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The first Wool Ship for the Season. FOR LONDON DIRECT, THE tine fast-sailing schooner   DUKE OF SUSSEX,   121 tons register, Henry Jones,   master, is loading rapidly, and will   be despatched the Utter part of November. For freight or passage apply to the commander on board, or to I JOHN BAKER. or JOHN SNOOKS. Hindley and King William streets, jSowmberg, 1841. FIRST WOOL SHIP DIRECT FOR LONDON. THE fine new fast - sailing brig   FRANCES YATES,     160 tons register, Duncan McLean,   Commander, having the greatest   part of her cargo already engaged,     will be despatched early in December. Has mi prrinr nrrommodation for a few passengers. For freight «r pMtaje. apply to she Cnpt«in, «n board, or to BUNCE & THOMSON, Rundle-street. Wovemvwrl. 1841. FOR LONDON DIRECT. The last sailing first-class ship     FAMA, 850 tons, Henry William Gibb,   commander, has superior accom- modntion tor pasnengeis. The t;r«ater part of her csrjro being engaged •he will meet with quick despatch. For freight or pa«*ape apply to the captain, on 4oard,to B. J. 8. Trimmer, Esq.. or to JOHN HART. Agent to the vessel. FOR LONDON DIRECT. Has the whole of her dead weight engaged, and room for wool only. THE fine first - class barque   DANiEL WHEELER,   berthen 350 tons. John Bouch,   Commander. Has good arcom   modation for a limited nunber of   passengers. For ir?iuht or passage apply to John lUkt, Club House, or to CHARLES BECK & CO. Adelaide. 14th October, 1841. FOR LONDON DIRECT. (A REGULAR TRADER). Etpttttdahortli, mdwillntim with despatch, having a great part of her cargo engaged, THE fine first - class barque     GUIANA,   burthen 950 tons. For freight   wEffFr or P MmK c ?pplv *? Capt- Durr sa^H?aw South-terrace, or to CHARLES BECK & CO. Adelaide. October 2,1841. FOR LIVERPOOL AND GLASGOW. THE fine fast-sailing A I brig   DAPHNE, 225 tons register. Captain Dove, is now on the berth, and will be ready to receive wool for the above ports in a few Hays. She will sail positively on the V*.l*tM??JbeT. Foriretghtor passage, apply to HUNTER & CO., Hindley-street. 39th October, I Ml. FOR BATAVIA DIRECT. The splendid fast-sailing ship SKIOLD Capt. Clautson. 400 tons register, will sail in fourteen days; has superior accommodation, and is   for Europe, calling at Cowes. For particulars of passage, apply to JOHN NEWMAN.       Rundle-street. October 29th. 1841. FOR HOBART TOWN DIRECT. (a regular trader) THE SCHOONER MARYS, Captain   Clinch, will inert with imme- Al^ diste dispatch. For freight or pasrage apply to the Captain on braid, or to HUNTER Si CO. Hinoley-ttreet. FOR SYDNEY DIRECT. The well-known fast-sailing brig   DORSET.   Expected daily, and will positively i for the above port one week I after her arrival here- For freight or passage, apply to the under •lgned. V. & E. SOLOMON. Agents. Currie-street. October. 6th. 1841. TO WOOL GROWERS. THE UNDERSIGNED are purchasers of wool of this season's clip, or will make advances if consigned to their agent*, Messrs Rftwson, Norton, Hi Co., London. BUMCEfc THOMSON. Adelaide. October 21.1841. WOOL. THE undenigneJ will make advances on Wool of this aeason'a clip, consigned to his cor respondent* in London. "*_ JOHN RUSSELL, WOOL. THE andsrsigned are prepared to snake ad vance* on the clip ol the present aeason consigned to their agents in London. AUGUBT. COOKS, ft CO. Hindley-iitreet. October 8. 