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SPORTING NEWS. TIlE TURF. THE WEEK'S FIXTURES. Saturday.-Belmont' Park R.C.; Victoria District (Geraldton) T.C.; A.J.C. Summer Meeting (first day); Moonee Valley R.C.; Port Adelaide B.C. NOTES AND CHAT. (By 'Brooklyn.") At present the officials, of the W.A.T.C. are working at high pressure making the usual complete arrangements for the Perth Cup meeting, which will be held on De cember 26 (Derby Day), December 29 (Cup Day), January 1 (Railway Stakes Day); and January 3 (Imperial Stakes Day). Every thing points to the fixture being a great success, end some unusually interesting racing should be witnessed during the four days. A meeting of the general committee of the W.A.T.C. will be held at 4.15 p.m. to< morrow. Mr. E. W. Hocking's filly Marywongie. who was badly injured while coming over from Melbourne, and Muriel's Hope, have been withdrawn from the Karrakatta Plate. Owners responded well to the call for nominations for the York Club's Ugly Men's meeting to be held at Belmont Park on December 27. No fewer than 199 entries came to hand for the halfdozen events. and the total is said tobe a record for the State for a one-day nfeeting. The betting quotations on the Perth Cup were unaltered yestgrday; and the follow ing prices -were obtainable about Derby candidates:-7 to 4 agst Eurythmic, 3 to 1 ,Eragoon or Saint Humphrey, 5 to 1 Coo .malga, 10 to 1 Earl of SEeafield, from 20 to 50 to 1 others. Yesterday Mr. H. F. Wilkinson issued the weights for the minor events to be run at the Belmont Park Club's Thousand meeting on Saturday next. Acceptances are due'at 3 p.m. to-morrow. A meeting of the Owners, Trainers and Breeders' .Association will !be held to-day at tho Racecourse Hotel, Belnont, at 2.30 o'clock. , .Mr. F. A. A. Mo, one of the owners of Poitrel, is the new member of the AJ.C. comviittee. " For the sixth successive season S. Dnno ghue has headed the list of- winning-jockeys in England. He finished this season with 129 wins out of 532 mounts, nearest him being Carslake, with 106 wins for 341 mounts. Although it was at first announced that racing in Ireland was to be stopped from the beginning of October until the end of the year. the Government did not adhere to that intention. The brilliant sprinter Irish Elegance goes to the stud in England next year, aid, notwithstanding his irogeny will not be Seligible for the Stud Book, and will also be ineligible for some Continental countries he is to start at a fee of 200 guines.5. The English horse, Glad Eye, pulled up Slame recently (says an exchange), en. has now been handed over to T. Lullis to be trained in the sea and along the beach at Glenely. It is, however, very dounls ful whether the gelding will ever win an "W.M," Pindalup.-Tom Castro did not win the W.A.. Derby- He ran second to Mistico. "Argument."-Should say you were on Mount Prophecy and SuEarion if you men - tioned the latter's name' before Lord Strath burg's. t "A.W."