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fW«ek¿d*ys. 2, une, sai. .' 4: min. 3 Un?«.' '.' ABERNETHY (nee Tbo-jcv).- Februar* 9. . 194". a! Waggs Wagga Bare Hospital', tc - Beryl and Bob-a son (John Blrley). Bo'.h


. ALEXANDER mee Lazent»).-Febr-jarv 10 »1, Royal Hospital fer Wemen, to Doris ana - Harry Alexander-a daughter (Carolyn).

_ ANDREW mee Remen.-February 7. at S:

George Hcspifal. to Mr. and Mrs. E. B. (Toni) , Andren-a son (Paul Anthcnv).

- ARNOLD (nee Dowan?).-At Crown Street Women's Hoscital. tc Bell and Bert-s dsusfc ter (Glenys Bell).

.ASH.-February 3. lë47 at Mater Miser: eordlae hospital. North S-.-dnev. to Nancv and Bob Ash-a son (Warwick David).

.'_ BANDIER.* (nee Hcnshaw).-Februarv 2 at

Baltimore. Maryland. U.S.A.. to Frank and - Molya-a daughter

.BEEFORTH.-February 10. at Kiera private hospital. Haberfield, to Yvonne and Bob-a son (Gregory Robert).

-BENTLEY.-February 5. at St. Luke s. Dar- linghurst, tc Charles Bertram and Zena Berv) -a son (Adrian Charles)

_ BENTLEY (n»e Ayers).-Februarv 12. at Englewood private hospital. Burwood, to Jeac »nd Harry-a daujnter (Janice Lynette).

"_ BINGHAM (nee Skewesl - At War Memorial Hospital. Waverley to Mr, and Mrs. R. W. -Bingham-a daughter (Susan Barbara).

- BLAKELY.-At St Luke's Hospital. Pasa- dena. -California. U.S.A. to Mr. and Mrs. Ross M. Blakelv-j daughter.

BOSLEY (nee Dot Gately).-Pebruarv ll. 1947 at Rosslyn private hospital. Ameline. ,-to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bosley-a daughter

- (Lynette May).

* BBA.V.NELLT.-February 2. at Women's Hospital. Brisbane, tc Mr. snd Mrs. W. P -Brannellv-a daughter (Helen).

BUCKLEY.-February 10. at St. Margaret s .Hospital, tc Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Buckley o! Petersham-a daughter (Jocelyn Anne Webb)

? ? CADMAX (nee Stackey).-February 5. at Normanhurst private hcspltal. Ashfield, to Marjorie, wift o! Rex Caiiman-a son (Roy .Herbert).

CALLANAN (nee Marjorie Cone).-February 7, at Mater Maternity Hospital (private), to Mr. and Mrs. J. Callanan, of Neutral Bay--

a daughter.

. CAMPBELL (nee Tlvey).-January 29 at Canmore private hospital, to Gwen and Allan -a daughter (Robyn Lyn).

. CAMPBELL mee Adams) -February 9. .at Sunbun private hospital. Ashfield, to Norma and Jim-a dauchter (Barbara Jovce).

CAREY (nee Barron).-At Royal Hospital. -Paddington, to Hazel and Luke-a daughter. -Both doing well.

' CASE (nee Johnson).-February 6. at Rock- ford.. Illinois, to Betty, wife of Captain David L. Case-a daughter (Julia Lindley).

CHASE.-February tl. at Oroya private hos- pital. Strathfield, to Rea and Fred-a daugh- ter (Sandra Fav)

-CHILDS.-January 30. at Talgarno prlvati Hospital. Port Kembla, to Hope and Ken-? .daughter (Derani Margaret).

COMBE (nee Goode).-February 10. at Woodleigh. Hurstville, to Wyn and Arthur

a son.

COMBER.-February 13. at Valesco orí vate hospital. Earlwood, to Mr. and Mrs. EV- J. Comber-a daughter (Michele Mar


CORBETT (nee O'Louglin).-February 7. at Sunbury. Ashfield, to Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Corbett-a . son (Ronald Frederick).

.CBt'ST. (nee White).-February 6. at Ter- rick« private, to Kath and Harold-a daugh- ter (Elaine Patricia).

DALEY.-February 14. 1047. at Craignish hospital. Windsor, to Anita wife ot Fred Dalev. Wilberforce-a eon.

" LPAVIS.-Februa-T 8. at Rosslyn. Ameline, to Thelma and Charles-a son (Christopher

Charles Samuel).

DENT (nee Hanly).-February 14. 1947. it Et. Margaret's hcspltal. Darlinghurst, to Mr and Mrs. R. A. Dent-a son.

DEUTSCHER.-January 29. at Gulgong District Hospital, to Madge and Les. of Eden. Birriwa-a son (Ian John).

DPRNA-N (nee Fielding).-Februarv ll. at wordleleh private hospital, to Muriel and .Leontrrf-a son (Stephen John Robert).

DOUBLEDAY (Whyte. Bardwell Park). February. 9. at St. Mary's. Manchester, to Gloria and Stan-a daughter (P.oslynne Jeanne)

DUNKERLEY (nee Smith).-February 13. at St. Edmund's. Eastwood, to Peg and George -a daughter (Karen Deallce).

EDGELL (nee Speechley).-February 13. at Royal. Hospital for Women, Paddington, to Merle and Fred-a daughter (Julie Adele)

EDWARDS.-February 3. at Mena private hospital, to Kalda and Owen-a daughter

(Robyn 1.

' FAnEY (nee Madge Marchant).-February a, ' at.Runneymede private hospital. Grafton, to¡.Mr. : and Mrs. V Fahey-a son (Michael Vincent).

FINLAY (nee Rav).-Februarv 8. at Svd nev Sanitarium. Wahroonga, to Barbara and Albert-a daughter.

. FINNEY (nee Slade).-February 9. at Paci- fic .private hospital, to Gwen and Arthur-a daughter (Sheryl Gwen).

-FOX.-February 14. at St. Luke'«; to Mr. and Mrs. Ken Pox-a daughter (Geraldine).

FREED (nee Tighe).-February 10. at St. Margaret's private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs E.-Freed-a son (Paul Edward).

FRENCH (nee Rosie Marsh).-Pebniarv 8. 1947. at Carlnva private hospital. Chatswood to Mr. and Mrs. H. French-a son (Roger Henrv).

FULLEE (nee Down).-Fehniary 3. at Aloha private hospital. Parramata. to Dorothy and Ress-a daughter (Roslyn Jeanette)

(Both well.)

GALL.-February 14. at Oroya. Strathfield, to Mr: and Mrs. F. C. Gall-a son.

GEBBIE.-Februarv 7. 1947. at St. Mar- garet's Intermediate Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs G. Gerrie-a daughter (Lynn Mary).

GOLD (ne? Workman).-Februarv 6. 1947. at Strathmore. Bowral, to Mona and Keith-a son (Malcolm Keith I Pacific Island Monthly

please r.0D7

GOODMAN.-Februsry 14. 1947. at St. Luke's. Darlinghurst lo Nerida, wife of Ber-

nard Geedman-a sen.

GRACE (nee Thomson).-January 2fi. at Braidwood hospital. North Sydney, to Nancy sr.d William-a daughter (Nancy Lynnette CimoSelll.

GRAHAM.-Pebruary 3. at St. Catherine's. Cootamundra, to Kath, wife of Neville. Olde Strathdoon. Nubba-a daughter (Shanlea Ruth).

GREENWOOD (nee Somerville).-February ll-a daughter (Cheryl Elaine). Both well.

HAAKE (Gumbnll) - February 8. 1947. at Kansas city Missouri U.S.A.. to Margaret. «.Ife of Thomas-u daughter (Julie Maree). By csblr.

HANCOCK.-February l11, 1947. at St. Luke's. Roslyn Gardens, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Hancock-a daughter (Brenda Susanne)..

HANCOCK -February 14, at St. Ives hos- pital, Liverpool to Mr. and Mrs. W. Han- cock of Webster Read. Liverpool-a daugh- ter (Lynne).

HANNAM. - February 9. at St. Jude's pri- vate hospital. Maroubra, to Norma, wife of Allan D. Hannam, Kensington - a son (Craig Davidson).

HANSLOW.-January 31. 1947. to Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Hanslow, of Bathurst (late of Mosman)-a daughter. (Stillborn.)

HARRIS (nee Randie).-February 9, at Braeside private hospital, Stanmore, to Hey- ward and Joyce-a daughter . (Dawn Marie).

HEAD (nee Colleen Cramer).-February 1, at Mater Maternity Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Head-a daughter (Christine).

HEALEY (nee Leila Ford).-February 14. at Crown Street, to Leila and Maurie-a daughter (Carolyn Patricia).

HENSHAW.-February 10, 1947, at King George V Memorial Hospital (Intermediate) to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Henshaw, of Burwood a daughter (Shirley).

HIBBARD.-January 28. to Marie, wife of Ronald-a daughter (Susan Marie).

HILL (nee Ferguson).-February 9, at Cres- cent, private hospital, Manly, to Heather and Clem of Deewhy-a son (William Graham).

HINDS (nee Pateman).-February 10, at Lissington private hospital, Haberfield, to Betty and Charles-a daughter (Dawn Elizabeth ).    

HOLDER (nee Kirwan).-February 1. at Royal Hospital for Women. Paddington (Inter- mediate, to Hilton and Mavis-a daughter

Both well.

HOLLIS mee Horsley).- Pebruary 3. at Roslyn Hospital. Ameline, to Enid and Donald

-a daughter (Dianne).

HOWARD nee Holm. ex-W.R.A.N.).-Feb- ruary 11, 1947. at Western Australia, to Violet and Thomas-a son (Paul).

HUDSON-February 12 at St. Margaret's   hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. G. Hudson, of Bronte-a daughter (Margaret Mary).

HUNT (nee Jovnt).-February 4. at Sun- shine private hospital, Camden, to Eileen and Ken-a son (Robert Bruce).

HURST.-February 9, 1947, at St. Mon- ah's. Cremorne, to Mr. and Mrs. John Hurst, of Narrabeen-a son (Geoffrey Joseph)

JARMAN (nee Kenny).-February 12, Crown Street (Intermediate) Hospital, to Pegg and Laurie-a son (Peter Lawrence).

