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SALES BY PUBLIC AUCTION. 00 — NOTICE. No Alteration of Dayt of Sale. JOHN BENTHAM NEALES, «* thankful to tho public for the very great ronortiuD of patronage bestowed on him, will continue his sales as usual; piosuoiinp, that to alter to tho days of oilier auction sales would be a serious iDJury to buyers and sellers. Merchandise-Saturday. JOHN BENTHAM NEALES will ** sell on Saturday next, as under— New mueic, paper, cards, dray covers, all i;izes, trousers in moleskin, cantoon, jam broon, drill, and diagonals, dark and light waistcoaling, brass taps, sod irons, pit aDd cross-cut savrs, coopeis' tools, lamp heads, glasses, and cotton, mattocks, hair pins, sad dlery, harness, Manilla and Bengal ropo, soap, brushes, nails, knives, razors, bitts and lashes, manger chains, sash tools, curtain rings, pins, regatta shiits, American chairs, sole leather. Calicoes, shirtings, boiler's, saucepans, des'is, desert knivo.i anil forks, silks, shawls, hats, stockings, wallnuts, almonds, wines in woud ami bottle, Ashby's Ale, ex " Taglioni," 20,000 Havannah Cigars, Ink, coffee, cables, chains, rice, baskets, barrow-wheels, cheese, children's caps, paiat, and other sundries. Cattle, Horses, and Carriages. JOHN BENTHAM NEALES will " hold his usual sale in the .King-Willlam street, stock-yard, on Saturday— Lot of cattle (various) 2 useful horses 1 first-rate pony S now gigs and carts. The Handsomest turn-out in the Colony, known as Hall's celebrated Pony " Jack," with the Chaise-cart, Harness, Cushions, Whip, Stable-halter, and Tether-rope. fOHN BENTHAM NEALES is ** instructed by the proprietor to offer the above very complete and useful lot, on Satur day next, July 20th, 1841, at twelve o'cUck precisely. HPHE undersigned having formed a -*- Heifer Station, is willing to take charge of heifers for other parties Apply to Mr Jacob, Morooroo, Lyndoch Valley. A good dairyman wanted. A GENTLEWOMAN many years -^- accustomed to Tuition in English, Frccch, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, Music, &c, &c , &c, would be happy to attend ono or more families as daily governcsi. Terms moderate. Card* of address at the lieyister Oflice. King WiUiain-street. Adelaide. Wanted, A STOUT active youth accustomed ■**• to a store. Apply to RICHARD ROBERTS, Hindley-street. Just arrived, Ex " Hero," FROM LAUKCESTON. SQO BUSHETffof fine Van Die men's Land Oats, on [sale at the Stores of the undersigned. ROBERT PARKER, Hindlcy-street. July 10, 1844. In Supreme Court, Equity Side. Between 1 JoilN Wh ELAND, j Complainant, ! and f James and Joiin HowAitn, ! Defendants. j f|THE creditors of tho nbovo Complainant JL and Defendants, Utely carrying on to gether a Whale Fishery at Encounter Bay, are hereby requested to send in /or audit, on or before the 20th day of July inst., the particu lars of their demands against the said Fisherv, or the proprietors thereof, up to the lt*ih day of October, 1843, to me, at my chambers, iu the Supremo Court, Weyniouth-strcct. Dated, 9th July, 1844. CHARLES MANN, Master of the Supreme Court Worth Reading ! JAMES THOMAS, TAILOR AND HABIT MAKER, T-ROM SYDNEY, /"^ALLS the attention of the Gentle- men of Adelaide, to make their trial of his style and workmanship, by which, iu an outlay of .-€lO, they will save four at least. The question being asked on all sides, " How can Thomas make Clothing sn much cheaper than any'other ?" The trade of course echoes, " Oh, its all humbug." Now I must distinctly declare, that it is not humbug, but jacts (which are stubborn things). But I will explain how I can make clothes so cheap. It is the practice of the Trade to give credit, and a laid-down maxim that one debt in every three will be a bad one : whereas, I give no credit ; consequently every one pays only fur what he gets, and thus the ridille is solved. In conclusion. I respectfully intreat of those geutlemen who fancy high priced articles, to throw aside the weak prejudice that cheap tailors cannot be good ones, and make a trial of tho undersigned. SUPERIOR CXOTUING MADE TO onOEII. £ s.d. £ s.d Dress Coats from 2 5 0 to 8 7 6 Orlcansor Cashmerette 1 17 6 " 2 2 0 Frock Coats, 7s. Gd. estra. Black Dress Trousers 1 50" I 12 G Drill, Duckii Gambroon...O 13 0 " O 18 0 Plack Cassimere Vests 0 12 0 " 0 15 6 Silk or Saliu ditto 0 10 0 " I 10 Best French ditto 1 5 q Tweed Coats I 5 0 Ditto Trousers 0 14 0 Bluejackets I 14 0 •' 2 2 0 Terms Cash on delivery. JAMES THOMAS, Tailor & Draper, Hindley-slreet, 1 dour west of Lambert's New Austion Booms.