-Have no record of Silver Lad having won a five furlongs race during the past four years CUP CANDIDATES (No. 7). Tom Castro is an eight-year-old bay soree, by Little Toy from lady Middle on1 aend is owned by Mr. H. Guthrie and trained by T. L. Garvey. He has 7.10 in the Cup end 8.2 in the Railway Stakes. Few horses have done as much racing as Tom Castro. who has sported silk 64 times. As a two-year-old the son of Little Toy won a mile race-the Trial Handicap -on the .W.A.T.C. course, and early in the next season he was successful at the goldfields meetings in a couple of minor events. That year he ran second to ris tioo in the Derby, and acted as runner-up to Dollar Dictator in the Perth Cup, and at the same meeting won the Atl-Aged Stakes (seven furlongs). He was particu larly well at the time, and continued to show good form during the next few months' his successes comprising the Way len Stakes (one mile), run at "headquar ters" on January 30, 1915, and the W.A. T.C. St. Leger, of a mile and three-quar ters, decided on April 5. Tom Castro was raced in Melbourne and Adelaide the fol lowing season. his best performances be ing third in the S.A.J.C.| Elder Stakes (nine furlongs) and fourth in the Adelaide Cup (one mile and five furlongs), won by St. Spasa. The next year Tom Castro ran unplaced in the following events: V.A.T.C. St. George Stakes (nine fur longs); Rosshill Rawson Stakes (nine fur longs). Doncaster Handicap (won by Wedg ding Day); and the A.J.C. Tocal Handi cap, one mile and a quarter, run ,on April 9, 1917, in which.'by the way, New Tipperary also was a starter.. The Little To horse did not again sport silk till March 2, 1918, wAen he ran niowhere in the First Class Plate decided at Helena ValIe; and three mdnths later he was un pleced in the Goodwood Handicap (nine furlougs), won by DibdaIe. Towards the end of that month (June) Tom Castro showed a return to form by rumning se cond to' N.G.E. in the First Classe Plate at Canning Park, and on July 20. on the same course, he was successful in a similar event, starting at 6 to 4 on. Last season Tom Castro competed in 22 races for three wins-vis.. the W.A.T.C. York Handicap tone mile and a quarter), carry ing 9.2: the Perth Stakes (one mile andI a quarter), time 2.7 1-5; and the Waylen Stakes (one mile). time 1.40. With 8.5 hlie ran third to Macadam and New Ti?

per?ry in the Perth Cup, hut was un placed in tle Railway Stakes, in which he oraried 8.12. He did not start in the Tmperial Stakes. During the current sea son Mr. Guthrie's homse has started on nine occasions for three seconds and one third, and particutars of his best perfo-n ances are appended:-August 2, third with 8.6 in .the Belmont Park August Handi cap. one mile end a quarter, won by Rits: September 20, second with 9.0 in i-oh Bel mont Park Septemfber Handicap. one mile and a quarter, won by Le Le Lac: October 11. second with 8.6 in the Goodwaod Handi cap. one mile and a quarter, won by Palisade; end December 6, second in the W.A.T.C. December Stakes, nine furlongs, won by Mistico. BELMO>NT PARK WEIGHTS. Following are the handioaps for the events otLer than the "Thousand" to be decided at the Belmont Park Club's meeting on Saturday next: CHJISTM"AS TRIAL, of 100 sove.; sec ond 20 and third 10 sovs .from stake; six furlongs-Kilmaine. 