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i' : .


I ' >:.-i-|.|.ii:i. vviriiWAii;r.,AM?How. l:XTrN'1 O1 !-A*" K™?*™, ki:m.uiks uu.vtivk •.■,..:•.,.■;•<; w:n.:nv^, m.-ii a< :,vy, ,.un<;- L. AN1> UOIV. UtliJMiS "It WIOL.lll 'Lfl.:j ; Y.W.ll*>, <2<;a!1::|:: .-., IHI'.J.j \ i I, in, ;• 'C.

!-'.:ri'i.ii:i? vvirti wati:i:,anuho\v.

i:?;it.m ot i.AMi i:m:!.os.i;u,


am> iioiv.

v. 52

r. 44 v. 14

Charles George Everard

Walter Thompson



4 4 I !



•> 1

j ! | __ j Two wcil*, forty fed deep eac'i, Tisir<y s;ercs—|ianly with p. iMs,, —twn at res, >'>-*? i-i lliemiii.:i.> ..f.Idiy ; aju.i.l ■ ,,i;i, :l n<l including three feel of water tw>i rails, au<l ua'inov |i;iliii).',| I'm' smut ; swd iVuih V..n Diem.•,.'•-. l,,i,.| ; „ .,'. :„•,-.• ut ail «?*::ii>oiie. !U ,,| partly u-itliposls and f«ur| mimi iiimiit (hi- !.i'.i.t end if July, v.i-li >■••«• I ur.mii o.i t!u> rails. s.iii.c hoil in Ik;*'', a very youd cr.-in, vi-ry slijliilv muiilteil. j Barley, sown in tin- end of July — seed putly fVuni ilir f:ij):> of U'mil llw|>t! :i.ud partly Kiulish — \; Id.-.; very _'.tod , rips ; i but the lilU.-l- \V:i> ill? tl'-l. tlaK, •.rivn i'l July, w<<r<> r-'.t ! -,1-ei- f.'ifccd. M ■"■•■, ;d.i:ne I in <!;.. :.>.,-:.,,,ii- ? ' if s,.;,:.. .,* •,,•.-, | proiiiisiiia well. Two <l«.-l!iu : ..' rttM-- . cue ««f |,im', tli<- | other of lnicU ; stable, 'lci.k-\:nl, N'f.'i.-p.'iis, iSi •. From section 44. Ouo duonVrd mi-l thiity-f.ti'- Wheat, kohii in Ji*?:.', yic'dci ;:;i iu.!i:"'rc!i: crop, full nf v.r. t. acres— partly «vi|]il>:ii.k,ili!ct>, iiurlry, sown iu .i"!y, ;.;.n..' :i r -iir! ,-.„,,. Oais were ■ :<ml one raiU a>:«l jurlly with- n'for feed. Mm'*, iil:i riT=-.1 i:i S. .p-,. :','..!■:•, I, , t ,kiu^ we.J. bank, ilitcli, uinl two rails. l\>ut:>?. in Aiuii-i from x.-ed, \"i| a v . ■< v irn-jiil-tr ••:•.!;), !i«« «f l-ir,;.! «:•.:■!. A l.-nij.urary'but civc'd o"; I!i- iinii, &•. A well, forty f.-et itcop, including Twenty acres—with posts, two U <i.-i, ?imn in !M:ir<-!i, a \ cry fait emp, slightly miii>'|<-<!. six feet of water. t-uilsj aud nuriMW pulitij. li;..!..y, wnvu in April, :; v.-iy s..ood i u.p. OatscVil <!reeu i'?r feed. I'ot.'.tos. jjIaiiU'd in April, proved a failure. Duciiiny- i house of pistf, ii <>fk-y:iril, &c. Two wt'lls—<me forly-five feet I'ivo nnrcs—pnfll.v with posts on This section is M->- i?U:il imo •.«•:•■• allntmottts. Tln-rc :ir« I'i^lit (J.-i'p, iiii'liuliiif,' oi^lit fi-ct of onil, partly «il!i i>ok| s uiu!; liuuilios locatoil u\\<in it. SluvUyard, &>•. precletl ujiuti it. ' Wiili-r ; Hut otlior forly-scvon rails, and partly with toiniiu.' foot Ui depth, incluiling six rarv fmi'.-v. ' ; j ft..-l of water. ' I Abiimlaitt supply of surface No fenci:!;;. il'liurfi arc two chv«.*l!ii!J-'iotisits on this seolion. J ■ ...

