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WAGIN.---The Maser (Dr. . E. Motile) presided at the public meeting on Ja~Xaary 10, called by requisition of the rateplyers: in connection .with the Badjarning water. scheme. There was a fair attendance of ratepeyors. and the following resolution, moved by .essrs. G.. A . W. iesse and D. Maloelm, was carried: "Ttlat this meeting urges the Wagin Water Board to throw the scheme on ihe Government's hands for following reasons:--(1) That the so called water scheme is not, and never will e, ;t water supply for the town. as the water is not fit for household purposes. (2) Tlat we were promised a supply of eighteen mill?o gallons with an average rainfall of 12 inches (whereas it .has beer consiisrahiv over 17 inches), and at no time has an average amount of seven million gallons been avail'ole. (3) That the present supply is ab_-olutely inadeqnate and if the Government are just they should spend more money to mak-e the I scheme a sxccrs, and (the capital cost0 ot tie schne to W?a-in should not exreed £6.000." A consequential motion' urging the Water Board to send a deputation to the Minister for. Water SupTpl- was also carried.--The Wagin Water Board meot on January 13, the Mayor presiding, Crs. Johnston, Cousins, Allport Sinclair, Tom by. McMillan and Abrolon being present. The secrtsary (Mr. C. C. geyser) reported tha: on January 10 there were five, million gallons of water in the Badjarning dam under timhe Water Board's controL In ad dition. there are two million gallons in the council tuwn dam. under the councire control. Approximately since November 4, two million gallons had passed through the major meter at Badiarning for use by the ratep?yers, and two millions had been lost by evaporation etc. According to the pre sent reading of the major meter the aver age amount that. had passed thrtugh wae six million iallons annually nce the scheme started. The special committee of the Water Board reported on the scheme as follows:--'That we recommend that the Minister for Water Supply be written to and thanked for reducing the capital cost of the scheme to £6.000. the balance of cost to date. £6.500. being placed to oau pense .account. That he be informed of the quantity of water to iasitch ratepayers were entitled (ae per rates struck from the inception qf the scheme), and the quantity actually available. That the as. .eisment- had bean kiept up, and the rate of Is. 6d. in the £ maint?ined. That the water is unfit . for human consumption. That every year the water has had to be limited for gardening purposes, and in one year (in addition to paying rates) rate payers had to pay carriers for catuing water fromn he council's. town dam. That the board are unable to agree to the Min ister's proposal that additional money e ceived in the future as a resu of in ereased population and increased annual values, provided thme rate is maintained, tunless a corresponding increase takes ples in the water conserved, as Each additional pound collected in rates meant an obliza icon, on behalf of the board to prOnide more water." In view of the resolution corried at. the ratepiyers' meeting a com-. mittee was appointed to ascertain infer mation in several of the above matters raised before approaching thbeinmieer.-In connection with tbe precautions agamist pneumonic influenza. Dr. Mottle reported that about one hundred persons bed been inoculated.-At the monthly meeting of the Wagin Roads Board the chairman (Mr. P. J. Toll) presided over Messrs Bla?k; Randall,, Pederick, Markham Har rey, West. and the secretary (Mr. J. Booth). The Department of Agriculture forwarded two colonies of the blowfly para sites, with instructions, and it was ar ranged to liberate .the colonies on two widely separated farms.-The honour flag, with star and three bars, was received fronm the Centiral Wa.r Loan Commnittee for the Wagin distriet, and the committee, oomipr?ed of the members of the roads. ,board. It was decided to erect a flag staff in front of the board's office. Mr. A. H. Fidge wrote snnouncing the patenting of a new road-making machine, and it was decided to inspect any trials being made. Accounts amounting to £45 13s. 2d. were passed for payment. HOLYOAKE.--On the 9th inst. a argely attended social was held, under ie aus pices of the I.O.0OF., to welcome home Driver F. Thomas, of the 12th Battalion, and Driver- John Smith, of the 6th Bat tery, both having been on service for four years and two months D.D.G.M. Bro. Gar diner welcomed them on behalf of the Order and the residents q? Holyoake, and congratulated them. on being amongst the fiist to leave:Holyoake to tnbit the Hun. They were all, he said. glad to see them return safe and sound to their old friends. Both soldiers were heartily- cheered upon rising to respond. Driver Thomas being es pecially ineresting in relating tis experi ences in France. ; The sodis continued till the early hours of the morning, the dance music being supplied by Miss Stewarst ad Mesdames Kelly, Hand, and H. Palmer.. BUNBURY.-A party of some 50 Anzacs who are touring the South West through Sthe courtesy of Perth motor owners visited I Bnbuiry on Monday last. In the morning they were shown the chief scenic. spots, and inspected the repatriation woodworking in dustry. The afternoon was occupied in a trip up the estuary, and the day was com pleted by ~a banquet in the theatre. There was a long toast list, and the evening was interspersed with musical items. Final er rangements for the bowling carnival on the Z7th instant.are well in .hand, and a good contest is expected. The South West Lawn Tennis Championship will also be contested on that day, and is drawing players from all parts of- the metropolis. Weights for the Bunubury races on the 27th have been issued and good fields are assured. A ape cial train is being run from Collie to ac commodate racoe-r--Mr-s. M. A. Spencer, an aged and highly respected restdent, passed away at her residence on Friday last. The funeral on Saturday wee largely attended. .. .... ... . . ,__

POPANYINNING.—The death occurred   after a short illness in Perth on the 29th   ult., of Mr. W. J. Nairn, of Popanyinning formerly of Byro station, Murchison. The eldest son of the late Mr. James Nairn, of Claremont., he was born in Perth on Jan uary 22, 1842. and was educated at the High School, Perth. On finishing his education he joined his father. in York later on taking up land in the Victoria district. from there he made several trips through the Murchison, sometimes alone. but mostly accompanied by his brother the late Mr. Walter Nairn, of the Murchison. Finally. they selected an area of country starting the Mt. Jonbert station, afterwards known at Byro station. Here he resided with his family for 31 years. He was very popu lar on the Murchison. and acted as chair man of the roads board for many years. In 1873 he married a daughter of the late Mr. J. Kell of Dongarra, who with a family of five sons. five daughters, and 19 grandchildren survive him. one son having been killed on active service in October, 1917. For the last 4½ years the deceased resided in Popanyinning.