1841. WOOL. THE UNDERSIGNKD beg* to inform flock bolder* that he it prepared to ymthmm wvol this season, for cam. JOHN NEWMAN, Randle-n'treeL 1 WOOL. pHE undereipiPd having engaged a first-rate L wooUsottfr, i« prepared to Uort and pack any quantity of wool on very moderate term*. JOHN SNOOKE, Ilindley and King William atreets. October I, IMI, WOOL. -CHARLES BECK fc CO. will purchase or Vj advance on Wool the dip of the present aeason. Fiinders-ttreet. November 13.1841. WOOL. THE smdewtned are prepared to purchase Wool, the clip of thi* season, or to make advances en wool consigned to their agent* in London HENRY & FRED. JONES Pirie-atrret, Oct. 1A.184L ■

TIMBER. WANTED to purchase, about forty tons of Gum Wood, in IctiKths suitable for ship ping. For particular*! applyto HUNTER & CO. Hindlej-Mreef. 6th November. To Agriculturists, Dairy Farmers, &c All. DAVIS fc CO. Irnv* on eate, ?t their • store*. Agricultural Implement* ?( nil kind*, Mid every article requisite tor the country settler. N.B.—Produce taken in exchange. Cii'rie-«treet. Nov. 9, ISJI. ON SALE, at the stores of the undcttienpd— Van Diemen's Land FLOUK, lirtt and second* Outs, barley, bran. A. H. DAVIS & CO. Curric-otrfet, Nov. 9, 1841. To Builders, Carpenters, S<c. AH. DAVIS & CO. have ooiistnntly on sale, • Ironmongery of every description for building purposes ..Lime mrejn.i. riddles, nnd mould sieve* Best London plasterer"* hmr Whiting, painter*' oil*, colors, nnd brushes Blacksmiths' bellows, forges, tools, vice*, and anvils, &r., &c. Cnrrie-ntreet. Nov. ft. IS4I. CAPE WINES AND FRUITS. ON SALK. imported liy the undtrtinped. ex Elizabeth Moore, t'roin the Cape «t Good Hope— Cap* Madeira wine, first quality, in half pipeit and qr.-rusks Pontac, very superior, in ditto Table raisiiis in whole «nd half boxes Pudding ditto ditto Peaches, apricots, quintet and pears in half-boxes Walnut*, almond*. A. H. DAVIS & CO. Currie-strt-et, Nov. 9.1641. ON SALK, at the cellars ut the undersigned— Brandy, best brands, in hogsheada Rum in hopthearfs Fine English cordial gin in quarter-cask* Fine old port nnd sberry in cases Good dinner ditto Burpundy in I dozen cases Champagne ditto, very superior Comtantia Cape Madeira nnd Pontac in hogsheads •nd qusrrer-cssksj London brown stout in 4-doitn ease* Ditto pale ale in ditto. A. H. DAVIS & CO. Curric-itrcet, Nor. 9,1641. FOR SALK at the utoresof the undersigned. Hindley-street. Bakers' fine Van Diemen's Lund flour Second* ditto Bottled fruits and jams of all description* Brown stout Bottled ale Bran Oats Superior otd bottled port win* Mould candles Sugar Barrel flour Pk-kIM Salad oil Sauces London noap Nuts Raspberry vinrrsr Syrup, &c. E. N. EMMETT. Adelaide. November 12. lf?4l. FTtHE proprietor of the Agricultural Store, M. Grenfell-street, begs to inform agriculturists generally, that they may be supplied with every article necessary for the house or the farm at the above store, in exchange for produce. Also, an excellent winnowing machine let on the same terms. P.B. Spirits of tar, spirits of turpentine, pitch, ale. for sheep-farmers. ROBERT CRAIGIE has for sale a quantity of the best Rum and Brandy as yet imported, both in point of strength and quality, at 13*. Cd. and 18s. per gallon. To any person taking a a cask, a considerable reduction will be made. Hindley-street. LEATHER! LEATHER! LEATHER! ________________________ To Boot and Shoe Makers, Saddlers, & others. Whoever has travelled much about, Has doubtless found the matter out, And chiefly in bad weather, How needful 'tis to keep the feet, Not only clad with