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Thursday, May 14.—The barque Isabella Watson, 514 tons, R. G. Thompson, master, from London. Passengers— Charles Bamber, Esq., surgeon-superintendent ; Mr and Mrs G. M. Stephen and three children ; John W. Wilkin, Esq., Mr and Mrs Henry Giles, Mr and Mrs Anthony Forster, Mr George Phillips, Mr J. R. Barford, Capt. Wm. Perham, Mr Robert Penhay, Rev. A. F. Lloyd, Mr Arthur F. Lloyd, Mr Richard Lloyd, in the cabin : Mr and Mrs Hayes Brown and son, Mr and Mrs Peter Brown, Mr Thos. Butcher, Mr John Dempster, Mr W. R. Swan, Messrs Thos. and William Morris, Miss Elizabeth Williams, in the inter- mediate : Mr and Mrs Robert Teakle, Mr John Hall, Mr James Hall, Mr Berry, Mr Olding, Mr Eli Boger, in the steerage, and the following Government emigrants.—Joseph Welsh and wife ; William Morrow, wife, and child ; John Venning, wife, and child ; George Jervis and wife, Isabella Young ; George Webb, wife, and five children ; George Webb, jur., William Webb ; Francis Bodger, wife, and five children ; Hagor Bodger; Robert Boon, wife, and child ; John Bott, wife, and fve children ; Sarah Bott, Esther Lovell, Jane Lovell ; Henry Usher, wife, and child ; Harriet Teakle, Priscilla Teakle, Kesiah Teakle, Elias Lee and wife ; Thomas King, wife, and three children ; Wm. King, James King, Penelope King, Elizabeth Cork, Hannah King ; James Hector, wife, and two children ; Elizabeth Hector, Thomas Hector, Emanuel Hinks, Jane E. Prior, Nathaniel Long and wife, Benjamin Hall and wife ; George Aldon wife, and child ; George Gardwood, Susan Gard- wood, John Hunt and wife, Charlotte Britt. James Pawsey ; John Imray, wife, and child ; Augustus Imray, John Wright, John Dawn and wife, Hannah Hide, Benjamin Streeter and wife, Henry King and wife, George Baker, Robert Mor- phett, George Morphett, George Seagar and wife, Elizabeth Payne, Alfred Baker and wife, Edward Baker, Wm. Costen, William Henry King ; John Collins,wife, and five children ; Mary Collins ; Jacob Hooper, wife, and six children ; John Hooper, Lavinia Hooper, Sabina Hooper, Leonora Hooper, Simon Aunger, Matthew Caskey, Abbey Courtenay, Robt. Collins and wife, James Brenton ; Robert Smyth, wife, and four children ; Jane Smyth, Elizabeth Smyth, David Smyth, William Smyth, Robert Smyth ; Charles Orlando Hill, wife, and two children ; Matilda Umberstone, Jane R. Umber- stone ; Alexander Robinson, wife, and four children ; Wm. Gray, wife, and child ; W. Patterson Mackay and wife, Anne Patterson Mackay, Sarah Elizabeth Cook, Sarah Tanner and four children, Priscilla Tanner, John Heally     and wife, John Heally, jun., Jas. Heally, Florence Heally, Wm. Clifford, Margaret Clifford ; Martin Mulcurry, wife,   and two children ; G. Whiteway Bickford, John Reynolds and wife, John Kean and wife, Catharine Edwards ; Edward Mitchell, wife, and four children ; James Durrant, Thomas Alder ; Duncan McPherson, wife, and child ; John Lesley William George Cook, George Tanner. IMPORTS. Cargo of the Isabella Watson.—3 cases stationery, Bank of Australasia ; 1 case of merchandise, H. W. Phillips ; 11 rams, 16 bales 6 cases 1 cask merchandize, A. Forster ; 1 box mer- chandise, Messrs Miller & Bryden ; 6 bales 4 boxes mer- chandise, R. F. McGeorge; 2 cases, contents unknown. Mining Association ; 4 cases merchandise, T. Shepherd. Esq., 243 pieces battens. C. & F. J. Beck & Co. ; 14 cases brandy, 20 cases champagne. 7 cases marselle, 2 hhds, wine, 12 qr. casks wine, 2 hhds. brandy. N. P. LeBair ; 1 parcel drawing, Dr. Murphy : 1 bale merchandise , 1-quarter. cask sherry, John Morphett ; 2 cases Merchandise. J. Southam ; 1 butt 5 hhds. 6-quarter casks sherry, 11 hhds. port wine, N. P. Le Bair ; 5 packages merchandise, Order ; 1 case mer- chandise, Messrs Blythe Brothers ; 1 case contents un- known, Capt. Butler ; 1 case wearing apparel, John Godlee ; 1 case contents unknown, G. Heseltine ; 432 packages sundry goods, E. L. Montefiore & Co ; 1 parcel merchan- dise 10 sovereigns, H. Watson, Esq. ; 3 cases merchandise, G. A. Anstey ; 1 box merchandise, Alfred Hardy. NAUTICAL FACTS AND OCCURENCES. We some time ago noticed some proofs of the success of Smart's Patent Convex Propeller. A recent investigation into the merits of the invention elucidates the following sa- tisfactory and rather curious result :— " The two first steamers (says our correspondent) fitted with Mr Smart's paddle floats, about one year and a half since, have traversed a distance of nearly three times the circumference of our globe, and yet the floats, without a repair, have cabability   of repeating the arduous undertaking. Voyages are also shortened at least one-tenth by their use."