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ADVERTISEMENTS. All advertisements must be paid for previous to   insertion, unless forwarded by such of our friends as have opened monthly accounts at the Office; and Advertisers are requested particulary to notice that advertisements once   inserted will be continued and charged for unless countermanded by six o'clock on Thurs- day evening. FOR BATAVIA,      To sail in a few days., THE fine fast sailing barque           ALMA, A I, P. Anderson,     commander.   This vessel has comfortable ac- comodation for freight or pas- sage. Apply to Captain Anderson on board, or to JOHN WALKER, Hindley-street. FOR BATAVIA, To sail in a few days The fine ship PLANTER   350 tons, JAMES BEAZLEY                   commander. She has good accommodation for passengers. For freight or passage apply to             the Captain on board, or to JOHN WALKER, Hindley-street FOR LAUNCESTON, To sail in ten days. THE fine fast-sailing barque,     LADY BUTE, (?)tons,       Daniel Mackinly, Commander, will sail for the above port in ten days. For freight or passage apply to JOHN ALLAN, June 22nd 1839. NOTICE TO CONSIGNEES PER THE   LADY BUTE   CONSIGNEES by the above vessel     are requested to send for their goods according toBill of Lading, seven days only being allowed for that purpose from this date, after   which demurrage will be charged. JOHN ALLAN. June 22, 1839 BOTANIC AND HORTICULTURAL   GARDENS.   AT a meeting of the Subscribers to the   Botanical Gardens, held in the Court-     house on the 19th June, 1839. W. Wyatt Esq. J.P. in the chair, the following resolutions were proposed and adopted:- 1. That a Committee of management be ap- pointed annually, (in all future years on the first Monday in January,) consisting of a President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary, and fifteen other gentlemen. 2. That his Excellency the Governor be re- quested to accept the office of President, and the Surveyor-general that of Vice-president. 3. That the following gentlemen be members of the Committee:- A. H. Davis, Esq., F.I.S.     Charles Flaxman, Esq. J. B. Hack. Esq. George Hall, Esq., J.P.     John Hallet, Esq., J.P.     The Rev. C.B. Howard.   G. S. Kingston, Esq.,   J. P. [?Wakefield] Esq., M.D., F. I. S. John Morphett, Esq. J.P.   R. F. Newland, Esq. J.P.     George Stevenson. Esq. The Rev. T. Q. Stow   John Walker, Esq. William Wyatt, Esq. Osmond Gilles, Esq., Treasurer. Samuel Stephens, Esq., Secretary 4. That a donation of £10 shall entitle the donor to a perpetual free admission ticket for   himself and family; that a subscription of £1 shall entitle the subscriber to an annual free admission ticket for himself and family; and that the admission of the public be regulated by the Committee. 5. That the gardens be open for visitors every day except Sundays, from sunrise to sun- set, and that an annual show meeting be held on the first Monday in December.   WM. WYATT, Chairman. A vote of thanks having been given to the   Chairman, the meeting broke up.   We are sorry to state that on the following   day a note was received from Samuel Stephens,   Esq., declining to undertake the office of Secre- tary, on account of his frequent absence from the town. The following Donations and Subscriptions have been already received, and Subscriptions     will continue to be received at both Banks,