stocking neat, But covered with Good Leather. _______________________ THIS article may be had Genuine of George Bean, Tanner, Currier, and Leather cutter, Rundle-street, who, taking this medium of thank ing his friends sincerely for past favors, begs to inform them that he has taken the premises lately occupied by the firm of Grieve & Campbell, Rundle-Street, opposite Mr Stuckey's baker, where he intends conducting the business of leather cutting, grindery, lasting, and prunella; and as he is determined to do business on the most reason- able term, begs to solicit a continuance of their support G. B. farther requests an early inspection of his extensive and superior stock of goods, such us has not been yet equalled in the colony, and which he is resolved to sell at such prices as can- not fail to give ample satisfaction.   Rundle-Street. Nov. 11. 1841. ______________________ PARCHMENT! PARCHMENT! PARCHMENT! To Stationers, Solicitors, Surveyors, & others. GEO. BRAN begs respectfully to announce that ha in ready to supply the above fwrtiea with paretuaent of the brat qaality, mmufactureci by himself, on the mort msonable term*. botK « nil Manufactory te Thehsnen, aad at Randk atree*. Nov. Ig, 1841. BRAY'S BOOT AND SHOE MANUFACTORIES, HINDLEY STREET AND RUNDLE STREET. AT the above establishments, a very large assjortment of boors aad shoe*, including ladies' colored boors, patent Mororea and kid aiippers, and thousands of pairs of children's boots andl shoea t al??, youths'and maids' strong hoots andl riot* in great variety, b? late arrivals. A large •tack of colonial-mode boots aad •hots, we always snnale. •S^ The trade twpplieel with grindery. CAPTAIN McLEAN. of the brig Fromera Fata, hereby givea notice that he will net he rcnaoamiMe Cor My alebts that may be con tracted by his crew. November 6,1841. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC, CAPTAIN BOUCH, commander of the barque Daniel Wheeler, hereby gives notice that   he will mat beaawweraMe for any debts rontrsctedl by any «T this aaip's con>pany. O^s*CT«.IS4l

PHILANTHROPIC INSTITUTION.   THE Treasurer has the pleasure to ticKnnw-   ledge the receipt of the following sub-   scriptions:—   £. ?. d. \ Amount already advertised ej4 9 t? The Hon. E. C. Frome 2 2 0 Mr J. T. Haynes 1 0 0 Mr W. R. S. Cooke 0 10 0 Mr Henry Watson 10 0 ! £>*0 I 0 EDWARD STEPHENS. Treasurer. Subscriptions will be gratefully received by any members of the Committee of this very useful 'Institution, or by the Treasurer. Adelaide. Nov. 15,1N41. ADELAIDE FLOUR-MILL COMPANY. THE Directors having had the South Aus tralian Company's Steam Mill examined by competent engineers, and found it complete and sound, are desirous of closing their arrange ments for the purchase. They do, therefore, in     terms of the constitution, make a call upon the   shareholders for twenty-five per cent upon the   amount of their shares (including the deposit of five per cent, already paid), which they earnestly   request may be paid without delay. By order, THOMAS GRATWICK, Secretary. Adelaide. October 30th, 1841. TO BE LET ON LEASE, the following valu able sections:— Distrlct lI—No. 474, Pre. near Walkerville „ No. 47.?, dv. (fenced) do. ~ No. 327, do. „ No. :«K, do. I On the Onkai'nring.i, con- District C—Xo. 328, J. tiiruous to the townthip ( ofNoarlunga ~ No. 337. do. District D—No. l.Vni, near Rapid Bay „ —No. l£f>s, do. Commanding extensive runs. Apply to Mr FoRKTV.n (agent to G. F. Angas, Esq.), Flinders-stroot. TO BE