9.5; Thormnont, 9.3; salver Lady. 9.2; Ront Roll. 8.13: Astia, 8.1: Down Town, 7.13: Single Key. Kern sry. 7.11; Very Faithful. 7.10; MiLtival, 7.9; Myamba, 7.7; Martian Queen, Lock Key, 7.5; Kelowna. 73; Finitus, 7.0; Rs Silla, 6.12; Dell Rose, Captain Alcock, Scotch Tart, Pantile. Myrtle Doon, Brown Boolka, 6.7. FIRST CIASS PLATE, of 100 sovs.: see nnd 20 and third 10 sos. from stake; six furlongs and a anarter.--Eurythmic, 9.0; Ventrim. 8.8; Heart of Oak, Alice Kenil worth, 8.6; Acclivity, 8.5; Bulgooroo. 8.3: Saint Humphrey, 8.1; Susarion, 8.0; Rouge Baw, 7.13: Venetien King, 7.10: Lock Mae ter, 7.8; Hazel Dawn, 7.4; Sir Thomas, 7.2; True Moon. 7.0; Barnaworth. Thorena, 618;

Mannequin, Delprat. 6.10; Irish Comedy, 6.9: Blue. Rain, 6.7. SECOND CLASS PLATE, of 100 sov; second 20 and third 10 soys. from stake; seven furlongs and a Tbalf.-4arl of Sea field, Thormont, 9.0; Silver Lady; 8.13; Rent Roll, Peterwongie, 810; Ethel 31., Analysis" Peronne, 8-9; Attdale, 8.7; Jehad 8.4; Wattle Leaf, 8.1; Betty Burke, Miss Fides, 8.0; Astia, Ayrton, 7.13; Astral Light, Lord Tollendal, 7.12; Lady Mureena, 7.10; .Shamus, Master Gauze, 7.9; Drury Lane, Single Key, 7.8; Simmont, Fair Rain 7.6; Heigland. Dhu, 7.5; Land of Fog, 74; Volnmen, 7.3; Sparkmore. 7.1; High Wall, 6.13: Cheerful Cheer, 6.12; Houseboy, .Mul. -lahab, Flintmine, 6.11; Racilla. Myarra, 69. THIRD CLASS PLATE of 100 sovs.: sec ond 20 and third 10 soas. from stake; seven fnrloqga-Enniscorthy, Cerigo, 9.2; Lycosa. .0; Loch Vie, 8.10; Killoge, 8.9; Cool Work Belgian Belle, Maskeete, 8.8; Cul bam Queen, 8.5; China Town, Faithwaif, 8.4; Loch Elvie, 8.3; Nonplussed, Captain Alcock, Floanton, Carrawindy,. 8.0; Scotch Tart, Bright Face, Maundreli, 7.12; Green Fancy. 7.11; Yardie, .7.10; Farnsworth, 7.9; Bile Burke, Silver Pete, 7.8; CollhUirt, Golden Pledge, 7.7; Lockflint, 7.6; Goldkn Plumage. Frow Song, Mazacoma, 7.5; Orel King. 7.4; West Band, Blue Song, Brigand Chief, 7.3; a6ri Boy, 6.12; Ventrilo, 6.8; Mungareena, Byway, Brown Spa, Loch Sure, Cuyuac, Pantile. fMalarco, Yttria, 6.7. WELTER HANDICAP, of 100 sots.; sec: and 20'and third 10 sore. from stake; one mile and a furlong.-Bulgooroo, 10.5; Vene tian King, 9.9; Lustroso. 93; Rivose, 8.13: Golden Bond, 8.12; Delpre,; 8.10; Drn mont, 8.9; Munjardy, Clonakilty, 8.8: Rip pler.'8.6; Arrowtield: 8.2; Welconmie Hugh, 81; Ayrton; 7.10: Lady Nets, 7.9; Cam mary, Strathnaver. Lockiris, Warambie, Semper Paratus, 7.7. (Copyrighted.) YORK CLUB NO?I ATIONS. Following are -the nominations for the York Club's meeting to' be held at Bli mont Park on December 27:- / WF5STRALIAN HANDICAP.. - Wattle Leaf. Wallplate, Blue. Lady, 'Orvich, Hail o' Flowers., Jess Willard. -Fossville, Yire low, Fuslight, Yyttria, Rosemount. Loca True Shot; .betty Burke, Chini.Town, Golden Bond, Jerilderie, Fhntinine, Firse Flower. Orelite. Brown boolka, Green Fancy, Very Faithtul, Loch Sure. Canti lever, Locklint, Singiekey, Distant Jane, Flim. Ernis Queen, Son of Super,. Red Raft, Thormont, Captain Alcock, Enchalla, Muralite, Supermount, Sir Humphrey, Meg Spartalow, Benger. PLATIE and PURSES.