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We congratulate our friends on die advance on sheep. An old colonist assures us he cannot replace under 15a. those sheep he is supplying per contract to die Burra. Burra. Mine, at 12s 6a.

The heat of last Wednesday was so great, as far to exceed anything we have had during the present season. The thermometer at the Government offices, outside the building and in a southern exposure indicated 109J? at 10 in the morning, and continued rising till about a quarter before 2 o'clock, at which time it had reached the maximum heat observed, 10o£ s. This was the more remarkably as there was a gentle wind at north in die morning, which kept steadily veering away to die westward, notwithstanding which die instrument still showed 105£? at 4 o'clock in die afternoon, and die heat continued to be very great, during almost die whole of the night. This being die third day of clear, hot sunshine, was, as is usually die case, succeeded on Thursday by a high wind, plenty of dust, some diunder, and a little rain, which reduced die temperature so low as to make the air almost uncomfortably cold, die dier morneter not ranging much above 80?. The refresh ing influence of this change of temperature on vegeta tion was Btrongly marked, and could scarcely escape oberration.

It has frequently been asserted that the lands in this portion of the Southern Hemisphere only require "scratching" to put them in a condition to produce com; and in many instances this is true enough; but - \f£ have special imtmces upon record, where the soil has yielded its increase without any kind of stirring. The first crop of self-sown wheat which came under die notice of our very credible informant, was that of Mr Ferguson, which comprised fifty acres. The land had been ploughed and sown in three following years, but the fourth and last crop of 1809 bushels was obtained without the smallest attempt at cultivation, being in every sense of the word a self-sown crop. Dr. Penfold's farm at Makgill has been'the scene of the spontaneous production alluded to.

That regard for the public convenience which has ever distinguished the arrangements of the Bank of South , Australia, is about to be further manifested by a new ap proach from Hindley-street direct, and which, it is said, will be opened, as soon as the plan and design shall have been determined on.

Amongst the advantageous removals of the present stirring tunes, we have much pleasure in noticing that of Messrs C.&F. J. Beck, who have now taken pos session of their recently purchased, extensive, and highly desirable premises, at the corner of fiindley and King Wiliam-streets.

The exterior portion of the new steam mill of Messrs ; Paxton & Co. in Grenfeli-street approach completion. , The chimney, which is seventy-five feet high, and re markably handsome, was built without any external scaffolding, and is handsomely coped with freestone.

'■ Mr Bentham Neales has, with his accustomed libera lity, made a voluntary offer of the temporary use of his , Colonnade to the growers of fruit; so that on and after Saturday next, dealers and other wholesale buyers may daily be accommodated as they are in the London mar ' kets, without waiting at home for uncertain arrivals of ■ supplies brought to their doors, under circumstances i more or less disadvantageous and uncertain. But the sellers, as well as the buyers, will be greatly benefited by the proposed arrangements, and untu a regular mar ' ket-place, central and sufficiently capacious, be erected, '• we think the growers can scarcely be grateful enough to . the worthy proprietor m the Colonnade for <he accom modation thus opportunely afforded.

: On Thursday last his Excellency the Inentenant-Go ; vernor sailed in the Lapwing accompanied by several • officials to Rivoli Bay, where it is said to be his intention | to examine the. country and fix upon the site of the , new township, which will be laid ont forthwith, and such buildings as may be requisite for Government pur ' poses are to be proceeded with without delay. He also * intends to make a close investigation of the line of coast r to the eastward, so as to gain a more accurate knowledge ' of the sea-board of the province in that direction, and purposes to extend his trip to six weeks or two months. Captain Lipson commands the cutter, and we hope we shall be able to lay some interesting communications before our readers on the return of this useful and plea* sant expedition.

The Match for 50 Sot. each, between Mr Clarke's YouvgJjch, and Mr P. Maurice's mare The Kitten, a came off on Thursday morning, and considering die very r early hour (six o'clock) there was a fair sprinkling of sporting men, including some of the "knowing ones." Mr P. Maurice's ch. m., The Kitten (Fuller) I I * Mr Clarke's b. g., Young Jack 2 3 1 In the first heat, the mare challenged die horse at the to the Flat, where the mare began to shew out, and won cleverly by four or five lengths. In the second heat the !* start was at" railroad pace," and so continued to the ap- B preach to the hollow; here Young Jack began to fall -, off, and it became •'Barclay & Perkins" to "Adelaide s Brewery." Won eadly by several lengths. Previous to the start, it was whispered that the mare was "so so" in s one of her fore legs. Whether this was a rttse or not "• we will not venture to assert; at any rate, her party were t very sweet upon her—she never ran better considering { her short training to prepare ber for the " business" cut out for her at the races, and the rough work she had just left behind her; her condition does great credt 0 to her trainer, and proves that she has some" good6tuff" 1/in bee.