Charlie, wh< riled June.24, 1941. Inserted by his brothel and sister-in-law.: Fret!, and Frances.

HOPWOOD - In loving memory ol my deal wile. Anne- Tomson, who departed this Wc June 25, 1044. Inserted by her loving hus- band. Jack Hopwood, «nd son. Kenneth.

JACKSON - In loving memory of our deai mother" Christina Amelia, who passed awaj Jun» ' 23;- 1940. Always remembered by hei loving sons. William and Richard, and daugh ter-ln^aw., Cathie. ,

JAMES - In the garden cf remembrance .wi walk with you this day. mother dear. Btatrlct Rose, '.vhem Oed colled home June 25. 1944 .Never forgotten by her loving daughter Flossie, and grandson, Colin.

KNOWLES - In fond remembrance of mi dear, daughter and cur dear sliter, Gladys J, Knowles, who passed away June 25, 1944. In. aeriell by. her loving mother and brothers, Reg, Mal, and sister, Beryl.

KNOWLES.-In memory of our dear cousin, Gladys, who passed away June 23, 1944. In îcïted by May, Jim, Valmay, Laurie.

LACK - In memory of our beloved and only son, brother, Ronald Charles , (Ron), passed avêay Juno 23, 1934. Inserted by Mum, Dad,

sisters, .and brothers-in-law.

LAWRENCE - In loving memory of my dear husband, father, snd grandpa, who passed sway June 25, 1944. Gone, but not forgotten, by his loving wile, and sens. Tom and Len, granddaughter. Betty, and daughters-in-law, Lilly and May.

McGARRY - In loving memory nf our dcor nicher .Mary, who passed, away June- 24 1942. Sadly missed by her loilng sons Pat

and Frank.

McGARRY.-in loving memory of my dearly beloved sister. Mary, who passed away June 24. 1942. Inserted by loving sister, Pen. and


McINTYRE - Treasured memories ol my beloved hucband and cur dear lather. William August (Gus) McIntyre, who fell asleep June 23. 1944. Inserted by nls loving wife and


McLACHLAN - In loving memory bf my dear husband. Jack, who passed away June 25. 1033. Sadly missed by his loving wile.


McLAREN - In memory of Marie, our dearly lovtd baby, who passed away June 25. 1035, aged 7 years 4 months. Sadly missed by her mother, father, Arthur and Be'.cy.

MASON.-In loving memory of my darling mother. Rebecca, who passed uwoy June 25, 1040. Inserted by her loving sen; Albert.

MINTON - In memory of our dear friend, Bert Minion, who passed away June 25. 1942. Ini-crtcd by his sincere irlend3. Ben Birdie,

and Pat Jones.

MOSELEY. - Treasured memories of dear mum and Hilda, called home June 25, 1937, and March 7. 1925. Remembered by her daughters. Edith and Esther.

NIXON - Sacred to thc memory ol our dar- ling mother and nana. Eva May. who fell ^.elecp June 25. 1012. Inserted bv her sens, daughters. Glady. Les. VI, Micky, and grand- daughter. Lorraine.

NIXON.--in loving and cherished memories ef our dear motlier and nana. Era May. who passed away June 23. 1942. Inserted by her loving son. daughter, and grandson,

Roy. Ray, and Keith.

NIXON.-Trcisured memories of our darling Tlster. Eva May. who passed away June 25. 1042. . Always remembered by her loving sisters. Lily, and Iamlly, lidie, and family.

NIXON.-A tribuí: of love to my dear mother, from daughter. Dolly, and family.

¡S1XON.-In memory ol cur darling mother, I Rose Mary, who passed away June 23. 1035.

Inserted by her loving children.

PAGE.-At rest In the garden of rcmcm 1 trance ls my dearly loved husband and eur

dad. James, who passed away June 25. 1042. Inserted by his levin? wife. Doris. Athel, I Jack. Blue, grandchildren. Norma. Bclty.

Faye. Colin. Elaine.

QUINN.-A tribute of leve to the memory I of my dear mother and cur grandmother, who

passed away June 23, 132G. Inserted by Elsie r.nd grandchildren.

RITCHIE.-In sad but loving memory of cur sister and niece. Clive May, pessed away June 23. 1944. Inserted by sister. Maud,

aunts Maud and Olive.

ROBINSON.-A tribute of love and remem- brance of our dee.r father. David Ross, called to a better land. June 25. 1944. Inserted by his loving daughter and son-in-law. Glad and


ROBINSON.-David Ross. Not lust to-day. dad. but every d«y. you are remembered by

Marge. Joe. and Pam.

ltUTIIERFOïM).-In loving mcmcry ol my clT-r motlier. Rachel, who passed away June 25, 1944. Never forgotten by her daugh- ter. M.iry. and niece. Clara, and grandchild- ren. Ruby. Nancy.' Jack, end Dorrie.

RUTHERFORD.-In loving memory cf Gran, who passed away June 25. 1944. Ron. Jchn,

and Jack.

RUTHERFORD.-In loving memory ol Gran, iho passed away June 23. 1944. Eiicen. Ron.

and Harold.

RUTHERFORD.-In loving memory of Gran, who passed ar.-p.y June 23. 1944. Elsie. Hdrcld. June. Ted. and Allan.

SHEPHARD.-In loving memory of our dar- ling daughter end sister. Molly Lesley June, who passed away June 25. 1012. Always remembered ,bv her loving dad. mum. and sisters. Daphne and Edna.

SHEPHARD.-In loving memory cf my dear elster. Molly, who passed away June 25. 1012. Always remembered by her loving alslcr. Daphne, and brother-in-law. Reg.

SHEPHARD.-In loving memory of my dar- ling sister. Melly, who passed away June 23. 19-12. Always remembered by her loving I sister. Edna.

SHEPHARD.-Treasured memories of Molly, whom God called lo a higher heme June 25, 1042. Always remembered by Edna and Nomi.

SHEPHERD.-In loving memory nf dear Melly, who passed away June 25. 1942. Always remembered by Uncle Mont. Marj, and Alf.

SINDEL.-Edith Cecil, departed this life June 25 1041. Remembered by her loving son; Reginald, and daughter-in-law. Phyl.

SINDEL.-Edith Cecil, departed this lite June 25. 1941. Never forgotten by her loving daughter. Margaret. son-in-law. Norman, TiT"*d'*n!1'*ren, 'ii'uce arri Key.