LET, FOR SEVEN OR TEN YEARS, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. FOUR of tbe finest Pr«liiniimry sections on -T tbe Torrens. iinmediutely above the German Village of Klemzig. Three of the sections are enclosed with a substantial fence. There is blso nn enclosed paddnck of nearly forty iutp*. Pur. ticulars may be learned on applicution to Mr Ptkvknson, North Adelaide. THE MOUNT BARKER SPECIAL SURVEY UPWARDS of TWENTY of the choicest 80 acres sections of the above survey are now'lO IMC I.XT, on lease for ten yearn, to respectable tenants, at moderate rents, with th* right ot purrr>«Kc during that term. I'nll par ticulars miiy be learnt on application to Mn StKvrNBON, North Adelaide. UtOftohiT. IS4I. TO BE LET OR SOLD   EIGHT of the finest 80-acre sections of the Barossa Special Survey, nearly all agri cultural land of iirst-ratr fjuulity. 'and com manding extensive (.liei-p-ruri*. Tlie Hivt.m,'.- ; from Adelaide ?l tbi« portion of i!ih Survey in ' twenty-four miles. Apply to Mr Stevk son, North Adelaide. 7. 18*1. : PUBLIC HOUSE WITH FIVE ACRES OF LAND TO BE LET OR SOLD. A CONVKMKNT Itrirk-bmlt ! oiim>, «rith rL two parlouis. bed rooms, kitchen, dairy. pigMyes. ami Mtorkyards in a public roid, with five Hcres of land, cropped in wlivat, !mr •■;'. and potatos, to lie sold on rea<sotin'i!c renii <. ■■■ eton e<|ii?lly advantageoiii term- For ).-.• -:. tilarc, apply to Mfkshs Lamheht & Sun. Ain-iiotiei'is. l{utidlc.«treet. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONRACT, AN EIGHTY-ACRE SECTION on the Fourth Creek, fenced in, and divided into paddocks; Wheat nearly ready to be reaped ; cows, calves fir. with cart, phtuchx. r.nd harrows. Tliih sertiim contains a stone, flwellitij:. detached dairy, otnbles poultry.yird nnd houses celhr. rnw.ynrd, piggery, Xic, and gorden in thi nnest order. Also to let. 2 acres fenced, fronting ilip Torrens, between the properties of W. R. Cooke,   and Andrew Murray, Esqrs., for 21 years.   Apply to E. N. EMMETT, Hindley-street. TO be exchanged for country land or cattle, some freehold cottages in South Adelaide.   Apply to Messrs Waterhouse, Rundle-street. TIMBER WANTED. THE subscribers are prepared to receive ten dets for the aupply of SO loads of timber; particulars of which may be learned on applica tion to CHAR. BECK & CO. Adelaide, 19th Nov., IN4I. GRAIN. THE subscribers are purchasers of wheat, barley, and other grain. CHAS. BECK & CO. Adelaide, |9th Nov., 1841. MESSRS LAMBERT & SON have on sale—   IVI Moire Oats of the best qualify Bran Fine flour Sugar All at exeodingly low rates. ' ON SALE, THE entire turgo «>f the brig Dnplmr, just arrived from the tkuritint, remitting of furot? Coffee aWf Fork. Ike. HTJNTCR X CO. Mindley-tttreet. Pet. 7th. IS4I. CAVE! GAPE!! CAPS!!! DANIEL NICHOLSON ft SON hate got another large of the Company's did Cap Maderia, and have reduced the price at follow* :— £. •. d. Per Pip* 12 0 ? "Half-pipe. C. 10 O •• Quarter-pipe 3 t C "Gallon 0 3 fi They have got •email lot of G. P. CloetC* Great Constatrtia, 31*. per doeen, a deliciou* wine and *erj suitabU for this season. Wine and Spirit E«tablishraent, Hindleyand Rosina street*. FIVE POUNDS REWARD. LOST, supposed to have been stolen, a lady's gold watch, engine turned back, with gold face, the figure chased and raised, maker's name, Sharpe, London. The watch had a gold hook attached to it. Five pounds reward will be given on recovering the same, upon application to J. Brown, Assurance Office, Hindley-street.

