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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20th "Rose of the Rio Grande"

One of the most thrilling and delightful screen action romances for a long, long time is Mono gram's "Rose of the. Rio Grande." This exciting tale of a Mexican Robin Hood introduces to audi encs the new screen sweethearts, lovely Movita and the handsome, athletic singing star, John Carroll. You'll be hearing and seeing a lot of this charming couple during 1940. The story is set in Mexico of a hundred years ago, a Mexico torn by warfare, whose rightful aristo cratic rulers are trying to wrest it back from its peon conquerors. Ef forts are in vain as the rebels, headed by bandit Lugo, ravage the countryside, burning. looting, spreading terror and death. But hope lives again as a new leader rises, with a song of victory on his lips. He is El Gato—champion of the oppressed, unmerciful to those without mercy, and ruthless in his determination to rid his native land of her despoilers. When the del Torre hacienda is burned, and El Gato saves the life of young Don Jose, he learns that Rosita del Torre is on the way to the border with the del Torre jewels. Knowing that she must pass the rebel camp at Quedabra. El Gato ambushes a general of the peon army, and takes his place in disguise to save Rosita, and to complete his revenge. John Carroll is the conquering caballero. An excellent actor, a good horseman, a splendid singer —he is undoubtedly the most im portant film discovery of the year. Three fine songs show off his voice to excellent advantage—the lilting "Song of the Rose." the stirring "Ride Amigos Ride," and the mel ancholy "What Care I." Movita. who made her debut in "Mutiny on the Bounty," is an actress, and here is her chance to prove it. She dances well too, and on one occasion her lovely soprano voice joins John Carroll's baritone in a love song with stirring ro mantic results. Antonio Moreno is seen as the sinister Captain Lugo, whom he portrays as a ruthless, cruel, ig norant peon, elevated by accident to a position of power. Lina Basquette does well as Anita, jealous dancing girl, and George Cleveland supplies excel lent comedy as "Pedro." El Gato's right-hand man. "Show Business" The New Era Films production, "Show Business" is a sprightly, mystery-tinged romantic musical | comedy, if the whole truth must ! be told, and measures up to any standard in this type of screen entertainment. Heading the cast of "Show Business" is a galaxy of radio, screen and stage talent, headed by Bert Matthews, Joyce Hunt, Fred Tupper, "Chick" Arnold, Betty Nateer, Bonnie Dunn and Jimmy Coates and his orchestra. These madcap funmakers take the film over. lock, stock and barrel and turn it into a veritable fun-feast. The picture, exceptionally well mounted, bears the hall-mark of excellence in every department— writing, directing, acting, musical \ numbers and production. Director Dick Harwood excels himself in his deft direction. With a grand story and a superb cast. he has given Australian audiences an Australian picture of no mean merit. The dramatic thread woven throughout the comedy of "Show Business" has been finely handled and lends zest to the typical humor of the entertainment world, as it is shown in the film. "Show Business" is packed with laughs and tinted with appreci ative smiles.