at the Treasury, and at the two Newspaper Offices:-   Donations. An. Sub His Excellency the Governor £10 0 0 £3 0 0 Mrs Gawler........................ _ 2 0 0 G. M. Stephen ................... _ 2 0 0 J. B. Hack ........................ 5 0 0 5 0 0 G. Hall ..............................           G. Stevenson           Osmond Gilles           A. H. Davis       Rev. C. B. Howard         W. T. Fleming         R. Bernard         His Honor C. Cooper, Judge.           W. H. Newenham       W. J. Brown   John Hallett             W. [B. Edw***s]     Geo. Kingston       John Brown     R. F. [?Newland]         [?]         li K. \«i i.'V 111) i -.Ti. -s t-...:i1. .... — I !■ J. B. Shepherdson         A. .\i :.-.!:•,:.:■::! .. -..— . J ; (I .1. .'•■! :;::.:( . .'; .'/ <) .', .", It C::.:.;.', •:;.: J,> ,) ;);.() C!-..;is. • M.i.ii ! ! (I •I >!:.'! '•«:.;r..T -J _' (. 1,1? ••;-. '• r i i ii Wm. Wyatt           1 ii. :•'■: i t i %.v\ 1'.:^....: 1 ) 0 '■'•■. li. ;• i -- j ;; (, H. Watts ICO       John Russell 2. 0 '2 -2 I)   N. H.::,:-> I J II C. W. .-.iii.irl 1 (I 0 T. Y. Cotter I J 0 '■'. W. !;•.,! I ! it J.Yi-. V...:. 1.;i..;;i.j:;.-.n -. ... J ', (I i. i 5. ..-. I i <i .■.; if Co.; ii is ■Ji;..H..,s (.:,J,.,t I I •! I i ~ .-..1 ..t;-1 .?:.,..'.. ii- j■„ j :; j,, \V|||. C. .:C . 1 ; (I N.lliMiili.iui ) • a licv. T. O- >< v.- , (| J. Richardson 111) R. Ferguson       l-MJI :r .f i-:.;:, . 1 ' v 11. It. Cutn.iy | | .i M. .vaiilli ....'. 1I ,j I'd] Moby | }.<; <i «?ivi h ' .... I i 0 A. Murray 1 1 O I E. F. Bradshaw . I I 0 ] UlUr.<<,.yo 111! :.•)-• — i i o •J. <;. li. iiu.'l., J ; o J. P. Litchfield, M.D. I jo Mrs. Liirl.iitM I i 0, C. i:la\iiiaii a 3 0 ;i :l i) i% Ctstas liuy.nic -2 (.1 0 Tin?s. L\jis;m '2 . {> C. ti. Kv.-rai-. I I 0 I til J..i,ii V.i.f.!.r ') 1 1 i) li. .1.'.ini.^1.,... /,. y . „ ~. I I 0 11. .;Ui:im,:? J 1 J 0 w. i-;; ; ;ii;.s i ! o I !!. :<A\ .'. $ « y J. H. Fisher       \V. AlKn t? 2 0 -2-2 <( .Lime* Cohiiini I I (I Matllivw .^iiiillio I i 0 j I). Mjcliirlimo I I 0 ■:. A. Aii-t.-y 1 ! (I I ••. i!. IJ..riiii.l 1 * 0 \\. .1. \'iUii:ii* ! (I li. Aii-iiu I (I t. .i. 1.. JS.irmir.l I ■ II ii. .♦..•Kliii^ 1 | U s !,.,.;...: t ... — i t ?i .:■. .">. :.'.■■*.J..HV •■> .'i (I i .'> .i s>. 'A •1.r.-.-.i ..'. :* :t (( •.' •► '' :. s.-.-jiii us I iii W. A. Uodcoti I i> 0 K. Co.ic I I 0 Tiici C>i!<>iii«i llotui^; 'ii.i n\\.z',\ i. as-ui'- in | ;ickiiinvlcl:?iii{j tlio rvcu;fit.of<!-i;i;i:i.>ii>iif ;iv<?, ji!a«ls, awl Mfeds, ftotw the tjlt).".i..^ luwt: — Messrs. I-««l<Js?s, Hackney. Hon. Capt. Sturt, Surveyor-general. George Stevenson, Esq. Wm. Wyatt, Esq. J.P. Further donations of plants and seeds will be thankfully received at the Gardens, and the donors will be regularly published. Notice.—The Committee is requested to meet at the Court-house, on Tuesday, the ????, at seven o'clock P.M. kkw z;;ai.a.vo. IJAHTIKS wiflin:;- to jworocd ?<j New Zoaliiul . are informed dial clv: lui^ liA I'll), C;.rt. il.:i t, will ivimu cuily in July, juoiiiltd a Mi.lioiciil iiuuiitei ut |id>sci!.vr> u.i''i. Imiiii-ihdti- aj)]iiitutiuii <s nce^sm'. Cil.4«. ULCK& CO. AJ.'iuidiV Jllnc -'- IBSiK TOWNSHIP OF GLENELG. A FEW allotments of a suitable size for building to be sold or let on lease. Apply     to Mr. MW. SMITH, Solicitor, North-terrace.      