KESSLER (Balkind).-February 13, at Women's Hospital. Crown Street, to Millie and Ron Kessler-the gift of a daughter.

KING.-February 14, at King George V. to Irene and Ray-a daughter. (Both well.)

LEE (nee Voller). -February 3, at Garrowen private hospital, Moss Vale, to Sybil and Fred -gift of a daughter (Alison Nancy).

LEECE.-February 9, at Tonga private hos

pital, Roseville, to Ron and Muriel-twin boys.

LESSEY.-February 9. at Brisbane, to Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Lessey-a son (Alexander

Barton Scobell).

LEVEN (nee Lang). -February 13, 1947. at Kine George V to Elizabeth and Norman of Warrimoo-a daughter (Margaret Cecily).

LINKLATER (nee Cordukes).-February 6. at King George V, to Mr and Mrs. H. Link- later-a daughter (Sandra Elaine)

LONG.-February 1, at War Memorial Hos- pital, -Waverley, to Keith and Ula -a son (Trevor William).

LOTZE.-January 17, 1947, at Sunbury, Ashfield to Mr and Mrs R. Lotze - a son. (Mervyn Raymond)

McCULLY (nee Betty Hall).-February 11 at Crown Street Wemen's (Inter.), to Betty and Bruce-a daughter (Judith Lorraine).

MCCUSKER (nee Roberts)--February 4, at B.M.D.A.M. Hospital to Bill and Bertha - a son (Shayne).  

McKINTOSH (nee Bryant ).-February 11, at Helenie, Randwick, to Daphne and Roddy -a son (Russell). (Premature.)

McLEOD (nee Wilson).-February 11, at Englewood, Burwood, to Mr. and Mrs. D. R. McLeod, of Concord-a son.

McMANON (nee Hill). -February 11, at Richmond private hotpital, to Jim and Estelle -a .daughter (Sharyn).

MACKEY (nee Thomson).-February 14, at Royal North Shore hospital, to Kath and Don ' -a daughter (Robyn Margaret).

MACLEAN mee Milner).-February 12, at Armidale and New England Hospital, to Mar- jorie (Melly) and Alastair-a son. Both well.

MARTIN -February 8, at Inglemore private hospital, Strathfield, to Jack and Lynne-a daughter (Jacquelynne). Both well.  

MANSFIELD.-February 8, Poplars hospi- tal Epping to Mr. and Mrs. A. Mansfield

-a son (David Clifton)

MAY (nee Monk).-February 8, 1947 Mater Misericordiae Hopital, to Mr. and Mrs. R. H. May - a daughter (Margaret Lenore).

MILES.-February 12, Langley's Hospital.   Taree, to Mr and Mrs. M. W. Miles of Forster-a son (Both well.)

MORONEY (nee Twomey).-February 9 at Bethesda, Marrickville, to Bettye and Alick a son (Peter Lawrence).

MORRIS (nee Oates).-February 6, at Leamington private hospital, Kempsey, to Doris and Roger-a daughter (Catherine Mary). MORRIS (Pedemont) -February 11, 1947,   to Kath and Jce-a son (Paul Joseph).

MORRISON.-February 8, at Sunbury pri- vate hospital, Ashfield, to Mr. and Mrs. Morrison-a son (Grahame Stewart).

MURDOCH (nee Dunton).-At Wanganni private hospital, Orange, to Billie and Don

a son (William Robert).

MURRAY (nee Valerie Treseder).-February 6, at Brisbane Women's Intermediate, to Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Murray-a daughter (Karen Ellen).

MYERS.-February 11 at Englewood hospi

tal Burwood, to Dorothy and Neil-a daughter

(Kerrie Narelle).

NICHOLS (nee Haythorpe).-February 8, at the Maternity Hospital, Cooma, to Joan and

Bill-a son (Geoffrey Peter).  

NOLAN (nee Beryl Smith ).-February 12, at War Memorial Waverley, to Beryl and Thomas (late of U.S. Army and New York) a daughter (Judith).

NOSSITER.-February 10, at King George V Hospital, to Alleen and John-a daughter

O'KEEFE-February 10, 1947, at Norman

hurst private hospital, Ashfield, to Mr. and Mrs. E. O'Keefe- da.ughter (Anna Beverly).


O'NEILL (nee Wheatland).-February 12 at Kiaora, Haberfield, to Eileen and Bob-a daughter (Gwenda May).

PARKER (nee Margaret Martyn. Chats- wood).-February 12, 1947, at Yokohama Japan, to Major and Mrs. D. R. Parker- son (Stephen).

PETERS.-February 10, 1947, at Canmore private hospital. Lakemba, to Win. wife of F A. Peters-a daughter (Noelene- Winifred).

PHILLIPS.-February 13, 1947. at Sun- bury private hospital, Ashfield, to Mr. and Mrs. Carl B Phillips. of Strathfield-a daughter (Karyn).

PIDGEON (nee Gollan).-February 13, 1947,   at Mater Misericordiae Hospital, to Jean and Eric-a son.

PODGER.-Februarv 8, at Denistone House. Ryde, to Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Podger-a son (Bruce Alan).

POOLE (nee Wright).-February 5, 1947. at King George V Hospita!, to Arthur and Daisy-a son (Gregory David).

PORTER.-February 9, at The Royal Hos- pital for Women, to Audrey and Russ-a daughter (Pamela Joy).

ROBERTSON (nee Dorothy Woodley of  

Brighton-le-Sands).-February 3, 1947, at Roslyn private hospital, Belmont, to Mr. and Mrs. William Robertson of Belmont-a son (Stephen William).

ROBINSON (nee Phyllis Stephenson). February 12, 1947, at King George) V Hos- pital, to Mr. and Mrs Robinson. K.B. a   daughter (Jill)

RYAN.-February 4, 1947, at Englewood Private hospital, Burwood, to Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Ryan, of Enfield-a son (Michael  


SAVILLE.- Feb. 10, at Royal Nth. Shore, t0 Amy and Bob - a son (Leonard Douglas).

SCHELL (nee Doie).-February 8, at Lis- ter House. Wollongong, to Thel and Lou-a daughter (Leonie Nardie).

SCHOOTH.-February 11,. 1947, at Royal Women's (Intermediate), to Mr. and Mrs H. Schooth. Clovelly-a son (John Henry).

SCOTT (nee Whitelum).-February 12, at Emlyn private hospital, Ashfield, to Nancy

and Gavin-a son.

SERVICE (nee MacSmith).-February 13, at Hopewood House, Darling Point, to Lorna and Douglas-a daughter

SEYMOUR.-February 10, 1927, at Royal Hospital for Women, to Valerie and Norman- a son (Raymond George).

SILVER (nee Polak).-February 5, King George V Hospital. Sydney, to Phill and Keith -a daughter (Robyn Ann). Both well.

SNAPE.-February 5, 1947, at Cronulla private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Snape -a daughter (Pauline Joan).

STEPHENSON (nee MacCarthy).-February 14, at the Royal Hospital, Paddington, to Marlene and Bill-a son (Kerry William).

STOKES.-February 8, at Macleay Private hospital. Belmore, to Mr. and Mrs A. N. Stokes-a daughter (Jeanette Edith).

TAPP (nee Thomas. Liverpool. England). -February 4, at Carinya private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs c S. Tapp-a son (Peter

George Colin)

TAYLOR (nee Lucy Harrison).-February 3, at Ellendene private hospital Brisbane, to Mr and Mrs. Clifford Taylor-the gift of a son (Kenneth David, premature).

TAYLOR.-February 13, 1947, at Araluen private hospital to Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Taylor -a son (Bruce Walter).

THACKER.-At Estonholme private hospi- tal, Tamworth, to Bob and Rose-a son.

THOMAS (nee Renwick).-Pebruary 8, Inglemere, Strathfield, to Dorothy and Lionel-a son (Howard Brent).

THOMPSON.-January 28, to Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Thompson. 7 Everview Avenue, Mos man-a son (Robert Foster).

THOMPSON (nee Hotchkis).-February 8, 1947 at Crown Street, to Jim and Helen-a daughter (Jan)

THORNDIKE (nee Meekin).-February 9, at Helenle private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Alan Thorndike, of Randwick-a son (Christopher Alan).

THRIFT (nee Joyce Eyles).-February 13, at King George V Memorial Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Thrift-a son (Gregory John).

TOOSE (nee Higgs).-February 14, at Mater Misericordiae, North Sydney, to Reg and Betty-a son.

UDEN (nee Clarke).-January 25. Tweed District Hospital. Murwillumbah, to Marge and Fred-a son (Peter Frederick).

VAUGHAN (nee Sheila Yabsley).-February 8, 1947, at Mater Misericordiae Hospital Pri vate). Crow's Nest, to Mr. and Mrs. Ray Vaughan-a daughter (Christine Edith).

WALKER.-February 5, at Intermediate, Crown Street, to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Walker, Warragamba-a son (Roger Deveraux)

WALKER (nee Fairweather).-February 13, Roslyn Arncliffe, to Albert and Miller-a daughter (Lynette Catharine).

WAYNE (nee Weston).-February 4, at King George V Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Wayne-a daughter (Suzanne Aynon).

WILLIAMS (nee "Judy" Platt).-February 4, at Royal North Shore Hospital, to Col and Muriel-a son, (Peter Colin).  

WILLSFORD (nee Greig (February 12 War Memorial Hospita), Waverley, to Len and Jean-a daughter. (Both well.-)

HILSON (nee Gamble).-January 28, at Queen Victoria Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. A. Wilson-a son (James).

WILSON.-February 10, to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wilson-a daughter (Angela Selwyn).

WILSON (nee Marshall).-Pebruary 12, at King George V. to Doris and Frank-a daugh- ter (Robyn Elaine).

YYINSER (nee Johnson).-Febmary 10, at Tonga private hospital. Roseville, to Ruth and Frank-a son (Geofrey Ernest).

WOODHOUSE (nee Bourke).-February 10; at King George V Memorial Hospital to Nell and Ron-a son (David Ronald).