London Coals. SMITHS' COALS of tho best quality on sale at the Port. Apply to R. TAPLEY. G. F. Angas & Co. 'J'HE above firm are prepared to ■^ make advances on wheat, wool, oil, whalebone, tallow, gum, ores or other Colonial produce, consigned for sale to their correspon dents, Messrs Angas. Bcvan & Co., of London. Office Pirie-slreet, Adelaide 2tst June, 1844. CATTLE. TV/f R N EW L A N D, of Encounter -L'-l Bay, intends to offer for sale, in Thcharton Market, on Wednesday, July the 19tb, about bixiy iiead of cattle, consisting of milking cows, working bullocks, calving hei fers, steers, and calves. A few prime ones for tho butcher. As the whole of this etock is perfectly do cile, having been brought up by hand, and great care and expense used in their breed, it is considered that no stock of the kind in the Colony exceeds this. Fresh Assortment! \fi/"ALKING Sticks, Song books * Cricket balls Coloured picture books Tennis balls Wafers Pionocks geography Napoleon's Book of Fate Goldsmith's ditto Marking ink Guy's ditto Pastboard. Vie bat selection of LEDGERS ever inpor.ed. Millions of steel peos, fourpecco per dozen. PLATTS'S LIBRARY, Hindley-street. South Australian Agricultural Society. THE Society's Ploughing Match has been appointed to take place upon Thursday, the 1st of August next, at the South Austra lian Company's section, No. 390, in the uccu. patinn of Mr Cook, situated on the banks of the Torrens, to the west of Hindmarsh, and ou the left of the road leading to Port Adelaide. Tho prices for competition will be as under ; 1 .—Ploughs drawn by bullocks with driver; 1st £3 0 0 2nd 2 0 0   3rd 1 10 0   ll.—Ploughs drawn by pair ot bullocks, driven by ploughm : Ist £3 0 0 Three competitors 2nd 2 0 0 or only one piize. lll.—Ploughs drawn by pair of horses, dri ven by ploughmen : Ist £3 0 0 Three competitors   2nd 2 0 0 or only one prize. IV.—The maker of the best plough used during the competition, manufactured in the Colony : Prize £1 0 0 V.—To the best driver of bullock teams, not acting as ploughman. Prize £1 0 0 It has been suggested by the Committee, that should the funds afford it, an extra prize shall be awarded for the best work in the field, the competition to be between those who shall take the highest prizes in the three first classes. The ground will be picketed off on the day previous to the match. The members and competitors to be on the ground at 8 o'clock a.m. precisely. The rules of the competition, which are the same as last year, to be then read, and the judges appointed, one of whom by the Society, one by the Competitors, and these two to name a third The start to be intimated by the President, at nine precisely. ! Dinner on the table at Payne's Hotel, at 5 p.m., after the competition, when the prizes will bo distributed. J. WOTHERSPOON, Secretary 'PHE AUSTRALASIAN. COLONIAL, A and GENERAL LIFE ASSURANCE and ANNUITY COMPANY, No. 126 Bisbopsgate-street, corner of Corn-hill, Lon don, and No. 14, Bridge-Btreet, Sydney. Capital—£2oo,ooo in 2,000 Shaius. Directors: Edward Barnard, Esq. Chas. E. Mangles, Esq Henry Buckle, Esq. J. B. Montefiore, Esq John H. Capper, Esq J. B. Ravenshaw, Esq Gid. Colquhoun, Esq. Sir James Stirling John E. Lyall, Esq. William Walker, Esq. Auditors: C. Richardson, Esq., 72 Cornhill. Sir Francis Hastings Doyle, Bart. *~ Directors/or Sydney : C. 1). Riddle, Esq. John Thacker, Esq. A. W Young, Esq. Francis Kemble, Esq Consulting Physician for Sydny • Dr. Nicholson. Solicitor: James Norton, Esq. 'Agent for Adelaide i B, L. MoDteSore, Esq. Medical Referee: John Woodfordo, Esq. Actuary: Thomas Walker, Esq. Bankers: Bank of Australasia—For Sydney, Maitland Port Phillip, Adelaide, and Launceston. Advantages of the Institution: An ample subscribed capital in England, and ample funds to pay losses within the Colony Ve-v low rates ot premium and participation in profits. No extra premiums for one voyage to Eng land and back, or for voyages in approved vessels to, or residence in any part of Australa sia, in approved situations. Policies may be made payable in Australasia or London, and altered by indorsement. Specimen of Hates : 'Age I One Year. | Sean Yean. | Ufi. £. s. d £. s. d. £ s. d. 25 0 17 5 0 19 7 1 14 II 30 119 IS4 207 35 146 IC2 270 40 178 196 2 15 3 50 119 2 272 448 Two-thirds of the annual premium on poli cies for tho whole of life may be paid, and the one-third may remain as a debt against the policy, at Jive per cent, compound interest, or may be paid off, at the pleasure of the assuror. Thus a man aged thirty would have to pay only £20 ss. lOd., annually, to secure £1000, payable at death, and of this one-third, or £6 158. 3d., may remain, leaviug the net payment only £13 10s. 7d. Prospectuses, with full tables of ratc?, nnd all needful information, may be obtained at the office of £. 1. MONTEFIORE, 1 King William-street.

For Auckland and the Bay of Islands. To tail on Tuesday next the 23rd instant. i4-w Tub Schooner JBfifa? J? " N Pm IE MttFws*~ "enry Simpson, master. jftWUflntg For passage apply at the offices of the South Australian Com pany. 17th July, 1844. J. ALLEN, Chemist a nd Druggist, 11JAS entered into possession ofthe premises generally known as AI'OTIIKCARIES' HALL, WNDLUY-STIIBLT in uliieli lie will continue lo pieiarc prescrip tions and retail medicines or ibe best quality. ' t * An excellent iron plough for sale. Tenders for Bills. Commissariat, Adelaide. \ sth July, 1844. TENDERS of Specie (British Gold ■*■ or Silver), in exchange, for Hills on the Lords Commissioners of Her Majestj's Trea sury, lo an extent not exceeding £2,000, will be received at this office until 12 o'clock on Tuesday, the 3Uth inttanl. Parties tendeiinjj arc requested to state the amount of each bill required, and the rate per cent, of premium they may be willing to allow. \V. H. MATURIN, D. A. C. General LOST, ON Monday night, between Run d'o-slreet and liasson-street, a garnet ring. Whoever will bring it to this oflico will be handsomely rewarded.