ST. ANDREW'S DINNER.     Chairman:   Allan M'Farlane. Esq, of Glensley. ; Croupiers:   David Sutherland, Esg. Andrew Murray, Esq. Stewards:   Geo. Stevenson Duncan McFarlane James Frew David Spence James Thomson William Hunter Andrew Birrell J. Wotherspoon Hon. W. Smillie. Dr Rankine A. J. Elder George Young J. F. Bennett J. M. Gordon Esquires. THE Stewards beg to announce that the dinner will take place at tbe Music Saloon, Byron Place. Gouger-street, on Tuesday, tbe 30th inst Dinner on tha table tit half-past rive precisely. Tickets, On*l Guinea i?%.e.h, may be had from aiiy of the Steward, cr from J. F. BENNETT. Secretary. r.j:._K<> tirkrfu will in> sold alter Friday, ' i.ic Vl'th. so that nit person* wishing to he 1 j.r -fp-.f most anply before the.t time. j fcj* Tlie Si.'W?idd ba*e determined to change the plate when- the dinner wiir originally interde d to be held, and have secured • room where much more e*ti'i?ive accommodation will be obtained. CRICKET. THE attendance of the gentlemen interested in the formation of the new Cricket Club, is requested This Day, on the ground, North Adelaide : wickets to be pitched at ten o'clock, after which preliminaries will be entered into for the future management of the club. W.G. LAMBERT, Secretary pro tem. ADELAIDE CIRCULATING LIBRARY. LEDGERS, letter-books, bill - books, day books, hats, eau de Cologne, music, pictures, au4 a great variety of minimi instruments. C. PLATTS. Hindley-Muet. Reading-rooms and rheos-club. SEA BATHING.—MARINO. MR BURSLEM begs to announce that he has purchased the property lately occu pied by Mr Bristow, on the beach, three miles below Glenelg, consisting of an hotel and board ing-house, known by the name of MARINO. He has entirely remodelled the house, which will be found both clean and convenient. Mr Burslem pledges himself to secure by every means in his power, the comfort of his guests. He has a cart which will be in Adelaide every day for fresh meat, &c. Millk will be supplied from his own cows, and the garden is well stocked with vegetables and fruit. Excellent fish are con atantly obtained, and game of most kinds are abundant in the neighbourhood. As it was a general complaint last year that the expense of Marino was too great, Mr Burslem has determined to publish his prices, which will not, he thinks, be objected to. Board and lodging £2 2s per week. servants £1 Is. children £1 1s. or at various prices as may be agreed upon. Occasional visitors—Breakfast or tea I* fid. ditto with went or egg* 2«, dinner Bs, bed 2s, hotse per niuht as. A laundress who resides within a short distance will call for linen twice a week. Nov. 17. 1841. WE the undersigned having in contemplation to dissolve our partnership at the close     of the present year, desire all persons who have claims on us to send in tlieir accounts for pay ment. Mid all perenr* indebted to in are to pay the amount of their several accounts on or before the Ist diiy of January ne«t. S. SMART. THOS. WILSON. November 10, |R4t. WANTED— a sober honest, and industrious farming man, to take the management of a farm and receive part of the profits. It will be necessary for him to have a few pounds, or some means of supporting himself for a short time; — owing to particular circumstances, the offer will lie liberal. A man of family would be preferred. i Apply by letter, relating particulars, to G. W. at the Register office. THE following party intend going overland to Portland Bay, to start on Tuesday next the     23rd instant:—William and Eliza Millard, George   Jarvis, George and Eliza Smith, Ann Smith, Samuel and Eliza Allen, Joseph Oakley, Joseph Thompson, Robert Surridge, David Familone, and Hugh Ryley, and three teams of bullocks and one pony. DOWN WITH MONOPOLY ! ! Oysters and Cray - Fish, O ! H. WARD & CO., proprietors of the oyster and cray-fish boats, beg leave to inform   their friends and the public generally that they have commenced an oyster and cray-fishery upon an extensive scale; and they flatter themselves   that by selling at reduced prices, they will meet with a share of public patronage. N. B.—A cart with oysters and cray-fish will be in town fresh from Holdfast Bay daily. Dealers supplied. A PARCEL addressed Mr Archer, containing two pairs of trousers and one piece of cheeked muslin, wan left latt week by a porter at aome house supposed in RundU-«tre*t. If the party with whom it was l*ft will return it in Sandema it Mili.eb, they will be rewarded for tbeir trouble. Hindlev-strect. Nov. 19. FOUND, near Mount Torrence, a dmk bay Mare, star on lorebesd, white en hind feet, and amall wbite spots under raddle. The owner may have her on applying to Jas. Dunn, near Balhannah, and paying expenses. STRAYED CATTLE. WHEREAS two Steers—one red ft an off     hip. an illegible brand en near rib*, nnd B on neat rib* ( the other black with white back, belly, and rump ttranded 1.K51 on mar ribtt, below an illi- Rible bmnd, HO on near hip,and an illeiriUe brand oa off ribs—were found tresspaosing on my wheat on FrioVy tbe22nd October: They will be de livered to the owner on payment of damages and expense*. If not HnirneA within fourteen days fran thia date tUey will be Mtd by public anction to defray expenr^a, C. J. CARLETON. Near Brown Hill Creek. November 18.1941.. TWO POUNDS REWARD STOLEN or strayed from Cock's Creek on the •7 ISth October latt, two rows and a email Meer—«me • lar^e black and white cow in raiik, the other all red and near ralvtafr t the Meer all rtd. Both rows hratHtcd g^ «m the near ribs. Whoever will bring them to Mr DEAN, at the Creek, shall receive the above reward. r^ivcmber f 4.1841.

