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AIiVEUTISKMKNTS. ft-All adrertisments must he pnid for prcvic«? to insertion, unl-si foru-nrded hi such of our friends n* have opcwl monthly accounts at the Ofh'fc; an-l Admlisvr* >"c >\qti<*ted pnrtiadarbl *<> n>ticc Hint adivrtiscmr;,'* ?«c.' insatdl will lie continued and rh-ir : i?f I'-r vnlns countermanded by six v'clodi on 'I/i'irs <?ny evening. fO ft LONDON DIIUCT, Tc sail from Port AdJavte in the rarly purt of November, -i(ih*K rfMIK Inniue AMV/f UUXH frmxL * STEWART lOrifiES, fiQmljg^ iMirthwi .VW tons, Ainu J> Feu, •<^^^^^> *The above vessel b;n very f'-ipc rior arcoinodiitioiis for passenrprs, and fh« whole of her dead weight being <>nK'iir«"?. Shippers of Wool itn requited to have it ?n rendiia-M, a^ othenvise th<? shin inurt j?ro? ceil tj Hobsirt luwn to nomplrtc 1:. r < ?ra« , Application to !<•• «wil« to Ci|it. I-Hi. on Vw«, At the South Au.-traiWn C?im|>a;iy's l^ Kooms; <-r t> Mark, Waisoii, «'•■! Co. ri;i c.\:.currA f V.i srt i.i f-w'l-.en «/''s'«. -?19l*- rpMK'liiK- .-hip naOGHLY. I fl!?l tons ivnl>:rr. Gn.uc.r. ?3'R«S^. lUm.v, Omi'iruid. f. This ship L^WgW" \n% a l-.r^re \\>?]>, with «pl. iidiil "'i&STSSS** nri-otnniiMiation for jias-.-iu-e 9. tor" Ir.^ht «: |-.ts.!-:iBi« iipp'.y t.i '-'i;.t .ilti l*aily, or i.) 3. W.\!.i;K!J. Uiu.:l y MI..P-. F.-:t MADRAS A\:> CAt.CITTA, To «;-;/7<V/.-,-/v nn th,' first nf August, -ilti ib>. r t^ ' ' I• I'""' Jii*t-el:iss l- mc M\m^ I 1,..,, «,;,_. snppixt.'*. "'•IJHHSHbV oliV l{. > w"vfi" PotninaiidiT. fljil '■TtjSf?j^r ton- re^istrr amlsj!) font burtlu'ii. '«^)^Qf? lying in l*«irt A l.'laid-. 'I'hia tTFsel hns cx«'<'l i"t ariToniiiiodatiini for pas teniicn. I'or |in«<i:i|;o nj?|ily to the an !i0..n1, FI.AXMAN St ROWf.AMX. App?i!« for the Srppiny*. :i~. Kiinllp.Ktrcor, July 11, IM9. 1 O R \ I I. For T.iunc.-Mun in a few day*. a " '*• '*""' fa«i-*i'iiina i*"iif 1 ,#«_ te I !J7 UAM, Tik.m. «n^'.-r. J'^jMf^ l'*?r fn-i^ht or passagi- nj>|>!>' •'? 'he -'^iSasCj C: [iiain, or to rv^^S? C. Citlsl'li, Agent. ■tuly 26, IKW. TO SAIL About llit miffinV of next w*rh, KOR LAUNCESTON UIKKCT, A #"*? flillK line last-sailing srhoonrr /s£sJBt£. 1 LOWESTOFT. w^r7^^? For fr.-i(;l.t or fms-Hgc apj-ly to July 2.1, lf>:s9. yon FuVACiiir on ctiAurs::*, wJFTfey.''|^HK fine f.^t-vulinic fir«j..* tt .e «AROSk.w * ?.lii|? fiAXtiRS. :<HI toll', "?!aicoi m MeDoNAi.ii, OmmiamJcr, !••> open Inr freight or oh;irt« r to the wid of July. 1 his vessel has stijx-iior a>:. Ci.mtroJ ttion for pas-i'iigers. Apjily to tliu Ciiptaiu on l.ourl, «.r to JOHN AM-AX. Ilindley-Ktrect. noticu to o?nsi«;m:i:s i?k« .sail' GAXaES. delay being or jfigfiai v > ca-iriiif<l liy Con^icnri'S not Ft ml ing lor their p«*<h Notice is Iktcljv j,'iv<n t \:A rffmurr^po will he t'hr.iged on till Goods nut taken ?HRy ncioiding to Hill vf Lading before the 18th instant. JOHN ALLAN, A-ent. TO CONSIGNEES. (> r|lUK CITY OF ADELAIDE wi-1 jgijy^£ L coiiiineiice to diseLarjrc this day. Tiiis fire new lnvijua, ?(;:«*** UBO tons, is open for freight or charter. Application to be xiaric to dipt. Donaldson on board, or to JOUN MOiIPIIETT, Ag«'i;i f. r tbe vcmcl. My 24,1839. JUST RKCKIVKI), and on sale by tbe under signed— A variety uf beautiful silks. rensistinp of— Pain nnd figured black gros de Na|iles. tNtto rotored. Irisli poplins. Cheeked Krcncb ditto. Virroria, roj-al .Stuart, and G-jrdon tsit ins— ■pun Filk. M'Rcnzie and Queen JJaiy ditto—cashmere. At.SO, f-idies' and gentlcmrnV dogs. A few my >n|icrior blanket*. &c MURItAV, GRIEG, h. CO