I Two wells, forty fed deep eae'i, including three feet of water at ail cMfuiioiie. I

From Eectiou 44.



Donald McLean I


4 I

I A well, forty f.-et deep,including six feet of water. 1


•Edwards Town ... I I

Henry Ovens otid others I

I Two wells—one forty-five feet deep, imliidiii- eijjht feel of water ; lint other forty-seven feet iii depth, incluiling sis j fe.!l of water. 'Abundant supply of surface


T,agoou Farm ! i i

I ! Henry Hennir.g | 1 i


!John Windsor ! i


jAuuiidatici; of water on the : surfacv. j ! I

101 IKetley Thomas H. Beare ■ I I 1

|Green Slip J,,),,, Woodhead j

)06 jch "tkford !Saimiel Smart ''

| 0 7 Pincahill Thomas Y. Cotter i

t ! I 106 Plyinpton HamleU jwilliam Litton & others' i i

r. 260 Duguld McTavish 10 i :

I ! A r. 200 j George Brunskill 2

A r. 200

r. 02




T. 287

V. ?Ci

v. 231 r. 202





?. 260

I I 'CoWAiidillah Village i !

.New Richmond Vil.

1 i North Richmond , i Township j 1

1 T«vickcuhamTwnt>h.

i : Tusmore I

jXetley i

|Green Slip



I Piyinptou Hamlet*

I Jas.Washington & others i 1

Frederick Skipworth.... i i

i Edmund Jas. Constable j

1 1 Thos. Reashill& It tlnnV ' Smith

Charles Bcrke'fy

;Edwin Oliver

I William Holers •





i i 1




j i i



l !

1 ■ i !

1 ■ j 1

I ! i i i i

1 I I 1

i 1 0 ' 1 1 ! i

i 1 i i i

I '


1 I ■ •

20 Ul>

> ■ '■ !i


1 ! ' ! 2 2 i i i , I

1 ! ! ! MM' ; 1 : I

1 i 1

! I ! !, 1 i ; i i :


Ml ' i l" i i i

1 j.









