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METROPOLITAN RAILWAYS. EAST PERTH LOCO. DEPOT. NEW WORK NEARING COMPLETION. Within the next three mouths, should   present expectations be fulfilled, the engine stock iutilised for the purposes of the   metropoilitan raiiway system will be transferred to the commodious new running yard and sheds now nearing completion between the East Perth and Mount Lawley railway stations, and the unsightly sheds between Melbourne- road and West Perth will be vacated. These will in all probability, b: subsequently demolished, much to the satisfaction   of the lovers of the city beautiful, to  


whom they have for years past constituted a conspicuously offensive eyesore. The construction of the new sheds, the first steps towards which were conipleted, in June, 1915, has~8een necessitated p by a number of circumstances. The b.g increase in-! ennine stock, arising from the rapid e. -elopinent oir the sysLem, has had the effect. a taxing" he western depot to far. beyond its caia tv, and consequently of rendering the economical and expeditions ,handling i? enires .a matter 9f; extrneme dificulty. Morevrcr, the' land upon which the depot m?sids is r&kjired for 'raffic sidings and theilextension :of the pas-enger and goods yards. Chiefly for these- reasons "it was decided by the "ailway ,authorities to trans .cr the engine stock to: the eastern side of "the central, tation. " Extensive resumptions of private property   were made with a view of obtaining sufficient space for the layout of the yards, and the next step taken was that of grading

the area to the required formation. This preparatory work entailed the removal of about 149,000 cubic yards of sand. The laying of the sidings was begun last year and   is now completed. In the layout, provision has been made for the possibly conversion   of the 3ft. 6. gauge to a 4ft 8½ in. gauge, and at the same time by an extension of the engine shed and sidings, it will   be possible to provide for the 4ft. 8½in. gauge separately, should the Great Western line be continued to Perth. To deal with coal supplies, a bin 150 feet long,. With a holding-capacity of 200 tons of coal, has been erected, and this will be fittcd with 10 sets of chutes for filling tenders or bunkers of engines. Provision is made for the future instalation of a mechanical coal loading apparatus. DTraina?e has received :he attention due .to its importance, an elaborate system being ;provied. Ampe provision has .been made for water:supply which will gravitate from. the 50,000 gallon.

'verhead task at Summer-street through 2in.. Sin.. and smaller mains. Ten water enolimns have been erected.' two between izch pair of roads 'and oppnsite t.ho outside engine Pits at the snth end of the new tunnina shed. and two oppcsite the mecha. n:eal coal bin. The engine pits. which are emsirely of briek. aggregate 5.000 feet in length. At the south end of the now en .ine shed prois-ion is made for cahit pits: each 165 feet -long, an(d piio.extend under each road through the b:ti:dins.. The shed is Z'2 feet long, with a width of 187 'feet. and is capable offstabling 50 engines. It t designed to permit'of fuLure ectension. more than douolina the nresent capacity. The permanent, walls are of brick on con crete foundatieons and a distinctive'featurrc ot the shed is its' filed roof. This is not cnly a pleasant change from .the customary galvanised iron, but also possesses a - marked practical advan tage over 'a . roof ;of galvanised iron

by reason of its immunity from the.effects of engine fumes. Iron roofs on similar structures have. owing to the corrosive ac tion of tho fumes, proved a constant source of trouble and expense. An SOft. turntable, capaple of takingenpines equal to the type mel on the trans-Australian railway,; has Leen ere:cd. Connection to the main lines i= g"ined at both East Perth and Mt. Law ley, under the control of the signal cabins ; ?:those stations. The sidings in the depot total about six miles of line, and.are of C?lb. section rail; they branch out into ten separate .roads, running into .he new shed a. the south end, and then converge agam at. the north end.. Through the building the grade of the sidings is 1 in 2%C. In adds t~on, a siding and shed to house the break down crane will be constructed. -About 9~iO,OO bricks from the State brickworks at Beenup hare been used in the construction of the new depot, which covers a total area of 22 acres.