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On Thursday afternoon the apartment of Mr Wilkins the Handler, at the "Temple Tavern" was robbed of a handsome little Geneva gold watch, of the value of twelve or fourteen guineas, but for which he would not

perhaps na?e taken twice tlie sum. It «ras hangiog over his bed. Tlie door «as locked, but the window open. While he was io the tavern at dinner the thief must have entered by the unclosed casement though he appeared to have ret lied by the more commodious passage of the door, which from the inside he was able to open. The anniversary of the opening of the New Port was cele hrau-d ou Thursday by a ltegaUa of sailing boats and pull ing boats of all *>iz«-s, and under management of all classes olindividuals. The port and Us immediate neighbourhood pre?eut«?d a scene of unusual bustle and activity, all but die landlords and servants of the various houses of entertainment appearing to partivipa<e in the exciting sports. The wharfs and stairs were literally thronged with spectators, and the kiuducss of I lie various captains of the merchant vessels allV.i d<-d many ladies and gentlemen an opportunity of pro curing what they termed "a good sight." The" Tif* de liunleaux was moored for the occasion a short distance down die stream, aud was the great centre of attrae lion for th«« elite ol the visitors. The brass band of the Patd ship was in attendance, and played with excellent taste some well | selected and standard pieces. Mr Robinson, of the Free j masons' Tavern, with whom was Mr Henry, catered to the calls of the ladies and gentlemen in a manner which renders j any eulogiums on our part unnecessary. The river, ex clusive of the boats about to contest the race, afforded quite i an enlivening aspect, every whaleboat, sailing boat and dingy apparently heiug pressed iuto the service. The particulars of the races which we subjoin will be found strictly accu rate. The ladies' race which was quite an original affair, and enumerated amongst the number in our report, occa sioned a great deal of merriment, and caused manv to crack a joke who were getting quite fatigued with the heat and excitement of the day. After choosing their own stations (something rather novel in yacht sailing) the boats were started by Captain Lipson. die Commander for the occasion. FIRST RACE. First-class sailing boats restricted to size, under 10 tons.     — Prizes £30, and £10.   The Rover, belonging to Government, and sailed by Mr Quinn the pilot. Saucy Jack, belonging to Mr Bailey, and sailed by Mr   Southam.   Hatch Boat, sailed by Mr Torrens and owners. Canton, sailed by Mr Friend, owner and master.   The race was from the battery house round the buoy in the channel, and up the Government wharf. This was certainly anything but a well contested race. The Rover took the lead and kept the lead all along and on her return at the North Arm was nearly a mile a-head of any of the others. One very material point however ought   not to be lost sight of, namely, it was under Quinn's man   agement, who may be presumed to possess greater know   ledge of the river and adaptations of the boat. Mr Bailey's Saucy Jack, sailed by Mr Southam, though a good way behind the Rover, showed the Hatch Boat she had no chance; and Capt. Friend, in the Canton, became aware of having too much ballast and too little experience of the river. SECOND RACE. "Woolbridge's boat and Richardson's boat—took the first and second prizes. Government boat of no account. THIRD RACE. Four whaleboats. Maltisons "Star" steered by Mr Bennett, very deservedly took away both prize and sweepstakes. The " Dewdrop," steered by Mr Shan, tried hard. FOURTH RACE. The fourth race was got up by aniatuers, in four oar gigs, and was the best contested one throughout the day. Mr Bennett's gig with the Adelaideans. Mr Ilaimes the Architect, Lieutenant Bewcs, Mr Gcmmell, and Mr E. N. Emmett. Mr J. F. Bennett as coxswain. The Paltts gig by tlie Sydney and Port Phillip over landers, Mr Raye, Mr Devlin, Mr Jones, and Mr . Mr Stein, coxswain. Government gig pulled by Captain Hyde, Messrs Maturin, Torrens, and Newman. Mr C. Fisher, coxswain. Government gig at first took the lead about a. boat's length, but after a short time, Mr Bennett's gig made way gradually drew a-head and retained her position to the winning