[ADVERTISEENT.]   SCAB IN SHEEP ACT.           AT A MEETING OF STOCKHOLDERS, held in the Council Chamber, Adelaide,     on the 13th November, I84I, it was resolved— 1. That a memorial from the holders of sheep be forthwith prepared and presented to his Excel- lency the Governor, respectfully intimating the opinion of the sheepholders of the province, that the supposed candidate for the office of Inspector, Mr W. H. Dumbleton, is not quali- fied by his previous habits, to give satisfaction   to sheepholders in general, and to pray that his Excellency would be pleased to take into his consideration the re-appointment of the late Inspector, Mr K. Campbell, on the ground of   his practical experience of sheep and his un-   impeachable character.   2. That the following gentlemen be appointed a committee to prepare the memorial, and to lay the same before a subsequent meeting, to he held at Adelaide, in tbe Council Chambers, on Monday the 15th of this month, at 12 o'clock :   Captain Finnis, Messrs Horrocks, Dutton,     Murray, Stirling, and McLaine.   ANGAS McLAINE, Chairman.   On Monday, November 15. I84I, the Stock holders again met to receive the memorial, of which tbe following is a copy :— To His Excellency Captain Grey, Governor and   Commander-in-Chief of the Province of   South Australia.   The memorial of the undersigned stockholders of the said Province—Sheweth—That your Me-   morialist being stockholders in the said province, beg leave most respectfully to express to your Excellency the regret with which they have learned that a Mr Dumbleton is candidate for the office of Inspector of sheep, lately held by Mr Kenneth Campbell. That your Memorialists beg to inform your Excellency, that his long experience and extra- ordinary skill in the treatment and management   of sheep, together with his obliging disposition, in aiding and directing sheepholders in the pro- per modes of management, admirably qualify Mr Campbell for the situation he has lately filled. That your Memoralists, in consenting to be   taxed for the enforcement of the Act relative to Scab in Sheep, agreed thus to take on themselves the support of the officer requisite for that pur-   pose, only in the confident expectation that that officer would be indisputably qualified for that office hy previous habits and character; they, in fact, confidently looked forward to the conti- nuance in office of Mr Campbell on their sup- plying the funds, the want of which only as they understood caused his suspension from office. Thnt your Memorialists do not believe Mr   Dumbleton to be qualified for the office to which be aspires, or that his appointment would give   satisfaction to the stockholders of South Austra-   lia generally under any circumstances, more es-   pecially to the exclusion of one so universally approved as Mr Kenneth Campbell, whose known qualifications and former creditable occupancy of office, fully entitle him in the opinion of your Memorialists to the favor of your Excellency. November 15, I84I. TO CORN FARMERS. THE HARVEST. FO. ANDREWS olfcrs to Farmer* eiee! . lent London Ale and Porter, in good condition, nt £3 15s. per hhd., which will bring it to a cost of about is. 4d. per gallon, or Id. per half-pint. The above, having arrived in damage package*1 arc unsaleable in the ordinary way, but will be iiuobjectionnbli* tn those who may require to draw them off immediately. Tbe whole, may be seen in the cellar, hut the ra?ks must be taken as they rise from the *tack*. Payment in cash'or produca. Royal Hotel (late ('oilman's). Franklin-street, Nov. IC, |N4I. EWE LAMMS. WANTED to purchHM-. about 400 KWB I.AMHS. Apply to HKMKV Si FRED. JONES. Pirie.