WOODWARD (nee Taylor).-February 2, at Women's Hospital (intermediate). Crown     Street, to Joan and Ern -a daughter (Janice Edith).

ENGAGEMENTS   (Week-days. 3/ lin;: Eat.. 2 4: mi

daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Jones of

Balmoral, to Robert Alfred, fourth son of   Mrs. E. A. Alexander, of Mosman, and the late Mr Alfred Alexander.

ALLUM-.Mc CLEARY. -The Engagement ls

announced of Margaret, second daughter of , Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McCleary. cf Bogan Gate, to Raymond eldest son of Mr and

Mrs. D. R. Allum, of Ashfield.  

AXLEZARK-HIND. -The Engagement ls announced of Ruth, only daughter of the late Mr. E. A. Hind and Mrs. R. K. Been of Warriewood, to Allen, only son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Anlezark of Hornsby.

AUBOURG-LORD.-The Engagement is an- nounced of Gladys Hilda, only child of Mr. and Mrs A. H. Lord, ot Penshurst, to Victor Ernest, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Aubourg, of Penshurst.

AUSTIN-MUNDAY.-The Engagement ls   announced of Lorna May, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. J Munday of Marrickville, to Ronald, only son of Mr and Mrs. A. V. Austin, of Marrickville.

BEVIS-BURRELL.-The Engagement ls an- nounced of Dulcie Elizabeth, twin daughter of late Mr. M. Burrell and Mrs. M. Burrell, of Willoughby, to James Valentine, second son of late Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Bevis, of Willoughby.

BIRCIIILL-DUNCAN-The Engagement ls announced of Mary, second daughter of Mrs. A. and the late Mr. A. Duncan of Narran- dera, to Morris, only son of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Birchell of Kensington, Sydney.

BOULDEX-JOHNSON.-The Engagement is announced of Gloria, youngest daughter of Mr. Johnson and the late Mrs. Johnson', of Bexley, to Ronald, only child of Mr. and Mrs. S Boulden. of Hompbush West.

BOWMAN-WARDEN.-The Engagement ts announced ol Ann younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A M. Warden, of Gundooee. Lead- ville to Matthew, fourth son nf Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Bowman, of Wargundy. Craboon.

BROWNLOW-COOPER.-The Engagemen: is announced ol Loma Hope, youngest daugh- ter ol the late Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Cooper. Wollstonecralt. to Edmund William, only son ol Mr. and Mrs. E. J Brownlow. Briar Park. Rockley.

BURNS-CARDWELL.-The Engagement ls announced of Meryl, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Cardwell, of Petersham, to Alex, only son of Major and Mrs. A. Bums, ol

Concord West.

CARTER-DUNN.-The Engagement ls an-

nounced ct Olga, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Dunn. Ellerslie. Condobolin, to Bert- rand, only tun of Mr. and Mrs. B. Carter, o' Talbalba. Brewarrina._^

CHAMBERLAIN-LAWRENCE-.-The En- gagement ls announced of Betty, only daugnter of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lawrence, of Baulk- ham Hills, to John, eldest son ot Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Chamberlain, of Wentworthville.

CRAS-HOWELL.-The Engagement ls »n nounccd ol Joy. eldest daughter ol Mr. ano Mrs. A. Howell, of Lucinda. Queensland, to Robert, eldest son ol Mr. »nd Mrs. C. R Cran, ol Neutral Bay.

CRANG-WRAY.-The Engagement ls an- nounced ol Patricia, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mr« J. Wray, of Chatswood, to Harry, only son ot Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Crang, of

DICKSON-LAING.-The Engagement is an

announced of Allison Winning, elder daughter of Mrs. N. Laing, ol Bondi, and Major J. S. Laing. Wellington. N.Z.. to John Grant, son of the late Dr. and Mrs. J.S. Duncan.

!8:D5NOGÍÍUE-FIELD.-The Engagement lt

announced of Betty, only daughter ol Mr. and Mrs N Field, of Springwood to Joseph, eldest son of Mr. and Mr» M. Donoghue.

ol Clandulla.

DOTV.V-REYNOLDS.-The Engagement i announced of Olea, only daughter of Mr. am Mrs. R C. Reynolds. McCourt Street. Lakemba to Norman, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. S f Down Clio Street, Lakemba.

EWING-THOMSON.-Th*. Engagement I announced of Nean younger daughter of Mr E. Thomson »nd the late Mrs. A. M. Thomson of Mosman, to Bruce, only son of Mrs. E. J Ewing and the late Mr. W. 'C. Ewing, o

Neutral Bay.

.FERRIS-JOHNSON.-The Engagement t announced ol May Francis, second daughter o Mrs. E. E. Johnsen and the late Pie. H. T Johnson, of Mosman, to Mervyn John, voung. est son of Mr». F. R. Ferris «nd the late Mr H. J. Ferris, ol Ashfield.

FOLEY-LYNCH.-The Engagement is announced of Patricia, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs. Les Lynch of Bronte, to Les youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. A Foley, of


FOSTER-LEIGH -The Engagement ia an- nounced of Eileen May. twin daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Leigh of Haberfield to Fred younger son of Mra. R. Foster and the late Mr T. Foster, of Haberfield.

GREGORY-PETRIE.-The Engagement ls announced of Beryl Eileen, younger daughter ; of Mr. E. Petrie and the late Mrs. E Petrie. ! of Tempe, to Lancelot Keith, eldei son ol Mr. and Mrs. K. Gregory ol Eailwccd.

HAMILTON-MclLROY-Thc Engagement ls announced ol Patricia Cameron, younger daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. T D. Mcllroy. o! Roseville, to John Campbell, only son of Mr and Mrs. Gordon Hamilton, of Roseville.

HANCOCK-CAMPBELL.-The Engagement ls announced ol Audrey Jean, onlv child of Mr. and Mrs. J. Campbell, ol Hurstville, to Maurice David, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. T Hancock, ol Whyalla. S.A.

HURLEY-KEANE.-The Engagement is an- nounced cl Doris, second daughter ol Mr. P J. Keane and the late Mrs. Keane, ol Austin- mer, to Norman, eldest son cl Mrs. M. Herley and the late Mr. W. G. Herley ol Gunyidi

Wettern Australia

JENKINS-NYE.-The Engagement ls an- nounced ol Helen Atherton, only daughter ol Dr. and Mrs. L. J Nie. ol Hamilton. Bris- bane, ic David Harvey, elder sen of Mr and Mrs. H. Jenkins, ol Newmarket. Brisbane.

KEMP-BURTON.-The Engagement it an- nounced of Violet, eldest dauahter ol Mrs. V Burtor. of Wollongong. Io Phillip, youngest son ci Mr and Mrs. R. C. King Kemp o!


KINGSLEY-DRAPER.-The Engagement ls announced of Monica Anne, younger daushiei ol Mr and Mrs. W. Draper, of Leichhardt, to Jchn Emmett, younger son of the late Mr. and Mrs. P. Kingsley, ol Leichhardt.

I. INFORD-ARGUE.-Tile Engagement is announced ol Patricia Phyllis, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Argue, of Kimberley Street. Vaucluse, to Robert James, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Linford, of Goldie

Street. Wynyard, T«am«nla> I


NORMAN-MULLANEY_The Engagement is announced of Edna, only daughter of the late Mr. P. T. Mullaney and the late Mrs. J.   O'Grady, of Hurstville, to Harry, eldest son of     Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Norman, of Clovelly.  

PAUL-PARKER.- The Engagement is an- nounced of Jean eldest daughter of Mr. and   Mrs. E. H. Parker, of West Ryde, to Fred. eldest son of Mrs. Cooper, of Ulamambri .

RILEY—SWALES.—The Engagement is an- nounced of Edith, eldest daughter of Mr.   and Mrs. F. W. Swales, of Croydon, t0  

Thomas William, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Riley of Strathfield.  

SMITH—MACKENZIE.—The Engagement is announced ol Beryl Jean, lounges, daughter c Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Milker.;;-, o: Kogarah to Norman Douglas, enlv sen ol Mr. and Mrs

A. Smith, of Strathfield.

SUTTON-WYKES.-Thc Engagement ls an nounetd ot Jew Olive, third daujh'er o Mr. and Mrs. A. Wykes. ot Canterbury. t< Neville Zá-rin. only son ol Mr. and Mrs E. C. Sutton, ol Burwood.

TUNNEY-GRIFFITHS. -The Enragemen is announced of Dens Florene*. w;do« ol lite la:» Driver A. N. Griffiths, and ycun;er daua!-. ter o: Mr. ant: Mrs. V. H Deacon, el Lr.h sex. to Richard Beresford, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Tunney, oí Kurri Kurri.

VINCENT-PATON.-The Engagement is an- nounced oí Dorothy Cowal, only daughter o: Mr. and Mrs. John Pa:cn. ol Thirroul, to Frederick George, sixth son o: the late Mr. C. W. Vincent and Mrs. A. M Vincent, ol


WATCHORN-HAWKES.-The Engagement :s ar.ncunced of Betty, daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. S R. Hawkes, ol Brighton-le-sands, to Russell Th om a«, son of Mrs. P. Watchorn, o:


WILLIAMS-DEGENHARDT.-The Engage- ment is announced of Edith Jacqueline, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Degenhardt, of Lane Cere, to Malcolm Gregory, youngest sen of Mr. and Mrs. Williams, of Bnsbane.

YOUNG-FLEGG.-Thc Engagement is an- nounced ot Joyce Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ber: Flefg. ol Parramatta, to John Crawford only son of Mrs. G. Bruce and th« late Mr. O. D. Young, ot Enfield,


IWeek-da>-. 2 line: Sat.. 2 4: min 3 lines. I

CARTWRIGHT—WHITEHEAD.—The Mar-        riage of Ida, only daughter of Mrs. A. White-

head and the late A. R. Whitehead to Her-   bert Cartwright, late of the 7th Queen's Own Hussars, Hull, Yorkshire, England, will be

celebrated at Christ Church, Gosford, to-day   at 2.30 p.m.  


I [Week-days. 2- lin;: Sat. 2 4; min. 3 Uni


1947. by lie Rev. A. H. Venn, at St. Bet i Church ot England. Drummoyne. Doro Merle, younger daughter of the late Mr. ¡ 1 Mrs. Vt. vt. Lansdowne, to "David John.