jAi)uiul?*ici! of water on tlielXiiir-iiiillis of eighty a«*:-es, Preparing to lmiltl aliouso <m the scciiou ; ::l iiicscnl there a«o : surfacv. p.uily with jmsts ami four only lenu, lem;.??lii)ry Imts, &:. i raii<, :iml |>:ntly with pusis | anil | wo rails. Fi\e \v«?l!s, with pood water at Several of ll?o allotments arc'This section is divided into arro allntiiieiits, :i;id t-oiiiains niiit- 1 the ilejitli of lilteen feet. eti'-losed with teinporary, or or ten pist- iniH«s. There :uo eUi'ii>,:ve l>rick-\v:<rkg in I hush fence. : operation. , Well, twenty I'-et deep, iiK-lmlini; Two ae.rcs — with hank ami Wheat, sown in July, :m indii!"onut rr?i|>, ami much snuitt<-tl. three feet of youd water. ditch. I This Kection is silm divideil into aero all.itnipjit*. There :u-e j j thive dwelliiiir-lKiuses on it, and two or Hirer mure in tlie I ! rouiM 1 of election. j One acre—temporary fence. JThis section is ;i?su divided inio acre :i!loti:i'_'iits. There is I j only one pn-ou at pieseul loeated ujkiii it, in a |ii-i' ', ! ilwellillL'-l st.. .Two wells—one fourteen the Two acres—temporary IVtiee. ;This net-tiuii i> Ufc-ovisi? divided into :i<ro utii'tiu-uts. Th<?re ; oilier twelve fret deep, in- j are two briefc'S uj<ii:i it; hrivklield, &e. j eluding three fei-t of good | j water. j Well, e-i^lity-fotir fe.-i deep, in- llnlf of the soetiort— part with 'I'otatns, planted in July, a veiv hnliffere:;t erop. Tlr! huildiii-js cludiuj,'ten feet nl ualer. posts and tinec rails, anil part on lliis sedioii sire—a du'elliu^-houi>e, and three eotta^o for with p.isis on end. workmen. Well, thirty d"ei', iiieludiii.j;One hundred :inil il;rty :i ■•res— This seetion contains an inu a:ii) hoU-1, two votViges, stock- two (Vel water, verv hrsieki^liJ wiih post* :iud four rails. i yard, &e. Well, f«>rly-Uve fee! deep, in-JTwo huiidreti mid sixty-eiu'ht ; Wheat, r-o.vti in A ;>iil and May, yielded a!,cii!t eiuhlei-n Iiiis'k>!s eluding twelve feet of good aeres—part with posts of l!iree! per ..ere. Hail<'y. si\ n.-res siwn in A|.ri!. a very I'ood en>;i; water. and fcur rails, and part with etulit ncres mi\*'<i in the latter end oi .1 nu--, a Ifj-Iu eioji ; i posts on end; divided into! four aeres (eh.•v-ilier) miuii in July, a very li:;'.it crop. ?.):il:<, two paddoeKs iif i-eveiity aciesj sown in the brahmin:; of August, a youd crop; some tt.'lf- taeh, one of sixty-live acres,- sown, a liif'it <"ri<p. Mai/.e, pianteil iltirin'4 tlie nmiiltj of andoneofsivtyaeVes. Garden' Oeloher, looking: toleraldy well, l'otatus, plauted from July and orchard, three acres. to September, an iudillereut 11 .>j>. ('pun iIun I aim is h-.tiil il larce and cois?tiindioiis dwelliui"-llou>r, with st ablet, I111IIS, and granary attarlie !—all of loi.k : likewise three eolla^'es fur workmen, smith's slioii, &r. There is also a mud siud hiiek duelliu^tiouse, uilh sttii'k-y:ird, &c., and a publie- boiise, with a stable attavhed to it. Fencing just comincnced. There are on this "eelion :i dwelliii^-hmtvc, stock-ytiril, &e. ; an I ii:n and luitt-l, *vitli <!:.!.!,•, 6i •. ; and two cott;i;'es. Wr'.l, t wpiiiy-<iu'lit feet deep, None. i'J'here is a Iniek I'oase un tiiia lariu. ii.elu'lini; tluee feet water. ( Well, i xvrnty?li\p feet deep, in- One hundreii and ten acres—' A ilivpiiiti^-hiaisi** and :i cottage i:i (he ccmrse of ereclion. I cludit.irlivv feel "f water. j ()iuU awl ditcU. j Two *velii,, twent).three feet:Forl) ue.rvs—L'aiik and ditch, jM:tiz«-, planted iit September, an es'i>il"iil ciop. lVitnins, ti-tif deep, each inducing fci>. fvet of i.l.iidini' uiiUimu'!!, a vry imp. Tht v a le four of jj««od water. , ilnellii^-!;.,*:-. s ..11 the (•••ciioii ; stn-i;-;. aril, dairy, fowl- !'IVow«?!l!!, Jhiriy feel :lfop, iu.JN.iiK'. ' '. \f.- s.-'timi 1.' : «.l. .1 ii.u, .u .• .: !, •„<■;. Ttif-i- i, a r'v.i- j rlmiiiiulivflect iif^ood water, j : s-i-.ieralile in:ml?«'i "I persons I ..• •••<! up. 11 it. iWell, fs«* veiny fet ileep, incluil-'Une liumlrcd and A'ii,-;.t, «>.« 11 in V|nil, :i ,:iir <-mp. a.eta.ii.;.-t .ven'y-i:.veh<isl?<'!< ing rtve feet of (iood water. aeres — oite-lulf with post* per aeio.' ;., >?