BAPTIST C?IAl?BL, iiisdi.kv-st«i:ut. fPHE Trustees of the UaptiM Cuapel, lav.: a L pleasing duty Co difirliarge, in tender'ng their must respectful mid cordial thanks to his Kxcellenry tlie Governor, arid to their other iiii ti.]<, tor (lie uiicxani|>lcil liberality and pryu;{?- I titndo, with which i!,«y have responded to the up;>liuutio;i made fur pecuniary aid to nvi<t the 'lru>tet-s in paying fur the Chapel in UiiKlliy ftcc.t. I.i one (I:iii. front f?r?i-t!ircr. individual* only, ut?;,J.i< ; fT\UU:K !U;m>!<K!> ANDSKVKNT'Y FIVIS I'uTNlt.-i was ohtaivi.d, and this im uip.liittf'y after the very ii'.iwal rnllertitms en i!ie oci'asidii «f opening tlip UYsltvan Chapel, ill tiv.vJer I'Jare, whirli nnuttmted to I&2L I3j. While iliiik i*r.'i(cf(il for the hiiidmw* of their frirntis, tin? Trustees r«vo£ni. ci' ami :i?kni>;vlcdg<! tic good h-ml of Mini fro-n whom "ConH'th iluwu every goud and perfect g\l\." DAVID M'LAKF.NT JOHN Kl'^Kl.L I W. l?. It AN OKI I. V /nuWi M H.J.I \M SCO I 1! N. VV UK AT ON I !/?t uf Sn!(v'.i; : :i.).is i.-v, "■.■• ! 3i!i J.iiv, f,, r : b c . Baptist'.."liajicl. Mi dlt'— .i\ ?. ,1. :iis I'xcrll. 1 c\- ti;.? rti,<.vr:u-.r ....? 5 0 n-n-iii X t.,-.,,< ir> o o .1. S. AiiK'ii't. |kt W. Ji Ci.«l;i-H> 0 <l '.V. |{. <.-...*.• .5 ii ~ John Iliiss. 11 :}•) (I o Vlti ItllsKcll ){l (I (I NVilli.itii S.-uit •_;•( 0 ,i Will. 11. lill|.|.'<l J.i II !l V.1.-..iH -t. : V.,. , .;. „ J;>!m \!or|>h< a 5 j .i Koliert (*.«•!{ .i a o A II Davis 5 fl (i .'am. i Smith , r, I) ft <'. I'.'lMlinil ,11 i, (| Mrs. (•'lasiiiim i, •) || K.-I.viitd l<o\vi..iid<>. !.i |(i <| I>!'!i.-hii M'F.inaml Ji> ii? i) .I..'n |{i'h-.nlo i i :, o I'Xm :iii(l ItiTc/i- .i ;, (i Tj...«. O .Sr:.;v I I (| ;•:. c. <;«•>•! •> •„> <> <}. iri; ? Mrtiin ;> -2 it .l:>lltl Klllllt -J O ,| Kti-ic Nniiiiiiis •< -2 ii 'A'il'iiiin r\-r^r>isim ? it 0 0,..,r5;0 Hall, Kimdio^triM j 0 0 j 1.?.. !*!;:iu:iT .j (i ,i loft u-itli ihivid Ml i.e.i. p 1 " ? Wiliisttii I'ork i •; o John Sin-key J i) <j MiUl.evv M«i<>ih««uv<> I <l v Murray, «piii(r, and C.s 2 it 0 J«!in Allan 5 5 o Arrhihuid Macilotyull 2 o 0 William L<Mi*:l>oUotii •+ 2 O William Swillie | | Q William IV'acock, JJrrnfelistrerll I 0 William 11. llurf.rd 5 0 0 Ntlkuii. 1 Whia r:i 5 fl 0 W'iiliiim Kitii.i-.Miii 5 0 0 A- !«.. • I 0 0 i .'.! *sr-. Uar-;- r?vd linn. J „ LoniJon. ?y I. Noi.:iui...{ 2 2 0 Pal(M*r!|itioijs ?•«••?' ivrcivcd j • 'rfjiliiin W'aiiifr ,5 .5 0 t...)!>:.• .'!« II •_? o 0 J«h:i Mill | | o J"'?i K.Ws | | o Aii'viinilcr.... ;) H 0 J<?l v nit-kf?is j i o If. I". N.wluul •> o 0 J:unes Kon'ibh | | o C Vtnn i? a 'J J.imcs Ki'iuUh ..a 0 0 Tli'jniiis Freciniiti ..A .5 0 J. V,. Ntsli '.2 -i 0 Captain John Hurt ....5 5 0 Magnus Gray 0 10 6 Julm Clishy 0 10 0 ft. S. Kingston... 