! of Mr and Mrs. D. J Bourne, of Drummoy

CHRISTENSEN-GOODCHILD.-January 1 at St. Simon's and St. Jude's. Bowral, by . Rev. Pearce. Lama Bryan, elder daughter I Mr. and Mrs. Goodchild, to John Normi ; eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Christensen.

t Mittagong.

/CLARKSON-ARCHER.-January 14, 19 1 at SI. Stephen's Church, Macquarie Sue

Sydney, by the F.ev. Alex Tullen, Josephii elder daughter of Mr. »nd Mrs. C. E. Arch Dover Heights. Sydney, to John Stanley, oi son of Mrs. L. Clarkson and the late Mr.

, Clarkson. Savile Park. Halifax, Yorksni:

I England.

COSTELLO-PARKER.-January 13, 194 Jean Lillian Parker to Roy James Costello.

DIBBS-WEARNE.-Februars' 1. 1947.

"Warriors' Chapel." Christ Church Cathedri Newcastle. Elaine Joyce, only daughter of i! and Mrs. E J. Wearne, ol Bar Beach.

Warren Eric James, second son of Mr ai Mrs. E. .H. Dibbs. Double Bay.


1947. at St. Patrick's. Church Hill, by tl Rev. Father Waters. Helen Noreen, younge daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Tritio Campbelltown, to Ross John, eldest son of M and Mrs. D. J. Fitzpatrick. East Maitland.

FRIEND—THOMPSON.—February 8, 1947, at Presbyterian Church, Willoughby, by Rev. E. J. Dabourne, Elizabeth Nance, elder daugh- ter of the late J. W. Thompson and Mrs. M. M. Thompson, of Willoughby, to Alfred Harry, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Friend, of


HUMPHREYS—SARGENT.-December 2:   1946. at St. Matthew's. Manly. b> Rev. / R. Ebbs, Joyce, youngest daughter of lal Mr. W, Sergent, and of Mrs. G. M.'Sargen: of Manly, to Geoffrey, elder son of Mr. an Mrs. C. Humphreys, ot Longueville.

LOVE-PLUMB_January' 18. 1947. at Si Philip's Church of England, Church Hil by Canon H. W. A. Barder. Edlin Clara youngest daughter ot Mr.'and Mrs. M. H Plumb, ol Brighton-le-sands, to Alan Ire dale, elder son ol Mr. and Mrs. K. 1

Love, ol Vaucluse.

MCDOUALL-SQUIRES-January 25, at St Philip's, Sydney. Doris Marion Squires, only daughter of Major and Mrs. W. Squires, of England, to Jim, youngest son of the lat W. E.. McDouall and of Mrs. McDouall of


MULLER-^-DONNELLY.-January 22. Mar Immaculate, Manly, by Rt. Rev. Msgr. Mc- Donald. Phyllis, daughter of Mrs. Margare and late Bernard Donnelly, of Bathurst am Canberra, to John, son ol Narxissle and Elsii

Muller, of Balgowlah.

PEARCE-CROFT.-January 18. 1947, at St. Andrew's Church Of England, Middle   Brighton, Victoria, by the Venerable Arch, deacon Hewitt, Ilma Florence. only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Croft, of Brighton. Vic- toria, to Colin Stephen, younger son of the late S. T. Pearce and Mrs. Pearce, of Randwick


SMITH-BALKHAUSEN.-Februarv ll. ai St. Matthew's. Manly. Margaret Louise Bali hausen, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs Ballhausen, of Balgowlah, to Richard Hol- combe Smith, only son of»aMrs. F. C. Smith and the late Mr. R. Smith, of Bal-


SMITH-GARSIDE.-January ll. 1947. at St. Luke's Church of England. Scone. Gwen . neth Mary, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. E. Garside, of Lvndhurst. Scone, tc I John Arthur, elder son of Mt. and Mrs. A. F. I Smith, of 97 Waverley Sireet. Scone.

SPROULE - MORPHY. - Januarv 30, at Chalmers Presbyterian Church, bv Rev. Brandt. Margaret Ruth, onlv daughter of the late Mr. H. Morphy and of Mrs. Morphy. of Wilkerboon, Mt. Hope, to Richard, elder son of the late Mrs. Sproule and of Dr.

Sproule, of Cronulla.

SUTTLE-HÖHNEN.-Januarv 25, 1947. at St. Andrew's Church. Summer Hill, by Archdeacon Bidwell. Louise Girling. eldest daughter of Mrs. H. Höhnen, of Lewisham, to Francis William John, eldest son of Mr. F.

Suttle of Petersham.  

WALKER-DYNE.-January 13. 1947. at St. Stephen's. Sydney. Nancy Jean, second daughter of the late w. H. Dyne, and Mrs. J. Dyne, ot Roseville, to James Alford St. Clair, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Waiker, of Wollstonecraft.

WALSH-GRAHAM.-January 30, at St. Canice's, Roslyn Gardens, Betty Lindsay, younger daughter of the late Mr. Roland Graham, of Hunter's Hill, and Mrs. J. N. R. Stephen, of Newcastle, to Raymond Eugene, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Walsh,

of Cowra.


HEARNE.-LARCOMBE.-February 15. 1922. at St. Andrew's. Summer Hill, by Rt. Rev. Canon Langford Smith. Victor George, to Elizabeth Jane. Present address. 4 Richmond Road. Homebush West.


BENHAM-BAKER.-February 17, 1897. at St. Luke's. Blandford, by Rev. Wood. Frederick John Benham, to Charlotte Matilda Baker. Present address. "Pleasent Side." Willow Tree.

ROTHWELL-WHITE.-February 14. 1897. at St. Anne.« Church. Llmehcuse. London. England, by Rev. A. P. Fenn. Nancy A. White to Sidney A. Rothwell. Present ad- dress Vermont. Wyee. N.S.W.


IMon. to Sat.. 1 9 per line, min. 3 lines.1

LEISHMAN.-February 16, 1943, NX6Ö341. Sig. Richard Arthur, died of wounds whilst P.O.W.. Ambolna. dearly loved son of Mrs. L. Leishman, 28 Mount Street. North Sydney, loving brother Florrie and Pat, aged 22 years. Dearly loved, never forgotten.

ROBERTSON. Frank Lorne,-Fllght-Sgt., R.A.A.F , previously reported missing July

1944, from raid over Courtral, Belgium, now reported buried in Civilian Section of Loon Plage Cemetery. France, dearly-loved onlv son of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Robertson, Rural Bank, Forbes, and loved brother of Meryl, aged 20.

WILSON. L.A.C.. Leslie Hamilton 139475. R.A.A.F.. previously reported missing on De- cember 19. 1945, when flying between Moro- tai and Darwin, new officially presumed dead Dearly loved husband o! Betty and lather ol


WILSON.-139475. L.A.C. Leslie Hamilton. R.A.A.F.. presumed to have lost his life In aircraft accident between Morotai and Darwin. December 19. 1945, dearly loved son ol Mrs. Wilson, of Chatswood, and the late Rev. L. J. Wilson, and brother of Dorothy (Mrs. Cropper),

and Gwen (Mrs. Palmer).


fMon. tn Sat, i n iv: |¡n.. min 3 linet.

ABBOTT. Janet Florence.-February 12 [dearly beloved daughter ol Mr. and Mrs I Themas George Abbott, ol 49 Station Street

Petersham, alter lone illness, aged 17 months

1947T"' Privlte,5r cremated February 14

BARBER, Geoffrey Charles.—February 14   1947, at Waverley, late of Artarmon and Katoomba, loved son of Emily and the late Robert H. Barber, aged 44 years.

BARTLETT, Catherine Johanna mee Powpil) -February 14. 1941. at a private hospital Killara, beloved mother of Fred tdeceased) Bob. Harry. Claude. Ivy. and Jack aged 3; years. At rest. See Monday's "Herald" lo:

funeral notice.

BLOOMFIELD. Clement. - February 1. 1347 (result of an accident), at Queanbeyan Hc»r.l tal. Constable B'cemfleld. Cl.C. ol Polie» Michelago, dearlv beloved husband of Rond? and darline daddv of Roevn. ased 31 vears Interred 9th inst., at Queanbeyan.

BOLMEA.V, Peter.-February 14. 1947, al private hospital. Marrickville, ol 5 Ferdinanc Street, Hunter's Hill, relict ol Theresa Sarai: Uoujean. and loved father of Adelle. Maggie Charlie- Eileen and Francis Aged 76 years


CALLACHOR. Hugh Joseph.-February 14. 1947. a! St Vincent's private hospital. Hugh Joseph Callachor, of Ravenswood. Allison   Road. Randwick dearly beloved husband of Norah Callachor. Requiescat in pace.  

CALLACHOR, Hugh Joseph. - February 14. 1947. at St.. Vincent's private hospital. Hugh Joseph Callachor, of Ravenswood. Alison Road, Randwick, dear brother of George. Thomas. Terence, James, Margaret (Mrs. A. J. Fletcher). Ellen (Mrs. W. N. Webster). and Eugenie Callachor. Requiescat in pace.

CAPST1CKS, Albert Allen.- Ftomary 12. al R.P.A. Hospital, dearly loved brother ot Grace (Mrs. Marvell). May (Mr;. H. Wymark). Lillie. Beatrice (Mrs. Oelvesl. Interr-d Nor- thern Sub'iros Cemetery 13th Late ni Can-


CAP5T1CKS. Albert Allen.-February ia. at Prince Allred Hospital, Albert Allen dip- sticks, dearly beloved only brother of Grace. May. Lillie. Beatrice, aged-.17 vears. Late ol

Canberra. At rest

CLARKE, Euphemia. —February 10, 1947, at Westhaven, Waverley, Euphemia Clarke, dearly loved mother of Nell and grand- mother of Paul, Max, Danny, and Peter. Privately interred at Waverley Cemetery on the 11th February, 1947.

