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I Sydney's Talking About-J

THE DEPARTURE OF THE DUKE OF GLOUCESTER and Ihe gold and enamel pin which he presented tn hairdresser, Mr. Norman Flohm, for "good service to thc Royal Family." . . . The Duke presented the pin to Mr. Flohnt just before he left for England. . . . Prince William and Prince Richard had their first hair- cuts from Mr. Flohm, who also cut thc hair of the Duchess of Gloucester, Lady Clive and Brigadier Schreiber. HOW PLEASED Lord and Lady Mountbatten were loith the

way tMr. Flohm cut their hair when they were here. . . . Lord Mountbatten loas particularly ¡ pleased with his haircut and watched carefully during the operation, telling Mr. Flohm that

he would tell his London barber how it was- done when he got back.

THE DANCING PROWESS of U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines, Mr. Paul V. McNutt, who was an out- standing figure on Prince's dance floor during his stay in Sydney. He and

his attractive wife danced to the tune of "One Meat Ball," which the Am- bassador especially requested.... Mr. McNutt is extremely handsome, brown as a hickory nut, with a cap" of snow

white hair. ...

THE BAD FRIGHT Mrs. Neill Ackland got during that bad storm last week. . . . She was holidaying at Castle Hill with her small daughter and baby son, when lightning struck the chim- ney of the house and it crashed through the roof. . . . No one was injured..

THE RUMOUR THAT famous Court photographer Cecil Beaton nipy be .coming out here this year, and that


engagement will be announced to-night at a -party to be held at the Pickwick Club in honour of the coming pf age of Miss Collits and her*fiance. Miss Collits, who is the only daughter of the late Mr. D. V. Collits, and of Mrs. A. Collits, of Mosman, is a direct descendant of the family of Collits Inn, the pioneer home- stead near Mount Victoria. Mr. Tierney is the son of Mr. and

Mrs. M. W. M. Tierney, of Mosman. .

he may stay with Mr. and Mrs. Richard Casey in Mel- bourne . . . The other rumour, that Lady Peel, who is, of course, stage favourite, Bea Lillie, will also bc out herc

during the year.

THE EXTRAORDINARY LIKENESS between actor Kenneth Fraser (who appears as Lord Borrowmere in the Noel Coward sketch, "The Stately Homes of England," at the Ritchard-Elliott matinees at thc Royal) and the Marquess of Milfordhaven, who was out here with the Royal Navy during the war.

LATEST NEWS OF THE MARQUESS is included in a letter from England from Mrs. Richard Patrick, who was formerly Mrs. June Laidley Dowling, of Sydney. She says that he is now holidaying at Davos in. Switzerland. . . . Mrs. Patrick also writes to say that she has changed her name by deed poll from June to Victoria, and that she is living at Brancaster Hali, King's Lynn, in Norfolk.

HOW NICE JT IS to have pilot Mr. Peter Gibbes back in Australia again after he had been stationed in Honolulu for so many months. . . . While his mother, Mrs. M. Cato, is staying in Melbourne, Mr. Gibbes is staying at Edgecliff with Mr. Ben Arnott. . . . THE WONDERFUL INTERIOR DECORATING JOB Mrs. Carla Jaques made of her living-room: She mixed the pink kalsomine and painted the whole room-walls and ceiling-herself, then when she couldn't match the colour for the woodwork, she bought tubes of artist's

I colours and mixed them with ordinary white house j paint until she had thc exact shade. . . . Final

job was the dyeing of the curtains, which she also did herself with skilful mixing of dyes in Ihe copper. . .

THE SARTORIAL INNOVATION of Mr. Sam Osborne, who drew all eyes when he danced at Prince's, loearing a double-breasted white dinner jacket with black satin lapels and black buttons. . . . Those elegant flowered Victorian waistcoats that Mr. Alec Murray and Mr. Louden Sainthill wear-Mr. Murray's has sprigs of flowers, and Mr. Sainthill's has a formal fleur de lys pattern. NEWS FROM HONG KONG of Mrs. Richard Aitken Quack, who was formerly Mrs. "Bubbie" Cohen, of Sydney, is that she has just moved into her new house there. . . . The night before they moved in, thieves got into the house and stoic masses of house- hold linen, silver, etc., which was simply heartbreaking, as such things arc astronomically expensive in Hong Kong. . Mrs. Aitken Quack is not coming to Sydney with Mrs. Thelma Patterson, as she had planned, because her husband is unable to get leave. . . . THE REALLY TERRIFYING TALES that one of our young lovelies tells of the poltergeists that inhabit her flat. . . . According to reports they hurl things against the walls, move furniture artd crockery, and drag the bedclothes off the bed. ... The thing that worries the lass most is that the supernatural visitors make such a racket that the neighbours are complaining about thc noisy parties she has. . .. . NEWS FROM ENGLAND that Mr. and Mrs. Alec Coppel are not xoorried by the severe winter in England, because they are living in actress Edna Best's lovely centrally heated cottage, whick is IS miles from London . . . Mr. Coppel's play "Mr. Smart Guy," which was performed here at the Minerva, has been doctored a little, and is now having a great success in the provinces prior to

playing in London. . .

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