* SKINNER.-Rachel Helen: loving memory of Mumslc. Joan and Pcmcla.

SQUIRES.-In loving memory of my dc-.r wife ind our dear mother. Louisa Elizabeth, who passed away (suddenly) June 24. 1944. aged 66 years. Inserted by- her loving husband and children. Jim (1st A.I.F.). Fred (A.I.F.). Alma. Bruce (A.I.F.I. Bart (A.I.F.).

STUBBS.-A tribute ol love to the memory of cur dear mother. Roso, who rasred away June 24; 1944. Always remembered by her loving daughter. Sadie. scn-!n-!nw. Gordon, grandchildren Fred. Audrey, end Harry.

TEA LE.-In loving memory- of my dear mother, who passed away June 25. 1923. Never forgotten by her fond son. Billy, daughter-in-law. Ivy, grandsons. Stan, Sid,

and grand-daughter. Sylvia. |


?MIAME.-A trituic c. levi and remern brincc- '.o my dear husband and our father, Rlrbcrd (Dick) Theme- passed on Juna 23.


TRAXTCN.-In levin? memory of our deer '<lfo and mrlhcr, June 23. 1D31. A. G. and A. C. Trr.:;tcn.

WALKER.-Le-, mi memories cf our darling

.vile and mctlv-r. Ivy, pms-d cn lo higher I dunes. June 23. lO'.S. Sadly missed by her | loving hu-band ?nd rl-.iiehiers. Fay and Gloria. 1

V.'AI.KEIï.-In Icing intmorv of my dear sister. Ivy Alice, whom God railed to rest June 25. 1311. Inserted by her loving brother. Elli.

WALKER.-Levine numerics cl our darline daughter-in-law and sister-in-law. Always rememb'.r.-.d by all e.". Eastwood.

WELCH.-In loving memory ol cur dear mum (Fnnnv). whem Ged called heme June 24. 1043; a'.so cu.- dear dad. who went to re:t neccmScr 31. 1339. Sn dearly loved and so sadly missed by Muriel. May. Eddie. Edna. Dct. end Claude.

WOOLLEY.-In loving memory of cur dear mother. inother-tn-Uw. ind grandmother, who passed away June 24. 1P30. Inserted by her loving sens, daughters, scns-in-lcw. daughters l.-.rlaw. and grandsons.

On Active Service

BARRINGTON.-In loving memory ol NX0S232. S'ir. John Raymond Barrington, killed on active sep'lce. il Darwin. June 24. 1343. Alwa-s remembered by ms if.:..*; and brothers. Gec.T end Keith.

niflltELL.-In everlasting loving memory cl i cu.- dear sen and brother. Sapper ¡ L:.-.lie, accidentally killed. June 25. 1042. I peed 21. Sarilv missed by his loving m.iiher

end tether. Gordon. Ron. and Norm. Gloria. ! Heather, and Sylvia. I

GLASSINGTON.-In loving memory of Pri-

vate J. Glassington. ''Ho died of wounds In ! Fr?nee. Anvil 6. 1013. 26th Eau., aged 24 year-.. Also Private V.'. Ole.r.sinelon. who passed (.way June 25. 1330. late of thc- 1st Pioneers' E.-.'.t.. «ged 33 vcars. Dc?r!y lcvctl sons cf thc late Mrs. w. Glosslncten and of Mr. Glasslng ton. e.nd Family. Sadly mlf.ecd.

MULCAHY.-In levine meme-ry of our dear eon md brother. Sgt. Cornelius Arthur IR.A.A.F.), billed aircraft accident Nova Sertta June 23. 1943. or.dh' missed by his loving parents, brothers, sister, and sister-in-law.

MULCAHY.-In irvlnä memory of our dear nephew and grandson. Sgt. Arthur Mulcahy (R.A.A.F.). killed at Neva Scotia. June 25. 1943. Always remembered by Tom. Doris, and Gran.

MULCAHY.-In memory of Sgt. Cernelius Arthur Mulcahy, who lost his lile result ol «¡ occident. June 23. 1013. Remembered by Joan and Kerman Brooker.

rt'ERS,-In memory of our dear brother, Scrger-nt-Pilot. Jasper Peters, killed over Ger- many, June 25, 1042. Inserted by Pearl end Fred Sheppard. Mess Vale.

PIKE.-A tribute of love and memory of   my dear husband, and our dear dad, Cpl. Arthur Pike, late 18th Battalion, 1st., A.I.F.., and L of C., Victoria Barracks, who passed away at 113th Hospital, Concord, June 25, 1943. Sadly missed by his loving wife, Gladys, and family.

PIKE.-Fond memories cf our dear brother-   in-law and uncle, Cpl. Arthur Pike, who passed on in the service of his country June 25, 1943. Deeply missed by Syd, and Sylvia and nephews, Geoffrey and Keith.

PIKE.-Sad memories cf my dear son-in- law, brother-in-law, and uncle, Cpl. Arthur Pike, who passed away June 25, 1943. In- serted by his loving father-in-law, sister-in- law, brothers-in-law, nieces, and nephews. Punchbowl.

PIKE.-Cpl. Arthur Pike, died of illness,   June 25, 1943. Always remembered by Alma and Bill Alderman.

PIKE.-In loving memory of Cpl. Arthur   Pike, who passed away June 25, 1943. Sadly missed by the Martin family.

. RICHARDSON.-In loving memory ol Amos, killed Syria June 23. 1041. Inserted by mum and, dad.

? SOADY.-In loving memory of Flight-En- gineer Frank Soody. killed In air operations Scuth Africa June 24. 1045. Sadly missed by his father, mother, sisters, and brothers.


Mr. and Mrs. W. T. WEAVER wish to sin- cerely THANK ail irlcnds and relatives for their kind "xprcssions of sympathy, letters, cards, teler «ns. and floral tributes. Please accept this as --ur personal and sincere thanks.


ARNOLD.-Tho Relatives and Friends of

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Drane are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly loved Granddaughter. Enid Winifred Arnold; lo leave her late residence. 45 Silver Street, St. Peters. This Afternoon, after service ccm rr.encing at 2.30 c'cioel:. lor the Methodist Cemetery. Woronora. Labor Motor Funerals, Limited, 24 Enmore Road, Newtown. 'Phones, LA2777 (4 lines).