'i 2 0 George Millar. I O 0 Thomas Williams 5 0 0 ____________________________ Thebarton, July 24, 1839 The Partnership hitherto existing between Robert Laundy Ingham and George Bean,   tanners and curriers, was this day dissolved by mutual consent. The business will in future be   carried on by George Bean, and all parties having any claim upon the firm are requested to forward their account to him for payment, and all persons indebted to the firm are requested to   pay tbe same to him at their earliest convenience.   R. L. Ingham begs to return his thanks for the support and encouragement he has experienced   since his commencing the above business. R. L. INGHAM. GEO. BEAN. Witness—W. B. Ashton. __________________________________ ALI« rifrs<nis h«*ing any pla«nn upon Me. Charles Totrgoodor Mr. William Kjng?\ve)) \ for the rrpaira and material!: for tbe cutter railed the iMterprize, now lying in dock at Tort Adel.ud,. ] arc requested fortbn-itli to send tliein in to M William Edwards, l^ght-kquare, «rhere they will I be •xamiaed, and if found correct liquidated. ,

i;simu is!imi;nt op A PROPRIETAItV COLLEGE IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA. ONI" ol tlie principal foundations upon which t!.i' prosperity and the mor<tl clihiu<ur ol tlie new colony ol Siulii An Uralui was intruded to be LaSL'H, xviis a provision to secure thu ?:l\an tngm and the blessings (if (rood und lilicr.-.l tdui'a ti<ui for i?s youth. This object lias Urn .-tcadily Kepi in vii-vvby all tt tic frieujs to tin- colony; -.nil in ixl'Sil iuii to the ojuMJiioi.s of tin' S>uth Auyta li.tii School Soriffy, mid the opportunities affor ded by private scniinui'iis, the ertablUlinicnt of a College sufficiently endowed to guarantee a first rate education, not only for the children of Kuio pcan parents settled in the colony, hut for the children of the higher classes ot residents in the F.utt Indies, bus been anxiously looked for ward to. The subject has been actively taken up by the friends of the colony in Kuglaud, mid liberal us sist'iiicc timy with certainty be calculated upon I:(Jin tin* mother fotintiy. Tbc accomplishment ..f :'•> ol>i<Vt is of as (Trent interest silld nn;> .1 tim.v t.> India as to this colony—tl'c. s..!u :;'i'y uf our ('*. Hint our short distance from li •' iV<"ii>i<j:ir.;i's. presenting such obvious induce nu'iit-i for parents to send their children foreilticu tiuii ti> tlii" colony, in preference to sending U.em | to '■ iis'hini. nssii-tiiiii*!! may consi (jueutly he Isiirly : v <ic'putrd i:.:ii tii.- Indian puliliir also. It rests wall thi? colonists thcm-elvos to Mine f< ruiiiil aiui i:ianif'csl tluir nu^iety aniidct* r.nin:i tioii to aeeoinplisii :.n ol>ject sou' wilh Immir :mil iiiiciiuaue to the culuiiy—so coiiJinivc to its |.t'i-i:Mn'iit .mil.,i fiiiltatii'ii— aii.liiiiiil |irol)al'iliiy i il. >imil'.l tt> iiivi* no iiupuitant iiitlnriicc mi the In:uro ivli.sii ;i< c.<ml:tiiiti of tliis portion of iJ?.-• llm'i' A suii«'-i'p.ii.!i U.ts niicit'ly t-i-nui). ?f< d. I! •y■ ■. :■••! !y his Mmv:; :icy lii.- (iuwrnor, U'lm ulies j., . ii---.'< in:'r.-.{ i-i'lie :ni.|-i;.ikii:|^. .-•.iv< ripiioi'* v.i'l W rc-viwil at tin* Hm.c ot | Smi'li Ai.