-Wallplate, Ra cilla. Martian Queen, Pirate. Boy, Cool Work. Sirtris, ,feliahah, Mac Meryl, 'Little Perks, China Town, Petrovsk, Olio. Merry Tom, Green Fancy; Canfan, Carrawindy, Lockfint. Bright fa'ce, Maori Boy, Dis tant Jane. Brigand Chief, Masseuse. Peter wongie, Captain Alcook, Miss Fides, Byway, New Gauze. Golden Pledge, Meg Sparta low. Benger, All Style, Gtolden .Plumage, Orvich, Jess Willard, Myasra, Extension, Paddett; Simmont, Volumen. Nonplussed, Master Gauze. Jerilderie, Burns. Mazlad die, Very Faithful, Lady Mureena, Munga reena, Pair Rain, Albert. Jacka, Street Singer, Perkin. Flim, Attadale. Wax Palm. Lord Tollendal, Miarnui, Coilhurst, Nano, Rotary, Flagpole, Battle Eve, Bel sian Belle, Burniaco, Roseville, Fuslight, Maundrell, Rosemount,' Brearley, Ethel M., Betty Burke, Golden Bond. Malarco. Roble, Maskeete, Peronne, Loch Sure, My ambra, Cantilever, Epsilon, All Colouirs. Featherbraid, Ernis Queen, Cuyuac, Thor mont, Killogie. Analysis. Billee Burke, Myr tle Doon, Maza 8mea Lady Neta, Lady Alawa, Kelowna. Floanton. Yitria. Ven trillo, Lock Key, Faithwaif. Dell Rose. Loid Strathan. Finitus, Eudograft. First Flower, Coastland, Moorabine. Ualwa. Mis tival, Cuniebell, Bombardier, Yardie. Flintess, Son of Super, Clonakilty, Silver Lady, Silver Pete. Squatter's Hope. Duo, Ridot:o, Cheerful Cheer, Mechante Fille. UGLIES' HANDICAP.--High Wall. Lady Alawa, Explore, Cammilary, Strathnever. West Band, Drury Lane, Myarra. Jehad, Hare Hatch, Loosa. Sparkmore, Shamus, Nonplussed Master Gauze. Golden Bond, Finitus, Lockiris. Loch Vie, Maskeete, Pe ronne, Carrawindy, Cantilever, Heighland Dhu, Bombardier, Kilmaine, Cerigo, Son of Super, Silver Lady, Lord Tollendal, Miarnui, Analysis, Billee Burke, Ennis corthy Semper Paratus. Bright Face, Gol den Pledge, Le Lac, Ayrton. RACING IN NEW SOUTH WALES. WARWICK FARM MEETING. Sydney December a. FinS bright v.'sather favoured the War wick Farm December meeting this after noon. lresults : MAIDEN HANDICAP, one mile.-Emblem atic. 8.6 (A. Wood), ; iFra Diavolo, 8.9 (;. Walker), 2; Pantomime, 84 (G. Meddick. 3. Betting: 8 to 1 MIBLEMATIC. Divi dends, £3 4s. 6d., £t Is. 6d., and 13s. Won' by a length with three-quarters of a length between second and third. Time, 1.4 3. LIVERPOOL MILE.-Satin Bird, 8.11(Rt. Goode), 1; Publican,. 9.0 (K. Bracken), 2; Royal Salute, 8.4 (P. Maher). 3. BctLing: 9 to 2'LSATLN BIRD. Dividend, £3 9s. 6. Won by half a length, with a length and a half between second and third. Time, 1.41. JUVENILE HANDICAP, five furlong. Glenacre 9.0, (M. Connell), 1; Molly C'rag, 7.11 (W. Lillymen), 2; Tich, 8.0 tP. Maher), 3. Betting: 6 te4 aget GcLENACiE. dends. £I Is. 6,, 15s. lid.. and lis. 6d. Won br a neck. with the same between second end third. Trine 13. PAGE WELTER, six furlonge.--Ready Aye Ready, 10.2 (W. Liilyman), 1; Braii. ano, 8.0 (M. Connel), 2; Lcrd teathersetich 8.0 (C. Barden). 3. Betting: 2 tij 1 agst RADY . AYE READrY. Dividends, at 3s.. £1 2s. and £1. Won by five lengths, with a length between second and thu-d. TWAm ICK LHANDIGAP, ten furlongs.- Phast Boy, 7.1J (P. Maher), 1: Indy Liege, 8 0 (R. Mladen), 2; Varico, 8.7 (W. Lilly man), 3. Bettinmg: 7 to 1 PHAST BOY, Time, 2.15'.