ARNOLD.-The Officers and Members ol

Royal Standard Lodge. M.U.I.O.O.F.. St. Peters, are Invited to attend the Funeral of our late Member, Sliter Enid Arnold. For particulars please see family notice. D. H. Clark. N.G.; J. S. Garfield. F. Secretary.

ARTHUR. - The Relatives and Friends of

the late Mrs. Ruby Constance Arthur are kindly invited to attend her Funeral; to leave Wood Coffill's Chapel, 183 Rowe Street, East- wood, This Day, Monday, afer service com- mencing at 1.15 p.m., for Church of England Cemetery, Northern Suburbs. Wood Coffill Limited.

ARTHUR. - The Relatives and Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Athol Gallard are invited   to attend the Funeral of their dearly beloved Mother, Mrs. Ruby Constance Arthur; to leave Wood Coffill's Chapel, 183 Rowe Stree! East- wood, This Day, Monday, after service, com- mencing at 1.15 p.m., for Church of Eng- land Cemetery, Northern Suburbs. Wood   Coffill Limited.

ASANGS.-The Relatives and Friends of

Major and Mrs. W. Wells and' Family. Captain and Mrs. D. Merrick ano Pamiiy. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Adams and Family. Mr. Gcorpe Asnngc. Mr. and Mrs. W. Asome »nd Family. Mr. Gus Asangcr and Family. Mr. Cecil Asange: and Family, and Mr. and Mrs. W. Moore and Family are Invited lo «rtend the Funeral cf their late dearly loved Srahtr. 3rothci-ln-l?w. and Uncle. John . Joseph Asangc; to leave St. Anne's Shrlns. Mitchell Street. North Bondi. This. Mond?.',', flt 3 p.m.. 1er Scuth Head Cemetery. Rcouicm Liss3 at 7, a.m.- Wood Coffin Limned.

BARKER.-The Relatives and Friends of

the late Mrs. Gertrude Barker are invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly beloved Husband. Auriol Barker; to leave St. James' Church cf England. Turramurra, alter service commencing at 2.30 p.m., for the Northern Suburbs Crematorium. T. J. Andrews, A. F.D.A., - 222 Pacific . Highway. Hornsby. .Phones, JU1514, LA2873, etc.

BATTY.-Thc Relatives and Friends of Mr.

Austin Batty and Family, ol Helena Street. Randwick, are invited to attend the Funeral of his dear Wife and their Mother, Millicent Alice: to leave cur Funeral Heme. DO Westen Road. Rozelle. This Mendt»,' at 1.15 p.m.. for Es.stcrn Suburbs Crematorium.

Wood Coffin Limited.

BRAMBLE.-The Funeral of the late Mrs.

Annie Bramble will leave the Private Chapel of Motor Funerals Limited. 380 Pacifie Hlähwoy.' Crew's Nest. This Day. after a ser- vice remmencipe. at 10.30 a.m.. for the Cre- matorium Northern Suburbs. Motor Funerals Limited. 'A.F.D.A.. 389 Pacifie Highway, Crow's Nest. 'Phone, XB4015.

3JUNVAN.-The Funeral of th: late-William

> Bunyan will leave our Chapel. 23 Her: culcs Street, Ashfield. This Monday, at 3.1o p.m.. lor Rookwood Crematorium. Wood Coffin Limited. ,. - . " , .

BURLING.-The Relatives and Friends pf

Mrs. V. M. Burllnc and Family are kindly Invited to.Mtend the Funeral of their dear Husband and Father. Themas James: to leave the Church cf christ. Clarence Street. Bur weed. This Day after service commencing at 3.15 p.m.. for the Independent Cemetery. Rookwood Leslie S. Andrews. Achfleld (opp. Presbyterian Church). 'Phone. ÜA1025.

BURLING.-The Relatives and Friends of

Mrs A Broom:. Mrs. F. Gander. Mr. and Mrs. W. Burling, of Earlwood. and Mrs. A Burling. Balgowlah, are kindly Invited to attend the Funeral of their dear brother and Brother-in-law. Themas James Burling. For particulars see previous . notice. Leslie S.

BA"dURRÍDGE.-The Relatives and Friends of

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Piper. Mr. and Mrs. Reg Piper. Mr. and Mrs. Stan Piper and Family are kindly Invited to attend the Funeral cf .their dearly loved Sister and Aunt. Ada Amelia Burridge; ;to leave our Funeral Heme, 24 North Parade. Campsie. This Altcr noon. at 3.13 o'clock fer thc Church cf fcng Ir.nd Cemetery. Rookwood. Labor Motor Funerals-Limited, 24 Enmore Road, Newtown. 'Phones. LA2777 (4 lines).

CAMPION.-The Relatives and Friends ol

the late Jessie Edinda Campion of 2 Allan ? Street. Bexley, arc kindly invited to attend her Funeral; to leave the Ivinscla Chapels, Seven Ways. Rockdale. This Monday, after Service at 1.45 p.m. for the Woronora Cemetery. Charles Klnsela Pty. Ltd.. A.F.D.A., Seven Ways. Rockdale. LX3853.

CAMPION;-Tho Relatives and Prienda of

Mr. and Mrs. J. Balnavcs arc- kindly Invited to attend the Funeral cf her dearly beloved twin Sister and Sister-in-law. Jessie B. Campion. Seo family notice for further particulars. . ' " , .

CAMPION.-The Relatives and Friends ot

Mr. and Mrs. M. A. James and Family are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly beloved Sister, Sister-in-law, and Aunt. Jessie B. Campion. Sec family notice for further particulars.

CLA T.K.-The Relatives and Friends of Mr.

William Arthur Clark and Kay. cf Caitier R<\id Rydalmere, arc 'tivtird to attend the Funeral of his beloved Wife and her Mother. Marv Josephine; to leave St. Vincnt'e ChK.ih. Ashfield. This Mondey. at 2.15 o.m.. lor Catholic Cemetery. Rr.ckwood. Requiem Mas at 0 a.m. Wocd Coffin Limited.