CLARKE, Euphemia. —February 10, 1947 at Westhaven. Waverley Euphemia Clarke daughter of the late Alexander and Mary Ross and loving sister of Norman (deceased), Jessie (deceased), Ann (deceased), Archie (deceased) Sarah (deceased), and Donald (deceased), Kit Nell, Charles, Lil, and Lucy

COLES. Emily.- February 12. 1947. At her residence 98 Pittwater Road, Manly. Emily Coles, beloved mother of Mabel and Dulcie (Mrs. A. Podesta). Privately Interred Church

of England Cemetery, Manly, 14th inst.  


I CONNON", Adelaide-Februirv 13. 1947. ai ' Can'.erbury Hospital, ol 50 Colin Street. Lak-

emba beloved wife of James Connon inc dear mother of Edelle idecd.). Gilben «ne Arthur. At rest

CORNWELL, Percival.—Suddenly, at his residence, 55 Moruben Road, Mosman, Percival (Perc) Cornwell, beloved husband of Enid (Kate) Cornwell. See Monday's "Herald" for Funeral arrangements.

CORNWELL, Percival.— Suddenly, at his residence, 55 Moruben Road, Mosman, Per- beloved father of Gertrude (Mrs. Atterton) and Arthur Atterton, and dear father-in-law of Bill and Linda Atterton.

CORNWELL, Percival.—Suddenly, at his residence, 55 Moruben Road, Mosman, Per- cival, beloved brother of Edith (Mrs. Flynn),

Bill, Ruby (Mrs. Anderson), Lily (Mrs. New- man), Isaac, Benjamin, Stella (Mrs. Mayne).  

COSTA. Edith Maud iRo*e).-February 14. 1347. at Petersham, and formerly of Gosford, widow o! Jack Costa and levine mother o! Jack of Bankstown. aged 59 years.

CRASKE, W. V-February 13. 1947. at Sydney. late shippin- manager and director. Union S.S. Co.. Hobart.

DAVIS. William.-February 6. 1947. at his residence. "Eurona." Adelnd« Street. Blayney, beloved husband of Maria Jane Davis, «ped 76

EARP. Elltabeth Fr» m-es.-February 13. 1947. at Gloucester House. Svdnev. alden ol the late Charles. Anthony Earn. C.B.E.. and beloved sister cf Mrs. H. E. Dal» and Wil- liam. Percv. Stanley. Clarence, and Georct Juchau.

EARP. Elli-Seth Prances.- February 13. 1947. at Sydney, beloved sister oí William Juchan, iso Macpherson Street. Waverley.

EARP. F.lhatwth Frances.-Febr-.ia.-v 13. 1947. at Sydney, belfveti sister of Stanley Juehau. 45 Meymette Street. Randwick.

nXLEY. Mr». II. G.-February 5 (sud- denly), ar 1 Pembridge Souare. London, w... Mrs. H. G. Fmlev. vrldcw cf late H. G. Fin- ley, cf Melbourne. Sydney, aced 83 years Cremation «t Golders Green. February 8.

FOLLERS. John William.-February 13. 1947. at hospital, of Varian Street. Mount Druitt, beloved husband of Neille Follers and loved father of Ronald and Barry. Aged 40 years. At rest.

FOLLERS. John William.-February 13. 1947, loved only son oí Mrs. Isabella Follers and the late Frederick Follers. of Pyrmont, and fond brother of Betty. Freda. Roma and Jean. Aged 40 years. At rest

FOWLER, Albert.-February 13. 1947 (accidentally killed), at his residence. .10 Queen Street. Alexandria, de-arlv loved hus- band of Daphne, ano loved father ol Phyllis and Dawn, aged 47 years.

GRAYSON, Emily Caroline.-February ll. 1947. late cf Bexley, beloved cousin of Millie Whiteman (Camps!;).

JACKSON. Elizabeth.-February 14. 1947. at her residence. 4 Knox Avenue. Epping, dearly loved wife of Tom Jackson and loved mother cf Reginald George Jickson and loved grandmother of Deirdre Joy Jackson.

LAIDLAW. Emma.-Feoruary 13. 1947. at her daughter's (Mrs. 3. F. Butler) residence. 57 Belgrave Street. Manly, after a long ill- ness. Emma Laidlaw, relict cf the late James Digby Laidlaw, and loving mother of Graham (deceased). James (deceased). Emma (deceas- ed). Bertha, and Edith (Mrs. Cook), aged 87 years. Privately interred Manly cemetery 14th


LOOK E. Catherine Beatrice.-January 20. at her sister's heme. Taree (suddenlyI. Cath- erine Beatrice, daughter ci the late Mr. and Mrs. James Looke and dearly loved sister of Mary. James. Cecil. Elsie, enc Hannah.

MACKAY. Donald.-February ll. 1947 (suddenly), a; Cannya. Coolabah, husband oí Joyce, father of Gem and Dick.

MAXWELL, limn Edward.-February 14. 1947. at hosoital. o! 20 nora Street. Erskine- ville, beloved lather ot Alexander Percv. Maude (Mrs. Wcods). Martha (Mrs. C. Law) and David. Aged 67 years. At rest.

MERYMENT Ada - February 13, 1947 at Haberfield late of 153 Marion Stret   Leichhadt, widow of Robert Meryment of     Woy Woy, aged 78 years.

MITCHELL. Ivy May, February 14, 1947, at the residence of her father, Betts Street, Molong, dearly beloved wife of Archie and mother of David and dear daughter of Harry Woods and sister of Jessie, Jim, and Fred.

MORIARTY. John Francis - February 14 1947 (suddenly) at his residence. 141 Botany Road, Botany, beloved husband of Emily Mor- iarty and loved father of Greta (Mrs. G. Greenfield), James, Joseph, and Albert. Aged

74 years. At rest.

MULLALY. Maurice Aloysius.-February 14. 1947. at Royal Prince Allred Hospital, late of 77 Mimosa Road. Bankstown, relict of the late Minnie Mullaly and dear father of Ella (Mrs. J. S. Pickup). Leslie (deceased). Lexie (Mrs. H. A. Upton). Mvra (Mrs. R. Harvey). Elvle (Mrs. A. J. Wiseman). Maurice (deceased, 1st AIF). Raymond, and Ronald   (Queensland). aged 78 years.

O'DONNELL, Patrick John — February 14, 1947 at Lewisham private hospital, relict of the late Norah O'Donnell and loving father of John, Aileen (Mrs W Stonestreet, Blayney), Brian (Newcastle). Helen, and Kathleen.   RIP.  

PURCELL. Emily Jane.-February 10. at Balmain Hospital, widow of the late M. J. Purcell and beloved mo-her pf Montague Ed- ward (deceased). Victor Edvard (deceased). Arthur Joseph (of Ryde). Mcntarue Charles (deceased). Helen Jane (Mrs. A. Blaine, of Kogarah). Harry William ideceasedl. and Fred (of Drummoyne), late of Rvde and Mos- man, aged 80 years. English papers, please


SCHUMACHER. Evelyn Annie.-February 14, 1947. at a private hospital. Darlinghurst, beloved wife of Theodore Robert Schumacher, and dear mother of John and Bruce and fond sister of Fred Hunter and Elsie (Mrs. J. Dale).

SCOTT, Albert James Victor.-February 13 1947, at St. Vincent's Hospital. Albert, loved husband of Charlotte and dear father of Keith, Merle (Mrs. Fallon). Alma, Lester, Ivan, Audrey, Norma, and Elaine, aged 56


srXSMITH. Nelli, Eileen.-February 14. 1947, at her residence. 16 Hercules Street. Wollon-ong. beloved wife oí William and dear mother ot Noel, Moniea, Kevin. Bernard, »nd


STAINES. Robert William.-February 8. 1947. at his residence. 5 Elsmere Street. Ken- sington (late Inverell), dearly loved husband oí May and dear father of Gwen (Mrs. Coup land) and Mona, and lovinç grandfather oí John and Bruce. At rest. Privately interred February 10. 1947.

STAINES. Robert William.-February B. 1947. at his residence. 5 Elsmere Street. Kensington (late Inverell), beloved brother of Isabelle 'Mrs. Clark). Lillian (Mrs. Williamsi.

Sjdney. and Evelyn (Mrs. Hinckley). Privately ¡

Interred Randwick Cemetery. February 10. i 1947. !

TRIM. Esther.-February 12. at her dauch- I ter's residence. 7 Caroline Street. Peaks Pt. Gosford, in her 90th year. At rest. Privately interred 13th February. 1947. at Point Clare


VINCENT, Sarah Jane.-February 14, 1947. at Summer Hill, relict of the late Frank Walter Vincent, of Uralla, and dearly beloved mother of Edith, Gertrude, Jess, Herbert, Lloyd, Reg, Stella, Roy, and Norma, aged 93 years. Interred Uralla this day (Saturday).

WILSON". Herbert William.-February 12, 1947. at Prince Henry Hospital. Herbert Wil- liam dearly loved husband of Rae Wilson, of ll Woodstock Street. Waverley, and loving father ol Charlie (deceased), aged 65 years. Privately cremated on 13th Inst.

WILSON. Herbert William Hamilton.-Feb- ruary- 12. 1947. at Prince Henry Hospital, be- loved brother ol Ethel (Mrs. Fslrclough. Haberfield). Trix (Mrs. Anderson. Bondi Junc- tion). Reg (Balgowlah), and Les (Bondi), aged

65 veals.

WRIGHT, May Florence.-February 14. 1947. at a private hospital. Mosman, beloved mother of Helen (Mrs. Hall) and Alan, aged

75 years.

WRIGHT. Albert Oj-aM.-February 14. 1947. beloved husband of Lily Rubv and dear father of Norman. Cilve. and Svlvia. father in-law of Rov and dear grandfather of John and Alan. At rest. See Monday's "Herald" for funeral notice._


(Mon, to fi»;.. ] 9 net lin?. min. 3 linga. |

ANTHER.-In memorv oí my dear son. Albert Henry, »ho died February IS, 1943. aged 33 years.

My heart still aches with sadnem. My eves shed many a tear.

God alone know* how 1 miss vou Inserted bv his loving mother.

ARMITAGE.-In loving memory ol mv dear mother, Lizzie, who died February 15. 1943. Sadly missed by Babs, Nev. and lamily.