«tri*et, Oct. I ft, 1841. GOAT.S r'OK SaI.F.. A|>|dy to Mr M'Kuan. Finiiiss-Rtrcet, North Adclaidt. TEN I<OU\DS REWARD. STOLKN or Strutrd, it linndle anil white Cow, Iroin Auction 171, CJtei.elg, branded Son nrnr rump, had a but luck «b?in strupprd on near fore leg, h small piece bnikc off one horn. One pound reward will lie given «>n information that ; may lead to the recovery of the same, it dtrayed ; , if stolen, a reward often pound* will be. given on ' conviction of the parties. JOSEPH BELL.   ONR POUND REWAP.D. LOST from the Reed Beds,. a wcrkiig bullock, ktrawberrv, rsither <\pxrn horns had a bent how on |liis neck, branded D on ah anchor on the ofT shoulder. The above reward will be paid on hi* being delivered either at the •tores or A. 11. DAVIS, ft CO. or a* Moore Farm, Reed Deeds. TO COVER THIS SEASON. THF Entire cart horse ItOYAI. GEORGE. He is a treuurlfitl hieck. fifteen hands three inches, and possestrs great strength nnd good temper. For terms and night nf the hor«c. eiDjuire «tt Chambers'* Livery ytublcs, Mnrphett-strM*t. M.B Tlie bcrse to he sold wilh bis en. caseiarsits. THE THOROUr.IItIREI) lIOBSR - AVTJEOK," ItKpnrtrUlf) Mr Ifhitinglm. WILI< Ptnndat cover th* eiiMnng *env>n nt Cbambvis's Lively Stubles, Morphett street. Terms—£s as, *?r<K??!iiii?e included. For pedigree of this hors??. nnd particuinrs ol tbe £50 in specie to be run. tor reference i« made a former advertisement*, in April and May last. TO OOTJiR Tins SIASOIf, At Gm>. Snvexs'a t3r*nLt«>. Kumul* THE well-known prite rart horse COLONEL, imported tram Knglnnd, and reared by Col. Geo. Wjmdhatn, of IVtworth, Su*w>. lie i* m «ure ft«al getter, and of «n iron grey rolor. Term* cash. £4 each ware- Mare* not proving in foal to he covered again gratia. TO COVER THIS SEASON. THK wftlknown horse SAtLOR 807 from Bvdney. He was got by a thoroogh brrd Clydesdale horse, imported from Bcothwd. He is a rare losl-getter, of a Iwautiful bright brown tolor. and baa an pxrellcnt temper. SMLon Dot will call at the Horse Shoe. Onkaparinga. and Emu Hotel. MorpWt VaU. oa Motidays and Saturday and Mr Harriott*. Kdin bondi Castie, Adelaide. ?iurine tha reason. Terms ra«h. £4 eadt mart, grvoarage in einvieQ. N.B. F«? sale. Sheep or «*tJ? taVen at paj> 1 merit

SALES BY AUCTION. TO RB SOLD BY PUOMC AUCIION, BY J. NONMUS, On Monday ne«, November 22nd. at hi? room. Hindlsy*otreet, at tivelvs o'dock— f* CASKS OP ALK 9 bags seconds flour 90 b?ga sugar SO bags salt 1 crate crockery Pot herb* 30 print dre?tet> JO inouueline de Isine ditto I dozen piir India-rubber bracss. 10 ll?. Bert piinrtowder 24 sleeved vests. 10 boxoi soap !' 2 bag? potatot. 