CLARK.-Th» Relatives and Friends of Mr.

and Mrs. Richard Barral r.nd Family arc invited to attend the Funeral cf 'heir dearly beloved Daughter pud S!*'T. Marv Jrscohlne Clari, Sec Iamlly notice. Wr.-cd CcrTill


CLARKE.-The Relatives and Friends of

Mrs. Olive Clarke and Nancy, of 47 Arthur Street. Croydon, are invited to r.ttend the Funeral of her dearly beloved Husband and her dear Father. Oswald S. Clarke: to lcftv» th» Metropolitan Funeral Heme. Hallway p.\r;de. Eurwocd. This Day. after Service com- mencing at 10.45 a.m.. for thc Methcolst Cemetery Rookwood. Metropolitan Burial and Cremation Society. Railway Parade. Burwood. .Phones. UJ217C-0.

CLARKE.-The Funeral of the late Mrs.

Cmilv Clarke, oí Woolwich, will leave Ernc-t Andrews' Chapels, coiner Pacific High wtiv and Thomas Street. Chatswood. This Day. alter a Service commencing at 1.45 p.m.. fer the Church of Englend Cemetery, field of Mars. Ernest Andrews. Chatswood. JA23J4.

COFFEY.-The Relatives and Friends uf

th» late Miss Jehanna (Julie) Colley, of 227 nënl'on Roed, Dulwich Hill, and late ni .Tipperary. Eire, ar» informed that her Funeral will leave our Mortuary Chapel. 164 King Strict. Newtown, This (Mcndey) Morn ln- rt 9.45 o'clock, for Catholic Cemetery'. Rcokwocd. Mortuary No. J. W. N. Bull Pty., Ltd. A.F.D.A. Telephone. LA28S8.

CROUCH.-The Relatives and Friends cf the

let" Frederic'/. Charles Crouch oro kindly Invited to attend his Funeral: to leave our *>rlvat» Chapel. 240 Oxford Street. Paddington. This Afternoon, at 3.15 o'clock, fer thc Pres- byterian Cemetery. Rcokwccd. Labor >jptor Funeral« Limited. 240 Oxford Street. Padding- ton. ''Phones. LA2777 (4 lines).

DICKISON.-The Funeral of the late Mia*

Florence Nightingale Dleklsen will leave Ernest Andrews' Chapels, corner Pacific Hleh n"*y pnd Thcmrs Stree'.. Chatswood. Tills Day at O 45 a m. for thc Northern Suburbs Cre- matorium. Ernest Andrews. Chatswood. JA2S34 -i-lUNBAR.-Thc Remains of thc late Ted U Dunbar, ol Darline Street.'Dubbo, will be C'c-mr.ted .at Rockwood Crematorium. To-mor- row (Tuesday) Morning, at 10 o'clock. C J. Shakespeare and Eons. Dubbo, in conjunction with Premier Motor Funerals. 105 Walker Street. North Sydney. 'Phone. XB1446.

ELLIOTT.-The Relatives ond Friends of

Mrs. Annis Elliott and F.imilv are Invited to attend the Funeral cf .her celovca Hus ! band and their dear Father George Cooke I Elliott: to leave the Church. ! Hornsby. This Day. after *crviec commencing S ic " ia fer the Northern Suburbs Cre matorium. T. J. Andrews. A.F.D. A 222 Pacific Highway. Hornsby. 'Phone. JUlol*.


fcHTSGERALD.- Hie ¡Uütl-fi and Friend: J- e. Mrs. H. Pit.-terilá. Mr. end Mrs. A. Ft.T«Tild i.nd I-jmU-. cf Murr«" street. Smlth.ield. Mr. and Mr.«. t.. i.lsek'iizle md r..m:t" (Thirrcul). >nd Ted nt--, raid (A.I.r.. f.brc'd! ire Invited 'o «.tt'n-J the Fiinv.-.I c! her l-lrved Husb.-nri. tbrlr dear F.-ther an-; O rt »«»frier. Hrni-. vhi-.h v iii lr ave cr Cheer! Tc-c'ay. at 3 P.m. ter Cst'iclic Oem:. ¡cry. at L'verpccI tr.iv rr.-rlirn). Charles Innes md Sen A.F.D.A.. ?,2 Darcy Street, mrumattc. Thcne. U'V0239.

FOLWELL.-The Relativ.-» end Friends cf , ,£'r. »nd Mrs. .Vines Feud! and Janus, cf 10 Park Street. Campsie, ere bindi* ¡n t'it.-d to attend the Funeral r.I their dear'-.' loved infant Son and his dear Ercther. Roben Jem Fclwell: to leave cur Funeral Home, '.'1 f>cr'h Parade. Campsie. Thia Aftcrnccn. M J.IS. o cleo!-, fer the Catholic Ctmetrr*. Rcck woeo. Labor Meter rainer.» 1.-.. Limited, 24 ''.cr,.P V'fde Campsie. Thone. LA2777

(4 lines).

.pOETER,- The Relatives end Friends ol rr M"-Su=an Fester and Family fie Invited !?.. ti.1'!.3 "J1 F"""511 c) her dearly beloved HiLband «nd their dear Fath-r. George Wil- li'.;'' !° r',"-\' lhf Private Chapel cl Mntcr Funerals Limited. 30 City Read. city. This Afternoon, a. er a service commencing at 1.30 oclçck. fer the Clmrcli cf England Cemetery. R?°jS?'ccä- *"0<°'' Funerals Limited. A.F.D.A., .,0 City Road, elly. Thcne. MG277.

7p,r,i,IrDMAîl--Thl= Relatives and' Friends ol -L Misses T. and R. Fieltíman. M-ssts J. M. and R. Friedman and Mrs. J. H. Kewell t ndly invited to attend the Funeral rr their dearly beloved Molhcr. Laura Frcld moa"¿, \? ths Chcvra Kedlsha Parlours. -.2 Balfour. Street. Chippendale. This Mern lng r.ncr SeiTlee commrnelng .-.t 10.30 e. Moe*, lor the. Jewish Cemetery. Rookwood, by road. Sydney C'hevr?. Kadisha.

^AVMIDGr..-The Relatives sr.d Friends of .ir. V'.r:'- Vf.'"-" Ell-eaboth Genimldgc ano Daughter.. Lil end Joyce, are kindly Invited ? v-ltljd 'he Funeral of her dearly beloved Hushrnd ano their rather. Robert Fraser Bc'l

air-used to !ei.-.e cur Private Mcrtur.rv Cnaurl. 2t3 Elizabeth Street. Sydney. This (Monda,-) Afirrncon. mer eervlce commencing at 3 o cle.-k. for the Presbytérien Crmeterv IÏOCÎ: '.'rr-cd- p- Klrbv and Son Pty. Ltd.