NEW BRIDGE.           The inhabitants of Adelaide in in general, and       particularly merchants and other gentlemen           whose interests require them frequently to com-     municate with Port Adelaide, are earnestly re-   quested to aid in defrsying the cost of a strong temporary bridge across the Torrens, the con-   struction of which was commenced five weeks since, and might be completed in seven days from   this time if sufficient funds were forthcoming. One hundred and twenty pounds have been already expended on the work, and it is estimated that a further sum of about one hundred pounds will be necessary to complete the bridge in a satisfactory manner. An application has been made on the subject to his Excellency the Resident Commissioner, who has consented to allow one half of the whole ex- pence of the bridge to be defrayed from the public   funds, provided that the colonists will raise among themselves the remaining sum of one hundred   and ten pounds.     It is of great importance that the work, the progress of which is now interrupted in conse- quential want of funds, should be completed as   soon as possible, in order that the bridge may be in a passable state before the river becomes swollen       by heavy rains.               Subscriptions will be received at the banks of     Australia and of South Australia by J. B.             Hack, J. Walker, and Charles Flaxman, Esqrs;         and at the Printing office of Messrs. Thomas and Co., Hindley Street Adelaide, June 13, 1839. THE TOWN CLOCK. The arrangements for setting the Town Clerk       S i: ■!!!..: ii.:\in: lv:i ro::i|,|..|r-l, I.c i,ii!i!> :■••■; i.if--....1 11l -t t!.,- ?:>■■>■ ril;,;:„.«. nlvjly : -,. '••'•■'' ■•!:• !• ■ IS' i.!. I J.'j'l :',■ !•, in:-.-.' i:. r\- I.', !(-,> , :?'-M..1. 1. i- ; :v ,i !i-,; :Ui- -I;.!, .|,,-|:! \V|il I ~• -M.ii.-!i-.ii I . m.i.i.v -.., ~ |..-i-,iii- a. it..-.v I. .1 ~ ii-...|r k |,!,. ( -rii :! .! i,. ::■. S.i -.niiu.iu .!,•[. y. i ;m!'i.. lijitio:^ m!!. i* ■ |!..ini;iaily ii'<vi\u! L.i j ;',• X.'v. i.:. ii !i •.<-i!ii), X.mi "| ; .r.,.-. . ;,nj j .li.i". I'i'Zl.K, Wilifli Ullil Illi.lT, Klltl il •- I street. £ s d. His Excellency Lieut. Col. Gawler 1 0 0   'I liiis. (;iuK-it - . . i\ j:| ?t I J. ? S|.i-j.1..-nlMiii . . 10 0 iu-v. c. <.; i.ow.iui . . 0 j't o I Yii.?. .1.,:i-s - - - 010 ? .1.1.1. V.'.ii .. T - . I 0 II j W. \V;l;;.iiim - . i, ;, o <;. Mvia - - o Is) 0 I. J.. Hick - . {-, jo o U. V..i-if- . . . . it j,? rt .!. I. <;uy - - - II ii) (• \V. A. IJu.ron - . () ,(| (| 0. ll.oiy - - - - .1 10 0 W. 1V..1V0 - - . 0 :, (t I-.iio Ntiinnu« - - . 0 111 <| Muvr.iy, <?iv/.. :i<vl <.\i. . . O I'l O Cli.:ri.'> (J.-..:. >■ !'...'i> . H in .. Wilii;,!,, 1v.iw....U - . .Oj J, Wiili.mi (.'••«'i'i? . it ,~, o J.ilni .Al'.-r i - - - - <? .i (| i\ V. l!o!'.;;:.< - . (I |d <? W. 'i. rj.-ni:•:/ - - - 0 It) 0 <;,•.>. M - . 0 |() ,; James Keith - (I ;| O .1. I-Viciul - . 0 5 (| I*. Coo.: - - - - 0 .'