ARMITAGE.-Treasured memories - of my dearest mother. Elisabeth Grace, who passed away February 15. 1943. Remembered alwavs by her loving daughter. Jean. ' Beb. grand- daughter. Sandra Elizabeth, and niece. Phyl.

ARMITAGE -In evn loving and affection- ate memory of Elizabeth Grace Armitage, died February 13. 1943. E.H.A.

ARMSTRONG.-In loving memory of mv dear sister. Jean, »ho passed away Februarv 15. 1946. Inserted bv her loving brother. ' Jim. sister-in-law. Eileen, and Carol.

I ATCHISON.-In loving memory ol our dear

mother, who parsed away February 16. 1946. Inserted by her son. Jim. daughter-in-law.

L'.Iv. and Hallie.

BARKER.-In memory of Mary Ann IMav ney) Barker, who pax-ed an ay Februarv 16. 1944. Inserted by her affectionate brothers. Jim. Arth.. Ern. Bert, and Sid ? Peters.

BARNSLEY.-In loving memory ol my dear husband. Walter, who passed away February

16. 1946.

Sweet memories.

Inserted bv his lorine wile. Etnei.

BARB.-Lovine memories of our dear mother, who passed m«v February 15. 1935. Not Just lo-dav. but everv dav. in silence we remember. Inserted bv Alex. Millie. Violet,

and Bert.

BASTIN.-Winnie, »ho passed awav Febru- ary 15. 1946 Always remembered by her old pal. Isabel.

BIRCH.-In sad but lovmp, memorv ol Jov. who passed awav Februar» 15. 1946. Al- ways remembered bv Beb and Rob.

BOLSDON.-In loving memory ot my nus ; Band. John, and cur lather, who passed away

February 16. 1934. Sadly missed by his I iovinz wile and ton. Leo. a.-.i dauçhter-in

I law. Betty.

I BOULTON.-In loving memorv oí mt dear

mother, v.ho passed away February 15." 1942. j Always remembered by Frank.

BRACKENBURY.-In loving memorv of our dear mother and grandmother, who passed ! away February 15. 1946. Always remembered I by Harry. Neville, Pamela.

BRIGGS.-In lend and loving memory of my two dear sons NX37663. Corporal Wil- liam, died P.O.W. hospital. Kanburi. Feb I ru a ry 15. 194-5: NX38680. Sapper Merwn. I lest his ¡Its on Japanese transport, June 24.

1944. efl Nagasaki. Always remcmbrred br their loving mother, brothers, and sisters.

BROUN'.-In loving memory of our dear dad. Harry, who passed awav on Februarv 15 1944 Always remembered by Hariv. 3:d. Noel, anc Wendie.

BULLOCK.--Everlasting memorie; ol mv beloved husband, william (Billi, whom God called lo rest Februarv 15. 1946 Never for lotten by nts lonely wife. Ella.

BUTCHER. -In loving memorv ni mr dar- ling son. Laddie, who passed awav February

15. 1944,

Your curly hair has left us.

We miss you.- brown eyes. too.

If heaven granted on* more wish darline Laddie

We would ask for you.

Inserted by mother father, sisters, and


CHANTLER. - In loving memorv of my dea: nusbar.d. Clarry, died February 15. 1942. Always remembered by Carrie.

COLLIER.-In loving memory or my dearly oeioved husband ant! cur (stn?:. Joseph Perkins, who p-ssed awav February 15. 1943

Always remembered by his loving wils. Lizzie,

and family.

COOTE -In loving memon' ot our little daughter. Barbara, who died February 15. 1944 Memory treasured by father, mother, and brother Peter.

CREEK.-Tender memories o! dear mother, who passed awav February 15, 1945.

God watched you as you suffered.

He knew you had your share.

He gently closed your weary eyes

And took you in His care.

Inserted by her loving daughter. Nell, son in-law. Jim. grandchildren. Jack and Elaine


CREEK.- In memory of Ma. who passed away February 15. 1945

We never said good-bye

That's why I miss you as I do. Inserted by Ern Pickford.

CREGAN.-In loving memories ol dear Ivy, who passed away February IS, 1B46. A-wari

reme-laertd and sadly cussed by Bea«. J

I IN MEMORIAM ' ! CROSSIE.-In iciiot meracry of our dear ! mother. Mabel Ella. who depar.ed this lil. j February 15. 1046.

! Not to-day. but every day.

In silence we remember,

i Inserted ty her loving sens. Ossie. Gordon 1 daughter-in-raw. Joyce, grandson. Robert.

I CCMMIXGS.-In loving memories of my

i dear husband and father. Georce Robert.

I passed away February 15. 1945. Sadly

missed. Inserted by his loving wile and

j family.

Cl'TTIN'G.-In sweet memory of my dear pal. Arthur, who pa?.<ed away February 15. 1946. I miss »nd mourn you ir. every way. ' Jane.

j Cl'TTIN'G.-In loving memory ot our dear

dad. who passed away February 15. 1946.

Our hearts still ache with sadness.

Our eyes shed many a tear. God knows hew we miss you.

As ends this sad. sad year.

Inserted o> his loving daughters. Lila. Min».


DARKE.-In loving memory of my dear j wife Marr, who passed away February 16.

1945. Always remembered by her husband. I

Ern. I

DIX.- In loving memory of our dear father. | William, who r>assed awav February' 15. 1945 j

Always remembered bv his loving children. Phillis. Madge. Mary. Bennie, and Bill.

DOCHFRTT.-In loving memory of our dear son. Colin, who fell asleep February 13. 1934. Inserted by his loving mum. dad. sister, and brothers.

DOLLIVER.-In loving memory of our dear dau-hter and slater. Joyce tnee Birchi. passed away February IS: 1946.

Patient Sufferer at rest.

Inserted by her loving mother, brothers and

sisters. I j DOLLI VER.-To the memory of Je-re. who

died February 15. 1946. !

Memorv is a golden chain I That links until we meet airain. ]

Imeited by Harold »nd famiiv. J

DOXOVAX.-In loving memory of our dear . father. William Joseph, who passed away ¡ February 15. 1935. Just a token. w> still ; remember. Inserted by his loving family. [

Myrtle. May. Jack, Tom. Nancy, and Joyce, i also sons-in-law. Pat. Ern. Bob. and Frank. ;

DOOHAX".-Treasured memories of our dear [ grandson, Robert John, who passed away Feb- i mary 15. 1945. !

Always remembered.

Inserted bv his loving grandparent». Mr. and Mrs. Thom, of Miller's Point.

DOUGLAS.-Not Just to-daj. but every

day we think of cur darling baby. Betty, who j fell asleep in Jesus's arms February IS. 1945. ¡ Too dearly loved ever to be forgotten by Dad. Mum. John, and Allen.

DL'XX.-m loving memory of my dear hus- band and cur ia:her. William, passed away February 16. 1946. Rest in peace. Inserted by his family and his loving sister. Jessie.

EVAN'S.-Treasured memories of our dear ion and brother. Arthur, who passed away

I February 15. 1943. Inserted by his lorin;

mother and father, »nd sister. Joyce,

j TAIBIIALL.-In loving memory of my dear

. wife and our mother. Ada May. who passed i awav February 15. 1938. Also our dear

grandson and nephew. Teddy.

Ged Ï12S them In His keeping. We have them in our hearts.

Always remembered by Ern and family.

FOSTER.-In loving memory of my dear wife. Calliope, who passed away February 15. 1946. at Kensington,

A beautiful life came to an end. She died as she lived. Everyone's friend.

.Inserted by her loving husband. Thomas E. Foster, and family.

FROST.-In memon- of my dear wife, Hilda, passed away February 15. 1943.

FROST.-In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away February 15, 1943. Not Just to-day. but everyday, in silence we remember. Inserted by her children. Girlie. Bill. Ken. Frank, and Allan, daughters-in-law. Helen. Doreen, and Rene.

GREEN*.-In loving memory of our dear mother. Florence, who passed awav February

{ 16. 1944. A wonderful mother, sadly missed

by her levine daughters. Doriel, Marcia, son-ln : law. Perc. and grandchildren.

GREEN.-In sad but loving memory of our I dear mother, who passed away February 16.

1944. Inserted by her loving son and daughter ! in-law. Des. Mirg. grandchildren,

j GWYNNE.-In loving memory of our dear

I morhcr. who fell asleep Pebruary 16. 1926. IGod's greatest gift remembrance.

Inserted by Harold. Charles. Sis.

HARRISON.-The passing of time will never . dim the cherished, memories of mv darlln-r

mother. Ellen Gertrude, who osssed awav FebDiary 15. 1940. Ever remembered by Audrey.

HARVEY-In loving memory of my dear wife, our mother, mother-in-law, and nana.

So much tn life is lacking

And searching ls in vain.

My brightest hours went with mum.

And C3n never come again. How sadly do we miss her

When we see her vacant chair. For the one we love is missing

From the home we used to share. 1 have lost my life's companion.

A life Lnked w'Uh my own.

God alone knews how I miss you, mum.

As we walk through life alone.

Inserted by her loving husband and family.

HARVEV.--In loving memory of my dear mother. Elisabeth, who passed away February 16. 1946. Always remembered by her loving daughter. Nell. ron-ir.-Iaw. eec.

HARVEY.-In loring memory of my dear mother^ mother-in-law, and nana, who passed away suddenly February 16. 1946. Sadlv missed bv Dot. Ted. and Joyce.

HASTINGS.-In loving memory of our dear

son »nd brother. John Kevin (Mick), who ! passed away February 16. 1941. Always i remembered by mum. dad. Howard, and Man. ¡

HENS I! AW..-A iribute to the memorv ot our I beloved brother. Joe. who died February 15. !

1946. Inserted by his sister and brothers. ¡

HOB WONG.-Treasured memories of my j

dear wife and our devoted mother, who fell ! asleep February 15. 1944, I

A cheery face, a hear, of sold. ¡ The greatest mother the world could hold. ! Always remembered by loving husband and i family. Charles. Henry. Phyllis. Cliff. Brian. I

HOR-WONG.- In loving memory of our ! ; dear mother and grandmother, who fell asleep ¡ Februar?- 15. 1944. Sadly misMd by her J daughter. Dorothy, son-in-law. Norman, grand ¡ children. Greta and Norman.