Fncne. M22.21-2.

GAMMIDCE.-The Relatives and Friends cf

Mrs-.s,."E'rrctt ind Faintly, cf ll Toik Avenue. Ashfield, are kindly Invited to attend r^.,ir'un?r2¡ cl i1,,:,r beloved Scn-ln-l.iw f,nd Brother-in-law. Robert Fraser Bell Gaminidsc. i'cr further particulars see f.b-ive notice.

(iA,M£l"E.-Thc Funeral of the late Mr.

Vllllam Gamble, ot 130 Riley Street. E^S' Sydney, will '.eave our Private Chapels. J02 Oxicro Street. Woollahra. This (Monde:?) Aitanoen, at 3.15. for Eotany Cemetery. Waller Carier, Waverley.

rj.AMMIDGE - The Relatives .ind Friends of

v-« Mrs. Neille Gammldge. cf Lidcombe Mrs Jessie Gammldge. eil Brcadmecdow. Mr's. M. Rudkln, of Stockton. Mrs. J.-net Gammldje, ci iy.a.\erton- Mr- and M«. John Gammldge, of Wlllougnby. Mr. and Mrs. Hector Smith, of Cardiff. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Gammldge cf Matraville. Miss E. ¿I. Gemmldïe. ol Nev castle. Mr. H. Gammldge. of Newcastle, and £.r;. Jessie Field, ci South Wc*t r.oeks and Families are Invited to attend the Funeral ol their dearly beloved 3rethcr. Brother-in-law and Uncle, Robert Gammldge (late 35th Batt.! tat A.I.F.), lcrnieriy of 77 Dolphin Street, Ccogtc. arranged to leave our Prhsle Mor- tuary Chapel, 265 Elisabeth Street. Sydney. This (Monday) Afternoon, after service com- mencing at 3 o'tleck. lor the Prcsbytcrljn Cemetery. Rookwood. Mri. P. Kirby and Son Pty.. Ltd. 'Phone, I.-.2221-2.

HAMBLY.-The Relatives and Friends ol

Mrs. May Hambly and Family are kindly Invited to attend thc Funeral of her late beloved Husband and thulr dear Father, John Hambly; to leave thc Catholic Church. Shell- harbour. directly alter 0 o'clock Mass, To- morrow (Tuesday) Morning, lor Shellharbour Cemetery. K. Kendall, Funeral Director. HAMMOND.-The Relatives and Friends ol

Mr. and Mrs. n. Murrey and Family, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Montgomery and Family, and of Mrs. F. Simpan and Family are Invited to attend the Funeral cf their beloved Father, Grandfather. Oreat-Giandfathcr. Brother, and Uncle, Henry Themas Hammond, which will leave his late residence. 50 Wilson Street, Botany, This Mcrnir.;-. at 10.30, for thc "C. ci E. Cemetery. Botany. Jceeph Medcalf, A.F.D.A.. 172 Rcdlern Street. Redfern. .'Phceie, MX2315 (2 linea).

HALE.—The Funeral of the late Nathan

Hale will leave our Funeral Home, 121 Rawson Street, Auburn, This Morning, at 10 o'clock, for the Catholic Cemetery, Rockwood. Labor Motor Funerals Limited, 121 Rawson Street, Auburn. 'Phone, UX6111.

HANSON.-The runsral cf the late Joseph

Vivian Hanson will leave our Funeral Home, corner Miller and Falcon Streets. North Sydney. This Monday, at 0.45 a.m.. for North- ern Suburbs Crematorium. Weed Ccfljll Ltd. HELS.-The Relatives and Friends of Mrs.

Annie Kele and Family, of 3 Daniel Street. Granville, are invited to attend the Funeral cf her dearly loved Husband and their loved Father, .limes Andrew Hele, to leave our Chapel. South Street. Grauville. This Monday, aller service commencing at, 3 p.m.. fer the Crematorium. Rockwood. A. F. Anderson. Funeral Directer, South Street, Gran?llle. , "Phone. UW0533.

HELE.-The Relatives and Friends ot Mr.

and Mrs. C. Travers and Family, of Cross- lands Street, Granville, arc invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly loved Father and Grandfather, Junes Andrew Hele. For further particulars, see the family notice. A. F. An- acreon, Funeral Director, Granville.

.rJ'INTON.-The Relative« »nd Friends ol

J-l Hrs. B. Hinten, oí 83 Myall Street. Merrylands, and Family, are trivl3td that the Fnneifl . of . her dearly loved Son and their dear Brother, Archibald Fredeilck Hinton, will leave our Funeral Home. 121 Rawson Street, Auburn. This Morning, at 10.15 o'clock, for the Church ci England Cemetery. Rockwood. Labor Motor Funerals. Limited. 121 Rawson Street, Auburn. . 'Phone, rtSHlll.

HORDERN.-The Funeral of the late Bruce

Alexander Hordern will leave St. Peter's Church. Blue's Point Read. North Sydney. Thia Monday, after Service commencing Rt 2 p.m.. for Presbyterian Cemetery, Field of

Mara. Wood Ccrn.ll Limited.

IRVING.--The Relative* and Friends of Mr.

O. Irving and Family are invited to attend the Funeral cf his dearly beloved Wife and 'their dear Mother, Gladys Sarah: to leave the residence. .13 Dudley Street. Auburn. This Day, after service commencing at 2.45 p.m., for Waverley Cemetery. Metropolitan Burial and Cremation Society. Ltd.. Railway Parade. Burwood. 'Phone. UJ2170-0.

TRVING.-Thc Relatives and Friends of Mrs. -L L. S. Ward. 0 Rose Street. Auburn, and of Harold and Phyllis) are Invited to attend (he Funeral ot her dearly loved Daughter and their dear Sister, Gladys Sarah Irving. For particulars -see family notice.

TRVING.-The Relatives and Friends of Mr. X end Mrs. S. G. Ward and Family, of 40 Thomas Street. Parramatta, are Invited lo attend the Funeral of their dearly loved Sis- ter and Aunt. Gladys Sarah Irving. For particulars, see family notice.