« ii :.l the same lin.e, proved a um?.l er-;\ and three zniif, t!ie other lialf and ueM<><l :ilt<?ul the same letiirn. There are on tlii-- farm witii (tank :tud ditch. ; two'lai^ie ami ••imniioilioiis dwelliic-hnu«fs, with a eolta-r i for l.ibmvrf ; s«:«Me, eait-h.-d, Mo.-k-y-ird, &e. Well, tvcnly-fivc feet deep, in- .Sixty-seven ucres — posts andWli"^!, sown ::\. out the he:iiMii:u r of Oitulier, smutted, anil an i dudili|;le*u feel of water. lour rails. j indtifeieut ir.ip. 1'otato*. planted from .lime till October, a I toler-ihle crop, partly di-strnje.l tiy ifrulis. IVhs, sown in ' July, did Lot s*ucceiJ. Mai/e. |d:iiited in October, is looking I exi-eeilinjjly \v*-ll. Hape :;nd Ki;i>eed, soivu in small ;i:itc!ie>, I succeeded veiy M''H. There is a'inii'line- of superisir el.iy for j I ! luieks upon lls« M.etiou. The du-eliin^s cousUt of an ex.-IUul j ! bliek bouse au«J cotta-e, with I. v<i<-. Vrom the Fourth Creek, n little Eighty acres—po&ts and thieelrpon t!ii< seeiii.n are a dwelling-ln.u>e, %t:s!;li-, fowl-house, above the section. Water on! rails. j daiij, t-t jik-y:iril, &o. the surface part of the year. ; Well, tliirly feet deep, including Sixty-seven acres — posts and Wheat, sown in f lie heaiuiiinirof Juno, a tolerable erop, p-trti.illy r:^ fvl of good water. tb'tee rait*. I Minuted. <?:«•*•, wiwa in the I'.'-imiiu^ of Auju>l. a ve.y Ii :ht erop. l?«?l.i;os pointed in September, a lolei ihle er<?;« - «if good size, Inn 110* miiiiei'iiU". A jr.uil 'loitsi', Kti*ck-j :\nl, &.-., ,.;,on :be STti.ui. V.VH. «ini? hundred and twenty- For fencimr, bpp Mr UnseiVs Uuildiugs--an i««ti a:.«l hotel, stiiWe, vtocli-yaru, &c. two feet, including live 1' portion oj' this (section, above, of jrouil water. I Two veils. None. I BuiMiii"*—one w<mdrn dwelling-house, and several others in th-... in*.-of «'«'icli..n. Well, forty-six feet deep, in- Two hundred and forty actcs Potato*, planted in A<i£.int, a fiiluve. Ti^jv is a sub,l:?uti;d I eluding three of good water. enclosed—twoaud a ha'lf miles wooden dwelUn^-hou^e on the rstate. with postti ;iiul rails :""' half a mile wiTli ji'ists <m end. ;Frotr? the Third Oeek, which tup paddock of ««ie liundreil On section 342 are two cottages, two stock-yards, cow-sheds, &c. |<asveii through the properly. Mid tbiity acres, one of eighty, one of one lumdred, and one I of thirty-four — all enclosed 1 I with posts uud four rails. j I Abundant ftipply from the First None. ;A pood jiUt !io«sc on the section. t:ifr?ek, whicli passes through j the Fiction. t iFrota the First Creek. None. 'A good pine lio««e. Two liundreil and Rixty-cight' acros— partly with posts and four rails, partly with po6lsi and throe mils. ' Well, twenty-four feet «lcep, Sixty-eeveit acres—with posts Dwelling-hous«? t barn, stock-yard, &c, on ihis M-clion. inoluding tno fept of water, and throe mils. Watci on the surface tiiuc mouths of the vear. Well, thirty-four feet deep, in- Sixty-seve? seres —with posls On this pioperty ar* three substantial and commodious dwelhng- cladhi^thtee fert water. and four mils. I houses, «lsiry? stable, &c. Frota the Cn-rk in ubumiani c. None. 'The><??r das just settled on tlie Kection, and lis* liuilt a j uoo.t Rlali ho'ise. Frnrn a Mream wliich r.ins One hundred acres—posts and There are four «l«elling-h«U3es, three stock-jards, xlables, &c, through the f:«rm all the year, four tails. on this farm- afiiordinq an atiutidaut suppty. frornfcclion 2?4. None. Potato", date «f p1*nti« s unknown, very good ciop. A dweJ- linylmuse, «t<ii:k->«iril,&c. oil this From the Torrcna — ft good Two paddocks of Seven acres Wheat. sj\v« «« «he latterfud «f Jnl?, a vry li;«i'c r .m. Hr- j C«a|iply. eacli, oue or twelve, ouv «r fti.tiiMinn. ll« ■ '.*" v ■ '•' •t"'.% < :l |i-llt ••"'i 1- '•:'"(>. I'- '"'"" ' twrnty, and one of four-all in Septeuit>«-*r, ?%«•.> e k , client «<<.ji. I'.tiat .-•, pl.-ui-.i ■>.: d.f- J timlosdwllSlioRtsaud tlirce fereul llm.-«-l?ai* «" •'« •r«l l «?'•?«' "n* ?«•)«?•?, but a ra i| B . great |it O portl<tn nl it badly, 011 account of tin* badness uf the seed. Substantial dwelling-house, «'.iiry, stable, lien-boiiae, mid stock-jraril. ... . Fr*?«i ? small elrcatn which Ooc-«Rfc«'« t>t a «n«p with polls A lU-elliug-li**^' ?n««U>ck.yaH aifcrtxted on this section. l?oescfi through the section. and tour rails—the rrinaiudpr oftlie s?i;ion «\ilh temporary feiie^.

