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; v Details of a small light car which he hopes to- produce rin Australia this year or early' 1950; at £300 without sales tax; we're outlined yesterday to the Prime Minister (Mr.' Chifley) ty Well

known businessman, Mr. L. J.

Hartnett. ,¡rv

Mr. Hartnett will be managing, director of the public company which he is floating to produce

the car.

He said yesterday that alu- minium would be used extensive- ly in the car which ,would have these features: 60 miles per gal- lon average, 8J horse-power and a weight of 980 lbs. <?

The car will probably be called the Hartnett and t}ie first model will be a four-seater sedan.

The engine will be an internal combustion unit of on undis-" closed design.

About 315 lbs. of aluminium will be absorbed in each car.

Mr. Hartnett plans1 to turn out 5000 cars in the first 12 months and 10,000 in : each subsequent year. He said- that he-had in- spected three"'Sitédi -one "in' Syd- ney 'ahd two'near Melbourne, but j had- not decided: on- any1? exact' lo j cation yet. ' ( " - . '

I Mr. Hartnett' said the ear was

I designed by'^'the-'* well-Tcnown Frenchman, J.' 'A.' Gregoir.

I He said he had disclosed all ¡his plans to Mr. Chifley, who [had seemed very interested. He

¡would not ask the Government i for any assistance by way of sub- sidy or bounty but would; want the same privileges extended to him as given to other motor companies.

All the; capital would be Aus- tralian and the company would have world rights to the car, a similar type to which had already been tested in France, India, Morocco, North Africa, America and England.

Mr. Hartnett said the com- pany's use of aluminium would tie in with the Commonwealth Government's aluminium produc- tion programme. The company proposed, at first, to take its alu- minium from Britain and France.

Already. 360 applications had been received, mosûy^as machin*


Mr. Hartnett said he planned to emigrate 600 to 700 .British, families to assist in the venture. He sought two conditions from the Australian Government: Firstly, to assist in this "emigra- tion; and, secondly, to waive duty on housing materials to build homes for workers at the factory I


I Mr. Hartnett said his company would be the greatest single con-

sumer of aluminiunTin Australia. I