JACKSON.-The Relatives «nd Friends of

Mr. John Jackson mid Family, of Little Jane street. Penrith, are Invited to attend thc Funeral of his, late beloved Wife and their dear Mother. Eva; to leave tho Methcdlst Church. Penrith. This (Mendsy) Morning, after service ccrammctax at ll a.m.. for Penrith General Cemetery. J. Price and Sons. Funeral Directors. 'Phone. Penrith 20. -

JENKINS.-The Relatives and Friend» ol

Mr. John Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Ceehen and Family are kindly Invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly loved ,Wlfe. their dear Moth«, Mother-in-law, and Grandmother, Ada Emily Jenkins; to leave her late resi- dence, 31 Kathleen Street. Lokemba. This Afternoon, alter service commencing at 1.15 o'clock, for the Church cf England Cemetery. Rockwood. Labor Motor Funerals Limited. 24 Enmore Road, Newtown. 'Phones. LA2777 (1 lines).

JORGENSON.-The Relatives and Friends

of the late Mr. Anten Jorgenson, of Roseville ' are Invited to attend his Funeral: to leave Ernest Andrews' Chapels, comer Pacific Highway and Themas Street. Chats- wood, This Day. after a Service commencing at 10.30 a.m.. for the Northern Suburbs Cre- matorium. Ernest Andrews. Chatswood. JA2834 JORGENSON.-The Officers and Members

of the Pride of Wllloushby Lodge, G.U.O.O.F.. No. 2386. are respectfully in- vited to attend the Funeral of their late Brother. A. Jorgenson. For full particulars see family notice. -'T. W; Mawle, Sec. Ernest andrews. Chatswood. JA2034.

.TOHNSON.-The Funeral of the late Mrs. ii Minnie Johnsen, cf Mooney, wilt take Place at the Biool-.lyn- Cemetery. This Day. Monday at 3.30 p.m.. alter service at St. Mary's Church cf England. Brooklyn. Whelan und Glsek'tn. A.F.D.A.. 263 Miller Street. North Sydney Thone. XB1310.

TENKINS.-Tnt Relatives and Friends of ti Amv Bennett. Mr. and Mrs. More. Betty, and Dorolhv are kindly invited to attend thc Funeral ol their dear Sister and Aunty. Amy ISmllv. See lamil'- notice lor turthtr particu-


KENNARD.-The Relatives and mends ul

the late Harriet Miry Kennard, of 8 Elizabeth Street. Ashfield, are Invited to attend her Funeral; lo ¡cave Geo. Andrews' Funeral Home, 237 Liverpool Read. Ashfield. This Day. after Service commencing at 1.30 p.m.. for Rookwood Crematorium. Geo. Andrews Ply. Ltd.. 237-0 Liverpool Read. Ashfield. UA2808-3 KFNNLDY.-The Relatives and Friends ol

the late Joseph Kennedy, of 30 Bay View street. Ameline, ave Invited to attend his Funeral; to leave Mrs. P. Kirby's Funeral Chapel, 434 Prince's Highway. Rockdale, To- morrow (Tuesday) Morning, at 10 o'clock, lor South Heed Cemetery. Wood ColIUl limited. , ^ "

LEADER.-Refiulem Mass for the Repose o!

the Seul cl the Ute Mea. Louisa Leader, cf 57 Spring Street. Waverley, will be Cele- brated st. Holy Cross Church. Woollahra. T.-.lj (Meiiday) Mcnilng. at 0 o'clock.

LEADER.-The Relatives and Friends of Mr.

and Mrs. R'. J. Morris snd Family, of 507 Military Read, Mosman. Mrs. A. Townsend pnd Family, ol Maule Lane, Coonamble. Miss M. Leader of 37 Spring Street. Waverley. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. O'Leary and Family, of 30 Angelo Street. Burwood, are Informed that thc Funeral of their late dearly loved Mother. Mother-in-law. and Grandmother. Mrs. Louisa Leader cf 57 Spring Street. Waverley, will leave the Holy Cress Church. Woollahra. This (Monday) Mcrnlivg, at 0.30 o'clock, lor Botaivj Cemetery. W. N. Bull Pty.. Ltd.. A.F.D.A., Telephone, LA2050.

LESLIE.-The Funeral of the late Mrs.   Esmee Leslie will lesve our Chapel, corner  

Orchard Road and Brown Street. Chatswood,   This Monday after Service commencing at 1 p.m.. for Northern Suburbs Crematorium.

Wood Coffin Limited.

T ETHBRIDGE.-The Funeral of the late Xu M153 Amy Frances Ccpland L.ethbrid-e

will take plice In St. Magdalene's dniren- 1 yard, st. Marys. This Monday niter Service

commencing al 3 p.m. Wood Corni! Limited. I Katctm'oa. J. Price and Sons. Penrith. Funeral

Directors in conjunction.

MCARTHUR.-The Relatives and Friends of

the late Ethel McAnhur. or Eveleigh Street, Rcdlcm, are kindly invited to attend her Funeral: to leave our Funeral Heme, 24 Enmore Reid. Newtown. This After- noon, at 3.15 o'clock, for the Church cf Eno laiid Cemetery. Rcokwcod. Labor Motor Funerals, Limited, 24 Enmore Road. New- town. Thcne. LA2777 (4 lines).

MCELROY.-The Relatives end Friends of

Mr. and Mrs. John McElroy and Family i ar» Invited to attend the Funeral of their dearlv loved Daughter and their dear Sister. Frances Ellen MeElrcy; which will '.eave Uer parents' residence. 201 Denison Street. Bondi Junction. To-morrow (Tuesday! Mcrnlng. nt 10 o'clock, for the Catholic Cemetery. Botany. Goulburn Motor Funerals, in conjunction wini

J. and C. Hardy. A.F.D.A.. Rockdale andi

M"r cGLINN.-The Relatives »nd Friends of

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McGlinn. Mrs. L. Whltcrav. and their ramMee. are kindly Invited to attend the Funeial cf their dearly lo'.'cd Father and their dear Grandfather. Bernard McGlinn; to leave our Funeral Heme. 74 Enmore Read. Newtown. This Afternoon. 2t 1.15 o'clock, for the Cathrlic Cemetery, Rock- wood Labr Motor Funerals. Limited. 24 Enmore Read. Newtown. 'Phones. LA2777

TÍ/TC'IVÉCHNIE.-The R-iletives and Friends cf


MACK"CZir..-HID Re!.-MCI and mends

cl tue is'.e Ednarci Cien Mtckcnaie ere j kindly Invited tc rttcn-J Iiis Funeral: to leave I ill; bte remenee. 2'I1 iv« Street. North | Sydney. Tills Altrmron. si 1.30 o'clock, for

the PrcehvterU.n Cr.r.rtcry. Ncrihetn Subuib«. j

Uiver Mo"or FunerMs limited. -!C1 Paclfir-, Highway. Crew: NCJI. 'Phone. XB137.1.