post. Both the Adelaide people and Orerlanders strained every paint to gain the day, aud the result of die race led to one of greater moment which took place yester day, £180 to £60 being staked against the previous' day's conquerors, the Adelaide folk. FIFTH RACE. Prizes £5 and £2. Mr Lawson's, "Wave," and Mr Snowdon's "Skyblue" took the prizes. SIXTH RACE. By two ladies in dingics, Mrs Forsyth and Mrs Haynes being the competitors. Both parties were rowed by their gentlemen friends to the starting place, but to dieu* utter amazement were first pulled alongside the Vtlle de Bordeaux to afford amusement to the visitors. Mrs Forsyth won to die astonishment of all the spectators, the "litde un" being considered better metal of the two. Yesterday afternoon, at fonr o'clock, a boat race between the Overland gentlemen of Adelaide and the Adelaideans took place at the Port. The match arose out of the usual conversation which remits betwixt '* winners and losers," and the same gentlemen who contested the race on Thurs day pulled iu their respective boats this day. Although the Port did not present the bustling appearance of the daj of the Ileg&tta, the parties that were present were nume rous and respectable, and severally deeply interested in the result of the race. In the early part of the day, in conse quence of the non-arrival of Mr Stein, the coxswain of the Overlauders* boat, it was rumoured the race would net come off; but after waiting until a little beyond the time specified for the start, it was agreed to allow another puty to act in that capacity. The match was £90 to £30 in favour of the Orerlanders, and the bets eery spirited. If there was any difference, we should say the Adelaideans were favouiites. The Overlanders took the lead, and kept it for some considerable distance, but were at last pasted by the Adelaide gentlemen, who held their position to the winning-place. A better contested race we do not remem ber to have eeen. The boats were well adapted in strength, and tlie rowers skilful, and it became doubtful until a very near approach to the finale which would carry off the stakes. The Overlanders, however, lost the day with as much apparent goodwill and candour as in losers can be expected, and the Adelaideans returned home perfectly well satisfied ot being able to go in and win any day. This race was no sooner terminated than it occasioned a spirit of rivalry among many other persons at the Port,and a sailiuir match or two took place, and added to the pleasures of {he afternoon. Mr Quin tlie pilot, with his nautical skil laud appliauces, as usual came off victor, and £5 in pocket. The following entries for the Gawler Town Races (19th and 20th Nov.) were made at the " Club House," on the evening of the 5th November— HURDLE RACE. £3 3s entrance, 30 guineas added. Mr Charles Campbell (names) r. g. Highflyer., aged. — Hulkes's b. mr, Diamond, aged. — Best's br. h., Tenzer, 4 years. — Baker's gr. g. Stranger, aged. — Stein's gr. g.. Mustapha, aged. GAWLER TOWN PLATE. £5 5s entrance, and 50 guineas added. * Mr C. Blaxley's b. m., Alice Grey, 2 years. — Parker's b. g., Pirate, aged _ Malcolm's b. g.. The Gift, 5 years. — Miller's gr. h. Prizefighter, 3 years.   _ Paxton's r.g.. Higlifyer, aged. MINER'S PLATE. £3 3s entrance, and 30 guineas added. Mr Malcolm's b. m.. Miss Hop, 2 years, — Clarke's gr. g., Prince Albert, 5 years. — Gemmell's gr. g.. Fidget, 4 years. — Mercer's b. m., Elizabeth, 3 years. — Baker's ch. m., Brenda, 2 years. HACK STAKES. £1 1s entrance, and 15 guineas added. Post entry. A native who with his lubra had been for several days at one of Mr Harriott's stations on the Bremer has been found dead, apparently waddied in his sleep, his temple being broken in, and the female missing. The Coroner was to leave town yesterday to help an inquest on the remains, which the police intended bringing in as far as Strathalbyn. It is impossible to say whether suspicion should attach to the woman or whether she has been carried off by the murderers. Mr and Mrs Jolly, who have long exercised the schol- astic profession in Adelaide with assiduity and success,   have been induced to undertake the important duties of   tuition amongst the rising generation in the new and important township of Kooringa, (at the highly produc tive and prosperous Burra Burra Mines).