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i 'i.



r^jfct'fe¿Í$'p.rii. yesterday the Chifley Labour Ôpyerihtittent officially ceased to administer the .the Commonwealth and the Menzies Frfddèn^CIove'rnment assumed office.

>!^ïfi »change took place automatically with thefswearJng-in of the Menzies Government by t¿e wo'ferrior-Genera!, Mr. W. J. McKcll, at

Government House.

The new cabinet held it first meeting at P arliament House at 5 pin

All of tHe new Ministers had arrived Jn Canberra by 130 p m and took over their new offices immediately after the swearing in cërenwny.

By 6 pm almost all of the forme* Labour Ministers had left Canberra and were returning to >iheir homes, after handing over their department to their successors ,

From early morning, Parlia- ment House [yesterday was a scene oí intense activity, with nèfcr Ministers moving into their ney offices and the old Ministers destroying personal flies and let» tecs, arid vacating rooms which they had occupied for almost nine years

Most touching scenes of the day were those of members of the staffs of former Ministers canvassing incoming administrat- ors for positions on their staffs.

Certain of the retiring Minis- tère had made sure that their personal staffs would receive ne\V positions, but many were left'tQ fend torsthems^Vcc.---^

, Appointments to Ministerial staffs ate at the discretion of the, Ministers in office at the urie l e

Many members of the staffs of Labour Ministers who are public servants will have to return to their old Departments

flëveral of the retiring Minis tersi ...whose departmental head- quarters ara in Canberra, yester- day called at their departments and bade fafewell to the members of the stairs

Avfew minutes after 2 pm

a ßeei) of 10 aleck, black Gov-

ernment Buick cars drew tip at Parliament House and the Prime Minister-elect (Mr Menzies) and his l8 Ministers entered them for

the drive to Government House

Ax Government House Mr Menzies was met on the steps by. An aide and escorted to the study, where Mr. McKell awaited hi*. v ,

His Ministers filed into the ballroom, where they were re- ceived by the Official Secretary (Mh Murray Tyrell) They toole seats in order rof their seniority oh Mr. Menzies',Cabinet list

,A few minutes later Mr Mt Kell ahd Mr Menzies entered) Mh McKell taking his pace at a table facing the assembled Min- isters u "

His .staff then took their posi- tions behind him and Mr Tyrell called the name of Mr Menzies

wf Menzies stepped to the table and waa handed a Bible

Mr Mckell, addressing Mr Menzies, said "I haye approved your appointment as Primo Min- ister of the Commonwealth of Australia, and I now invite you to make,:the oath of that office"

Holding, ¡the Bible aloft Mr. Menzies theil took the oath of office, swearing to well and truly s\erve His Majesty King George the Sixth in his office as Prime Minister '

Other Ministers were then similarly sworn in,,almost all of them kissing the Bible at the cohejusion of the, oath

\ The six Ministers, with the ex ceptionj>.©f¿ Dame Enid Lyons, Vice-President of the Executive Council, who Vd not had previ out Ç&blnet \ experience, were called upon io make three oaths Firstly.^ they had to swear alle glance, to the King secondly, they had to take the Executive Councillor's oath swearing to the best of. their, (-judgment to give counsel .and advice to the Gov- ernor-General'and to observe the secrecy^of ¿any matters debated in Executive Council ,and thirdly they took "the ttath to well 'and truly servo the lung in the ad- ministration of íthelr office

Those ùwho took the three oathjT^were Senators Cooper, O'Sultlvan < Spooner and Spicer,

aiidtMr. Bcalei

AsfVice«Prealdent of the Ex.

eelitlve Council, Dame Enid Lyons was called upon! to take only the first two oaths

'These, at her own request she swore on the Bible on which her iaU .husband the former Prime Minister Mr J A Lyons, also was sworn in as Vice-Pre- sident of the executive Council

On being sworn, Dame Enid was handed by Mr McKell a de- legation of authority, authoris- ing her to convene meetings of the Executive Council, to preside at such meetings in the unavoid- able absence of the Governor General and to certify the pro- ceedings to the Governor-Gene- ral

She was also authorised to permit another senior Minister to preside »t »tings of the Ex- ecutive council in the absence of the Governor General and


As each. Minister was sworn, His Excellency inscribed the Bible used by the Minister and handed it to him

Each Minister signed a copy

of the oaths sworn and handed them to Mr McKell, who will keep them for record purposes

At the conclusion of the cere- mony Mr McKell addressed the assembled /Cabinet on the im- portance of the high office which had been bestowed upon them

Mr Menzies, thanking Mr Mc- Kell, replied on behalf of the


* Coon iaiter^the ceremony

«pedal Government Gazette was Issued announcing the resigna- tion of Mr Chifley and the ap- pointment of the new Govern


Before leaving Government House the Cabinet posed with Mr McKell for press fand movie photographers

Mr Menzies made a short speech in which, he said the new Government accepted the enor- mous task bestowed upon it by the people and would represent not only those who ^oted for it but also those who voted against


The real thing we have to pro- duce it not only national pros- perity but national unity, he


Alterations to Parliament House to accommodate the en- larged Parliament, which hayo been proceeding for some months, are almost complete and there will be ample space for new members when Parliament as- sembles in the second week of

February j