1\ FAKER.-The Relatives ano Friends ol 1*1.Hr. V'tiihm Maker Mr. r.nd Mrs. Walter

Maker. Mr. end Hrs. E. .!. Courtney. Mr. . end Mr.-. .'. S. M-.rii;. Ml.'. .1. Flaiti. Mr. ¡ nnd Mrs. rt. nuncvi. Mi.". H. Menin. Mi. I end Mrs. W. Wilgin, Mr. and Kilt. ti. rah

bairn. Mr. end Mrs. W. Wells înd Families I

.-rc in!-.rmeii ihat thc Funeral ri llirir laic |

dearly leved Mother. Mrther-ln-I.v orr.nd- i mother. Sister. SI'ter-ln-la v. and Aunt Mrs. Me.:; Am. Maker: will leave her lat! drnce. 153 la-vreni'- Strc-t. Alexandria, This (Monday) Altcrncon. ai 2.30 e'c'iec!;. ter Church pl Fnslawl Cenifi'i'-, Woronora. W. N. Bull Pty . Ltd.. A.F.D.A. Tele.. L.\2i!5r,. MASCN.-Tile Rclatlvri and Friends cl Mr.

Josiah Mason. Rev. .1. H. and Mrs. Sci- ; rell, and Marie and Jack, end of Mr. «nd : Mrs. Len Mr.srn ai« invited >.o eitend ihr. Funeral of their heleveú Wife. Mother, and Ciiandmrther. Clara Mr.ecn. which v. Ul lca'-e

the Methodist Church. Rac Street. efl ! Avoca Street. Randwick. To-morrcw (Tue*. ' day) after service commencing nt. 10,43

n.m.. fer the Frstern Suburbs demi- i tcrluin. Jor.:ph Medcalf. A.F.D.A.. 172: Redfern Street, Redfern. 'Phones. MX2313 (2

liner.). ! MILNER.-Tile Relr.tlves »nd Friend«, ol!

Mis. Helen Id» Milner and Mles Neille 1 Milner are invited to attend the Funeral cf , her dea.-lv beloved Hmb.'.nd ana her dear ¡ Father. Hcnrv Smith Milner: to leave his lair

residence, lill Queen Stree!. A'hficld. Tc-! mcrrcv (Tuesday), alter service commencing ' ot 9 a.m., (or the rîocl-.-veod Crr.mair.rlum. ; T. J. Andrei's. A.F.D.A.. 211 Liverpool Read.! Ashfield. 'Phones. DA-1C3G. LA2S73. etc. ! MULLARKEY*.-Th.' Funeral of Ul» late Mr. !

Richard Leelelsh Mu Hark c-y. ol H rjclgrevr Street. Waverley, vin leave cur Prlv.-.te Chapels. 302 Oxiord Street. Wrx-tlrhra, Th:« (Monday) Afternoon, at l.-l.V lor Eastern Suburbs Crematorium. Walter Carter. Waverley. O'SULLIVAN. -The Funeral of the late

Joseph Timothy O'Sullivan, of Freeman's Reach, will move from St. Monica's Church, Richmond, at 2.30 p.m., This Day, for the Catholic Cemetery, Richmond. City friends travelling by 12.30 train, alight East Rich- mond. K. E. Price. Funeral Director. Thone. 77 Richmond.

.pAWLEY.-The Funeral oi thc late Mrs. X Coral Crompton Paw 1er. ot Turramurra, will Ica-a St. James' Church. lurr¿murra. This Day. ailee service commencing at 11.30 a.m., for thc- Kcrlhcrn Suburbs Crematorium. Ernest Andrews. Chatswood. JA2334.

POOLMAN.-The Relatives and Friends cl

Mre. N. Taylor alli Mr. and Mrs. A. R. (Bill) rcolman tr.d family Invited lc attend the Funeral cf their dearly loved Father and Grandfather. Percy Samuel Poclman; tc leave the Metcalfe and Merris Chapel. 177 Church Street. Panamatta. This Day, at 3 p.m.. fer Church ci Ingland Cemetery st Rockwood. Section a. Metcalfe and Merris Pty.. Ltd.. A.F.D.A.. Parramatta. UW8J01.

POTTER.-Tl-.e Relatives and Friends ol

Mrs. Dora Potter r.nd Family, late ct Alf and Phoebe Pct'.tr. ond Faro ¡ly. Grace and Len Munro. Joy and Ted Wil- liams und Family, Dcrctlv and Frank. Dryden and Family are kindly invited to attend the Funeral cf her dearly loved Husband, their dear Father, Brother, p.nd Brother-ln ia.v. Walter Arthur Petter: to leave his late residence. Bath Reid. Sutherland. This Morn ins, at 10 o'cloek. for the Crematorium, Woronora. LRbcr Motor Funerals. Limited. 21 Enmore Read, Newtown. 'Phones, LA2777 (4 lines).

POTTER.-Captain Cook Lodge, No. 62,

P.A.P.S. cf A.-Cfucers »nd Members of Ihe above Lodge are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their late esteemed Member, Brother Walter Arthur Potter. For details tee abe-e notice. A. H. Myatt, V/.M.; A. J. Nightingale, Sec. Labor Motor Funerals Ltd. T> RESTON.-Thc Funeral of the late Re L becca Preston, cf Wyong, will move from the Bani: Corner, Wyong, This Day. at 3.30 p.m., fer Jilliby Cemetery. R. H. Orienten, Funeral Dircctoi. 'Phone, Gosford 45.

"DAI-PH.-The Relatives and Friends ot the

Xv liste Annie Ralph, of 8 Railway Street, Croydon, arc Invited to attend her Funeral; to leave St. Vincent's Church. Bland Street. Ashfield. This Day, at 2.30 p.m.. for Catholic Cemetery. Rockwood. Reoulem Mass for the Repese of her Ecu] will be celebrated at S a.m. Geo. Andrews Pty.. Ltd.. 237-9 Liver- pool Road, Ashfield. UA2003-9.