-.'r.ih.i. mi) tin; Hauls of Aim', rahixis, ami | it i? M l:v ln-;<- i it'iit tt:c mitmi^ta sit 1.ii,;0 will • .MTri' j0..: ■■liy .v.,J cfeif.' tli'nlly furwarl in ta^i. j ; <>r( ot « i n <■''{■ an i i.'ti;" DU o!>jvc|. I AiiciiiJo. J,i'y J..1, 1J33. nrirm irsr;i,f.i.iAV i.tsr. j >■«•*•:•• iyti«ni ij,r (■',<! rtt .'ili?h :mf of a Pif>;>rirtary i C.-l!cj>-i.i ■•iii.i.i ,ti<>,'i iilro. II • l.;:cilency iha Ouvfrnur €100 0 0 I K..-.CH <>.nmvr... II i..-.;.i M'i.:iicn.fur th.-S.iiii'n .J.u-t:a liiiii (:?>••! p-u.y. ««.'i/.<?'f-> :hi' "!>;>ro.til of :!.c li.wd'of 1i,,c;,.T.i ,n i'..,nJm j^O 0 i! , C,. )•. A.nti-, Kotidi'l. per C. I anna i Atlii 0 <i I<\ i iiMiian .',iiil «t (I K.luMtd !{.nvliiml< !<iO rt 0 .K/.n \!vi|?leit •JKIII 0 •? John K:ut«iu 11.i.-k lUII 0 0 Kthv.ild ftejiliens 100 0 0 i:. «i. fiifitsuti... 100 o o .I. il. ( UK) O 0 O.iinotid Oilles.. Thoinus Knctnaii |09 0 0 I) Murf-ir.uiic K«J 0 0 C. 0. Howard, Colonial ('luiplain llonry Watson s;j 0 o f!:?rk 100 0 0 William Wyatt J,lt:ll KllUtt 5> 0 0 V.i?:ii,t & <"«..kc, |ht M*. U. <-~.i!ip.. |<K| 0 O Ju'isi i;,' (I 0 Iliac* Hi rtlc lisl:er 5? 0 M, KiUviir:! Jkliii Kyrc. .">i? 0 v i W. X l?4t«i-r, I'ort l.ii.ciln 6? 0 0 r. oii«r??i.m 60 <? o Charli-!- M.HIII U) 0 0 J.'llll lillMil-ll ]<'!> 0 <l (i S. Kingston .?(> M 0 A. 11. Davis & Ci? it? l? II Ji!n. Walk«r |0i) 0 t! iii.?:i,us (iillicrt At? O <t .l.ilm Moiigf 7.i 0 O Ouvid M'J.iir.n M 0 0 It. F. Newlund Thos. Qinton Stow. Congregational Pastor   timial I'ustor \ A. Ki>el. Cirimn l.i.lhii.n IVsr.or . W. l.oii^iott«ii«, IV«slvyau Miuivfur. ? 1-tVht. Fimii=f, &Co CO O 0 William Finite At 0 0 A.! Si 0 0 ?;nuc a t 10 n. Mil. MACfJOWAVS StUo\ C<.r«.m.!Mj«l -|>laco, CJnnfell-strrct i* now •upen. The cvcniiii; Classes nntt Mis. Miic.-uwan'* ' la Jcs'sellout Us opened in «';>(cit a lortni^ht. On sale—Macguwaii'a iinprovcj Bchoal Hook«. FOR SAI.K, BY the unileroignod—Semral useful hones m.4 brood mare*, fit lor immediate Woik, with drays, karnes*. «nd bcr*c clothing, nnl a mperior tandem gig. Also, to arrive net Ghirtottt — Houf Oati Bottled ale and porter'* brown stout in hhd*. C4«<W<*« Cheese An cxreUent spring cart and harnrs^ ; and a variety of other g.xirtt. Also, tlt^a sliccp dojjs, tvcl'. broken. Wm. EVANS, WcfmouthsL. Adelaide

ADELAIDE SUUVEY ASSOCIATION. SHAREHOLDER. 5 in the Special Survey* nt Port Vii-toria and Port St. Vincent ure in formed that die script receipts for both arc now ready. Those gentlemen who reside nt a distance from the town will uhtiiin their script, in «>xchiing- fur icci ijits at present l;<;ld l>v them, nt the residence of <!.«) i-Ycrvturr. N. lIAILES, Secretary. North -terrace, t opposite Government-house.) Inly 23, 1839. BOTANICAL AND HORTICULTURAL GARDENS. AT a Committee Meeting held nt tbc Court* house on Tucsdny, July 16th instant, the following resolutions were proposed and adopted : Tliat W. Wyatt, Esq. be lequrated to accept the office of Honorary Secretary ; which be accepted. That the sum of sixteen pounds, advanced by tlie Colonial Botanist for tbe purchase of two cottages in the garden, he rcpuid by the Treusurer out of (lit! funds loiiged in the Dunk. Thnt a public notice be