> () \V. 11. tiray - - o It t) .t. NrWIIIUtI - - 0 Id (? f J'.-i - - - - fl i <i j «.i...i..-- r.n'.c- . . . v:, o MILNER ESTATE. With the view of encouraging Farmers with a small capital to grow grain during the         present season, the undersigned will let small       Farms <n. l:u- iilfiv.- vital •• tnli'i-rit ••!;„,■ ,i,./   .•f?/ ;.>r thrjirxl tu\, v. :;s lor ill" 1.w.l ai-iii.i.v « ui tiv.ilfii. lli.y wi.i.,ls.i |..ovicl L . i.v.loiis a;i<l ttu- Hi-.-- '-.iy ( ; = .:• St-i-ii j rr<viviii;r ji.iyiii.--it after harvest         Apply to G. M. STEPHEN, Esq.     iltirtlo s.^i;:i-f. or '\Vll.llrM AIMS, IV i. .•!.,«. r. A.kl.iiK'.M.y _1. 13} H. MILNER ESTATE. WANTED, six pairs of Good Sawyers for   the above estate. Apply to Mr. George Deane, Verandah Cottage Store, North-terrace. April 18. 1830. PORT GAWLER. 1111 V. IVirt ImwLt (Suut loavvj Port A<!o3;u.:e n.iy Wf.iiicsiliiy :ui:l );n lu.mnn:.-, iit 10 oVimk a.m., iind rctanis u;n>u" ilu- ititL-r- I in. (lialc «I;iys. I iir.iis i.?r Miln.T may Ik; Irft, or ji;js k .^c.< taui'ii. «t Mi. Alitiiv/iiys, liio I'ort 'iot.'J J'oit' AiL-iaido. CliO PUINCi'. >:il,iw, >Ly 04, IRI3. TENT FOR SALE. rsiO!'.' fDJd <oicaji, i.!i c\<vll<-ni Tent. ]':;.■.■> I ! i^!,t IViUiit?*. A, |iiy in .Mr. i!iio,y. (i ,i, i2u(s. Aii^.K'-trtH-t.w'titi-,- it in.iy lie ttit-:,. wrt.t Mr l?. J. MuCaun, Uuu^er-sticet, near the An^i-11,in.

to Nfiwr.v Aumvi:n capitalists and i:.M!o::AVis. LAND si'lfi'ii-i! fi>r sjveial Mirvcvs or Other wise Apply f.? 1.5G11T, FINXISS. & CO. StejiliCHs-iiUw'*, Nort'i-tetraeo, June 11, l*i\). TO ll(lt.l>i:i(S OF !AM) OIJOPi.'S. "■fc/TKfsSHa. I.ICHT, I-iNNIs-:;. & LO. lj:ivin<? .i?A completed a <viy mi'iiite i'\:'!i:iiritii/ii of lh?' cotinliy to lit! opt lift! ivr kclt'clioii, :ici'o:i!!iii; to tin; (?«tvernnu;ut Onler, <m the 10th luue, arts ready lo advise panics holding laud ontc.i iii their ciioiiv. tfirjilions-jil.icc, Thursday, M.iy23. LAUNDRY ESTABLISHMENT.   Under the immediate Superintendence of a Lady. MRS. WHILEY, in soliciting their patronage, bc-iVS toai-ijii.iii.t tii,- lu\i >: < :iii<l ;,vnt';::::ijil of Adelaide, lliat li.T t-v\'.\< : >^v, f.)ll.>.vs:_ Per <!i?ZOIl (liilj,v ill!-! SiM:;;!) , •_■>•;. ()■]. L-.«H.'>'tiHi-liu<!n--s\,..uU) - o*. G.I. l-Villi-il tliv><-.- (.mi-:i) - . <n SI. Ci'llllt«'rji:i!ii's (i nil) ... -J,. (1.1, lU.iiikc!s (jier ji::;r> - - Is. G;2. Mi>-. Wi;i!ry iv.-('.:<>sl<:::; . :.;.-: aiy !):; .lir.-rl,-;! (liy l>-(!cr> li" h.-r. r:i:\- <l M;. Ni'stui, >'uni. tiTiiirf, iiiv.r die I'ost-c ;■..•!.■, im.! iimiiic's ii: .t tlif li;i'ii in iv iiavf i In- «i>viii'r"i! iii-.iiij uiur'uuJ, u:id on ilil- li--i to write the iv.sii!t.'iice. Jum.-«i!i, I«.'?'J. _ REGISTRY OFFICE. \\ T TI'I.LV. Ar.r.., i: i(a:it -m-\ i.nn.l -V-nf. ?? • KliiS'iis Ills s^H't'A'::!..;:'•« i > ;!:i> ii ii. i:. t:i:i:s of A'lol;ii<!i' tiirsii|i;iurt ii!r.\: :-.-ivi-.'iw :, :■■:.: 1 iki's iliis «ij)i>i)numty t?'.':..iiii)'j.i.-:iii'. ;'...'