RANDALL.-The Relatives and Friends of

Mrs. M. A. Randall. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Rich, Mr. and Mrs. F. Ear!, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Randall, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Bridge. Mr. end Mrs. J. O. Randall, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Randall, and their Families are kindly Invited to atlend the Funeral cf her dearly loved Husband, their deer Father. Grand- father, and Grtat-Orandfa cher. William Frede- rick Randall; to leave his daughter's resi- dence, 235 Rowe Street, Eastwood. This After- noon, at 1.15 o'clock, for the Crematorium, Northern Suburbs. Labor Motor Funerals Limited. 59 Parramatta Read. Annandale. .Phones. LA2777 (-1 lines).

BOSS.-The Funeral of the late Malcolm

Ress will leave the Private Chapel of Motor Funerals Limited, 309 Pacific Highway, Crow's Nest. This Day. after a service com- mencing at 1.45 o'clock, for the Presbyterian Cemetery, Northern Suburbs. Motor Funeral! Limited. A.F.D.A.. 3.19 Pacific Highway. Crow's Nest. 'Phone. XB4015.

ROSS.-The Friends of Mr, »nd Mrs. E.

G. Guest and Fcmlly »re Invited to attend thc Funeral of their beloved Brother and Uncle. Malcolm Roäs; to leave Motor Funerals Limited. Parlours. 3R0 Pacific High- way. Crow's Nest. Tills Day. Monday, June 25. at 1.45 p.m.

BOSS.-The Friends of Worrant-Offlcer

Robt. J. Ross are Invited to attend the Funeral cf his beloved Brother. Malcolm Ross: to leave Motor Funerals Limited Parlours, 380 Pacific Highway. Orcw's Nett. 1.45 p.m., This Day. Monday, June 25.

T> OSS.-Members of (he N.S.W. Mamille J.v Club ure fraternally Invited to attend the Funeral of cur Int- esteemed Bro. Mal- colm Ress. To-day. For further particulars, sse family notice. L. H. Weldon. President: H. J. Sncdden, Secretary-*í*n»ser.

-p YAN.-The Relatives and Friends of Mr. J.V James (Bill) Ryan, of 102 Reservoir Street, Sydney, are kindly Invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly loved .Wife. Matilda Maud Ryan: to leave our Private Chapel. .604 Crown Street. Sydney. Tills Afternoon, at I. 15 o'clock, for thc Presbyterian Cemetery, Field of Mars. Labor Molor Funerals Limited, 604 Crown Street, Sydney. 'Phones. LA2777 (4 lints).

SCHOFIELD.-The Relatives and Friends nf

the late Vincent William Schofleid. cf 143 Baptist Street. Redfern, are invited to attend his Funeral: to leave Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. Waterloo. This Mon- day. Immediately after Rectalem Mass com- mencing at 9 a.m.. for the Catholic Cemetery. Rockwood, Mortuary No. 3. Themas Dixon Pty. Ltd. (A.F.D.A.). MA6013-4. Established 1836.

SMITH.-The Relatives and Friends of Mr.

Arthur Smith and Family, of Broad

Street. Croydon Park, are invited to atlend the Funeral cf hlo beloved Wife and their Mother. Anna Isabell: lo leave Molloy Br's.' Parlours. King Street. Newtown. Thlv (Mon dry) Afternoon at 3 o'clock fer Crematorium, Rcokwcrd. Molloy Bro?.. 240-2 Kins Street, Newtown. Tele.. LA2909.

STAPLES.-Requiem Kass fer the Repose ot

the Soul of Themas Staples will be cele- brated In St., Patrick's Church. PRiramitta. Thb (Monday) Morning. »t 9.30. The fuñe- ra] will leave ot 3.15 fer Catholic Cemetery. Parramatta North. William Metcalfe and Co., Pty. Ltd. ' Parramatta. UW3838.

STRINGER.-The Funeral of the late Mrs.

F.llcn Jane Stringer will leave our Chapel, 810 Oeorje Street. Sydney. This Monday, at 1.30 p.m.. for Northern Suburbs Crematorium. Weed Ccfni! Limited.

TAIT.-The Relatives and Friends of thc

late Marable Flora Tait are Invited to attend ner Funeral; to leave T. J. Andrews' Funeral Chapel. 25 Enmore. Road. Newtown. This Day. after service commencing at 1.30 p.m., for the Baptist Section. Woronora Ceme- tery. T. J. Andrews. A.F.D.A.. 21-25 Enmore Read. Newtown. 'Phones. LA2873. etc.

rpHOMSON.-Thc Funeral cf the late James X (Jummer) Thomson, of Burraneer., will leave thc Metropolitan Funeral Heme. Rail- way Parade. Burwood. Tills Day. at 9.30 a.m.. for , Rockwood Crematorium. Metropolitan Burial and Cremation Society Ltd.. Railway Pfrade. Burwood. 'Phone. UJ2173-9.

TROTMAN.-The Relatives and Friends nf

the late Lucy May Trotman, late cf Haberfield, arc invited to attend her Funeral, to leave our Chapel. South Street. Crarivllle. This Monday, at 1.30 p.m.. for the C. nf E. Cemetery.' Rookwood. A. F. Anderson. Fune- ral Director. South Street. Granville. 'Phone. trocar».

"YXTILSCN.-The Relative» , and . Friends, ol

> t Mrs. L. G. Wilton, ol Upper SUrrtt. Tam

worth, and FlIe-h'.-Lieutcnant and Mic. Nor- man Thoma», of Nemingha, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their late d-orly beloved Husband and father. Leslie George Wilson: to leave cur Rilaos!. .110 George Street. Sydney, To-morrow (Tuesday) Morning, at 10 o'clock, for Northern Suburbs Crematorium. Wood Coffin Limited. Sydney Rcllinua and Rollings. Tamworth. Funeral Directe» In con

WOODCROFT.-The Relatives and Friends of the late Thomas Woodcroft, of 3   Lawson Street, Paddington, are invited to attend his Funeral: to leave our Funeral Chapel, 240 Crown Street, city. This Monday, at ll a.m., for the Catholic Cemetery. Botany. Thomas Dixon Pty. Ltd. (A.F.D.A.). MA6013 4. Established 1836.  

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