given to pay up the subscriptions to tho Treasurer on or before the first of August, fur the first year ending July Ist. 1.?41). That the Governor lie respectfully requested to (ix a salary lor the Colouiul Botanist; and that some assistance in (lit- shape of emigrant labor ot prei>r'it i.iiuin|>loycd be given, in consequence of tin; i.uviitnvil state of the season. Tl<^t h (reeling of ti<c cunnniitec be held tliii day lt>rtni^!i, ut one o'clock, nt the Court-house. Wm. WYATT, lion. Sec. .Ill',- IP, ?P3>. SUVf M.VRBKT PI.ACK, t.t'NDlir-STnRRT HW. ROLLASO.V, Market C.wdcwr, • Nursery Jiii'l bci;si to inform the pu'i i.- tli.t* be has (>|.iu.-d his stull in tlic ttbovt: M .iktt I'lin-o, f<it ttic sa'r ol Vi'£<>tuhles, Fr«:!"5. Ill-is uikl PcrA*. I'iil'ilti. C.iiruls Tiiviiips, Cu!'lmi;e, ri-ttuc.-, Rn'blisli, &-0., ara imw rcjnly for ii: [i';s:il, us n!sd n If* <-linice lo' «'r.|-; :in las tha :.i:iH'ii *lv:ni«v«U. \V. R. liopvs M I'/ivv? ii vt-;«l:.t (iiico'.ssion of such vigcubiis a? tlie olony can j>r<i<!uc<-. 11. W. R bs? uparr'l no cxpcupf in tiyinp tliv" rnj'iiliiti.ips of tlip to I, end hu trusts the jniMio wiil «>!]>i>urt him. noticr! —— MILLER AND GALE beg most rcsjectfully to announce to the iiihntMtauts of Adelaide, they have commenced business us Store keepers and General Merchants in the premise* lately occupied by James Arthur, 52, Hindley- street. The whole goods arc newly imported from Great Britain, and will be found to be of the newest patterns and best qualities. They direct attention particularly to their stock of prints, ribbons, ginghams, fancy silk, crape, and cotton handkerchiels, gauze veils and scarfs, hosiery, gloves, dress coats, coatees, vestings, bustlings, shirtings, boots and shoes, and other wearing apparel. Their stock of Grocery will also be found complete. 52, Hindley street opposite Mr. Bentham's Auction Mart.     J. CHAPMAN, WATCH, Clock, anid Nautical instrument Maker, begs respectfully to inform the pub       lic, that he has removed to Hindley-street, two doors west from Mr. Hack's, where be will carry on the above business in all its branches, and hopes by attention and punctuality to merit a share of their suport. Compasses made to order and remagnitised. Sextants, Quadrants, &c, resilveicd and re   repaired. Hindley-street, July 22.     TO MASTER TAILORS. nbnvc nro respectfully informed that ? JL Society i? formed of the tradi! at tbc Koyal, v Jkto they mnv obtain men by Applying to Mr. CuH>>n. X oil( liook is duly open for :lmt ]'iirpo>-e. TIIIIMG IMIl'M)) «nWA«I>. SV!;\Y'.'l) from Adelaide in April lust—a Ftr.T.vlipvry colored bullock, branded on the afftkic t>W, Mr. \Vatson'« mark. Has becu ?ccii in the nci^htiuurhood of Vr. M'Farlwie and Mr. Hack's Ktatiotis, near Mount Barker. \VlicK>*fr will tiring him to me may recdr* three Bounds reward. JOHN OOPTEN. lUndlejr-«treet. Jaygi t IRI9. FIVK POCNDA RKWARIt. STOLEN from Mr. lislere yard on the Park Lan<t, on Tuesday night—tiro bows Mid two yoki>s Lraiwted 1 T. \Vboer«r will g>c surb inforr««tion M will lit ins tie uiTffnders to Justin: ia«y tcceive live pounds on npplioation to JOHN GOFTEN, Hindlef-atreet July 24,1839.