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"MOPHIBR C&HRBE." I'The Denis Keoe .C.sany will cater-up -i'the last: three nights of their seeson at is,..X ajesstjs ..?hi ,-to-night when "Mother Machree," tbm .popular play, will be staged. This production will be repeat ed on Monday and Tuesday, and on Wed 'nesday the company will commence a brief season at Fremantle, staging "Mother Machree" for two nights, and "Irish Hearts" for a further two nights. Box plans for the Fremantle season are at Cook and Bayly's. S THE ENGLTSH PIERROTS. hbe attrctive programme presented this 'week in th-e Queen's Hall, has drawn large audiences, and only two more perform ances of the current bill will be given. On Tuesday next the usual, weekly change !takes place. The box plane are at Nichol son's. T" E AMERICAN BOYS. .kThm first big gatlering at which the pub 'lie will have the opportunity of seeing the "Sons of Uncle Sam," under the director ship of Major S. S. Peixotto, will be on the W..A.C.A Ground to-morrow (Sunday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, when the visiting boys will perform mr'any of their finest band drill items.The '.AL. Boys' Band will also be in attendance. Price of ad iaission is is., without' tax. On Wednes day next the first concert will be given by the boys at the Town Hall, Fremantle. On the following da. the first Perth sh4b will take place at the Melrose Theatre. Box plan for the Fremantle entertainment is at Cook and Bayly's, and for the Perth concert at Nicholson's, ~td. AVIATION AND MOTOR CYCLING. Major Brearley will give a big exhibition aht Loton Park this afternoon, which will be equal to, if not better .than, his pre Ciou" ones. Both the machines will be ivailable. and the intervals between the flights will be taken up by motorcycle rac ing. The "'falling leaf" act, which is to be performed for the first time in the 'Commonwealth, is the only "stunt" in which the aviator stops the propeller revolving. In ordinary stunting the propeller is re volving, although the engine is shut off. When the propeller is quite stationary he allows the machine .to, fall like a leaf, swaying from side to side. After he has fallen in this manner to a height of 1,000 feet he will, in order ip 'recover, execute a steep nose dive, getting up a speed of 12 miles an hour to re-start the engine. The "stunt" can be seen properly only by per sons 'inside the enclosure. Major. Brearley will be accompanied in the act by. Miss Armstrong. He will also perform a num ber of other evolutions. Every person pay ing for admission will ?ave ia chane of a free flight. Every paying patron will re ceive a numbered ticket, and two numbers which will entitle the holders to free flights will be announced duriiig the afternoon, and the holders will be required to'com municato. with 'the cashier at his office be hind the grandstand before leaving the ground. - BOHEMIAN DRAMATIC COMPANY. A changse of programme will be made by Cole's Bohemia Dramatic Company at the Shaftesbury Theatre this afternoon. The usual toy matinee will be given, at which all children attending will receive a gift. Mr. Edward I. Cole will also make his first Perth appearance in his original ver sion of "Buffalo Bill," which will be re peated at night. New songs will be intre duced. To-morrow, (Susiday) night's picture entertainment will include Mae Marsh in "All Women." "DOROTHY." ?ellier's renowned comic opera "Dorothy" will be produced at' His Majesty's Theatre next Saturday night, and will be continued until the following Saturday night by the Perth Operatic Society. The society has as' their principals well-known and popu lar artists and they have determined that everything will be in keepming with the period 1740. The costumeand scenery, is Is claimed, will be a revelation to Perth theatregoers. The principal casts will be slightly relieved on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. In addition to the casts published in the "West Australian" yester day is the inclusion of Mr. E. Bindley as akelder on Friday night. The box plan will be on view at Nicholson's on Mon day morning next at 10 o'clock. "SAN TOY." Under the brush of Mr. Phil Goateher the scenery for "San Toy" is: taking form and colour and a very decorative setting ' predicted. Mrs. D. S. Rolls is in charge i';te dancing, which is a feature of the production, and Miss Joy Rolls will ex emute the solo dance iis the second act. 'hcbearsals are proceeding satisfactorily. VAUDEVILLE. Melrose Theatre.--The lildren's mati nee at the Melrose Theatre this afternoon dill see the introduction of a bright new programme which will be repeated at the evening performances throughout rmi week. It includes "The Baby Ele l ;t," a pkit on the juienile depravity controversy, a lengthy series of vaudeville, and will conclude with a new Jazz Be Cabaret. To-morrow night there will be ,he usual Sunday night concert of pictures nd vocal offengs. PICTURE THEATaFS. Billie Burke at the Grand.-This favour ,A'icreen beauty appears at the Grand l"lmnorning in her latest screen success "ititlod "In 'ursuit of Polly." On the pro Iramme is a Sennett comedy, "slaisa mirst," with travelogue and gazette. tOn lunday night the picture is ranklypn Far sum in "'the Stranger from Nowhere." Thiatre Royal's idouble Programme.-A louble event is listed for the Royarl's at. inactive programme to-day, being the lat ea,'dyrama by Lrs. Chasr-ie Chaplin en titled "The Doctor and the Woman" from ihi. Fmmsu Ame-iran novel "KY" tovether

with Charlie Chaplin in "Sunnyuide," which will be shown for a further sx days. Ad vanced prices prevail to-day. with the ex ception that children under 12 will be charged 3d. between 12 and 6 o'clock. On Sunday night "Men" will be the drama. Princess, Fremantle.-A new programme to-day contains Olga Petrova in "The Pan ther Woman," a sine six-act drama. On Sunday night "T'Other Dear Charmer" is the star drama. Prices at Princess from :o-day are the same as at Perth continu sus picture theatres. Palladium Fremantlo.-Two fine fllms are bhowing on to-day's programme, being Enid 3ennett in 'The Vamp" and Charles Ray n "His Own Home Town," with children's .aomedies in the afternoon. Prom to-day prices of admission are the same as at Perth Picture Theatres. Majestic, Perth.-The new programme to bea screened to-day includes Harry Carey in a Western drama, "Three Mounted Mdn," and Mutt and Jeff in a new cartoon 'The Kaiser's Dentist." Majestic. Fremantle.--Madge Kennedy wakes her first appearance here to-day in "Friend, Hutband." A Chaplin comedy, "His New Job," is also included in the '"'avilion Theatra--The final screenings occur to-day of Earle .Yilliams in '? Rogue's Romance" and Marguerite Clayton In "A Daughter of the City." On Monday next '"The Night Workers" will be submit ted. Perth Palladiumn-The t'o films showing on to-day's programme for the last time are "Home," starring Mildred Harris-Chap lin and "Trther Dear Charmer," starrinm Louise Huff. On Sunday night GaIhb Deslys in "Infatuation" will be seen, and on Monday next Dorothy Phillips in "Des. tiny." Anita Stewart in "Virtuous Wives" will be shown at Empire Pictures, Ieederville, o-niight. A special programme will be screened at the children's matinee. aIrlyle Blackwell and Evelyn Greeley in "By Hook or By Crook," will be the main attraction at Cottesloe Hall to-night. At the North Perth Empire Pictures, MIorgerstreet, this afternoon, there will be a prize matinee when Pranklyn Farnam will sppear in "The Car of Chance." The arz .ramme will be repeated at night. On Sun day night Bryant Wnahbmrn will be pre sent in "Skinner Bubble."