4 redar chairs 1 rase atone blue ■ splendid Hut* I? frosKMner anil braver hats 2 down pickle* mixed 10 bags bran I case rlothinir, blanket*, and eraflrier And * variety of foundries. Saddlery, S,c, S,-c. TO HE BOM> XH PUBLIC AVCTtOX, by i noxmus. At bis rooms, Hindley-ntreet. «t an ntU day, j tbe following very superior lot of i?ftddlrry, consisting ol— GrENTLEMEN'B SADDLES Rridle* and bitt Sutf?e bridlea Pelham bridtrn.. ! Hunting wbipn. Screw spurs 4 dozen of wbips i fi Hozpn bullock thong? 6 dozen whalebone curt whips. 5 dozen bnntinc whip* 3 dozen stable eollnra 12 lII*, of wbip.rnrd I I dozen bran \vh Ang coliart '2 nn? of burkpHinmnn Iraards 4 rosewood writinfr dc?k* C Indie*' rosewood work-boxei 3 pvntlemen's round cornered dmaui(< ewco 5 ebony knittinjr-rw*? ClAdies' small \rork-bo??? I IS pairs German nilrer apura I 30 pain plated ditto 96 Kentlemen'« body belts, with liaek>«tayt I iNKhoganf inkstand. ; I dozen of Stetibinen* Bible, mororoo 1 dozen Gernan (silver web dog collar*. 2 dozen curry comb* LMd. Houses, aid Cattle Company's Shares. 1O HR SOLI) UY IVMAV AUCTION, BY I. AONMUS. At hi* rooms, Hindle).street, in about a fort nifbt, untcM previouniy disponed of— THE following Taluable propprty. the pro prietor leaving the colony for England :— 3 Bhures in the Joint Stock Cattle Company 2 Share* in Port St Vincent 1 Half-ahue in Victoria Suryry 40 Acrea of land fencd, with irood. houn, . well of water, and good kitchen garden 1 House and corner allotment on CcnUntry Eitate. Al.lO, A three-roomed Stone Ho.ise, with two nerea ■ of land, touth-east corner of- Section 24ft; tRe two aides, beintr bounded by Mnourrered land, affbrJs an excellent run for cattle. There i« e> . plentifal supply of tater nil the yenr round. The house it built of ntone, and, *t?ndinft on elovateil ground, comnnirid* an uninterrupted view of the Ma. Distance from the City three mile*. cvnm TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, by I. NONMUS. In a few days, at the yard, adjoining Mr Fairlie's rooms, (late Mr Hailes's), Hindley-street— 10 DAIRY COWS, with calves by their aid* •■•" R fine joung hcifern in calf A fine iteers, fit for tb« butaher j I spring rart | 1 pony do. ) 1 set cart-harness, ! t set pony do. | 3 pair hobbles   Weekly Sale of Timber, Morphett-street. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION. BY I. NONMUS. By order of Mrs Gerrard, at her Timber-yard. Morphet street, adjoining the stores of Mrs Fisher, on Wednesday next, November 24. 1841. the foilowing assortment of timber— 15,000 FEET OF QUARTERING 10,000 feet of battens   20,000 broad paling 5,000 narrow paling And a quantity of posts and rails. N.8.-.l\ii ties sending timlter for ah'oUitc «ale may have ndvnnce? on the rame if reqiiirpd. TO DE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, hY LAMBERT $ SON. Tuts Day. Nt one o'clock precisely, at their rooms. Kundle-xtreet— * Oft BAGS POTATOES. -w Ml?ji., l p,, 90 case* pale m?p . A quantity r r<-riccftr . Velveteen shoating roatt . Fnstimjsck>ts new linen frocks Bops'tvnir drMsen . AM mindrie*. TO BE SOLD lIV PUBLIC AUCTION, BY LAMBERT & SON.     O-Jrttsday Novenber B*s. m one oVlork rnoMy* their eosj?s, Randle.«trs«t. wi?b out reserve*^ JH DOS. RLOUZES SUPRIJIOR •^y QUALITY ~ * mm\ ?hin«, lonjr ••lota froe*t sdo d* linen fron?« t bnndlrs sbeep nrttinsr— V* r?*tl* ea*•^ . A fwrVnpp of nrnnftMtitfll •brab*. tad! finwtrinc tt?e feei!.-; SO bap* tnnr 10 do Liverpool s«lt And ««<rfrm,