HOOK.-In loving memory of my darling wife and cu.- mother and grandmother Sarah, who passed tuny February IS 1945. Re membered by her husband. Frank, daughter. Ruth. son-,n-luw. Bert, grandchildren. Claire. I Barbara. F.irji. and Jim.

j HORSFALL. -In loving m-moi-v of rn» be-

loved only daughter. Phyllis Lillian Mane.

My hean still aches with sadness.

My eves shed man? a tear.

God alone knows how much I mis» you

As it ends this sad first year

Never forgotten by mother, brother. Ron. and friend. Charlie.

JACKSON'.-In loving memory of Archie, who passed away February 16. 1933 His memory will linger forever with his friends. Ann and Bili Hunt.

JONES.-In loving memorr of mr dear wife. Alberta Jones who passed axav Febru- ary 15. 1943. Always remembered b« her husband. Tom.

JONES.-In lovine memory of our darling mother. Alberta Jones, who passed sway Feb- ruary 15. 1943.

God has you in His ke-plng. We have you in our hearts

Inserted by Ron. Glady-, »nd Vera, sons in-law. Bill and Joe.

JONES.-In levine memorr of our dear mother. Euphemia Jones, who c-assçd awav February 16. 1936. Remembrance. Inserted bv her loving sons, daughters. and grand- children.

KAT.-In loving memoir of mr d-sr hus | band and our lather. Charles, who oasi'd

awav February 16. 1946. Inserted by his wife. son. daughters, daughters-in-law. ano


KENNEDY.-In loving memory of our detr daughter and suter, Mvra. Inserted by dad.

Ettie. Stella.

KENNEDY.-Loving of my dearest, friend. Myra. Inserted by Dos.

LANSDOWN.-In loving memory of our dear sister. F'.o. who rvas»ed away February 15. 1946. Inserted bv her levine sisters and brothers. Polly. Lilv Ettie. Sid. aDd


LEWIS.-In loving memorr of our dear mother. Ada Francis, who passed away Feb- ruarv 15. 1546. and our dear father. Allen Fdward. ra-fed away February 12. 194.1. A!« avs remembered and sadly missed bv their loving family. Thelma. Dick. Sylvia, dauehter. In-law. Pet;, son-in-law. Roy. grandchildren Dorcthv. K-lth. ard Allen.

LOL'GHLAN'D.-In loving memory nf my dear mother. Noni, departed this life Feb- ruary 16. 1944. Inserted by Jack. Nellie.

LOVE.-Happv memories cf Ted. who passed awav February 15. 1940. Inverted by a friend.

MCCLINTOCK. -In levine mtmort of my dear husband and our father. Robert, who departed this life February 15 1943. In- serted by his loving wife and family. Agnes

and Kobert.

McDONAI.D.-In loving memorr of my dear wife Olga, who passed away February 14. ! 1946.

Manv a loving heartache.

Often a silent tear:

God alone knows how- I miss you

As a ends rh!« first year.

Insulted hy her loving husband. Jack. j MrGARRY.-In lovinc memory of rn- dear

daughter. Edith Florence, oa.wd away Feb- | mary 16. 1940. Inserted bv her loving I

mother. i

McGLYN'N.- Ir. memory oí mr dear hus- band and father. Thomas John, who de- parted this lile February 16. 1946.

A beautiiul life of kindly deeds. |

A helping hand to those in need:

Always leving. unselfish, and kind. A beautiiul memory left behind.

Ins?rted bv hi* leving wife. son. Thomas, daughter. Ivan. Nellie. Harry, sons-in-law. Robert, Jack, grandchildren. Barry. John. Robert. Kevan. Norma.

MrN'AIR.-A token erf love and resoect to a loving mother and grandmother. Caroline Maria, called to her re-t February 16. 1946. Inserted by Millie. Hugh, and erandrhildren. Ken. Barbara, ard Ian. also Anne, and FTeri and Freddy (S.Z.).

MAHONY.-In loving memory of my dear husband and our father. Reg (Mick), who passed away February 15. 1946. Sadiv missed by his loving wife (Ne!!) and family. Joan. Ree. Len. and Merle.

MAHONY.-In loving memory of dear uncle Reg. who passed »way February 15 In- serted by his loving sister-in-law. Tib. Ray. and Athol.

MASON.-A lond token of love to the memory of "Peter." infant grandson and nephew of Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Tsvlor. Yvonne. Basil, and Fdl'h. Austin (deo. Ours for just a little while, until his mother called him heme.

MASON. -In loving memory of our darline Peter, who departed this life February 15. 1946. aged 7 mrnths.

Alwavs In our thoughts.

Inserted by Uncle Bill. Auntie Rubj. »nd cousin*. Betty and Julie.

MIZON.-In lovinc memory of our cear brother. Matthew, passed away February 15. '.941. Inserted bv his sister (Mrs. E. E. RlrhardH. and »rothers Fred and Georse.

MONAHAN*.-Desmond Jeffrey, always re- membered bv his mother, sister, and brothers, ana little daughter. Lorraine, died February 16. 1946.

! MONAHAN.-In sad but lovln- memo- of i eur dear brother and brother-in-law Desmond.

who pa-wed away February 16. 1946. i Gone, but not forgotten.

Inserted by his Irving brother and sister in-law-. Larrv and Dulcie

MONAHAN'. -In loving memory of mr lev- in? brothe-r. Desmond, passed away Febnia.-y 16. 1946.

A little token, true and tender. Jun to show von I remember.

And :o be together In the same rid wav Would be mv dearest wi «h to-dav. Inserted by his loving brother Noel.

. MONAHAN.-In levin- memerv of my dear brcher. Desmond, passed a«av February 16.


In mv hear: you are alwavs near. As It da-ns 'he Mrs', sad tear:

Ar.d I rheriin all 'hose memories

O', the hioov da vs when vou were nere.

Al'ays rtmem'oered by his levine sister.

^lONAtMN.-In lovinü memory of our dear

nephew and cousin. Desmond, who passed a?-ay February 16. 1346. "

Resting where no shadows fa.'!. , There in peace he awaits us all.

Ever remembered by hUlovinc cousin».

Serrl tai Olive, and Auntie KU. J


! MTJN'RO.-In levine memory cf my d-rlln

wife and mother. Nell, »ho pawed »wa Februar- 13. 1944. Nev« forgotten bj d-<

and Jean

! NELSON.-In loving memory cf my lorim

husband and my dear father. John Benjamn Laid Nelson, »ho passed away February 12 ¡ 1943.

Not lust to-day. but every day. In silence we remember.

Inserted bv ins loving wife. Janet, ani daughter. Margaret.

OSWALD.-In loving memory ol my dea¡ wile and our devoted mother. Jean Millar called home February 15. 1941. Sadly mlssex by her loving husband and family

PAINE.-Dearest memories of our dear hus band and father. John Sutton, departed thi life Februcry 15. 1943. Alwavs rememberee by his wife daughter. Gwen. and grand children. Lyndon and Gall.

PIGGOTT. - A day of sadness, but sweet memories of our dear mother and sister, Em, passed away February 16, 1946. Inserted by loving daughter, Cath, son-in-law, Albert, sis- ters, Al, Hilda, and Kit.

POULTON. - In loving memory ol our deal mother and grandma. Margaret Hannah. wh( pawed away February IS. 1944. Never for cc-tten and sadly missed by her loving son Frank. Eiken, and grandchildren.

POULTON.-In loving memory ol our deal mother and grandma. Margaret Hannah, wht passed sway February 13. 1944. Always re- membered by her loving son. Albert daughter in-law. Jessie, grandchildren. Waller »nc Minnie, and great-grandchildren.

POULTON.-A tribute of love to the mraon of my darlin-t rr.othci. Margaret, whim Gee called heme February 15. 1944: also my dar. line dad. Fred, rho wai called February 25.

Deep in mv hean a memory ls kep:

D' my darling ones I can never forget.

Always remembered by their loving daughter. Ann: scn-in-law-. Clarrie, »nd grandchildren.

POULTON.-In loving memory of our dear mother and grandma. Margaret Hannah, who passed away February 15. 1944. Always re- membered by her loving daughter. Ad«, son-in law. Harry and grandchildren.

PURCELL.-In loving memory of my deeJ wife and our mother. Elizabeth, who passed away February 13. 1944.

I never knew how much you suffered.

I did not see you die.

I cniv knew- you passed awav

And did not say good-bye. Immaculate Hean of Mary.

Your prayers fer her enroll. Sweet Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Have merry on her soul.

Inserted by her loving husband. George, daughters, Ruby, Phyllis, and family

RANKIN.-Treasured memories of mv dear husband. Thomas, and our dear faths-r.

Scdly misled.

Inserted br his loving wife and family.

REDDV.-Treasured memories of our darl- ing son. Brian Edwaid. who fell asleep Febru-

ary 16. 1946.

A year ago we hid to part

With ene we loved with all our heart God alone knows how we leel.

The wound is too deep to ever heal.

Never forgotten by his loving mother and father, and brother. Allan.

REDDY.-In loving memory of our darling nephew. Brian, who fell asleep February 16. 1946. . Alwavs remembered by Aunty Marl.. Uncle Jack, cousin Caro!.

REDDY. - In loving memory of mv darling fL*"*?;?.*!* Bnin- "»'ho fell "asleep 'February 16. 1946. Always remembered by His loving

Nana Edwards.

REDDY.-In loving memory ol cur darl- ing grandson, Brian Edward, who passed awav February 16, 1946. Inserted by his loving granaparents. Mr. and Mrs. w. Reddy

REDMAN.-In loving memory of our daugh- ter and sister-in-law. Elizabeth Claire, who passed away February 16. 1946 Gone bu: not forgotten. Inserted bv the Redman family and Ted and Diana. Gloucester.

REDMAN".-Loving memories ol my dear friend. Betty, whom God called home Febru-

ary 16. 1946.

Deep in my heart a memory ls Kept

Of a pal I loved and will never forget. Inserted by Betty Williams.