. i ■ I: ;s iviii.ivcil I 1:- l?i<-.'i-;ry O.iic1 In Mr. <'. I''-', llnu-|lfy-Mli-i.'t, l-.i:>vvn l;.l.l> :;■. •• 'J hi' 'I'.iiil O'«li;ii!UT," wliic-li In* iiu'..i> i.i !•; rji i:oiivc iiii-ntly, iiml niiiii'iiK' \vi:ii liii.- ::!.cvc, TEA, COFFEE, CHOP AND READING   ROOMS; and lie trusts, tiy the si-iet't inothuii uliicli he it intent on |) irsuin^, to merit a sliare of public patronage. Tin; Ncwsfapi-rs of the ncigliboiiring Colonico. ;i< Wfll as tlie Ga:i-Uc and Southern Australian, .ilw.ivK on tilt' talilt'fi. A Hunk will (us always open for Registers for Sitn:i;i:?iis :nnl SciTant;', at very K'.ii.irrat.1 cliur^i-s. A (jr.iiiiitiius lii'irisUT for L:ir.d wn;! llou«i>s. \V. T. al«o lii'jrs to state tli:it Ik; is nou- iiiilo to j;i'.t: iiiiiiifdiattf posspssion m jiartios iv(|uirin^ ono, two, of moiv iiert's of Country Land, lit « vry iiiml. r.itc |irice; sitiotccl aluut tu~o uiiloi iiml « !i?U in a S. \V. direction from the Towu, t-ii the Oii'.c;i|i;trin^u road. .\ very siujiorior acre of Land at Vulkeiville for sii).'. ADELAIDE MARKET. H. Johnson, Commission Salesman, begs     to inform his friends and the public that   he has taken the shop No. 6, in the market, where he will be happy to supply them daily with vege- tables, eggs, butter, poultry, and all kinds of dairy produce; also, Potatoes, by the bag or pound, some of which will be found splendid seed potatoes. N.B. Eggs, butter, vegetabes, poultry, &c. bought and sold on commission, in large or small quantities.   TO BAKERS AND OTHERS. C. CRISPE has just received ex. Williara(brig) • ions oi l.iu1 ikw Van Diemen's Land Flour, wdich is to It • -.iU tiy ihe ton or liag. ti? tsii-t iiu:<'!ta?erti. lor cash, c. c«isi?K. « June I4ih,lis-)f). i ii n,oc ie own I-: ie s. AT a niiiineiit when speciiil Mirvoy^ huvo us. <'<^?itutod ttit* ivinoval of various --li'vp ;i'i.l cattle slaiioii?, the ndvertiseroffer* lor ??!e «t tin: Murray !\t*-,mi th« river P«inu (now the <JwK'r,| tlireo alliittiieiils of ai^ acres cell, fi;i;tilrv 1"..'., huviti^ aliuiiilaiii'i' of fresli water at all !;o:imi.i«, Ooulilr water froirtwge, mid ojieiiiti;; <>v iacli hido ol the rivrr into .m fxtensi?e nil! for f>i? i-|? un i e;iule. Tin' lncilily is easy of arcos?, tl«-' i!ist;ui.v lio.n Aieliido bjing twenty.three tu.ks over ili>lai"' nOBEUTTOO. Tort A.lelmde, June 11, JP3J*. N O T I C P. ITIIE Adwitist-r intending to leave tht'Colunjr . bhoriiy, reiiuc-lsaH thost iinl«-bU(I toliim xvili li:i\e the fo^lmw lo pay ««o «iti«««t uJ fhcif na-oimts l« Mr. tJ. li?:a>C, VvramUU Stow. Nottli-teri-JOf, Adelaide. u« or before tho Ist July Pr?"m?- KOnEUT TOO. ' Pott AVl.i'l,-. I?t1i -Innc. l^ff. ,j THATCHING. THOMAS MILLER respectfully informs the public that he has commenced business as a   Thatcher, and by strict iitu-ntiun lo Ut.' oitvi-.iitjn oi Li« v... lc, Ltiji.-* tn obtain v fihare of tl;C:r f -t r;ona^«? aivi siijijioit. Hills-place, South-terrece, Adelaide. June, 1839.