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SYDNEY, JUNE 6. Fine flour per ton £45 Beef per lb - • 4d Seconds do £30 to £35 Mutton per do - 4d Wheat per bushel 16s Butter fresh per lb 3s Bran per do 1s 6d Cheese per do 1s to 1s 4d   Maize per do 8s Cattle each £6 to £8 10s Bread 2lb loaf 8d Sheep each 14s to 18s   Hay per ton £9 to £11 Oranges per doz 2s to 4s Potatos per cwt 8s to 15s Apples per doz 2s to 5s HOBART TOWN, JUNE 3. Wheat per bush 16 to 17s Beef per lb 9d     Barley per do 6s to 11s Mutton per do 8½d Oats per do 7s to 8s Butter per do 2s 3d   Peas per do 6s to 8s Potatos per ton £8 10s     Apples per do 10s to 14s Straw per do £3     Flour per cwt 38s to 42s Onions per lb 1½d     Seconds per do 30s Hay per ton £10   LAUNCESTON, JUNE 4. Fine flour per ton £50 Beef per lb - - 10d Seconds per do £48 Mutton per do 6½d     Bran per bushel 1s 9d Wheat per bushel 17s Pollard per do 2s Irish pork per brl £7     Barley per do 10s Sugar per ton £28 to £32   Oats per do 6s Tea per chest £8       Hay per ton £5 5s Brandy in bond 11s     Potatoes per do £12 Rum do 6s 6d       MELBOURNE, JUNE 1. Flour fine £70 to £75 Ale per doz 16s Seconds £55 to £60 Porter per cask £6 6s     Four pound loaf 3s Port per doz 42s to 50s     Brandy per gallon 11s 6d Sherry per do 30s to 45s     Rum per do 8s 6d Claret per do 63s         Whisky per do 7s 6d to 9s Champagne per do 72s SINGAPORE, APRIL 16. Java rice 50 to 60 Spanish dollars per koyan;   grahm 2¼ to 2½ dollars per bag; Bengal wheat 3 to 3½ dollars per do; Sumatara coffee 8¼ to 11 drs. per pical; Java coffee 12 to 13 dollars per do.;   cordage coir 2¼ to 3¼ dollars per do.; gunny bags   7 to 7½ dollars per 100; opium 290 to 300 dollars per chest; pearl sago 2.40 dollars to 2½ dollars per picul; Canton raw silk 390 to 400 dollars per 100 catties; Manilla cigars 6 dollars per 1000; Superiors 6½ to 7 dollars per do; Cochin China   sugars 4 to 4¾ dollars per picul; Java sugar 3 to 5 dollars per do; Manilla do 2¾ to 4½ dollars per   do; Siam do 5¾ dollars per do; tea 8 to 12 drs. per 20 catties. *.* A picul is 133 1/3 lbs, which is divided into 1000 catties. A koyan is 40 piculs. LATEST DATES FROM   England - 5th Mar. Sydney - • 6th June Cape • • 29th Mar. Hobart Town 3rd June Calcutta • 15th Mar. Launceston - 4th June Mauritius 15th Mar. Melbourne 1st June     Singapore 16th April Swan River 9th May   China 1st April New Zealand 27th Apr.  

MARRIED —On the 22nd instant, by the Rev C. B. Howard, Daniel Crosby, sergeant of police, to Emma Mary, eldest daughter of Mr H.J.   Durien, inspector of arms to the province. —On Thursday morning, 25 June 1840, by the Rev. C. B. Howard, at Trinity Church, Mary Eldest daughter of W. Giles Esq., late of Mont- pellier Square Brompton to Josiah Partridge, Esq., Solicitor late of Stroud Gloucestershire. DIED —On board the Gunga, from Singapore on the 19th inst., Edward Dent Betts, Esq., of the firm of Betts Brothers, of Sydney, in the 27th     year of his age.