Five vv«M!s, with cood water at 1 the de|itli of tilteen feet. 1

! Well, twenty f-et deep, ineludini; ' three feet of youd water. i I i

I ( I .Two wells—one fourteen the ' ! other twelve fret deep, in— j eludin- three fei-t of good water, Well, .•ijility-fotir fe-i deep, in- I chnlitj" ten feet itl ualer. j

Well, tliirly d^ep, iueludi n ..r!( two f«-el water, verv hraeki-li.i Well, f.nly-Uve feet deep, in-j'i eluding twelve feet of good] water.

•2H * T. A. Forrest

1 I i i

1 I ■'

i I ,



J I h r. i'M •Jeath Poole George lleid 3 I i

h v. zao


1 ?! I i

i i I*

I 3' ?i

: "!:

1 < I t. 202 .Tusmore Thomas Preeee, tenant of j 8 j MrUogers j

1 i] 4 I

i i A i

1 I I

1 i i 2 2 k y ! i I

'4 2,


1 v. 93 j |T. B. StiBMgn-nye !

1 i


I j ! 270 271 Edgeton William Sandford '. and-.?7l^ I t I ; 284 293 Woodfordc Esthtc ,. Samuel East ' IJ41 343 { r«47 MH'. I r84? «5O ! j

! 1 j j 1 1

j I '■ 1 ,




ji 9US ;Grcenhill j ames n utc lii«on 1

1 I

1 1 I ;

i 1 i I

i 1 ) i;08_ j George Willis j '202 2 Jo! South Auetraliau Conipji


i ;


a 2SI? JTborntngton John Hunt 12 j

i 1 1

4 299 ! C. B. Rodwell

! t 1

003 i William Warland 1 I 1

H54 85?,Glcn Stuart C. \V. Stuart I and tfSOl j

i J s


K3 JTammere jDatridWjllie J

•12 Uotin Stroil a !