REDMAN.- Not to-day. but every day. do we remember our pal. Betty Ginns. who passed away February 16. 1946. Inserted bv the employees of Coulter and Wastie. Redfern.

ROBERTS.-In loving memorv of our dear mother, who passed away February 15. 1946

A beautiful life full of kindly deeds. A helplul hand for others' needs:

Always sincere in heart and mind. A beautiful memory to leave behind. A lovlm; smile a haopy face Of a wonderful mother We can never replace.

Inserted bv her loving sons and daugh- ters. Ernie. Cecil. Nellie. Marge. Arthur, and Winnie.

ROBINSON".-To the memory of our be- loved parents. Portia 1939. Frank. 1907. In- serted bv their loving children.

BUCKLEY.-In lovine memory of my dear wife and our dear mother, pi-ssed away Febru- ary 15. 1944. Inserted by her loving husband and family. Norm«. Ernest. Allen. Gwen, «nd


RÜDGLEY. - In loving memory of my hus- band.-and father. Ernest (Mick), «ho Passed away February 15. 1946. Always remembered. Inserted by his loving wile, and family.

RUSSELL.-In loving memory o! dear Gean, passed away February 15. Not forgotten by Sylvia and Alf and family.

RYAN".-In loving memory of nu dear wife and eur mother. Mary, died February 15. 1934. R.I.P-. Inserted br her fend hu-*» nd and firr.ily.

SHELTON.-In memory of my wife »nd mother, departed Pebruary 15. 1944. Alf

and Harry.

SIBRAA.-In loving memory ot our dear father, who passed away February 15. 1944. Always remembered by his loving sons and


SMITH.-In loving memorv of our dear daughter and SÍS'.CT. Ahee Ellen, who wissen away February* 16. 1944. Sadlv missed bv her loving father, mother, sisters. »nd brothers. J ..

SMYTH.-In loving memory of my darling mother who passed away February 16. *.945 Never forgotten by her daughter. Lucy, ano

son-in-law. Matt.

SMYTH.-In loving memory of wir dear mum and grandma. Inserted by Don. Enid,

and Leonie.

SORLIE. -In lovir.s memory of mr dearly loved and loving husband. Frederick, who died February 16. 1943. Abide »¡th me. Sadly

missed. Neille

SORLIE.-In loving memory of our »on and brother. Frederick, died February 16. 1943. In-erted by his father and family.

SOl'THWELI_Loving memories cf r»ir dear fa:her »nd grandfather. Alfred John, who fell asleep February 15. 1945.

We smile with the world

Bnt we do not forget:

In our garden of memorlea

He ¡Ives with us vet.

Sadly mir-ed bv Jim and Madge. Ray. Eileen.

Alf. also Don and Jean

STEEL.-Four sad years since you went awav but loving memories always stay of our dear mother. May. Sadly missed by Harrv. Jean, end family.

STEWART.-In memory of my father «nd husband. James Frederick, who passed »way February 15, 1946.

Time has chan-ed in many way«.

But one thing changes never:

The memories cf those happy days, . That we spent together.

Inserted bv wile, E. Stewart, and daugh- ter. Gwendoline Gaudron.

THACKERAY.-In loving memories ot dear Ernie, who passed away Feb.-jarr 15. 1941. Sadly missed by Irene. Mum. and Walter.

THACKERAY.-Beautiful memories of dear Ernie, who fell »sleep February 15. 1941. Always remembered by Ixrts. d»d. Dot. and


THOMS.-Treasured memories of DIT dear husband Thomas, »ho passed away February 15 1923. Always remembered by his loving

wife and lamil". .

TICKLE. - In loving memory of my dear wife. Bertha, who passed away February 15. 1943. Always remembered bv her husband, son. and daughter-in-law. daughters, and sons-in-law. and grandchildren.

TOTTLE.-Cherished memories or mr dear uncle. H. E.. who fell asleep February 15. 1943. L. M. Tonie.

L'Kr.X.-Treasured memories of my devoted husband and our dear lather. James, who left us Februar- IC. 1939. sired (Kl years. Desrlv loved and sadly missed by his loving wife and family.

UROPHART.-In fond and loving memorv of my dear wife and mother. Isabella, who passed away February 14, 1943. Ever re- membered bv her loving husband and family, daughter-in-law. and grandchildren.

TIRGON A.-Treasured memories of Norman, who passed away February 13. 1944. Always remembered by his loving wife. Kathleen.

WALMSLEY. - Loving memories of our dear brother and uncle, who passed awav Februarv 14. 1940. Always remembered br his loving sisters, brothers, nieces, and nephews.

WARRISS.-In loving memory of our dear son. Teddy, accidentally -Hied. February 15.

His memory to us a treasure.

His loss our lifetime regret.

So sadlr missed by his mother and dad.

WATSON*. -In loving remembrance of mr mother. Caroline, »ho »as laid to rest Feb- ruary 15. 1944. safe in the arms of Jesus. Remembered bv her daughter. Fan. Johnson.

WEARING.-Treasured memories of my dear husband and our father. Albert, passed on February 16. 1342. In the New Jerusalem. Inserted by wife and family.

WEIR.-In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed awav February 15. 1944. Ever remembered by her husband. David, her

sons and daughters.

WILKINSON*.-In loving memory of my dear husband, »"ho passed away February 15.


It ls lonesome. Bert, without yost.

And sad I am to-day;

For life is not the same lo me.

Since you were called away.

Inserted by his loving wile. Thyra.

WILKINSON.-In loving memory of my dear father, who passed away February 15. 1944.

Deep in our hearts a memory ls kept.

Of a lather we loved and will never forget. Eyer remembered by his loving son. Stan.

WILKINSON.-In loving memory of our dear father and grandfather, who passed away February 15. 1944.

Treasured pre the memories of one we lored

so dear.

I And often in our silent thoughts we wish that

you were herc.

Kver remembered by his daughter. Mabel. I son-in-law. Dud. and grandchildren.

WILLIAMS.-In loving memory of my dear wife, who went to sleep on February 15. 1945.

Many a lonely heartache.

Often a silent tear.

But alwavs I will remember

The one I loved so dear.

Never forgotten by Sam Williams.

WILLIAMS.-In loving mernoo" of our dear mother and grandma, who passed away Feb- ruary 15. 1945. Remembered by her loving son. t«>, daughter-in-law. Alice, and grand-


IVII.LIAMS. -In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away February 15. 1945. Remembered by her loving son. Charlie. .

WILLIAMS.-In loving memory of our dea: mother and grandmother, who passed away Feoruary 15. 1945. Remembered by her lov- ing scr.. Jack, daughter-in-law. Thelma, and grandchildren. Hazel, Sandra, Mervyn.

WILLIAMS.-Treasured and beautiful mem- ories of our darling mother, who passed away February 15 Always remembered by her lov- ing daughter. Anne, son-in-law. Arthur, and granddaughter. Pat.

WILLIAMS.-Treasured memories of mv dear mo:her and Nana, who passed away Feb- ruary 15. 1943.

I miss her because I loved her.

As memories still recall.

Por parting with dear mum

Was the saddest day of all.

Always remembered by her daughter. Elsie, son-in-law. AU, and granddaughter. Elaine.

WILLIAMS.-Treasured memories of our dear mother. Eine Maud, called home Febru- ary 15. 1945.

For each of us she did her best. Mav God grant her eternal rest.

Evei remtmbtred bv her lovlna daughter. Elsie, ,'oii-ln-la» . Dick, and family.

WILLIAMS.-In memory of cJr dear mother and grandma. Eflle Maude, who passed away February 15. I94"¡.

God has her In His Keeping, We have her In our hearts.

Inserted bv her loving daughter. Queenie, son-in-law. Les. Pat and Yvonne.

WILLIAMS. -Treasuieo and beautiful mem- ories cl our darling mother, who passed away February 15. 1943. Always remembered by her loving sos. Bob, eUui-ter-ln-lav, Jc-ce, sad gnafaoB, Joha.


I WILLIAMS.- In loving memory of our dear ! mother and grandma. -Sie Maude, «ho passed

-»ry February 15. 1945.

Deep In our hearts a memory Is kept

Ol one ne loved and »ill never ¡orsrel.

Ituerted by her daughter. Eileen, son-in ! la». Stuart grandchildren. Bill and Norm.

WILLIAMS -In lond memory of my dar , Ung mother and nanna. »ha passed away

Febiuary 15. 194a. Sadly missed bv her loving son. Chic, ard daughter-in-law, Man', grandson. Brian.

WILSON*.-In loving memory of my dear »ile. Ada. and our mother, died February 15 1922. Inserted by husband, daughter, and grand-daughter.

WILSON.-In lorine memory of our dar- ling daughter Aldeyth May. who peacefully I passed a»ay Pebruary 15. 1946. Sadly missed i by father, mother (nee Arnold). Phil. Peter. I George. Carol.

HILSON*.-In loving memory of Aldeyth i May Wilson, who passed to her eternal rest i February 15. 1946.

Away In God's beautiful mansion.

Sheltered from sorrow and pain:

Some day »hen life's Journey is ended, j I will meet you again.

I Inserted by her loving grandma. Marla I .Votarlo.

WOODHOUSE.-Loving memories of mv be

I loved husoand and our dear lather. Bert,

who passed awav February 15. 1941.

Many a silent heartache.

Often a silent tear.

But always a beautiful memory

Of one we loved so dear.

Inserted by his loving wife and family.

WOODING.-In loving memory of our dar- ling wife and mother. Katharine Jenny, who departed this life February 15. 1943.

To live In hearts of those we love is not

I tc die.

Ever remembered^-- her lorine husband. ! Norman, and daughter. Jovre.

WOBSLEV.-In fond memorv of mv dear wile, and our mother. Mena, who passed away I February 15. 1944. Inserted by her husband.

George, and family.

WORSLEY. - Sad thoughts but loving mem- ories of our dear mother, mother-in-law, and grandma, Wilhelmena (Mena), whom God   called home February 15, 1944.  

Deep in our hearts a memory is kept

Of one we loved and will never forget.  

Forever remembered by her loving son, Ted,  

daughter-in-law, Dulcie, and grandchildren, Colin, Alan, Ken, and Betty.

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