: I 2CW? jGiceuliitt lltuie Jci.rirtoj.lier M. Wearing i I

2 i

I t. ?I9 Hollybush Joseph Edmonds 3  

Fr«m a stream parsing through Twenty a«ivs—posts and f.iur I'uii'ings—t«r« orttages and tftock-yaij, ; die Bert inu, | rails. Vr< .!•? M« So«wl l*r--ek, whieii Fiv<? an*l * Iialf ::em— one Four cottage** a?J • stocl-jard. j (taste* iVroc^ii «t<r teiliou. <|t:irter dunk am! <l;t<"i, t'n<« j ij:wrtrrs with pists aii.1 f««r !.V pon<l MjppH fror? a «1resii) 'J:«'««Tf—i!?s-l<-if f.-nrc. One tlBTlli«£f -'"•?«* -"•' <orl-?::rj. 1 fit,s.ii if tii:;,nv'i :Ue <ie«*t:irti. : I AI^H.dnit m.-j.K f.on, «!?• t-..r- SixJwn : >«-i.s-i ..<•- air.', tin. v Jh;< •.•,:,..? i~ I" "'i-i <" ' -i ■'■ *'J :'- T.-::v.«. V.I, .,«. ; . i>>is . - r .,,; s . ,.,„„ i :1 ,.!•■ :•■!, ! eli.l .-! .1.1.1 ■. I.:...... •.) :: ,■■■„,:, ,.f -nU-n . ■ . |,..,.'...v <,.«• ..■••—«(.. I 1.-.!-:--, j.l.1,1:-.: at l.|j-t,-,a ?■....-, , ! ,...„„„,, , ..,y >:, cr.,- n,,.:.:::,_>-,, : ,.h ,>. :1 :.j.,,h ( • ?"■■-■■>•■- .. , , , . 1 ;T:i'r ..f ?!ic '•ecli.iN— y, sN a:;-i i ..•:- ... :. .i - i.i-;-.i.-ir- '. I..••;.-.? <• 1.1; ■■ t. ... :::; tl.:s -•.•;•:!.:!•. 1 .'Vto'IV 1. -,.-.. i:i---::.l-:i:c. <?:.-'. p..;.-.«-i. ••« <\ -.1 - .s . i : . ...:..-i ••' ■•■.•■il-.i on «.-...• m.!,- In ;!. • T. ,.:... \i,-.- ,; ,u ,,:■). ...... -,, ,1 t-«!: ;•: . -t-.ii.i '- !• ■■ ->' ■'■■. -• ?••" - • •' ••. ., . t'..i .-.,.. ,.!...•.•!. ,;,...• Mi....'.;,: •• >, ; ,.,,:,. 4' .. , m:'^ ir-r t: •.:.:....- ...• ••:...■ .....I -^ !■«'-«>!. i':r.--i....rt;.*« •<•„.,.■ ....... .,.,- •.-■'<■■ ,-•• I.--. ,.,!; l : -.,...-n', rt-i •


,« 1. i'.r« |Bum«i<t« l V4cr Au d crs , in j




'V !


I I ! •JO4 k'iiftoa VJIt'j . .;it,,|, O rt llrll ' ' " ! I



Mi i :«i !

I 1

1 >I«J ji.'J.:oiab«: ( .%. j.\ al! J s. |^ 3,,,.,,,.. j .

:* 1

:; 1

I ;

; j

*>-•' -V. F. anJ S. K. Itouril .

I. •■'"•' «!-?'■ r.t.-; J..«.):%.V :; !kej:.r..| S:a?!.? sj.K •«

•i : ,'

"'.:!,' V-." .•.-= :', . ,' ' " I